BorderCross (2017) Script

[dark ominous music]


The main event will feature former light heavyweight contender Danny "Boy" Jackson against the brash current champion Alonzo Medina.

Boxing fans will remember Jackson as the champion that never was.

He spent an unprecedented nine years in the world's elite top ten, but was never given a title shot and came to be known as the most popular non-champion in the history of the sport.

Alonzo Medina, on the other hand, is young, brash, and exciting.

He's defended his title seven times, with all wins coming by knockout.

Jackson was reported Monday as saying he's a child with a child's talent and a child's mind.

No love lost between these two fighters but the true love lies in the event itself.

All proceeds will go to La Oportunidad, whose mission is to forge a new and improved alliance between the Hispanic community and otherwise to promulgate education, the development of vocational skills among whites, blacks, and Hispanics, and to furnish legal support and understanding to the families of immigrants who find themselves here illegally.

Reginald Sterling and his nonprofit team at La Oportunidad has brought national attention to the plight of the immigrant through events such as these.

I spoke to Mr. Sterling yesterday about this fundraising event and the organization in general.

Well, Gina, we're just so proud to be here promoting this event.

Raising countless dollars for a worthy cause.

And both fighters have generously waived their salaries so they'll be fighting for honor alone.

Honor for themselves and their competitive spirits, and of course our great cause here at La Oportunidad.

♪ I have walked ♪

♪ These city streets alone ♪

♪ I found no comfort ♪

♪ Out here on my own ♪ So where are you from?

We're from Dallas.


You here for the fight?

I guess you could say that.

You know I hear Medina is very, how you say, is sleek, but I hear also Danny Jackson used to be good, but now he's muy viejo, he's very old.

Yeah he's getting up there.

All right, Mr.Danson, Mr. Jackie Danson, welcome.

Here you go. Numero doce.

Number 12 on the end.

Thanks, um... Sylvia.


Maybe I'll see you at the fight.

Probably will.

[upbeat rock music]


That's it, work the jab.

Hey, big guy, don't leave it in the gym.

You're gonna need it for Medina.

Yeah, that Freddy, got his big money, kid.

Big money.

Whoa, see that? Can't get him anymore.

Kid's getting too fast. Still get you though.

Whoa. Sorry about that.

Hey, don't touch the hair, my friend.

Hey, Jamie, go get your gloves on.

Let's get you warmed up.


That a boy, that a boy.

Snap that jab, snap it.

Good, put your hip into it.

Good, Jamie, looking good.

All right, all right, good job.

Hey, he's gonna be a pro one day.

Oh, jeez, don't wish that on him.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

They gave me 20 grand for training expenses.

I want you to put 10 of it on me.

Danny, keep the money.

You ain't gonna win this fight.

Look, Fred, it's worth a gamble, okay?

I'm an eight-to-one underdog.

The bets only open for a knockout.

Baby, if you're gonna bet, bet the other way.

Bullshit, you know Medina can't knock me out.

And I got the power.

Danny, Danny, Danny, you're an old man in this game.

Medina's young.

Power only works if you can actually hit the other guy.

I was against you from taking this fight, ese.

Look, Freddy...

I need the money, okay?

I'm behind on child support payments, and they're gonna kick me out of my apartment.

Dano, you made millions in the ring.

What happened?

You know, Freddy, time goes by and good things don't happen.

Keep the money, Danny.

All right, son, you did good.

Made me proud.

Hey, hey.

We cool, hermano?

Yes, yes, Freddy, of course we're cool.

But you know I'm gonna kick his ass, right?

Trust me, Danny, my fondest wish.

Dad? Yeah?

What are they doing?

Oh, they're just showing their faith, son.

What's faith?

Faith is like believing with all your heart in something that you really can't see.

So say some.

Don't you believe, Danny Boy?

Freddy, you know what I see?

I see a woman whose country doesn't care about her.

That's what I see.

A woman who works maybe 12, 16 hours a day in constant fear of being deported.

Probably doesn't even speak English and shares a house with three other families, in constant fear of how she's gonna feed her kids.

That's what I see.

So you tell me what faith has gotten her.

Not much, but it's all she has.

See you tomorrow morning, my man.


Let's go.



Why are we staying here?

I thought you said they were putting us up at the Hilton?

Oh, well, it's safer here.


Well, even though they're billing this fight as an exhibition, bookies are still taking odds on a knockout.

So whenever bookies are involved, well, things can happen.

You mean they may try to hurt you?


Well, they could put something in the water, something in the food, something to weaken me, anything is possible.

Is that the reason you registered in a different name?


Yeah, pretty good, huh?

I went from Danny Jackson to Jackie Danson, yeah.

Yeah, cool.



I should call Mom.

Yeah, do you have any time left on your card?


Okay, well, I think they're for sale in the office, you want to go get one.


Just, you know, don't get sidetracked by any pretty senoritas.

Very funny.


Hey, you know what, I'll go.

Dad, I can go. No, I should go.

I mean, I don't want anybody getting to me through getting to you, you know what I mean?

I can go.

I know, I just want you to lock the door, stay in the room till I get back, okay?

All right. All right, love you.

[crowd cheering on TV]

[whistle blows]

Jamie, open up.




[dark suspenseful music]


[dark suspenseful music]



Where's my boy?

Mr. Danson...

I don't know what you're talking about.

I've been here all day.

I think you do.

I don't know what you mean, Mr. Danson.

Please, mister, don't hurt my wife.

What--what's wrong?

[dark suspenseful music]

♪♪ I'm gonna just ask once, where's my son?

[man yelling]

All right, you son of a bitch.

I'm gonna ask you one more time, where's my son?

[smooth music]


♪ Can I ask ♪

♪ You a question ♪

♪ Do you feel ♪

♪ That you're worthy ♪

♪ Or has life just done enough to your life ♪


[phone ringing]



Are you kidding me?

How could you possibly let this happen?


Shut up, just--

Listen to me right now.

Listen, don't do anything until I get there.

Do you hear me?

Just--just wait for me.

Sir, may I help you with some--

Sir, sir, no, you can't go in there, sir.

Sir, sir, sir. you cannot go in there.

You Captain Garza?

I'm sorry, Captain Garza, he just rushed right past me.

It's fine, Kay.

I was just reading about Mr. Jackson.

Please sit down. Thank you, Kay.

So you know who I am?

Of course. Who doesn't?

I'm a huge fan of yours.

It's a wonderful thing you're doing for La Oportunidad.

Very generous of you.

I'm staying at the Prairie Motel, and my son was taken.

Your son was taken?

Yeah, I left the room for a few minutes.

I came back and he was gone.

My God, tell me more, please.

Yeah, it was that dude at the motel and his bitch wife, they took him, How do you know this?

Because he left the cap off of his boot in my room.

Well, not to sound racist or anything, but you know a lot of Mexicanos wear gold-capped boots, Mr. Jackson.

About the boy, how old is he?

He's 14.

Well, my friend, you know how young boys are at that age.

He probably just took a walk, stepped out for a while.

No, not my boy.

Well, how do you know that?

Because I told him not to.

With all due respect, Mr. Jackson, did you not ever disobey your father, especially at that age?

Look, I left the room, I came back, it was trashed.

My son is gone. Will you help me?

Of course.

Why don't you just go back to the motel?

All right, relax.

I'm sure he's back by now.

And then if he's not, then you can file a missing person's report, all right?

Anything happens to my son, I'm holding you responsible.

Be very careful, Mr. Jackson.

I know that you're a great fighter and all.

But I wear a badge.


And a gun.


Oh, good luck with the fight.



Hey, bro.

Listen I was just--

No, Manuel, no.

It was my fault.


You idiots kidnapped Danny Jackson's son.

What is the matter with you, huh?

Listen, Sylvie didn't recognize Jackson, and I didn't even see him until afterwards.

Do you realize what this means, huh?

What you've done?

This jeopardizes the fight.

It brings attention to the operation.

Wait a minute, I got it.

We just take him back, we give him back.

We give him back?


Just drop him off at Dad's, yeah?

You don't think he'll talk, anything like that, no?

I can't believe the idiocy that comes out of your mouth sometimes.

Manuel, what do we do?

We have no choice.

We stick with the original plan.

Show me the kids now.

[dark suspenseful music]


Look at this. They're perfect.

Good age. He's white.

She's... got a white shirt.

The only way this could be perfect is if it wasn't Danny Jackson's boy, cabrón.

Don't you get it? What's wrong with you?

[dark suspenseful music]



♪♪ Manuel, Jose needs a doctor.

Bullet went all the way through?

Yes. [screams]

Yes, but it could get infected.

It's all right.

I can fix that.

[dark suspenseful music]

♪♪ What are you doing?

Don't worry. I've done this before.

What's he doing?

Take my hand.


Ah, stop it!


If you weren't married to my sister, I would kill you myself.

Now you wait for my word.

I need to speak with Sterling.

And get some drugs into those kids.

We can't take any chances.

Freddy, Freddy!

What's up? Ohh!

It's Jamie, they took him.

What do you mean they took him?

I left the hotel room for five minutes, I got back, he was gone. That's not like him.

No, it's not like him, plus the room was ransacked.

Did you go to the cops?

Yeah, Garza, that worthless bastard.

I know him.

He's a flim-flam man, but he's the boss.

I just don't know where to start.

Go back to the motel, check everything out.

I'll talk to some of my contacts on the streets.

All right.

Hey, Danny, don't trust anybody.

Danny Jackson's son.

That stupid brother-in-law of yours kidnapped Danny Jackson's son?

My sister didn't recognize him.

Good God.

With all the promotion we've done on this fight, you'd have to be blind not to recognize him.

Look, I know, but it's done.

I'm a little ticked off about it myself.

The fight is this Saturday night.

What are we gonna do?

I don't care about the fight.

I'm not worried about the fight.

We can call Jackson a coward, get a replacement.

But with him on the loose, we are at risk.

I know.

I want him dead.

I want him dead, and I want that boy on a plane tonight.

All right.

[dark suspenseful music]


[gun fires]

Come on, let's go, let's go.

[smooth music]

♪♪ Hey, amigo!

Ah, Freddy, mi amigo. - Como Te Va?

Todo bien, amigo.

Todo bien.

This is Danny Jackson.

Come on. It's an honor, senor.

Thank you. Big fan, big fan.

Come on sit down.



Look, senors, what I'm gonna tell you is the shit that can get you killed, huh?

I'll take my chances.

La Oportunidad, that so-called nonprofit organization, is corrupt.

And that pendejo, Reginald Sterling, what he does, he pays familias and insiders huge salaries and then launders money through the events promoted.

Everybody's getting rich.

Except very little money actually goes to the cause.

The children.

What about Garza?

Garza, he's dirty up to his teeth.

And so is the rest of the police force.

Do you think they have my boy?

I would bet my life on it, senor.


I don't have any money.

[speaking Spanish] What?

[speaking Spanish] What?

Look, senor, in the human trafficking, the international sex trade, also includes young boys.


There's a market among the limp-wristed ricos in Saudi Arabia.

For young boys, they pay high dollar. they pay millions.

Now in this case, Sterling keeps the organization clean.

He sells the kids to the Mexican nationals and disguises the trade, and they sell 'em to the Arabs.

Amigo, listen to me.

Every second counts.

Once they take a kid, it's a matter of hours before he's gone... forever.

[soft suspenseful music]


Can you work your hands free?

No, my hands are stuck tight.

Me too. Can you see anything?


What's your name?


I'm Jamie.

Do you know why we're here?

No idea.

They took me out of my motel room.

Me too, from the Marriott.

They took me from the Prairie Motel.

Never heard of that.

Believe me, you wouldn't.

I'm going to cut your hands free so you can eat, but don't do anything stupid.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Easy, pequeno.

Get something to eat and you're probably very thirsty.

I'm thirsty. I need water.

Tara, stop. Don't drink the water.

Are you crazy? I'm thirsty.

Don't drink the water.


The seal was broken.

What do you mean?

It could've been laced with poison or drugs.

How do you know all that?

My dad.

Shots fired, shots fired.

Officer down. I say again, officer down.

We need backup at the Prairie Motel.

Damn it. Damn it!


One dead.

Shot in the back.

Of course we'll rush ballistics, but it appears it wasn't extremely close range.

A lot of blood.

En route to the hospital now.

Man, that dude was busted up from the neck up.

A couple broken ribs to boot.

Probably a club.

Yeah maybe.

Maybe not.



We checked motel registration.

The room's registered to a Jackie Danson.

Jackie Danson.


Did you run the plates on the truck out front?

Those will be coming in any minute.

Good. Jackie Danson.

Jackie Danson. Kind of sounds familiar.

I just-- Jack, Jackie, Jack--

Jack Danson.


Danny Jackson.

Son of a--


Come outside with me. damn it.

Nice truck.

Let's have a look here.


Hello, Mr. Jackson.

Officer. Yes, sir.

You're gonna find this truck belongs to Danny "Boy" Jackson.

No kidding. The fighter?

I want you to put out an APB now.

Be careful. He's dangerous.

I have reason to believe he's harmed his own son.

Right away, Captain.

[dark suspenseful music]

♪♪ I'm going to town.


We have nothing to cook.

So try not to screw anything up while I'm away.

Don't be gone long.

It makes me nervous being here alone, because of the foot.

[speaking Spanish]

[melodic piano music]

♪♪ I've got to have water. I just have to.

No, we can't. Why?

Are we gonna die of thirst or starvation?

I have a plan. Just go with it.


Hey, let me outta here!

I have rights.

You have no right to keep me in here!

Shut up in there!

I'm trying to sleep!

My father's an important man, and he's fighting Saturday.

Let me go, and I'll keep my mouth shut.

[suspenseful music]

♪♪ Enough!

Go to sleep, boy.

You hear me, you're fine.

♪♪ Bring me some more water and get me outta here.

That's it, you done messed up now.


Tara, come on.

[upbeat rock music]


Do you know how to drive?

Of course I know how to drive.

I'm 18 years old.

Do it then. Okay.


You know they probably found the body in the hotel room by now.

What do we do?

I swear to God, buddy. I'm out of ideas.

[phone ringing]

Yeah? - Dad.

Jamie. Jamie, are you okay?

- We're fine. - We got away.

Jamie, where are you?

- I don't know exactly. - We're driving.

I think somewhere on the outskirts of Gomez.

All right, all right, listen.

Dad, are you there?

Hello, Jamie!

Jamie! Shit!

Can you call him back?

No, it's a restricted number.

At least you know he's all right.


All right, listen, Freddy, we've got to go back to your gym, okay?

That's the only place he'd go.

Three minutes away.

So your dad's Danny "Boy" Jackson?

Yeah, why?

He's the reason why we came to Gomez, to watch the fight.

You and your parents?

No, no.

Me and my fiancé.

Why do you think they want us?

I don't know.

Does your dad have a lot of money?

He used to.

Maybe they think he still does.

What about you?

No, my fiancé does okay, and I don't know-- no, not really.

Que haces, man?


Todo esta bien.

It's all good.

How can I help you, Capitan?

Did Danny Jackson come in and train today?

Yeah, yeah, this morning.

Got through about 11:00, I guess.


Why do you ask?

Nothing really.

It's just that he's missed a couple of press conferences, and he's not checked in at the Hilton, you know, where the other fighters are staying.

Well, you know Danny Boy.

Marches to the beat of his own drum.


When he's supposed to train again?

He's got 9:00 a.m. booked all week till the fight.

That's good.

I got to come back and check him out.

He was a hell of a fighter, wasn't he?


Well... it's too bad we got to get old.

That's the truth.

You and Danny were good friends back in the day, right?

Oh, we used to train together.

Fought on a few of the same cards.

Right on, yeah.

If you see Danny Boy, tell him to come to the damn press conferences, will you?

The place looks nice.

You take care of yourself, Freddy.

[dark suspenseful music]


[door opens, closes]

Guy gives me the creeps.

Oh, Captain. Yeah.

You have some visitors in your office.

I said they could wait there. I hope it's okay.

One of them says he's Danny Jackson's son.

Oh, really?


[dark suspenseful music]


Freddy. Yeah.

He wouldn't come here. What?

He wouldn't come here.

I've always taught him when he was a kid, you get in trouble, go to the cops.

Oh, my God. Yeah, let's go.


What's wrong?

The police station's a block away.

I'll leave my keys. I'll come back later.

If the truck's still here, I'll take it.

If not, I know you at least stand a chance.

I'm sorry, Danny, but I got to live in this town.

I understand, Freddy.

Thank you, man.

♪♪ A manhunt is underway today for Danny Jackson, known to boxing fans the world over as Danny Boy.

Earlier today police found the body of a young man shot to death in the Prairie Motel in Gomez, Texas, where Jackson was to fight popular light heavyweight champion Alonzo Medina in an exhibition to benefit the work of La Oportunidad.

The event will go on with Petey Wilson taking Jackson's place.

Anyone with any information as to Jackson's whereabouts should contact your local authorities.

[chuckles, speaking Spanish]

The shit just hit the fan.

Jamie! Dad, look out!


Welcome to the old city jail.

Oh, we have a new one, but this one comes in handy for such occasions.

You know, Danny Boy, it's nothing personal, but everything and everyone has value.

Right now I'm just trying to figure out how much value you have.

I could possibly sell you into the slave trade for manual labor, but you're a little old, not in demand.

Plus dangerous.

You have skills.

They don't like that.

So I tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna make some phone calls and see if I can't help you out somehow.

But I wouldn't get my hopes up too high.

Probably we're just gonna end up having to kill you anyway.

It saddens me though, because you're an okay guy, really.

Oh, and, um... as far as your son goes, you really have no reason to worry about him.

He's in good hands.

I mean, he's gonna be living in the lap of luxury for the rest of his life, Danny.

I see the guy before you here left his crucifix.

I guess you can pray, if you believe in such a thing.

I'm pretty sure it didn't do him much good.


Oh, uh... this is Bubba.

Bubba, Danny Boy.

You might notice that Bubba's a little on the large side, and so is Arthur downstairs.

They're here to make sure that everything stays cool.

[Manuel laughing]

[dark suspenseful music]


[both whimpering]



Oh, man. Oh, this is no good.

It ain't any good for me, dude.

I'm really claustrophobic, man.

I can't stand small spaces.

I'm gonna go crazy in here.

Please, please.

Please help me get out of here, please.

Just give me, like, a minute. A minute outside.

Look, I've got money, dude.

Here, you can have all of it.

You can have everything I have.

Please, I can't breathe.



I can't breathe.

[Danny gasping loudly]

[intense suspenseful music]




Hey man.


Bubba, is that you?


Man, you better get back up there and stand guard.

Garza's gonna have your head.

Oh, I'm sick, man. I'm so sick.



Bubba, you all right?


[tires squealing]


Si. Policia?

El stupidos.

Get those kids out of the trunk now.

It popped open.

People are seeing them and they're calling me.




Hey, Hector, it seems like something's bothering you today.

What's going on?

I don't know, Freddy.

You know, I saw something strange on my way over here.

I was following this car, and the trunk lid up.

And I thought I swore I saw a kid in there.

Where did you see this, Hector?

On Airport Road.

You know on your way into the city.

I called the cops, but I didn't leave 'em my name.

You know my situation, man.

Yeah, I know that, Hector.

Hector, take my keys.

Lock up when you're finished, would you?

I got to go do something, and if I'm not back, just take over for a while.

Yeah, sure.

[dark suspenseful music]


You're late.

Get 'em out.

[both whimpering]

What about the gags?

Hell, take 'em off, but leave 'em tied up.


[phone ringing]

Yeah. Manuel, he got away.

You better be joking with me.

No, he got out of his cell and knocked me out.

He took the Jeep.

How long has it been?

Maybe 30 minutes, I don't know.

One more thing, Bubba's dead.

Freddy, get in. Hurry, hurry.

I think I know where they could be.

Let's head to the airport.

[singing in Spanish]


I still have the cell phone.

What? I thought they searched us.

It's in my underwear, in the front, but I can't get to it.

I can.

What do you mean?

Sit sideways. I'll lean back.

[singing in Spanish]

♪♪ Start kissing my neck.


Start kissing my neck now.

Dios mio, the young ones are getting to know each other.

[men laughing]

You know don't take this personally, but we want to make this look real.

Don't stop.


I got it.

I mean, the cell phone. I have it.

Do you know who we're calling?

Freddy. Okay.

Do you know the number.

Yeah, I'll guide you.


One notch up. Okay.

One notch left. Okay.

Press it.


One notch right.

The same row, one notch left.

Okay. You know we make a good team.

But don't forget to kiss my neck.

But the guys aren't even looking.

I know, but we don't want to take the chance, right?

[soft jazzy music]

Hey, Senor Garza, come Te Va?

- Muy bien. - Tranquilo.

But it's Captain Garza.

[both laughing]

[speaking Spanish]

Capitan Garza. How's the promotion going?

A big fight this weekend.

Oh, Si, Si, good, good.

Tell me, Paco, my friend, have you seen Freddy Rivera recently?

Oh, yeah, you know what?

Hey, I saw him... at the bowling alley.

That was a couple of weeks ago.

[both laughing]

- Si, bowling. Bowling?


Of course.

How about Danny Jackson? You seen him anywhere?

[speaking Spanish]

Oh, yeah, you know what, I saw him... in Vegas in 1996.

[both speaking Spanish]

You haven't seen him recently?

Oh, no, no, but you know what, I heard he was in town for the big fight.

Oh, yeah, yeah, big fight.

Vegas has him an eight-to-one underdog.

Where you putting your money, Senor Paco?


My money is on Danny "Boy" Jackson, Senor Garza.

Hands down.

You never know, my friend.

You never know.

Just a couple of more miles.

[phone ringing]



Hey, hey, hey.

Que Paso, boy? Huh?

Where are we going?

That's for us to know and you to find out.

Not really. Where are we going?

Hey, that's Jamie, that's Jamie.

You better enjoy little novia, pequeno, before you meet La Viuda Loca.

That's it, La Viuda Loca.

What's that? It means the crazy widow.

It's the name of that western town out in the desert about an hour away.

La Oportunidad owns it.

Western town?

Yeah, you know where they shoot the movie, but it's been deserted for years.

- Hey, hey! Shh, shh.

Just in case you were wondering, we're doing fine.

Hey, that's Jamie's way of telling us that he's okay.

Turn it around, Amigo.

We got to get to La Viuda Loca.

[speaking Spanish]

This is Captain Garza.

I want an APB issued right away for Freddy Rivera, the boxing trainer.

He's probably traveling with Danny Jackson.

10-4, dispatch to all units.

We have an APB for Freddy Rivera, a male, Hispanic.

[suspenseful music]


You've been drinking, haven't you?

Not much.

Come on, you wanna get tough, Leo?

You've been drinking, haven't you?

That's what I thought.

Let me get this straight, with all the power of all the police department, you guys can't keep track of one ex-fighter and his sidekick.

The good news is the package has probably arrived at La Viuda Loca by now.

And then we can make the delivery to the Mexicans in a couple of hours.

The bad news is we've got your stupid sister and her stupid husband and two stupid greasers that they hired, in control of this entire operation.

Reginald, it'll be all right.

Okay, everything's on track.

No, everything is not on track.

Because if it was, Danny Jackson would be fighting in the main event on Saturday.

His son would be in the front row, and we'd be selling an anonymous boy instead of the offspring of the most popular fighter of all time.

Reggie, please, don't get so worked up.

I want you there. What?

I want your ass in La Viuda Loca.

Are you crazy?

We need to stay away from this.

In the land of the stupid, the man with half a brain is you.

I want you there overseeing the swap.

You understand me?

Do you understand me?

Yeah, I understand.

Crystal clear.

Hey, Danny, I hear they got Petey Wilson to fight Medina this weekend.

Wilson, he couldn't carry my jock strap back in the day.

Neither could Medina.

I'm worried about my son, Freddy.

You gotta have faith, Danny.

What is a faith that allows people to strap bombs to their kids in the name of God?

You tell me that, Freddy.

Danny, God doesn't give us a perfect world.

I mean, he just gives us the strength to deal with what we have.

You know God doesn't have arms or legs.

He depends on us to do his work.

Let's go do it.

[sirens wailing]

Can I help you, officer?

80 in a 20. You in a rush?

I'm sorry, I must have let the speed creep up on me.

Yeah, well, let me see your license and registration.

It's your lucky day, boys. Drive safe.

Sylvia. Yes.

Where do we actually make the delivery?

The old fort, about a half mile from here.

Let me out.

I need to go to the bathroom.

Let me out of here. Come on!

Let me out of here. I need to go to the bathroom.

Jorge, take the kids out back and don't take your eyes off of them.

Come on, come on.

Okay, pequeno, right there. She goes first.

Hey, in plain sight.

Right there, mijita.

You're not gonna watch me.

Hey, baby, you're not getting out of my sight.

You do it there where you stand or not at all.

Tara, don't do it.

I have to.

You don't watch.

Of course not.

[birds chirping]

[upbeat music]

♪♪ Come on.

♪♪ Where are we going?

The highway's west. That way.


They escaped, they escaped! [shouting in Spanish]

What? Come quick.

God! Go.

[both breathing heavily]

Oh, my God. I can't run anymore.

We have to keep going.

They're gonna catch up by now.


[suspenseful music]


[helicopter whirring]


Do you see that?

Hmm, do you see that, cabrones?

That could cost us half a million dollars.

All you had to do was watch two children.

Two children!


I need you to stop the bleeding, clean the wound, put some makeup on it.

You did bring the makeup, yes?

Yes, Manuel.


And I need you idiots to watch things.

Can you handle that?

Hmm, without getting your asses kicked by a child?

I swear if anything else happens, I'm going to personally throw your asses in the helicopter.

All right, and you can kiss your pathetic lives good-bye.

You too!

We have less than an hour before we have to make the drop off.

Tie 'em up.

What else could go wrong?


No, I didn't think so.

Can I help you?

Yeah, you know, we heard there was this western town, you know, where they do tours.

Are there any tours?

No tours, man. Closed to the public.

Aww, really?


Well, can't we just get in there, you know, for a little bit, just to--

I've never seen a movie set before.

No, that wouldn't be okay.

Now get the hell outta here.

What are we gonna do, Freddy?

[gun firing]


We're not gonna make it, are we?

Don't talk like that.

They're selling us.

That's exactly right, which means they can't afford to hurt us.

So anything they want us to do, do it slow.

Anything to buy us time.

[dark suspenseful music]

♪♪ We should have the element of surprise.

Yeah, just keep an eye out for cars coming and going.

When we attack, we kill everything in sight.

U.h, except the kids.

Yeah. Yeah.

Important safety consideration.


[suspenseful music]


It's clear, come on.


[Tara screams]

Jamie, hurry.




Is anybody left in there?

No, nobody there.


Throw your gun. Now, amigo.

That's it.

Now you kiddies, get in the van, now.

Don't do it, son.

Just take off.

Are you kidding me?

Boy, you do as I say right now or I'll kill your father.


Do as I say. Do you hear me?

I will kill him right now.

You know what, I'll kill her too.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Sure, I'm not gonna make as much money if I do that, but half a hog's better than none, son.

Get your ass in there now.

[suspenseful music]

I love you, Dad.

I love you.

Good boy.


It's a long way to nowhere, Danny Boy.

I think I'll just leave you here to die slowly.

I never liked you when you were fighting anyway.


Bet you thought I forgot about that pistol.

Didn't you, amigo?




Why are we stopping?

Hey, Garza, why are we stopping?

Tara, he's dead.

Dad got him after all.

[helicopter whirring]

Why isn't he getting out?

I don't know. Where are the kids?

He knows we got to see 'em before we touch down.

[helicopter whirring]

What's happening down there?

I don't know.

Something's wrong. Let's get out of here.

Let's go.

[suspenseful music]





[groans] Dad, Dad.

It's me. Dad. Son.

I love you, boy.

I love you too.

You okay?

It's okay.

[breathing heavily]

[indistinct chattering]

[indistinct PA announcement]

Look a little pale, eyes look a little funny and...

And what?

I'd go hungry first.

What's the matter, Fraidy Cat?

This is only a tiny little bird.

Charges were brought...

Are they ever gonna let us out of here.

Shh, watch.

...kidnappings of Jamie Jackson and Tara Hastings.

As well as charges of assault with intent to kill against Jackson's father, Danny Jackson, and Freddy Martinez.

An investigation is also being launched into human trafficking allegations against Sterling and the involvement of his noted nonprofit organization, known as La Oportunidad, through which money was allegedly laundered.

What are you up to?

What am I up to? Gee, let's see.

Probably the same thing that I was up to five minutes ago the last time you rolled in here.

I want to get the heck out of here.

Amen to that.

Are they ever going to let us out of here?

Remind me never to get shot again, okay?

It's not the least bit pleasant, is it?

No, there's about a billion other things I'd rather be doing right now.

Hey, how's Jamie doing?

Oh, he's good, thanks.

Yeah, his mom picked him up yesterday.

How was that?

It was weird.

It's like I think I'm gonna start seeing her again when I get home.

Who knows, buddy?

Did you find it?

Find what?


Man, if you can go through what the two of us went through and not find faith, you ain't human.


What was that thing you told Jamie the other day?

Faith is believing in something even when there's no reason to believe.

It comes from up there and from right here.

Speaking of believing, what in the world made you think you could beat Alonzo Medina?

Oh, shut up.

You know I could have taken that kid in three rounds max.

They must have all kinds of drugs pumped into your system, man.

I mean, you don't even know what you're saying.

It is not the drugs, okay?

It's a fact, I would have taken that kid.

He's young, he's inexperienced, and I'm the seasoned professional.

I read an article that said you were 41.

I am 41.

You're 46 if you're a day.

That's close to 41.

Oh, Lord, you're probably closer to 50.

Nah. [chuckles]

[soft uplifting music]


[upbeat rock music]