Born Free (1966) Script

[Speaking Native Language]

[ Speaking Native Language]

[Chattering ]

[Chattering Continues]

[Screaming ]

[ Lion Roaring, Leaves Rustling ]


You monster.

Nuru, you mustn't leave the drinks where Pati can get at them.

I'm very sorry, memsahib.

That bad, Pati. Well, it's not really her fault.

You're not supposed to put temptation in the path of an alcoholic.

She's not alc- She's a rock hyrax.

Yes. And a disgrace to her species.

Anyway, we'll have to be more careful. I'm sure it can't be good for her.

Yes, memsahib. But she likes it.

I know. Now, where did I leave my paints?

Here, memsahib. Oh.

Thank you, Nuru. Will you take Pati?

Thank you.

Now, no more drinking.

[ Narrating ] I am Joy Adamson.

And for many years, my home has been in the northern province of Kenya, where my husband, George, was Senior Game Warden.

One of his duties was to deal with dangerous animals... who were a menace either to human life or to crops.

And we were on safari in the Boran Region... where a man-eating lion had been reported.

[ Birds Squawking ]

[ Lion Roars] [ Man ] Look out!

[ Gunshot]

[ Birds Squawking ]

Oh. You've been very successful, haven't you?

Joy, can you spare a minute? [ Chuckles ] Yes, I suppose. What is it?

I have a little something for you.

Oh. Do they belong to those two up there? Yes.

We had to kill the mother.

I'm sorry. But she attacked us, and we didn't know why until it was too late.

Poor little dears. Come here, darlings. Careful.

One of them gave Sam a first-class scratch.

Not very good-tempered, are they?

Well, neither are you when you're hungry. I don't suppose you fed them?

No, I can't say I have.

You didn't pack any lion's milk for me before I left.

You didn't ask me. [ Meows]

Come on, darlings. Never mind that brute. We'll feed you.

We'll make you strong and healthy.

Come on.

Well, that wasn't a great success, was it? But why don't they?

It's at least two days since they've eaten. They'll just die.

Yes, I know. It must be the formula. We haven't hit on it yet.

We'll just have to try again. Right.

Back to the drawing board. Formula-


Oh, George, I've just been thinking about the cod-liver oil.

Do you suppose that we put too much in?

[ Joy Narrating ] Twenty-four hours later, they were still refusing food of any kind.

They were actually dying of starvation before our eyes.

[ Panting ]

Formula 17.

To be perfectly honest, I'm beginning to wish I hadn't brought them back.

Come on, darling. Come on, sweetie.


What is it? What are we going to do with you, hmm?

Why won't you eat?

Don't you see, you'll die?

Come on, baby. There's a little sweetie baby.

Oh, my little sweetie. There.


A little nap and they'll be begging for more.

Yes. Thanks to Elsa.

Who? The one who took the milk first.

Oh, yes. Yes. But why “Elsa”?

I don't know. I suppose I do, really.

She reminds me of a little girl I knew at school.

She was the smallest of us all and she wasn't very good at games, but she was very bright and brave and good and I liked her very much.

Her name was Elsa. - [ Chuckles ] Fair enough.

Oh, you're wonderful too, darling. After all, you're the one that did it.

Why, sure. They said I couldn't do it, but I did it.

Formula 17. You're a genius. You really ought to put it on the market.

No. You see, it would never work without one special ingredient-This.

I'm not putting that on the market.

[ Joy Narrating ] Even as babies, each had a different character.

The largest one, we called her “The Big One,” was vain of her size and strength.

The second largest, Lastika, was the clown of the three.

But my favorite, of course, was the smallest-Elsa.

A weakling in size, but the bravest of them all.

She loved to explore and investigate and examine.

And there were no limits to her curiosity.

In the natural course of events, she would have been the throw-out of the pride, for the smallest cub in a litter rarely survives.

But Elsa had no inferiority complex.

[ Squeals ]

All the cubs were naturally house-trained... and always took great care to reach the sandboxes outside.

But, also naturally, there were a few accidents in the early days.

And when these happened, they were most embarrassed - [ Chittering ]

Unfortunately for Pati, very soon the cubs were too large for her.

When they became three months old, their teeth were big enough for them to eat meat.

And this soon meant that' poor little Elsa never got her fair share.

So I kept the best bits for her.

George said he was convinced Elsa thought I was her mother.

Whatever she thought, she made me happy... by following me everywhere and keeping me company while George was away.

When they grew older and needed more room for play, we put Nuru in charge of them, and they got along beautifully.

Elsa, what are you doing?

Go away! Go away! Go! Get away! Go!

[ Squeals ]


[ Joy Narrating ] Getting out of their cage for their morning exercise...

Was never a problem.

Come on, babies.

[ Joy Narrating ] But putting them to bed was another story.

[ George ] Come back. Nuru, run around behind them.

Come back, Big One. [ Nuru ] Come on, Big One.

[Growling] In you go.

Come on. That's it.

Come on. Inside.

And you. There. [Yelps ]

[ Joy Narrating ] Eventually, we had to ban them entirely from the house.

To make it up to them, we hung an old Tyre from a tree.

And Elsa particularly fell in love with it.

They're beginning to look like lions now, aren't they?

Yes. And to behave like them too.

Don't I remember the father was a man-eater?

You don't believe that man-eating is an inherited trait, do you?

I don't think anyone really knows.

I hope you're both ready for lunch, 'cause I am.

And hungry enough to eat a hyena. [ Chuckles ]

John's just wondering if your cubs mightn't get around to eating people one day.

Oh, you're joking, of course?

My lions are perfect little angels, and you know it.

Yes, but they'll be very large angels soon.

Isn't it about time you thought of shipping them off to a zoo?

Is that an order, John?

My, you're touchy today. Have you been feeding him that lion's milk he's become so famous for?

No, of course it's not an order. But it's a good idea, isn't it?

Yes, of course, you're right.

We've already arranged for them to be taken by Rotterdam Zoo.

We're not ecstatic about it. Why? lt's an excellent zoo.

George means we're going to miss them.

I know I will terribly. Particularly one of them.

Of course you will. They're absolutely lovable at this age. lt's, uh-

[ George ] lt's my fault. I forgot to shut the gates.

Heaven help the house. Hurry. Perfect little angels.

John, be a dear and get ahold of Elsa, will you?

Be careful. She's not very strong. Neither am I.

[ Crashing ] - No, you don't understand. I mean, she's delicate.

So am I. Let George fetch her.

[ Growls ]

Wonder if you mind keeping your eye on her? We'll be back in a moment.

[ Growls ] - All right, my delicate one, here I come.

[ Kiss]

Joy, would you go back and fetch Elsa?

Yes. I hope John doesn't scare her. Behave yourselves. Steady.

[ Growls ]

[ Growls ]

Elsa, you naughty girl. Don't you understand? He's the boss.

I'm sorry, John. You must have frightened her.

Come on. Come on, darling.

You mustn't be afraid of John. He likes lions.

[ Joy Narrating ] All too soon, we received word from the Rotterdam Z00... that it was ready to receive the cubs.

We padded and wired the truck.

[ Hammering ]

And each day, we took them our for a long ride... in order to prepare them for the 180-mile trip to the Nairobi Airfield.

I would leave Pati behind on these rides.

She was getting old now, and I kept her as quiet as possible.

Look after Pati for me, Nuru. Yes, memsahib.

All right, darling? Yes, fine.

Memsahib, Pati. Hmm? What's happened?

She's very sick. I think from heat. I think she die.

She's dead.

[ Joy Narrating ] When the day that I had been dreading came, I went for a last walk with Elsa.



Elsa? Elsa!

Oh, there you are.

Come on. Come on. Come on down.

This way. Come on.

[ Growls ]

[ Elsa Growling ] Elsa, no.

Come away, please.

Oh, thank you, darling. That's a good girl.

If it's any consolation, I feel as rotten about it as you do.

George, I think I ought to tell you that just now Elsa-

What about her? Oh, nothing.

Come on, love. Come on.

Here you go. Nice and easy.

I suppose we do have to send them off. Yes.

All of them? Yes. Even Elsa.

Even if I told you that just now she stopped me from walking into a great big cobra... and that she knew what she was doing? [ Rumbles ]

I'm sorry. It wasn't fair to ask.

Well, let's get the show on the road, as they say.

[ Engine Starts]

Would you mind awfully if I went and did some shopping?

No. Good idea.

Can you cope? Yes, I think so.

Joy. I'll meet you outside Ahamed's.

How will you get there? In a taxi.

I know it's silly. I know she's not a human being.

I know she's just a lion, but I wish I could stop feeling so miserable.

You will. No. I'm just a fool.

I'm gonna miss her terribly.

You won't, you know.

[ Rumbles] Oh, Elsa.

Sweetie. Elsa. Elsa.

Oh, darling, thank you.

Thank you very much.

[Tires Squealing ]

[Camera Shutter Clicking ]

Hello, George. Hello, John.

Good afternoon, Bwana Kendall.

Where's Elsa? Elsa's not out here today.

Oh. Good.

How's Bwana George? Much better now. But that malaria very bad.

Good thing Bwana George have strong medicine. Yes.

Well, you don't look too bad.

I boxed six rounds with Nuru before breakfast and earned a draw.

Good. Marvelous stuff, these malaria pills.

Yes, if you don't overdo it. Actually, I'm feeling fine.

Well enough for Joy to go out. And you know she wouldn't leave me if I weren't feeling fit.

Quite. What's she up to? Uh-huh. Having the Land Rover checked.

And in case you're wondering, Elsa's with her.

[ Both Chuckling ]

Why everyone assumes that Elsa and I have a feud is more than I can understand.

Help yourself. Thank you.

Actually, George, what I did want to talk to you about was another lion.

You know, the one who's been snatching all those goats down in Kiunga.

I don't see why you have to travel all that way in your condition.

Why don't I send Ken or one of the others?

I think I'd like some sea air. If you don't mind waiting a few days... until I feel a bit stronger. I don't mind at all. The change would do you good.

But don't overdo it, will you? The best cure for malaria is rest.

I take your point, John. I'll rest. I promise you.

Hey, isn't that-Oh, yes. Yes.

[ Growls ]

Come on, Elsa. [ Rumbles]

Come on down. Ride's over.

Hurry up. Let's go and see how George is.

Hello, John. How nice of you to drop in. Joy.

Here's some letters for you, darling. Ch, thanks.

How are you feeling? Oh, good. Fine.

Boxed six rounds with John this morning- And earned a draw.

How does it feel to live with the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Joy?

Marvelous. We boxed two rounds this morning and I knocked him out.

Can you stay to dinner? Better still, stay the night. Well, thank you.

I can do both. Good. I'll just go and warn the cook.

Oh, poor darling. I've hurt her feelings.


Well, Elsa, have a nice drive? [ Rumbles ]

Stop it, Elsa. Hello, Elsa.

Get down. Why don't you go and say hello to John? Elsa.

Elsa. You know, I think I'm being snubbed.

Now stop it, Elsa. I hope.

You're getting heavy, Elsa. Stop it. You're squashing me. Elsa.

Well, the question is, what have I forgotten?

Tell you what I've forgotten. I'm almost out of malaria pills. Oh, right.

Good-bye, darling. Look after yourself.

And no boxing. I wouldn't dream of such a thing.

Good-bye, John. Lovely to see you. Bye-bye, Joy.

Thank you. Now I must say good-bye to Elsa.

Where is she? On her car.


Elsa, I told you you couldn't go to Nairobi with me.

Have you met my wife who talks to lions?

Please come down. Elsa.

I'm afraid you'll have to help me, Father. - Good old Dad.

Elsa, don't be such a lunatic. Get down. Elsa.

[ Joy ] Get down.

Come on. Come on.

Good girl.

Sure you won't have another cup of coffee before you go off, John?

No, thank you.

What will you do with Elsa while you're away in Kiunga?

We'll take her with us. Unless you'd care to board her till we get back?

No, thank you.

You know, you're as much her prisoner as she is yours.

Well, she's not a prisoner. She's a friend.

I know. And there's probably no harm in taking her on a short trip with reasonable care.

But your long leave is due soon.

I don't suppose you're planning on taking her to England for a year?

No. lt's a problem. I've meant to talk to Joy about it, but I suppose I've been waiting.

Don't wait too long.

Look after yourself. [ Elsa Growling ]

[Chuckling ]

Come on, lunatic. You're blocking the road.

John wants to go home.

All clear, John.

Thank you.

Now look, Joy'll be back tomorrow. You can't stay here all night.

Damn it! Now you've got me talking to you.

Look, she'll be back tomorrow. I promise you.

[ Water Splashing ] [ Elsa Growls]

Ooh! Elsa, go away. Don't you sneak up on me like that.

Well, it's very unpleasant.

Elsa, get down, you idiot.

[ Elsa Growls]

I don't know.

Elsa? Elsa!

Stop playing about.

Kindly give me the towel.

Thank you.

Now let's have my dressing gown back.

Come on. Give it to me.

Right away.

Go on. Push off.

[ Growls ]

Hello, Elsa. Did you look after George for me?

[ Elsa Growls]

Hello, darling. Hello, George.

Good trip? Not bad. A bit dusty. How's Elsa?

She missed her mum.

I did my best as a babysitter, but I'm afraid I'm not the type.

Do you know she set out here all night long waiting for you? - Poor thing.

And poor you too, darling. Come on, Elsa.

I'll find something nice for you.

[ Joy Narrating ] George seemed so much recovered from his attack of malaria... that we left for Kiunga the very next day... wondering how Elsa would react to the sight of her first ocean.

[ Horn Honks]

[ Joy Narrating ] We reached Kiunga too late for anything... except to make camp and then meet the local fishermen... who 'o' come to tell George about their troubles with the lion. - .

Who was decimating their goats.

Under the circumstances, Elsa's presence seemed to puzzle them considerably.

[ Growls ]

[ Clanking ] [ Joy Narrating ] We were tired... and had fallen asleep quickly. [Clanking Continues]

Bu! I was a wakened by noises coming from near the cars and the camp kitchen.

There was no doubt that our cars, or our food, were providing a great temptation to someone.

[Clanking ]

I didn't want to wake George. He'd looked so tired and pale when we arrived.

[ Roaring ]

[ Roaring Continues]

[ Low Growling ]

[ Roars ]

George? George! Hmm? What is it?

There's a lion out there. I think it's John's goat-eater.

Don't be silly. No lion would come into camp.

It's probably a hyena or a leopard or something.

No, it's a lion. I saw it.

I was out there by the cook tent.


What were you do-

Oh, all right.

Go back to bed.

[ Low Growling ]

[ Click]

[ Click]

Well, did you see him? Yes, I saw him.

Well, go to sleep.

Well, what happened?

I'd rather not discuss it. Go to sleep.

What are you doing?

Getting a drink of water.

Look, will you or will you not go to sleep?

[ Low Growling ]

[ Roars] [ Gunshot]

That's that. Work finished ahead of schedule.

Come tomorrow, we play.

Marvelous watchdog you are. [ Soft Growl ]

[ Elsa Rumbles]

[ Joy Narrating ] Immediately after our first walk along the beach, we all trooped down to the water's edge... to introduce Elsa to the Indian Ocean.

A t' first, she was put off by the growl and rush of the waves... and the taste of the water... and perhaps by the audience we had collected... and which was looking on from a safe distance.

But soon her characteristic curiosity prevailed... and she enjoyed herself tremendously.

She loved playing almost any game George invented.

At the same time, she exhibited a talent for football that none of us suspected.

It was a marvelous holiday.

Until one afternoon, Nuru came panting down the beach... to tell me that something was terribly wrong with Bwana George.

I ran to our camp.

Let me get the pills!

Joy! [ Groaning ] - [ Crashing ]

George! George! Here, it's all right, darling. Joy!

It's all right. [Speaking Foreign Language]

Lie down. Lie down. There, that's all right. Okay.

Just give me those. Just give me those. No.

Come on, George. Ohh!

Yes, you see, medicine can be very good, but too much medicine can be very bad. Mm-hmm.

And he's taken too much, you see, and he has been too active too soon.

He might very well have died, you see.

Indeed, I'm surprised that he did not.

Goggle fishing too soon. Too soon.

He seems to be an impetuous man.

True. He's a mad, impetuous boy.

Well, then, we must curb his impetuosity. No more goggling.

Oh, no. He must rest, and then he will get well. We'll see to it, Doctor.

We'll get Elsa to look after him. She's a wonderful watchdog.

Oh, yes. I s-see what you mean. Good-bye.

Thank you very much. Good luck.

You mad, impetuous boy.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Joy Narrating ] Like all holidays, ours was over all too soon.

And it was the last we would ever take together.

[ Lion Growling ]

[Growling Continues]

[ Joy Narrating ] The time was approaching when our lives would be changed forever.


Elsa was fully grown now.

She had already been in season and was capable of having her own cubs.

And she was beginning to realize that there was another life... than the one we had been living together.

[ Lion Growling ]

[Growling Continues]

A little later, our troubles began.

You okay?

[ Gunshot ] - Sorry, but I know that lioness.

She's a friend of mine.

You're certain she's all right? Completely.

She and her friend Nuru came over to say hello, very pleasantly, and then went on for a walk.

But frankly, it's a good thing I spotted her collar.

Otherwise, Mr. Watson might have claimed his first bag.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Adamson. I didn't know.

After all, you don't see a lion sitting in a tree every day.

No, I suppose not. Actually, we're looking for elephants.

I've got my heart set on getting an elephant.

Well, we do get elephants here, but, uh, not for shooting. - Oh? I don't understand.

Well, they come each year for the maize and Brussels sprouts, which they love.

And they're usually quite well-behaved.

They fascinate Elsa, I'm sorry to say.

This is elephant season now, by the way.

Oh, really? Do you think we might get to see some?

Oh, I shouldn't be surprised.

[ Roars ]

[ Roaring ]

[Trumpeting ]

[ Roars ]

[ Roaring, Trumpeting Continue]

[ Roars]

[ Roaring, Trumpeting Continue]

Memsahib? Elsa playing with the elephants. Many elephants.

No! Sorry, but come along if you want to see some elephants.

Oh, good!

Now, remember, these are just for lookin' at.

No shooting unless it's absolutely necessary. I know, but let's go.

Jump in the back. There's more room.


[ Roars ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Roaring, Trumpeting ]

[ Roaring, Trumpeting Continue]

[ Roars ]

[Trumpeting, Roaring ]

[ Joy Narrating ] A few moments la fer, when we passed through the shambles of a village, we saw one of the results of Elsa's “ playing ” with the elephants.

As bad as it was, it was a great relief to learn that no one had been hurt.

But now I was dreadfully afraid that Elsa might have been trampled by some angry elephant.

And then we saw her, very happily bringing home a two -year- old souvenir of the occasion. [ Roaring ]

[ Trumpeting ]

[ Trumpeting ]

[ Trumpeting ]

And the damage, I'm sorry to say, is considerable.

The complaints and bills for crop damage, et cetera, are still coming in and will do so for some time to come.

The point is, I'm afraid, that you can't keep Elsa any longer I'm not responsible for the decision.

Don't you see? Too many people know she was the cause of this stampede.

And from now on, she'll be blamed for any lost livestock or damage... or for anything that any wild lion or leopard might do.

On the other hand, she might very easily be shot by almost anyone.

I think you were lucky the last time.

She's too big now to be allowed to roam about.

Even with Nuru or, with all respect, yourselves. You can't keep her caged all the time.

That would only frustrate her now and could easily make her vicious.

I'm sorry, but I think you've got to find some zoo that will take her.

I'm certain you'll have no difficulty.

She'd make a wonderful attraction for any zoo.

But we've always known that she-

John? I'm sure we can solve this in time.

That's the point, my dear. There isn't very much time.

Your long leave has come through.

How soon? In a month. So you see?

Well, why couldn't we take it here, in this country?

George wouldn't mind, would you, dear? No.

Then we could have time to-Government policy is for a completely different climate.

Anyway, I'm certain we could easily find a good zoo for her in a month.

I don't want her to go to a zoo.

I want to set her free.

You can't be serious. You'd be sentencing her to death.

You might just as well shoot her here.

He's right. She can't fend for herself. She's never killed to eat.

She'd starve out there in the bush. We could teach her.

You've waited too long. Anyway, it's never been done successfully.

We could try. You know how intelligent she is. We could teach her, train her.

George, please, let's try. I'm sorry, darling, I agree with John.

Even if we could show her how to hunt and kill, she'd never hold her own against wild lions.

I don't want to part with her any more than you do, but what's wrong with sending her to a zoo?


I know you think I'm being foolish, but I know Elsa.

We both know she'd be miserable in a zoo!

Don't you see? She's been free too long.

I can't let her be caged for the rest of her life!

John, as a friend, give us just a little more time.

Give us... three months... to try.



All right, my dear. I'll get you your three months.

But you're wasting your time.

Could I have another drink, please? Yes. Yes, of course.

Thank you.

[ Joy Narrating ] If Elsa were to go wild, it would have to be in another district.

And we were able to get permission to take her to a reserve about 340 miles away... where there was abundant game and, best of all, many lions.

Whatever George's reservations were, he did his best not to let me see them, and I was grateful to him.

Our plan was to spend the first week taking Elsa around the new country to get her used to it.

During the second week, we intended to leave her overnight... and to visit' and, if necessary, feed her in the mornings.

Afterwards, we intended to reduce her meals in the hope... that this would encourage her to kill on her own or to join a wild lion.

Elsa! What are you doing? That is not your dinner!

[ Laughing ] Put that back.

[ Joy Narrating ] On schedule, the day came when we took her out... to leave her overnight for the first time.

Come on, Elsa, up you get. Come on.

Come on. Today's the day.

[ Rumbles ]

If that's what I think it is-


Crickey. What a bit of luck! Right off the bat!

Oh, what a handsome fellow! [ Exhales ] Let's keep our fingers crossed.

This could solve everything. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I do now. I mean, I hope so.

Oh, George, pray! I am!

[ Rumbling ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Bellowing ]

[ Bellowing ]

So far, so good. Why don't you get her down?

Well, I think we should let her handle this.

[ Bellowing ]

[ Bellows]

[ Bellows]

[ Bellowing ]

All talk and no action. Beautiful dialogue though.

You're not funny, George. I mean we should give her more time.

By all means. May I smoke? No.

[ Bellows ] [ Bellows ]

[ Bellowing Continues]

This could go on forever. I think you'd better get her down.

[Laughs] All right.

Wait. We can use a little more room ourselves.

[ Bellowing ]

[ Bellowing Continues]

Come on, darling. Get down. Don't be afraid.

I'm sure you'll like him.

Come on, Elsa. Get down.

[ Bellows]

[ Bellowing ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Bellowing ]

[ Bellows ]

[ Rumbles ]

[ Rumbles ]

[ Rumbling Continues ]

[ Rumbles, Roars ]

[ Growls, Roars ]

[ Rumbles, Roars ]

[ Rumbles ]

[ Roars ] [ Roars ]

[ Rumbles ]

[ Roars ]

There's a name for girls like her. [ Rumbles ]

All I can say is I'm glad you didn't behave like that.

[ Bellows ]

I take it you want to try again.

Yes? [ Exhales ] I was just thinking-

Mm-hmm. If there's anything left of that kill, and Elsa can get to it, and with the fresh scent of lions on it, she just might get the general idea.

Well, that's good thinking.

I have a thought. Mm-hmm?

If we take the kill to that fellow back there... and he gets to thinking she's a good provider, he might get the general idea too.

Right. Now it all depends on-[ Bellowing ]

[ Mewing ] [ Bellowing ]

[ Joy Narrating ] Unfortunately, I! Turned out to be a large pride, who thoroughly and unhurriedly enjoyed their family picnic.

It was several hours before we could get to the remains of the zebra... and take it and Elsa back to the young bachelor.

Luckily he had remained near his tree, but he was most annoyed by Elsa's ignorance of lion etiquette, which calls for the lioness to bring home the food... and then sit' by until her lord and master has had his fill.

Poor Elsa, of course, didn't know that and was properly chastised.

[ Both Roaring, Growling ]

[ Both Growling ]

[ Chewing Sounds ]

[ Joy Narrating ] Thai evening we suffered all the agony of parents... whose teenage daughter is out on her first date.

We returned the next day... only to find Elsa minus both the young lion and her food.

[ Rumbles ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Joy Narrating ] She was so forlorn and so happy to see us, that I felt guilty about the entire episode.

[ Elsa Bellows ] [ Joy Narrating ] We took her back to camp.

We resumed basic training. According to plan, we'd cut down on her meals... hoping that' hunger would encourage her to kill for food.

[ Panting ]

[ Joy Narrating ] But to Elsa, stalking animals was just a game that she never took seriously.

And she obviously enjoyed herself so much that it was difficult to be angry with her.

George continued to take her out every day... without result.

Then one day she suddenly came upon a warthog. - [ Oinking ]

[ Roars] " [ Squeals ]

[ Squealing, Grunting ]

[ Roars ]

[ Squeals ] [ Growls ]

[ Squealing ] [ Growling ]

[ Squealing Continues ] [ Growling Continues ]

[ Squeals ] [ Groans ]

[ Oinking ] [ Groans ]

[Oinking ]

[ Rumbles ]

[ Joy Narrating ] But Elsa's inability to feed herself... meant that George had to leave the reserve everyday... and drive a very long distance to another area where the shooting of game was allowed.

Tired? Yes. I am a little.

Have a drink. Yes.

[ Joy Narrating ] As the weeks sped by, we continued to leave her overnight as much as possible, only to find her in the morning exactly where we'd left her, hungry and pathetically happy to see us.

Then one night, just before dawn-

[ Faint Bellowing ]

[ Joy Narrating ] I! was Elsa. A ha' I! Was soon apparent that' she b' had. - .

Some kind of encounter with other lions, or perhaps a leopard, and had not come off too well.

[ Bellows ] Ohh! Oh, sweetie. George.

[ Sighs ] I can't think how she managed to find us.

Yes. She does all the wrong things right.


[ Joy Narrating ] After that, she refused to venture out of camp.

Nice. Yes, it is, isn't it?

Have you any idea what time it is? Urn. Oh, no.

I left my watch in the tent. I meant the time of year.

We've only two weeks left. And the rains'll be on us soon.

Yes, I know.

I know, um- I've been thinking.

We've gotta take Elsa out again and leave her for at least a week.

A-And we've got to move camp so that she can't find us.

Make-or-break, is that it? Yes, I'm afraid so.

All right.

You've missed out that pretty bit over there.

Oh, did I?


[ Rumbles ]

[ Rumbles ]

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Joy Narrating ] Al' last, both the week and the rains came to an end.



Well, let's try this.

[ Gun Fires ] [ Birds Squawking ]

[ Grunting, Panting ]

[ Joy Narrating ] All my nightmares had come true.

It won't do! Look, by now it's perfectly obvious she can't make it She can't fend for herself! She can't mix with her own kind!

She can't do anything a wild lion must do to survive! We've-

You've done too good a job on her.

We've made her tame, and it's too late to try to let her go wild now.

All we're doing is making her miserable, torturing her!

How can you be so cruel? Do you think I enjoy it?

[ Exhales ] I don't know what goes on in that head of yours anymore.

You have this fixed idea. What's wrong with a zoo anyway?

Nothing, except that she won't be free!

Yes! And is freedom so important?

Yes! She was born free and she has the right to live free!

Why don't we live in some nice, comfortable city, George? Other people do.

But we've chosen to live here because it represents freedom for us!

Because we can breathe here! So could she be. That's because we're fit for it!

She can! She can! She'll be safe in the zoo!

Yes, safe! And fat and lazy and dull and stupid like some cow on a milking machine!


Tell me the truth. You just don't want to give her up.

What you're really hoping is that she can stay out here, wild, but not too wild, so that you can see her every now and then.

That's it, isn't it? It's not the whole truth, but I don't deny I'd like it.

It's impossible!

It can't happen. Even if she should be able to go wild, which I very much doubt, that would be the end.

You'd never see her again. Then at least she'd be free.

At least she wouldn't be in a cage for the rest of her life.

And if she gets herself killed in the process?

[ Elsa Rumbling ]

I'd never forgive myself, I suppose.

[ Panting ]

[ Joy Narrating ] Although at one time we were afraid she would die, Elsa did recover.

And when she did, she seemed somehow different.

Thanks to John, who was wonderfully kind despite his reservations, we were able to get an extension of time, as well as permission to take her to another area... only 35 miles from where she was born and where George could shoot wild game.

Now, as if she knew what was required of her, she started going out alone, sometimes for days at a time, only returning when she was hungry.

Then one day, when we'd followed her into the bush, she caught site of another warthog.

[ Roars ]

[ Growling ]

[ Roars ] - Well, there's no doubt at all whose kill that is.


[ Growling ]

[ Joy Narrating ] After that, she proved again and again that' she could feed herself.

And so, when she came into season, we too0k her out for what became her most dangerous and final test.

[ Roars ]

[ Bellows]

[ Roars ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Roars ]

[ Bellowing ]

[ Roars, Growls]

[ Roars ]

[ Growls, Bellows ]

No, don't.

[ Bellows ]

[ Growls, Snarls ]

[ Growls, Snarls ]

[ snarls ]

[ snarls ]

[ Roars ]

[ Elsa Roars ]

[ Both Growling, Snarling ]

[Growling, Snarling Continue]

[ Gun Fires ]

I'm sorry. I couldn't stand any more.

It's all right. It's really all right.

She's done it. She's crossed the bridge. She's wild now and free.

You should be very happy... and proud.


You've done something no one else has ever done, and you should be very proud.

I am... of her.

Well, you might at least stop laughing. [ Laughs, Sobs ]

[ Sniffles ]

George? Yes?

Suppose we never see her again. We will.

We'll come back.

We'll come here as soon as our leave is over, before we do anything else.

And we'll find out... how she's been.

Thank you. Thank you very much for everything.

[ Joy Narrating ] We did go back. We had only a week in which to find her.

We camped in the same spot and went to look for her every day, hoping that we would see her end wondering whet she would be like if we did.

Bu! we never found any trace of her.

Finally, it was our last day.

Wait. Let's try just once more.

[ Gun Fires ]

[ Gun Fires ]

Nothing. We start back today.

[ Bellowing ]

[ Bellowing ]

[ Bellowing ] [ Mewing ]

[ Rumbling ] [ Mewing ]

[ Bellowing ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Joy Narrating ] Elsa and her babies stayed with us all the afternoon, and she made it quite clear that she was happy to be with us again.

[Cubs Growling ]

[ Mewing, Rumbling ]

[ Mewing, Whimpering ]

[ Mews ]

[ Rumbles]

[ Mewing ]

[ Joy Narrating ] I was dying to pick them up and hold them... as I had done with Elsa and her sisters, but I knew that it would be wrong.

They were wild, and it was better now that they remained wild.

[ Roaring ]

[ Roars ]

Her master's voice. [ Bellows ]

Jambo. Elsa! [ Rumbles]

[ Bellows]

[ Bellowing Continues]

[ Bellows ] [ Mewing ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Bellows]

[ Joy Narrating ] We saw her many times again, born free and living free.

But to us, she was always the same, our friend, Elsa.

♪ >J' Born free' ♪

♪ As free as the wind blows ♪

♪ " As free as the grass grows ♪"

♪ Born free to follow your heart' ♪

♪ >J' Live free' ♪

♪ >J' And beauty surrounds you' ♪

♪ >J' The world still astounds you' ♪

♪ >J' Each time you look' ♪

♪At a star♪

♪ Stay free' ♪

♪ >J' Where no walls divide you' ♪

♪ You're free as a roaring tide' ♪

♪ So there's no need' ♪

>♪ To hide ♪

♪ Born free' ♪

♪ And life is worth living ♪

♪ >J' But only worth living' ♪

♪ 'Cause you're ♪

♪ Born free ♪