Born & Raised (2012) Script

Like you need to breathe... like you need to breathe to live...

"you need a beloved to love"

"Like you need a drink to lose your senses..."

"you need a beloved to love"

"You just need a beloved to fall in love with"

"Time holds the destiny of every human being"

"Time holds the destiny of every human being"

"The mirror speaks lies... the pictures are true"

"Where there is pain, there's music"

"Where there is love, there is a mate"

"No one knows, but..." this is the way to life

Like you need a tune...

"like you need a tune in music..."

"you need to have a beloved to love"

"All you need is a beloved you can love"

"Ladies and gentlemen, Mr and Mrs Pestonji..." celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in our midst today Let's give them a big hand!

"The goal has been accomplished, yet there is a distance"

"The goal has been accomplished, yet there is a distance"

"Without a companion, life is incomplete"

"Somewhere, I will find my niche"

"How will I spend this journey in loneliness?"

The eyes that share my dream... are the eyes I'm looking for

Like you need the Moon...

"Like you need the Moon for moonlight..."

"you need a beloved to fall in love with"

Like you need to breathe...

"to live, you need a beloved to love"

"to live, you need a beloved to love"

To love... to fall in love

to fall in love

to fall in love

Stop here Must leave now. It's very late.

Wait a moment. Let light a cigarette.

Where's the match?

Hey Master... give me a match

Spoilt rich brat!

Carry a blade if you want a shave!

"You drive an expensive bike, but you won't carry a match!"

Light it up.

"I had a dream last night, Master."

"A morning-dream, you know. They often come true."

What did you dream? I dreamt... of a huge air-conditioned tailoring shop. I was amazed.

I asked people whose it was.

Know what they said? It's Master's!

"And bang next to that, I dreamt of a posh bungalow"

I was even more amazed and I asked... whose is this?

Guess what people said? It's Master's!

Don't tell me! I swear! Outside the bungalow...

I dreamt of three Mercedes cars. I was stumped. I asked...

"whose are they? And guess what they said? "They're master's"


"Inside the bungalow, I dreamt of a big crowd"

"I asked, who is the crowd for? For Master?"

"Yes, you're right! And later..."

I saw a corpse covered in white cloth.

"I asked people, whose corpse is this?"

And guess what people said. Guess!

What? It's Master's!

Look... how often have I told you not to say such things to me?

How often have I told you? I'm terribly scared of dying.

Didn't I tell you? Didn't I?

Don't ever say such a thing to me again.

Sorry... I'm sorry.

And you! Go around with this spoilt brat all night!

"Master, I went out to earn a living. What's the matter?"

"What's the matter, eh? Aren't you worried about anyone?"

Know what happened?

Your father came here in a car.

He talked to your mother for a long time.

Your father then went away... and your mother ran after his car like a mad woman.

"Fortunately, I was around. And I saved her. Or else..."

Want me to come?


"What is the matter, Mother? What are you doing?"


"For my sake, tell me what happened, mother."

Mother... won't you tell me what happened? Won't you?

"Mother, what happened?"

Go and give this back.

Give this with all the other stuff. And also tell him... that I will not wait for him anymore. I've waited enough.

Go on.

I always had this hope that he'd come back some day.

"So I kept all his things in the house, just as they were."

But not anymore.

"What has my father done to you, Mother? What has he done?"

"Nothing, son."

Your father is getting married.

Today. Right now.

"Congratulations, Roy saheb."

I've had enough with one wedding. And you've married again!

Mr Vikram Roy!

"Come on out, you cheat!"

"Congratulations on your wedding, Mr Vikram Roy!"

"On your wedding, your first wife, my mother, has sent this gift for you."

Here you are!

Rahul! Have you gone mad?

"Yes, I have gone mad! Because you have cheated my mother!"

You have betrayed her!

She sends you back this wedding necklace. Here you are!

"You're dead for us, Vikram Roy!"

This isn't a wedding! It's a trip to your grave!

I curse you! You will never be happy again. Never!

"Vikram, call the police. Have him arrested."

On what charges? On what charges will you have me arrested?

"My only crime is that my father is marrying again, isn't it?"

So I've gone mad?

"Rahul, that's enough. Go home now. Or else..."

"Or else, what?"

"Or else, what are you going to do? You'll have me locked up? Lmprisoned?"

Go ahead and do it! Do what you want to!

Have me arrested! Send me to jail!

Send me to jail! Have me locked up!

Call the police! Call them! What are you looking at me for?

What are you doing? Stop it! Leave me alone.

"Hello, police?"

Take that!

Stay here.

"Give this to Mr Shinde. Very well, sir."

Come here.

I'm talking to you. Come here.

The warden from your hostel must be arriving any moment.

"Don't try to run away again, after you go back there."

You're a young girl.

It's not safe for you to walk around the streets at night.

Perhaps because you have been brought up in the orphanage... you don't know anything about the outside world.

You have no idea.

Inspector Deshpande?

You? Ernie Campbell. Hostel Warden.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience, sir."

"Because of this girl, you've been put to a lot of unnecessary trouble."

May I ask you why this girl ran away from the hostel?

Your silence has answered my question.

"Anyway, she's all yours. You may take her away."

But remember one thing. A thing like this mustn't happen again. Okay?

"Thank you for your advise. Anu, let's go."

"I said, let's go."

Come on. I've got to talk to you in privacy.


"Sawant, we're getting a lot of youngsters here nowadays."

"They're making us feel old, aren't they?"

"All heated up, eh? A fire in the heart?"

Want to break things? Want to beat up people?

Hit me... go on...

"Hit me, I say!"

"You have a lot of spunk, don't you?"

"Inspector, lock me up in this cell."

There's no saying what I'll do if you let me go.

Nothing's in my control. I might end up killing someone... please!

And why?

Did you get it written in your destiny that you'd have happiness all the way?

You want someone else to bear your share of sorrows?

And what do you think?

You're the only one in the world who has problems? Everyone else is happy?

The way you behaved at your father's second marriage...

I could lock you up for good. And what then?

What happens of your mother? You mustn't even have thought of that.

And why must you think? So what am I to do?

That man has heaped insult on my mother.

All I have for him is hatred. And I must live with this hatred.

"My son, hatred does not let people live."

That has been my experience.

If there's anything that keeps man alive in this world... it's love. Love.

I'll take responsibility for you and let you go.

Go and awaken love in your heart. Not hatred.

Awaken love.

Go on.

May I know what's your problem here? Why did you want to run away?

And what did you intend to do having run away from here?

Answer me.

Do you hear me? Answer me!

I don't want a life of charity. I don't want anyone's favours.

I want to become something on my own.

I want to lead my own life...

I want to have something of my own.

Have you ever taken a look at yourself in the mirror?

You don't have a good face nor good brains.

Listen to one thing carefully.

Your future is as dark as your past was.

What will you do after you leave this hostel?

What will happen of you once you've left?

You... you can't do anything.

All you can do is to embarrass us.

"I had to bow my head before that inspector, only because of you!"

Because you committed the sin of escaping from here.

"I committed no sin, sir. Shut up!"

Don't you dare talk back to me!

You have committed a sin. And you must now atone for it.

You will get nothing to eat or drink... till such time as you clean all the rooms in the hostel.

From the ground-floor to the top-floor.

From night to the morning.

"Rahul, come here. I've got to discuss something with you."

"Rahul, my son. Whatever happened last night..." we'll never talk about it again.

"My son, there's nothing more dead than love that has died."

I want to bury my dead love and try to lead my life once again.

Will you help me?

It's 9. I'll miss my train. I must leave now.

Thank you.

"The electricity bill is lying here. I'm leaving a cheque, too."

"Remember to pay the bill, or the supply will be cut."

"Okay, Mother. May I leave now?"

"Keep an eye. I'm going out. Very well, sir."

Hey Gavaskar... Kapil Dev! We're talking about Cricket.

It can't be played by two people. We need atleast eleven players.

Stand here and bowl. You and I are going to play today.

"Only the two of us? Yes, and bowl well."

"O God! You've hit a six, haven't you?"

The Test match is all over!

I knew it. Now... Wait here.

I'll go and bring it back.

My word! Since when has he taken a fancy to fielding?

"Hey mister, this is a girls' hostel. Entry is forbidden. Don't you know?"

I'm looking for my ball. I'll go away with my ball.

Find it quickly and go away.

What happened?

"How did you fall, Anu? What happened?"

Get up.

"Let's go, Anu. Mr Campbell has sent for you."

"C'mon, or he'll be angry. Let's go."

"Come on, Anu."

"What is the matter, mother? Why are you so quiet?"

"My son, don't you find something unusual here?"

Unusual? Oh no. Everything is the same.

But why's it so dark in this room? And why have you lit candles?

"When do we light candles, my son? Is it someone's birthday?"

No. We light a candle when a young irresponsible man...

"forgets to pay the electricity bills, despite being reminded..." only then do we light candles. Am I right?


The bill!

What? What did you say?

You threw the electricity bill on the girl?

"Was she going to pay it? No, Master. You don't understand."

I understand it. I understand everything.

First you see the girl... is that right?

And she sees you. Right? Right.

And you and she wanted to say something to each other.

But you could say nothing. Right? Right.

So where does this electricity bill land here?

I scribbled something on the bill and threw it to her. She picked it up.

Very good. You wrote something on the electricity bill... and she picked it up. Great!

You now want the bill. Right? Oh yes. That's right.

Only the bill? Or also a reply to what you wrote on it?

"Both, I want both. Or there'll really be darkness in my life."

Stand straight.

Turn around. You've grown an inch.

Whom did the cops catch yesterday? Anu.

Anu! Go on. Yours is over.

"Anu, come here."

Stand straight... hands straight. Look up.

At least return the electricity bill. What?

I'll stitch the dress just as he says.

"Not an inch more, not an inch less."

"Am I right, sir? Very strict!"

Stand straight now.

That guy Rahul... he's a very nice boy.

I know him very well. He comes from a nice family.

"Right now, his house is plunged in darkness."

So return that electricity bill and write a few lines in reply.

You will? Sure?

Very good. Give it to me.

Here's Master.

"Rahul, looks like he's done it for you."

"The way he's walking, I'm sure he has scored today."

Spoilt brat! How often have I told you not to play with my scissors?

Give that to me!

And what have you done? You've torn this up?

This is my bread and butter! I hate people poking fun at it!

Just tell him that! All right... stop acting high and mighty and tell us. Have you brought a reply?

Talk softly! You want me killed?

"Master! We've all got to die someday. I, him... and you!"

No touching! I told you so many times not to talk about dying!

I'm scared of death! Tell him! He always tries to scare me!

Stop it.

"Master, tell us what happened. Have you brought the bill?"

And a reply too. Show...

Why're you excited in someone else's affair?

What is it to you? Wait... give it to me.

Hold this. And this too.

Here you are.

This is the bill. Give me the reply.

"Rahul, meet me in the room next to the library next Saturday"

"At 7:30. Anu"

"Thank you, Master. Not again!"

"Congratulations, my friend!"

"Your love story has begun, Romeo! But what will you do till Saturday?"

"Slowly and quietly, come into my life..."

"slowly and quietly, steal my heart"

"I love you so dearly, my love..."

"I've got to meet you and tell you"

"Slowly and quietly, come into my life..."

"slowly and quietly, steal my heart"

"I love you so dearly, my love..."

"I've got to meet you and tell you"

"Ever since I have seen you, my heart has not had any peace"

"On my lips, there is no name other than yours"

"My state is like yours too, my love"

"I miss you. I do nothing else"

I've gone crazy about you So steal my heart

"Slowly and quietly, come into my life..."

"slowly and quietly, steal my heart"

"You have often awakened me in the nights"

You have stolen my sleep

"And you have tormented me so very much"

"And yet, I love everything you do"

"Come to me now... stop feeling shy"

Steal my heart

"Slowly and quietly, come into my life..."

"slowly and quietly, steal my heart"

"I love you so dearly, my love..."

"I've got to meet you and tell you"

"Slowly and quietly, come into my life..."

"slowly and quietly, steal my heart"

Where did you get that? Where?

"In the church, sir."

Could you only find a lipstick in our sacred church?

What did you aim to achieve by donning this make up?

"You want to fall a prey to someone's lust, like your mother?"

"Speak. You remember what they did to your mother, don't you?"

She could never exorcise the ghosts of what she had done.

So she ended her life under a running train.

But she left you to be brought up by us! The outcome of her sin!

Is all this really happening? Or am I dreaming?

I don't know why security left the door of this classroom open.

Come to my office at 9 'o clock sharp.

What do you want from me?

Your love. What for?

Because I'm convinced... that my future is tied to you.

"When I myself don't have a future, what future can you have with me?"

Do not look for sparks in the night.

I have nothing to give you.

Thank you.

"Rahul, Master has left some photographs for you"

"I'll return late. Have your food, if you're hungry"


are my life You... are my every happiness

You... are my happiness You... are my every happiness

"You are my love, you are my desire..." you are what my love stands for You... are my life You are my every joy

"I realise now, you are my first love"

"I realise now, you are my first love"

"You are the thirst I could never quench"

"You are my first desire... and you are the last one"

You... are my life You... are my every joy

You... are my life You... are my every joy

"You are my love, you are my desire..."

"you are what my love stands for"

You are my life You are every joy of mine

What scene are you creating here at this time of the night?

You? What are you doing here at this hour?

I see. A love story.

"Sawant, it's a love story. Not for us. Let's go."

I've written your name not only on my hand...

"it possesses my heart, my mind and my soul."

No one can stop me from falling in love with you now. No one.

Not even you.

"I mean it, Anu. Not even you."

"Rahul, it's a disaster! This is terrible!"

You went to the hostel to meet Anu last night? Didn't you?

The warden caught her red-handed just after you had left.

He's going to have her admitted in a hostel in Ooty now.

Anu's sent a note for you. Here you are... read it.

"Rahul, you convinced me last night..."

"that you want my heart, not just my body"

I wish it were possible

"Destiny is taking me far away from you. Maybe we'll never meet again"


"Pallo, we're going to Ooty. What?"

"He wanted to visit Ooty! Rahul, where the hell are you?"

"Pallo, I've found out! I know where Anu is!"

That bloody white is staying at Hotel Fernhill with Anu.

Really? But we have a problem.

"Not one... we have many problems, my friend."

I'm feeling terribly cold! I've had four cups of tea... and two pints of brandy already! It has made no difference.

"There's no warmth for miles! Oh shut up, Pallo."

That white is sticking to Anu like a shadow.

It's necessary for me to meet Anu somehow or the other.

"How many days will you keep me locked here, sir?"

When are you taking me to the other hostel?

You're mistaken... that I've brought you here to admit you to another hostel.

"Actually, it's something else."

Had I revealed the secret to you in Bombay... you wouldn't have come here with me so easily.

It's time to tell you the reason why we've come here.

I've brought you here to have you married.

It's a boy from our institution here.

But sir... But what? What?

"Just that you haven't even met him, isn't it?"

"Just that you don't even know him, right?"

"Or just that you don't love him? You love someone else, right?"

Love! Love!

"Your mother fell in love, too."

With a man she knew and what happened?

You ended up in an orphanage and she... under a train!


So listen quietly to what I say. We have a party this evening.

Phillips will come there to meet you.

And I will have the two of you engaged at the party.

Here is your dress. Wear it and get ready.

The party begins in an hour.

"Die, if you wish to. But it isn't so easy."

What were you upto? You were trying to kill yourself?

"You wanted to commit suicide? Why, Anu?"

Because I'm fed up!

I want freedom from this captivity!

"To gain freedom from this captivity, you can even give up your life..." but can't you even try to get yourself out of it?

Who do I have out there? Who?

"I, Anu. And I will always be."

At least try to rebel against those who shackle you.

"The new world awaits you, Anu."

Get up... and grab it.

"I love you, Anu."

You have lived enough in fear.

I'll wait for you at the party.

You will raise your voice in that monster's presence.

"Wake up, Anu... A new life awaits you."

"I will forsake this world in my love for you"

"I will forget this world in my love for you"

"Even if the world is an enemy, do not ever forget me..."

"I'll destroy myself... in my love for you"

"I'll forget this world in my love for you"

"I'll forsake this world in my love for you"

"I'll never leave, I'll never break my promise"

"I'll destroy myself in my love for you"

"I'll forget this world in my love for you"

"In my breath lingers your fragrance..."

"in my heart beats your heart" my life lies in your arms

"My eyes are but a reflection of you"

"Without you, I'm worth nothing"

"Without you, I'm worth nothing"

"Every sorrow I will bear, in love with you"

"I'll never leave you, I'll never break my promise..."

"I'll destroy myself in love with you"

"I'll forget the world in love with you"

"Let me hold you to my bosom"

I'm crazy about you From meeting you...

"how will the world ever prevent me?"

I'll never leave you I'll never leave you

"I'll give up everything I possess..." in my love for you

"Even if the world is an enemy, do not ever forget me..."

"I'll destroy myself... in my love for you"

"I'll forget this world in my love for you"

"I'll never leave, I'll never break my promise..."

"I'll destroy myself in my love for you"

"I'll forget this world in my love for you"

In love with you...

In love with you...

"Rahul! Police! Run, Anu!"

"Sir, forgive them! Forgive them!"

They've done nothing! They've not done anything!

"Enough! Enough, Anu... We don't need to run anymore."

We've come pretty far already.

Is this... the heavens?

Yes. This is heaven.

How'd I know where he is?

"Who'd know about your friend, if not you?"

"Inspector, may I ask you something? Go ahead."

Do you know where your father is right now and what he's up to?

It's only a question. Do you know? No.

Exactly! So how would I know where Rahul is and what he's doing?

"A valid question, isn't it? It's all right. You can go now."

"Thank you, sir."

Excuse me.

"Constable, keep an eye on him."

Don't you get it?

Beat it! Get lost!

If anyone even touches her... I'll break his hands.

"Run away, Anu... for my sake! Escape!"

"You touched Anu with these hands, didn't you?"

You'll never be able to touch another woman with these hands again!

Not another woman!

"My love, sweetheart..."

"My love, sweetheart..."

"My love, I swear it on you..."

"I'll die, if I don't have you"

"My love, I swear it on you..."

"I'll die, if I don't have you"

"How will the world ever stop us?"

"Even in death, we'll keep our promise"

"My love, sweetheart... I swear it on you"

"should I not have you... I'll die of grief, my love"

"With flowers, buds and stars, I'll adorn you and take you for my bride"

"With flowers, buds and stars, I'll adorn you and take you for my bride"

"The beautiful fragrance of Spring, I'll give to you"

I'm in love with you...

"and I take deep breaths, my love"

I take deep breaths...

"My love, sweetheart, I swear it on you..."

"if I don't have you, I'll die of grief"

"My love, sweetheart, I swear it on you..."

"if I don't have you, I'll die of grief"

"Without you, how have I spent my nights and days"

"Without you, how have I spent my nights and days"

"What secrets do I hold in my heart? Don't even ask me"

When two hearts beat together... this is just how they pine They pine... they indeed do

"My love, sweetheart, I swear it on you..."

"if I do not have you, I'll die of grief"

"How will the world ever stop us?"

"Even in death, we will keep our promise"

"My love, my sweetheart... I swear it on you"

"If I do not have, I'll die of grief"

My love... sweetheart...

My love... sweetheart...

My love... sweetheart

My love... sweetheart

You're going to have me killed some day! I've arranged for a car.

We've got to reach Bombay. Come on.

"Come on, Anu. We've got to reach Bombay."

"Rahul! It's the police! Run away, Rahul! Run away!"

Go away!

You're under arrest.

You can't take Anu away from me! She belongs to me!

"Don't be afraid, Anu! Nothing will happen to you."

"I'll be coming, Anu... I love you!"

"Nothing will happen to you! I love you, Anu!"

"I love you, Anu!"

"Don't be afraid, Anu! I'll certainly come back!"

Forgive him this once. He won't make this mistake again.

"You're being released on bail. But don't do this again, okay?"

I'll do it a thousand times. And no one can stop me.

"To fall in love is no sin, Inspector."

What did you say? Inspector! Relax! Sit down.

Are you out of your mind? You talk like this with the Inspector?

"Aren't you ashamed! One slap, and I'll straighten you out!"

"Don't mind him, Inspector. The chill here has driven him a bit mad."

But he's okay. No problem. I assure you... he won't make this mistake again. I'll take him away right now.

"Take him away. Good bye, sir."

"Let's go away before he changes his mind. Good bye, sir."

I wonder what Anu's going through in Bombay. Try to understand.

"Thank you, sir. Good bye, sir."

"Anu, what you have done is not worthy of forgiveness."

But since the managing committee of the institution...

"has nothing against you, you are being given another opportunity."

"But we have a condition, Anu."

You must forget Rahul... and all the shameful things you did with him.

"To maintain the solemnity of this sacred place, you must do that."

"Do you agree, Anu?"

"I know I have come to be a burden on you, sir."

Perhaps you can bear this burden...

"but the condition you have set before me, I cannot fulfill."

Looks like it's time for me to face the consequences for what I've done.

"As far as our knowledge goes, you have just one relative"

A distant relative

After meeting him... maybe you'll change your decision about leaving this place.

No... anyway... here he is. Uncle Peter.

"Don't worry, Anu. This is only the beginning."

"The moment you step in the outside world, you will discover..."

how mercilessly life puts you through difficulties.

"And remember, this obsession of love you're suffering from..."

"time will rid you of it, even if starvation doesn't."

All the best.

Where is Anu?

How dare you come in here like this?

Where have you sent Anu?

"I can't believe you are the same lover..."

"who shouted himself hoarse in the valleys, screaming..." you'd find Anu from any corner of the world.

What went wrong with the power of your love?

You've accepted defeat already?

This is no time for jokes. I want to know where Anu is.

"Okay... I'll tell you, if you're getting upset."

But I won't tell you so easily and offend your manhood.

"In this area of Bombay city, lives Anu's uncle, Peter."

"Anu now lives with this depraved, drunken man."

So go on... roam these streets. Shout as loudly as you can.

Maybe she'll hear your voice.

"What are you doing, Rahul? Have you gone mad?"

I'll go mad if I don't find her.

"You won't find Anu if you shout like this, will you?"

If there's anything true about my love and my cries... she will certainly hear my voice. She will!

My love... sweetheart...

Sweetheart Sweetheart

My love... sweetheart

Sweetheart Sweetheart

My love... sweetheart

Sweetheart Sweetheart

My love... sweetheart Sweetheart


"My love, sweetheart... I swear it on you"

"I'll die of grief, if I don't find you"

"My love, sweetheart, I swear it on you..."

"I'll die of grief, if I don't find you"

How will the world ever stop us?

"Even in death, we will keep our promise"

"My love, sweetheart... I swear it on you"

"I will die, if I do not find you"

"I will die, if I do not find you"

My love... sweetheart...

My love... sweetheart...

My love... sweetheart...

My love... sweetheart...

"Now listen, Peter. I'm not letting Anu stay with you, come what may."

Whatever happens. How won't you let her be with me?

I'm her legal guardian. I have a right over her.

"Hey uncle! You can't fend for yourself, what will you feed her?"

She's going to fend for me.

"Dubai. If I send her away to Dubai, there's lots of money to be made."

As if it's so easy to send her away to Dubai!

It's okay if she doesn't go to Dubai. I'll find her bit roles in films here.

She'll make no less than 50 or 60 rupees a day!

"For a drunkard like me, 50 or 60 bucks is a lot of money."

"She'll earn, and I'll sit back and eat."

"I'll knock your teeth out! One moment, Rahul. Relax!"

I'll toss you over if you say a thing like that!

You're bullying me? Bullying me?

I'll call the police! I'll go to the courts!

That girl's my property! I'm not letting her go!

"All right... shut up, will you?"

"Relax, Rahul. Cool down, okay?"

"I understand his language. I'm the Gujarati, after all."

"Now listen, Peter. We'll pay you 10,000 rupees, that's all."

"10,000 rupees. Not a penny more. But you must forget about the girl."

"What? Make it 15,000, okay?"

"15,000? Okay, make it 20,000. That's final"

Don't ask for anything more.

Here's the dough.

Don't touch the money. Sign the documents first.

"Master, give me the papers."

Sign this.

"Don't touch the money, I said. Sign the papers first. Here."

Go on. Get lost.

And now? What else? You're free now!

This tailor here... he's your guardian now.

Peter has gone. He signed the papers and left.

"Go anywhere you wish, stay where you want to. Do anything you wish!"

Anu will live with my mother. In my house.

"No, Rahul. I don't want to be a burden on your mother."

"Even at the orphanage, I was a burden on them."

"Now that I'm out, I'm a burden on all of you."

I've begun to hate myself.

For how long will I live under the obligation of others? For how long?

You guys have done so much for me.

So what's the big deal? For the first time...

I've put my father's money to good use.

"What do you say, Rahul?"

I have a request to make to all of you.

"If you really want to help me, let me stand on my own two feet."

Find a place for me to live in... and a job. That's all.

Wow! What a self-respecting girl!

"Hats off to you, dear... what a great thing you've said."

Before my eyes... close to my heart...

Before my eyes... close to my heart... there is someone...

and that's you Before my eyes... close to my heart...

Before my eyes... close to my heart... there is someone...

and that's you Before my eyes... close to my heart...

"What does it mean to pine? My heart knows better"

"What does it mean to pine? Ask my heart"

"From a large gathering, I return so lonely"

I might even die...

I might even die... if I were separated from you Before my eyes... close to my heart...

Before my eyes... close to my heart... there is someone...

and that's you Before my eyes... close to my heart...

"Loneliness won't let me live; I feel restless"

"Loneliness won't let me live, I feel restless"

"I feel afraid when I don't meet you"

Don't ever leave me...

"Don't ever leave me and go away"

Before my eyes... close to my heart...

Before my eyes... close to my heart... there is someone...

and that's you Before my eyes... close to my heart...

Before my eyes... close to my heart... there is someone...

and that's you

"We've finished the selection in Madras, Delhi and Calcutta."

But we haven't found a singer in Bombay. What's happening here?

"Relax, sir. It'll all happen. When will it happen? When?"

Excuse me... will you please get up?

Get up

Yes! This is the face!

"Mr Padamsee... Yes, sir?"

She's here for the audition. Talk to her.

Lucky girl! May I know what's it all about?

"Sure, I'll explain. And you are?"

"Rahul. Rahul Roy, sir. And this is Anu Varghese."

Nice to meet you both. And that was Mr Paul.

He's here from Paris to choose Indian models...

"and he thinks you can take part in the competition, if you wish to"

But I... I was here looking for a typist's job.

"Typist? You don't know. If you're chosen, you'll go places"

The sky is the limit! But I...

There's no time to think. The audition takes place next week.

"Thank you, Mr Padamsee. Anu will surely participate."

Wow! What a gait! She's too much!

Shut up! That's no dress... she looks like a witch!

"And look at her, Master! Wow! Stop barking like a dog!"

Wait for Anu... she's going to knock them all over! All of them!

Thank you.

"As we all know, we're all here to choose an Indian model..." for Paris's Jean Cardin.

There's a special announcement. On behalf of Jean Cardin...

"the chosen model will be given an advance of 100,000 rupees..." and a flat to live in. And also a free tour of Europe!

"So get a hold on your hearts, friends."

The model we have chosen today is...


Miss Anu Varghese


I had heard a story as a child. That of the Prince of Dreams... who took the hand of an ugly orphan and turned her into a beautiful fairy.

Some stories turn out to be true. Atleast in my case.

The one who gave me a sense of belonging and made me feel wanted... was Rahul.

"Rahul, please come here."

And take my hand before this crowd.

My heart beats for you

It beats for you

"The sight of you makes my heart skip a beat"

It skips a beat

"Come to me. I want to kiss your lips"

How will I tell you what I want

"Come to me. I want to kiss your lips"

How will I tell you what I want

"Press it in your arms, this fair-skinned body"

"How else will I quench this fire within?"

A fire rages in my heart

A fire rages

"What heartache is this? It's a new pain"

"It's a realisation that you have come of age"

"What heartache is this? It's a new pain"

"It's a realisation that you have come of age"

Love intoxicates me

"It's fun, my love"

"I can't control my heart, no matter how much I try"

I can't control it

My heart beats for you

It beats for you

"Anu, I can't control myself anymore. Let's get married."

Anytime you wish to.

"I love you, Anu."

You're better than I was told you are.

What? I'm Rahul's mother.

Please come in.

"It's a good thing to achieve so much at such a young age, my child."

"In fact, it's necessary for women to stand on their own feet."

"What would I have done, if I didn't have a job?"

"Don't ever stop working, dear."

"What will you have? Tea or coffee? Nothing, Anu. Sit down."

"It's like this, Anu. I'm Rahul's mother."

I wouldn't wish the two of you anything bad.

But the haste the two of you are showing you to get married... is bad for your love and for your future.

I don't understand.

Have you ever wondered why Rahul never brought you to meet me?

"Well... Look, Anu."

"Rahul can lie to the whole world, even to himself..." but he can't tell lies to me.

He knows he has not achieved anything till now.

He also realises that... there's suddenly a distance between the two of you.

"Anu, you make much more money than he does."

"You have a name in society, an identity of your own."

But Rahul is looked at as only your boyfriend.

The fiance of a successful model.

"Mother... It sounds bitter, my dear."

But it's true. And if you want to change things... give Rahul some time. I know he has the talent... and ability to achieve something.

"Rahul will pressurise you to get married, Anu."

"Because now that you are a success..." the fear of losing you haunts him all the time.

"I'll tell you something out of experience, my dear."

A relationship succeeds only when the people involved are equals.

That's it then. This is all I wanted to say.

And don't tell Rahul that we have talked about these things.

He won't be able to understand.

"Okay, Rahul. Say hi to Anu on my behalf."

Okay. Bye.

"One moment, Pallo."

Give me a hundred rupees. Sure.

I'll have to take a cab to drop Anu home.

"I now owe you 26,535 rupees, okay?"

"I told you, Rahul. There are no accounts between friends."

"You can have more, if you wish. No, this is enough."

Anu's a big model now.

I don't like to take her out in crowded buses and trains.

I'd rather take money from you.

But I can't take advantage of the success my future wife has made.

"I understand. Okay... Thanks, buddy."

Bye. See you.

"Anu, turn this side... turn left. More life!"

Vibrant! Yes!

Excuse me... whom do you wish to meet?

I'm here to meet Anu. You can't meet her right now.

You can ask if you wish... She's busy right now.

Please go out. Please.

"Salil, he's with me."

"Salil, you stupid donkey! Don't you know how to talk to people?"

Come and sit down here!

"Sorry, Rahul. Really sorry. It's all right."

Wait... wait.

"Take your hand up, please. Yes, that's it."

That's it.

"It's okay, thank you. I'll do it."

That's it... a close-up. Come on.

Okay. Hold on.

"Anu, get into the swimming costume. What?"

Hurry up. Swimming costume?

Anu's not wearing that swimming costume.

Hello! Who asked you?

Don't disturb us. Let us get on with our work.

"Okay, get on with your work."

"But Anu's not wearing that swimming costume, I said."

"Mr Padamsee, what's going on? I say, what's going on?"

"Rahul, come on... it's all right. Take it easy, Rahul."

"Come, let's have some coffee. No."

"Anu, you will not wear those clothes."

Hold it!

Who the hell are you to tell us that?

"Anu, tell them who I am."

"Okay, if you won't tell them, I will."

I'm Anu's fiance. We're going to get married very soon.

"I don't understand what he's saying, Anu."

Haven't you told him? According to our contract with you...

"you can't marry for another 2 years. But, sir..."

Salil! Get that file of the contract.

Hurry up.

Is it true that you've signed a contract like that?

Without even telling me?

"And I've been dreaming of marriage, like a fool!"

"I've been busy making arrangements! Please calm down, Rahul."

I'll explain everything later. Not later!

Tell me right now! What's happening here?

Why have you done this?

"Rahul, you know how important it is for me to achieve something in life."

"To achieve that, I had to sign this contract."

"All right, so break this contract. Just leave them! Come with me, Anu."

"It isn't so easy to break a contract, Rahul."

"I'm talking to Anu, not you! Don't interrupt!"

"Let's go, Anu. Come on. No, Rahul. I can't do that."

"All right, I understand."

I understand everything.

"Don't worry, Anu. You've done the right thing."

This is in your interest and ours. You won't understand.

"I didn't do this for myself, nor for the contract."

I've done all this only for Rahul.

Only for him.

"Anu, I will meet you only when I get to be something in life"

"If I don't make it big... do forget me. Forever."


Without you...

I will live

"I will swallow the poison that my life is"

"It doesn't matter if I'm heart-broken"

"It doesn't matter if I'm heart-broken"

Without you...

I will live

"I will swallow the poison that my life is"

"That's wonderful, young man!"

Your voice has the feeling and pain I have been looking for.

At last! You have been introduced to love and pain.

Want to know who I am?

I'm Bashir Khan.

"On behalf of Super Cassettes Industries, it's my duty..." to show new artists the way to stardom.

Come with me and I will take you to the place you deserve.

Come on.

What has your love given me?

"I loved you and you were unfaithful"

"It was my mistake... what did I seek?"

"I expected love from an unfaithful girl"

"How will you know what pining is?"

You are selfish and insensitive

"Go away, heartless girl..."

I have seen your love

"I now know what you are, O merciless one"

Without you...

I will live

"I will swallow the poison that my life is"

"How are you, Rahul? Speak up... haven't heard you for so many days."

What will I say? Say anything.

Is someone else listening to my voice too?

What? Oh no. I'm all alone.

"Listen, Pallo. I've known you for years."

I don't want anyone to listen to my voice... nor do I want to listen to anyone. That's it.

"Little did I know that my beloved would break the promises of love"

"If only I knew what you had on your mind"

"I loved you so much. I gave you my heart"

"I was so naive, I couldn't understand anything"

I wept Tears flowed from my eyes My shattered heart... is a sign of your love

"How will I ever forget how unfaithful you were?"

Without you...

I will live

"I will swallow the poison that my life is"

"It doesn't matter if I'm heart-broken"

"It doesn't matter if I'm heart-broken"

Without you...

I will live

"I will swallow the poison that my life is"

I will live...

I will live...

I will live...

"Oh my God! I'm really sorry I kept you waiting, Anu."

"Two minutes more, okay?"

Two minutes? What do you mean?

You've got to finalise artworks of four of my music albums today.

"Relax, just relax. Why do you get serious with such things?"

Atleast give me the pictures of the singers and the other details.


"What do I see, Mr Bashir? What?"

Rahul Roy? Are you releasing a record by him?

"Yes. So what? Come on, Mr Bashir."

Why're you encouraging this two-penny singer?

"As your marketing advisor, it's my duty to advise you..." not to make such mistakes. It could be damaging for your company's image.

"Mr Padamsee, please step out. One minute."

"I said, come with me. I want to talk to you."

What happened?

A petty man shows his pettiness... when he unnecessarily casts aspersions on someone's capabilities.


"I know why you hate Rahul. Yes, I hate Rahul."

What's this lifetime? I don't spare my enemies in any lifetime.

"When I'm around, not you, not the whole world can do any harm to Rahul."

"Mr Padamsee, if you try to sabotage Rahul's album..."

I'll break your contract and walk out.

"Don't threaten me, Anu. Don't."

What are you doing?

"You have invested a lot in my face, haven't you?"

You will have to release Rahul's album.

"Or else, I'll burn my face. No! No!"

Go on. I'm going... don't do it!

"Excuse me, sir. May I come in?"

"Welcome, Rahul Roy! I've been thinking about you."

Where have you been? I just didn't see you around.

"I've been around, sir. What can I do for you?"

"I need some money, sir. If I could have it?"

Some money? Yes.

If I could have a 1000 rupees.

"Is that all? Don't you know then? Know what, sir?"

"Look, we're getting reports from our agents across the country."

Your song is a super-hit young man! It's a super-hit.

"The chairman is going to give you a gold disc and a cheque for 200,000!"

"Talk in terms of hundreds of thousands, my friend."

Not mere thousands!

Hello? Hello.

"Have you received the flowers, Anu?"

"Know what I'm celebrating? I'm a star, Anu. I've become a star!"

"This evening, I'm getting a cheque of 200,000 and a trophy."

"I've telephoned my mother, Pallo and Master."

They'll meet me at the function.

"As I promised, I'm coming over, Anu. I'll have lunch with you."

"And we'll both leave for the function, okay?"

"I love you, Anu. I love you."

I love you Rahul. I love you.

Like you need to breathe... like you need to breathe to live...

"you need a beloved to love"

Like you need a lamp...

"like you need a lamp for light..."

"you need a beloved to fall in love with"

You need a beloved to love



Maybe you are surprised to see me here. Right?


"In fact, I wanted to surprise you. So I landed here like this."

Know what the surprise is? No.

"It is something like this. Anyway, what's the point in harassing you?"

You're going to Paris!

This is a small gift from me. Please...

So you've already heard about going to Paris?

I'm late. No problem. It's all right.

"Sorry, sir. You must leave now. I'm expecting someone."

These flowers are to celebrate Rahul's success.

He's coming over for lunch. So I've come at the wrong time?

"Now listen to me. In 15 days, you're going with me to Paris."

Although I don't want to interfere with your personal life...

I must tell you something. The less you see of Rahul... the better it will be for your career.

"From today, Rahul is my life and my career. I'm in love with him..." and we're going to get married very soon.

No! You know very well Anu that you can't marry for another 2 years.

You have signed a contract with me. If you try to break the contract...

"it'll be very bad for you. Do what you want to do, Padamsee."

I don't care.

Rahul has become a very big singer. He'll fight you in the courts.

"I'm not one of those who take defeat, Anu."

I'll be too much to handle for the two of you.

Remember that.

Mr Padamsee...

take this as you go. There's no room for this either.

Never mind.

"Hello, Mr Rahul Roy. Congratulations!"

But I wonder if I must congratulate you or your fiancee.

"I'm talking about Anu. It's one and the same thing, sir."

"Oh yes. Behind every successful man, there is a woman."

And this adage you have proved to be true today.

"What do you mean? Come on, Rahul."

Don't pretend not to know. You aren't so innocent.

"Come to the point, Mr Padamsee. What are you getting at?"

Just that you used Anu very well to scale the ladder of success.

I must compliment you for that. Had Anu not forced me... your album would never have been released and you...

"you'd have been rotting in that restaurant, still singing there."

You must thank Anu.

It's because of her that you are worth something today.

No. I don't believe this. It's a lie.

"Lies are shortlived, Rahul. And since this is the truth..." it'll be out before the world soon. By then maybe... you'll be used to a life that is dependent on women.

Stop it! Why're you angry with me?

"If you don't like what I say, go and be angry with Anu."

Go and ask her why she has given your success a stigma.

"Grab her collar, not mine. Okay? You claim to be a real man..."

"spurn the charity she gave you, if you have the guts."

Kick the success. Go on.

Where had you gone away?

Don't leave me and go away ever again.

"Rahul, you're hurting me!"

What did you get out of humiliating me? What?

"What kind of a joke is this, Rahul?"

That's exactly what I want to know. Why did you play a joke on me?

"Why did you do it? Why? What's gotten into you, Rahul?"

What do you want to say? Stop it! Stop it!

Padamsee has told me everything!

Your farce isn't working with me anymore. Okay?

"Anu, you have belittled my pride and my self-respect today."

You have poisoned my life forever!

And what did I ask you for? What?

Why did you have to do me a favour in charity?

I can't believe it!

I'm beginning to hate you and your face!

I hate you! I hate you!

"No! Stay right there! And don't try to follow me, okay?"

What's up? Rahul hasn't yet arrived?

"Our chairman, Mr Gulshan Kumar will be arriving any moment now."

"This is Rahul's mother, Mr Bashir. Hello."

He has gone to fetch a friend. He'll be arriving any moment.

"Go and make a call, Pallo. He must be on his way."

"Hello, sir. Welcome Mr Gulshan Kumar."

Where could he have gone? Is no one taking the call?

What are we to do now?

"This is the limit, Mrs Roy. The Chairman has arrived already."

Rahul has really embarrassed me. I'm extremely sorry.

You tell us what we must do. I'll start the function... you can receive the cheque on behalf on Rahul.

Me? Yes.

I'll start the function.


"Mr Padamsee, I've got to say something important to you."

Well? I'm willing to leave for Paris.

"Is Rahul there? This is his friend, Pallu."

Where have you been all night? In hell! What is it to you?

Out! Get out.

There's no place for you in this house anymore.

You try to humiliate us? You belittle us?

Here's your money.

Go and have fun. Do as you please. Just go to hell.

Mother... You keep out of this!

Do you know why this boy keeps twisting our arms?

It's because we love him very much. We love him more than necessary.

This is what his father did too.

"But what happened? Did I die, after he left me?"

"Rahul, however strong a relationship is..." life does not end with it.

Anu won't die without you. Enough!

"Don't utter that bitch's name in my presence, mother!"

Don't you dare abuse her! I'll pull out your tongue!

Do you know what she has done for you?

"Yes, I know! Which is why I feel like killing myself!"

You don't know anything. Nothing.

"Whatever Anu did, was at my behest."

I told her not to marry you till you had reached some position in life.

And she obeyed me.

"You thought she was unfaithful, but she didn't tell you the truth."

How about what Padamsee told me?

Why did she do me a favour? Why make me a success?

"Nobody does anybody a favour, Rahul. Anu only helped..." in taking your voice to the people. It's people who made you a success.

It's the public. If you didn't have the talent... would you ever reach this stage?

You gave Anu so much of love.

"And when she tried to reciprocate, it hurts your ego so much?"

"Anu's love is for real, my son. Don't humiliate her."

"You don't find true love very often in life, Rahul."

Go and stop her. She's going away to Paris... stop her!

"Bring her home. Go on, Rahul"

"There is a wall between you and Anu, Rahul. And it's you!"

It's your pride! Do away with it... or you will regret it.

I realise today why people consider a mother to be God.

"I'm leaving, mother. I'll bring Anu here."

"I'll bring her home, mother."

Passengers traveling by British Airways flight 316 to Paris...

Out of the way!

Watch it... Shut up!

"Step on it, Pallo! Faster!"

Stop here!

Get out of our way!

Let's go!

"Rahul, where are you going?"

Get in! Hurry up!

They're taking my car away! Stop them!

Did you see him?

"Let's go, Sawant. Hurry up."

The cops are after us.

Only two.

"Brakes, Pallo! The brakes!"

Passengers travelling by British Airways flight 316 requested to...

Come on!

You? What the hell is all this?

"I'll explain, sir. But it's necessary for me to reach the airport."

Or the girl will go away. That girl from the love story?

"Yes, sir! Please do something, sir! Please, sir."

"Hurry up, sir."

"Inspector, drive faster! Only 5 minutes to go!"

The last and final call for passengers travelling by British Airways...

"flight 316 to Paris. Let's go, Anu."

Proceed for security check. Come on.

The airport.

I've got to convey an urgent message to Anu Varghese in flight 316.

I'm talking to you and you aren't even listening!

The flight you're talking about has taken off just now. Okay?


"My love, sweetheart..."

Sweetheart Sweetheart Sweetheart

"My love, sweetheart..."

Sweetheart Sweetheart Sweetheart

For a moment I thought you had gone far away from me. Forever.

I never ever went away from you.

Hey spoilt brat! What are they doing?

You won't understand.

It's a love story. It's all about love.

Like you need to breathe... like you need to breathe to live...

"you need a beloved to love"

Like you need a lamp...

"like you need a lamp for light..."

"you need a beloved to fall in love with"

You need a beloved to

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