Born to Be Blue (2015) Script

Sunk. K5.

Are you coming to the show?

Who do you like better, me or Miles Davis?

We're proud to present the man who's been voted number one in the nation for both trumpet and vocals.

All the way from the sunny shores of California, the James Dean of jazz, the Prince of Cool, the man "Time" magazine credits with inventing West Coast Swing.

That's right, folks.

And he's here playing a double bill with our very own Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie.

Making his Birdland debut, Chet Baker and his quartet!

It's gonna be great. It's gonna be great.

How do I look? Perfect.

Yeah, baby! Yeah!

Thank you. Thank you very much.

We love you, Chet!

Elaine? Honey?


And then you wait till it melts.

I can't believe you never tried before.

You're so square.

I hate needles.

Will you do it for me?


Hello, fear. Hello, fear.

Aah! Get it tight.

Hello, death. Hello, death.

Fuck you. Fuck you.

Oh, hey, babe.

Hey, hey.

Get out.

Get out! Take your shit with you!

And you too! I should have known.

Stop it!

God damn it! I...

I'm so sorry. It was, like, a week.

That is your child.

What is this shit?

What is this shit?

You did this because of Miles?

Chet, say something!

Shh. Shh!

See, once you're here, it's like you're crawling back inside your mama's womb clinking and clanging.

It all melts away, and you can hear.

This is the scene where you're meant to do heroin for the first time.

I know what scene it is. Those are not the lines.

Well, he told me to make up lines.

He said he wanted it to be improv.

But that's way off script. Come on. Well, the whole thing is fake.

I mean, if you want it to be real, there should just be puke everywhere.

It wasn't like this at all.

I was 22, for fuck's sake.

That's going way, way off script, Chet.

I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Can we just do the make-out part again?

I lost a nail.

All right, guys. Yeah.

Do you want to rehearse the scene, or do you want to pick up on Monday?

We'll pick up on Monday.

All right, folks, that's a wrap. See you next week.

That's unprofessional, Chet.

Jane? Yeah.

Jane, that was great. I don't think so.

Keep doing what you're doing. Okay, you sure?

Yeah, just keep improvising. You'll be okay.

All right. Appreciate it.

Oh, thanks, Ellie.

What I'm doing is trying to make him look like a nice guy.

No, no, what you're doing is making me look like a clown.

Oh, are you Dick Bock? Yeah, yeah, I...

Chettie! Hey, Dick.

Why didn't you tell me you were back in the US and now you're shooting a movie?

Well, I...

I thought you had another couple of years in jail.

Well, I was supposed to, you know, but then this director, he's like, he's super talented...

Oh, and he offered you a lot of money? Well, he paid somebody, that's for sure.

Oh, I could've played myself, Chet.

Dick, you're not... you're not an actor.

Neither are you. Well, that's true.

Don't tell anyone.

A lot's, uh... a lot's changed since you left.

Yeah, I see.

Jazz is dying. Dylan went electric.

You sold Pacific, Dick.

No, I built it up. You tore it down.

We built it up... I built it up.

We built it up. You tore it down.

And... and you sold it out.

I sold... yeah, at least I didn't abandon my wife and kid and become the world's biggest junkie.

I did fuck everything up, didn't I?


I miss you, Dick. I really do. Chet!

I just wish you would have called. Two... two seconds, okay?

I should've called. I'm... I'm sorry. Yeah.

You remember that old daft pharmacist at Jerry's that give us the prescriptions for those morphine suppositories?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, you liked him.

Well, I had to be high before I could get my finger out of my ass.

Chet! Yeah, two... two seconds.

What happened to him? Yeah, he's in jail.

Aren't you on the... aren't you on the straight and narrow?

Oh, yeah. Yeah?

Yeah. Clean as a hound's tooth.


All right, let's get together.

All right? Let's talk about doing another record.

I would like that very much, Dick.

We're grown-ups now. Let's do another record.

Let's do it. That'd be great. All right.

Hey, Nick, is everything okay? It's going great. It's gonna be great.

Look, tomorrow the studio booked another press conference.

Another press? In the afternoon.

In the afternoon? What time? 1:00.

Hi, Chet. 1:00, okay.

Listen, how's it going with you and Jane? Everything okay?

I don't know. I mean, you tell me. I think it's great.

I trust what you're doing, let you play your music.

This movie is going to re-launch your career, Chettie.

Jane. Hey, Nick.

What's wrong?

I don't know. I mean, do you think it's working?

I think it's great what the two of you are doing.

The improvisation is fantastic.

I... I need to know more than just that I'm playing the women of Chet Baker.

And you're doing it brilliantly. It's... look, ask him. It's his story.

All I know is that they have big tits. It's like... it's not a lot to go off of.

Well, it's... it's his story. Ask him.

Nick, you coming?

They did have big tits. Hang on a second.

We'll talk about this Monday, okay? Okay. Sounds good.

Okay? All right.

Okay, big scenes. Europe next week. Ciao.

Don't be insecure about your tits.

Your tits are great. Okay, so the script.

Uh, I don't understand why these women would stay with you.

You don't understand that? No, don't get it.

Well, maybe we should go out to dinner and get some real food and talk...

What, are you saying that I ain't real, mister?

I'm saying that maybe you need to get deeper into character.

Yeah, I don't date actors I'm working with, Chet.

I already told you that.

Yeah, but I'm not an actor. Yeah, that's for sure.

No, we can get together, and we can do those Kazoon exercises.

It's Kazan, you dummy. Hey, listen, I don't care.

We'll just rehearse while we eat. You know, we could order in if we want.

You know everything about me, and I don't even know your last name.

It's on the call sheet every day.

It is? Mm-hmm.

Were you... can I wipe this thing?

What, I got food on my face? Beauty mark.

No, you're prettier without it. Come on, let's go out, have some laughs.

You don't strike me as funny. I'm funny.

What's heavier, a full moon or half moon?

A full moon, because it's lighter.

Not so good. That's not funny?

No. I have better material.

Top-shelf stuff. Azuka.

What's that mean? It's my last name.

It's African, and it means "past glory."

# Belle ami, belle ami #

# Come over here by me #


You're not following through.

Now just... all right, all right, all right. Just lay it out there.

Okay, well, that's another goose egg for you.

Come on!

You are really competitive.

I guess they didn't teach you about bowling back there at acting school?

Very funny.

I was supposed to be an academic, actually, like my parents and my brothers.

But then what happened?

Oh, I fell in love with musicals on Broadway.

I studied jazz. Did you?

What instrument? Piano, voice.

I've never been with a woman who knew anything at all about music.

So what did Elaine like to do?


Mostly, she liked to fuck. Yeah.

She liked to fuck, and I liked fuckin' her.

What? What?

I don't know. Your songs are so romantic.

But I guess you never wrote them, right?


One time, we did it seven times in two hours.

What do you think about that?

Sounds like you fuck too fast.

Uh, I do better when I'm high.

So you're really a junkie?


I got some habits.

So what, your parents didn't love you enough or something?

No, it's nobody's fault.

So why are you such a fuck-up, then?


You want to know?

You want to know the truth?

Yeah, I want to know the truth.

It makes me happy.

I love to get high.

Well, at least you're honest.

What about you, huh?

Why are you such a fuck-up?

I'm not a fuck-up. Oh, yeah, you are.

Yeah, you're an actress, aren't you?

All actresses are fuck-ups?

Yeah, well...

What is they say about Hollywood?

They'll pay you 2 grand for a kiss and 2 bucks for your soul.

You know who said that?


Marilyn Monroe.

Closing time, folks.

We sing. You know that song?

# I've never been in love #

# Before #

# Now all at once #

# It's you #

You know that, right?

# It's you #

# Forever more #

# I've never #

# Been in love #

# Before #

# I thought my heart #

# Was safe #

# I thought I... #

Why don't you come back with me to my place and we can sing?

That's not a good idea.

Listen, I know all about you.

What do you know?

I know you're trouble.

Trouble's good for you.

That's why your playing touches people.


It's like what Chekhov said when his patients were fevering on what kind of food they liked to eat: "Something sour."

And my dad read me all the philosophers before I was a teenager, but Chekhov?

He thought that the feelings that we experience when we're in love are our normal state, that being in love shows a person who he should really be.

I love... Remember me, Chettie?

Fuck him up!

Oh, Chet!

Chet! Come here!

You forget what you owe us, Chet?

Fucking junkie.

Come here. Stop it!

Help! Stop!

No more jazz, motherfucker!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Help! Help!

He's got severe trauma to the neck... possible fracture of the cheek.

He's lost all his front teeth.

Chet, it's Jane.

You look like shit.

You're gonna be okay.

You know what an embouchure is?

Like a piano player not having any hands. 28 eight years of practice, gone.

You'll never play again.

And from the Hollywood a dramatic U-turn.

The studio is now shelving the Chet Baker movie, which was meant to launch the recently paroled jazz legend's comeback.

They haven't called me.

They can't shelve the movie that quickly.

That was no stranger. That was Chet's dealer.

Do you think the studio's gonna have anything to do with this?

Just wake up.

Okay, wait, somebody must be able to help.

I mean, somehow...

How many people have called?

How many people have come to visit?

We're all here.

This is everybody.

And I'm leaving.

I've looked after you for 13 years, Chet.

But I'm... I'm done.

This is such a mess.

How long have you known him?

Five weeks.


Get clean, Chet.

I spoke to your parole officer, who says you'll be starting methadone treatment, so unfortunately I can't prescribe any pain medication.

Just hang in there. And avoid any stress to your mouth, okay?

How'd we do? Good? You were brilliant, Chettie.

Sensational! It was pretty fucking good.

Where's Elaine, huh? Amazing!

Ah, Elaine, did you hear that? Huh?

Come on. Miles asked to see you. Come on. Come on. Come on.

Chettie, Miles! Go on.

Uh, Chet just wanted to say hi before your set Miles.

This is Elaine. How you doing?

Hi. You dig the show?

It was nice. Yeah.

A lot of pretty faces. It was, um, sweet... like candy.

Must be real hard posing for all these pretty pictures.

I'm just trying to sell records, right? Right.

Let me tell you something.

I never trust a cat... let loot or love affect his art.

You think them silly white girls out there understand a lick about jazz?

He's number one in the polls, Miles.

Is this your great white hope, sweetheart?

Standing right here? Is this it?

You want some advice, Baker?

Go back home to the beach, man.

This ain't the place for you.

Come back when you've lived a little.

Hello, fear. Hello, fear.

Hello, death. Hello, death.

Fuck you. Fuck you.

Hey, Chet. You home?

You left the door open.

I didn't get the job, so don't ask.

What did you do?

Oh, oh.

Oh, what did you do?

Come on, Chet.

Wake up. Wake up. Come on, Chet.

Come on. Come on.

Why did you wake me up?

Hey, hey.


So you're gonna kill yourself because you can't play trumpet anymore?


Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?

Play something else.


Maybe we haven't been introduced.

My name is Chet Baker.

I'm one of the greatest trumpet players of my generation.

One of the best jazz improvisationalists.

So it's trumpet or nothing? Yes.

So maybe I should kill myself too, because I don't look like Vivien Leigh.

You should find one thing and be better at it.

No, that's easy for you to say, the one blessed with a rare gift.

Have some humility.

It's love. You're missing the point.

You ever been in love, Chet, huh? I've been married, twice.

Yeah, I played those women.

I didn't feel real love.

You want to feel real love?

You want to?

Want to...

No, I don't want to get high with you, Chet.

I was just kidding.

How did you get into it anyway?

When I was released from the army, a little while later, I came home one day... and there was a note on my door.

It said, "Auditions with Charlie Parker at the Tiffany Club, 3:00 p.m."

I saw it.

I grabbed my horn, and I went over there.

I could see 30 or 40 trumpet players all sitting there, and every trumpet player in LA was there.

And there he was, biggest ass, but he was somebody, right?

And then after a while, he says, "Is Chet Baker here?"

Somebody must've told him about me, right?

And I said, "Yeah.

Yeah, Bird, I... I'm here."

And so I came up, and we played "Toot Toots."

We played "Cheryl" and "The Song Is You."

He took the microphone.

He said, "Thanks for coming, everybody. This audition is over."

He gave you the job just like that?

Just like that. He said I was "bixellated."

He was a big, fat junkie by then, right?

Don't talk shit about Bird.

It was an honor to score for him.

Some role model.

Yeah, he was.

He was.

He never hurt anybody but himself.

Just like me.

If anyone's gonna hurt you... it's gonna be me.

No. No, no.

I don't date zombies, Chet.

You want me to stick around, you have to promise me you'll stay clean on the methadone.

I love methadone.

Methadone is amazing... No, I'm serious.

I am too. I mean, methadone...

No, I see you scratching your face like that again, then I'll know you're not clean.

I'm clean.

It's a new me.

I had my teeth done just for you.

Now I miss your missing tooth.

Mm-hmm? Mm-hmm.

How did you lose it, anyway?

Oh, come on. You read the script, right?

I was 12 years old.

I threw the rock on the side, and it ricocheted and broke my tooth.

You're your own worst enemy. Mm-hmm.

Well, you need to better prepare for your roles, ma'am.

No, I couldn't play for more than a year.

I had to hole up inside that stupid barn and practice every day.

Yeah, but you managed, right?

Yeah, but that was one tooth.

I mean, what are you saying?

You... you think I should go back down there?

Well, you need to recover, Chet, not just your jaw.

But I love this apartment.

You're losing this at the end of the month.

Oh, that's true.

Would you come with me?


I'm not dropping my life for you.

Wha... what a surprise, Chettie!

Hi, Mama. Hey, give me a hug.

Yeah. Aw!

Give me back my hat. Ah!

Oh, you need a haircut, boy.

In that jacket, you're gonna freeze to death.

How are your teeth? Are they healing? Let me see.

This is Jane. Hmm?

Ah, you look like Chettie's ex-wife.

Mom, I told you... Well, I... I played Elaine in a movie.

Yeah. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Baker.

I never did like her.

We were thinking about, uh, visiting a little bit, if that's okay.

Yeah, that would be wonderful.

You can stay as long as you want. Stay until after Christmas.

Hiya, Dad.

Hey, Junior.

He's gonna stay with us. Yeah.

I can hear, Vera.

You trying to dry out again?

That's a lovely farmhouse that you have, Mr. Baker.

Well, thank you.

You know, you look like a nice colored gal.

If I was you, I'd get in that car and I'd...

Uh, you... you can have your old room, all right?

Hey, Chesney!

Filling station up the road's hiring!

Must have been lonely out here.

No brothers or sisters.

I had my trumpet... and the radio.

That's all you need now. Hmm.

And some time.

And you.


Don't stop, honey. It sounds good.

I got no chops, Ma.

It's real progress.

It is!

Yeah, time to hang it up, son.

Mr. Baker my name is Officer Reid.

I'm taking over as your parole officer.

You should have received a letter to that effect.

I understand you've agreed to try this new treatment called methadone.

Oh, yeah, officer, I... I just love it.

Just as addictive as heroin, without the high.

Hey, it's legal and it's keeping you clean.

There is that.

You got to find a steady job and be patient Mr. Baker.

I'll see you when you get back to LA.

That's me, Mr. Patient.

Hey, Miles.

Hey, Dizzy.

There's a white cat on the West Coast gonna eat you up.


Forget about Birdland.

I think I need to get better glue for these bastards.

Checkmate! I need to see this.

Nonsense. Checkmate?

Victory is mine. Hmm.

I let you win.

You're such a sore loser.

Yeah, but I still get my prize. Yeah, you'll get your prize.

Horn's not the only thing that tongue's good for.

Have you been with other trumpet players?

Trombone, yeah. Alto sax, yeah.

Yeah? You had the whole brass section?

Drop it! No! Shh!

Shh, shh! My mother. Shh.

Easy, Chet, easy. Easy, Chet.

Just slow down. Slow down, okay?

Pretend you're playing me.


Just relax okay?

Just breathe.

Just breathe.


That's better. That's better.

Okay, now hold that note all night.

Chettie, uh, why don't you stay longer?

I wish we could, Ma.

No, he got to run back to the big city.

Gonna stay clean this time.

Do it.

Hey, Dad?

I got this for you.

I know it's your favorite.

You remember you used to play it for me on the banjo?

It's got that tune we love, "Born To Be Blue."

Oh, my goodness. Yeah, right?

That's a pretty tune.

Well, thank you. Well...

I based my recording off the way you used to play it.

But why did you have to sing it like a girl?


I sold a lot of that record.


How many records did you sell?

Oh, that's right. You... you quit, right?

I didn't quit.


But I never embarrassed my family.

I never dragged the Baker name through the mud.

Good-bye, Dad.

You all right, Chet?

Would it be okay if, uh... you know, I moved in with you?

# Go down, sunshine #

# See what tomorrow brings #

# Go down, sunshine #

# See what tomorrow brings #

Chet, I'm trying to sleep!

# Well, it may bring sunshine #

# And again it may bring rain #

Are you pizza 14, Henry? That's us. Thank you.


Hey, thanks a lot. You guys are here every Sunday?

Uh, yeah. You might want to practice more on your own first.

You know that's Chet Baker, right?

That's Chet Baker?

Holy fuck, that's Chet Baker.

Let's fucking call him.

Whenever you're ready, Ms. Azuka.

Heaven gave us friendship that we may open our hearts and escape the secrets that weigh upon us.

Or I could try it a different way.

I've got... I've got lot of ideas.

No, I think, uh... I don't... I don't think it's gonna work out.


Hey, yeah, is... is Dick around?

I'll see.

You'll never guess who's at the door.

Chet? Hey, Dick.

Am I getting you at a bad time? You... you meditating or something?

You should try some. No, it's... it's corny, man.

So I heard you were clean.

I am. I'm clean. Ever since the accident.

Accident? How much you need?


I just need a session, man.

I heard you were playing some pizza parlor.

Yeah, yeah.

I didn't even think that that would be possible.

You know, it hurts a little bit, but, uh, you know...

I'm blowing pretty... pretty well, Dick, pretty well.

Good enough for a solo record, you know, like old times.

Not gonna happen, Chet.

No, I... I got a probation officer breathing down my neck.

If I fall this time, I'm gonna do some... some real time, you know.

I mean, I got... Jane's pregnant. I mean, I'm...

You and Jane are together? Oh, yeah. Yeah.

No, I can't help you this time. Uh...

Dick, you haven't even heard me play.

Good to see you, Chet. Take care.


Give me the plant. Give me the plant.

Jane really pregnant?

That's a start.

I'm sorry, Chet. It's not like the old days.

Stay clean.

Could you sign this for me? Oh, yeah, sure.

I'll get you a beer, okay? Yeah, yeah, great.

What's your name? Sarah.

Sarah? Sarah with an H.

Yeah, okay. And what's this here?

It's just, um, a little gift to help you relax up there.

Oh, wow.

And you look like such a good girl.

I am a good girl.

Are you with her?


Yeah, you know.


You should call me if you ever want to explore other instruments.


Well, thank you, Sarah with an H.

Here's your record. Thank you.

And here's your pen. Thank you.

Hey, thanks.

What was that about?

Oh, nothing... we were talking about Miles and how he likes to piss everybody off.

Yeah, so do you, Chet. Yeah.

What did she give you? Uh, some pamphlet.

What did she give you, Chet?

She gave me dope, okay?

I didn't ask for it. She just gave it to me.

Baker, Baker, Baker.

I'm Officer Reid.

We spoke on the phone about your parole, yeah?

This isn't gonna cut it.

Well, you don't like the music, hmm? You got any requests?

Yeah, I got a request. How about you get a real job?

"A Real Job?" Is that Cole Porter? I don't know "A Real Job."

You know something? When I was a boy, my dad, he used to say to me that if a man sits in a barber's chair long enough, eventually he's gonna get a haircut.

Wow, that's... that's very meaningful.

It's, uh... it's wisdom like that... that really...

Keeps you out of prison.

You do want to stay out of prison, don't you?

Yes, sir.

Well, then, why don't you do us both a favor and get a real job by the end of the week?

What am I gonna do? You'll think of something.

You think maybe we could get some, like, proper gigs?

You're not ready.

What are you gonna do with that?

Just go throw it away. I didn't ask for it.

Dumb chick just gave it to me.

No, no. I trust you.

# O-o-oh #

# Who-o-o #

# Who-o-o, who-o-o #

# Who-o-o #

# Who-o-o #

# Whoo-o hoo hoo hoo #

# Whoo! #

You went and saw Dick, right? What did he say?

Told you. He said no.

I mean, you know, I'm not gonna beg him.

At this point, I'd do anything.

Thanks for changing your mind, Dick.

I'm glad you called.

You know, it's almost worth it to see Chet in a sombrero.

How is he doing?

Oh, he's, uh, struggling.

You said he'd never play again.

I don't know what's worse, Chet not playing or Chet playing mediocre.

Well, it's gonna take time, Dick. You know that.

How are you doing? I'm still here.

Give him a contract over the summer.

What are you? His new manager?

You jealous?

No. Uh, time here costs money.

So put him in the back. Mix him out.

Oh, right, and of course keep paying him.

Listen, we need to eat.

So get us to do stuff.

We can paint walls, fix things, whatever you need.

Chet Baker, handyman.

He pumped gas in Oklahoma.

You serious?

You know, this is the first time I've seen him sweat.

Everything came so easily for him musically.

I think that was one of the problems.

You think he'll ever play high-level again?

Kill it.

Somebody's out of tune.

It's not me. Somebody's out of tune.


I mean, did you do the... the line about the vegetables like we talked about?

I mean, that was funny.

They didn't... they didn't like that?

This isn't what I came here for.

Hey, come on. People don't know anything about talent.

Nothing at all.

I mean, think about it. Most musicians today...

I mean, their playing is 100 years ahead of where the listeners' ears are.

I'm not talking about talent.

I just want to get a job.

You will. I promise.

It was easier in New York.

Can we just be blue tonight?

But I don't want to be blue.

# We'll have a blue room #

# For two, room, a new room #

# Where every day's a holiday #

# Because you're married to me #

# Not like a ballroom #

Chet's been showing up every day?

You... you read my report.

I mean, he's been playing sessions, and, uh, he's been helping out around here.

We painted those walls over there.

Okay, 'cause he's got this probation review coming up tomorrow, and he's still short of hours, so...

You guys take a break. Chet?

Can you come up here for a second?

He's in trouble now.

Hey, Mr. Baker. Hey, Officer Reid.

I was just saying that you've got this review tomorrow and you're still shy a few hours, so I'm not sure how we're gonna work that out.

Uh, he can do some work later. I mean, there's some drywalling to do.

I mean, if that helps. Yeah, yeah, that helps.

Can I stick around, make sure that happens?

Sure. I can't drywall tonight.

Your parents are flying in.

Doesn't matter who's flying in. I don't want to break my promise to Jane.

I'm not gonna stand up in front of Judge Hays and tell him you're shy of hours.

I have to tell you something.

Do you realize that it's people like you, okay, that killed Billie Holliday?

What? You realize that? No, it's... it's true...

What does that have to do with anything? No, it's true.

Just do the hours. Cops harassing her day and night.

Nobody harassed her day and night. Dick, can I go back to work, please?

She was a junkie and... It's not worth it.

That went pretty well, I thought.

All right, round two. Here we go.

All right, we set?

Hit it.

You know, I've been working with junkie musicians for over 20 years, and I have never seen anyone work this hard before.


Well, he's stayed clean this long, right? Yeah, that's a miracle.

Must be love.

That's why you give him the hours.

Write it out.

Give him a tick.

Give him a tick.

You gotta promise me one thing first.

Get him some half decent clothes to meet your parents.

It's a deal.


I bought our boat about 12 years ago.

I love being out on the water. Yeah, me too.

I used to have a Pacific Cat. It was a 19-foot catamaran.

Wow. Yeah.

And now you're squatting in the back of my daughter's van?

Yeah, that's true.

Some of my colleagues found out Junebug was living with Chet Baker, and all they could talk about was wasted talent.

Oh, they must be critics, huh?

Real talent... Chamberlain, Bird... always flourishes.

But then there's the type that promises more than they can fulfill.

I listen to your records. I see you here today, Mr. Baker.

And I wonder if that's all there is: a white man's promise.

I'm gonna be a good husband to your daughter, sir.

Are you asking for her hand?

Uh, yeah, yeah. I... I guess so, yeah.

Elsie told me you've asked for Junebug's hand twice already.

But you never bothered to call me.

Well, we don't really have a phone.

Uh, hey, so your father has some colleagues at work that know everything there is to know about Chet Baker, huh?

I mean, here's the deal, all right?

I don't mind if you want to give me a lecture about being responsible or anything like that, but if you start talking to me about music or talent or Bird... you know, uh, I might have to say, "Fuck you."

Let's cut the crap. You were a drug addict, right?


Would you want your daughter to marry a man like you?


You know, why don't we head back, get some ice cream?

I'm gonna go for a swim.

Where are you going?



Chet! What are you doing?


What'd I tell you?

Surprise, surprise, man.

Maybe poor technique will actually give his sound a character like the old Chet but deeper.


It's so good to see you. Good to see you.

Chet's so amazing.

You should get him a gig.


This is, uh, Danny Friedman. Hey, Chet.

Hey, D. Been a while. Dizzy's a promoter.

Yeah, I know who he is. That was something else, man.

He's doing this, uh, West Coast tour. He might be able to help you get a gig.

That'd be okay. Wow!

You know, this is the first place I saw you recording.

Right? That's it.

You and Mulligan trading solos. Mm-hmm.

Wow, this was the birth of West Coast swing, baby.

That's what they say.

I got... I got an idea. Bear with me. Why don't... why don't we do a gig here?

Yeah, yeah, that could be nice. A couple more execs and promoters.

He dims the lights. It's kind of fun. Make a night of it.

Now, Dick, Dick, what did I tell you? I'm only in the area till Monday.

Okay, well... Well, we could do Birdland, if you want.

In a couple of weeks, you know? I wish.

You're out Monday. Is Sunday good for you? Uh, yeah, after 4:00.

After 4:00? Yeah, so...

What are you thinking? It'll be fun.

8:00. That'd be good.

That'd be good. All right. Chet, it's good to see you, man.

We'll have a good time. See you Sunday.

All right, see you, D. It'll be fun.

Yeah, it'll be nice. I'll see you guys Sunday.

Hey, say hi to Dizzy. I will, brother.

Did you just do that? You did that.

Now I see why I pay you the big bucks, Dick.

You make some big bucks, then you pay me.

All right, I mean, you're not half as bad as everyone says.

Hey, Jane!

Jane! She left.

She left? Yeah.

Where did she go? Um, with that, uh...

What, she left with that director, Nick?


Look, how's she supposed to get an acting gig if she never leaves the studio?

Come on, Chet, try to be happy for more than 10 seconds at a time, all right?

Forget about that movie. You've got a big show to think about.

He's just jealous, Chettie. What a jerk!

Now don't let him get to your head.

Why the fuck would you bring up the polls?

Honey, calm down. Don't touch me.

Get off me!

Good night.

We'll be there all night. See you later.

He's married with kids.

Yeah, so that means he doesn't like to have sex, huh?

Did he hit on you?

Yeah, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go for it.

I mean, he knows that!

Come on, all guys do the same thing.

They play games, right?

Well, just remember I haven't had a job since you screwed up the last one.

All right. But what, you... you... so you two went off and you rehearsed together?

Yeah, that's exactly what I did.

But I was helping you with that audition.

Okay, Chet, just calm down.

He... he's the director. He can get me the job.

Oh, so he's the big-shot? So he's important?

Come on.

I can't do this all the time.

You're leaving me, huh? Is that what you're doing?

Is that what's happening?

Don't be silly, Chet.


I'm pregnant.

So why don't you ask me again?

Two seconds.

Here, hold this, okay?

And hold this.

There. All right.

Go right back. Okay.

Will you marry me?

What is that?

This is extremely valuable, all right?

This is a valve ring.

Yeah, I will.

This is the valve ring to the first trumpet my dad gave me.

You can put it on a chain, you know.

Huh? That way...

You won't lose it.

You're not gonna lose it, are you?

No, I won't.


I love you. I love you too.

Settle, people.

We are recording tonight's performance, so... be quiet.

And if you could hold your applause until after every song, it'd be much appreciated.

Chet, ready?

Yeah, I'm ready.

Uh, I'm not ready.

I wasn't ready.

Can we try it again? It's okay.

This is a waste of time, man.

Okay, quiet again, everyone, please.

This will be take two.

# My funny valentine #

# Sweet comic valentine #

# You make me smile #

# With my heart #

# Your looks are laughable #

# Unphotographable #

# Yet you're my #

# Favorite work of art #

# Is your figure #

# Less than Greek? #

# Is your mouth #

# A little weak? #

# When you open it to speak #

# Are you smart? #

# But don't change a hair #

# For me #

# Not if you care for me #

# Stay, little Valentine #

# Stay #

# Each day is #

# Valentine's #

# Day #

Bob, Leonard... Leonard.

And Bill. Bill.

Well, Bob, thanks for saying that. I really, really appreciate that, you know?

What? Dizzy and Danny are over there.

Oh, shit. So I see.

Excuse me for a second, will you? Hi, Mr. Baker.

Hey, please don't harass me right now. Dizzy Gillespie's right over there.

Dizzy Gillespie? Get out of here. That is him.

Listen, Jane told me the good news. I just wanted to say congratulations.

Well, thanks, thanks.

When's the big day? As soon as possible.

Okay, I see you want to go. Okay, all right.

Well, thanks... thanks for coming, all right?

Hey, man. Excellent show. Excellent show. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

Thank you. Listen.

You're not going clean, are you? 'Cause I'm having a little party...

Okay. Please, can we do it?

Yeah, yeah.

Jane. Oh, baby!

You were so good.

Chettie. Oh, hey, Danny.

Look who's here, my friend. Oh, wow. Hey, Dizzy.

It's been a long time, Chettie. Yeah, it sure has. Wow.

Danny boy said I ought to come by. Thanks for coming. What did you think?

Well, you really pared it down, man. A little bit under the center.

Yeah. Always been like that. It's almost flat.

Somehow, it's still nice. Why, thanks.

But you know, hey, you really shouldn't sing.

You know that, right? Yeah.

Danny was saying he's thinking about Birdland.

Look, Chet, you've come a long way, but, uh...

But what?

Well, they only do special events now.

Dizzy, come on. You've still got pull there.

Everybody respects you.

You got the... the key to the gate, you know?

You ain't ready for Birdland, man. I'm ready.

Miles said come back once you've lived a little, you know.

Miles, yeah, that sounds like something he would have said back in the day.

I lived a little.

Look, you've done your time, Chettie.

Makes for some ragged phrases, but your playing is...

Honest. It's honest.

You got a sound that's all your own. Ain't no denying that.

And I'm ready to play Birdland.

It's not your playing that I'm worried about.

All things be ready if your mind be so.

Are you sure you're ready to come back?

I've learned three different embouchures, all right?

I got a left, I got a center, and I got a right, and if you let me sing, okay, I can play two full sets before my teeth fall out, okay?

Eyes on the prize.

God, you are a glutton beggar.

I'll get you Birdland.

But don't say I didn't warn you.

That's amazing! New York City! We fly out tomorrow.

Yeah, but I've got my callback, right? You know that.

Yeah, well, you're gonna miss that. This is a big deal, baby.

Well, no, it's a big deal for me too.

I know, I know, but I can't play Birdland without you.

Yeah, you can. No, no, come on.

It'll be so much fun. You can do it.

Come on. We'll get a fancy hotel. It'll be fun.

We can fuck, a little drinking, a little dancing, a little nightlife.

That sounds all great, but you know, I got to get this job. This is important to me.

And besides, I think it'll be really good for you too. You know, to go alone.

That wouldn't be good for me at all. I don't want to go alone.

But I'm always there for you, Chet. I got to do this for me, right?

What, I got to spell it out for you?

You know, you've got to have more faith in yourself, Chet.

Your best music was when you were clean, before all the drugs.

Yeah, not with the methadone. Man, that shit's worse than a condom.

Oh, my God, you're such a joker.

Come on. Dick says if this show goes well, I'll be able to take care of everything.

I mean, fuck that audition. We could be on tour in Europe, you know?

Fuck that audition? Well, you know, what I mean.

No, I don't know what you mean.

Come on. What if it doesn't go well?

Why would you say that, huh? Come on, you're the one person who believes in me.

Why would you say that? Do you believe in me?

Yeah, I believe in you. That's not the point.

No, that's exactly the point.

Oh, please don't do this. Please don't do this.

Please, please, please come with me.

It... it's just a few days.

I think you can go alone.

Are you serious?

I'm not some groupie, Chet.

I'll go alone.

Chet. Where were you, man? Well, I'm here now, all right?

Oh, shit.

Miles is here too? Why, everybody's here.

# Lost, lost #

# Lost in each other's arms #

# Let's defrost #

# Let 'em send out alarms #

You want that done all the way up? Yeah, I like it tight.

# And though they'll think us rather rude #

You want that tight or you want that... Yeah, tight.

# Crazy #


Little bit nervous. That's... that's good.

Here, rinse. Rinse your mouth.

Miles and, uh, Dizzy out there? You have every reason to be.

I'm not nervous. I'm sick.

Well, if you need an aspirin, if you're getting a cold or something like that...

I'm not getting a cold.

I ran out of methadone, you know.

What did you say?

Two days ago, I ran out of methadone.

You... you stopped taking your medicine?

Don't... You... Chet, come on!

You've got every cat on the East Coast out there waiting for you to play the biggest gig of your career, and then you...

I don't want a career, Dick. I told you that.

If I wanted a career, I'd get a fucking job.

Okay, okay. Okay? I wanna play.

All I want to do is play. Hey, hey, hey.

Where's Jane? Where's Jane? She's in LA.

She has an audition. Okay, okay.

Look at me. It's gonna be all right.

Jazz cats from all over the world. Someone out there has some methadone.

You think? Yeah, just relax. You good?


# Let's get lost #

Sit down. Don't make me be all nervous.

You'll be fine.

You look good.

Thanks, Dick.

Dick, where the fuck is Chet?

He, uh...

We need a little more time, okay? Dick? Where the fuck...

Fuck me. All right, let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Chettie, I found some methadone. I didn't take no for an answer.

Remember Johnny Red? He was holding...


It's all gonna start again.

Jane will leave you.

I don't think I can play otherwise.

Don't risk it.

I'm playing.


Take the methadone.

I mean, you've been playing great on it. Yeah, it sounded great.

You said that if I really nail this show, there'll be lots of gigs, right?

Maybe a European tour?

Look, I thought you didn't want a career.

I want my life back.

Dick, come on.

I want to play music the way that I want to play it.

You know, this is my last chance.

No. No. Yes. Yes.

But it is a chance, but if you...

If you sing with the tongue of angels but you have no love, then you're a clanging cymbal.

What... what does that mean?

I don't want you to be empty out there.

It gives me confidence.

It does. Time gets wider, you know.

Not just longer.

And... and I can just... oh, I can get inside every note.

I can. Every pretty note?


But that's you.

That's all you.

It's always been you.

Your choice.

Come on, cat.

I didn't think you were coming.

They changed my dates. Nice.

How's he doing?


Is he coming out soon?

I ain't got time. This dude can't play anyhow.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Cool it.

It's my fault. Just sit.

Hello, Dizzy.

Hello, Miles.

There's a little white cat on the West Coast.

It's gonna eat you up.

# I've never been #

# In love before #

# Now all at once #

# It's you #

# It's you forevermore #

# I've never been #

# In love before #

# I thought my heart was safe #

# I thought I knew the score #

# But this is why #

# That's all too strange #

# And strong #

# I'm full of foolish song #

# And out my song #

# Must pour #

# So please forgive #

# This helpless haze I'm in #

# I've really never been #

# In love #

# Before #

Will you give this to Chet?

I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry for me.


"Born To Be Blue."