Borotalco (1982) Script

Hello? Hello! In five minutes I'm ready.

At "ta-ta-ra-ta-ta" you go down.


I'm coming right now!

Hi, Shout '. Hi, Na '.

Hi, Se '. Hi, Rosse '.

How am I? A wonder!

Did I exaggerate? No!

What do you have? Nadia, stop making a fool.

Cristiano, do not start again.

No, now I put an end to it!

Why do you insist on looking for work?

Explain it to me!

What I earn in the workshop, it's not enough?

I'm so angry... for this concept of supporting the wife.

Do you think that once married, I will stay home to take care of the children? No!

I also need a "dimension". I understood.

But who keeps the kids? Who makes the expense?

The Giants of Music?


I will answer you another time. There is a bar near here?

OK, take a chamomile.

Mr Picconi, you are next.

How am I?

You look like a puppet.

Why? Stay straight.

Not like that, more relaxed.

Why you took this brown shoes? You have beautiful new loafers!

It's okay! Why did you put this watch?

There was the one I offered you!

Then the tie is out of fashion.

I do not understand because everything seemed fine.

You have to go shopping with me.

The sizes are wrong. Look at the sleeves!

But the color, there is nothing to say.

Iglesias had a suit of that color on the other night on TV.

Of course!

By the way, do you know who could offer us a nice TV?

Uncle Renato and Aunt Lisa when we will get married.

I have to go.

Enough speech!

Before you marry me, I want to realize myself.

Do you think they will will accept you here? Why not?

Go ahead, I'm waiting for you in the car.


The label.

Hello. This is where is wanted young salesmen or saleswomen in the music sector...

...minimum wage 700,000 per month? Excuse me.

The Giants of Music, hello. Please wait.

Take a seat in this room. This one?

Yes. Thank you.

Miss, it's up to you.

Did you lose something?

I lost a button under the chair.

The death of John Lennon was a tragedy for me.

It was part of my life when he disappeared.

The death of my grandmother it will have been less painful.

With John an umbilical cord connected us.

I also sent a telegram to Yoko Ono. This maybe doesn't interest you.

Your favorite singer? Lucio Dalla.

The most important character in the history of music?

Lucio Dalla.

That's good, but we can not ignore Beethoven.

I do not ignore it. But Dalla is Dalla.

So Mozart?

Where to put it?

I do not know where to put him.

But Beethoven is still Beethoven. Bravo!

What do you prefer about Beethoven? Almost all.

Especially the...

That one...

I never remember the title!

The one that makes...

I'm confusing.

Beethoven seems to me a little more "consistent"...

...even if Mozart...

No, it's Beethoven the best.

In the bladder there is water? Boh! - If I pierced them?

I can not work with bladders!

You go up, you go down, you run, you go right, you go to the left, you go upstairs, you go downstairs.

I think I was wrong. I needed a quieter job.

And here nobody is interested in music.

You are telling me?

People are ignorant.

I do not support indifference.

It's been five years since I tried to "break through"... Result...

...nothing, emptiness.

But now I'm tired.

If in six months I don't succeed, I will be burned.

Marcello, you're kidding. You will not hurt yourself.

A guy like me does not have a problem in Los Angeles. Look at me.

How are you doing? It's easy, come try.

That's nice, but... Come on!

My feet hurt. Courage!

Get here. Are you ready? Yes!

What are you doing?

There are people sleeping here.

It's a boarding school here, not a disco.

I say it for the last time.

You stop or I'll send you away.

And remove that poster. I have said it four times Make me happy! Make me shit!

"Piss off" you tell your father!

As every day I came. Between De Niro and Al Pacino? De Niro!

I do not know. Maybe he has a more "murky" look, more ambiguous.

Between Burt Reynolds and Robert Redford?

Burt is too "beastly" It's better Redford. It seems softer to me.

I prefer Burt, he is more sensual. Did you see him in a swimsuit?

He is one of the proofs of the existence of God.

Valeria! And between the two Bronzi di Riace?

Well, I'll tell you...

What? It's a beautiful fight.


I saw him again. When? - Today, here.

It's not over with Massimo?

Virtually, yes...

...but I can not deprive myself of her sex.

You said he's bisexual. For me he can be bisexual...

...trisexual, quadrisexual. I only know that from this point of view...

...he is worthy of applause.

You're lucky! What are you complaining about?

It seems to me that even Cristiano is okay on this point of view.

And now that you are working, you are economically independent.

You can also get married.

What more do you want?

You're obsessed!

I'll write to him again. It's useless, he does not answer you.

"Dear Lucio" or "Dear" Lucio Dalla "? I do not know it -" Dear Lucio."

Valeria, listen.

"Dear Lucio is the hundredth letter I write to you. We must see each other because I have to make you a serious speech."

Don't you come? No, I stay here.

What does your father want from me?

I do not know, he wants to talk to you. Are you afraid of him?


Who took the cookies? Me.

You arrived.


Yes? There is Sergio.

You go home. I have to talk to Sergio. Yes.

You have finally come! Look at the store. It's nice.

It has changed so-so. I spent a lot, but for quality things.

Try this ham. I have eaten. - Taste!

He is sweet. You like this?

Try these olives. They are Greek.


Are they good? Tell the truth! They are Greek.

Sergio, we must have a conversation.

You must tell me, if I'm not indiscreet, what the fuck want from my daughter.

In what way? She's my only daughter.

I do not want to be teased. I do not tease you.

Yesterday, she asked me to accompany her to buy shoes in Via Veneto.

I was happy. My daughter and me in Via Veneto!

While we were looking at a shop window, two young people passed by saying a sentence...

...that did not please me. I told him: "Cuckold, come here!"

The biggest came and he punched me in the mouth.

I spit and I told him: "Not even blood will make me leave."

I punched him and he fell like Jesus Christ.

I broke his nose, the mucous membranes.

I told him: "Get up, cuckold!"

On the ground there were hectoliters of blood.

I looked at it, and I put the jacket back on.

My daughter asked me what happened.

Me: "Nothing, two passers-by".

"We will buy the shoes".

You marry or you do not marry my daughter?

I'm marrying her!

I only need a little time to tidy up with the work.

For four years you arrange your work!


She's my daughter.. Think of it.

Fifty-two contracts in one month!

This is a record that deserves to be celebrated.

Tonight I invite you to a place where they make an excellent risotto.

I reserve the restaurant.

No, thanks. I do not like the risotto. And then I have another commitment.

We will celebrate that Saturday night.

Saturday, I'm going to Velletri at my parents' house.

Am I unfriendly to you? No, but sign the check.

This month, you won more than me.

Tuesday night? Give me the check.

Don't imagine that I, with the excuse of risotto...

...I could be your father.


This Vandelli is good because she always gives reason to Dr. Faggioni.

Who knows what they are doing in the room!

What did you say?

What do you care. Of course I care.

Did she hurt you?

Look at this idiot!

Who is this crazy? She's a bitch!

Maybe she is a bitch but she knows how to make contracts...

Because she is tough. I think I have the character.

Maybe that's my chance, the forelock.

But she's good...

Do you know what would make me happy?

Give me the phone number of Vandelli.

Another one!

But not for... well..



Who asks for it? One moment, I'm watching.

Nadia! - Yes. Someone's calling you on the phone!

Hey! - Yes! Hurry up.

Hello? Hello?

Yes, it's me. Who is it?

We do not know each other. I am Sergio Bienvenuti.("Welcome")


Welcome as "welcome to Rome", "welcome to Orvieto."

Stop it, I understood.

I am your colleague. I work at the Giants of Music.

I do not know how to say it...

Fuck you! What??

It wasn't me.. Another one here..

Many people do it, so I would like to try too.


I can work with you a day, a day and a half... do some practice.

I have trouble getting in there.

How many contracts did you make this month? Not a lot.

How much? One. Listen, Welcome. Now I'm in a hurry.

Tomorrow at noon I have an appointment with the architect Manuel Fantoni.

We'll meet at his front door in Via della Farnesina, 326. Okay?


Thank you. See you tomorrow. Bye.

What a beard!

Fuck it.

He will wait.

Nadia? - Please? Are you Nadia?

Would you take me two tickets?

Those are angry. Stand in line!

Thank you, anyhow.

Hello. - Nadia? No.

I am Benvenuti (Welcome) from the Giants of Music.

I had an appointment with a girl who was to meet Mr. Fantoni.

Fantoni is on the phone. Come in.

Is there the girl? What girl?

Miss Vandelli. No.

Sit down. Fantoni is here. He is talking on the phone.

You did not understand! You are far.

What truth? The truth does not exist. Life is a scene.

It is made of great actors and appearances.

Laura will never agree to live with an apparition like you.

We need to show some inspiration...

...imagination, personality.

In short, do something.

You can not stay every night at home in front of the TV!

Do something!

Drug addict.


By the way, Giorgio. This thing you want it or you do not want it?

For two and a half million, it's given! She was in shah's house!

That's right, no it's in Naples.

Okay, think about it.

Remember that you still have a brother here...

...if you need something. I kiss you. Give a kiss to your wife.

Give her well.. on the mouth!



Are you from telephone station? No, I'm from the Giants of Music.

Until Tuesday everything is complete.

Will it be Wednesday? Okay, two.

Did you see him Dalla? Where? - He entered the tent.

It was Dalla? Swear he was! Yes, it was Lucio.

Let's take the example of Raquel Welch and Faye Dunaway.

They still make you turn your head. You take Raquel.

Take it!

Raquel is no longer a girl. I saw his passport.

I know how old she is.

Instead of breasts he does not have breasts. What's the matter?


She has two "gourds"! It's beautiful but she has no nipples.

He has two beautiful nails, roses.

They are so hard that you can attach a picture. A painting? -Yes!

Americans respect their bodies.

They love it, they live it, they feel it!

America is a fascinating country.

But also full of contradictions.

Do you know that John Wayne was a fagot? No!

What news!

Is it true that Dalla is here? So what?

Can I go in for a moment? No!

I beg you! No, they would get mad at me.

Tell me! Tell me!

Where is she going? I have to go... - You can not stay.

Please! No!

I am a cousin of Dalla. Out!

My life is an odyssey. Ulysses make me a laugh.

Can you give me the salt? Yes.

At home we were six brothers.

The only sister died when she was eight months old.

Poverty what a misfortune!

Then there was war, hunger.

My father was killed by the Germans.

He died in my arms.

Excuse, it must be the onion.

My mother did the sidewalk to feed us.

What a woman!

I was fired from school because I was hitting on everyone.

In me there was always a seed of violence. I never understood why.

Taste. - Yes. Maybe because I had the physique.

Now see me a little...

I would like to have your physique! No.

Then I was beautiful as the sun. Still now...

But I did not know what to do, something to invent.

So I chose the sea.

One day I went to Genoa and I embarked on a cargo ship...

...who was flying the Liberian flag. I never understood what he was carrying.

In these two years I did everything. I drugged myself...

By the way, if you want some...

I have been with women and with men.

How come, with men?


I saw many people die.

In Bombay there were more dead than alive.

Income in Italy I wanted to resume studies, but it was too late.

Then I realized that I had to fight alone.

I went to Paris to do the waiter.

Did you meet?

I met a beautiful woman, rich, important.

With the... No! She had a personality.

We got married and for a moment we were happy.

But she used to drink. She drank, she drank, she drank.

She and her friend...

...Richard Burton who has always been here.

Richard Burton?

Richard Burton.

They were competing with the one who would drink the most.

Then one evening Burton vomited on the carpet of my living room... and that was the end of it I chased him away.

His life is a real odyssey.

This story of the Liberian freighter... Is Liberia north or south?

Bah! You do not know it?

Nothing is true!

I told you a bag of stories. Really? - Yes!

Something may be true.

Yesterday, I told Enel's man that I was a fagot!


Like this.

Because I'm bored. So I invent, I dream...

...I am distracted.

Run after me, the wind looks like a butterfly.

With what feeling did you stuck me and you look at my shoulder.

If you are afraid to go for a walk, you can fly away hand in hand.

But I already know what you think. You want to suffer... if to go far, it was like dying...

...and there is nothing strange, but you can not come.

Like a butterfly you got up to run away...

...but I remember on which wall I could have nailed it...

Fuck it! And now?

At night I started to have the skin that froze.

A night looking for my mother I counted the stars.

- I was there like spit... Hi, Lucio.

Dear Lucio, I have written many letters to you. But you did not answer me.

You may not have read them yet.

But I understand you. Who knows what kind of lousy life you have!

Me too I messed up, but not like you. My name is Nadia Vandelli.

Stilicone Way 228, 00100 Rome, stairs to, apartment 18.

My phone number is 7478712. So you know everything about me.

If you want, call me even at night.

You will not bother me. On the contrary.

I can play a little guitar and I know music.

I wrote a song. I would like you to...

So the story of the cargo ship was invented?

Anyway, Burton's vomiting, I realized it was a little false.

It takes imagination to tell these stories.

It reminds me a friend of Nettuno, a certain Amedeo.

Who knows how many stories? Amedeo told me!

The most beautiful of all remains the story of Raquel Welch.

The door!

Is there Cuticchia Cesare? Who is it?

I am here.

Marshal, how are you?

We have an arrest warrant for you.


Want to drink something?

No. Please, hurry up. Okay.

The suitcase.


...two... Why Cuticchia? - How?

Why Cuticchia? How why?

Are you listening?

Why you put Manuel Fantoni there?

Hear how good it sounds! Manuel Fantoni.

A name has its own destiny. And Sergio Benvenuti?

You can find a better one.

Yes? Yes.

I'm ready. I'm going out too. - No!

Please, rinse the dishes otherwise the ants will come.

Drop the louvers and...

Please! A moment!

Take the keys to the porter.

The secretariat is the last button on the left. Hello.

Manuel, my love! You are never there. Why are you doing this?

I want to see you, be near you, touch you!

I miss your lips, even if they hurt me yesterday.

I'm waiting for you. Call me!

One day, without saying anything to anyone, I went to Genoa...

...and I engaged on a freighter flying Liberian flag.

One day, without telling anyone, I went to Genoa...

...and I engaged on a freighter flying Liberian flag.

I went around the world twice.

I did not know what the ship was carrying. One day I understood it.


Hello, I'm Nadia Vandelli Giants of Music.

I am out of breath because I hurried.

I apologize for being late. I had a setback with the car.

It's nice here! It is really awesome"!

This is a beautiful house. Compliments!

We see that it is that of an architect.

You are an architect, aren't you? Yes.

May I sit? You're welcome.

I would like to have a house like this!!

You live alone? Yes.

You know a lot of people. Are all your friends?

With all these friends, it's an intense life...

...a great and beautiful life! My life has been an odyssey.

I have traveled all over the world. One day I went to Genoa.

I boarded a cargo ship flying Liberian flag.

Burt Lancaster!

Yes, Burt! It is not possible!

How is he? An total alcoholic.

No! The other night he vomited on the carpet.

I had to chase him away. I no longer have to invite some people to the house.

Do you like music? Yes a lot.

Do you prefer classic or light? It depends.

Maybe in winter, I like more classical music.

Indifferently Mozart, Beethoven, Sostakovic, Debussy.

Lucio Dalla!

It's too much! I'm going crazy!

Do you know Dalla too? Yes.

Yes.. him too.

I'm sorry.

You do not know how long I've been looking for him!

This photo is fun. He is beautiful as a record sleeve.

"To Manuel with esteem, friendship and a lot of sympathy, Lucio Dalla".

Have you known each other for a long time? How?

Have you known him for a long time?

We are friends for life!

This T-shirt is at Dalla. He offered it to you?

No, it's up to him. So you're just friends!

Yes, he calls me often.

He said to me: "Serg... Manuel we are going to have dinner outside".

But this time, I had a lot to do.

Then I could not see anyone.

You do not answer?

Manuel, my love.. you are not yet returned?

It's always me.

I want you, your body, your sex. I beg you, call me.

By the way, did you see one of my co-workers, a certain Sergio Benvenuti?

Yes. He came here, but I sent him back because I had a meeting.

Poor boy, he asked me to help him!

He must be clumsy. No! He seemed flippant.

He's also a handsome boy.

Strange, on the phone, he seemed insignificant.

What does it matter?

Me too boy, I was nobody. I lived a dull life.

My house was the street.

I flew, I took drugs, I went with women and with men.

I made every kind of experience...

...because life must be lived fully.

Life is made of meetings and goodbyes.

It's really a goodbye who decided to...

...of the course of my life.

One day in Bombay I met a girl from the area.

She was a beautiful woman.

And then one day I did not see her again.

From her there is only a kimono left.

It's a wonderful story. Not even the little child has seen it again?

No, but I miss her.

Good God, how I miss her!

It's late.

You can satisfy my curiosity?

Yes. What sign are you?

Scorpion. I would have sworn!

I'm going.

Maybe we can meet again.

Yes, but let that to chance. Okay.

So goodbye. Goodbye.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

What a "mop"!

These Americans!

Macaroni, you provoked me and I will destroy you.

I eat you!

Certainly Sordi is the best.

Who could compare with him?

Are you all upset on me? You wonder why?

You arrived with two hours late!

I had an important work appointment!

I made a big contract! You could call. - Shut up!

Anyway in this shop on the Prenestina I saw...

...a very nice bedroom.

Ah yes? Mom, tell him how she was!

It's a beautiful nest of love. I must leave you a minute. I apologize.

I have to give a phone call to work. It's urgent.

Just a minute. I apologize.

It must be the American embassy. At this hour? The American hour.


Hi! Nadia, do it fast with the phone!

Go, I'll join you. It's something for work. Still work!

Manuel, I left my diary at your home?

Yes. There was your number and I thought of calling you.

Later I can go home to take it?

Yes, but now I am the guest of some people where there is a buffet dinner.

If you leave me an address, I can meet you.


We see ourselves at...

Okay, we meet there. I try to free myself as soon as possible.

Here the atmosphere is boring.

People are hurrying to the buffet.

I join you.

See you later.


How are you talking?

Here she is! It's the one with the red tights.

She is really "good at shooting".

Did she believe you? Yes, but the environment helped me I put this jacket on. Is she fine with me?

So you are decided. Yes, I can not continue playing.

At least I will finish in beauty.

If I wore it on the shoulder? Show me. - I look relaxed?

Yes, yes! - I go? Go!

Hi. Hello!

I brought you the pocket diary.

I take the opportunity to greet you, I'm leaving.

Where are you going?

I'm going to Paris in France, north. The work unfortunately calls me there.

But you return? I do not know.

I can stay there for a week, a month, twenty years! I do not know.

It will depend on how the case will materialize with the Arabs.

If that's okay, I could come back sooner.

So who knows we will meet again!

Who knows! Manuel!

Hurry up or you'll miss the train. Yes.

So goodbye.

Hi. See you soon.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Walking relaxed.. Yes.

Walk "relaxed".

Everything is fine? Yes quite.

But I am a fool.

A guy like me does not go by train, but by plane.

You were supposed to say "plane"!

You have the opportunity to do what you want...

...and you want to give up? I would have use longer this situation.

Do you think so? Yes. - But not now..


It does not bother you if I accompany you to the station?


I'm not leaving anymore. I will fly tomorrow.

Tomorrow there is a strike.

I do not want to take the train. I do not sleep, I wake up tired.

I know what I look like.

Do you wish to postpone the trip? The others are waiting for you.

Without you no contract... Miss, tell him..

...and the Arabs will be angry. (- Fuck you!..)

I have everything. Suitcase, ticket... You do not have the ticket.

Hurry up or you'll miss the train. Goodbye.

Have fun. Hello.

"Fucking wanker"!


Excuse me. How much does the ticket for Paris with berth cost?

First class? Yes.

221,400 lire. What should I have paid!

You bought the ticket?

No! Where is Marcello? I told him to go.

I take a taxi after. Do you want a ticket to Paris?

Certainly. First class? - Yes.

Will you send me a map of Paris? Yes, but now go ahead.

I have to tell you something. Tell me!

If you could... What?

I do not know how to say it! Speak! - Can you call Dalla?

I have to give him the score of a song I wrote.

Yes, but now go ahead. Take care, Manuel!

Tell him I wrote it for him. Farewell!

Good luck for your job!

What work?

There is something that I like about him.

Valeria, do you think he'll come back? I think so.

The Scorpion is a guy who comes back.

I'm happy anyway he's gone. He was starting to please you.

I do not know it. He did a lot of experiments.

But understand that he's a lonely man.

How is the friend?

Ascending scale Fish. Throw him away.

Fool! Instead of helping me, you put me in trouble.

What hindered the train to Paris?

This story cost me 221,000 lire, all my savings!

You do not understand the joke. Do you call that a joke?

I had to jump off the train!

Not even a car stopped.

Now like I'm doing with Nadia?

If she meets me at work, what do I say to her?

I would tell her the truth. You tell her you joked.

If she is intelligent, she will burst out laughing. Hold the shoe.

You think so?

No, Nadia! Please, let me finish.

I ask you to excuse me.

I hope that one day you will accept me despite all that...

"For what I am really". Okay?

Manuel what a surprise! Did you do everything in Paris?

I have to talk to you. Come in, I present you my friends. - But I...

Do you want to eat? - No. I present you my friend Manuel Fantoni.

Valeria, Francesco, Cristiano, Iolanda, Silvana, Giorgio and Pino.


Was John Wayne really queer? I understood it.

What did you understand? Do you remember how he got off his horse?

He put his foot this way. For me, the myth has collapsed!

Me too. - Marlon Brando? The same.

I do not believe us. He stayed in America and he knew them.

What about Burt Reynolds?

Burt no! I do not want to hear! Not him, he is saved.


What about De Niro? No!

It is normal from this point of view. Here then!

It's true that also Roger Moore is a little... What's this mess?

Giulio's sister told him. This one, she tells bullshit.

She said that Renato Zero gave her a kiss on her mouth!

It's possible. He also tried with me, I swear.

I know him! That is true.

In any case, I do not know anything about Roger, I only know him by sight.

In my opinion it is active and passive. I'm fed up with these bisexuals!

It's a reality.

That's enough! You are a bunch of idiots.


Do not continue! Manuel wait. Where are you going?

Hi. Are you Nadia?

Yes. Why? My name is Rossella, you don't know me...

I am the girfriend of Sergio Bienvenuti.

In the office they told me...

...that he had to see you.

I have been looking for him for forty-eight hours.

Do you have news? Did you see him? No.

We had an appointment, but we did not meet.

It's okay. Thank you. Between a moment.

No, thank you. You drink something and you leave.

I would not bother. You do not disturb. Go in between.

The Concord goes so fast that you can not see the ground.

Is there a toilet? I do not feel good.

I'm going with you. Thank you.

She is Rossella. Hello.

Sit here. Manuel? He's in the bathroom.

He's feeling bad. What does he have?

According to me he went to make a... This is exactly the kind!

How stupid you are.

Shit to me!


Are you sick? Yes!

I have burns in my stomach. Oh my god!

Open the door. Huh?

Manuel, open!


It's really bad. I'm going to greet the boys. I must leave.

I do not want to see myself that way.

I accompany you to the car. No, I do not have it.

I'll take a taxi. I'm taking you home. - At home?

How are you now? I'm a bit "muddy", but I feel better.

Nadia, it's time to make a serious speech.

First I have to tell you one thing. Maybe I took your turn.

With you I recited, I was not myself. Really?

Forgive me! I was hoping to meet Dalla thanks to you.

The pocket diary was an artifice. Even I am different.

I also changed little by little. I noticed that.

In fact I do not recognize you anymore.

It does not seem to be you anymore.

You have changed your voice. Tell me the truth.

What did you do first in the bathroom?

Nothing. Let me see your arm.

I knew it. It's a mosquito bite!

Why are you doing this?

It's a gnat! You have everything.

You are a successful man, you know a lot of people, you have a nice house.

Do not be depressed as well. Accept yourself.

Fuck me, how stupid I was!

Manuel, do not do so otherwise it will be even worse.


Where is the strong man I met? I do not know!

The man who lived and suffered! The man who gives security!

Look at me Manuel. Where is the Scorpion man I met?


You're right, I had a moment of depression.

So.. bye. Why are you leaving?

I know, you would like to invite me to your house.

But I do not know what I have tonight, I do not feel a little confused.

You're right, we could ruin all that. Let's stay that way.

I'm calling you tomorrow. Hello. No!

Tomorrow I'm at the lawyer's. I will call. Okay.

I beg you. Bye. Bye.

Between Paris, New York and London, where would you live?

New York has become a hazy city.

London is no longer to my taste... Maybe Paris.

It adapts more to my character, my temperament.

But it's so expensive. Yes? - Yes!

Have you been to the Louvre? Yes, that too is expensive.

Do we eat well? More or less.

When I see the sea, I have a strange feeling.

It's a feeling of... Don't know!

It may be iodine (sounds like "HATE"). No, I do not hate him.

But it scares me.

What's your impression of you? It reminds me of God.

Do you believe in God? Enough.

Overall, too. But sometimes I wonder how it is possible...

...that a good person like God can accept...

...that very ugly things happen. God is indecipherable.

What do you think it could be?

This is an interesting question.

I do not know, I think of a powerful, strong sign.

Something like Taurus or Lion. False! - Ah yes?

If he was born on December 25, he is Capricorn.

That one is Christ. These are two different things.

You're right. Yes!

I wonder how many women you had! A lot.

But it was adventures, episodes, meteorites.

With men? - What men? You told that...

...have had this type of experiences. Yes, yes! But a long time ago.

A Genoese sailor who took advantage of me.

It was a bitter, brutal experience. Do you want to know what I kept?

I kept only disgust and pain.

Big disgusting! What was that? We leave.

You have suffered a lot in life, really? Yes.

I have to tell you one thing... What?

You give me a lot of confidence. Maybe more than Cristiano.

When I am with you, it seems to me to be next to a rock.

Holy Virgin!

Manuel, I have a surprise for you.

I have two tickets for Lucio Dalla's concert. Well!

After the concert we will have dinner with him. Yes.

Please, speed up! I'm accelerating, but the bike is not working.

What does she have? She seems "seized". - Holy Virgin!

I had managed to get tickets.

Manuel, what does this bike have? I do not know.

Accelerate! - I'm doing everything I can. You'll make us miss the show.

It's fucked! The concert will end.

What does this bike have? She is broken.

I should have taken the Porsche! Why did not you take it?

Because I'm a moron! Nadia will have to give up Lucio.

Now how am I doing? Tell me! What do I tell you?

I know how to do it.

Where are you going? Nadia!

Stop! Nadia!

Nadia! It's crazy.


And the bike?

Thank you, you have been nice. With pleasure.

It was the last night. Who knows when he will come back!

It's my fault. I should have taken the Jaguar! Hi, Lucio. Hello!


What is it? Maybe?

He's still here! Who told you?

Did you hear? They said, "Hi, Lucio." And that one is his trailer, I was in it.

Let's go!

What do you want to do? You present it to me.

I give him the score and it's done. Wait, Nadia.

I know Lucio, I know how he is done. Now he is tired, worn out.

If we are going to talk to him about music, we will break his balls.

This is not the right time?

When is the right moment?

I do not know. I'm going alone.

Give me the score. I will talk with Lucio. Not me?

I talk to him, then I call you.

You swear you call me. Yes.

Now what bullshit I will tell him?

Mr Dalla.

Mr Dalla.

Hi, Lucio! Thank you.


Thank you. Okay okay.

It's okay.

Bye, Lucio. Bye, darling.

You present it to me? He is busy. - Just a second!

He is talking about money with some people.

He calls me he and he lets me know.

He liked it. Did he remember me? - Yes.

He remembered your name. It's nice.

Yes? Hey!

Even though I have not seen him, I'm happy. Thank you.

You're welcome!


Manuel, what is it?

I would like to talk to you and explain a lot to you.

You do not have to explain anything to me.

If you knew how much bullshit... Do not say more.

Manuel, I want you! Take me at your place.

It's not good here? Right here?

Not here... Here!

There is Valeria. Let's go to your place.

No Why?

I'm not ready. That honors you.

So we'll do it tomorrow night at your place. Okay.

Good night. Good night.

See you tomorrow. Hello.

There is no bus anymore!

Ah, he's teasing my daughter! If I find him, I kill him.

Why does he want to hit me? What did I do to him?

It's not my fault that Rossella is crying. Marcello, I want to live!

I have nothing in common with this family.

He is still there?

If I get angry, I'm able to go break his mouth.

You do not know me in this respect.

Marcello you have to get the bike back.

She stayed on the coast. She is broken. It's a stupidity, Marcello.

It's nothing, do not worry.

Where am I going to sleep tonight?

In two hours you can have it. In two hours? - Yes.

So I'll be back in two hours. Okay. - Thank you.

That's nice. Do not you give me anything?

I went out without money. Look well! You got them.

I have 50,000 lire. That's enough.

Fifty? Yes.

Here, he seems to be retreating from his brothers.

You read, you meditate, you see people, you find the "cam".

I also lost three kilos!

Yesterday, I won a ball game.

I chased a terrorist and two assassins.

To get back to Nadia...? Yes.

Can I bring her to your house?

I ask the concierge for the keys. Yes.

Why are you looking so?

Tonight you go there and you fuck her.

How come I fuck her? You simply fuck her!

I can't do it! Stay calm!

I can not stand it.

She wants to make love with me, not with you.

What do you have to do with it?

So you go to her house and tell her who you are.

You'll see how she reacts! Ah yes?

Sergio, "the habit makes the monk". It's like that!

Listen to me. I have serious intentions!

You, with this face? Go away..

What did she say when she saw the pictures?

You told him they were your friends, right? Yeah.

You could do me a favour. You know Dalla... Me?

Dalla? You do not know him?

I do not know anyone. Really?

They came to my restaurant in Trastevere.

They left me autographed photos.

Then I lost the restaurant at the game.

But I brought the photos home.

It did not seem to me but they could serve again.

Did you find them useful? Yes, very!

Cuticchia, the time is up. I'm coming very soon.

I recommend you, class.

Champagne, diffuse lights...

In the second box there is a red shirt I bought in Saigon.

With that you can not go wrong. Did you understand?

Believe in Cuticchia, "the one which you let go is lost."

Hi! Is Manuel here? - Sorry? I'm a friend of Manuel.

No, Manuel is outside. Where you go?

Manuel! Stop.

When will he come home?

Leave, go! Soon me too I close everything and leave.

I'm tired! - Does she undress? What's your name?

I am Barbara. Are you Manuel's friend? fucking shit!

Manuel is not here, he is in prison. Soon I am going to Paris.

Is Manuel in Paris? Shit!

Hello, it's... Nadia is there?

It's Manuel. No, she came out.

I do not know. Who is it?

But who is it? Okay.

See you next time.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Who was it? It was a customer. - A customer!

Do you say "hello" to him? Yes. So what? - Of course!

But I do not know where Nadia goes every night.

I told you.

She had a business dinner.

She always has a working dinner! But I don't know where is that working diner!

Even us, the women, we have the freedom to take our liberties.

Do you still have the myth of St. Rita de Cascia?

How beautiful you are!

Do you have heart-shaped petits fours? It's over.

Do you have Italian champagne? You mean "sparkling wine." - Yes.

That's enough that it's sweet.

I have the "Bacchus blood."

It's a sparkling wine made in Avezzano.

It is good? Some people likes it a lot.

It's expensive? 1,950 lire.

I take it.

Is she taking a bath? Miss!

My God! I wait for her at the door and I make up an excuse.

I wait for her downstairs or better, and I go out for dinner. Pardi!

Did you hear me arrive? Yes, I heard the elevator.

Are we going out for dinner?

Why? Today this house is depressing me.

No, you have prepared everything.

I brought some sparkling wine and pastries.

I have to wash my hands. Where is the bathroom?

The sink is out of order... not... Can I go to the kitchen? - Yes.

Can you take the soap in the bathroom?

How are you?

Excuse. Did you take the towel too? Yes, no problem.

What's going on? Slut!

That's it.

Who's singing?

Who's singing?

Who sings! Who sings?

You do not hear it? Yes!

This is the lady from above. When she starts, she does not stop.

But how are you? Yes.

Open the door!

"Fuckin' shit"! Open!

What is it? Nothing. They cemented the plugs!

Are not you happy to see me? Of course yes!

What is this noise?

It's a couple fighting all the time!

Living together has become a problem. Yes.

You come with me.

A cuckold lives here called Manuel Fantoni?

Yes, but he is not there.

I gave the keys to his friend. Well, is that asshole I'm looking for!

I do not know! I don't have anything with him! He is your friend.

Which floor is it on? Fourth floor, apartment 14.

All right. I am not going. I want to stay here.

No, you have to come. I'll show you who is that one! Let's go!

Open the door!

Are we going? We first drink.

Yes we'll have a drink and we'll go there.

But we'll come back later. Yes.

The two of us! Forever. "Forever."

Go ahead!

Sit here!

Now we two are going to do the accounts.

To us both, fool!

Look at this beautiful house, there are how many people who know it! Bravo!

The mecile come here!

Who is he, Manuel? You also changed your name?

You remain silent or I'll heat you.

I had to tell him. He typed me. I am covered in bruises.

I had also made the invitations.

If you are a man, come here. You will be "chopped", infamous!

Have you gone mad?

Look at who I give my daughter!

You are in the midst of whores and you orgies.

You are an infamous!

You are worthless! Cuckold!

You will always stay among the whores!

Not with the belt...! Not the belt. Lay the belt. Here!

Not on the legs! Here! And you go with the black girls too!

You said you loved my daughter! Here! Ouch! Not the head!

Do you want her in the ass? No. - Here! Infame!


Not the back! Oh, not the back?


New York, Paris, Bombay, the Liberian freighter!

Lancaster is alcoholic, John Wayne is queer, the other is bisexual!

Dalla is his brother! I believed him like an idiot, like a bitch!

Hi. Can I see her for a moment? You are shameless.

Please! Yes, but only two minutes.


Nadia. Nadia.

This is Sergio.

This is Sergio. Do not say anything. I will explain everything.

I did not want to tease you. I do not know what happened to me In this house, I felt different.

In fact, I am totally different.

If you and I had the opportunity to stay together... know what I really am.

We could meet together sometimes.

I have serious intentions.

Nadia do you want to marry me?

Not on the eye!

Ave Maria...

... full of grace.

Ave Maria, full of grace...

...The Lord is with you.

Ave Maria full of grace. Ave Maria full of grace.

Ave Maria...


...of grace!


You are nice. Mom will come back.

I do not know, mom. I am tired.

Maybe it's time, this air...

Rest easy, where mom will come.

Rossella! Rossella!

One moment, I'm talking to mom!

Stay wise.

So I'm doing bucatini to the Armorican...

...sauteed chicken with chilies and artichokes.

Will it go?

Tell dad to bring me a few cold cuts from the store.

Rossella, look what he made!

I have to leave you mother. See you tonight.

I have to clean this garment. The little dove to mom!

You pee on daddy.

Your parents come for dinner? Are you disturbed?

No! Not really...

I'm going there. I have an appointment and I'm late.

We'll meet again tonight.


Goodbye! Goodbye. Sergio!

Do not come back late, so you'll help me!

Do not forget the salt. The large, not the fine one.


Do you know where is Via Lampridio Cerva?

Lampridio who?

Forget it..

I am Sergio Bienvenuti of "Wonderful World of Nature".

I have an appointment. Please, come in.

Sit down. Thank you.

Like every night I come here

I came here near you!

So, you phoned me yesterday.

Even I can change my voice.

It's for you!

This beautiful song. It's the one that you... Yes, this one.

Do you want a coffee or a bitter? No thanks.

You changed your hairstyle. Do you like it? - A lot.

Your husband? He works. We have a bar.

Your wife? She does not work.

We have a child.

How is he? The child?

Some say he looks like me, and others that he looks like my wife.

I say he does not look like anyone.

Where did you go on a honeymoon? In Capri.

We in Ischia! We were neighbors. The world is small!

You can say it... I can say it? - I said it to talk.

How is your wife? How is she?


She's a housewife.

She loves cooking. It shows, right?

For me you remained the same.

How is your husband? It's okay.

It's late I have to go.

I accompany you. Yes.

So hi, Sergio. Hi, Nadia.

Manuel! Did Dustin Hoffman call you?

How? Do you have news from Redford?

I had a fight with Dustin.

He phoned me, he would like to make peace, but I do not want to.

He is not nice. He has a bad temper. It's a hard one.

But I am very well with Robert.

He invited me to a big party that he will do in Los Angeles.

But I do not know if I'll go. There are too many flying hours.


Unless we go together and... ..And kiss me, you fool.

Big son of a bitch...

...but you are this friend for me!

Whoever steals the moon to give it to you.