Bottle Rocket (1996) Script

Hey, Dr. Nichols. I was just coming down to say good-bye.

Anthony, I came to help you with your bags. No. That's okay. I got it.

I can take them down myself. I-I got 'em.

What's-What's this? What's going on?

Well, see, my friend Dignan didn't realize that this was a voluntary hospital... and he got this whole escape thing worked out... and he just got so excited about the thing...

I didn't have the heart to tell him... no, that...

I mean, look how excited he is.

I gotta do it this way, Dr. Nichols. I gotta climb out.

It's-It's only one floor down.

Okay. But can you do it fast?

You know, this-this doesn't look good. None of this looks good at all.


Well, thanks very much, Dr. Nichols.

You've really been a great help. You've been a great doctor.

No. Thank you. Yeah, well. Yeah. Okay. Go.

Can you hand me my bag, please? Yeah.

Thanks. I'll see you.

Hey, Anthony. Don't try to save everybody, okay?

Okay. I won't.

Dennis! - Hey!

See you later, Felicia. Hey, Anthony. Thanks for everything.

Bye. Take care. Bye, Barbara. See you, Curtis.

- Thanks, Anthony. Come on. Any problems?

No. Yes! Yes! Wonderful. Great. Wait, wait, wait.

Who'd you get to do that? Did you bribe the janitor?

Smart. Smart.

- Driver, what's our E.T.A.? 7:30.

Good, good. We're on schedule. Here's our agenda for the next few months.

I believe you will find everything is in order. Practice job. Looks good.

That's our first move when we get back.

Look it over, and I will brief you on the way. Okay.

This is just a rough sketch of what I was trying to do.

The idea of a practice job, a heist, and the idea that you and I both respond to goals.

- And it all leads to Mr. Henry. The guy from the letters.

Exactly. Exactly. This is rough, but what I try to do is...

I think you and I both respond to structure, and that's what's important.

Twenty-five? Boy, you've really got it well planned out.

Next 50. - Yeah.

So did you enjoy your first visit to the nuthouse?

Hey, hey! Come on.

Be sensitive to the fact that other people... are not comfortable talking about emotional disturbances.

You know, I am. I'm fine with that, but other people-

Okay. Put it behind you. You're out. You're better.

You're right. And so it begins.

Okay, we should also get on a fitness regime: Sit-ups, roadworks, hitting the bags-

I was running 10 miles a day out in the desert. Were you really?

Yeah, at night, when it got cooler. That's exactly what I'm talking about. That's good cardiovascular.

When'd you get so avid about the fitness thing, Dignan?

What? What do you mean by "avid"?

I'm just saying I've never known you to be all that athletic. All of a sudden-

You've never-Wait. You've never known me to be all that athletic?

Does it sound weird? I'm not saying you're not a good athlete.

Does it sound weird to be talking about all the exercise? It doesn't sound weird.

I'm not saying that it's the top priority, but I think it's a pretty good goal.

I think it's a really good goal. Here. Put these on.

Obviously, good quickness. Yeah, in and out pretty fast.

Real fast, man, and good intensity. High intensity.

Great intensity, 'cause I was, like- tu-tu-tu-like really fast.

The preparation was good. I think that's your specialty.

Thank you. If I said that, it would sound like bragging. That's why I didn't want to say it.

Okay, criticisms. Criticisms.

I've only one: Not very thorough. Left a lot of valuables behind.

I don't think that was a mistake. That was one of the limitations of this job.

But, by the way, great job in there.

It was nice working with you, 'cause it was like-

Thank you.

Next order of business: Mr. Henry.

You're wondering, when am I gonna introduce you to Mr. Henry after all I've told you about him?

Well, in answer to that question, very soon.

In fact, judging from how well that-Here you go. Do that up there. There you go.

Judging from how well that job went today, which was pretty good... including the coin collection and the earrings, was, to say the least-

Y-You took the earrings, Dignan? You took them?

Well, it's my fault. It's, like, ultimately, Anthony, when are you gonna learn?

Man, you got another ball! Should I play your game?

Dignan, I know you remember the list, 'cause you signed it.

You signed "The Things Dignan's Not Supposed to Touch."

The thing is, I can't be sorting through all that shit in the middle of a burglary.

Hey, I don't care, okay? There's just no time for it.

I bought the earrings for my mother on her birthday. I picked them out mys-

One thing is, every valuable item in the house was on that list.

Maybe we should've robbed your house. You ever think of that?

No, I bet that never crossed your mind.

What? What? Come on, Dignan.

You know there's nothing to steal from my mom and Craig.

Hey, hey, Grace!

Hey, Grace!

You're supposed to be in Arizona.

What, you don't say hi anymore? Come on.

Is this the pi-Are you the pilot?

No, I'm-I'm Anthony. I'm Grace's brother.

Will you excuse us for a minute, Bernice?

Are you sure? Yeah.

You told her-

You told your friend Bernice I'm some kind of jet pilot?

What was I supposed to say? They stuck you in an insane asylum?

It wasn't an insane asylum, Grace.

I explained to you back then that it was for exhaustion.

Exhaustion? Yes, exhaustion.

You haven't worked a day in your life. How could you be exhausted?

Okay, sit down. Okay?

I didn't come up here today to argue with you, okay?

I got some friends waiting for me, and I've got things I need to-


Some associates, that's who. Dignan?

Yeah, Dignan, but also some-

What's wrong with Dignan, Grace? I thought you liked Dignan.

I do like Dignan. Why do you sigh when I mention his name?

But he's a liar.

Bob Mapplethorpe, potential getaway driver, go!

- Go. I think there's a real air of mystery about me.

Don't complicate it. Your number one strength is you have a car you can provide.

Sell yourself. Start over. You ready? Go.

Okay. All right. I'm a risk taker.

I'm growing an entire crop of marijuana plants in my parents' backyard. I think that shows a little-

Wait a second. You're growin' an entire crop of marijuana in your backyard?

Dignan, look. I'm just not that good at this "selling yourself" stuff, okay?

So I'm just gonna tell you the truth.

I really want to be a part of this team... and I'm the only one with a car.

That's good. That's good.

'Cause that hits me right here.

Okay, can you do me a favor and take...

I want you to take these earrings and put them in Mom's mahogany box.

Now, put them in your backpack or something so you don't lose them.

What are you doing with these?

Could you just put them in the box, please, Grace?

You've really gotten into a bad habit of asking a huge amount of questions lately.


Okay. I gotta go, okay, pal?

What's gonna happen to you, Anthony?

Geez, Grace! What the hell kind of question is that to ask me?

When are you coming home?

Grace. I can't come home. I'm an adult.

Why are you looking at me like that?

A little kid. I want to know what caused thunder-

How'd it go with Grace?

How'd it go? Can we leave, please, Bob?


Little kids are really cute. She is a cute little kid.

What happened? I just have no idea. I mean, how did Grace get so cynical?

Look, I can't answer that question now. Where does it come from?

All I'm concerned about is getting you back in the car.

How did she come to this conclusion about me-

Let's get back in the car where you can settle down.

She thinks I'm a failure. What? She said you're a failure?

- Thinking that about me at this point. What has she ever accomplished with her life that's so great?

What do I do? Nothing. You don't have to do anything.

I'm not saying she has to look up to me at all. I'm not saying that.

Don't worry about it. Although maybe she should. Why not?

Stop. Stop for a second. She tells her best friend at school I'm a pilot.

Stop for a second and look at this. - Oh, no.

Fact: I learned more in the two months I spent with Mr. Henry and his crew... than I learned in 15 years of academic study.

Fact: I can guarantee you, after Mr. Henry sees us pull this job... he's gonna take a personal interest in our future.

Fact: Mr. Henry drives a Jaguar.

Fact: Dignan, the picture's not doing it for me right now.

Does the fact that I'm trying to do it do it for you?

I hate to interrupt your conversation, guys.

But I think I know what you've been going through, man...

'cause I been through some pretty heavy shit myself.

If you're feeling alone, like nobody in the world cares... and nobody in the fucking world gives a shit- then I'm here.

That was a stop sign. I'm ready to listen, man.

If you want, I'll even open up first. My brother-That's a shit situation.

He beats the crap out of me all the time.

I don't suppose either one of you know why Bob's car's parked out in front.

Yeah, he's here. He's...

He's ins- He's here at the house.

Let me see if Bob's keeping the pool clean. That's Future Man.

Yeah, I know.

What the fuck is this?

Vámonos, Clay.

Bob, you were told to thoroughly clean the pool this morning.

It's a leaf. - There was one leaf!

- Man, one leaf blew in! Your name's Anthony, isn't it?

Yeah, his name's Anthony. My name's Dignan.

I'm Stacy Sinclair, Elizabeth's sorority sister.

I didn't know she had a sister.

Oh, my God. You have the best sense of humor.

She is going to be so jealous I saw you here.

So you go to school in Arizona, right?

No, I was in the hospital. What for?

I went nuts.

He's kidding. He's kidding. He didn't go nuts. You poor thing. How'd it happen?

Do you really want to know? - Clean the shit out of the pool!

Yes, I really do. Okay.

One morning, over at Elizabeth's beach house... she asked me if I'd rather go waterskiing or lay out... and I realized that not only did I not want to answer that question... but I never wanted to answer another water-sports question... or see any of these people again for the rest of my life.

Three days later, I was on my way out to the desert, and that was that.

Bullying son of a bitch!

You're calling me a bully? Here's a bully for you!

Hold on, Bob! You're only gonna make this take longer!

You're really complicated, aren't you? - My ear!

I try not to be.

Okay, escape route is crucial, just in case somebody is tailing us... or even chasing us, as the case may be.

We can't be sure how it is gonna happen.

Do you think that we're gonna be chased? Is that a possibility?

That's a good question. No, I don't think we're gonna be chased.

I'm just being hypocritical here. However, I will say-

Bob, please don't interrupt me, man, 'cause I'm trying to stay focused on this stuff.

You're responsible for the external situation tomorrow-streets and the getaway.

Excuse me. The-Are the explosives really necessary here?

I think it'd be a lot more simple if I just walk up to the door alone.

I think that that would be- Why are you undermining me, man?

How much bullets does this thing take? - Bob.

Look, I'm paying attention. Goddamn it!

You're not paying attention if you're messing around with the gun!

Now, quit- Anthony, keep the gun on the table.

Dignan, relax. I can't focus unless the gun is on the table.

I paid for it. Shut up, man! Shut up! I'm warning you now.

Be quiet, please. It's true, Dignan. I paid for the gun.

Say it again. Say it one more time. Say it again.

Repeat what you just said.

I paid for the gun.

He's out. You're out too. And I don't think I'm in either.

Calm down. Just calm down. No gang!

You two just don't give a shit. When it comes right down to it, you don't care.

How does an asshole like Bob get such a great kitchen?

Come on.

I apologize. That was poor leadership.

I'm under a lot of pressure right now, and...

I don't feel like the team is gelling the way-

If I can even use that word, because I don't even know if we are a team.

Hey. We are a team.

Yeah. A team.

Okay. There.

Do you see? The star is me. Right there. And I'll be in there.

The "X" is Anthony. Bob, you're the "0" out here in the car.

Okay. Okay.

What are you putting that tape on your nose for?


Let's get lucky.

Okay. You go to the door.

Okay, wait right here. Come on. Let's go.

Come on. Hurry. Don't panic.

Okay. Get him to open the door.

- Don't panic. Don't panic. I left my sweater inside!

I know. Do you have a lost and found?

Here he comes. - A lost and found?


I'm sorry. We're closed, sir.

Do you have a lost and found? I left my sweater back in-

You got something on your- What's that on your nose?

I cut it. I got a cut across the bridge. Do you have a lost and found?

Can you come back tomorrow? I can't. I got to get it tonight.

Let me check with my manager. Hold on one second. Just stand inside.

Hey. Excuse me, sir. We're-We're closed.

What-What about that guy?

I left my sweater in here. He forgot his sweater.

Oh, yeah? I left some money in there.

Some money? Where? In the cash register. Step away from the door.

Stockers! Stockers! Where are the other stockers?

Who, Robbie? He might be in Literature. That's his section.

Hey, is that the manager? Who is that? Come here!

I'm gonna go down to the stockroom. What's going on here?

I'm sending you both back there. Let's go. Move! All right! All right!

Let's go! You guys both move at the same time-

Okay, sit down! Get up against the wall! Easy!

What's in here? Where's the money? Talk, Stretch!

I-It's in the drawer. Okay, there it is.

Come on! Open up that drawer! No, it's not! Come on! The other one!

There's the money. Okay.

Put it in one of those bags. Get one of those bags.

Let's move! Come on! A bigger one, you idiot! What do you think?

Don't call me an idiot, you punk.

Can-Do you have bigger bags for atlases or dictionaries, sir?


Aren't you supposed to be in Literature?

It's all full up. They need you in the office right now.

Use the little bags. Put the money in there. We'll use a lot of them.


J-Just do your best. W-Why do you wear that tape on your nose?

Little bags, man.

Okay. Everybody-I want everybody to just sit tight. Sit tight.

Okay. Thank you so much.

Success! Full success!

We're heading back to Bob's. We're gonna hit the road and go on the I am! Go!

Go! Go! Go!

Okay, now, before we divide the loot, let me say one thing.

- Bob gets the spirit award on this caper. Hey!

Although his share won't be as equal as ours, his contributions-

What? Come here. Did you see the look he gave me?

Don't double-cross this guy. Don't even think it.

Great work. Great work, both of you.

Dignan, Dignan. Clink. Clink.

So, Dignan, what's next? Do we meet the crew after we go on the I am or what?

Everybody wants to know what's next. May I enjoy this moment?

What crew? Now is not a good time to bring up the crew.

Goddamn it.

You son of a bitch! You're gonna cut me out!

- Wait a second, Bob. "Wait a second" nothing! You're gonna cut me out!

Nobody's cutting anybody out of anything. Okay. Let me show you this.

Dignan, this is fine. Bob should see this.

Bob, I got something.

What's this supposed to be? That's the crew.

That's Mr. Henry. These are the-I know.

Anthony, that's the Lawn Wranglers... the landscape company that Dignan here used to work for.

What do you mean, landscaping?

I mean, push the mower, trim the hedge-




Yes, they're landscapers, okay? Yes, yes, yes, they're landscapers.

But did it ever occur to you that a landscaping crew... is a perfect front for an operation, man?

Now, look at this. You've seen this picture.

That is Mr. Henry, and aside from owning the Lawn Wranglers... he is a very talented thief.

Then why aren't you over there right now?

Because we're fugitives.

And also because he fired me.

Best job I ever had.

Working my way up, meeting people... listening to stories.

One day he walks over and he says, "Dignan, you're out," just like that.

By the way, man, he was right.

Just 'cause it's a front doesn't mean somebody doesn't have to do the actual landscaping.

But those days are over now.

Just a matter of time before I pick up the phone and I say, "Mr. H., we are coming home."

So don't worry about your future, man, because I am thinking.


If you don't mind, I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention to Bob about me getting fired.

I won't.

On the run from Johnny Law.

It ain't no trip to Cleveland.

I love it!

And another one for me!

Bobby, one for you! Anthony, fire away!

Somebody hand me one! Throw it out the window! Cherry bomb!

Did you hear that?

Dignan, I don't expect you to be as depressed as I am... but I don't th-Watch the road, Bob.

But I don't think that your happiness is quite appropriate.

Your 75-year plan does not seem to be working, you know?

The only thing I've learned so far is that crime does not pay.

I agree.

Gee, man, that's not the greatest attitude in the world to have.

I don't think we get anywhere by complaining, guys.

Okay. Okay. You're right.

There we go. There we go.

Perfect. Great little place to lie low while the heat cools down.

We'll get in touch with Mr. Henry.

I want to get the best room in the house, guys. Crime does pay.

I can't get my hair cut. That's just not possible, all right?

Then you're gonna have to dye it red, man, 'cause we need to hide our identities!

No, I'm sorry. I can't do that either.

Even if it's the difference between some trooper recognizing us... and throwing us in jail or not?

- I guess so. Then you, my dear friend, are a damn fool.

Let's go, Bob. Come on.

Bob, let's go! See ya.

See you later, Bob. A damn fool!


Excuse me. No, no. It's okay. Come on in. Yeah.

Oh, excuse me.

Geez. It's great how you're able to bring a room to life like this... with just a little touch.

Geez, it's... It's nice out today, isn't it?

Boy, you get a nice breeze with that door open like this. It was kind of stuffy in here.

Do you do all of these rooms yourself? All of these...

I'm Anthony. Anthony.

What's your name?

Inez. Inez. Inez.


Sorry this is such a mess here.

Here, let me give you a hand with this.

I think I might've seen you earlier when I was swimming.

Did you happen to see me down there?

By the pool?

Yeah, that was me.


You speak English?

Spanish? - Sí.

You have really good posture, you know? You stand up very straight.

You know, people, they think 'cause they're in a hotel... that they can really just kind of act like slobs.

It's bad manners, if you ask me.

But then again, I've been guilty of it, yeah.

Which part of Mexico are you from?

Paraguay. Paraguay.

Boy, okay. That's kind of over-

Excuse me, Anthony. Under Guatemala, I think.

Sorry, Inez.

These towels are still warm.

I guess that's from the dryer. See?


Hi. Sorry.

No. We're just checking out.

Hi. Hi.

- 0 and 2. Son of a bitch!

That's a good hair-That's a good haircut there. Parted on the side.

That's what my friend needs to get. Bob, get one like this.

They're one out away from a win.

Here. You go first. Dignan, may I speak to you for a moment?

It's about my marijuana crop. I don't want everyone to hear this.

I don't want to lose my place in line. - My brother is in jail.

What? Wait a second.

Your brother's-Why? The weed.

Okay. What weed? The weed from my back-in my backyard.

They got him by the balls. What's the official charge?

They say he's a drug dealer.

That's so unfair. They said he's a drug dealer?

You and I both know he's not a drug dealer.


He's not a drug dealer. I know, Dignan. I know.

Well-Well, Bob, what about hiding our identities?

Bob! I'm sorry, guys. We're gonna have to take a rain check. Bob!

God, this is great, sitting here in the laundry room... you working on your vocabulary, and we're sharing these tamales.


It's just so unexpected.

What is that, Inez?

Does that open? Does that open?

You were just a little girl when this was taken.

A little girl in Paraguay.

May I keep this? May I have it?

She's my sister.


She looks just like you.

Can I keep it anyway?


I'm sorry. We c-We're in the wrong room. No, man, this is-

No. Okay, I guess there's been a mistake made.

212? Do you speak English? We have a f-a friend.

What the f-

Thought you guys went to get your hair cut.

No. We didn't. Well, gang, this is my friend Dig-

My name's Jerry. This is my associate Cornelius.

Anthony, what's going on? I need to talk to you, man.

I'm having a party in here, man. I made some banana daiquiris for these folks.

You want one of these? Yeah, I guess I'll have one.

You do? Come on in here, man.

This is Inez, and that's Rocky right here.

Come on, Bob. Shut the door. Get in here, man.

Anybody else want anything? Looks like a party going on.

Soda for Rocky. Come on, Bob. Let me get you one.

Anthony, I've got to talk to you. Look, I'm sorry about this.

This seems like a nice soiree, but I've got a family situation.

I don't care what you think. I don't care.

Tengo una situación mi familia.

Dignan does not want to deal with it. Can you please come outside for a minute?

Bob, I'm just saying we gotta analyze the situation, okay?

First of all, how long are they gonna hold him?

I don't know. All I know is that Phil says they got him, that he's in jail.

Okay, I've made a suggestion that he needs to hire an attorney.

You are pushing your luck, man.

Hey. Dignan, he does have a point. I'm the leader.

So you think I should abandon my brother? Yeah.

No, Bob. I'm saying let's keep it- No.

Let's keep it very simple, okay?

We'll make some calls, figure out what's going on.

And if he's not out in 48 hours, then we'll go back, okay?

Bob? What?

Is that okay? Okay. Okay.

And I wasn't trying to antagonize you, man, by saying that stuff.

It was just that you were gonna fly off half-cocked.

Don't tell me what I was gonna fly off. Okay. I'm sorry. It's a team decision.

What? What'd you s-

What does that mean?


I-I don't know what to say. What I'm talking?


Your skin feels like silk.

Like silk?

Your skin, it feels so soft and silky. What's silk?

It's soft.

Silk. Silk. See?



Silk. It's very soft.

I don't know it in Spanish.

Can I kiss you?



No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.

Okay, we'll-we'll be very careful, Jerry. Thank you.

You guys mind if I take a dip? Hey, I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

I'm not that insensitive.

Besides, I didn't bring my trunks anyway. How's the water down there?

I'm gonna give you something, okay?

I want you to hold on to this.

Well, thank you for listening to our old war stories.

I hope they didn't bore you too terribly.


Well, anyway, good evening. Bye.

Bye, Jerry. Anyways, the watch, okay?

I-It has an alarm on it and will go off and make a sound... when we're supposed to meet, and you do that by this button right here.

So you can just press that. See?

Okay? It's pretty simple.

Bueno. I have to go.

I'm very glad I met you, Inez.

Me too. I have to go.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Son of a bitch! Anthony!

Anthony! Bob's gone! He stole his car!

That little coward. That son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch, man.

He flew the coop while we were sleeping.

He has no character, man. Maybe he went up to the store.

No, man. He took his stuff. He's long gone.

Hi. Housekeeping? Could I speak to Inez, please?

I thought she gets in at 9:00.

It-Okay. See, I don't have my watch on. She has it.

Tell me something:

What's it like working with her? I mean, I bet she's really great at-

Okay. Bye.

We'll get him. We'll get him, man. Don't worry about that. We'll get him.

When we do get him, we'll blow up his car, do something. I can guarantee you that.

What makes me furious is thinking about the look on Bob's fat face, man... when he drives away today thinking that he's pulled one over on us.

I'll tell you another thing- Dignan, please. Come on.

If our paths cross again, you're gonna see a side of Dignan you haven't seen before- a sick, sadistic side, because I'm furious at Bob.

Come on, Dignan! - I couldn't be more angry. Come on what?

Bob didn't steal the car. You know, he told me he was leaving.

He went back to help his brother.

Dignan, look. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Bob leaving.

You had just as much a right to know as I did.

Thank you. Thank you. That's all I needed. I'm sorry I didn't say anything.

I mean, who's to say that you need Bob to have an adventure?

Where's that rule written? There's nothing that says that.

What are you working on? Nothing. Just-Just a sketch. It's-

It's, you know, just a little horse... with little sparks coming off it, kind of like stardust.


Sorry. It's just- Don't apologize to me.

Don't do that to me.

Don't treat me like the jealous friend who's envious of you because that's not what this is about.

I'm as excited for you as anybody is.

Really? Then I gotta go.

I'll see you later, Dignan. See you back at the room!

It's so weird, the way this happened.

It's just- It's so good to be with you.

Why don't you come over to this bar we're goin' to, Dignan?

Where? It's in the town.

No, I don't want to go.

Why don't you just come with us?

Why don't you just come over there with us? Okay.

All right.

Sparkler. I certainly can't feel any worse than I do.

Don't worry. All he needs is one drink.

Hello, my friend. Hey! Hola, amigo. ¿Cómo está?

You're in the army, yes?

No, no. I just have short hair.

Amigo, let's play pool!

- Yes! Inez?

Yes! Yes!

Boy, that guy was a real chatterbox, wasn't he?

I didn't think he was ever gonna stop with the story. Jesus.

You can't put the balls in with your hand!

That's what I call a language barrier.

Amigo, you just cheated! I need to take it easy.

Okay! I'm calling my gang!

It's just a little frustrating sometimes-

Anthony! Hearing you guys talk so easily.

God, you know, I can't believe the guy just decided to jump you like that.

Can you pass me those french fries, please?


Dignan, you know I was right out in front of the place with Inez. I-

If you don't mind, I'd rather not relive it.

Don't really feel much like talking about it.

In fact, the only thing I feel like is getting the fuck out of this town.

Yeah. Yeah. We need a car, I think.

I have an idea for that.

Inez has a master key to all the rooms, doesn't she?

Doesn't she?

Yeah. I don't think we can do that.

I-I know we can. It's real simple.

We go into another room, we take some car keys... - Dignan, I'm sorry.

It's not even a possibility, okay?

Then we're gonna have to hot-wire a car... and this idea I don't back down from.

- This idea- Inez, let's-let's go outside.

Jerry's not... How are you, Jerry?

I feel great, Inez.

He's under the weather a little bit, so I-

Bye. - Bye.

I kinda gotta take care of him for a few minutes here.

He kind of got the living shit kicked out of him, so-

I had a really great time. Buenas noches.

Bye, Inez.

Inez, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I think I've got it.

I've gotta talk to you, Inez. - ¿Qué pasa?

Got a lot I need to tell you.

Thirty seconds ago, I was lost, just in a total fog.

And then it hit me like a bolt of lightning.

Perfect clarity. Don't slow me down, Inez.

I gotta get this all out while it's fresh in my head.

This could get a little tough to communicate.

Wh-Where's the kid? Where's Rocky?

Hey, Rocky. - Yeah.

Can you help me out for a second, man? What do you need?

I just need you to translate some stuff. I can't. I'm busy. I've got too much work.

It'll take two seconds. Just give me three minutes, Rocky.

Three minutes? Please. Yeah. Come on.

Please. I'll help you finish the dishes later.

Okay, this is what I want to say, all right? This is how I see it.

Beautiful, intelligent girl from Paraguay-

by chance happens to be working at a motel in the middle of nowhere.

Lost and confused. Totally lost.

Incredibly unhappy person-

"accidentally" wanders in off the highway.

And they meet and they fall in love- and it's perfect.

- I mean, it is perfect. Perfecto.

And I can only hope that she feels... a 10th of the way that I feel.

I mean, Inez, when we had sex this afternoon, it was-

It was fun, you know?

- ¿Qué? So-Come on, Rocky.

Okay. So-

So to make a long story short- when we leave here tomorrow, I want you to come with us.

And I want us, no matter what- - ¿A dónde vas?

Where are you going?

What? - Where are you going?

Where are we going?

What do you want me to say? You want me to go live with you and Jerry?

I can't go. Why not?

- Why? ¿Por qué no?

What do you mean, why not? I just told you.

That's no reason, Inez. I'm trying to explain why I want you to come with us.

Look. Wait, wait, wait.

We'll stay here, all right? You know, I don't understand it, but-

I'm just gonna follow my instincts on this one. I-

You-You're like paper.

You know, you're-you're trash.

Like trash?

You know, you're like paper flowing by. You know.

It doesn't sound that bad in Spanish.


No sé.

Well, what, Rocky?

She-She doesn't want you to stay.

She doesn't?

You have to understand. She's an organized person, and she can't just leave.

She just-She didn't say that, did she, Rocky?

No, but I'm just telling you. She's a serious person.

Okay. Please, just do the-

Excuse me. Hola.

- Hola. Buenos días, Inez.

Mi amigo Anthony asked me to give you this envelope.

There you go.

We certainly enjoyed our stay here... and would recommend this motel to any of our friends that might-

Take care of Anthony.

Is... okay? Yeah. I feel a lot better.

So long.



Okay. Jerry.


Tell Anthony I love him. Do what?

Tell Anthony I-I love him.

All right, man. Okay.

Shit, man. What a lemon!

I don't know, man. One minute it's runnin' like a top... and the next minute it's broken down on the side of the road.

And I can't fix a car like this, 'cause I don't have the tools to do it, man.

And even if I had the tools, I can't promise you I'd know how to fix a car like that.

Dignan, you see the house over here?

Let's walk over to it and use the phone. We need to go home, okay?

No. Let's go to plan "B."

We'll hitchhike to the next town-

Look. We hitchhike- No, Dignan. Look. It's over, okay?

We're broke. We're gonna go home.

First of all, what is broke to you? You're so spoiled, man.

Having only a few hundred dollars is not broke.

We're okay. This is a setback. We hitchhi-

What is this?

All right. Sixteen dollars.

So, wh-where's the rest of the money?

You gave it to Inez.

No, I never gave Inez anything.

In the envelope.

Pointless act! You don't give a $500 tip to the housekeeper!

That's inappropriate! That's inexcusable!

That I don't forgive! What were you thinking?

What were you thinking? Don't call her the housekeeper.

That's what she is! Don't call her the housekeeper!

Don't threaten me. That's what she is. She is a housekeeper, right?

People are housekeepers. You better watch it, Dignan.

Don't threaten me! You don't know what you're talking about.

Her name's Inez.

And my name's Dignan, man. So what?

She didn't love you, man.

Now where you going?

Where you going?

Come on. Let's go.

Why'd you do it, man?

Dignan, I don't really think you know what I was going through back there.

Please don't lay that on me now, man... because I'm not interested in hearing any of that.

Did it ever occur to you that your old pal Dignan... might enjoy a great stay at some mental hospital out in the middle of nowhere... going running at night, getting a tan with a bunch of beautiful girls?

Did you ever think about that?

What do you think Dignan was doing that whole time you were out there, man?

I told you Dignan got fired... out on his ass.

But you never thought about that, did you?


'Cause in the end, it's easier just to think about yourself than to think about Dignan.

Okay. Dignan, come on.

I thought I was supposed to be the one who was a little crazy, you know?

Dignan, come on.

Dear Grace, I enjoyed your letter.

I agree Camp Douglas isn't all it's cracked up to be.

It never was. But if you're feeling lonely, or homesick even...

I recommend that, one, you call me-

I'm staying at Bob Mapplethorpe's- and two, that you keep extremely busy.

- It's working for me. Come here, Hector.

I've got a whole new program.

Bob and I get up at 5:30 every morning to run our paper route.

I've got three jobs. The money isn't much... and Bob in particular isn't suited for this kind of work... but we keep each other company, and we both feel much better about ourselves... now that we're working hard.

Glad you enjoyed it. Y'all come back. Thanks, Mr. Fine.

Jack, I've been working. I made $75 in tips last night.

Bob's brother, Future Man... has accumulated some extensive legal debts... but we're gradually helping him to pay those off.

Can I at least have three bucks for gas?

No, you can't.

Hey! - I'm also coaching a Little League soccer team... called the Hurricanes.

They're mostly beginners, but they've got a lot of spirit... and they don't let defeat get them down.

They remind me of Dignan in that way.

Say what you will about him, he's no cynic... and he's no quitter.

I'm usually so exhausted now at the end of the days... that I don't have time to think about blown opportunities or wasted time.

I do have one bit of advice for you, though, Grace.

Take the time in school to learn a foreign language.

I, myself, never did, and I feel I paid a price for it.

Well, so long, Grace. I miss you very much.

Don't forget to write me back. Anthony.

Okay, there he goes.

Hey! Anthony!

It's Dignan! Wait up!

Where you going?

I'm just walking Hector.

How long you been back?

A while.

So how's it-How's it going?

It's going pretty good. Hector!


I wish that some of the stuff that was said... hadn't been said out there by me... and... I'm sorry... about-

Want to shake hands?


What's this you got on, man?

It's a jumpsuit.

You like it? We ordered a dozen of them.

Anthony, I'd like to introduce you to Applejack.

Hi. Applejack, this is Anthony.

Anthony Adams.

Mr. Henry! It's Dignan!

Got some visitors! Mr. Henry!

- What time did he say he'd be here? Right now.

Did you guys feel that? I just felt someth- Hey! Jesus Christ!


How's the weather? How's the weather down there?

Mr. Henry? - Come on in!

Well, it's locked! No, no, no, no. Come on. It's not.

Okay. I just tried it, but I'll try it again.

Yes, it is!

Poured more water on me.

Dignan, good to see you. Hi, Mr. Henry.

Applejack, good to- And who are you?

That's Anthony. This is no good bringing him here. What the shit, man? Are you crazy?

What are you thinking? Are you out of your fucking mind?

I- I-

Abe Henry. How are you? Anthony Adams.

Hey, Anthony. This is my business manager Rowboat.

Get you a little wet, did I, son? Come on in, boys. Anthony. There you go.


That's it.

Put a little topspin. A little more.

Good. He listens.

This kid in? I don't know. Are you in?

Let me tell you about this job... You don't understand. I got this program, and I'm trying to stick to it now.

Okay. Just hear me out.

It's called Hinckley Cold Storage.

Here are just a few of the key ingredients:

Dynamite, pole-vaulting, laughing gas, choppers.

Can you see how incredible this is gonna be? Hang gliding. Come on.

I can't do it.

I know, but, I mean, if he doesn't have the enthusiasm, then who needs him?

That's-You said a mouthful.

If you want, I could speak to him.

Would you, Mr. Henry? That'd be great.

Sugar cone? You bet.

You want anything, Anthony? No, thanks.


You know-

You're breaking his heart. You know that, don't you?

What do you mean?

Kid-he worked on one of my garden crews.

I mean... nice fella.

He didn't perform, so I had to fire him.

Well, six months later, I...

I get a call from a-a gas station... about 200 miles outside of Victoria there.

I said, "What the hell are you doing out there?"

But there's something in his voice. You know what I'm saying?

I felt for him. I mean, poor guy.

Here he is, he thought he had a team.

Turns out to be a man alone.

Now, that's tough now. Real tough.

Here you go, Mr. Henry. Hey.

Dignan? Had any time to think?

Yeah, I've done a lot of thinking.

We're still holding your position open for you.

Yeah, I wish you wouldn't do that.

Come on. Go for a ride. Come on. That's too small for the both of us.

No, it isn't! Jump on! I'll give you a pump.

Where'd you get this? I got it from a fr-

What the hell are you wearing? Hey, guys.

It's a jumpsuit. Clay, look at this guy.

He looks like a rodeo clown. He looks like a little banana.

Where are you from anyway, man? I'm from around here.

- This guy used to mow our lawn. No shit.

Yeah, he was great. Clipping the hedges, sweeping up, mowing the lawn.

What was the name of your little lawn mowing company?

The Lawn Wranglers?

Let's go.

Keep up the mowing, kemosabe.

It was-It was- It's landscaping, not just mowing.

Man, don't listen to that guy. I don't know.

Sometimes I-I'm not always as confident as I look.

Did you see what he had on? Yeah. It was pretty cool.

All right, well-

Wait a second.

Dignan, wait a second!


Goddamn it.

I'm in.

What? I'm in.

I knew you'd be back.

Three conditions.

One, you mastermind the plan.

Yes. Two, Bob's on the team.

Let's hear the third one.

You gotta get me one of these jumpsuits. You like these?

Yeah! Done. Deal. All right.

You're doing the right thing, Anthony. Yeah, I know I am.

All right, I'll see you later on.

- Need any help? No, I think I got it.


Got the eye.

Okay. Faster!

Got the eye again.


Well, move back a little bit. Move back.

Hi, guys. Hey, welcome back, kid.

He's back, Mr. Henry. Where's Bob? The... The rich kid?

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, Bobby! What do you say, man?

Dignan, what do you say, buddy? Come on in. Hey, Bob.

Nothing much. What are you guys drinking?

Water for me, please. I'll have a Tom Collins, please.

Tom Collins. Okay. Hey, man. I want you guys to know... it was too bad about what happened on the road.

I'm glad to see ya. Yeah, it was unfortunate.

Let's not even talk about it. It was stupid.

It was real stupid. It was extremely stupid.

Dignan, I want you to know I don't expect an apology. I don't even want one.

Can you believe this guy? "I don't expect an apology."

Let's not get into this. Guys.

Of course you don't want to get into it.

You would've let my brother rot in fucking jail! You said 48 hours!

I never agreed to that. That's a lie! That's a lie!

Bullshit! Backyard! Right now! Let's go!

Just wait here. - Come on, Bob!

Backyard? This is my house, asshole!

- Get out here! Bob, wait a second. Look.

That's fine. Look, I know you're feeling angry, and-

I think the thing to do is, we're all three here-Let's talk- Wait a second, Anthony! Bob is a big boy.

Now we are in the real world.

We don't settle our problems with hugs, man. We settle them with bare knuckles and-

Right. How about that?

God. Bob, stay there.

Dignan. In my own house?

Bob, st-Stop it!


Stop. Got me with a left hook, man.

Okay, no more fighting. No more fi-

Bob. Come here, Bob. I'm gonna hug him.

What are we doing out here? What happened?

Man! You went crazy.

I just wanted- I don't know. I just-I don't know.

I was looking forward to seeing you guys. Come here.

Bob, we'd like to have you on the team... if you'll have us.

Roberto, let me get something straight here.

You-You don't play any tennis?


And you-you don't play any golf.

No. No. So why do you belong to a country club?

You got me. You're a piece of work.

The food is damn good.

Well, yeah. You just sign.

My work is the finger work.

Usually my work is-

The-The- Little sound... and good touch.

How you doing, Bob? - Hey, Jackson.

When will your folks be back in town?

It's hard to say, Jackson. Last I heard, they were in Singapore.

Your brother was up here the other day. He said you ran away from home.

- He said what? You ran away from home.

Shit. I'll see ya, Bob.

Hi, guys. Bob, fancy seeing you here, the rest of the gang.

Hi. John Mapplethorpe. Kumar. Hi.

Kumar, nice to meet you. John Mapplethorpe. Applejack.

Applejack, nice to meet you. John Mapplethorpe.

John, great pleasure to meet you. And your name is-

Jackson said you told him I ran away from home, Jack.

Yeah, I might've mentioned it.

Jack, I'm 26 years old. I didn't run away from home.

That's right. You're on that top secret mission.

I'm sorry. I forgot I wasn't supposed to say anything.

I'd just appreciate it if you didn't run around telling everybody lies about me.

Okay. I'm sorry. I apologize. I know you have a reputation to uphold.

Won't happen again.

- Jonathan. Yeah.

You know, Jonathan... the world needs dreamers.

Excuse me? I don't think so.

You know, John, one day, I believe that you're gonna wake up... and realize you no longer have a brother and you no longer have any friends.

And on that day, I'm gonna be standing front and center just laughing my fucking head off.


John? Hi-yah!


Man, I'm just messing around with my brother.

Are we okay here? Okay, okay, okay. Okay.

I hope this doesn't offend you, Bob, but... your brother's a cocksucker.

That offend you? I know. No. That didn't offend me.

Okay, good.

♪ Welcome, Bob Got a beautiful house ♪

Hispanic male nonsmoker... enters white van, southwest door.

Mark that down. I did.

There you go. Drive away just like you always do.

We got it, man. We know it backwards and we know it forwards... because we've done the legwork and we've done the research... and now it pays off tomorrow. Yes, we have.

Just gotta follow through. What are you working on?

It's one of your little drawings.

There he goes, pole-vaults over the thing. There he goes and there he is.

I love it though. I love it. You're creative.

Tell me something.

What do you think of Inez?

As a person? Yeah, as a girl.

I liked her.

I thought she was a good person... she was friendly, she was attractive.

I didn't get to know her as well as you did.

That's the only reason why I even bother to hesitate.

That kid Rocky struck me as kind of a weirdo.

He-I didn't... What? Rocky?

He said he loved you and- What?

Yeah, he said he loved you. Was he-

I mean, that was-just seemed strange. Was he translating?

Was... Was he translating for me when he said he loved you?

He said he loved you.

No, he wasn't translating. That's how I understood him.

He was talking in English. I was like, "What? Okay. I'll-"

Anthony, where ya going? He's just a mixed-up kid!

Anthony, come on! You're blowing our cover! Maybe I didn't understand him!

Hi. I'm calling for a motel. I don't know the area code. I just know the name of the motel.

Listen. Could I borrow him a minute?

All right, sure. Come on.

I was thinking, you know, it might give you... a feeling of security if I went in there with you tomorrow?

You know, just-just for backup.

Get tricky. No, that's right.

Well, I mean, it couldn't hurt, could it?

No, it couldn't hurt, but-

Well, you gotta weigh the pros and the cons.

You're the one who hipped me to that, Mr. Henry.

Sure. Well, what are the cons?

Cons: If you go in there tomorrow... then it's just another score by Abe Henry.

That's-That's true.

Yeah, hi. Can I speak to Inez, please?

No, she's one of the housekeepers. She works there. She's worked there for a while.

Please don't do this to me, ma'am.

Look. I'll-Let me see what I can do.

Well, it's your decision.

If it's okay with you... it would mean a lot to me... if you let me try this one alone.

Damn. I'm gonna tell you something, kid. You got the guts of a damn lion.

Housekeeping. Carmen, how's it going?

Yeah, I'm looking for Inez. Have you seen her today? Is she in?

Nope. She not here.

Hey, man, how's it going?

Hello? Yeah, hi. I'm looking for Inez.

She's one of the housekeepers there.

She is? Yeah, she is. Hold on.

It's for you. Telephone. Thank you.

Hello? Inez?


Yes! She recognizes my voice.


No, I'm at a party. Yeah.

God, you sound terrific. How are you?

That's great!

No, I'm great. I'm great. Especially now that I got you.

I been looking all over for you. I talked to every single person at the hotel today.

When am I going to see you again?

God, your English is really improving, you know that?

It sounds-You're fluent now, Inez. Thank you.

So, the word on the street...

Or should I say, the rumor has it that...


I heard you love me.

Yes. I do.


God, Inez.


Bird Dog to Scarecrow. Bird Dog to Scarecrow. Come in.

Go ahead, Bird Dog.

I got a visual read on you. You're all clear.

Outstanding, Bird Dog. Outstanding. Stand by.

Let's go. Let's go. Kumar, are you ready?

Yeah. Let's get lucky.

Move! Everybody, move! Come on! Let's go! Keep up the intensity, Kumar. Kumar!

Come on!

Scarecrow? Jack Knife. Come in, Jack Knife.

Is everything all right up there, man?

Affirmative, Jack Knife. We're approaching the elevator right now on my left.

Stand by. Bird Dog. Come in, Bird Dog.

Copy. Move to your second position. Fast! Go!

Copy that. Moving.

You guys take the elevator. I'm gonna make sure the stairway-I'm gonna secure the stairway.

Kumar, are you okay? Yeah.

I'm heading up the stairway. Everything looks good.

Oh, geez. Okay. I just hit my knee. Okay. Testing. Testing. Kumar. Kumar.

The button. What?

I'm okay.

Stop! Stop! Get it down! Go!

Go! Go! Go! Where you going? Come here. Come here.

Rendezvous at the checkpoint in six minutes. Checkpoint, six minutes.


Who's that man? Who's-What?

Who's that man? That's Applejack. Come on.

Where we are going, man? Right down the corridor here.

Are you nervous? Yes, I am nervous.

There it is. Oh, boy. That's perfect. That's perfect.

No problem. Hey Jack Knife, come in.

Yeah. You know something?


I really don't want to do this robbery, you know?

Man, neither do I.

You want me to come up there with you? Guys, keep this line clear at all times. Come on.

Any activity, Bird Dog? Negatory. We're all clear.

Good. It's supposed to be.

Yeah. Got a pretty spectacular view from up here.

I can see the whole city now from the- east side all the way to the west side.

Anthony, th-the elevator's moving. Who's on the elevator?

I don't know. Well, check it! It's moving right now!

Bob, what are you doing?

My walkie-talkie busted. I don't know what's going on.

Give it to me. Did you drop it? Come on, Bob! I didn't drop it!

You're supposed to be down on the loading dock.

You go down there, man! I'm by myself down there! Come on, Bob.

Move it, Bob. What's happening? What's going on?

It was Bob. He dropped his walkie-talkie! Who's watching the front door?

Get back in position, assholes!

I couldn't hear!

Keep your head in the game! Quiet!

That's the elevator. Applejack, talk to me. What's going on?

- Somebody's coming out of there. Look! Jesus Christ.

- Hold it right there, guys. Stay right there. Freeze! Freeze!

Come here! Come here! Up against this wall! Come here.

Up against this wall. Move, move, move, move!

- Go! Move! Move! Right here! Right here!

Look at the ceiling! Up against the wall! What are you doing here?

We work here. You're always at lunch now!

Not always. Yes! Always!

Okay, let me think.


Hold on! Jesus, Dignan.

What the hell are you doing here? My walkie-talkie broke, man.

Two minutes.

Okay. Put on your masks.

They've already seen our faces, Dignan! Don't worry about it. Put on your mask!

Kumar, we got problems.

What are you doing sitting down? Come on, man!

I could not do it, man. I- You can't get it?

No, I could not do it. Come on, man!

Bob, will you please put the mask on?

I can't get it on! Dignan, come on! What's going on?

- Where's Kumar? Forget it, then! Forget it. Just forget it, man!

You can't do it because you never knew how in the first place!

Kumar is totally lost. He doesn't know what... Stop!

What are you guys doing here?

Get behind these guys!


Jesus, Bob! What the hell, man? Jack Knife, what is your problem? I didn't do anything.

Applejack! Applejack! What's wrong with Applejack?

You okay? Did you shoot him?

No, I didn't shoot him! He must be having a heart attack or something!

Drop your smoke! Let's go! Come on!

Applejack, stay with me! Help me move him!

Check his pulse! Check his pulse!

Come on! Check his pulse!

Anthony, guard these guys. I can't see.

Oh, man! Move on! Move on!

I can't believe this. I know I didn't shoot him.

He's got a bum ticker, man.

Get him in there, man.

Prop him up right here. Come on. Get him up.

Get up. Oh, man, he don't look good.

What's that? Stay calm. Stay right where you are.

Who tripped the alarm, man?

It's the fire alarm! Who tripped the fire alarm?

It's because of all this fucking smoke, man.

Hey, where's Kumar?

We're going down! Let's go!

Man, I blew it. I blew it, man.

Kumar, what were you doing in the freezer? I don't know, man. I lose my touch, man.

Did you ever have a touch to lose, man? What were you doing in there?

Let's go!

Come on. Wait for Kumar.

Come on, Kumar! Hurry up, Kumar.

Open your door! I can't! It's locked!

Open that door! - Hey!

Hey! The elevator broke!

What? The elevator broke!

Where's Applejack? He's stuck on the second floor.

Did he give you the keys? Did he give you the keys? Applejack drove.

What happened? I don't know.

What happened? What happened? Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Go!

Go! Go! What the hell happened to the plan, man?

I don't know. Come on. I'll meet you at Bob's.

What? I gotta get Applejack.

No, you're not. No, no. Yeah, I am.


I gotta fly solo on this baby.

Okay, Dignan... I don't have time to argue with you right now!

I don't have time either, okay, Dignan? Now, you get back to Bob's. Just go!

Who is in charge here?

You are, you dumb son of a bitch. Now please leave.

Give me this one. Give me this one.

You gotta give me this one.

Dignan, you know what's gonna happen if you go back there.

No, I don't.

They'll never catch me, man...

'cause I'm fuckin' innocent.

Jump in here. Concentrate on your breathing.

You gotta get oxygen to your heart!

Applejack! You got the keys! Unlock the door!

Freeze! Freeze! Don't move!

Put your hands on the car! Now! Put your hands up!

Drop the gun!

Stay there, buddy!

- Freeze! Drop it! Drop it!

Drop it! - Okay.

Drop the gun!

All units, 10-4. 4730 Crystal Springs Avenue.

Bob, there he is.

One month down, 23 to go.

Anyway, I said to the D.A., that cop who hit me must have given me C.R.S. disease.

What's that? That's just what the D.A. asked.

C.R.S. is a disease where you can't remember shit.

Like amnesia. Right. C.R.S.: "Can't Remember Shit."


Tell Mr. Henry I said that. Okay.

So is Mr. Henry gonna come by and see me or what?

I don't think so.

He actually robbed Bob's house.

You're kidding me. No, I'm not.

I can't believe that.

I almost robbed that place myself.

You think Applejack knew?

We haven't heard from Applejack... since he got out of the hospital.

His case got dismissed.

What? Why? We're not sure. We-

We think Mr. Henry probably had something to do with it.

Well, they take the health problems into account, so-

So what all did he get? Pretty much everything.

I'll bet he got that grand piano. He got everything.

I bet that grand piano's worth 10 grand.

I'm sorry, Bob.

Yeah, but, you know, in a strange way... it's brought me and Future Man closer together.

I mean, we went out to look for a new piano the other day, and... he looks at me, and he says, "Bob..." just because you're a fuckup doesn't mean you're not my brother."

That kind of touched me.

You know, he-he doesn't normally open up like that.

Hey, I talked to Inez last night. Really?

Gonna be bringing you a care package when she comes up here.

No shit. Yeah.

She liked me. - Oh, yeah.

- Hang on to that one. Okay.

You want anything special? No.


I got something for you guys.

Oh, yeah? Belt buckles that I made.

Hey. There's one for you, one for you.

I made a couple more that I was gonna give to... well, you know, Applejack, Kumar and Mr. Henry... but-I don't know, maybe give it to Inez or-

I don't care. Give it to-Give it to those guys. I don't have any hard feelings.

And there's this little piece.

That's for the tip.

Thanks. We did it, though, didn't we?


Yeah, we did it, all right.

Well, thank you for coming.

It's good seein' you.

Did you bring that grappling hook? Grappling hook?

Don't worry. I think I might have found a way out of here.

You're kidding. - No, I'm not.

How? Wait for my instructions.

When we go through the next gate, you'll have 30 seconds to take out the tower guard.

What? Thirty seconds. Have the car running at the northwest checkpoint.

- Dignan- Bob and I are gonna scale the barricade.

Hold on! - And then we're gonna tunnel through to no-man's-land.

And, Bob, remember, shield me from the bullets. They won't shoot civilians. Are you ready?

Hold on, man! Wait a second, Dignan!

Let's go! Let's go! Now! Now! Now!

Isn't it funny how you used to be in the nuthouse and now I'm in jail?