Bound to Vengeance (2015) Script

Come on, babe. Look at the camera. What?

Camera. Come on, make love to the camera. Stop it.

Camera. Come on, make love to the camera. Oh, come on, stop it.

What are you doing? Nothing. Turn around. Turn around.

Okay, what? What do you want? What should I say?

Send a message. Something to our children.

Our children? Really?

Well, the ones we're gonna have, you know?

We fall in love, we move in, we get married, we have kids.

Those kids go through our things and find the old shoebox filled with tapes years later.

Forever. Just say your name, say your age.

Turn around. Say your name, your age, blow a kiss to the camera.

Hi, I'm Eve. I just turned 21.

Sorry, I couldn't get here before. Too much work.

You didn't die on me, did ya?

Poor sick... little puppy.

Come on now, I bought the vegetables you wanted.

I cooked the soup like you like it. It's all for you.

There's no reason to share anymore. It's... it's for you.

Just eat something, okay?

I'm coming back later to see if, you know...

You know, I know you're starving...

Come here.

Come here.

Eve, Eve, listen to me. Wait.


Come on.





Please, somebody help!

This is gonna happen. Come on, please. I don't...

No, no, no, come on. Come on.

...happen, I promise. You trust me? You trust me?

Not that you... What's gonna... Come on. Come on!

Ladies first. I can't.

Don't make me do this. You're just a little nervous?

What are you doing? Stand here. Stand here.

Oh, my God. Why am I doing this?

No reason to fear here. There is no fear here.

I got ya.



Do you love me? No.

Do you love me?

Yes. Yes, I love you. How much do you love me?

Alright, no, no, no, I'm not answering that.

I can go all night, bitch.

Now what?

Coming back to apologize?

What happened to these girls?

Girls. You did have fun upstairs.

What'd you find? How many girls did you take here?

Here? What makes you think I would bring them here?

Tell me where they are. Why would I do that?

Because if you don't, I'll kill you.

I think you're forgetting...

I'm the only one who knows where they are. So... if you kill me... then you're killing all the rest of them.

You didn't think about that.

Oh, God.

So what now? You gonna let them all die?

Just like you did before.

Remember over there in the corner?

Go ahead. End it right here.

All you want is your own little piece of revenge, isn't it?

Go ahead, kill me.

Kill them.







Tell me where they are. Last chance.

You're losing it.

Talk. Talk.

Yeah, I talk and you shoot me in the head.

Shut up! And one more thing.

I promise you... you'll never find them without me.

What are you gonna do now? Reload.

So what's the plan?

You are gonna take me to the other girls.

You think I'm just gonna let you drive me around town like a dog on a leash?

And then we just... set the girls free one by one?

Is that your plan?

Hand me the keys to the van.

Right now!


Hey, where you going?

You know, you don't want this on you. I mean, 4 dead girls? God!

Because you ran away? Because you left them?

Put it on.

Put this around your neck.

I'll put it on. You take me to the hospital, I'll put it on.

Where'd you learn how to do the brick thing?

Put this around your neck. Yeah, I'd love to. I'd love to do that.

Fuck off! Put it on!

Wanna make a deal? Put it on.

You take me to the hospital, I'll show you the girls.

I'll take you to the girls, you take me to the hospital.

Deal. Put it on. Deal. Okay.


Wait a minute. Open the lock.

Unlock it right now.

No more talking. Get the fuck up now!

You fuck with me, it'll be the last thing you ever do. You hear me?

Come on. Go!

I'm going.

To the driver's seat. Now!

I can't even breathe. Get the keys.

Go. Getting there.

Innate there. Let's go.

Where to? What?

I mean, we can either go to the girl that's the closest or we can go to the one that hasn't eaten in a week.

In a week? Yeah.

I never could get top dollar from any of those girls like I did for you.

You are one special girl.

Just take me to the closest!

You look like you know how to handle a weapon.

I like tough women. I like tough women.

You better. Yeah.

Come on. Please?

Calm down. Everything's gonna be fine.

You trust me, right? Yeah.

Oh, my God!

How much further is it?

They're all... pretty close together.

No sense driving all over town, right?

Stop right here. Turn it off. It's off. It is off.

Come here, fucker. Get over here! Alright. Loosen it up.

Who's in there? Who's in the house? What? Nobody's in there. I mean...

The girl is, of course. She's the black one. Where's the light? Where's the light?

Alright, ease up.

I can't remember her name. What's her name?

Nina. Her name is Nina.

Nina. Yeah. Yeah.

Go, move. You know she is...

Move, fucker. Don't even think about trying anything.

I'm not trying anything.

Open the door. Oh, God!

There are...

Let me get the keys. Shut the fuck up. Open the door.

The right keys.

Let's go.

Jesus Christ!

Yeah, she's a bad host.

You're gonna remember our deal though, right?

Open the door. Alright.

This is too tight.

I'm not...

I'm not hearing anything. I'm not seeing anything.

No, no. No, don't!

Calm down. Calm down. No, no.

You're getting her...

Just stop, stop, stop. It's okay. It's okay.

She's done! You can't help her. Shut up!

No. No. No. It's okay. I'm here to help you...

She's broken! Don't do it. Don't do it. It's okay, it's okay.

No, no. Nina! Nina! No, Nina!

Nina! Nina!

Nina! No.

No, Nina! No. No!

No, stop!

Nina, stop!


Did she escape?

Where is she?

Oh, my God.

Oh, shit!

Hey, Eve. See this...

It's not all hero shit here, is it, sweet cheeks?

Yeah. You thought she was gonna help you?

Get up! Wait.

I'll get up.

I'll get up.

Get up, asshole.

Oh, shit. Get in the van now. Let's go!

Jesus! Fuck!

So who you gonna save now? The closest.

The closest. Okay.

That would be little Laura.

How much further till the next one?

Couple of blocks.

So... you gonna do the same thing with this girl that you do with Nina?

Nice job, by the way. Shut up.

The best thing that girl had going for her was that room back there.

And you fucking took it away.

You know... but don't worry about it.

Nobody'll miss her. It's always like that.

Nobody cares.

Unless you're white, rich.

Anyway... hope you got a new plan 'cause... here we are.

Beautiful little Laura.

I gave her that name. Pretty, isn't it?

Remember, they're not all as sweet as you are.

Get out.

Going to the long route.


Take the keys. Hey, look...

Take the keys! Go.

This thing's choking.


Where is it? It's this way.

Right this way.

Over here.

Do you like what she's done with the place?

You gonna kill this one too? Move.



Laura, here.

Get that thing off of her!

Won't do. Get that fuckin' thing off of her!

Alright. I will.

Laura, listen to me. Listen to my voice.

Let me get this.

I'm gonna get this off of you.

Okay. Okay. There we go.

I got that off of you.

Listen to me Hurry up.

We have... company.

I want you to meet Eve.

Hurry up. This is Eve.

Unchain her. Why are you here?

Unchain her, right now. Okay.

I'm here to help you, okay?

What do you want? I wanna set you free.

I've been warning you. They are not all like you, sweet cheeks. Alright.

Get over here.

Let's get this off.

Who is this slut?

Oh, you didn't have to say that. She's a nice girl.

Eve is a sweet, sweet girl.

And she has come here...

She is here... to take your place.

Nobody takes my place! No, no, no! Stop!

Get her! Get her!

Kill her! Kill her! No.

Get her!

You shot me! You piece of shit.

You shot me, sweet cheeks! Fuck you! I hate you. Fuck you!

You piece of shit. Die!


Oh, I missed you. I missed you too.

No, stop it.

Don't leave. I don't want to.

You have to fight me now. I don't want to...

You gonna scream? No.

This will hurt.

Don't worry. You'll get used to it.


The pain.

Those girls aren't anything like you.

You're different.

Just nicer.

You wanted this.

You set me up.

Kind of.


Seems like your plan is not working.

Just... take me to the police station.

All this will be over.

At least I can finish this.

Alright. Okay.

You win.

I give up.

I never meant to hurt anybody.

I never wanted it to end up like this. You gotta believe me.

I'm not a great man, okay?

I have no life.

No money. Nothing.

So that's why you destroy other people's lives?

You suffered.

I... suffered, too. I did.

I watched my mother...

rot away... with cancer for 5 years.

It wasn't quick.

It was slow and it was painful.

And I couldn't do anything about it.

I was broke.

I couldn't ease her pain.

I couldn't help her.

I couldn't even give her a proper funeral.

Listen to me.

I didn't take you.

I don't do that.

I take care... of you.

I never touched you.

I'm not the hunter.

I'm only a...


It wasn't personal.

All I ever wanted was a decent life.

A family. Maybe a son.

Just like...

Ronnie would have wanted. What the fuck did you just say?


You know what, now it's your turn. No, no, no, no, no.

Yeah, come on. My name's Ronnie.

I'm 25. What the fuck do you know about Ronnie?

I'm just saying your boyfriend...

Nothing. I just saw him on TV.

Listen, I'll give you something big.

It's bigger than me.

It's bigger than these girls.

Ronnie knew about it.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Ronnie... he went to look for you when you disappeared.

All over town.

He never found you.

But he found some things.

Horrible things.

I can show you what he found.

After the next house, after we get Lea.

No more tricks. No more surprises.

Wait! Hey, now. Come on, give it back.

No. This is my home video.

Come on. Do you love me? No.

Do you love me? Come on.

Turn off the light! Turn it off!

They kidnapped me. Calm down. It's okay. Calm down.

Help me. Help me. Calm down.

Okay, it's okay. Look, I'm here to help you.

I'm gonna get you the fuck out of here. You gotta relax. Okay, just relax.

They're gonna come back! Who's coming back?

Okay, but what's his van doing here?

Even old Phil, he probably wanted to ride a show.

Come on, man. He always takes the first ride.

What the fuck was that? Did you hear that?

What the fuck?


Give it to her. Give it to her now. I'm gonna give it to her.

Give it to her. I wanna give it to her.

I... I can go all night, bitch!


You fucking...

It's okay, it's okay.

Fuck you!

You fucking piece of shit! Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Like that? We gotta go.

Fucking like that?

You got any real clothes? Who are you?

Here. Change.

Who the fuck are you?

Look, we don't have much time, okay?

Let's go. I don't give a shit who you are, okay?

I just want to know who to thank for saving my ass.

Help. Help me.

Come on. Shoot him! Help.

Shoot this motherfucker!

It'll be more painful if you just leave him.

Hey! Why aren't we calling the cops? I'm sure they were gonna rape me in there.

What's wrong with you?

Where are you going?

Do you know what they did to me in there?

What the fuck is your problem?

Hey! Are you fucking listening to me?

Get in if you're getting in.

Christ. Fuck!


Fuck! Fuck! No!


You killed them.

You fucking bitch.

You killed them.

Every one of them.

Wait, I feel like I'm gonna be sick. Stop.

Hey! What?

Hi. Oh, I missed you.

Are you okay?


Are you alright? Yeah. Thanks to you, right?

Is this you?

Do you know this girl? Katrina?

How did you know where I was?

What the fuck! That's the guy who grabbed me.

What the fuck is he doing here? Wake up!

Fuck. Are you listening to me?

Hey! Why is this piece of shit here?

We gotta fucking kill this piece of shit. No! We made a deal.

Told you, no tricks. Just shut up!

I don't give a shit about your deal. Stop.

You're as crazy as he is. You are crazy.

You would kill her to save me?

You know... she killed those other two girls.

Don't you get it? I found you!

And now we need to find her. Are you in or are you out?


I'm not going anywhere with her. She's not part of the deal.

How do I know you won't just stand there while she beats me?

You know what? That's a fucking good idea. Shut up. Both of you. Can you drive?

Then, do it. Let's go.

You gonna kill her too?

Another dead body.

The only dead bodies are in the house.

What dead bodies?

Shut up.

Now... tell me what Ronnie found.

Who the fuck is Ronnie?

Tell me where he went.

Or lose it. Fuck you!

Now, we're gonna try again. If you tell me to fuck off one more time, I swear to God, they'll be calling you lefty for the rest of your life.

Other ones are closer... you fucking lunatic. What others?

The ones Ronnie found.

What are you talking about? Who did he find?

When? Why is he there? 101 South.

Why was Ronnie there?

Take me to the hospital.

We had a deal. Hey, do you want me to turn around?

Drive, just drive. If you don't take me there, I'm not gonna make it.

Fine. I'll keep you alive.

Even when you're begging me to kill you.

101 South.

What is this place?

Somewhere you don't wanna be for very long.

Door 4.

You can't miss it.

Ronnie even found it.

Let's go. What about him?

He's not going anywhere. This is a bad idea.

Yeah, this whole night's been a bad fucking idea.

What if there are more men in there?

Then, I kill them.

Come on. Come on.

Goddammit. Let me try.


Be careful. Stay behind me, okay?

I think it's here. Come on.

Who did this to you? Who runs this place?

Who did this to you? Eve... what if they're still here?

What are you doing here?

We wait for the big man.

He bring us here.

New girls come every few week.

He bring them here, then... girls come and go as they buy.

Men come here, they choose girl... prettier girls go first. Is there anyone else here?

It's okay. We're here to help.

A man, a tall man. H... he run off.

What? Shit! We gotta go.

What? Wait here, okay? We'll call the police.

Are we just gonna leave them in here? There's someone else here. We gotta go.

We can't leave them here. Where are you going?

We can't stop. We have to go to the next house. Why? Why should we keep going?

Because there are more girls I have to save. I have to save them.

And I had to save you because I had to try!

I gotta go. Are you really gonna leave us here?

Eve, what happened to you?

I'm sorry. Just... thank you. Okay?

For saving my life.

Look... just stay here and get some help, okay?

There's got to be a phone around here somewhere. Just wait for the police to arrive.

Be careful. What about the douchebag in the van?

Yeah, I got a bone to pick with that asshole.

Sweet cheeks.

Sweet cheeks.

Stupid motherfucker, don't move!

Watch out.

This hero stuff is harder than it seems?

You already killed two women... you wrestled a giant and... guess what?

Wanna call the cops now?

Now, bring her to me.

Bring her to me.




You probably should have killed me when you had a chance, sweet cheeks.

I love it when they wiggle around like that.

Yeah, she's a lot of fun.

Let's just shoot her in the face right here.

After what she did tonight?

Fuck her. Let's take our time.

You're the boss. Shoot her in the leg.

Right where she shot me. Yeah.

Are you okay? Yeah.

Hey, now. I will be.

Wait, we had a deal, right? You're not gonna forget that.

We had a fucking deal. Katrina, the last girl, she wasn't here.

Where is she? Last chance, tell me where the next house is.

Well, well, I...

Oh, God! Try to fuck with me again, motherfucker.




1404 Brown.

It's the last house.

I'm sure you're gonna love the last house.

Yeah, that wasn't so bad. Yeah, I know.

You went to Spain? I did.

That's what I wanna do. I wanna travel. I wanna travel, see the whole world.

It changes your perspective. Yeah.

Look how beautiful that is.

Hurry up. The cops will be here any minute. Make sure they find the girls, okay?

Eve... are you sure about this?

The last girl, she didn't make it. Okay? I... I can't...

Eve, you saved me. And you've saved those girls.

Do what you gotta do, okay?

You have one new voice message.

Phil, where are you?

You still at the office?

Anyways, don't forget to get the cereal for our little munchkin.

Oh, and your mother called again. I think she's coming for dinner tomorrow...

What makes a man like you?

You know, we're not as lucky as your Ronnie boy.

Stop saying that name.

Ronnie boy? Why?

Ronnie boy's a good guy.

I'm sure he misses you so much.

I'm gonna end this.

You are?

You're gonna end your little fucked up revenge thing?


But the truth is, you killed those girls.

I guess it was your fault.

You could have avoided all that.

You should have shared your food a little more at least or... that one in the corner?

You can't blame me for that.

Definitely your fault.

It's over.

It's not over.

You have no idea what you're dealing with.

Not even close.

Not until you see the next house.

You... are really gonna love the next house.

Don't fucking move.


What the fuck is going on here?

You're alive! I was looking everywhere for you.

God. God, you're covered in blood.

Do you need an ambulance? Are you okay? Are you bleeding?

I'll call the police. Don't fucking move!

Okay, easy, baby. Everything's gonna be okay.

Put the gun down.

You're safe here.


Why are you here? Eve.

Why are you here? This isn't your house.

Why does he know you? What do you mean?

He keeps saying your name all the time. Do you know him?


I spent six months looking for you.

I lost my job.

I spent everything I had. I lost my home.

Eve, what happened to you?

Tell me what's going on.


I escaped.

Baby, come here.

Everything's gonna be fine. Put...

Just... they're not gonna hurt you anymore.

I was kidnapped.

They... they did things to me. They...

Hey. Just come sit down. Alright?

What the fuck was that? Easy, easy.

What the fuck was that? Easy.

Okay. Just...

I'm sorry, I... I met someone.

Honestly. I thought that I'd never...

Show me.

What the fuck is that?

What are these pictures?

Alright. Hold on. Let me explain...

Then fucking start talking!

You were gone for a long time.

I searched for you. The police... they didn't help.

Okay, there were more girls that disappeared, like you.

And I went to look for them to look for you.

And I... Eve...

But I couldn't... I couldn't find you.

Look at me. Stop. I already searched the photos. There's nothing in there that you won't find that I already have gone through. Let's just get...

Who is she?

I told you.

I met someone.

Katrina. Is this the girl you met?

That's how he knows you, right? Eve.

Move. What... what can I do?

What can I do? Open the door.

No, don't do this.

I'll do anything.

What can I do? Move.

Tell me what you want. I'll do anything.

Wait... Open the door.

Open the fucking door.


Turn the lights on.


It wasn't personal.

Say your name for the camera and your age.

Why? Come on, please?

Why? You're just... you're just so beautiful.

But could you smile at least a little more? There you go.

Look like you're having some fun. What...

Kids, never point a gun at anybody else.

It's a bad thing. Now, don't... Oh, wait. Come on. Come on, give it back.

I guess I have your boyfriend to thank for that.

Yeah, you knew him pretty well, right?

What were his last words?

Tell me what you want. I'll do anything. Yeah, I need something.

His last words were an address.

I need an address. Okay. I'll give you whatever you want.

The final house.

Oh, what's...

What the... what the hell are you doing?

One more stop. No.

Don't do that.

I'll do anything you want. Don't do it. Don't do it.

Please! Don't take me there.

Don't take me there. Please!

Don't you understand?

You can't do this.

I won't tell them anything if you... if you don't stop this.

And there's girls out there. There's so many girls out there just like you.

And they're scared.

And they're hurt... and they need your help.

This is bigger than me and you.

And you can save them.

You can do this.

But you gotta stop.

You gotta stop what you're doing. I know what you're doing. Goddammit!

I'll give you the names. I'll... I'll give you money.

All my contacts.


I'm begging you.

I'm begging you now.

Don't do this.

It wasn't personal.

It wasn't personal.

Phil! What happened, Phil?

No! Oh, my God. What happened?

What happened, Phil?

Oh, my God! Phil! Oh, my God. Are you alright? Look at me.

I bought the vegetables you wanted.

I cooked the soup like you like it.

And it's all for you.

There's no reason to share anymore.

It's for you.

You don't have to worry about your sister... anymore.

Not anymore.


So how was your trip? It was awesome.

Completely changed my perspective. Europe will do that to you.

Yeah. So what's next, college or what?

I don't know. There's so much stuff I want to do.

For right now I'm just gonna focus on having fun.

Well, I'm happy you're back. I'm so happy.

This is just so cute. Why don't you give her a kiss.

Cool. Alright, now make out.

What? That's so gross. So gross. That's gross.

Okay. Alright. Okay. Fine, I'll give it to you.

This is my sister. Alright, so Dylan... you just look at the camera, give me your name and age...

My name's Dylan, I'm 19 and I finished high school. Happy?

Yes. Not... Come on. Okay, now it's your turn.

Give that. Yeah, that's not funny. Come on, you love me, right?

Yes, I love you. Is that a good answer?

I thought it was pretty good. Your sister's approval?

Come on, you know what to do. Come on...


It's slowing down.

Okay, slow down. The worst is over.