Bourek (2015) Script

2012 might be over, but the apocalypse is still in front of us.

Wars are raging.

Terrorism is on the rise.

The world's getting hotter and more polluted by the minute.

The financial markets are sinking.

You are not a true believer.

You thought the world would end in 2012, but that was never the right date.

I've seen the truth, and the truth is, the world will end now.

All signs point to that.

Repent! Repent!

Repent! Save your souls.

The stock markets keep falling for the third day in a row, and unrest and demonstrations in various parts of the world continue.

Fear of the spreading of a new deadly virus is causing panic among health officials, and wars in the Middle East are intensifying as the threat of terrorism looms large.

And in other news, be careful with your drinking water, it might just be contaminated.

And the latest reports show that the stock markets will inevitably collapse any day now.

Social services are being cut in the latest round of austerity measures.

The economy keeps sliding down and protests are only intensifying.

In other news, there seems to be no end...

Can you turn it down?

Later on our newscast, we will be talking to climate change expert David Flannigan about the rapid developments of our rising sea levels, and whether or not we have the technological means...

You thought the world would end in 2012, but that was never the right date.

I've seen the truth, and the truth is, the world will end now.

All signs point to that.

Repent! Repent!

Repent! Save your souls.

Hello, Pastor. We need to talk.

What's this?

You've read the Bible.

Of course.

There's a mathematical formula that I've discovered that when applied correctly, reveals a secret code, tells you the exact date and time of the apocalypse.

But there's more.

More than the apocalypse?

There's a place that will be saved.

I wanted to publish all this information, take out ads and billboards, let the people know so they could repent in time.

How much do you need?

A million or two.


You're a saint, W.C.

Which place?

37.1716, north.

27.0507 degrees east.

Coincidentally, those coordinates land exactly on Khronos.

On what?

It means time.

It's also a small Greek island off the coast of Turkey.

Do you know where that is?


Come on, I'll show you on the map.

You know that 800 number you got?

There's too many numbers.

It's a code. How come nobody gets this.

Honey? Honey?



We're going to Greece.


You're gonna love it.

What? What the hell?

And our top story this evening, Greece.

With worrying economic decline and high levels of unemployment, the Greek government have announced a plan to sell its small islands and privatize public beaches.

This has been met with countless demonstrations that have taken place today throughout the country.

Eleni, this place is a mess! I'm doing you a favor if I buy it.

How many times do I have to tell you 'No'!

Eleni! You're so beautiful when you're angry!

He is a total jerk!

Maybe we should talk about it... Nobody is coming to the island.

That's what I'm saying!

Telendos... Pserimos... and soon Khronos!

What do you think... they'll keep providing you with water and electricity?

On an island with 50 peasants and their donkeys... while the whole country suffers!

And with zero tourists!

Keine Touristen, kein Geld...

So what are your plans, Yorgos? To open hotels and casinos?

Offer travel packages to your German tourists?

I'm not dealing with cheap tourists! My clients are high caliber...

I have companies all over the Mediterranean!

You should come with me some time!

You are not German! Don't you get it?

You work for the Germans!

Give us more time to think about it. It's a big decision.

I gave you time... A lot of time...

No! One more week! No more discussion!

Not a day longer!

What do you think you're doing, Vasilis?

What do you want me to do? We have no money...

We can get no credit... We're in debt...

The government will evacuate all the small islands...

And you don't want to sell!

What are you doing?

This belongs to our family! This is where grandma...

I have my own family now, OK? And I have to worry about them!

I have more serious problems to worry about than this dump...

Don't give me that crap! You're just fine, with your family...

Eleni, are you blind?

Don't you see that everything is collapsing around us?

Eleni... Yorgos is offering good money for this dump...

We can pay off everything...

The Germans and Russians will buy everything anyways...

I don't want to move. Vasilis!

Fine! If you want to sink with this ruin, that's your choice!

But don't count on me later on!

Do you remember this oven? What about it?

You were ten, I was five - we were helping grandma with the pastry...

You looked like a snowman because you fell into the flour...

And then you were chasing the other kids around...

What does that have to do with anything?

We were happy here!

That was a different time...

We can try to do something... reopen the tavern, fix the...

Stop it! I don't want to get into this discussion again.

We're in debt, we can't get any credit...

If Yorgos pulls the offer, it's all over!

Eleni, they will take everything, and we'll be left with nothing...

We need this money...

Call me, OK?

We've been standing here for 15 minutes.

Just a moment...

No, now. Get us a table.

No problem.

Very sorry, madam, we only have tables to share.

This is ridiculous, let's go.

No, I'm hungry.


Show us the table.

Follow me.

I'm Fujiko, this is Frank.

We're artists, we live in Berlin.


It's in the back.


In the back.

What is?

The WC.

He means the bathroom.

Nice to meet you.

My name is Lilly.

No, seriously, that's my name.

W.C. William Cody Rupperts.

Help me, please.

And that's how we decided to come to Greece.

We're going to the Khronos island.

So, you heard about it too.

Yes. It's the least traveled island in the entire...

No, no, no. I mean the prophesy.

What's the prophesy?

The apocalypse.

God, not again. So, why Khronos?

Fujiko's a conceptual artist and we travel all over the world looking for this kind of unspoiled nature.

When we find it, we interact with it, we engage it using performance based on ritual which Fujiko does, and I record.


It's a metaphor of how technology disrupts nature.


It's fascinating.

Anyway, that's why we're going to Khronos, ja?

We've been researching all over Greece, Khronos is by far the least frequented of all the Greek islands.

Is that a fact?


Funny, that's where we're going.


Really? That's super.

We can travel together.

Sounds like a plan.


What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Hi. How are you?


Do you remember what happened to you?


Your clothes were wet.

This is me?

I don't remember.

You had a bloody head.

I think someone hit you over it.

Do you remember any of that?


I'm sorry, I looked into you wallet.

There is money in it, so I don't think you were robbed.

But I think we should call the police.

I'm sorry.

For what?

Can I stay here a while?

You don't want me to call the police?

Sorry, can I stay here until I remember?

It's fine, you don't have to apologize.

You're welcome to stay.

Where am I?

On Khronos. You don't remember anything at all?


Not even your name?


I think I should call the doctor.

Something happened.

Must be a reason why I'm here.

Can I just stay here just for a day or two until I remember?


But it might be serious.

I think it's fine.

But you don't remember anything at all.

I'm calling the doctor.

Say, "A."






Okay, he says that there is something bad in your head, like a short term memory loss, but you will be fine.

You will gain your memory back slowly.


Everything's gonna be fine, don't worry.

Everything's going to be fine, my friend.

Hallo, guten Tag, tschüss.

München? Frankfurt?

He is so stupid!

Hello. Hello, I'm from Luxembourg.

Parlez-vous français?

No, no, it's an English part.

Do you want to sleep with me tonight?

I do. Do you want to sleep with me tonight?

Do you want to sleep with me tonight?

Olewhoush... what was that?! That's French, you moron!

She asked if you speak French and you don't! You should just shut up!

Really? English part of Luxembourg? What was that?!

English people are everywhere - they must be a minority somewhere!

2 weeks without sex and now we're getting beaten, too!

Why did we even come here? What do you want?

There's the beach, we have a car, nobody fucks with us...

We spend one euro daily...- Nobody fucks with us... that's what I'm talking about!

The Swedish girls... -They're not Swedish, they're German, you moron!

I don't care as long as they're blond!

2 weeks- and nothing! Something needs to change-We need another approach!

We have to change location... there's too much competition here.

What are you talking about? This is like grandmother's village... there's nothing!

We said we'll try for 2 weeks... and if nothing, we'll try Khronos!

I thought we'll be popular because of our car... Shuddup! -Fuck you!

Where are you going?

Leave that! You want the waiter to beat us up, too?

She has a heavy hand!

Sardines, or... sardines? Well then, sardines...

Get some forks-do something! Be a member of the community!

What am I... supposed to serve sardines and provide cutlery? Really!

What are you doing here? Are you following me?

I also have to buy groceries, you know!

And I'm a little Red Riding Hood!

Yeah - But I'm not the big bad wolf.

What do you want, Yorgos?

To invite you to dinner.

I don't think so!

Come on Eleni, what are you trying to prove?

You're a beautiful woman and you live like you're in a convent.

Even if I wanted to go for dinner, what makes you think I'd go with you?

Ok, Ok... Let me carry your bags.

Thank you, I can manage on my own.

I just wanted to help.

If you want to help, stop pushing Vasilis.

I don't understand you. It's a good offer... Vasilis knows it.

You know it. I don't see the problem... "Kein problem."

Thank you, Yorgos... for your offer... And your invitation... but I can't.

What's your name please?

W.C. Rupperts.

Cool name.

And, I just need to see your passport, please.






Thank you for signing them in.

What happened to your face?

I fell off a tree.

Is the restaurant still open?

Not yet, but dinner will be ready soon.

Can we get the keys to the room now?


Thank you.

Isn't this beautiful.

No, it's not. Why did you bring me here?

Gonna get a nice tan here.

Nice hat.

You got a nice hat too.

Follow me.

Rupperts? Suitcase.

Rupperts? Rupperts?

I am not going there.


Tastes like perfume! It's mint Schnaps, you moron.

They put that thing in it... What's it called... Anus...

Hold this.

Thanks. Wait.

Great onion! These vegetables are amazing!

We have 20 euros left... so 20 more days!

If I don't score something, I'm gonna screw you.

That line wouldn't get you laid even in a brothel!

Whose idea was it to come here anyway?

Who goes to Khronos? Did you see any tourists here?

Shuddup - it's the most popular place now! Where did you hear that?

I read it in Swedish magazines. -Where did you read Swedish magazines?!

Stolie told me! -Who?! Stolie from Goteborg...

Stolie... well, he knows.

Can you put some oil on? You got a sunburn? Yeah.

You know, I think we should buy olive oil or something.

I think that's why chicks are running away from us.

You say you're from Luxembourg but you smell like a sardine.

Are you sure that what Stolie had read was about Khronos?

Of course it's Khronos!

It's not Rhodos maybe?

You stupid fuck!

Look at that!

Where did he come from?

Must be a smuggler...

Hello. I am Adem.



You are not Greek?

No, no, no.

God no - Serbian.





Piksi, soccer!

Piksi! Meister Piksi?

Very good.

No, Vujosevic… Sit down, sit down.

Take our sardines. Sardines, take.


Thank you, thank you.

Thank you, thank you. Fuck you and Piksi! You gave him my sardines!

Fuck you and Piksi! You gave him my sardines!

Shuddup! He knows Piksi!

You're such a magnet for idiots!


Bread? Now that you got my sardines, you can take the onion, too.

Now that you got my sardines, you can take the onion, too.

Bread, bread. Now that you got my sardines, you can take the onion, too.

Now that you got my sardines, you can take the onion, too.

You're such a moron! Shuddup!

Villa scored five goals, he played the best season ever.

He could score 55 goals, I'm telling you, if it wasn't for Iniesta.

Spain would never, ever...

You really think that the Dutch is better than Spain?

He really thinks that.

I think that Spain was bad.

They lost against Switzerland one nil in the group...

Come on, you're the coach.

After Brazil lost to Netherlands, I didn't care any more who would be world champion.

Fucking Scolari.

Fucking Scolari. You moron, it wasn't Scolari... Well, who was the coach... Dunga!

You moron, it wasn't Scolari... Well, who was the coach... Dunga!

I mean, defensive player leading Brazil.

I mean, defensive player leading Brazil. Give me that bottle! It doesn't taste like perfume any more? -Shut up!

Give me that bottle! It doesn't taste like perfume any more? -Shut up!

You really don't have to help me.

It's my pleasure.

Okay. Thank you, Mr. Nikos.

Call me Cal.


It's on my passport.

You forgot the olive oil, which is the most important thing, right?

That's it, better.

That looks delicious.

It's really simple, local food, stuffed peppers.

I hope you like it.

This is incredible.

Thank you.

And this is horiatiki.

Kalí óreksi.


What's wrong?

What's wrong? Are you kidding me?

This is wrong.

Well, it's not a five star, we could always get another hotel.

No, this is not a hotel.

This is a fucking trailer, and I'm not talking about the hotel, I am talking about the fucking island!

And why did you bring me here?

Calm down...

There is nothing here.

I thought you wanted me to be happy and have fun and then you brought me here to this shithole, there's nothing, what?

Listen, the world is gonna end.


I didn't wanna upset you, but it's true.

Who told you that?

Never mind.

It's that pastor from your church, that stupid church, the new church, what you call it.

He's right.

Is that why you brought all your cash?

Who told you that?

It's hard to miss, you count the money every day.


Did you ever think what you're going to do with that money if the world really ends?


Of course not, why would you think of that?

I'm the stupid one. I came here.

I gave everything up for you.

I gave up my career, my modeling, my acting, for what?

For this, this shithole. How could you do this to me?

I mean, you don't even trust me, I mean, what is wrong with you?

Go to the bathroom if you need to crap.


What? What?

Can we fool around a little?


I have a hard-on.

You took the pill.


Right, of course you did.


Work it out yourself.

Best hashish you will ever try.


Adem. Just a little bit more...

Just a little bit more...

You're the man.

Turn up the volume!

Greek Drogba.

He is Serbian Dervish , Serbian Dervish.

My head.

Don't give me any more...



Do you have a room for a few days?


Do you know how many days you want to stay?

I'm waiting for someone. I think two, three days.

Can you please sign in here?

Follow me.

And for the third day in a row, stock markets continue to fall as unrest, demonstrations...

I knew it. It's all falling apart.

Continuous striking and riots throughout the western world.

World officials tonight say that action must now be taken to ensure a stronger future.

Where am I?

What's your name?


No, Greek.

What happened to you?

I fell off the boat. My name is Tarek.

Where's your boat?

No boat.

Where are you from?


Must be a refugee.


Can I please get some rest?

I'm very tired.

We've still got empty rooms.

Give me your hand.

Thank you.

Got him. One, two, three.

Come on, we'll get you sorted.

What do you think?

I just tried to call Markus but, you know...

Who's Markus?


Anyway, the thing is that he's not coming back 'til Friday and I really don't know what to do.

Okay, just let him stay for a few days to recover.

Since you came, everything has changed here.

That's a good thing, isn't it?

I think it's fine, thank you.

You like it?



This is fantastic, it's even better than the stuffed peppers.

Thank you.

Your cooking is excellent, this place should be full.

What about this oven in the back?

I don't use it any more. My grandfather was a baker.

No, I'm serious, Eleni, I haven't had so much taste in my mouth, ever.

It's beautiful.

This is delicious.

Thank you.

It is like the sea and the sky, pure and honest.

I was an English teacher.

What happened?

I, being poor, have only my dreams.

I've spread my dreams under you feet.

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

That's brilliant.

That is William Butler Yeats. I liked it a lot.

How did you come here?

I love poetry. I was living in Tripoli.

There was no poetry in Tripoli for a long time, only death.

A thousand of us were on the boat that could carry maybe a hundred people.

Going over the Mediterranean, rough seas, I fell into the water.

I was swimming and swimming. I thought I would die.

But then I came on shore.

Come away, O human child.

To the waters and the wild.

With a faery, hand in hand.

For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.

That's genius.


It moves the heart, no?

So, you're familiar with that eastern, mystical stuff?


Leave him alone.

What, I can't talk any more?

What do you do?

Import, export.

I used to do that. Where are you from exactly?


What's it like there?

I am so sorry, he's clueless.

Of what? I'm trying to make conversation here, okay?

It is a very old city.

Sort of like Paris.

First show I did, we were researching bio food.

It's like the natural food without pesticides, herbicides, GMCs.

What is GMCs?

Genetically modified crop.

That sounds bad.

In Europe right now, you know, it's not quite as bad as in the US with all of these processed foods and things, but it's getting worse.

Nature is being killed, and food is the victim.

You sound very committed.

I live my art.

Conceptual artists are different.

The thing is, is we really believe that, that food is politics.

Yeats longed to live in the country and have nine bean rows and a hive for the honey bee.

So, you're telling me, Istanbul is both in Europe and Asia?

How can that be?

It's because of the Bosphorus.

The what?

It is a strait that connects the Black Sea with the sea of Marmara.

On one side, it's Europe, on the other is Asia.

That's wild.

110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170.

Where are you going?

I'm bored.

I'm going to take a walk.

Three, 310...

A beautiful night.

Beautiful night.

My name is Mirko.


I'm from Luxembourg.

Okay, and I'm from Hawaii.


I know a guy, Obama, he's from Hawaii?

I always wanted to go to Hawaii.

Well maybe then I should invite you.

And, where is your husband?

He's not my husband.

He's your uncle?

No, I'm like his nurse.

He's sick? Is it bad?

No. I take care of him, you understand.


And, what do you do here?

I'm just taking a walk. I was bored inside.

So, where's your buddy?

My body?

Not that buddy. Your friend.

The other, he's not my friend, he's just, I don't know him, he's traveling with me.

Just like that.

You want to go down to the water?

Sure, sure.

Let's walk.

What happened?

I twisted my ankle.

Your twisted ankle?

No, my leg.

Your leg.

Is it bad?

No, but it hurts.

You want me to take you back to the hotel?

No, no, no, it's not that bad.

You can carry me to the water. The water, yeah.

To the water?

Yes, the water.

Are you sure?

It hurts?

No, it's fine.

That's a nice spot.

Yeah? Here?

You sure?


I think they were right.

About what?

About the restaurant.

It's one thing to make dinner for a few people and it's another to run a whole restaurant.

Who would come here?

Well, did you try?

I really want to, but my parents went into debt and then they died, so, I don't have any money, I can't get any credit, and my brother wants to sell it.

What do you want?

Sometimes I think it would be easier that way.

You make people happy with your food.

It's a gift. You should try it.

Thank you, Cal.

You can call me whatever name you like.

Mr. Nikos. I like it more.

Okay, Mr. Nikos.

What is going on here? Vasilis!

Who are those people? Hotel guests!

Where did they come from? -From different places. They are tourists.

And what are you doing?

What does it look like? I'm re-opening the restaurant.

Have you lost your mind?

Why? We'll make good, real food.

With local ingredients-simple and honest. That's what people like.

Which people?

You think you can pay back the debt with that handful of weirdos outside?

What's your problem? And why do you always have to insult me?

Look. I don't know what you have on your mind... but please think about it.

The week is almost up and Yorgos will be back!

Don't start again with Yorgos!

So what do you want to do? You know I have problems.

Besides, I wasn't pampered like you.

That's not fair-You know it.

Unfair! I was the one who took care of mom and dad while you were living the good life in Athens.

And then, after they died, you decided to come back.

Do you ever think about me?

That's not how things happened exactly. You know that!

Eleni-I don't want to fight again.

But I think you're making a big mistake.

OK Vasilis, I've heard you.

Can you go now?


What do you mean there is no passport?!

That's just about everything, ja?


Anything else?

Thank you so much.

Good night.

Are you coming?

I think I just need a moment alone.


You're wasting your time.

What are you doing here?

I got one of these, too!

I really admire you.

And you came all this way to tell me that?

I mean it, Eleni... It's not what you think.

I've been in this field for years and I know how banks work.

With the interest you are paying you'll never repay your loan.

Even if you do well with your little tavern.

Thank you for encouraging me, Yorgos!

I can offer you 10 thousand more.

Why? -Because what I've just said- I admire you!

But it's now or never.

If you don't want to sell, I will take it later...

From the bank... Once it's in foreclosure!


When did you clean the oven?

I heard you talk about the bakery the other night and so I came here.

You are a baker?

I used to be.

And what happened?

My father was a baker, and his father's father, and his father's father's father.

You get the picture.

Now kids like pizza and fast food, and then there's frozen pastry.

I took out one loan, and then another to pay the first one, and then a third to pay the second one, and then I lost everything.

I had to switch to import, export.

I'm sorry.


This is Turkish tobacco.

What brought you here?

Honestly, I was waiting for my ticket to Sweden.

You are waiting for your passport?

I call it ticket, but my friend call me, he's not coming, so there is no ticket, no Sweden.

And what are you going to do?

What's a Turk to do in Greece? I have to go back.

I can't stay here.

Have some bourek, the cheese is really good.

I like it more with spinach.

I like it with lamb, but, I didn't want to go around killing sheep.

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100.

One, two, three, four...


I have to go.


Wait, I love you! Wait!


I think it better that in times like these, a poet's mouth be silent, for in truth, we have no gift to set a statesman right.

Excuse me?

That is William Butler Yeats, and I'm very sorry but we will have a table for you only in 30 minutes.

It's really late, we should get some sleep, and we clean the rest tomorrow.

I'm very happy, Mr. Nikos.

I told you.

When you really believe in something, you can make it come true.

That's my brother, Vasilis.

What was that?

It's probably some goats having sex.

Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up!

Fire! Wake up!

Wake up!

Come on, quick!

Go! Go!

That's it, come on, quick!

Quick, quick, quick, quick!

Come on, come on!

Faster! Faster!

Come on!

It's over.

I'm so sorry.

I found this in the kitchen.


I don't want to wait. Why should I wait?

Who else would do that? Who would do that?

Sorry, but I also found this.



Did something happen?

You dropped this last night!


Eleni! I was messed up... I didn't know what I was doing!

I was thinking of the insurance...

Eleni... don't leave!


The suitcase. The suitcase!

The suitcase! The suitcase!

The suitcase! You, you!

You took my money! Where's my...

I didn't take anything.

Where's my money?

Oi! Oi!

Calm down, mate, he hasn't got your suitcase, all right?

He's been here the whole time.

You! You!

You took my money! Where's my money?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, you took my money!

Hey, hey, hey!

Where's your girlfriend?

The red car's gone as well.

Can somebody get me some coffee?

Yes, baby.

Yes, baby. Hurry up, the ferry will leave soon!

Hurry up, the ferry will leave soon!

I will do it. Hurry up, the ferry will leave soon!

Hurry up, the ferry will leave soon! - Thank you, coffee, thank you.

Thank you, coffee, thank you.


Thank you.

I just wanna kiss one more time.

I need to go to the bathroom, I need to freshen up.

Just kiss me once.

I'll be back, I'll be back.

All right, baby.

I was robbed by that bitch.

Please, talk slow.

And those two weird Slobobian guys.

No English, no.

And the fucking red car!

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?


Baby, baby, how you've been?

What are you doing here?

It's been days since you've left the yacht.

I was so worried about you.

What happened here?

Who is this madman?

I will explain everything Marko, just give me one minute.

I will explain everything Marko, just give me one minute. - I want them all arrested.

I will explain everything Marko, just give me one minute.

I will explain everything Marko, just give me one minute. I want them hanged!

I will explain everything Marko, just give me one minute.

Do you have the death penalty in Greece?

Where is Lilly?

She went to the bathroom, maybe she has some needs, too... OK, OK!

Can you stop singing, please! At least not folk songs!

Papers, please.


The papers, passports.

In the car.

Just a second.

Where is the money?

Where is the money? She took the suitcase!

She took the suitcase!

What money? She took the suitcase!

She took the suitcase!

The money. She took the suitcase!

The money.

The money. What are you talking about? The bitch has set us up!

What are you talking about? The bitch has set us up!

What? That's not her suitcase? Fuck you and your Khronos!

How is it possible we're brothers when you're so dumb!

That's because you think with your dick!

This is the last time I'm going on vacation with you!

You don't look Greek, where are you from? Thessaloniki, but I lived in the US for a while.

Suitcase behind, please. - No thank you, this is fine. You don't look Greek, where are you from? -Thessaloniki, but I lived in the US for a while.

You don't look Greek, where are you from? Thessaloniki, but I lived in the US for a while.

Are you going back to America now?

Yes, to Hawaii!

Eleni, here's to you, ja?


Have some bourek.

What is that?

Bourek with spinach, your favorite.

How did you do this?

I went to the market and bought the spinach.

Come on, it's not good when it's cold.

Hadi, hadi.

This is fantastic.

How did you learn how to make this?

I'm a baker, and there are many types of bourek.

I think you should start the restaurant again.

Make it about bourek.

No, it's impossible. It's all burnt.

You know, Eleni, unfortunately we spent all of our money on artwork but we've talked about it, and we'd love to help.

Thank you from my heart, but this is the end.

What are you going to do?

Sell it. Move away.

Vasilis was right, you cannot live off the past.

Have some bourek.

You know, this whole palaver brought my memory back, and everything just came together.


What does that mean?

I did have concussion, but mostly, I didn't want to go back.

So your name is Crash, right?

TJ Crash.

It's my stage name.

And you are famous?

Yeah, a few people know who I am.

So, what do you want now?

To be with you, that's why I came back.

Okay, so that's fine.

You had your beautiful holidays in Greece, you met me, we had fun.

I think you can go home now, really.

Look, I came to invite you to my concert.


So, W.C. what happened?

It's all gone.

What do you mean?

They found the guys and the red car, but Lilly and the money, gone.

A pity beyond all telling is hidden in the hearts of love.

It's kismet.


It's kismet, it's fate, it's not your fault.

You don't understand, I'm from the LES, New York's Lower East Side, when it was still the Lower East Side.

Well, you probably don't know what that is.

In short, I was poor as shit.

At first I was a hustler, but then, for some reason, I was really good with numbers, and I caught my break on internet trading.

I made a lot of money, fast.

You know how they say money makes money?

Well, it's true.

Then one morning I woke up in a cold sweat.

Couldn't believe it, I was frozen. Couldn't move.

And I said to myself, this is it, I either quit, or I die.

So I quit.

And ever since that morning, I've had this dream that I'm back on the Lower East Side, poor as shit, as if nothing ever happened.

And this is it, the dream's come true.

You are not on the Lower East Side.

You are in Greece.

Or, well, it depends on the time in history which country this would be in, but you're on a Mediterranean island, and you're with friends.

That's more than most people can say?

Yeah, and the weather's nice.

Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure, nor this thing, nor that, but simply growth.

Come on, Tarek.

There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't yet met.

Stop it.


W.C. you know what? You're okay.

You know what, Frank?

Even though you're an artsy fartsy type, you're okay.

What did you think?

I liked it.

No, seriously.

You're very good.

I didn't think it would be your cup of tea.

Well it's not, but I really liked it.

I care about it. You care about what you do.

Stop it.

It's what sets you apart.

That's boring.

These people are all here for you, not because of me.

What are you trying to do?

You want to make me feel better?

You've gotta reopen the restaurant.

You've got the baker, you've got the support and the location.

It's all burnt.

Yeah, it can be rebuilt.

I don't have the money, remember.

Look, I paid off your debts.


It's not what you think, all right?

It's an investment. We can be partners.

I believe in you, and I believe in your business.

You can still be the boss, and I'll be the shareholder.

You can pay off your debt to my company, TJ Crash's Star.

You're crazy.

Well, I'm in love with you.

What happened then?

Then the police realized we have nothing too.

With her stealing the money, then they let us go.

Pretty much that was it.

Why did you come back here?

Why did we come back here?

Yeah, yes.

Well, basically, we ran out of sardines.

Mirko, my man.

By the way, my name is not Mirko, it's Miroslav.

And I'm Slavoljub.

That's okay, I'm not really Turkish.

Really? Where are you from?

I'm Cypriot.



Cyprus. Cypriot.

That's okay, man, nobody's perfect. We're all from some fucked up place.


He said that we all deserve a happy ending.


And the failed prediction that the world will end come 2012 may yet come true this year with the financial crisis showing no signs easing, continuous striking and riots taking place throughout the western world.

Officials tonight said...