Boys (2018) Script

(Tune in Gameboy)


What? - Give me my wallet, Jonas!

(Jonas moans.) In the glove compartment. There! You're welcome!

Thank you! And maybe you do that thing?

You will spoil your eyes.

I only need 2 minutes. I'm over there.

(He moans.) I know!

(Tune in Gameboy)

No! Crap! But not now!

Do not leave me alone!

Come on! ... Holy shit!

(He's breathing heavily.)

(He locks the door.)

Open, Jonas! Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing this?

He comes! Please open up!

Jonas, please! Damn, open up!

Jonas, open it! Why did you lock up?

Jo! What's happening? I told you, I'm over there.

I could see you.

(Jonas cries.) Hey, my big one!

What is it? Talk to me!

What happened? Jonas! ... Oh, Jo! Jo!

Calm down, my big one! Chill out!

Nothing will happen to you. Hm?

You know you're safe, Jonas.

Come on, my big one! Chill out!

Nothing bad is going to happen now! OK?

Do you hear?

That will happen, my big one!

You will see!


Will be done shortly. We're leaving soon.

Where are we driving to?

Oh la, la, la! This is still bleeding heavily. Wait!

Here! - Thank you!

I am Caroline Rivasseau.

Does that not mean anything to you?

We were together in the 8th and 9th grade.

Well! That is completely normal.

We have changed enormously. Especially you!

I would never have recognized you.

Only when I saw the name Jonas Cassetti in the card.

You do not remember? Do not you remember?

You did not want to sit next to me in class.

Yes, but! - You do not forget that.

I was really sad, when you left school.

These were my parents.

They thought it would be best for me.

Yes. They wanted to protect you.

I would have done that for my children as well.

You have children? - Yes two.

I show you photos.

Here! So ...

That's Charlie and that's Maxime.

Oh, nice guys! - Thank you! (She laughs.)

And otherwise uh ...

I assume that you are asked that often. Was still what found out because ... - No!

Let's go!

So you are been at the same school? - Yes exactly!

Did you build so much crap already?

Hey, leave him alone! Nobody is nicer than Jonas.

Do you want to drink something?

Caroline is not coming? - Caro is driving patrol right now.

I'll look after you.

Do you want to drink something or not?

Apparently, it's not the first time you've rioted in the Boys.

Is that correct?

Do you confirm that?

Yes. Only this time I can not help it.

I heard something else.

But I'm here to listen to you too.

(Instrumental music)

Should I continue?

Is she really interested in my story?

Leave me alone!

Let me go, damn it!

No! - Aaaah!

You lousy pig!

You bit him in the arm? - Half so wild.

He has an elephant skin.

You realize that he is reporting this time!

You do not mind? - I do not know anyway, why I keep going to this fucking club again and again.

Problem solved!

You will not put a foot in for a long time.

Can I go?

Do not you have anything more to say to me?

Well! Then you can go home.

(Ringing tone)

"Hello, this is Samuel.

I can not go right now. Leave me a message! "


Sam, open up!

Sam! That's annoying, man!

(New job)

(Man) "Fun radio, here we are again.

It is about to start a new school year and that is totally uncool.

The teachers, the homework, the parents at the neck.

Friends! The start is mega corrosive.

Fun Radio helps you get out of bed in a good mood.

It starts with 'No Doubt' with their hit 'Do not speak'. "

(Radio) "The persecutors of Lady Di are being condemned from all sides."

It sure is, the paparazzi are to blame.

Now she is dead! - tomorrow they say the paparazzi have filled the driver!

Nonsense! - That also matters!

Are you alright, my big one? - Yes.

Are you ready? - Hm.

Do you want an orange juice?

No, alright! - I think so Let's go. Departure in 5 minutes?

Hm ... Ouch!

That hurts when you scratch like that, stupid mutt!

Do not talk to him like that! - That's just a dog.

Come here, my Fripou! I love you. You're so pretty.

(Woman) Hello! You have to go to the 2nd floor.

(Student) Hello!

(Woman) Hello! Nice to see you all again!

Good day! - Good day!

Good day!

Ah, Monsieur Cassetti!

Come on! With a smile!

(Student) Jonas?

Jonas! Here! - Ah!

Hi! Excuse me!

Excuse me!

Salut! - Salut!

All right, Jonas? - All good.

Your shirt is awesome.

Thank you!

So? How were your holidays?

Well! We were in the mountains.

That was a bit annoying. And your?

Well! The holidays this year with what was with my mother ...

What about your mother?

Well ... she died!


I told you that she was ill.

Uh ... no. I did not know that.

Well, I'm so sorry! - Um ... yes! I have it for you said at the school party. - Um ...

Do not you know that anymore? - Uh ... wait a minute!

Why did not you call me? - I do not have your number.

Besides, it's not in the phone book.

It would be great if we were together this year.

Like right now? - in the same class.

Oh, right! Yes.

Yes. That would be cool.

Did you hear something from Nico? - no.

Oh really? Was there a dispute?

Silence Please! After you I still have secondary school. Thank you! First time Good day everybody! (All) Hello!

I warmly welcome the old and new students and wish you much success! (All) Thank you!

The ninth school year is the springboard to the elective courses.

It sets the course for your goals.

To the encounters that you will make.

So ... (the door closes)

May I sit? - Good day, young man!

Yes. In front of me is a nice place free.

Hurry up please!

You sit down!

Now sit down!

Many Thanks!

I explained to your classmates that the 9th year is important.

(To understand nothing)

No, there is busy!


May I next to you? - N / A ...

Excuse me!

Hello? This is my place!

Are you deaf? Get out!

You have to decide that!

I? No! - Jonas! Tell him to get away!


OK! You know what? Fuck you!

Very pleased, Jonas!

I am Nathan. That means I am a gift. In Hebrew!

OK! Is cool!

(Repeated knocking) Go! The holidays are over.

Silence please! So!

Assemat? - Present.

Belgrade? - Present.

Cassetti? - Present.

Dewatter? - Present.


(Man) "This morning, 3 people joined us.

Martin Buckley is patient. This will be his homage to Diana. "

"The princess died and I'm allowed to participate in one of the most beautiful mourning ceremonies. "

Well! Do you still want puree? "On August 31st ..."

Yes. Yes, sure. - "... met Diana with Dodi ..."

Here! - Thank you!

"You were on holiday before ..." - How was the start of the school year?

You do not tell anything. - Phew! Well ...

Was nothing special.

You have nothing to tell. How are your classmates?

Are there any friends of yours? - Yes a pair.

These idiots with their flowers! - "England is in mourning."

As a result, she does not come back. ... Well, that's right!

I know that I'm bothering you with that.

But it would be good if you call Nicolas.

At least to learn how his start to the school year was.

He can call me too!

Oh, come on! Stop crying!

She was not your sister!

(The puppet sings in English.)

My sweetheart! - What?

Can we turn off the TV?

But the "Guignol" only last 2 minutes.

You're welcome! - Yes, Mom! There is something.

A newbie is in the class. - Oh yes?

Hm. He's cool, I think. - So! Is he cool or Do you think he is cool? - And what is his name?

Nathan. - Have you talked to him?

It is difficult when you are new.

Yes, sure! I have that. He is sitting by me.

He repeats the class and wants to help me if I have a question about the subject matter.

Oh great! Or? - Really!

Yes that is great.

And uh ... there's one thing. He has a scar.

That goes from here ... to here about.

What happened to him? - No idea!

Then watch out, Jonas! - What should he pay attention to?

I just mean, he ... He's supposed to be careful.

(Man) "Jonas!"

Jonas, wake up!

(He knocks.) Jonas, wake up!

Come on, you lazy sack!

Why did not you let me in yesterday?

You ask me that seriously? - What?

I was working. - Ah okay!

And are you going to be so badly hurt?

Excuse me! Did I hurt you, Sparrow?

I'm thirsty. - Wait!

Stay there!

Just sit! - Thank you!

What shoud that? Are you crazy? - It's over!

You with your GRINDR profiles! These finished guys you fuck!

But, Samuel ... - Shut up!

I do not even ask you to change you!

I do not give a damn. I ask you to run away!

I took your keys. Tonight you are gone!

Pack now! The rest I bring to the hospital. Clear?

I'm talking to you! - Yes, that's good!

I do not want to see you.

You are the last dirt!

(Samuel closes the door.)

(Woman) "A renewed rampage overshadows the news today.

He happened in Louisiana.

A man has opened the fire in a cinema of La Fayette killing 2 people and injuring 7 others, before he judged himself. The drama ..."

Yes. I hope it will be soon. I give it to you.

Jonas! What are you doing here?

Today is your day off. - no.

Certainly? - Yes.

Did you beat yourself again? - All good! Do not worry!

Henri! Look, who visits us!

Yesterday I said to Henri, "I know our Jonas is coming!"

Henri! Did you sleep well?

How come?

What a good boy! What a good boy!

What do you have there? - Oh, that ...

That happened during boxing. Nothing bad.

Do you have something planned for today? - I will stay close.

I have my stuff, what to read.

Hm. That could take time! - I know.

Well then, Henri!

Show time!

Well! Come back, my little darling!

See you later! ... do you want to tell me something else?

(Henri) I love you!

Well! The faster we go, the faster we come back.

See you later! See you later!

What's up, Henri? Why this whiny dog look?

If it goes wrong, then I want you bring the message. - Why?

That's out of the question, and it's not my job!

I do not bargain! I will be the 3rd time cut. That will not be good.

Hey! Why do you say that?

Nobody will die!

I used to be like you.

Pretty, tall, a nuisance.

A little more muscular. Well!

You have no idea about it. But ...

It's really lousy to grow old!

Yes, I know that!

Does not it taste you? Not good?

It is greasy.

Take from the fries!

Thank you! - Do not worry!

Your husband is a terminator!

Do you have news?

Hm? - Because of Henri.

No no. This is my mother.


Bad news, Jo. His heart failed.

Are you with his wife? We are looking for her.

(The woman is crying.)

(Softly) I'm sorry!

(Man) "Yes?"

Here is Nathan. - "Fifth right."

Excuse me! I'm looking for uh ... - Leave! This is me.

What? - Wait!

What the fuck? What kind of action is that?

Wait! - No, you wait!

Do you see this guy here? I'm coming to fuck him!

I do not like you at all? - No!

Not even a little bit? - No!

What is your problem? What do you get out of that?

Why are you humiliating yourself like that? - Well! Sometimes it works!

Many want to polish my face, but stay!

I do not polish your face. - Cool!

You know what? I think you are even prettier.


So, what is it?

What did you do? - What?

You have an ugly vortex there. - Stop it!

You used too much gel. - All right! Let it be!

That sticks disgusting! Wait! - Have a look!

Is not that cute! - Yes. Like 2 girls!

Hey, let that be! Are you crazy?

Nathan! Please stop!

Now you look so pretty.

I think there's something going on. Or? - Do you mean?

That would be news!

The battle takes place from July 1942 to February 1943.

So it takes ...

... seven months.

In 1939, Hitler and Stalin had concluded a non-aggression pact.

But anyway Hitler starts in 1941 the enterprise Barbarossa in the USSR with the single aim, to destroy the Slavic population and the communists.

Nathan? - Nobody moves!

Nathan? ... Nathan, are you listening to me?

(Loudly) Nathan!

Where am I? - In history lessons, Nathan.

The non-aggression pact. Do you remember?

Yes, that tells me something. - Hm.

Is it going again? - Yes.

Sometimes my blood pressure drops. - Yes.

Can I go to the hospital room? - Yeah sure, go!

Jonas! Can you accompany me? - Yes, go with us!

If it happens again. - Naturally!

All good? - Yes. Everything's fine, everything's fine.

We are free! - Okay! and what are we doing now? - Come along!

Ah yes! You can do that really well.

Does it bother you when I chat? - no.

Where have you been before? - Saint-Cyprien.

With the pastors?

So what? - Hm.

And why are you away from there?

Flew out?

You do not want to say it. - Really now!

That's a complicated story.


Why are you looking at me like this?

Hey, Nathan! - Damn it!

Can you keep a secret?

I'm not in the mood for being pissed on here.

Say it!

Yes. I keep that for myself.

OK! Because if you talk ...

Have you ever heard of pastors rape children?

Yes. - Yes? Well!

That's how it has been since the 4th grade. I mean ... not really. It started with games, Tenderness, caressing. I did not realize what it was about. But last year ...

... we were alone in the chapel.

And there ... I should blow him one.

At once! ... he took my head, has me on my knees and me his disgusting, old cock plugged in the mouth.

Do you want to hear the sequel?

I bit him. Clenched your teeth with all your strength!

And he: "Son of a bitch, let go, I kill you!"

But I stayed tuned, like a dog with his bones!

Then he took the cup from the altar and zack ... I have those!

Dirty story, eh? - And what did your parents do?

Were not they with the cops? - Why, surely! What do you think?

There is a process and such. ... By the way!

If you want, you can come with me.

What are you saying?

Uh ...

Wait! ... crap!

Come along! Be quiet!

Is anyone here?


When does the break begin? - No idea!

In 5 minutes maybe.

Hey! You will not smoke here.

Do you want? - No I do not smoke!

You do not do that, huh? - What?

A smoke in the gym, to get out of class ... - No.

Why do not you have any friends?

I've been here for almost 3 weeks and never see you talking to anyone.

Is not true! I have friends.

I talk to a bunch of people. - liars!

But! ... Last year I had a friend.

Then his parents separated. His father stayed here.

His mother moved to Brittany.

Take care! His name? - by whom?

Your "best" friend! - Nicolas!

He is not my friend anymore. - Because he moved away with his mother and did not stay with you! Not? - Not with me!

With his father. - Yes, with you!

Because you were in love with him. - Stop it!

You were in love with him, and you hate him for death.

Because he left you.

Do not make such a face!

It's really cool to love boys!

OK! - Really!


Here, pull! That will relax you.


A train!

What does that do to me?


Hm ... grief and shit!

(He's coughing.)

I feel dizzy.

Come over!

Come on!

(To understand nothing)

(He rings.)

Hey! What are you searching for here?

It's me, Monsieur Badet! Jonas.

Jo ... Jonas, damn it! I thought, it is again one of the drug addicts.

Do you know where my parents are? - They're gone for a few days.

But I do not know where to go. ... What you have there?

Huh? Are you in the shit again?

Do not say that I was there! Then they are just worried.

I dont want that. - If I should not say anything, then I say nothing! Hm? You still have your motorcycle.

I have always dreamed of having one.

Hm. I'll see if they left a spare key.

OK! If you need something ... - Thank you, Monsieur Badet! Good night!

(The engine will not start.)


Good evening, monsieur!

Do you need something?

I would like ...

I uh ...

So! I want a room.

Yes, good! For how many nights?

Um ... Definitely.

OK! Would you like to go with or without sea view?

What does that change?

Not much for me. But your preferences I do not know. Your taste. - Then with!

With sea view. Is good!

Hm. - Then please your debit card, Monsieur!

Many Thanks!

(Leonard writes.)

Jonas Cassetti. Jonas. Funny! That tells me something.

Do we know each other from somewhere?

Or but ...

Would it be possible that ...

Attention! They bleed from the nose! - What?

You have nosebleeds!

Ah yes! That happens all the time.

(Softly) Is the room expensive? - You're welcome?

Is the room expensive? - It costs 140 euros the night.

And with breakfast it costs 160. - Damn!

Should I take the breakfast off? - Yes.

Without breakfast.

(The smoke detector beeps.)


(Knocking) - Monsieur?

Monsieur! What's happening?

Reply! Monsieur! What's happening?

(Again knocking) - Monsieur! I come in!

(Again knocking)

Will you let me go?

Easy, Gainsbourg!

Tell me! What did your parents mean? Is it clear?

They want to think about it. - What does that mean?

That my mother wants to talk to you.

Alright, you fagots? - What do you want?

Give me a fag!

Uh, no fag! What?

1,000 years to get a fag or what?

Thank you!

Do not go crazy!

Saturday Cinema or what?


(Mother) no. Do not worry about it!

We bring him over.

Yes. I have the phone number if we need to reach it.

Uh ... no! Thank you.

That's really nice.

Oh yes, have a nice evening! Speak to you soon!

Honestly! Nathan's mother is very nice.

So it works? Is this okay?

So it works? Is this okay? - Yes OK!

I am very happy. - That will be cool!

Hi guys! Alright? Me and my buddy ask us:

How do you do that while fucking?

His cock must be so mini, because otherwise ...

You really have to have a small cock.

So I wondered how it's possible and everything.

Come on! Give me a fag! - Do you want to do it every day now? a hose? - As? Do you have a problem with it?

What? ... I warn you! So really!

Do not stare at me like that! - You have your fag! Fuck off!

What comes to mind, you nothing! You shit!

You fagot, you fuck yourself!

Leave it! Stop it! - Get lost!

Get off! Nobody talks to me like that!

And you do not look at me with your ass face!

That brings nothing!

They're supposed to get away, those fucking fags!

Hey, guys! Look how Jojo stares at him!

You are ... real, you are sick.

You are really completely ill.

Should I show you my cock?

Is it that what you want? So, if you ...

(Man) I want to see everyone in the gym in 2 minutes!

And now please warm everyone up!

Wake up!

And please do not run around on the mats! Thank you!

Let's start with warming up the wrists, if you do not mind. - Monsieur!

(A boy moans.)

Oh no! What's happening?

Is everything okay with you, boy?

Does it hurt you? (He moans.)

To breathe! Okay good! Come over! I'll help you.

Lay down! Come along! Come along! That will be fine.

Lie down there now! ... Come over!

You, go! Get the nurse!

Damn it! He shits himself!

(Teacher) Everyone out right away!

They all go to the hallway. - Get out with you!

Do you think he's still smoking from me?


What did you do?

You are crazy! He does not die. Or?

Who do you think I am?

Well done! - (teacher) Get out!

I found that in the kitchen. - What's this?

What did you do up there?

You did not want to kill yourself?

No! - "No"?

There are many crazy people here. - I only smoked a tipping.

Where are you from?

You can not smoke anymore. Nowhere!

You did not know about that?

Gosh! - Is not it good?

Yes, yes! Um ... Only strong. Try it!

So cheers!

No, it's okay.

You are a bit weak.

What you do for a living?

I am a patient carrier. - What else was that?

One transports sick people in the hospital.

Ah yes! Pretty uncool.

Do you like it? - Not particularly.

Hm. I hate my job too.

Oh yes? Go here anyway. Seems to be relaxed.

It is quiet. - no. It is corrosive.

I am a girl for everything.

Wait! You only started. - How did you know that I started?

Because uh ...

I mean, you can see that.

It looks like a summer job.

We have certainly never met?

You are a funny guy.

You're hiding something.

Show your bag! - What shoud that?

I just check if you have weapons. A knife or something.

Nonsense! - Do you find that funny?

I'll be back and you killed everyone here? So what?

What's this?

This is a Gameboy. - And that thing is still working?

Yes, sure!

May I? - Leo? What is that pig?

Did the alarm go off or what?

Uh ... Yes. But since I was there, I have everything arranged.

You have everything regulated? - No, it was me.

I smoked in my room. - Who is this?

A guest. - Oh, sorry, monsieur!

You are here now. Then I will leave.

OK! Give me another 2 minutes, please!

Then I leave you alone with Psychopath and Co alone.

Good night, Gameboy! - Yes, take care!

And if you want to smoke, go out! That's a lot cooler.

Ah, Gameboy! I'm bothering you again.

I meet with my girlfriend and mates.

We go for a drink in a bar.

You are welcome to join, instead of cutting your veins here!

Can I turn on some music?

Does not bother you? - Is okay!

(Man) "The most inaccessible singer of France, Mylene Farmer, in an exclusive interview. "

Leave it! I like that. - (A woman sings in French :)

♪ You, whose screams no one hears, ♪ I'm looking for you

♪ in the crowd

♪ in this huge city.

♪ It took me ... ♪ That's nice. Who is this?

♪ ... overcoming my fever and my stupidity. ♪ Can you please make a little louder?

♪ But can we be carefree

♪ when we are no longer innocent?

♪ Oh, Atlas!

♪ I have the ice cream of the hours

♪ broken, ♪ high in the sky, ♪ where no breeze stirs.

♪ There I expect you

♪ between the light and the nothing ... ♪

What a crap!

(Woman) Everything okay?

Slept well?

What time is it?

Late. ... It's late.

Anyway, I have to go now.

Excuse me!

See you later baby!

Are you going? - Yes.

Where are you going? - Elsewhere.

Are you coming back from "somewhere else?"


There you are, Gameboy! Did you sleep well?

But yes! He did Heia very doll. ... huh?

You look like shit!

(Jonas' mother) Did you see Jonas?

The house is fantastic.

Yes. - With the pool and so on ...

You sure do not want anything?

A coffee? Anything cold?

No thanks! Gladly next time.

My husband is waiting. We go shopping at the Center Mayol.

At the Center Mayol on Saturday? It's so packed.

We have to work a week. So ...

Ah yes, sure! Forgiveness!

Jonas did not tell me you were pregnant.

Will not that be too much for you? - no. My husband is abroad.

I am happy about people in the house. - Will he be back soon?

In 3 weeks.

Just in time for his birth.

So it will be a little boy.

It will be a little Leonard.

If we do not change our mind.

I think he comes earlier than planned.

Yes, come out sooner! Because I want to see you.

Come on, Leo! I want to see you! - Stop, Nathan!

Anyway, I'm glad to meet you.

We will see each other often. Our sons are fond of each other.

It's great that you see it that way!

What do you mean?

Uh ... I mean nothing. That's what I said.

I'll go then.

Uh ... see you tomorrow! - Yes.

Be polite! - Take care!

Exactly, tomorrow evening. - Yes.

Antihistamines are in his pocket against allergic reactions.

They get him back undamaged.

Alright! Have fun! Goodbye!

Do you have your swimming trunks with you? - Yes.

Do you want to go swimming? - Hm.

Oh, that's too fast. I do not know how you do that.

It's easy once you get the part.

Do you want to try? - I prefer to watch you.

No, go try it! ... Come on! - Okay!

It's actually like a puzzle. - How do I do that?

You have to form lines with the parts that fall.

Push there to turn the parts. - Yes.

With that you can move it.

Where do I do this? - So! ... Yes Perfect!

You have to turn it over. - Okay!

Yes Perfect!

Exactly! Now that you've got that part, the goal is never stop. No way!

(Tune from Gameboy)


Do you see? You can do it well too.

Good, mom! We are ready. - Super! Then we go.

What do you want to watch? - "Nowhere".

Uh-oh! Is not that too vulgar? - That's Gregg Araki.

Just! Do you agree? Nathan's taste is not everyone's taste! - But I wanted to see that, too.

Well! You are old enough.

I will not decide for you.

Do you have the cell phone with you? - Yes.

You have a cell phone?

Yes, how cool!

Only if there are problems.

This is not a toy! - Yes.

Weird sound! Your father should bring it to the workshop.

Hm. - I'll pick you up there, Where do we always meet? - Yes.

Mummy! What do you do? - All right! Only one.

(The lighter does not work.) - Here!

Thank you!

You are not telling your father!

Under no circumstance. I say nothing.

Little idiot, really!

Is it going on? The smoke does not bother you, I hope?

Um ... well!

Will I get one, please? - wait!

Does your mother know that you are smoking?

No, she does not know that.

Our little secret, then!

The lights over there, that's "Magic World". Or?

Hm. - Yes, sure!

But you know that! - No!

Never with your parents? - They do not like amusement parks.

Too many people. - "Magic World" is awesome!

Your parents are idiots. - Hey!

Excuse me!

I'm going with you to the "Magic World". - Okay!

Just be careful not to come back as disfigured as he did then!

Mummy! - What?

Does he know nothing about your crash landing?

No. - Mummy! Stop it!

When he was 9, we were in "Magic World".

There he only wanted one thing: driving a bumper car.

But he did not drive a lap, not 5.

He drove 10, 15, 25 laps. You know him, yes:

I'm waiting for you! I'm going in there! "

Then came a few guys and always rammed the snot. - Mom, stop it!

And Monsieur, I do not give a shit, went on!

He was hit hard and then flew out of the scooter.

When I say "he flew out," I mean like a rocket!

He banged his head against the crash barrier.

And zack ... slit the cheek!

You are nasty, that you tell that! - You know, I like your scar, honey!

It gives you a lot of charm.

Jonas will not say the opposite.

Well, Jonas?


Well, Gameboy? Did it make you speechless?

Do not you want to take me to town?

Why? Do not we have a good time here?

You are crazy! I brought you here, even though you were drunk.

I could have left you like a bum in the bar.

Ungrateful! - Beware of my Gameboy!

What? - Be careful with it!

Your Gameboy? - Are you crazy?

Oops! I'm sorry!

No intention!

Ah! Hello!

Mummy? Jonas.

Jonas? Mummy!

Aha yes! I think you already know each other.

Excuse me!

Here! - Thank you!

All good?

Yes. - You did not say anything, since we are here. - Everything okay!

You did not believe that with the pastor!

But! - That's too blatant!

This can not happen. - No, you are wrong!

Are you mad? - no.

All the better! I would be sad if you were mad at me.


We can not play here! - No, take that!

He is for you. A gift. - That's absurd!

Do you know how expensive it is? - It makes me happy.

Wow! You are crazy.

Thank you!

(Film Music)

It's crazy how you changed!

Your face, your hair. Everything!

What is that in your hands?

These are tattoos that I made.

What? All alone? - Yes.

And on the eye? - A fight.

You mean you are beating yourself now?

Did you miss that? - What? Are you crazy?

Well, could have been! - That was in the boys.

In the boys!

Where do you live? - Still in the city.

And your parents? - Also. They have not moved.

As we.

And your husband?

Well! I think, He could not stand to stay here with us.

He left. ... like you!

Since when do you actually follow me?

I do not follow you. - liars!

This is coincidence in the hotel? And on the beach?

Oh yeah!

I caught you, you idiot! - Hey, Leo!

Well, I am too ...

... happened by chance when bowling! In the cinema too!

Do you explain that to us?

I had to ...

So! I had to see him!

(Leo laughs) - Okay! OK!

You see me. I'm here. Look at me!

Come on, Gameboy! Tell my mother what you said yesterday!


That's why you're here! You came here. So talk!

You got into my cart.

Have you brought here. - Crap! It's been 17 years!

18! ... It's been 18 years Jonas!

(Screams and rattle)

(I'm leaving from here!)

(Film Music)

(A man sings) ♪ Love, love! Love.

♪ Love, love! Love. ♪ Phew! The end was quite oblique.

But it was cool. Did you like it?

Is there a problem?

A message.

Who is it?

Listen to it!

"It's me, sweetheart!

My amniotic sac has burst. The clinic knows.

They pick me up. Do not worry!

I could not reach Jonas' mother. So call her!

Otherwise you will take a taxi and drive to the clinic Saint-Michel.

Imagine ... (she cries), your little brother is coming! "

"That's great!

Then I'll call my mother and she'll come pick us up. "


We have better things to do! "

"Nathan, you are crazy!"

We never get in there. - Why not?

Well, because we are not old enough. - You sometimes miss the guts!

(Rock music, he rings.)

What's up, kids?

We want to get in. - No minors!

I'm 18! - Yes, sure! And the?

This is my boyfriend. He is also 18.

Go on, draw a leash! You get problems and me too.

Goodbye, monsieur! - Have a nice evening!

Come on! - Now pull leash!

Damn it! What a wanker, the guy!

How he talked to me! - Let go now! We are driving home.

I call my mom. - No, I want to go in there!

Hey, calm down! - What?

I think you have to wait a few more years.

Can you help us to come in?

Do not be in such a hurry! Once you're in there, you see, how sad and ugly it is. - I do not give a shit! We want to see it.

Hm. Do you know the "Dolce Vita"? I can bring you in there.

Honestly? - I can take you there. Do you want?

No, no, alright! - Wait!

Is it far away? - 10, 15 minutes ...

Let's go! - Okay cool!

Nathan! Where do you want to go?

(Groans) What? They do not want us here. You can see that!

Stop, always so much To be scared! Nothing happens to me. OK?


(A woman sings in French :)

♪ Do not go away! ♪

(He sings along.) ♪ If you love her, do not go away!

♪ Dad! If you love her, tell her!

♪ That she is the woman of your life. ♪ Is the shop still far away?

No, we are almost there. Do not worry!

Does it bother you when I turn it down?

Do not you like the song? - Not really!

You are crazy! Listen to how nice it is!

(He makes the music loud.)

♪ Do not go when the night breaks.

♪ Night, you scare me. Night, you never end.

♪ He stole away like a thief - without me.

♪ We will never go to the movies again with three of us.

♪ Night, you scare me. Night, you never end.

♪ He's like a thief

♪ stolen away - without me. ♪ Where are we here? - Do not worry!

We're almost there. - You say that all the time!

♪ Dad! Think of me too ... ♪

(Still music) Ha!

(The music is out.) - Oh! That's one of you.

Can we turn around please?

Your little scar is sweet! - Hey, do not touch me!

Hoho! Chill out! - Can we turn around?

All right! Relax yourself! - Do not touch me!

Nathan! - Shut up!

(He shouts.) Shit!

(He's sobbing loudly.) Stop running!

Your buddy is still breathing.

You stay there! You stay there, you little ass!


Help! ... Nathan!

(She is still crying.)

He was cool, my brother.

I just do not understand one thing. Why did you ...

... that was not said at the time?

I do not know.

I did not make it. I have ...

... ashamed!

Shame about what?

You were 15!

Do you think it is possible that he is still alive?

What should I answer you?

But surely he is still alive!

Can I take a cigarette?

Many Thanks!

Come on! He would not want to see you so sad.

I'll go then.

Can you drive it please?

Where should I take him? He has no place!

My friend threw me out!


Because I cheated on him. - More often?

More often, yes.

Too often.

But why?

No idea!

I'm looking for something that does not exist, I think.

I get my things.

Thank you!

Where do I bring you now? - Uh ...

Drop me off at the hospital, please! - What?

That's a rest room. I can sleep there.

OK! But where are you going then? - What do I know?

I think something!

I just did not say anything because ...

Because I do not agree with my mother at all.

I think Nathan is dead!

He would have been found long ago.

Yes. He is dead.

And if you had not left him alone in the car, surely you would both be dead.

Damn it! Nathan!



No. That can not be true!

(Man) "Do you remember seeing the man in the cinema?"


"Are you sure, that he came out of the 'boys' when you wanted to go in? "

"Yes, yes, I think so." - "You are not sure!"

All I know is that he was on the street.

Did you know, you or Nathan, that the club "Dolce Vita" does not exist?


Are you sure that Nathan and this man did not know each other?


Could you please stop asking questions?

Only one last, yes?

Please confirm that, after beating Nathan, let you out of the vehicle!

Is that true, yes?

(Softly) Yes.

Why? - As? How why"?

Yes! Why did he let you go, Jonas?

(A door is opened.)

You understand why I'm asking you the whole question?

So I have a chance to find him.

(Policeman) Jonas!


You have to remember!

That's not funny. I know.

That can help us. Jonas!

(Woman) "Six days and still no trace of Nathan Dewatter, the 16-year-old boy, which has been missing since last Saturday.

The teenager spent the evening with a friend, when he was kidnapped by a man, whose identity the police are trying to identify.

Several people confirm to have seen the boy.

But this information is handled with care. "

Come here!

Well, come here! - Father!

It will be fine again, my boy!

Everything will be fine!

That will be all right, my boy!

Do not worry!

Do not worry!

You know ...

I do not mean now, but ...

I think it would be good if ...

... we'll see each other again soon to talk it all over in peace.

Calmly! In other circumstances.

I do not know. Let's see!

Or else you add me on Facebook.

"Leo D." In capital letters and a dot at the end.


Am I stupid! You have to know that, where you spy on me ...! Not?

(Leo laughs loudly)

Do you mind taking a little detour?

Come over! Does not take long either. - What's that supposed to do now?

Trust me!

You can trust me.

You can not get me in there. I tell you that.

One hour. ... Only an hour!

Have you been there before? - no.

Neither do I. Come on!

Come over! - Are you serious?

(He moans.)

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