BPM (Beats Per Minute) (2017) Script

Good morning everyone.

Allow me, first of all, to congratulate the organization of the event, the diversity...

Come on.

120 BEATS PER MINUTE Good evening. Welcome to Act Up.

For you to have more information, the association was created in 1989 in the same model as Act Up-New York.

But what is Act Up?

An association born in the homosexual community which defends the rights of people affected by AIDS.

Attention! It is not a patient support group. It's a group of activists.

I believe that if you are here tonight, it's because they saw some of our acts on television or in the press All decisions are made here during weekly meetings, short for R.S., on Tuesdays from 7pm. You will realize that there are rules to take the floor.

Two middlemen control the debate.

You can express yourself on any subject but they must raise their hands, write the name on a list and wait your turn.

If your intervention is too long, the intermediary will make this signal.

We do not usually applaud the interventions of others.

To express your approval, snap your fingers.

This makes the voice of the speaker not muted and the debate does not delay.

Finally, one last thing you should know, is that once a member of Act Up, whatever its serology, you must accept if you pass the eyes of the media and the public as seropositive. It is.

The meeting will begin.

If you have any doubts, come to me.

I'll be down there.

Do not forget to fill out the papers I gave you.

If you decide to join the association. Good meeting.

Good evening.

Good evening everyone. Welcome to R.S., Act Up-Paris weekly meeting.

Our planning is pretty tight tonight.

If you can spare us the textures, would be wonderful!

It is forbidden to smoke in the room so as not to disturb the sick.

There is a fumódromo in the entrance. Avoid parallel debates there.

The place for speeches is here.

We are pleased to receive 4 new members.

Stand up at their names.

We're getting Patrice

and Judith.

Good evening.

So was Jérémie.

You can get up.

Welcome, Jérémie. And so is Nathan.

Hi, Nathan.

Unfortunately we have to announce the death of Alain Isnard, a militant who joined Act Up early on.

Thibault will say a few words.

Before we notice, we put a picture of him in our magazine, if you want to see You probably do not remember him. It's been two years that he does not come to R.S., but Alain, at the beginning of the association, was a very important militant.

Thanks to him, we got our first two computers.

Two years ago he stopped coming here. When he contracted cryptosporidiasis, he decided to get away from everyone.

It is.

We distribute these postcards to be sent to the president by the name of Alain, to let him know of his death.

This should remind François Mitterrand that there is an AIDS epidemic.

I propose that we speak now of the act against the AFLS.

Sophie, the word is yours.

Before, for those who do not know AFLS is the French Agency for the Fight against AIDS.


And with you.

Right, thank you.

I will try to be as objective as possible, but I confess it will be difficult because I'm angry with what happened.

It would be good if anyone who participated in the act paid attention to the debate.

Boys, please.

-We need to move forward. Wait, it's important.


Everything was going well.

We discreetly infiltrated on the congress site.

I do not know who the guy was talking about but he was very annoying.

I think the HIV positive present died during his speech.

Good Morning. Allow me, first of all, to congratulate the organization of the event as well as the diversity and quality of all participants.

Alright, let's go.

Good morning, we're Act Up-Paris.

We have come to say that the AFLS has existed for over three years and we a prevention campaign worthy of its name.

France is the most affected country in Europe, with twice as many patients as Germany and England and you are not doing anything. They did nothing for the gays, chemists, women, foreigners.

We campaigned for homosexual audiences.

This campaign was censored by the prime minister's office.

And it was published in a newspaper that nobody reads.

No, I can not allow you to say that.

It was I who precipitated myself.


Yeah, I said it was my fault.

I was behind, could not see much.

He also heard almost nothing. I panicked.

I heard a voice that said:

"And with you".

As soon as I saw Bernin's head, I thought: it's now or never.

Quite frankly, This is not the first time we've screwed up.

Marco threw the blood bladder very early, but this is not so serious.

It's not serious because it was not you. who was talking like an idiot while no one listened.

But for me the worst was what happened afterwards.

Two people left brutally up of Bernin and handcuffed him to a colleague or something.


I do not know who had the idea or took the initiative to do so.

You know very well, you do not play the fool.

Let her finish. You talk later.

Thanks. For me, this initiative was totally counterproductive.

Assassinations were furious as we tried to awaken them and make them take sides. It was impossible that way.

We never agreed to handcuff anyone.

The plan was to handcuff himself if the police arrived.

Can we respond?

Nobody's keeping you from talking.

You can talk now, Max.

Thank you.

We improvised because he realized that the action was going through low water.

People were watching to something folkloric. They seemed to be thinking:

"Act Up is giving their show, this will last ten minutes."

Then Marco did that bullshit that, for us, until it was useful.

Suddenly, our friends they passed from smile to indignation.

The dudes, for the first time, were showing anger.

It was then that we thought we had to go further.

We did the first thing that came to mind.

Bernin, resign.


I think we were right.

We had decided to do something remarkable at this conference.

And we did. We went beyond with what we had available. Nothing was premeditated.


Nobody said it was premeditated.

I agree with Sophie. The action was very violent.

We were going to put blood on his face, it was enough but we never handcuffed anyone. This is crazy!

It was not just the Aides guy who was annoyed.

I had the impression of being held hostage.

Poor thing!

Sean, the word is yours.

They are kidding? What debate is that?

You talk as if the action failed, but it was a success.

First, Sophie, there was no physical violence.

Oh no? What I saw was the use of physical force.

No, the guy could not resist.

I'm glad this discussion has revealed all this hypocrisy.

I think I need to remind you what the AFLS is.

An agency created by the government in order to disengage itself.

And then, nothing else.

We go to meetings where they tell us:

"We can not shock the population like that. It would be counterproductive. "

And we continue with more than 6000 contaminations per year.

You can not tell me that.

All right, Sean.

People forget that HIV is sexually transmitted.

Thank you, Sean.

Nobody talks about gay people, drug addicts, prostitutes, nothing about the people most affected by the epidemic.

I've seen your signal.

-Yes but... -I'm finished.

I do not give a damn if the AFLS felt humiliated or if Aides' companions were shocked.

The state must know that we will not leave you alone. until there is a prevention policy.

Okay, let's try.

-don't prolong us more... -Is important.

Yes I know.

I understand that you're upset, but there's no reason to despair.

We need to know if other associations have responded publicly.

Fabien, what can you say?

That's exactly what I'm reading.


There is a good thing in the Aides statement.

"Aides condemns Act Up-Paris action

"who acted physically against Michel Bernin, director of the AFLS."

Blah blah blah.

Wait, I saw something at the end... Here it is.

"We strongly condemn the brutal and childlike methods of Act Up

"although we understand

"the impatience of its militants through the inefficiency of the AFLS."

They're being outraged, fine.

The headline for Libération tomorrow is:

"Historical and hysterical rupture

"in the fight against AIDS."

Wait, I'll read a passage.

"The action of Act Up reveals the lack of knowledge of the public power

"about the reality of homosexuals in France."

Let's change the subject.

Let's move on or we'll end at midnight.

Let's talk about prevention.

We print our new poster with a beautiful penetration in the foreground.

We can stick to the streets, in the seasons In our parents' room.

There are also posters for lesbian friends and for addicts.

The material is available for withdrawal at the end of the meeting.

Very well.

Let's move to the health committee.

I dont speak well.

It was not you.

There are committees that work with specific issues: drug addiction, women, blood contaminated, foreigners.

Prison, too.

I was going to say that, Max.

We are only two, so if you want to join us...

People are afraid of ending the climate between you.

Four or five more, screw it!

We put the dates of meetings on the agenda.

It's up to you guys.

Good evening.

Just recently, we voted for an action against the Melton Pharm laboratory that always refuses to give us the results of the toxicological tests of its antiprotease.

Antiprotease is an antiretroviral drug about which we know almost nothing.

Not a word from them.

We understood.

They are waiting for the next world conference on AIDS to announce the results.

It's going to happen in Berlin in a year.

I mean, they're shitting us.

So the idea is to go get the results in the lab and see what they are going to say.

If you want to participate, raise your hand so we can get an idea.

Let's go, please! Even the newbies will.

The more people are better, we are talking about a new drug...

Look, even our president will be there.

This is wonderful!

At the beginning we will be around fifteen.

Let's put the telephone tree into practice.

I'll remind you how it works.

Each person calls three others who call three others etc.

Yes, Julien?

How are we going to get in?


How do we get in?

By the door.

Thank you. I've seen the entrance to the lab.

There are guards and two automatic doors.

Ah no, the legend of the automatic doors that cut arms and crush heads...


They did not install this to kill humans.

Remembering that to participate in an act, you must bring your documents, in case you are arrested, water, medicines, if they are held in custody for too long.

Good Morning.

Do not worry, we will not be long.

We are Act Up-Paris, a fight against AIDS group.

Where they go?

The ratchet is small.

Go up the stairs.

We are a group of patients, peaceful, I assure you. We came to visit the lab.

They are jumping the ratchet.

Preferred for HIV-positive people.

-What floor? -12Â °.

I was kidding!

I'm glad because I have not been able to take a shower in a week.

My bathtub is full of fake blood.

And there's still plenty. Marco exaggerated the dose.

You will be able to paint the lab, make some works of art.

What are you doing?

Give me one.

Wait until you enter the office.

You're going to get it all dirty.

Tell me what the purpose of this new action is.

It's very simple. We came to Melton Pharm require the test results of a new drug, an anti-protease against AIDS which gives hope to HIV-positive people.

We're only going to be 15 minutes.

-Call the police. "I'm with them on the line."

You are not at all receptive.

You leave me no choice.

I do not recognize this place.

Are you sure it's in the 12th?

Yes I have.

Ma'am, is this the 12th floor?

No. Here is the 10th.

-Is not here? -No.

What are you guys doing here?

We missed the walk.

"Is it true that you are seronegative?" -Yes.

Too bad, you're a frog.

We're here, it's here.

Marco, give me a bladder.


It's at the end of the hall, on the left.

Who are these people?


Melton Pharm kills!

You have blood on your hands.

They are crazy! What is it?

You have blood on your hands!



Murder! You have blood on your hands!

Where is it?

At the end of the hallway.

All right, come on.



Hold on.

Is here.

Give me one!






How inelegant!

Unwilling is to make us sick taking AZT every 4 hours, with diarrhea, while people like you they watch us die.

This is the face of someone with AIDS, in case you have never seen one.

Wait. We are fully aware of what you may be going through, but this is inadmissible.

You have no consciousness at all. If they had, we would already have the results.

"Sir, stay calm. "We can solve this differently."

"We can sit down and talk quietly. "We do not have time!

Violence does not solve anything.

We're dying! You do not see?

This way.

Good morning, we're Act Up-Paris.

We are sick, we are not violent. We came to visit Melton Pharm.




I am a doctor.

I understand your situation.

I shit for your diploma!

Do not talk like that to my coworkers.



The police! Lie down, do not resist.


No, do not.

Fast, fast, fast.

Damn it, you thirst.

Do not you have anything to drink there?

We can do it cocktails.


It was beautiful, I loved it. There was blood everywhere.

They will have difficulty recovering the carpet.

I should not have worn my favorite jacket, I'm disgusting.

Put it to a boil that leaves.

-Oh really? -I guarantee.

The funniest is that the cops were so afraid it was real blood, who wore gloves to touch us.


Careful, he's hemophiliac.

Careful, he's hemophiliac.



-And you like it? -Yes, it was great.

-Truth? -Yes.

"He was scared to death. -No.

-No. "And you're not afraid?"

I'm always a little afraid. It's normal.

They always wear gloves.

What ?

Cops always wear gloves before arresting someone.

He's defending the cops.

I'm not defending anyone.

No, you could see they were scared.

Let's talk about what matters?

-Than ? -That really matters.

-What is?

-The photographer. -Yes.

The photographer?

"What planet did he come from?" I think he works for AFP.

Why does he make those positions to take the photos?

Oh really?

"I did not notice anything. "You were very engaged in the action."

Wait, I'll show you.

No, worse than that. More bent.

The guy surrenders completely.

I wanted to know why we stayed at the police station for three hours.


See how beautiful it is?

Look at the sky.

There are moments in which I realize how AIDS has changed my life.

It's like I lived things more intensely.

As if I saw the world differently.

As if now he had more colors, more noises, more life.

In the morning mostly.

-No, I'm kidding. -You scared me.

Nothing has changed, I assure you.

It's as difficult as before to get up in the morning.

Are you kidding? It is much more difficult. I take hours to wake up.

Yes, you are right.

For now, the only available treatments, AZT and DDI, are nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors.

They attack a virus protein that is reverse transcriptase.

As you will see in the picture, this enzyme acts after the virus infected the cell.

It allows virus RNA, information genetics of the virus, turn into DNA, capable of integrating itself into the genome of the host cell.

Once the cell nucleus is infected, the virus will replicate itself and infect other cells.

The new treatment strategies, actually, block the infection to other states of the viral cycle.

Antiproteases inhibit virus replication as soon as the cell is infected.

It blocks the formation of the virus or generates incomplete viruses, unable to infect other cells.

Therefore, it represents a real hope, a real alternative to treatments such as AZT and DDI, whose limitations we know.

He can only be joking.

You can ask questions.

You talk like it's a personal initiative. but we've discussed it before.

We did not say that very well.


You could have shown us the text of the presentation

-before the meeting. "It's a question of trust.

It seemed more like an advertisement for the labs.

You should expose the stages of contamination

-and do not give false hopes. "I gave no hope.

I explained the different searches

-that are in progress. "I did not take it that way.

You have made it appear that anti-proteases are better than AZT.

Nothing to see.

Thibault, you do not want

-participate a little? -I'm listening.

Yes, but the matter is important.

I was afraid they would die dry.

My doctor, Catherine Delmas, told me that antiproteases are cat pee.

Did she use that term?

Yes, why?

You're welcome. Write down the report: Cat pee.

Delmas, she's not even in protocol.

These people talk to each other. She has contact with researchers Worldwide. She is sure of what she says.

There is no such thing as mysterious scientists who hide that the medicine does not work.

If Melton Pharm is waiting for the Berlin conference it is because the antiprotease was promising. No cat pee.

Coming back to the talk, I enjoyed listening to you talk about the treatments.

Thank you.

Our job is to inform, if this fuels false hopes, what a shame.

False hopes or not, I'm confident.

I can not take AZT anymore and DDI does not work very much.

Did you have side effects?

No more than normal.

I stopped. Whenever I drank, I vomited.

I thought I had diarrhea?

Yes, that's true, but I vomited.

I got worried, because doctors feared it was pancreatitis.

I lived in pain.

Wow, I did not know.

But now everything is OK.

Now I use DDC.

It is also not ideal for pancreatitis.

In any case, it is working.

I loved the IDD.

I also really like.

Oh no!

My God! Nathan, do you want to talk?

Thank you. That will help me.

I just wanted to ask you a question.

I've been reading the reports. health committee and I did not see anything on any vaccines. -What a disappointment.

As well?

There are no vaccines.

I thought maybe there were tests going on.

If you want to do that, I thank you.

It's too late for us, that does not matter anymore.

It's not that we're not interested.

The fact is that there are almost no vaccines being studied.

There is only one.

-A Canaripox. "I forgot that."

It is a superficial study of an attenuated virus in the canary which has been dragging on for months. It's all yours.

"Is the yellow paste for the canary?" -Yes.

-Not bad. -OK, but I do not know if I am qualified to be responsible for the dossier.

"It's only two pages." "You're going to do like all of us.

"You'll learn a little by yourself." -What more bugs!

We are not many, As soon as a novice takes initiative, you discourage him.

"I gave him the file." "They're forgetting that until recently you did not even know how a cell worked.

It's OK?

He hit his head, did not he?

Sorry, I'll be fine.

-Did you get hurt? -No. Thank you.

Drink a little.




Jérémie had come to ask questions.

Is not it?

You want me to talk?

Jérémie was contaminated a few months ago and he realized that his blood tests worsened dramatically.

I only have 220 T4 left and I do not know why they are falling so fast.

It happens, but it's rare.

Can I see your exams?

You're not a doctor.

Jérémie, you should look for Aides.

Do you have a doctor? What did he tell you?

He told me to have patience and that AZT will end up having an effect.

If you do not trust your doctor, you can go to another.

Do you think he's no good?

I kept thinking about it, but he's been with me from the start.

Visibly, he does not trust you. It costs nothing to see another.

It is true.

All right?

Good, let's talk about the preparation of the Gay Parade.

We've had a first session but not many ideas.

So far we have some posters, but if we can return to the debate Tonight, that would be great.

Sophie, can you come here?

We need slogans.

Wake up. It's already 10:30 p.m. and we need to move forward.

We need volunteers for the collages.

We need to find slogans more politicized, more shocking. This poster depresses me.

Frankly, it's very ugly.

The typography is very sour.

It's festive, is not it?

"Because of the cheerful colors?" It's the Gay Parade.

It would be cool if we avoided slogans like "We're Dying".

Even "We're Dying" it would be better than that.

We understood. Did not you like it.

Our watchword is ridiculous.

There we go again.

I do not like "I want you to live".

What does not please you?

It's super consensual. "I want".

Sorry, but I want to have an ice cream, take a vacation.

What an idiot! I want you to live.

"How cute, Sean. -Martin, you can talk.

Responding to Thibault on the side consensual of the posters, that does not apply. Sunday, We went to paste the posters.

It was sunny, everything was quiet.

We were happy to do that. It was nice.

Sorry, does this story end today?

No one wants to spend the night here.

Wait, two more minutes.

So we were super happy.

The weather was fine. A guy approached.

Can not you leave us alone?

We want to walk and everything you do is to make us afraid. "There's no need to be afraid.

"I want you to live." It's a positive slogan, is not it?

-But it scares. It's not AIDS

-What should you fear? -Did you see? Started.

Have you taken the test?

If you're stupid, you're seronegative.

"And you're worrying for nothing." -Get out of here!

Leave us alone!

-Let's go? -Let's stay.

That's what I was saying.

The fags are dumb. They do not understand what we do.

They can not stand us.

The Gay Parade will be sad.

We will not have an interesting slogan, nor music, just queers parading like zombies, and who do not want to hear about AIDS even with a positive slogan, "I want you to live."

We need to wake up these crazy women taking the disease to the streets.

Our president is making us slightly depressed...

If someone has a slogan proposal, would be great. Medhi, you can talk.

I thought of something that can restore peace.

"Rémedio already, for those who want to give"

Really great!

Very good indeed.

It could be our watchword.

Remedy already, for who wants to give. Remedy already, -Brand who wants to give. And "nanana" to put.

-No? -Yes.



-HIV to put. -This does not sound good!

It's disgusting.

-HIV to put. -No.

"Helene, do you have a slogan?" -Yes I have.

It's a simple slogan, but I like it.

"AIDS is me, AIDS is you, AIDS is us."

It is scary!

Neither would AFLS Such a crazy campaign.

I do not say anything else.

Other slogans.

Julien, do you have one?

Last year, in the Gay Parade, I was with the zombies, in the rain, it was not okay.

My doctor had told me that I had herpes in the eye.

I thought something a bit tacky, but true.

I thought, "Maybe it's my last Gay Parade."

"Maybe it's my last Gay Parade," it's really cute.

It would be great for the posters. A pity you

"Only now." "That was a year ago.

You have to write things down, people.

I always have a little book.

Have you seen them?

We can not leave without a notebook.

Sean, another idea?

Yes. I had an idea with Max, Etienne and a few others. to create a group of "cheerleaders".

I know you do not like the idea, Thibault.

But we need to think about choreography.

This street theater thing, It depresses me.

Anytime will appear in the meeting people with stick

-or mimics. -Mypes seropositive, what a nightmare!

It sounds crazy to you. but it will work out. Join us for be a group of at least ten.

Yes, Medhi.


Who else?

I want to participate.

-Great. -We will recycle your slogan, Hélène. AIDS is me, AIDS is you, AIDS is us!

It sounds like that retarded slogan that we created.

They are very boring.

No, no. They are not gentle, They are very boring. -Below.

Below those who do wrong.



"Like who does not want to be found or loved

"and I left, "Pale, fearing that my waving may have offended his eye."

If you paid attention, we have seen that these sonnets for Hélène, it is an order of Catherine de Medici who wanted to pay homage to his lady-in-waiting, Hélène de Surgères.

Hélène de Surgères was inconsolable, she had lost her husband in the war and Caterina de Medici then asked...

Good morning, we're Act Up-Paris.

We came to give a course of prevention against AIDS.

Because the state does nothing.

"Who authorized you to enter?" -Ourselves. Because?

"It does not work that way." Listen. "Be you fags, gouines, heterosexual, bi, does not matter, the condom is the only way to protect against AIDS and other STDs.

-Do not look. -No oral sex the risk is less but it still exists.

"No sperm in the mouth." Get out of the room.

Especially if you have bleeding gums.

Do not hand out leaflets to them.

Did you see the content?

"Give it up." -They are underage.

We are Act Up-Paris. Let's interrupt the lady. for a few minutes to talk to students about AIDS.

-Just a minute. -Right.

Listen to what they have to say, it's important.

We remember that whatever their sexuality, heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, the only weapon against HIV and other STDs, is the condom.

It is necessary to use it with gel penetration or in case of of vaginal dryness. In oral sex, when you suck, the risk is less, but it exists.

If you are chemical dependents, know that should always use a clean syringe and never share it.

-Thank you and protect yourself. "Do not forget the letter, for next week Thanks.




Mr. Director?

You refuse to distribute condoms at school.

"I will not argue with you. -Resistance is a measure of public health. "You have nothing to do here.


Why do you refuse to distribute condoms to students?

Our students are underage.

It would encourage them to have sex.

At 16, do not have sex?

In what world do you live in? My son is 16 years old and has AIDS.

"We should have protected him. "I'm sorry for him."

Is that all you have to say?


Protect yourself. Good Morning.

Use a condom.

Lord, could you give me The anal sex brochure? "I do not have any more."


I have. Here.

Thank you very much.

Condom use! -I do not want it.

-Because? -Because I'm not a dyke.

That's not cool to say.

I will not get AIDS.



Protect yourself.

Protect yourself.


-What's it? "I do not like condoms."

"Do not you like it or do not you?" -It's dangerous.

"You're not too risky. -I prefer it with.


As you wish.


-I'm not getting. -What?

I'm sorry. I can not get a condom.

-Excuse. -Do not worry.

Who is this woman?

Your sister?

No, it's my mother.

It's an old photo of when we lived in Chile.

Is she Chilean? -No.

She is French. My father is a Chilean.

Does not it bother you that she sees you fucking?

Why you say that?

-Do not know. -I had never thought about it.

Not alright. My mother is very understanding.

You're very cute On that photo. -What?


Thank you.

How old were you?


Was the year where I returned to France with my mother.

The next year, I was tainted.

By whom?

My math teacher.

Mr Dukaire. Hervé.

I was sixteen.

And I was contaminated the first time.


He was married.

At school they said he had a baby.

I do not even know if he knew he was HIV-positive.

But we were in love.

I trusted him.

He also trusted me.

Like two idiots.

A week later, I was sick.

"I did not understand what was happening. -It's all right?


I should have doubts because I was afraid.

I went to do the test. And, you know...

"What about the teacher?" -We were on vacation.

We lost contact.

He was older. Should know.

He should know, but I should know too.

The responsibility does not divide.

When you contaminate someone, you are 100% responsible.

When you're infected, too.

But at that time, we did not know anything.

There was no mention of it.

This is where the state comes in.

-It is not? -Yes it's true.

Now shut up and fuck me.



Was I your first HIV-positive?

It depends.

The first one I go to?


You're the first to tell me.

Last time, I was with a guy. He should have twenty years.

He wanted to do it without a condom.

I did not even ask, but considering his age, he should not have much experience.

I do not know. I do not like my jaw much.

What is the problem?

It is very pointed, far ahead.

No, it's beautiful. You are beautiful.

-You think? -Yes.

I had not realized it. After we enjoyed it, I saw some spots on his back.

I had never seen Kaposi's sarcoma, just in photo.

I just said it would be interesting to take the test once a year. and always use condoms with anyone.

He said he was already doing it, that he was not crazy.

I did not insist.

What did you want to tell him?

That he was HIV positive?

He was not just HIV-positive.

He was sick.

I know.

I have some Kaposi.

At where?

-You did not see? -No.

How nice.















-REMEDIO ALREADY. -Good Morning.


Thank you.




Let's move on to the Roche ANRS protocol.

Someone from Act Up would like to talk.

Did you want to talk, Thibault?


These tests have already caused many problems since they announced that they would last for more than a year.

Reading the protocol, we encounter even more problems.

We've already shortened the duration of the tests.

This is no longer the problem.

-No? "No, what shocked us, not only the ACT-UP, but all the associations, is the number of punches required throughout the tests.

It's insane!

Watching what happens in the ganglia is paramount.

Right, but have you ever had a puncture?

No, but I know it's not very nice.

No, not much. And you propose one every 15 days for 8 months.

There are 16 punctures if my calculations are correct.

The desperate ones who accept to participate in the tests will give up in 2 months.

The results can not be interpreted.

What do you propose

-like solution? "We do not have a solution.

"Only we say the test is not feasible." -What's your conclusion?

Because what you propose is not simply to rewrite the protocol.


You can start your tests as they are, but they will be a failure.

See you in a month to discuss this.

And to you.

These are songs that I listen to of Boston and of Detroit, only hymns.

If you do not like it, I can not do anything for you.

Why the photo?

It's a beach that I love. in Landes.

It's the most beautiful place in the world.

Good Morning.

And it's also a photo of you.

You noticed?

Would be nice if you focused here, Thibault.

-Excuse. These gentlemen from Melton Pharm are here. To make it clear, the ANRS did not take sides in favor of Act Up regarding the divergence between you.

It is not our role to judge, but we to the laboratory, and Mr Gilberti is a witness, that we understand his impatience.

We also understand.

I have not finished.

Very well.

We are gathered here to calmly discuss and try enter into an agreement.

It will be difficult to agree.

We started well. -Once again, we understand your impatience but I must tell you, violence is unacceptable.

Play blood in our offices is inadmissible.

There were damage matters, and this has a cost, but also, above all, psychological damage to our employees, who were traumatized by their way of acting.

It suits us, sweetheart.


If you think we're vandals, why do not you sue us? judicially Precisely because we want to dialogue.

You should sue us.

It would be interesting to see a laboratory attacking a sick association.

I think that's what's stopping you.

Nothing to see.

And to its employees in shock, tell us what your retention policy causes people with AIDS.

Let's talk seriously. We do not have prejudice but the truth is that it's difficult, and I understand the Aides association, but it's hard to work with you.

Let's not get into that terrain.

Wait, I need to stop them right now.

All associations here agree on one issue.

The way you do not communicate anything

-It's scandalous. "There's nothing scandalous about it.

We are here to dialogue, to be transparent.


We do not understand. You go give us the results of the analysis?

-How wonderful. "Yes, you should have told us."

This would serve for what? We do not have final results.

You need to be an expert to interpret the document.

It's been four years since I've read all the literature on this subject.

I think I can read the partial results of your research.

I got an experience in side effects, in vomiting, in diarrhea.

It's about time you heard about it.

What are you saying? We just listen to you.

Each one does his part.

The associations supported us.

The director of ANRS he pretended to be impartial, but he really wanted to spank the representative of Melton Pharm.

Mr Gilberti did not give us any information but he can not justify himself.

He acknowledged that he made a mistake

-from the beginning of the meeting. -Right. Max?

-Your turn. -It's ok.

What I understand is that you put him in his rightful place.

Do you have fun

-but they did not win anything. -We're going to press you.

Press it like?

Let's chase them. We talk about it with other associations.

-We'll make a press release. "We'll do mail paper then."

You're cheering up, you adventurers.

We knew very well we would not win anything.

Otherwise you dreamed.

We wonder why we are here.

No, no.

This is not the same as the health issue.

On prevention, we face public authorities and we have a consistent speech.

On health, the most necessary, is to know, is to become aware.

Our goal is to push laboratories to expand their research to the fullest.

For example, I'm interested in knowing what the connections are between antiretrovirals and ecstasy?

-Yes. -No!?

It's essential.

Is important.

Léa, let's hear you.

You need to look for links between AZT and hormone treatments.

It seems that there are many side effects that we can not control and many women have this problem.

-Exactly. -Yes. Hélène?

I would go back to what Max was saying before.

I agree with him. These people are trying to sedate us.

If we want to conquer things of laboratories, the best weapon is public prosecution.

This will attack their image as long as they want to preserve it.

No, you're mistaken. They do not care about their image.

As well?

We did an incredible ad at Melton Pharm for your antiprotease.

Sean, You asked for the word before.

I do not think we have anything to gain from this lobbying strategy.

"That's no use." -We're repeating ourselves.

If the labs are out of commission reach, it must be said.

What are you saying, Sean?

We made a report. We already did an action.

But it was the first time we did and it was many months ago.

We do not need the labs. They are in need of us, this would only serve to fill his therapeutic research.

We need to continue with an offensive strategy And stop arguing with him. How unpleasant.

You suggest we have friendly discussions with laboratories as if we were an elite that had access to to molecules. I do not have time to play with it.

My blood tests are not going well. I do not have time to waste.

Let's not compare our exams.

Mine are not going well either.

I only have 160 T4 and the ashes.

I do not want to argue with people who do not care about us and that make us expect results

-that can be discouraging. -Sean, we did not arrive to mobilize the media about the treatments.

We took action against Melton Pharm We put blood everywhere.

We did not have a photo in the press. It's the same here in Act Up.

We did not get to mobilize about the treatments.

We are few in the health commission.

And it is the most important.

Why is it the most important?

Because we do not want to die, love and.

Do you think you will survive?

I do not know, but I hope so.

Right. Bachir, You wanted to say something.

I do not know why we fight.

It's a waste of time.

We do not even know of what we're talking about.

Nothing prevents us from lobbying and taking parallel actions.

For example, when possible, we call the laboratories or send a fax. We can say:

"We are sick, we are going to die. We need the results. "

The health committee can continue to discuss with the direction of the laboratory.

I do not understand the problem.

Thank you, Bachir. Sophie, did you want to interrupt?

Yes, I wanted to highlight what Bachir said in relation to the fax.

We found a new technique. If we paste two sheets together and then faxed and, excuse, then put it on again like this, This will keep spinning. in loop and this will take their fax all day.

It's a great idea.

What did you say?

Why does not Melton Pharm come to a meeting?

To answer our questions.

They would never come before the world conference on AIDS.

I think it's worth a try. Let's make a vote. to close the debate. It's 9:24 p.m.

"Then we'll pause." -It's a great idea.

So, who is in favor of inviting Melton Pharm's friends for a meeting?

Most overwhelming.

We opted for the principle of bringing them to a meeting.

We will pause.

Fifteen minutes. Thanks.

It's all right?

Very well.

Why would not he be?


I have a little ringworm

-in the mouth. -OK.

-Excuse. "No, no problem.

Are you using amphotericin? -God, you really are the best of the class.

You will end up knowing more about the disease than I do. Yes...

I'm wearing it, Mother.

I never asked you What do you do for a living.

-What do I do with my life? -With the job.

This is the time when we tell about our professional experiences.


-What do you want to know? -Nevermind.

Say it.

Do not know. What's your profession?

In life, I am HIV positive.

That's what it boils down to.

Sophie, what does she do?

As well?

What does she do with her life?

She works at a research institute.

Yes that's right.


-Do not know. He carries stretchers.

Oh really?

Yes, but he does not work anymore.

-Jerémie, what does he do? -He works?

No, he's a history student.

History? I did not know.

Fuck the ringworm.

If I want to make 10 liters of blood, I put 10 liters of water in the bathtub and then I add

1 pound of sugar and wallpaper glue, just like the posters. The trick is indeed mix well so this swirls in the bathtub until everything mixes. Otherwise, it does not look terrible.

As soon as it's ready, we add the dyes. We have three shades of dyes.

They are food dyes. It should not get too dark.

And not much pink, understand? Jérémie, your nose is bleeding.

-Damn it. -Wait.

Keep your head back.

On February 23, 1848, Wednesday, the people are on the street and the barricades were erected.

50 demonstrators headed towards to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located on Boulevard des Capucines.

But they came across the place barred by the men of the 14th armed infantry platoon.

With a torch in hand a leader advances threateningly toward a lieutenant.

Thinking the officer is in danger, a sergeant shoots.

Understanding as a signal, the troop opens fire.

There were 16 dead and about 40 injured.

From there, the anger exploded.

The bodies of the victims were loaded onto carts and taken to the streets of Paris.

"What is it, Jérémie?" -I can not breathe.


I can not breathe.

Lay down.

Let's put this on the tip of the finger. Okay, now breathe. quietly.

Put your head down. Relax. Breathe calmly, okay?

This will help you breathe.

We stopped in front of the newspapers such as Le National to report of the current scenario.

With dramatic appeal for weapons, this march of the corpses touches the death of the July monarchy.

This will be my political funeral.

This is what I want, that carry my body through the city with whistles and horns.

I promised to give my ashes to my parents.

Now I tell you that even if I am very afraid, I still have not suffered, but I know it will soon happen.







AIDS, people die, indifference remains.

AIDS, people die, indifference remains.

AIDS, people die, indifference remains.

AIDS, people die, indifference remains.

AIDS, people die, indifference remains.

AIDS, people die, indifference remains.

"We find that a bad faith crosses the homosexual psychology

"and promotes a spirit of betrayal

"in relationships ranging from recklessness

"to the lack of authenticity of feelings.

"This lack of sense of truth

"explains the instability of homosexual relationships

"in which trust is often overlooked."

Ready. Book of Tony Anatrella. Father and psychoanalyst.

He had a positive review in Le Monde and also in other magazines.

We find the same bullshit in Baudrillard's latest research. Hold on.

"Vitality is the pathology of closed circuits.

"It's an incest pathology in a metaphorical sense.

"He who lives the same way will perish in the same way.

"The fact that AIDS struck first

"homosexuals or drug addicts, is due

"to this incestuosity of groups that operate in closed circuits."

So we had the idea to make these stickers that say:

"Beware, this book contains homophobic or stigmatizing remarks

"for people with AIDS."

The idea is to paste them on the first page of all the books who have hate speeches and in the texts of sociologists who present themselves as our allies.

We put it like this.

Do not hesitate to pick up at the end of the meeting and paste as much as possible.


Let's talk about contaminated blood.

"Helene, you wanted to raise an issue. -No, it's a debate.

Okay, okay.

So, you no doubt noticed in the middle of the papers today, a text that made me wonder.

This text criticizes my committee for claiming that the ministers and policy-makers involved in the contaminated blood are placed in prison.

I'd like you to give me an opinion of Act Up.

I need some clarification.

Max, you wanted to talk.

The text you mention, it was me and Sean that we write. Nor is it a mystery because we even signed it.

You can see for yourself. I invite everyone to read.

We assume the authorship of the text.

We write it because we also need clarification.

We question political responsibilities except that we see slogans arise requiring judgments to the prisoners. As if we wanted jail sentences.

We just ask for the judgment to go to the end.

We ask that justice be done.

-It's the same thing. -It is not.

It hurts me to think that we are asking for jail sentences. while we are against. The prison is a place where people get defiled, where sterile syringes are not available.

What are you saying? I agree with all this. but they made me sound like a demagogue.

No, and you.

The text is not against you.

We need to wake up.

We get caught up in this claim thing of jail sentences. -I went into Act Up, because you were the only ones who understood about it.

I believe that Marco and I have always been loyal to you. I find it too unpleasant that you have not spoken to me directly.

We do not question your work.

What do you want? Our mission has always been defend all the sick.

Do you want us to stop claiming the prisoners?

Yes, but it's more serious than that.

This case has become the respectable showcase of Act Up. "Not at all."

It's much more appealing to the media than the whores, the drug addicts, the prisons.

Maybe you're glad you took advantage of this story. but I do not agree with that.

It's unbelievable to hear this from you. The case of blood is emblematic for the failure of the State's epidemic management and all other governments.

If there are no prevention campaigns, is because the State has not yet become aware of the gravity of the situation. -Exactly.

I remember that for months, I injected contaminated blood into my children provided by hospital services with the support of physicians and of the public authorities. "We already know that, Helene.

But here, we are at odds with ourselves.

Political responsibility is not the same thing that send people to jail. We are not here to seek revenge.

I do not want to seek revenge. but let the judgment go to the end.

If everyone agrees, we will not call a vote.

Do not.

I think it's a shame that we let's insult ourselves while we can make adjustments.

They are not just adjustments.

Let's get the news which was planned before the break.

What was this? You guys are really crazy. to mess with Helene. You have to go on top of Thibault.

You would not have done it if you were a guy.

"Is not that kind of disgusting?" -What?

That moment of humiliation. "Stick to yours.

She's just kind of mad.

"She understands us. She was offended.

Your boy is very annoying.

Yeah, he's annoying. -Hang on.

You just want to break up with me.

The problem is that we do not think together anymore.

Are you happy because we appear on television.

We are no longer in agreement. At what point do we arrive?

Enough of that mimimi, fag. Take your responsibilities.

You could shut up Out there? -The debate takes place inside the room not in the hallway. Thanks. What the hell, see?

This is not an erogenous zone.

-It hurts? -No.

I'm going to distribute the syringes. We're getting there. We need to be quick.

We can do two or three rounds and then we leave.

So take it.

It could end up being even faster.

Let's get the syringes.

Let's go.

Go fast!



Ten years ago, the number of seropositive drug users was estimated at 4%.

Today, we have reached 30%. The politics the ministry is criminal to the dependents!

The right syringes for users.

Changes must be made in the whole country.

Act Up requires the end prohibition and distribution manipulated heroin.

We must stop this hypocrisy.

It's the only way.


He is sick. Caution.

He is sick.

Hurry up.

-Caution. -Let's go up!

He is sick!

-It's all right? -Yes, that's fine.

-Assurance? -Yes, it's okay.

That was pretty fast.

No, no.

Hélène, your turn.

Hang on.

How was it?

How was what?

It has already become a habit in Act Up, we count without stopping how we pollute ourselves.

But you, how did you stay seronegative

-all this time? -That!

Do not know.

You had sex before the epidemic, did not you?

Yes, I had sex, but it did not last long.

And then, -As it was before? "It was wonderful.

I had two or three faces.

I was crazy about one of them.


Was he handsome?

Honestly no.

-Oh yes? -No, but I was crazy. by him.

I lived in the South at the time, he was coming to pick me up at Aix and we were going to have sex at his house in Marseille. Nobody knew about me.

I remember the car ride.

One day, there was a snowstorm on the highway.

I've never seen this in the South.

We were taken by surprise.

We got parked on the shoulder.

At least we thought it was the shoulder because we did not see anything else.

The cars kept going around us, like they're hanging around as if at any moment, they were to crush us, to blow us up.

I said something strange that day.

If one of them hit us

and we were burned alive without being able to succor us,

then they would find our bodies charred.

And after long weeks of research people would wonder what we were doing together.

Who we were to each other.

Were you that old?

Nineteen, I guess.

This seems very abstract to me.

Shortly thereafter, I found a magazine that talked about AIDS.

It's the first time I've heard of it.

There was a photo of two guys, two Americans on the beach.

Then there were two pictures. One before and another after.

At first, you saw the couple in shape and in the second, one of the two was in the terminal state of the disease.

His name was Kenny.

He looked like a monster.

I had never seen a gay couple in a magazine.

This showed that homosexuals would die,

that we would all die.

It scared me. Then I stopped fucking.


For five years.

"It can not be, are you crazy?" "Yes, I do not know.

I did not know if I had the virus, if I could transmit it.

It took me a long time to believe in condoms.

Then it was like a deliverance.

I went back to Arnaud, the guy I was in love with and we fucked.

We spent a very long day.

At night, we went to a restaurant.

On the way, I realized that he had trouble walking, breathing, who had lost weight.

At the table, he told me a lot of stuff.

I do not remember what it was exactly.

He said he returned to live with his parents.

He did not tell me anything about his state of health.

I, of course, did not ask anything.

We had a strange night without saying things.

He did not give me any more news.

Then, a year later, I called your parents and his father answered.

His son was hospitalized.

When I asked the reason, he told me that I already knew.

He was furious.

So I hung up.

I did not go to see him at the hospital.

He died?

Do not know. It was two years ago.

I think so.

Maybe he left.

It can happen to go to the hospital and get a normal life.


Yes maybe.

Do not know.

I'd rather think he's alive.

I do not.

Either we're dead, or we're alive.

Yes true.

Would you say that we live together?

It would be simpler.

Simpler why?

How annoying you are.

It annoys me not to be here.

I did not ask you to do that.

I can come on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and weekends.

Now, with work, it's complicated.

It's already good.

I turn around alone.

Yes but I want to take care of you.

I do not like it when you say that.


That you take care of me. It makes me feel strange.

You got it What I meant to say. I want to pass the time with you.

I know.

I'll make lots of money. I'm going to buy a new apartment.

It would be ridiculous not to live together.

-I can not do that. "Can not or will not?"

I can not afford.

How much do you pay here?

850 francs.

Actually 950 with the rates.

It's pretty expensive for something so small.

Ever since I stopped working, my mother paid for everything.

In fact, you would have less expense. We would split.

I do not have any more checks to pay.

-Do you say that for the deposit? -Yes.

Do not worry.

My parents will help me. It's already arranged.


We are here for this.

Good Morning.

"So here's Mr. Gilberti." -Good Morning.

From Melton Pharm Laboratories.

Accompanied by... "Mr. Rossi.

Agnès Leconte.

My team.

Before we begin, for those who did not follow the news, Melton Pharm will market a new molecule.

An antiprotease, for which they do not have AIM, the marketing authorization, but we request your distribution for people who did not respond to treatment.

Laboratories make us believe that there is a shortage of products.

You have to choose between the patients.

In a sort of draw.

Sorry, but we never talked about a draw. We heard about it from the newspapers.

"We were horrified like you." "No, not like us, I'm sure.

-Any question? -Germain, "You wanted to talk." -I have a question about scarcity. Act Up-Boston informed us that during meetings with the management of laboratories in the last month of January, there was never any shortage.

In the United States, there is a clinical and biological definition of AIDS.

Or you have to have less than 200 T4, you must have an opportunistic illness.

Honestly, it's going well.

We managed to control their cryptosporidiosis, their T4 are stable. I know you're worried about Kaposi's sarcoma. but we have had good results with X-rays.

The lesions should be prevented from on the soles of your feet. All right?

I will pass the coordinates of a very good place where you can be treated.

They treat HIV-positive people very early in the morning.

It's a bit tiring.

We do not have American rules.

-which are more liberal than ours. -We understand.

You are there, but you are unable to give us a simple answer.

For me, there are 87 T4 It's ridiculous, is not it?

Does not make sense.

87 T4.

AZT has no effect on me anymore.

IDD has never worked and you here trying to justify the unjustifiable.

We're not trying to justify whatever that is.

I did not think we were ignoring delicate situations. in which you are. -Delicadas?

We must help them manage the scarcity that you yourself have created.

Do you think we're going to legitimize your fucking strategies?

Hold on.

Remember the facts. We had a meeting in which you accused...

Can lie down face down.

Like this?

You only practice demagogy.

Boston's parent company that makes the decisions.

You make us wait.

Thanks. I'll summarize the situation to make it clear.

Melton Pharm decided to orchestrate a shortage for your new molecule to speak.

It's a classic strategy.

Let her finish.

You who have suggested this draw idea.

What you're saying is disgusting.


I agree with you. It's disgusting.

And it's exactly the plan of your direction but we do not care.

Let's increase the pressure and we'll get the pills for the sick.

That debate should last for 15 minutes.

We have business more important than you.

How access to care for prostitutes, foreigners.

We ask that you withdraw.

"I'll follow you." "It can only be a joke."

So after of what has just happened, let us make a great manifesto against the laboratories.

And precisely, there's this Gay Parade coming up and we need to shake it.

It's a festive thing to do. and talk about the treatments. So I thought of something brilliant.

We have money for that. Let's take a huge truck full of loudspeakers.

I want it to be like a boombox in the streets.

On the one hand, it will be written:

"Ignorance is your enemy", ignorance is your enemy and "Knowledge is a weapon," knowledge is a weapon.

Very sober, white on a black background.

Let's dance in the streets. and at the same time, Let's talk about the treatments.

The posters will take the labs as targets.

We have a great concern. We can not make the disease visible.

It is time to do as in the United States, make our partners in the hospital come too.

The boys are in moving chairs.

What the fuck you sayin '? This is crazy!


"Am I not sick enough for you?" -I'm not talking about you.

Do not I look sick enough?

Marcus does not seem sick enough?

And Muriel?

-Is that you? -Sean.

What does he say does not shock anyone?

I'm sick of you.

You're an impostor.

You're a disgusting impostor.

A, two, three.



I had seven and here are only five.

You put it in the other backpack too.

-What backpack? -Yours.

The little one?


Just a point of disagreement is the very text of this review.

The versions did the back-and-forth between the Elysée and the Matignon.

Can I take it?

If you want to. Let's do it later.

The right of asylum, a French specialty which is contained in the constitution.

We are at this uncompromising point. After negotiations, the two sides have reached an acceptable version.

Close your hand.

The cathedral was built under Charles V, an immense cathedral of stones, 200 meters long, and integrated to the underground center of the Carousel.

The old stones of eight centuries...

Turn your arm.

I'll insert it.

The first official meeting since the signing of the agreement.

Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat...


They will meet tomorrow in Cairo in Egypt.

Do you want to lie down? in bed for examination of the back.

-I'm right here. -Right.

Lean a little.

Act Up-Paris chained itself opposite the Melton Pharm plant.

The AIDS group protest against the laboratory which, according to them, its new treatment for hospital pharmacies.

We require that Melton Pharm accelerate the delivery of your new antiretroviral.

Patients do not have access now that the molecule has received authorization after more than one month.

The associations also criticize the laboratory by the conditions of allocation treatment, excluding patients below 50 T4 See you later.

See you later.

"Melton Pharm did not answer. -Lastly, the weather forecast and the main rainfall expected in the southeast.

I can enter?


How are you?

Not very well.

I had a catheter infection

-But they do not know what it was. Are you in pain?


Muscle aches, especially.

-And vomit. "What do they give you for pain?"

Paracetamol, I think.

"Is not nothing stronger?" -No.

Actually yes.

They proposed to me morphine. -You accepted, I hope?


I wanted to be doped with morphine.

Do you play a lot?

"What do the doctors say?" -Need accurately for now.

I have T4s that have increased slowly.

That's nice.

You know that does not mean anything.

It means your state is improving.

Why did you come? see me, really?

We do not like each other very much, but we are friends.

By December 1st, I have a bad feeling.

It's going to be the worst day of AIDS. There will be no one in the demonstration.

They propose things without a head or head how to shed blood on the hour, put a condom on the obelisk.

The day will come. This is already true.

I'd rather you leave.

I do not understand why you are angry I do not understand either, but I'd prefer you to leave.

What are you doing in the window? Please. Erase that cigarette. and go back to bed.

-I'm leaving. -That.

Is better.

"You do not know what he has?" Leave her alone.

"No, but we'll find out. "It's important to know.

You have to take it.

-It's ok. -We will have treatments.

For now, we control infections.

"And it's all right." -Well, if it's all right...

I'll put the serum. I'll be back.

I'm leaving.

-What is going on? "Nothing, Thibault is already leaving.



-I brought you some new clothes. -Thank you.

"It's hot in here, is not it?" -Yes I think.

Anyway, out there is an ice.

I'm not well.

I know.

Everything hurts.

I do not know anymore whether it is fever or fear or both.

I'm afraid.

I'm very afraid all the time.

I miss you.

There's still some.

Is the apartment ready?

Yeah, it's a little messy but we finished painting.

It's beautiful?

It's white.

You are silly.

I'm sorry that I fell under your responsibility.










We live with AIDS as if it were a war, an invisible war in the eyes of others as our friends die.

We do not want to die.

In all wars, there are teams. AIDS has its own.

Those in favor of the epidemic is a blessing because it kills the fagots, the drug addicts, the prostitutes, the prisoners in general indifference. Those who enjoy opportunity to highlight the effects of hatred and discrimination.

It is against them that we fight since 1989 being present and without rest on all fronts.

Together, we can join forces to resist the epidemic, to the personal dramas and social problems it causes.

Together we can build a community capable of organizing and adapting to the disease a positive and combative attitude.

On behalf of Act Up-Paris, I say that AIDS is a challenge.

You can face it with us.

Join us.

-Good Morning. -Good Morning.

You can take it to the room. The bed is ready.

I do not want to stay in a bed.

Let's go to the room then.


I'll help you sit down.

You'd look better in a bed.

-Let's go? "I will not get better anywhere."

-Put it up more like that.


-Goodbye. -Thank you.


I went to get your mail. I found one of the administrative ministry.

You have received your disabled adult allowance. Look here.

There is much more, you will see.

I'll leave it up here.



Get me out of here, I can not take it anymore.

Leave it open.




Everything is ready?


Pay attention.

You do not need to inject yourself.


I know.

-Good evening. -Good evening.

I still have not died.

What are you doing? I'm tired of this.

I'm going to hang up, go back to sleep.

He died.

He died!


But already?

You could spell the name, -please? -Sean.


S-E-A-N. Right.


"Could I spell it?" -D-A-L M-A-Z-O.

His mother wants to wear it, but I can not.

Do not worry.

I'll handle this, okay?

Hello lady.

-Hello, Max. -I came to help.

It's ok.

I need to get him up a little.

I'll hold you like this.

And so I pass the shirt from behind.

-Sure well. -Right.

Okay, you can throw it.

I'll go by the arm. It's ok.

-Ready. I'll let you button. -Right.

Darling, I need you to help me a little.

Is almost.

Come on, just a little bit.


Hello, I'm Thibault.

I'm Sean's mother. In between.

A kiss.

I'm making coffee. Do you want?

-Yes thanks. I'll take it.

Wait, I'll help you.

Is it locked?

I cleaned the bed and now, I can not bend it.




Can I have a cigarette?

-Yes, open the window. -Thank you.

It is good that you are here.

This way.


You want coffee?

Do not have something to eat instead?

-Do not know. -Yes.

I bought some little things.

Where did I put it?

I put it here.

There you go. Here.


I'm Sophie.


You got enough coffee?

We only have enough to serve them.

-Yes. -Yes.


"You're Sean's mother." -Yes.

Is that you?

I'm Helene. I'm Marco's mother.

Hello, Hélène.

-Hello. -Hello March.


Is everything okay, Marco?

I just do not want to see the body.

You do not have to.

IT IS...

-You do not care? -No.

Well, I'll go there. Where is he?

There, to the right.

-Do you know each other? -Hi.


-Hello. -Hello lady.

Did you write the press release?

Yes, I wrote something. but it seems more like an obituary.

I really want this press release.

I read?


The title: "Sean Dalmazo, 26, died of AIDS."

And then the text.

"Sean was a member of Act Up-Paris since the group's creation.

"He was responsible for the arrest warrant."

Then I wanted to write something showing that he was engaged in the defense of minorities.

The whores, the fagots, the addicts, etc.

"Sean was a politician in the first person.

"He was crazy, funny, "grumpy, alive."

Okay, I stopped there. So, if you have ideas...

"It's not bad. -Is good.

But we could talk about courage, too.

Do not know, "He's maybe a little naive." -Core is good.

In Act Up, we do not shy away from a more flowery style.

I wanted to go back to the issue of ashes because Sean wanted a political burial.

He wanted us to play their ashes at insurers.

So there is a little technical question to know how we can

-recover the ashes. "I'm aware of that.

I talked to Nathan.

Of course it was Your will, but I would like recover the ashes.

Of course.

Are you thinking of 50/50? or 40/60?

Actually, 80/20.

"Do not you have any more coffee?" -I'm doing more.

Okay, you call me when it's ready?

Could you come back tonight?

Yes, why?

To spend the night with me.


Thank you.

But are we going to kiss and what?

Yes of course.








Translation and Synchronization: Subtitle Days Castiliano, EduardoT, marlon_rdo & VinniR facebook.com/daysdelegends Until next time!