Brainstorm (1983) Script

Can you see better if I move it a little closer?

I can see something.

It's parts of the grid, but it's still rotating. It's not locking up.

Maybe we all need a little break, Lillian.

Hal, you take a break.

Michael, we're almost there.

How's that?

It's better, but it's all scrambled.

How's that? It's better.

How's the synch?

Plus-25. Better?

I can sort of make out part of the grid, but it's...

I don't know.

Maybe something's wrong with the grid.

Hal, kill the grid. And, Gordy, take a look around the lab.

Oh, this is weird.

Try something else.

How's that?

It's an image of the lab, but it's rotating. It's all out of phase.

I think I've got it.

Gordy, go back to the grid for a second.

A little more phase compensator.

Up the synch signal.

What do you see, angel?

Clockwise rotation.

It's still all scrambled.

Okay, just a little more.

Hold it a second. I think I got it.

Hey, there it is! You got it.

Okay, Hal, let's slate it.

Gordy, follow Hal around with the slate.

Hal, get the slate in there.

I got it.

Hold it one minute.

Okay. Slate it.

We've got speed.

Test, October 11th, 10:41 p.m. Mark.

To the kitchen.

Good idea. Let's eat.

Lou, what do you got for me?

Here you go, Gordy. Everything you said.

Slating. It's all bad.

Hot and cold...

...sweet and sour...

...chewy and melt-in-your-mouth bad!

Let's try something exotic.

You name it, Gordy.

A little steak.

A little steak comin' up.

Peanut butter.

Peanut butter.

Hot fudge!

Hot fudge?

A few nuts.

And some marshmallow sauce.

Marshmallow sauce.

And put a cherry on top.

Man, marshmallow and cherry on steak?

What in the world have you been drinkin'?

What's he been smokin'?

Hey, spaceman, welcome back to the planet Earth.

What you see before you is the latest fashion in full sensory gratification.

Now, come on, give us a kiss. No.

Come on. No!

Come on, let's go back to work.

Gordy, go on! For science.

Gordy, try to contain yourself.

This is a test.

Andrea, give us a 90 DBF in sine wave, please.

Okay, I'm ready.


Gordy, this is not on our itinerary.

Just a few seconds. I think I got an idea.

Well, hi, Hal. How are you?

What are you guys up to, anyway?

Just wanna see my old buddy, Lena.

How are you, Lena, honey?

Lena, I know what it's like to be guinea pig.

Is her output on standard interface?

Regular plug.

I don't know...

Perfect mate for Dr. Brace.

I don't know if that's such a good idea.

That's not so funny, Gordy. Come in, Lena.

What did you do?

Nothing. Just a little experiment in animal behavior.

There's something wrong with you. You know that?

You didn't like Lena.

What happened? Nothing.


I'm telling you, it works!

The tests? Sound, taste...?

Everything, everything. One hundred percent. In fact, better.

Well, what did you taste?

Steak, overdone. Right?

Peanut butter, hot fudge sauce, slight orange flavor.

Disgusting. Nuts?

Walnuts. I hate them.

That's it?


Cherry on the top. That's it man!

How do you feel now?

I feel like a glass of champagne. Get some glasses.


What's this?

One lousy beer.

I would like to make a toast.

To the one who never gives up...

...Lillian Reynolds...

...E.E., M.D., Ph. D...

...B.M. T...

...B.V.D., R.S.V.P., C.O.D.

My friend.




Hi, Dad.

Hi, Mike.

You worked late. Did you have a good day?

Hello, Barry.


We made it.

Talented man, your husband.

Impossible at times, but talented.

What do you think? Can you handle it?

Yes, I think I can. I think I can get it down to size...

...and make it look attractive.

Maybe something like...

...stereo headphones.

Oh, I'm not worried about that. I know you can.

It's Michael.

You're gonna have to work very closely with him.

Is that a problem?


That won't be any problem. Good.

Not for me.

Hal, I'm gonna kill you after this.

Lillian, you don't understand. It's part of my...

What are you upset about? It's gonna be slow and agonizing.

It's not part of your job. I know what you wanted to do.

You wanted to grease yourself with the boss.

I did not.

Why don't you wait and see what he has to say?

Why don't you grow up!

Be careful.

I hate this junk!

Hello, Michael.

Good to see you.

Lillian. Hi, Alex. How are you?

Well, won't you sit down?



For what?

Hal said you had a breakthrough.

Well, Hal's crazy.

Did you have a breakthrough or not?


Alex, dear, it was just another test. A little better, but still crude.

What's the big problem?

The superconductors have to be chilled to 270 below to work.

The whole thing is too big and heavy.

Your hotshots, Evans and Wetmore, failed on that one year after year.

Courtesy, Evans-Wetmore.

It's a superconducting chip. No cooling needed.

When did they do this?

You need it...'s yours.

Keep it quiet.

Data processing division will go right through the roof...

...with the high-speed computer applications of that thing.

Karen has expressed enthusiasm to help us market it and package it.

Alex, I think you're moving too fast.

You haven't even seen it yet.

There's more to it than just practical applications...

...and packaging.


...I know you can do it.

I know you can do it.

I'd like a demonstration.

I want you... knock my socks off. Okay?


And thanks.

Don't lose that.

You did it again, Alex.

Thank you.

Any problem working with Karen?

No. Not for me.

Thanks, Mike.

I told you to get out of the pool. He pays no attention.

I'll get him, honey.

Hurry up!

Dr. Brace, I'd like to introduce Dr. Harris and Dr. Bock.

Call me Ted.

You saw the house before.

Yeah, yeah, we're sold. We just want to get all the details.

We signed all the papers today. Good.

That's for you. Hey, Dad, is that it?

That's what you wanted. All right. You got the right one.

Say thank you.

As you can see...

...this is a very special house.

I spent a lot of time to get it right.

Why don't you show them the secret closet?

Good idea. Right this way.

The house is wonderful. Ted loves all the special things you've done.

Do you like them?


It's theirs now. I know.

I can't stay here now.

Oh, well, that's okay. I can...

...take care of all the packing and stuff.

You sure? Sure.

It's a lot to do.

Do you have cardboard boxes?

Yes, I have cardboard boxes.

I can take care of it all. Don't worry.

You could go live over at the center.

Lillian's there.

This is Flight Simulation Lab Control.

Sold your house yet?


I keep telling you the rooms at the center are so cheap.

I know.

At 9:38 p.m. pilot Gordon Forbes is performing a low-level simulated assault.

Range: 100 yards and closing.


Ninety. Simulated altitude, 60 feet.

Ground speed, 512 knots.

Assault range, 85.


It's not worth it, Gordy! Don't do it!

Pilot Forbes, you're... of the simulation.

Sweet target in sight.

Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Brace...

...your pilot has lost control.


Helmet's on? Yeah.

Contact. Okay, let's get in.

How's that? Okay.

Give me the seat belts.

Okay, Gordy. Hit it.

Great gas pedal. Let's go!

Come on, Gordy!

Yeah, I'm comin'. Wait a minute.

Tallyho! Here we go!

I'm gonna die. I'm freezing! You're gonna make history!

It's a little chilly. It's gonna be great! I don't wanna go! It's too cold!

Come on. One more time for science.

It's gonna rain, Gordy. Let's go home!

Too cold. It's not even... Come on, come on.

We're gonna do it. Come on, get in.

Nobody is gonna put a thing like that on their head.

It's gotta be pared down to the absolute essentials.

Just enough to house the sensors. You know, it can't look intimidating.

What do I care what it looks like!

Put a chip here...

...another here... op. Amp, spread flat across. That's all. Just do it.

Put the rest of the stuff remote. Sure.

How's that?

It's good.

Good night, all.

Don't fall!

Hang on, Gordy!

Come on, Gordy!

Way to go!

Oh, God!

That's remarkable.

A true, one-of-a-kind scientific breakthrough.

Oh, God! Wonderful!

We'll have to tell the division heads.

And Karen, you think we can modify it and simplify it even a little more?

Yes. That's already in the works. Good.

We'll need to make a demo tape. We want to show the potential...

...for travel and education and news.

Can we do it in the conference room?

We could pump right through the phone.

Excellent. And thank you all.

You've blown communication... we've known it, right out of the water. You know that, don't you?

And I'm very proud of all of you.

You blew my socks off!

I think he likes it.

All right!

It's great.


It's great.


I'm glad you like it.

You know...

...we never worked together before.

I always tried to avoid that, you know.

Sorry about that, ladies.

Here you go. Thank you.


So tell me about it.

It's the damnedest thing I've ever felt.

Knocked my socks off.

What was it like?

Like you were there.

Taste, smell, everything.


I even feel like I just ate.

What about military applications?

It's wide open.

Missile guidance? That kind of thing?

Jim, they're gonna be able to plug right into the old noodle.

This is for us? Just us.

Just you, just me.

Just for us.

Congratulations, you guys. Thank you.

This is great.

I've never had so many people want to talk to me before in my life.

That's cause you're famous.

Oh, God! You love it!

I do.

You're good-lookin', too.

Hey, get me a light, will ya?

Can I borrow that? Sure. Here.

You smoke too much.

I know I do.

How you doin'? We're doing fine.

Listen, I've got some people I want you to meet... upstairs in a few minutes, okay?

You're my stars. I want to show you off.

I'll have Hal come back and get you.

Don't disappoint me.

A few people upstairs. That's it. That's it!

Barry, I'd love some more white wine. Sure.

I'll call you tomorrow, Wendy.

You look nice. Thank you.


Why do you still see him?

Because he's a perfectly wonderful, thoughtful, uncreative guy.

Congratulations, Michael.

You must be proud to be married to such a brilliant man.

Thank you. Thank you.

He never spoke to me before.

It's good to see you enjoying yourself so much.

For you.

I'll see you later, upstairs.

This is the result of teamwork, gentlemen.

A group of...

...brilliant, creative scientists cocoon for ten years in a laboratory without...

...outside intervention.

My job has been to protect that environment.

That lab is sacred ground. And, with due respect to you all...

...I don't want to muddy it with any boots from outside, military or civilian.

That's all very well, Dr. Terson, but we paid for that cocoon.

I think we have every right to know what goes on.

I accept that responsibility, sir.

I'm not talking about a military or civilian potential now.

I am talking about a breakthrough.

A communications breakthrough.

Words don't do it.

Pictures don't do it. This...

...might be the beginning.

But you've got to let my people breathe.

You've got to...

Well, here they are.

Lillian, good to see you again.

I didn't see you downstairs, Colonel.

Well, we all just got in and we can only stay a few minutes.

Captain Barty.

Mr. Zimbach.

Colonel Easterbrook.

And Landon Marks. It's a real, real pleasure, Dr. Reynolds.

Do I know you? Yes. Cal Tech. '56.

I wanted you all to get to know each other.

Dr. Reynolds, of course.

Karen Brace...

...Dr. Brace.

And Mr. Abramson.

We're tremendously enthusiastic about your recent breakthrough.

Yes. We've been working on an array system ourselves...

...but with slow progress.

That's understandable.

Of course, we've been looking at the application...

...from a different point of view.

What point of view is that, Colonel? Blowing people to kingdom come?

Lillian, I think we can let the colonel express his opinion.

Not everything in the military is blowing people up.

We're interested in tapping in to higher brain functions:

Thoughts, emotions, that kind of thing.

Now I remember you.

We're working on that, too.

Shut up, Michael.

You don't know what's going on, do you?

Why don't we all have a drink?

I don't get it. No, you don't.

Excuse me.

Lillian, I don't think Dr. Marks's presence will be a detriment to the project.

Alex, I'm sorry.

No. I have to say no.

Dr. Reynolds, for your own sake, I'd like to help you complete your records.

A woman of your stature can't just sloppily jot down...

Alex, please. You promised you wouldn't do this.

He's a spy for the Feds.

The Feds, as you call it, are here to protect the American public...

...from potentially dangerous research.

Alex, no!


I want you to understand, Dr. Reynolds, that my function is not to be a spy.

I do have a certain expertise.

Listen, you were a hack at Stanford and a hack at Bell!

He's on your team.


He is on your team! No!

Lillian, goddamn it, the man just wants... Alex!

Don't goddamn me, sweetheart.

Just don't goddamn me! Come on.

And don't take my project!

This is my project!

And I don't want to see it end up on some Defense scrap heap...

...before we know what it's really about!

You have no idea!


I'm sorry.

You're gonna spoil the whole thing!

You're so stupid! I want to tell you something!

I don't like the way you treat me in front of these people!

You keep calling this thing "mine."

I've been standing next to you from the start. It's mine, too.

So don't do that!

You don't get it! Lillian?

Keep him out. Keep him out! Go!

Lillian, I have tried to keep those people off your back, but you've got...

What is it?

Are you okay? I'm fine. I'll be fine.

You look bad.


You want a doctor?

I am a doctor!

What's going on? Are you crazy?

This is the ladies' room. It's the ladies' room!

Can I help you?

It makes me sick when I lose my temper.

Here she is. I don't want that thing, Gordy.

Hal, I can't believe that you didn't know about it.

Everybody at this party played it.

Now, you don't want to get left behind, Hal.

This is hot!


It sure beats dirty magazines.

Yeah, thank you, Gordy.

Enjoy yourself.

Yeah, sure.

You're crazy!

Come on, let's do it!

Let's do it for science, baby. I don't trust you.

I won't do it in here. Anybody can come in.

Lillian won't be back tonight. I promise. She won't be back.

You promise? Come on, I promise.

Come on, babe.

All right.

Are these real?

I hope so.

This is it.

What do you call this?

We call it "the Hat."

What do you do with it?

Put it on your head.

Come on, Chris. Hands off.

What's it for?

With a thing like that, you could finish the seventh grade in five minutes.

Okay. Start it up.

Not today.

What's that?

I don't know.

Scan synch's on.

You got that?

Interlock's open.


It's hot off the mold.

Take a look.

Looks great.

Sit, please.

"Looks great. Sit, please."

Now just empty your head.

Empty my head?


Empty my head and relax.

Just lean back and forget everything. It'll be okay.

That's good.

It's hot off the mold. Take a look.


You can take the house, the kid, the car, the whole goddamn thing!

I don't want anything. I'll live in a hotel.

What about my work? I can't live like this, Karen.


Why don't you just go?

Take the house, take the car!

I'll go to a hotel!

I can't live like this, Karen! You're strangling me!

What are you talking about, you can't live like this?

Are you talking about the house? I never wanted it.

It was you! No, no. It's you!

That's not me you're looking at. It's you!

Can you describe what you were feeling?

I don't know.

I got mad... you.

What were you thinking?

You mean when you were recording my thoughts?


I was thinking about my new design.

But he always ignores me and it just...

...made me furious.


It's hot off the mold. Take a look.

You're so selfish! You're arrogant! You're strangling me!

I want to ride my bike. Big deal.

You take him. His pants are full.

You could put flowers all around it.

I don't know what you're so upset about.

Let's do the twist.

You are a genius.

I made that for you.

It's a gift.

What is it?

It's me.

You may kiss the bride.

That's where they flew.

But what made them come here?

It's the wind.

The wind?

It's constant here.

He took off from the bottom of that hill. And the first flight was...

...less than the wingspan of a modern jet.

And I want to tell you something. He was scared to death.

I'm crazy about you!

It's a secret. That's the girl I'm gonna marry.

We blew it, didn't we?

We sure did.

I didn't... I didn't understand.

Nothing's changed.

You feel so good.

So do you.

I never thought I could do this.

It always does that.

Try that.

They're beautiful.

Are you ready to take the plunge?


Sing for me. Sing me that song.

"In this place We're all together now

"Figuring out and figuring out Who's crazy

"And afterwards, we go out And have a nice coffee

"And we smoke a cigarette And make a dream

"That everybody in the world Will be good

"And then we'll be nervous no more

"And these are the hopes and the dreams

"Of beautiful people like me

"And the other people"

It's so quiet.

I was afraid you didn't like me anymore.

Marry me.

I will.


Hi, Dad. Good morning.

Hiya, sport.

I knew you couldn't live without us.

You want breakfast? Sure.

French toast. Orange juice.

Juice. All right.


He's in the den.

Are you okay? He's out of control.

But are you okay?

Karen, he's been down there all night.

I thought he was reading until I woke up this morning...

...and I found him down there twitching.

Give it here.

Give it, Michael.

Please. Oh, God, please. Please!


We'll keep this between us, okay?

Barometric pressure equalized. Dr. Brace, you may enter the chamber.

Damn it!

Hey, you wanna jog a few laps?

No, not today, Hal.

I don't know where I'm getting all this energy.

Well, you look good.

I'll tell you, Mike, boy, I'm gettin' a whole new outlook on life.

I'm packing my bags and leaving this place.

Why is that?

Hell, the good folks at the lab are paying me disability leave...

...of indeterminate duration.

Is that good?

Hell, it's the best piece of luck I've had.

What is it?

Something happened to me. It was more than just a sexual fantasy.

It was a... it was a feeling I had.

I'm more than I was, Mike.


Thanks, Hal.

Okay, make a dupe tape and a transcript of that right away, if you would.

Ten degrees right.



Now watch this.

He can take a full 10-G rollout without losing control, just by thinking about it.

Bombs away, Gordon.





I'll miss her.

Talented lady.

Impossible at times, but talented.

The project's yours now, Mike. It's up to you.

Not now, Alex.

This is it. I'm flyin' the coup.

I just wanted to say good-bye.

Is that it? Yeah.

You gonna play it? No.

She left it for you.

I'll help.

Dr. Marks, Dr. Brace and Hal Abramson are in the lab.

Maybe it's not a good idea, huh?

I can rewire the output...

...right here.

Disconnect respiration, heart function...

...right here. Give me that case.

Frank, please, get me Bob Jenkins, Alex Terson...

...Mr. Zimbach and Gordon Forbes, immediately.

Yes. This is it.

What is it?

What is it?

What's he? Crazy?

We do have a unique opportunity here.

No. I can't authorize this.

This is not the research we're interested in. This is sick.

I'll take full responsibility, Alex.

There might be something on it we can use.

The tap will be undetectable, and Gordon has the necessary experience.

It's on your back, Jim!

This is on your back!

Dr. Marks...

Dr. Brace said something about rewiring this output.

Something about respiration and...

I know what I'm doing, son.

What's happening to him?

Shut it off, Landon.

Shut it off!

Goddamn it, shut it off!

Jesus Christ!

You can't do one more.

You can't do it. Not one more. You can't do it.

Have a Coke. You have a Coke.

No, no. Five minutes, please.

It's important, come on.

One cup of coffee. Come on.

Come on! No, no. Come on!

Happy birthday, Lillian.

I gave you two years. I've been fighting Washington for the last year.

They said it's over. TRIAD is over, don't you understand, Lillian?

If it were up to me, I would give it to you. But it's not up to me, babe.

Now I have to go tell Michael.

I've always been with you. I've always supported you.

I try to support you. What can I do?

You don't look so well.

Are things kind of tough for you?

I'm just tired. Tired?

You know I work all the time.

That's the way it's always been.

Do you know, I wonder sometimes if there isn't something more than that?

More than work? Not to me.

Lillian, I have never broken my word to you, but I'm sorry, it is dead.

You don't keep your promises. I have never broken my word to you.

I have never broken my word. I keep my word.

We're so close!

Well, I guess I want to believe there is more.

TRIAD is dead.

I never could.

It is dead!

Mike, I'm shutting it off.

You're fine.


It's okay.

I promise.

I love you.

I want these personal experiments stopped.

You've abused your responsibility.

You've endangered your life.

I want a mind I can use.

I don't want some kind of vegetable.

The idea of playing that tape is sick.

It makes my skin crawl. Where is it?

It's locked away.


Alex, I told you, I want to play it out.

You didn't hear me, did you?

Nobody plays that tape.


When I found her dead, she was beautiful.

But why do you have to die to let go?

All my life I've had trouble with people.

I didn't need them.

I always had my own way.

Total confidence.

Now, because of this thing she left me, this tape...

...l'm scared.

For the first time.

I'm so scared.

But the thing is, I like it. I want more.


You're married to the first man in the history of the world...

...who has the chance to take a scientific look... the scariest thing a person ever has to face.

I've got to do it. I've got to play it. Play that tape.

And you'll have to help me.

But you'll have to promise me...

...that you'll never leave me again.

I'm not going anywhere.

Promise me.

It's a deal.

Look at those stars.

Let's go to bed.


But if you put the terminal box in here...

...then we won't have any room for processing.

You can put it right next to the output dial. Right there.

I don't want to see this now. It's getting, you know...

What are you doing?

Dr. Brace, I'd like to introduce you to...

Stop that. What are you doing?

This is a very valuable piece of equipment.

We felt it should be protected from unauthorized use.

Who is "we"?

Well, the company.

I work here, too. It's my lab.

Alex Terson has authorized me to clean up after your sloppy work, Brace.

Your notes are impossible to decipher.

Yes, that's right.

We'll figure it out.

No, I don't think so.

Take your hands off that!

You can lock it up, but you can't make it work!

Get off it! Go on, get off!

All of you, get out!

You've no right to be here! It's my lab! No!

I'm sorry, Mike.


Mind if I take a look?

You know, this security pass expires tomorrow.

Anyway, Dr. Brace, you go through the door...

...take a hard hat and a pair of goggles. Thanks.

Dr. Brace, please stand clear of the orange work zone.

Hiya, Hal.

Michael. Gosh.

Hey, it's good to see you. Good to see you.

You really had us worried, Mike.

So, playing a lot of golf.

That's become a real whore to me. I can't shake it.

Everything okay?

Let me tell you, it's great.

You know what I always wanted to be?

A scientist, just like you guys.

They locked me out, Hal.

I have to get back into the computer.

It's illegal.

Wouldn't want you to get in trouble, Hal.

Hell, I don't care.

Try "Brainstorm."

It's in the open project file.


Thank you.

I'll do what I can to help you, Mike.

Hey, Mike!

Don't be a stranger.

Mr. Jenkins, you better get in here.

Who do you think it is?

I have an idea.

Should I cut him off?

No, let's see how far he gets.

See if he's as good as he thinks.

Flight data tape, adhesive tape.

What's file DXO-9?

He knows it's a code.

He's trying to get in.

He's good.

He's in.

Son of a bitch!

Dream states?


Physical pain threshold.

Negative memory?

Psychotic episode?

Wait a minute.

What do you want me to do?

Play it for him.

Jimmy, load it up.

Hey, whatever you want.

In a few moments, you will have an experience...

...which will seem completely real.

It will be the result of your subconscious fears...

...transformed to your conscious awareness.

Warning: This tape must not be played by government personnel.

It can be extremely harmful and result in severe trauma.

You have five seconds to terminate this tape.

Five... four... three... two... one.

Alex sold us out.


Lillian and I are working away.

Alex turns the whole thing over to some covert operation...

...called Brainstorm Project.

He's taken my work and turned it into something bad.

Marks and a bunch of his people are locking everything up.

The production line's been retooled... make military uses of the helmet and cord.

And now this can be a code name Brainstorm...

...which has been a secret project for the computer for weeks.

It's bad, Karen.

I just can't believe it.

I never figured Alex could do a thing like this.

I can't believe this!

They're using my invention for brainwashing people.

I just found a tape of some kind of psychotic episode.

If Marks is...

You want to see something?

I'll show you something.

Now you're gonna find out!

It's mine!

What are you doing?

Take that off! Chris?

Don't scare me.

Why don't you just take a seat here.

This boy has had a serious psychotic break.

But he's gonna come out of it, isn't he? I mean he's gonna be okay?

He'll come out of it. He'll be okay.

I think you oughta go home and take a rest...

...because we're gonna have to watch him for two days under sedation.

What do you think?

Nothing like this is ever gonna happen again.

There you are. Hello, Karen.

Dr. Pederson, this is Dr. Graf from the Psychiatric Institute.

What's the Brainstorm Project, Alex?

Brainstorm? I don't know.

You don't know. Have you seen my kid?

They can't stop him shaking!

Have you seen, Gordy? No.

He's dead.

He monitored that tape, unauthorized.

You plugged him in!

I didn't plug him in, Michael.

And I've locked that tape up... Nobody locks me out!

You need a rest.

We'll take care of your son.

That tape is mine!

Nobody locks me out!

Mike, listen. He's right.

You've got to get away for a few days.

Sure. Take a rest.

Okay, okay. I'll take a rest.

Good morning.

How are you today? Fine, thanks.

The keys. These two cases. The metal ones. Be careful.

Thanks a lot. Yeah.

Little more java? I don't want your coffee.

Knock it off, guys.

They're both here.

Okay, fine. Thank you.

I can't believe this. I cannot believe it.

Just forget about it. Well, it just bothers me.

Just ignore them. Why should I ignore them?

We're on vacation, that's why.

He's been doing that all day.

Just ignore him.

I hate this.

What are you staring at?

Mike, forget it!


Can I help you?

Hold your voice down. Come on, don't make a scene.

Don't do it, Mike!

Wait a minute. I said, can I help you?

Do you want to hear what we're talking about?

Come sit at the table!

No, wait a minute, just stay right there.

Don't push me!

I'm Michael. You wanna know what we're talking about?

Don't do that!

You go to hell! You go to hell, too.

You go to hell!

You go to hell, too. Don't push me!

You go to hell, too!

You go to hell! You go to hell!

They had a blowup.

And the woman left in a taxi.

What do you think?

They had a blowup.

Well, stay with Dr. Brace. Right.



I'm glad you called.

I needed to get away and think.

Where are you?

I'm at Mother's.

I'm going to stay a few days.

I'll stay with you on the phone then.

Until we work this thing out.

I'm gonna lock the door, Karen.

Starts here at A-32, goes up to Plus-5...

...and then stops here at JO-6.

Karen, what's done is done.

Let's start back at the beginning...

...figure out where we lost it.

I think we might still have a chance.

He's in.

I agree. Let's try.

We need to reach out.

Try to connect again.

I wish we didn't have to do it over the phone.

Maybe this will be easier.


You'll probably be glad this happened.


I'd like to go somewhere.

Maybe we could meet someplace...

...where we had a good time together before.

You've got a good deal, Mike.

Why don't you tell me a story?

You know, the way we used to?

A story about us.

My work is my life.

We're working for them. It's not up to me!

The girl fell head over heels, madly in love...

...with a very tall, odd weirdo...

...and he was totally impossible.

Can you turn it up? And he was also a genius.

Shut the damn things down!

We can't! The whole operation's been bypassed.

Must be somebody who knows the system.

All lines are dead.

Door is jammed. I'll go down to security.

Hold it right there.

Here's a transcript of their conversation so far.

They're still at it.

What's going on? All the doors are stuck.

Everything is locked.

Bill! You gotta open up! Hold on, hold on.

The whole place has gone up for grabs.

Someone has by-passed the control system.

The production line is going crazy!

Cut Brace's phone. Arrest him.

Okay, sir.

They're on to us. That means I can't get back to Mike anymore.

But I can still get to the company on another line.

That guy's nuts!

What the hell is happening?

Some guy has snafu'd all the controls.

That's the security code.

That's the control code.

And that should do it.

Okay, so at that time, do that.

Watches the same? Right.

Thanks, you guys.

I love it! Take care.

It won't open!

You, move! Get out of the way!


I'll bet they're making phone contacts with the lab computer.

Have 'em run a trace.


Can you tie into the lab computer and trace a call?

Master card key won't work.

Well, break it down!

We're inside, Bob.

Get out of the way! I'm gonna try!

Here it is. Five.

I'm sorry, 919...


Got him. Kill Devil Hills area, on the outer banks.

Marty? Kill Devil Hills, on the double. I'll get the exact location for you.

Everyone stand by. We'll have him soon.

He got away from our guys.

Please don't touch it.

Cut it off. Cut it off, Landon. Don't just stand there.

Cut it off! Cut the power off!

Okay, pull the floor.

Hurry up, come on. Hurry it up. Hurry it up.

We'll have to go into the floor, find the main electrical conduits...

0050, and break.

0050, and break.

I think we got it.

We just lost power in the lab, Bob. Goddamn him!

Let go, Landon.

Just let go.

Get down!

I'm finished.

Oh, no!

No, no, no!

Oh, no! Don't die!

Mike! Oh, God.

You promised me!

No! Don't leave me!

Michael Anthony Brace!

We made a deal!

Get up! Michael!

Get up! Get up! Mike!

Get up!

Get up!

We made it!

Look at the stars.

I love you.