Branded to Kill (1967) Script



Produced by KANEO IWAI Screenplay by HACHIRO GURYU Cinematography by KAZUE NAGATSUKA Production Design by SUKEZO KAWAHARA That's a huge ring. It wasn't cheap.

Don't worry. I'm not after it.


Were you in bed with a woman? That's flight.

Get a hot-water bottle.

Directed by SEIJUN SUZUKI He took in the hot lead HANEDA AIRPORT And then he died


Who's the lady?

My wife.

I need your help.

I got fired for bungling a job.

I wanna do something big so they'll take me back.

I got an offer, but they don't trust me to do it alone.

Hanada... will you help me?

All right.

I've spent all my money.

I said boil some rice.

He wants rice.


Black Label for me. A double.

I couldn't stand the lonely life of a pro.

“Don't drink.”

“Don't fall in love.”

“Booze and women kill a killer.”

Give me a cola.

Five million just to escort him from Sagami Beach to Nagano?

He's a big shot in a certain organization.

It's not a bad job.

If nothing happens.

I hope nothing will. Will you do it?

There's 2,500,000 yen.

He'll pay the balance when you get him there.

You're ranked No. 3 among killers. I'm counting on your skill.

There's a '57 Saratoga in Shinagawa with keys under the bumper.

Call me at this number at least once.

You need something?

It's a horrible habit. Makes my skin crawl.

He loves the smell of boiling rice more than anything.

This aroma drives me wild.

Please stop.

My hubby can be terrifying.

What happened?

Look in back.

Appears to be the driver.

Do we dump the body? When we get there.

Single bullet to the heart. The work of a pro.

How can you tell?

I was a pro too, until last year. Who do you think did it?

Either No. 2, Sakura, or No. 4, Ko... or maybe the mysterious No. 1.

He's just a rumor.

It's true no one's ever seen him, but he exists.

The mysterious No. 1.

I wanted the glory of being No. 1 once.

Sir, you're used to risky situations, so I guess I can tell you.

A corpse was lying right where you are now.

Please do as we say.

Don't move unless we tell you to.

You know what to do.

Bad time to get the shakes. I need a drink.

I thought you were a pro.


Yabuhara residence.

Is this 369-5551? I was told to call this number.

Yabuhara here.

We're at the checkpoint. So far so good.

I see. Then nothing's gonna happen.

I was ranked once.

You know that, right?


I can do this job!

Hey, wake up!


Hold on tight!

Sir, this way.

Jackass! Protect the client!



You're drunk and he's not!

Gotta get closer to hit him.



It's me, Kasuga!


Not exactly the behavior of a pro.

A tough opponent is waiting to ambush us.

His name is Sakura. The two of them often worked together.

Where are you going? To get their car.

I thought I just lost my fee.

Why did you fire?

What do we do now?

I guess we keep going.

Maybe they'll think it's Ko coming back.

Sakura, you haven't got a chance!

Hanada? I wasn't expecting you!

You've fallen in the rankings. What?

Come out and see!

Tell me your ranking.

Tell me your ranking.

Are you married?

I hate men.

So you have no hope for the future.

My dream is to die.

You're crazy!

You slut!

Darling, take me.

Pervert! Sex fiend!


Boil some rice.

I don't wanna.

I said boil some rice.


Enough already, you freak!

Darling... come shopping with me.

Just as I thought:

You're only nice during sex.

Four more targets. Usual fee, usual method.

All right.

As soon as possible.

I'll take care of it. - Are you sure?

If you're worried, hire someone else.

The pictures should be in your mailbox by now.

Oh, and regards to your wife.



You take it out so often.

Quit whining!

That hurt.


I need this done quickly!

There's a little problem.

What's holding you up?

I'll do it soon.

Who the hell —


Fool! It's almost summer. Stop throwing money away.

Take it back!

Who is she?

You've been blowing money too — on her!


You're insane!

How did you know I live here?

Your wife's just as I expected.

What do you want?

There's a foreigner I want you to kill.

I rented a room. You can shoot him from there.

He usually takes a woman by the left arm.

You'll only see us for three seconds.

What do you mean?

You'll only have three seconds.

I refuse. You can't.

You already know too much.

Who's behind this?

Just me. My name is Misako Chujo.

You'll be paid 1,500,000 yen.

Three seconds?

I'll move out of the way.

You'll have a fifth of a second to hit his heart, a two-inch target.

That's superhuman.

I've heard you're like a god.

It might be possible, but a pro would prefer a safer way.

Is there any? This is the only way.

I might hit you.

You're beautiful.


And now the news:

At about 11:00 this morning, a woman and a foreigner were shot near the Asahi Building.

The woman died instantly.

The foreigner was badly wounded but will survive.

There were two assailants, one identified as a woman.

You know, don't you?

I know.

Something feather-light landed on the gun barrel. That's all.


That's all it was.

No. That's not it.

You killed a total stranger.

You killed the wrong person.

You're finished.

You've lost your ranking, and now you'll be killed.

I know.

In our work, it's kill or be killed.

You're going to die.


Have you ever really thought about death?


You're late.

I knew there was only one place you'd go — you'd come back to me!

We're beasts!


Beast needs beast.

That's the best way.

You and I are beasts.

Who are you calling?

I'm booking a flight.

I'm leaving Japan till things cool down.


Misako, I didn't die.

Stop or I'll shoot.

The blood's sticky.

You're beautiful.

Take off your clothes.

This tiny thing can kill a man.

Is it poisoned? Looks like a plain sewing machine needle.

I'm hungry.

I want rice.

Why? Rice!

Warm grains of rice. Rice!

It's like a graveyard in here.

Where shall I pin you?

I've wanted you for a long time.

Just when I think my chance has come, you try to kill me.

How ironic.

Where's your gun? You can't just have poisoned needles.

I love you.

Damn it! Don't mock me!

I could kill you with one shot!

But you won't until you've ravished me.

Damn it!

Where's the rice? Don't you have any?

If not, buy some.

You can buy it at any rice shop! Listen to me!

Go buy me some rice!

Misako, don't underestimate me.

You mean it? You do, right?

Where's that needle?

All right.

I'll kill you. That was your dream.

What's that?

I've had enough. I don't want any part of this.

You've changed.

Maybe you can change, but I can't.


I don't want to die like this.

I've changed my mind. I'm leaving.


It'll explode, and you'll die.

The barrel's clogged with mud.

I don't care. I'm already a corpse anyway.


Good-bye for real this time.

I couldn't kill her. I couldn't.

Even though she tried to kill me.

What kind of killer am I?

I'm hopeless. But I have to go through with it.

Yabuhara residence.

Is that you, darling? Where are you?

Don't keep me in suspense. Hello?

You're late.

I've been so lonely!

It's you!

Did you come to kill me?

Are you going to kill me?

Did you come to kill me?

It can't be!

This has to be a joke!

You know the organization ordered me to kill you, right?

You know that.

I know everything.

I know why he had you kill those men.

Yabuhara told me everything.

Even if I tell you, there's nothing you can do!

We ran into problems smuggling diamonds from abroad.

We didn't receive everything they sent.

The customs agent stole some, the jeweler cut them, and the optometrist sold them.

If the foreign supplier found out, we'd be disgraced.

So we asked you to kill the foreign investigator, but you failed!

And if the organization finds out I told you all this, they'll kill me!

Darling... aren't you coming to bed?

It's been so long. Please hold me tight.

Remember how I said we're beasts?

You and I will live and die together.

We're going to die anyway...

so make me feel good.



Beasts, are we? Well, not me, damn it!


Answer! Why didn't you kill Hanada?

Why didn't you?

He raped her.

They raped her.

I'll ask just once more. Why didn't you kill Hanada?

Where is that?

Where are you, Misako?

Misako, what did you say?

What did you just say?

“I love you.” That's not what I asked!

Where are you?

She's dead.

Misako's dead.

Five men will be waiting for you out there at 3:00 tomorrow.

We can't let you go on living.

You Mr. Hanada? You got a call.

It's me. - Lost control, eh?

Planning revenge for the girl you loved? Go ahead.


You won't be paid for what you're planning to do.

Isn't that shameful for a pro?

It's my fate to go there.

What a fool.

Who are you? Tell me your name.

I have some questions for you. Who's ranked No. 5?

Don't know? Then who's No. 4?

No. 3 is you. Who's No. 2?

I handled him.

Right. You burned him to a crisp.

Who's the mysterious No. 1?

Who's No. 1?

I'm still alive.

They didn't kill me!

I'll take you home.

Who are you?

I told you on the phone.


People call me that.

That whiskey in your pocket is spilling.

I'm gonna kill you.

I was worried.

If you'd been killed in a stupid fight, I wouldn't get paid.

I could've killed you without telling you first, but I'm indebted to you for escorting me.

I'm repaying you by warning you that I'm going to kill you.

Did you kill Yabuhara?

Yes. Why?

You really want to know?


It happens all the time.


Happens all the time.

It's dangerous to take your eyes off the enemy.

Watch your back if you want to survive.

Trying to run away from me?

It's very risky outside. Better stay there.

From any window of that building...

or that church...

or that hotel... or those apartments... he could have me in his sights.

Where is No. 1?

I was gonna take you out with one shot, but I thought you'd resent such an abrupt exit.

How's it feel being under siege?

Where are you? - You sound feisty. That's good.

I'll tell you Where I am. I can see your ass from here.

Now you're lying on the floor.

That posture suits you best.

Have you eaten?

I'm eating now.

Sorry to interrupt.

Chew your food well.

Eat easily digestible foods.

Malnutrition is a real handicap in a fight.

You need protein.

It's good to die fat as a pig.

Why are you silent? Say something.

I just did.

Where are you?

Nearby. Hear the train?

By the way, how long will your provisions last?

How many days will your food last?

Let me sleep.

I hate this!

I can't stand it anymore! I hate this!


Mr. Hanada?

Phone call for you.

I just wanted to look at the lake while eating my rice.

Yeah, I promise.

Where's No. 1?

How can I find him?

Let's put away these dangerous things.

What do you intend to do?

Kill you. That I know.

Then don't ask.

How are you gonna do it?

I'll stay here and think it over.

What about sleep?

We'll sleep and get up at set times.

Where will you sleep? In the bed, of course.

Where will I sleep?

Wherever you want.

In lieu of my business card.

That was a nice nap.

You slept? Your eyes were open the whole time.

Can't you sleep with your eyes open?

Your training is inadequate.

What do I do when nature calls? Piss on you?

We'll reach an agreement.

I smell the scent of a woman.

This is our fate.

Why aren't you drinking? Why aren't you?

What are you laughing at?

Where are you going?

Just standing up.

Then just shut up and stay seated.

I need fresh air. No tricks. Stay seated.

What about our toilet agreement? You're not fit for such luxuries.


Your training is woefully inadequate.

All right, stand up.

Let's reach an agreement on certain matters.

No, I can't trust you.

We're both pros. Let's at least agree on two things:

First, we leave our guns on the table.

Second, we go everywhere arm in arm.

Forget it. You came to kill me. Those conditions are unacceptable.

I can't turn back from killing you.

I have to go to the toilet. Then do as I say.

Just a minute!

A parcel for you. Please affix your seal here.

My seal?

Uh... never mind.

Let's talk about women to stay awake.

Were you in love with Misako?

Men like us can't love. It's out of the question.

But you were in love with her.

I wasn't a full-blooded killer. I had a weakness.

A very human weakness.

But a killer must be inhuman. He must be cold and hard.

Killers live in a place beyond loneliness.

Wide awake, aren't you?

I smelled rice. Oh yeah?

All right. Let's go out for a bite.

What about our guns? Leave them here.

Could it be ashes, I wonder?

You know what's in that parcel?


Perhaps it's a woman's ashes.

Where are you going? The toilet.


We're beasts.

We'll die like beasts.

This is how No. 1 works. Can you beat me?

For the next three nights, I'll be waiting at the Etsurakuen Gym between 1:00 and 3:00 am.

If you don't come, you're a coward.

She's still alive. I'll let you see her if you like.

Then you'll die.

Why shouldn't I be No. 1?

I'll become No. 1.

He's a coward.

My shoes are gone.

This is how No. 1 works.

He wears you down.

Your fate is sealed.

This is how No. 1 works.

He wears you down.

Your fate is sealed.

This is how No. 1 works.

He wears you down and then kills you.

Your fate is sealed.

This is how No. 1 works.

Who is No. 1?

Who is No. 1?

Your fate is sealed.

I'm No. 1 —

I'm No. 1!

I'm No. 1!

I'm No. 1!

The killer recognized

That pale face

Who's that?

I've seen him somewhere before.

Should I kill him?

His own face shattered in the mirror

And he disappeared THE END