BraveStorm (2017) Script

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The year 2050. The human race is extinct.

The alien race KILLGIS invaded Earth and mobilized their giant robot, BLACK BARON, to convert Earth's atmosphere into theirs.

96% of the entire human population were wiped out.

Those who managed to survive were left with nothing but darkness and despair.

Five siblings, the last hope of mankind, stood up to strike back from beyond their dimension in order to reclaim Earth from the KILLGIS.

Koji - the second eldest brother in his power armor suit SILVER infiltrated the headquarters of the KILLGIS and stole the design data of Black Baron.

His desperate escape from the pursuing CHIGRISES almost came to a dead end...

Executive producer Shuichi Murata Original script Senkosha Director of photography Yuki Noguchi Gaffer Hideki Tateno Action Akihiro Noguchi Sound Mike Verta CG/ VFX Hajime Koyasu Special modeling Yuya Takahashi

Production BLAST

Producer, screenwriter, director Junya Okabe

Even if there is a rival company behind these cases, it still doesn't explain why.

Anyhow, they are after robot engineers, even including their family members...

I can't take this anymore.

Don't be silly, who else can handle my punches?

Seriously, I'm done...

You're up for tonight, right?

I'll come with you, but I'm just watching, OK?

Hey, you two...

I heard you're participating in underground fights. Is it true?

You know I can't wipe your ass if you get into trouble again!

If you wanna be tough, stick to my plan.

If you wanna be rich, become a Champion!

No, there's nothing to worry about.

Those are just rumors started by those underdogs I smashed up.

Bye, sir.

Bye, sir.

Ken Kurenai.

Tonight you will, be killed.

Come with me.

Where are you taking me, what are you selling me?

We'll go if you're going straight to a club.

Hey skinny, how do you manage to win all the time?

Must be on some serious drugs, right?

Your breath stinks.


What now?

Call it a day?

One more.

Let's go out for a drink after this.

I found a place packed with hot girls.

No wonder Haruka's warning didn't work.

I guess not.

We will take him no matter what. After the next fight.


Shit, they're here already.

What's happening?

What do we do?! He's gonna get killed!

No. Too many people.



What the hell are you?!


They are all CHIGRISES.

Let me go!

Get in!

You wanna die?



Hey, who the heck are you!

Shut up!

Don't worry.

We are on your side.

You were supposed to get killed back there.

I read your file in the future.

My file in the future?

Supposed to get killed?

We came to pick you up.

Someone's waiting for you.


I'm asking you, what do you mean I was supposed to get killed?!

“Popular Boxer - Mysterious Death” That's what would have happened if we weren't there.

You must have matched the profile in their system as someone who may obstruct their plan.

We can't let you die just yet.

You have a mission to accomplish.


He's here.

Yo, Ken!

Long time no see.


Where have you been you bastard?!


Cut it out.

Chill out, little brother.

I wanna show you something.

Show me something?

No thanks!

You haven't changed at all!

You just vanished for years, leaving your wife and son!

Do you have any idea how worried everyone was?!

Yo, Ken' after all these years?

You are right. Absolutely right.

I'm sorry.

But listen, I have a secret mission to save the world and that's why I couldn't...


That headless freak and a monster tried to kill me and now all this?

What a day!


Look into my eyes.

Hey, what is this place?

This is Tokyo in year 2050.

Stop trying to trick me!

This must be some kind of VR or something.


This is my memory. I am sending it directly to your brain.

Stop talking crazy and cut it out!

I told you, I send it directly to your brain.

You feel pain as well.

What is that giant thing?

We call it Black Baron.

See the black smoke the robot discharges?

That smoke contains massive amounts of toxic substances.

Normal humans would die within three days of breathing it.

But the same mixture creates an ideal atmosphere for them.


Those Black Barons turn the Earth's atmosphere into KILLGIS air.

We managed to survive using a special respiratory system created by our grandpa. He was a scientist.

But nearly all humans are wiped out.

Wiped out?

What the heck is a KILLGIS?

An invader from a devastated planet.

And we... came from the future... to change the future.

He's coming.

30 seconds.


Well done, Koji.

Now hurry, they'll be here any minute.

Hitomi and I will remain here and send you all to the past.

You know what to do when you get there.

Kozo, these are the Scan Glasses.

They identify aliens disguised as humans.

Haruka, your inner potential is 100% released.

Perception, second sight, and psychic ability, use them well.

Koji, your Silver Suit is our father's masterpiece.

It can amplify any human's physical abilities up to 500%.

Be careful not to overuse it.

Brother, going back will only create a new timeline.

Even if we succeed, this world will not change.

You must come with us!


Koichi, why can't you come with us?

Someone has to stay and operate this machine to send you through.

Kozo, it's hard for us, too... but if we don't do it, then who else can?

We must do it while we still have the chance our father gave us!

It's okay.

Our only wish is that you will win this fight and create a new future, and live a peaceful life there.

It's stabilized.

You must go.

I promise.

We will change the future!


Er, the application of this next-generation system enables Al to judge and act based on long term experience as well as making ambiguous decisions typical of humans.

Which had been considered impossible...

Al to judge and act based on long term experience as well as making ambiguous decisions typical of humans.

This will create drastic changes to a robot's logic, allowing robots to behave more similarly to humans.

Kozo... Talk to me!

Holy crap...

July 2013...


Koji, we made it!

Are you OK, Haruka?!

I'm fine, perfectly fine.

Hey, who are you?


He's clean.

You may be surprised by our sudden visit, but we are not strangers.

You are definitely strange...

You are Dr. Kenichiro Kurenai.

Yeah, I guess so...

Hey, what was that?

The light appeared over there and you came out...

How'd you do that?

Isn't it crazy?

Dr. Kurenai, you are about to make a presentation regarding a motor-controlled micro system integrated with next-generation Al and biology as the robot control system at a conference to be held on June 28, 2013, right?

It's an innovative thesis, uniting biological systems and robotic control.


No one should know that!

Of course we know...

Because we came from the year 2050.

20507 Stop joking around!

We're not joking!

This is the data from the future.

We no longer use it in our time, but we added a compatible USB connection for you.

See for yourself.


This can't be...

You say this is future technology?

This is not human technology.

Not human?

According to records in 2050, you will be kidnapped three years from now.

Me? Kidnapped?

By who?

By the ones who created that technology.

The KILLGIS. An alien.

You, along with the best robot engineers across the world, will be taken by them, transformed into slaves, and forced to manufacture Black Barons.


Stop talking rubbish.

Unfortunately, you will be divorced in two years.

Your wife will revert to her maiden name so the enemy can't find and kill them.

Your son became a scientist, to follow your dream.

He had children...


Believe me.

We are your descendants from 2050.

We are your grandchildren.

Ken, this is the advanced version of Black Baron technology...


You made this?! Seriously?

Where did you get all the money?

Stock market, gambling, etc. You know, we already know which stocks would do well or which horses would win.

According to our records in the future, Black Baron appears in three years.

In three years?

When the KILLGIS came to invade the Earth, first, there was only one.

The KILLGIS cannot live in the Earth's atmosphere.

So he bred the CHIGRISES as his soldiers to do his bidding on Earth.

They are the aliens who attacked you.

While he can breed the CHIGRISES, the KILLGIS cannot reproduce monogenically.

They are the same as aphids and bees.

They are still outnumbered.

Black Baron hasn't appeared yet.

It's now or never.

So, Ken! Guess what!

You're going to pilot Red Baron!

Pilot this?

What the?!

It's them. Kozo, prepare the Silver Suit.

I'll buy some time. Get Red Baron out of here.

They are drilling straight down to us.

Ken! Take everyone onboard Red Baron and escape.

I only have a driver's license. I can't handle that humongous robot!

You can use the autopilot for now.

Why should I be the pilot anyway?

Robot my ass!

Robot my ass?!

Don't wanna be a pilot?

Wait, Ken...

Have you forgotten our promise?


Never mind...

It's already configured to your biometrics. No one else can operate Red Baron.

Dr. Kurenai, you should have chosen me, after all.

You don't deserve to pilot this.

You making all the decisions and telling me to fight?! What the hell?

Can't expect some selfish boxer who fights for money to have any idea what it takes to fight for the survival of the Earth.

I'm not a smartass like my genius brother who built that stupid giant robot!

He was determined to keep his promise to you!

What is this promise you keep talking about?


Bro, I really have no clue. Why the heck do I have to pilot that?!

I'll keep them busy outside.

Please hurry.

Finally, I found you.

Why are you collecting mechanical material similar to our designs?

You are building a massive robot weapon, aren't you?!

How dare you...

That suit is not of this Earth.

Which planet are you from?

We, the KILLGIS came here first.

There is no place for any other species.

Leave this planet.

Hey asshole, I'm a human.

You leave my planet.

You must get out of here now!

Ken, you have no choice but to get onboard.

Decide later if you want to pilot it or not.

I will open the launch catapult. Take everyone and go.

What about you?!

Someone has to remain here to secure your way out and slow them down!

No! If you are not with us, who will look after Red Baron?!

That is already taken care of.

Now go! I promise to join you!


I'm counting on you.

Flip the blue switch to activate stealth mode.

They can't track us.

I can't detect the Doctor's biometric GPS anywhere.

Where are you going?

Hey! Wait!

What are you doing?


What now?

This is none of my business.

If you don't pilot Red Baron, who will?

Besides, we have to find your brother!

What a coward.

He's your brother, isn't he?

Just leave me alone.

I'm a professional boxer. Do you really think you have a chance?

I do.

Damn youl!

Loser! Take that thing of f and fight like a man!

That's enough!

His type learns quicker this way.

Brother, you are so cool!

Can you make me a giant robot someday?

I will be the pilot and beat up the bad guys!

OK. I will do it.

Yes! Promise me you willl Really, really promise!

You might have forgotten, but that was a real memory from your childhood.

You must be joking... can't be true, just a childhood promise...

How could he take it so seriously?

When we traveled from the future to the present and asked the Doctor to develop Red Baron...

OK, I will do it.

But, oh one condition.

Tell us.

I have a little brother called Ken. He is a hopeless, wayward boy, but I build robots to keep my promise to him when he was little.

All my work to build a giant robot has been so that, one day, my brother can pilot it.

So is it okay that my brother will be the pilot?

I don't get it.

That's impossible.

I must be the pilot to destroy Black Baron.

I also have a promise with my elder brother.

Then I can't help you.

No, wait...

Yo, Ken!


Bro, are you alive? Where are you?!

I am activated when there is no key entry for longer than 12 hours.

I am Kenichiro's Al program, my data incorporating all of his knowledge, memory, and personality.


Al? What's that?

Artificial Intelligence. If it's data truly consists of the contents of Dr. Kurenai's mind, then it is the same as we are talking with him in person.


Is this really the same as my brother?

Yes! Now, I can control Red Baron alone.

But, Ken, when it comes to real combat, your boxer's reflexes are even faster than a computer.

I, or should I say your brother? Anyway, Kenichiro is probably in their hands.

He's alive?

To save him, we have to prepare for the battle.

We need intensive training until Ken's abilities are 100% synchronized with Red Baron.

I'll do whatever it takes to save my brother!

Then we will head for the Moon.

The Moon?!

There, the gravitational acceleration is one sixth of the Earth.

It's an ideal environment for training with Red Baron.

Wait a second. Please. What about oxygen, water, or food?

Don't worry. We have a two-week stock of emergency supplies.

Besides, Red Baron is designed for various extreme conditions, including activities in deep space.

There are even separate quarters inside the body.

I can't leave my brothers without telling them what we are up to!

Don't worry, strike while the iron is hot! Haruka, you will help us too.

You are so selfish even as Al.


What the...?

Wait! Haruka's gone too?!

This is the worst.

There was an intriguing item among the objects we took with us when we caught you.

The design of the robot we are struggling to develop... yet somehow, it is complete.

Our study on the core technology using materials from this planet has been a dead end, but you brought us an instant solution.

I have no idea how you did it, but we are truly grateful for your contribution.

If you're so grateful, then why don't you release me from this chair?

I wanna take a shower. Let me go home.

Not yet,

you still have one final, important, and glorious mission to complete.

Searching now:---

Red Baron not found

Even in stealth mode, Red Baron is still massive.

It's impossible to keep hidden.

Where are they?


Three years earlier than our records.

Time paradox...

Because of us history has been altered!

What's going on?


Isn't this much earlier than what you told me?

How? This can't be. Black Baron shouldn't exist yet.

But, you see, there it is.

Time paradox.

Glad we could train you. It was short, but your synchronization level is sufficient.

Let's go back to Earth. We must stop Black Baron.

It's here early, but at least its path is the same as in the records!

Black Baron is en route to the Parliament House to begin the atmosphere modification!

Once it's begun, it's all over! We have to stop him before that.

It's impossible, with just the two of us...

We have no choicel!!

At least this made it in time.


Much tougher in both defense and attack than the previous models.

We are along Harumi-dori Street near Kachidoki Bridge! There's a huge robot!

Kozo, when I run out of bullets, start transfer-charging them.


Hey, Koji! You look miserable!

Red Baron!


Are people around here being evacuated?

Don't worry. I checked communications in the area and found no issues.


Where have you been?!

A little trip to the Moon. To get to know this guy better.

The Moon?!

Drop our beef for now!

I gotta smash that gigantic hunk of junk first!

You haven't changed, have you?

But never mind.

Show us what you've got, Red Baron!

You, again.

Same to you, asshole.


Ken, a barrier of this magnitude is beyond the capacity of Black Baron.

It must be transmitted from the KILLGIS's hideout.

The only way is to destroy the barrier control in his hideout!

I have identified the location from Black Baron's GPS and satellite images.

It's an isolated islet in the Bonin Islands that only appears during low tide.

Give me a break! That's too far... How are we gonna go there now?!

There's no choice but to go!

No use! The barrier is too strong!

Koji, let's go.


Hey! Where have they gone?!

It's one of Haruka's psychic powers.

This must be it.

Kozo, I destroyed it!


The barrier is gone!

It's my turn!


Yo, Ken!


This is fun!

Stop joking, bro! Hey! What's going on?!

I have no idea.

Probably they captured him, and turned him into a slave.

A slave?

Ken, he is about to set of f the atmosphere modification device.

Before it's activated, destroy both me and Black Baron!

Kozo! The KILLGIS is not here!


We only have a dummy here!

Then where is the KILLGIS?

Earth will become home to the KILLGIS!

This is bad!

He is activating the KILLGIS's atmosphere modification device!

Dr. Kurenai!

Hey, you've come to rescue me...

Why are you here?

The data you brought from the future... they took it.

It seems to have helped speed up Black Baron's development...

Kozo! Dr. Kurenai is here, too!

What?! But!

Oh, I see!

That's not your brother!


I just scanned him.

He's the KILLGIS!

They found your brother at the hideout, he's okay!

You bastard!

A shitty show you put on back there!

Go to hell!


I know you can talk.

Why did you choose us?

I visited countless planets.

I wouldn't choose a peaceful or harmonious planet.

The Earth is different.

This planet is plagued by wars and devastation.

If you're doomed for self-destruction anyway, then at least my invasion will bring a new future.

It's up to us to change the future.



I have kept my promise.


How is the future going to change?

It won't be the apocalypse you've been talking about.

Whatever evil comes, we will smash it all the same!

We will protect the future of the Earth with the power we were given.

That's the power of justice.

Now, no one can follow them.

Don't shoot!

Are you alright?

Who are you?

Shiranui is approaching.


It's too dangerous here. Let's get out of here, quickly!

Hey! We have no time to lose!