Breakdown (1997) Script

( country music plays on radio )


( horn honks )

( horn honks )

Man, did you see that?

I mean, he pulled right out in front of me.

Took my eyes off the road for a second, but, I mean, come on.

Maybe it's time we take a little break.

Yeah, I'll pull over the next chance we get.

Nice car.


You got your air, CD... leather.

Looks to me like you sprung for the whole 9 yards.

Yeah, I guess so.

But I suppose that rig of yours there is what you really need out here, huh?

Why would you want a piece of shit like that when you got a ride like this?

What a man needs out here is a CB radio.

Yeah, is that right?

Of course, if you use a CB, you got to have a handle.

I'm thinking for you...

...shit for brains.

Tell me something. Do you even care that you damn near killed us back there, boy?

I--I didn't really even see you, OK?

I mean, you kind of pulled out in front of me.

Like hell I did! I saw what happened.

Let's just forget this, OK?

I mean, I'm sorry it ever happened.

I don't want any trouble. I mean...

No, I bet you don't.

Howdy, ma'am.

Ought to be more careful who you ride with.

What is that all about?


The guy in the truck.

Thinks I tried to hit him.

Come on, let's go.

You want me to drive?

No. Later. Just get in.

How about if I promise not to sideswipe anyone?

Just get in.

I'm kidding.

( country music plays on radio )

You getting ready for the Grand Prix?

What'd you get?

Oh, junk food fiesta.

Let's see.


Yoo-hoo, and moon pies.

Believe they still make this stuff?

You kidding? It's probably gourmet cuisine around here.

Ha ha ha ha.

This is crazy. Look at this.

It says, "If you win this mail-in contest, "you can choose between $90,000 or 90,000 donuts."

What would you do with 90,000 donuts?

I don't know.

Sell them for 30 cents each and pay off this car.

No kidding.

( sighs )


That would solve some problems.

( alarm buzzes )

( engine knocks )

What the hell's...

What did you do?

Nothing. I--

( engine quits )

Hang on. I can't steer.

( sighs )

( beep )

( dialing )

( beeps )


Out of range?

Well, so much for taking the scenic route.

Well, it looks like the baffle gasket is burned out.


Yeah, it's connected to the, uh, connecting rod.

God. Shut up.

Oh, man, can you believe this?

This could be the worst decision we've ever made.

What are you doing? No, just listen.

I mean, we're changing jobs, right? Yeah.

Our finances are pretty well ...


And we are out in the middle of nowhere, so, yeah, I'd say this is the worst decision--

Get out of here. You're bugging me.

OK, sweetie.

Good luck, 'cause I'm going to California.

No problem. Just leave me the moon pies.

Uh, Jeff?

And the donuts.

No. No. There's a car.

Oh, Christ. Not these guys.

( horn honks )

( honk honk )



What the hell is--

What's he doing?

I don't know.

Well, this-- This isn't good.

Hey! Whoa!


You folks all right?

Fine. Our car broke down.

Yeah, I saw that.

You want me to give you a hand pushing it off the road?

Thanks for the help.

Honey, you want to steer?

OK. Ready? OK.

Massachusetts plates.

You folks on vacation?

No, we're moving.

Oh, yeah? Whereabouts?

Uh, San Diego.

Listen, do you think we could use your CB, radio a tow truck to help us?

I wish I could, mister, but I blew a fuse on that thing this morning.

I'm waiting till I get down to the truck stop at I-40 to get it fixed.

How far is that?

About 60 miles.


Well, just driving along and she quit on me.

Oh, yeah, well, belts-- Battery's working.

You know, it used to be you'd give these things a kick and a holler and they'd start right up.

Now they got computers and chips.

It is a new car.

You know, that could be it.

You been riding this thing pretty hard?

'Cause they tend to overheat when they're new.

Well, yeah, a little, but I...

Tell you what.

I can give you a ride to Belle's, a little diner about 5 miles down the road.

They got a pay phone. You call a tow truck, they just come in and haul you out.

Uh, you know, that's really nice of you to offer.

I think you got it.

I think we'll just let her cool off a little bit.

OK. Thanks a lot. We really appreciate it.

I wish you luck getting it started.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Honey. I think he's right.

I think it's probably just overheated.

Right. But what if it's not?

I mean, we don't want to be stuck out here, do we?

No. But I--We just give it some time.

Let it cool off. We'll be all right.

Getting pretty toasty out here.

Are you sure you want to blow this ride?

No, but...

I don't know if I want to leave the car alone, either.

OK, what if I take the ride, call the tow truck, and order a nice cold iced tea?

Mm-hmm, and I stay here with a nice hot car.



You sure you're all right?

I'll be fine, honey.


Excuse me!

Mind if I take you up on that ride?

Sure. Step on up.

Sure your husband wouldn't want to come with us?

There's plenty of room in the back.

No, he's going to stay with the car.

What the hell?

( warning bell chimes )

( engine starts )


Hee hee hee.

Old truck my ass.

* Looks like I'm lost again *

Excuse me.

I was supposed to meet my wife here.

She's dark-haired, about 5'5", wearing, like, a--a white Benetton sweater.

White what?

Benetton sweater.

Your order's up.

Look, I'm pretty busy here. People come and go.

Well, this was in the last half hour.

She--She might have been with a trucker.

A trucker?

Yeah. A guy wearing a baseball cap, uh, driving a big 18-wheeler.

Doesn't ring a bell.

You sure?

Hey, the man here's looking for his wife.

Dark hair, got a white button-on sweater, traveling with a guy with a baseball cap.

Has anybody here seen 'em?

Looks like she got away from you, cowboy.

You, uh, you think maybe she could have left a message with one of your other employees or--

Well, I don't see how that's possible.

You see, I'm the only one that works here.


Is there another Belle's diner?

No, sirree.

Definitely not.

Excuse me. She and I must have got our signals crossed here.

How far is the next town?

About 20 miles.

Would you do me a favor?

If my wife comes in-- her name's Amy-- just tell her I was here and tell her to stay put till I get back, to not move.

Could you do that, please?

Yeah, OK.


( horn honks )

( honk honk )

( honk )

( honk honk honk honk )

( honk honk )

( honk honk honk )

Hey, pull over!

Pull over!

( honk )

I don't believe it.

( horn honks )



( truck horn honks )

Hey, man.

What the hell you doing, buddy?

Well, I was trying to get you to pull over. Didn't you see me?



Never mind. Listen, I--I'm looking for my wife.


My wife, where is she?

How should I know where your wife is?

I'm the guy with the Jeep.

You gave my wife a ride.

You were supposed to drop her off at Belle's diner.

Not me. Sorry.

Wait a minute. What do you mean, sorry?

It's like half an hour ago. You don't remember?

Mister, I've never seen you before in my life.

What are you doing?


Amy, are you in there?

Look, mister, I don't know what you want--

I want my wife back is what I want.

Now, what have you done--

( siren ) Hey!

Officer! Officer, I need your help here.

What's the problem? I don't know.

I think this guy's done something with my wife.

All right, calm down, sir. Tell me what's going on.

I don't know what the hell's going on.

The last time I saw her, she was with this guy in his truck.

Now he's saying he's never seen her.

Officer--Officer, I don't know what's he's talking about.

Don't lie, you son of a bitch!

All right, all right, calm down.

All right, now tell me exactly what happened, sir.

OK, all right.

Our car broke down.

Now, he stopped, offered to help, took my wife to a pay phone, but she never showed up.

Sir, what do you have to say about this?

Officer, I don't know.

I'm driving along, this fella runs me off the road, starts hollering about his wife.

I swear I've never seen him before in my life.

And you didn't give his wife a ride?

No, sir. He's lying!

Sir, would it be all right with you if I search your truck?

Hell, yes, go ahead.

Name's Barr, by the way. Red Barr.

All my permits are current. You can see them--

That won't be necessary. Just stand back behind the line, both of you.

I need to see your license and registration, please.

Those yours?


My, uh, personal stuff.

You want to take a look?


I think we're pretty much done here.

You're free to go.

Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a second.

That's it? You're not going to question him anymore?

Sir, I've searched the truck.

There's no evidence of suspicious activity here, no sign of a struggle.

Look, I don't mean to butt in, but maybe you confused my truck with somebody else's.

Go to hell, you son of a bitch!

Hey! Now, hold on a second.

You want to get arrested?

Now, the man's got a point here.

This is a very plain-looking truck.

A lot of trucks look just like it.

Maybe you did get them mixed up.


You stay put.

Mr. Taylor.

Come on.

It was him.

It was this truck.

Uh, I can see that.

Did you get a license plate number on that truck?

What? No!

How about the information on that door panel?

You recall any of that?

I wasn't paying attention. Come on, officer.

Mr. Taylor, did you, uh, by any chance, have a beef with your wife today?

What has that got to do with anything?

Well, for starters, maybe--

Is there a possibility she could have left you?

I don't-- I don't believe this.

My wife did not leave me.

Mr. Taylor, I've seen it a hundred times.

You put 2 people in a car long enough, they're gonna go at it.

Lovers, married couples, gay guys.

Hell, I've seen men dump their women on the side of the road and vice versa.

Officer, uh, I'd really like to stay and help, but, uh, I got a long haul to Fresno.

I understand. Go ahead.

Appreciate your cooperation.

This is insane. Officer, please.

I've got his information, all right?

If I need to find him later, I know where to look.


Much obliged.

And, uh... look, there's no hard feelings.

I really do hope you find your wife.


Mr. Taylor, you want to come with me?

( truck engine starts )

Sir, I believe you that your wife's missing, all right?

Now, maybe you got confused about what kind of truck she got into, and maybe you didn't. The point is, I'm trying to help.

The town of Brackett's 31 miles back that way.

My deputy's name is Len Carver. He's a good man.

He'll help you fill out all the necessary forms if you want to report your wife missing.

( radio static )

MAN: Sheriff, this is dispatch.

Mrs. Gilbert's locked out of her trailer again.

Can you help her?

10-4, dispatch. Tell her I'm on my way.

Will do.

Mr. Taylor, do yourself a favor.

Go see my deputy.

Is this a recent picture?

Yes, a couple months old.

She still wear her hair like this?


Well, we'll certainly do our best, Mr. Taylor.

You know, there's over 100,000 people go missing in this country every year-- runaways, deadbeat dads, dropouts, folks hiding from the IRS-- all vanishing without a trace.

We get these kind of pictures all the time from all over the place.

I'm not saying that your wife is one of them.

I sure hope not.

But unless there's been a ransom demand or evidence of forced abduction, believe me, the FBI won't even look at your case until it's been 24 hours.

Nonetheless, we will certainly keep our eyes peeled.

Mr. Taylor, why don't you go back to Belle's, get a cup of coffee, wait for your wife?

If anything comes up, I'll contact you first thing.

How's that sound?


( country western music plays )

Did my wife come in?

Didn't see her.

You didn't see her or she didn't come in?

Look, like I told you the last time, maybe she was in and maybe she wasn't.

All I'm saying is that I didn't see her.

It ain't none of my business, mister, but if I was you, I'd check the ladies' room.

( knock on door )

( groaning ) Amy?


I'll be right with you, cowboy.

( vomits )

( door closes )

Ha ha ha.

4.50, James.

Why start trouble, huh?

I want to see your order slips.


You write down the names. I want to see them.

Are you nuts?

I don't have to show you jack shit!

If my wife came in here, then her name's in that pile.

You calling me a liar?

Let me see these fucking slips!

Mister, I had just about enough of you.

( ring )

WOMAN: Operator.

Operator, give me the sheriff's office.

One moment, please.

( ring ) Come on.

My name's Billy.

( ring )

You the fella looking for his wife?

( ring )


Yeah. How'd you know?

Did you see her?

You seen her?

Please, if you know something, tell me.

Well, uh, I seen her, maybe.

Where? When?

Inside, a little while ago.

She came in on a truck.


A big semi.

Then what?

Well, then she left on another truck.

With who?


With some man.

Well, they think I'm a dummy, but I ain't.

I'm gonna get my trucker's license one day.

This is very important.

Did you see where they took my wife?



Route 7 north, up by the river.

By the river? Where?

Oh, they don't tell me that kind of thing.

Who doesn't?

The bartender?

The man in the truck?

Oh, I ain't talkin' to you no more.

You need to come with me to the police.

You tell them what you saw, they can help me.

Well, now you the dummy.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, don't you get it?

The police is the ones in on it.

( beep )

Come on, work, goddamn it.

( ring )

Hello? Yeah, Steve? This is Jeffrey Taylor.

You remember--Right.

Don't put me on hold, please!

Listen, I need a favor.

I got to talk to that friend of yours at the FBI.

Right. Uh, it's about Amy.

Something's happened to--

Amy--yeah, I think she's been--she's missing. I think she's--

( voice distorted )

Fuck. ( beep )

( ring )

Hello? Steve?

Yeah. No! No, don't call me back.

Don't, Steve!


( beep )

What the--

Get out of the car, now!

Oh shit.


Son of a bitch!

What do you want?

He's getting away!

( gasping )

What the hell is going on?

Got away, went down the river.

( winch grinding )

Yeah. We're pulling it out now.


It's gonna come loose.

I got it.

This is what happens when you get one without the other.

Stop worrying.

How the hell are we gonna explain this to the boss?

I ain't gonna explain. ( twig snaps )


You all right?

Now, according to your wife, you got a good pile of cash sitting in your bank account at home.

Is that true?

What? There-- There's some, yeah.

Hmm. Well, some just don't cut it.

She gave us an exact dollar amount.

Now, I want that same figure from you.

I don't--

There's different accounts.

Balance fluctuates. I don't--

Fluctuates, my ass.

If some hotshot fuck like you ain't watching his bottom line, it'd be the first time in history.

What do you think, Earl?

What I think is we've been lied to.

He ain't no goddamn donut king.

The slut was lying to save her ass.

Piece of shit.

Please, don't. 90,000!


Now, you crawl your ass out of there.

You're a tough man to get a-hold of, Jeffrey.

What do you want?

Heh. It's not what I want.

It's what you want.

How bad do you want it?

'Cause it is gonna cost you.

Can't show it to you right now, but it's about 5'5", 115 pounds, three or four of that just pure tit.

Nice curly brown hair, upstairs and down.

( gun cocks )



What does--

Why--Why us?

Bring him up here.

Town of Brackett, Jeff...

Two-bit shit hole in the middle of nowhere.

See the bank down there?

Few minutes, you're going to walk in, tell the manager you want an express wire in the amount of $90,000 from your bank account in Boston...


How do I know she's still alive?

Shut up!

Come on, Jeff.

Need you to pay attention.

Now you see that building with the flagpole coming out the top of it?


That's the sheriff's station.

There's exactly 2 cops in this town.

One of them's pulling desk duty right now.

The other one's on patrol in the foothills.

About a minute ago, Billy here called in an accident on the I-40 connector.


There he goes.

It's gonna take about 20 minutes for that cracker to get out to the connector, another 10 minutes to see there's no accident, another 20 minutes to get back in. That's 50 minutes.

That is exactly the amount of time you have to get me my money.

Now before you get any half-baked ideas about calling in the cavalry, just remember, we're gonna be watching you every step of the way, and we're gonna be listening on those scanners, and if we see anything unusual-- an unmarked car or plane, one human being who even smells like a cop--

Well, you can just keep your fucking money, Jeff, and I'll send you pieces of her from time to time.

Billy... give him the jacket.

Well, go on, put it on, Jeff.

Can't go into a bank looking like that, now, can you?

We don't have to do this, because I can get you that money, I swear to God.

I promise you. Just let my wife go, please.

49 minutes, Jeff.

Time to get the show on the road.

Here's my driver's license, credit card, if you need it, account number from my bank in Boston.

How long is this gonna take?

Um, uh, are you, um, all right?

Yeah, I'm fine. I've only got $5,000 in that account.

How much can you advance me on my credit card?

Heh heh. Excuse me?

Credit card. It's got a $6,000 limit.

Can you advance me the whole 6,000?

Uh, no. I--Sorry, I can't.

The, uh, limit for noncustomers is $500 a day.

Sir, are you sure you're all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Just transfer the money, OK?

I'm gonna tell you something.

What I'm about to tell you...

You can't call anyone. Do you understand?


Whatever happens, just...

Just keep writing on that pad.

Please, now, just keep writing.

They're probably watching me right now.

They--They've got police scanners.

The whole town's under surveillance.

If I don't walk out of here with...

Excuse me. You the manager?

Yes, I am.

Lady back there said I should see you about a car loan.

Certainly, uh...

If, uh, you would just, uh, take a seat.


Just, uh...

F-f-forget it.

I--I, uh, had a car accident, you know, a minor acc--

I'm just kinda...

How long is this gonna take?

It'll, um...

Well, it's going to take a few minutes.

Yeah, I am... calling regarding account number


Jeffrey Taylor.


( breathing heavily )

( telephone rings )

( ring )

( ring )

( ring )

( ring )

( ring )

It's me.

RED: No shit I can see that. How much you got?

The whole thing, 90,000.

That's good.

Now, I want you to turn left, start walking toward the main road, and get in the first car that stops. You got that?

When do I see my wife?

Soon enough, Jeff. Just start walking.

( dial tone )

( crossing bells ringing )

Just throw the money right up here on the seat.

No. First you tell me where she is.

Wrong, asshole. First you give me the money, and then you find out, unless you want me just to shoot your ass dead right here on the side of the highway.

Turn around.

Do it!

Put your hands behind you.

Step toward the truck.

Now get up in the truck, on your knees.

Get in here, goddamn it.

I gave you the money. Now let her go.

( chuckles )

What the hell do-- Aah!

( panting )

( telephone rings )


Yeah, it's a done deal.

I'm heading in.

Yeah, I got you.

( beeps )

You got to be the dumbest motherfucker yet.

We just picked you out of the clear blue.

Shiny new car, Massachusetts plates, probably be a week before anybody even misses you.

Should've got that bumper sticker that goes with that car--

"Rich assholes, looking for trouble."

Ha ha ha.

Sure wish I'd been there, see the look on your face when your car seized up on you.

Maybe next time you'll learn.

Don't leave your hood open when you go in the store.

What the hell is that?

These ain't nothing but goddamn singles!

You lying son of a--


( gunshot )




What are you doing in there?


Where is she?

Fuck you.

No, fuck you!


You like that? How about this?

Where is she?! I don't know.

The fuck you don't know.


What's that?

You want me to stop? You really want me to stop?

'Cause I'll bet this baby stops on a fucking dime.

What the hell?

( siren blaring )

Where is she?! She's with Billy.

Where? I don't know, man, driving around.

I'm in pursuit of a black ford F-150 pickup truck.

Contact the state police.

We're headed northbound, Highway 31.

I need backup-- Repeat, backup.

Where are you taking the money?

To the truck stop.

Where? Exactly. Where?

On the main highway, the Texaco.

Son of a bitch!

Officer! Officer, you gotta help me!

My wife's been kidnapped.

Drop the gun! Whoa, wait.

Get down!

I know where she is.

Get down on the ground! Do it!

All right, I'm down. Listen to me. He's in on it.

He's with the trucker. They kidnapped my wife.

There's 4 of them. They all work together.

They got her right now at a truck stop, the Texaco--

Face down! Shut up! You in the pickup, you all right?

Please, you've got to believe me.

Can you hear me? Why else would I be out here?

Yes, sir. I'm OK.

Can you get out? Help me, goddamn it.

Yes, I can. Please don't shoot me.

Look in the cab. There's a bag with money, and I swear to god, it's right in there.

Face down, spread-eagle, and shut up!

Get out, damn it! We have to get to the truck stop.

Goddamn it, listen to what I'm telling you!

Shut the fuck up!


Hey, shit for brains.

Ha ha ha.

( gunshot )

Shots fired.

Officer down.

Suspect identified.

RADIO: Sheriff? This is state police dispatch.

What is your 20?

Get an ambulance. He's been shot.

Who is this?

Sheriff, can you respond?

They're coming.

Sheriff, hang on. We're getting you an ambulance.

All units, all units, officer down--

Repeat, officer down.

Look, I don't know, damn it.

He was supposed to be here a half an hour ago, and I heard a report on the police band about a cop down.

I'm leaving. I can't-- There's too much heat around here.

So stay off the airwaves, get his wife, and meet me at the barn.

I don't care if we have to drive all night.

( horn honks )

Daddy, you're home!

Hey, Deke. Miss me?


Deke, get back to bed.

Warren, I thought you were coming back next week.

Yeah. Well, I finished early, and now I'm home.

Al and Billy are coming over in a little while, too.

But it's 6:00 in the morning. Can't they come some other time?

Look, we got some stuff to do, OK?

It's gonna take a couple of hours.

Why don't you go in and make breakfast.

Hey, Deke! Yeah?

Want to open the barn for your dad?


Hey, hey, Dekey. Hey, thanks.

Hey, I got something for you.



Here you go, son.

Look at that.


Cool. Heh heh.

Real Swiss Army knife.

Good boy.

( grunts )


Deke, you back there?

Man, if I never see another couple from Massachusetts, it'll be too soon.

Yeah. OK, OK. We got a lot of work to do.

First off, you got any word on Earl?

Not a thing.

Me neither. Fuck.

OK, we gotta get the stuff off the truck.

Now, anything that can trace us back to that fuck, we get rid of.

Anything, Billy. You got that?

( unlatches and rolls up gate )

You know, none of this would've happened if you'd gotten that jerk the same time as his wife.

He wouldn't get in the fucking truck.

I suppose you'd just pick up a gun and chase him out into the desert.

Fucking idiot. Look, I'm just saying.

You should've gotten rid of him just like that couple in Ohio. Nice and clean.

So we stay out of the area for a couple of months.

Big deal.



Come on!

All right, honey, time to get up.

Let's go! Come on. Come on.

Come on! Move it!

RED: Get up!


Must've died from the exhaust, huh?

Suicide. Ha ha ha.

Couldn't be any cleaner than that, now, could you?

Get that plastic, man.

We'll bury her out back before sunup.

All right, come on, let's go.

( grunts )

You got it? Yeah.

Come on.


AL: Goddamn!

( laughing )

Scared me half to death!

I'll cut her head off right now.

ARLEEN: Warren, you in there?

Shh. It's my wife. Come on.

Cover her up quick. Put her in the freezer.

ARLEEN: Warren?!

RED: Be right there, Arleen.

( Amy grunting )


She's a feisty one, ain't she?

That's right, lady. You just keep it up.

( trapdoor opens )

All right. Don't give me any trouble.

Damn it! Cut your fucking squirming!

Aw, come on, baby.

It's not as bad as it sounds.

Take you about 10 minutes to suck all that air out.

Probably won't even feel it.

Come on, fellas. Come on.

Come on, hurry.

BILLY: Let's go eat!


BILLY: Hey, Mrs. B.

ARLEEN: Finally.

Are you coming to breakfast?

I've been calling you.

BILLY: Yeah, I sure could use some of them pancakes.

AL: Hey, Billy!

BILLY: I'm coming, al!

( breathing heavily )

( machine-gun noises from TV )

( men laughing )

( door softly creaking )

Huge. Thing must've been about 10 pounds.

Starts reaching out.

( Al chuckling )

Reaches way out...

Give me the key.


Don't mister me, you son of a bitch.

My wife is locked up in a hole in your fucking barn, and if you don't give me the key, I'm gonna blow your fucking head off!

Warren, what's going on?

I don't know, honey. Just stay calm.

Your husband's a murderer and a kidnapper.

Now, give me the fucking key!

Freeze, mister.

You don't want to do that, kid.

Put the gun down.

Don't listen to him, Deke.

Just keep that gun right on him.

My daddy keeps his rifle loaded all the time.

He showed me in case I need to protect mommy when he's away.

I understand that, and I'm not gonna hurt your mom.

He's lying, Deke.

Now, go on, son.

Squeeze that trigger. Go on.

Don't listen to him, kid.

Go on, Deke.

Don't listen to him. He's wrong.

Do what I tell you to do. Squeeze that trigger. Now, come on!

Put it down, Deke.

Nothing's gonna happen.

Do it!


Don't move.

Nobody move!

Get out here, kid. Get over here. Get by your mom.

Here, hon. It's all right.

Get over there.

Get over there!


All right.

Everybody stick together and get out that door. Right now!

Move it! Go! Get out of here!

Move it! Turn around!

Turn around!

Open it.

All right.

Get down there and open that freezer up.

Warren, what is this?

Just pull the chain, Arleen.

Open it!

( lock jingling )

You better pray... she's alive.




You made it, baby. Come on.

Get away from me! Aah!

Come on, honey. Come on up.

Come on, honey.


It's all right.

All right, you son of a bitch, get down there!

All of you! Get down there!

It's OK.

It's all right.

You better remember this, fella, 'cause no matter where you go-- you!

Jeff! Jeff!

It's all right.

It's all right.

Now, listen to me.

Amy, listen to me. Honey, listen to me.

There's one more still out there.

Do you understand?

And we have to get out of here fast.

Damn it.


Can you make it to that pickup truck?


Come on.

Ohh. OK.

OK, come here.

ARLEEN: Help! RED: Billy!


We gotta find those keys.


Hello. Yeah, my name is Jeffrey Taylor.

This is an emergency. Listen to me. I need the police.

Someone's trying to kill me and my wife, do you understand?

I don't know the address. We're on a farm.

Just start tracing this call right now!

Got 'em!

Jeff! Get away!

Come on.

Come on.


Give me the keys!

( breathing heavily )


Come on!


( engine starts )

You see him?

Do you see him?! No!

( gunshot ) Aah!

Are you all right?


Look out!

Look out!

Son of a bitch!

You want some? Come on!


AMY: Jeffrey, over here! Over here!

( brakes screech )


( gears grind )

Oh, my God. Oh! Watch out!

Hang on!


Fucker! You're gonna die!

( horn blaring )

( gears grinding )

Oh, god.





I'm out.

Aah! Aah!



No! No! No!


( engine revving )

Go, Jeff!

( engine revving )

Oh! I can't get out!

Gotta get out of here!

I can't get out!

My leg is trapped!

Aah! My leg!



( windshield crashes below )

( metal creaks )








( splash )

( grunting )



Don't move.

Don't move. ( sobbing )

( metal creaking )


I'm gonna get you out, baby.

Help me.

Come here. Come on. Come on.

All right. We're gonna do this together.


Pull! Pull!

That's it. Come on! Pull!

Come on!


( sobbing )

You all right?


Jeff. Ohh.