Breakout (1975) Script

When's your plane, darling? Wish you weren't going.

The board is expecting me tomorrow.

I know. I wish you didn't have to go.

I gotta see the old bastard. When I get back, we'll take a trip.

Isn't he a beauty? You're a beauty.

No, I'm not going to ride.

You got it.

You're under arrest for Enrique Cordoza's murder.



What do you mean, Enrique?


What are you talking about?

Mr. Wagner. Mr. Cable.

The frame-up is complete.

Your grandson was arrested in Santiago, extradited to Mexico City.

He'll be convicted within the month.

Sentence? Between 25 and 30 years.

You resent my interference in this matter.

We have a procedure for those on the wrong side.

There's them and us. The winning side and the losing side.

The line has not yet been drawn.

He supports those against us.

He threatened CIA interests and my stockholders?

Who did you have murdered? No one of importance.

I don't want my grandson to suffer the same fate.

Is that clear, Mr. Cable? Yes.

Your grandson will try to escape.

It's a pity, at my age... falling victim to a cliché.

I don't know what you mean.

Because of a distant link between his chromosomes and mine... my grandson stays alive.

I say it's a mistake.


Twenty-five to 30 years.

There's no possible way the accused could have left Santiago... flown to Mexico City and returned at the time we documented.

Nonetheless, it is... the decision of this court... that you...

Jay Louis Wagner... are guilty as charged.

You shall serve a term... of 28 years in the federal penitentiary.

You'll be allowed the same privileges as all prisoners.

Including conjugal visits every two weeks.

This judgment is final.

Jay, what are they doing to you?

Well, it's not exactly the Ritz. But....

Well, it is pretty bad. It really is. Where's the money?

In the back of the radio.

I'll talk to your grandfather. No, absolutely not.

I don't know what to do. I won't kiss his ass.

This is all we need.

They'll sell anything. Including freedom.

I really think you must do it legally. Sanchez has filed an appeal.

I can't wait that long.

Last week there was a guy in for pushing drugs.

He walked and they're not looking for him... because he paid his way off.

I still think we should...

Absolutely not! No!

Look at this place. Look what they're doing to me.


I want you.

The day we're reduced to making love in here is....

That's the day I give up.

Don't worry, darling. I have a plan. And this money will do it.

What's going Okay? Let me out!

Wait, man. Just wait.

What's happening? Let me out! All right, I will.

Jesus Christ, what are you doing?

Let me out of here!

When I am ready, Mr. Wagner.

Let me out of here!

Let me out!

Let me out of here!

Let me out of here!

We can't let him stay in that horrible place.

Of course not. We can't. I can't.


it isn't just a matter of fire and earth... and air and water that makes up this world.

It's passion and strength and cunning... and money.

I've got money.

As much as you'll need.

Jay thinks he won't get out of that place legally.

He wants to escape.

Has he got a plan?

Not yet.


Whatever it costs, you can count on me.

Hawk! Let's get the hell out of here!

Come on! I can't breathe, Nick!

Where's the bucket? Get the hell out!

Hey! Get back! There's gasoline in there. The thing...

It's okay. It's okay.

You can't burn smoked fish. But look. I wouldn't have believed it.

You know about smoked fish? Smoked fish?

You from the health department? Do I look like It's?

I'm looking for Nick Colton.

They made me burn my fish.

There's two tons in there.

Maybe they made you because your fish is spoiled?

No, they're opposed to fish on principle.

I've got to find Nick Colton. Do you know him?

Who wants to know?

He was recommended by a man in Fort Worth. Mr. Charles Mazdick.

That's Charming Charlie. Hey, Hawk!

She knows Charming Charlie.

He said, ask Nick Colton. He'll do anything for money.

If old Charlie said so, you can plug in, baby, because I'm Nick.

You? Hawk, keep shoveling.

I'll be back to help.

So you want me to fly to Mexico... pick up this dude, and bring him back.


I should tell you Pan Am does it five times a day... with meals! Sit down.

Not on that road, they don't.

Got a name? Passport? This guy? None that needs to concern you.

A poor slob needs a lift. Be Kind to Hitchhikers week?

Can you do It's?

I can land a jumbo jet on a quarter.

I'm willing to offer $1000.

I'll tell you, 1000 has never been a figure to palpitate me.

Don't judge us on looks. We're growing.

Or the fish out there. I have checks I haven't cashed. Look here.

Here's one for $500. I haven't had time to take it to the bank.

That job was easier than yours.

All right. What's your price?

Like I said, we're pretty busy.

How much?

Twelve hundred. Ag reed.

And 39 dollars. Good enough.

And 52 cents.

Whoa. Cash. Cash.

I'll pay you after we get back. Before we take off.

If you insist.

We've got a deal.

Not quite. The fee included an airplane.

We got one of those.

I didn't see it.

Well, it's out there.

I'd still like to see it.

Follow me.

That'? Yeah. It flies like a bird.

That won't be ready in time. I can nail it together in 30 minutes.

It has to be tomorrow.

It'll be ready. Don't worry. You just trust old Nick.

Run along. Don't worry. It's under control.

I certainly hope so.

Remember, you just trust me.

That's the last time I shovel your mess.

You did a good job.

Why do I always end up shoveling?

While you shoveled, I made us $500.

Five? She's paying me to fly to Mexico.

We lost more on the fish.

I know that. Hell, I'm ready to pay my loss right now.

There's a check for $500 made out by Chili Shuster himself.

Shit! Chili's doing 20 in Huntsville for bad checks.

What are you gonna do, condemn a man because he was caught? Damn it.

According to this map, we should be almost there.

Any last-minute things to say? Like what?

This guy we're gonna pickup? You've been well paid, Mr. Colton.

What the hell?

That's him! Wait! Where'?

You didn't pay me for this! Wait!

Stop, you bastard! Let go! Let go!

For trying to escape.

For underestimating me.

You need companionship. You will learn.

Yeah, what did I tell you? Right on time.

You know what you can do.

What the hell happened?


There were guys shooting at us.

We could have done it! You almost got us killed.

You were paid to get my husband! Not to get shot!

Your husband? Yes.

Yes. And you were paid.

All I knew was it was a pickup. I wasn't supposed to get shot at.

I didn't know it was your husband. Got a slug in the oil line.

The oil line?

We'll find someone else.

You listen to that shyster. Maybe you'll manage to get somebody killed.

Want my advice? Talk to a pro.

Like you?

Yeah, like me!

You look at me and see a bum in a funny hat.

But I am a pro. I make my living on this border.

I know the ins and outs.

And you see this hat?

It's to strain the lousy gasoline you sell there.

I'm not about to rip her off...

...and blow my reputation. We don't know you.

To hell with you! it's leaking like a sieve. I know.

Ann! Ann!

I don't care what it costs. I want Jay out of there.

Mr. Colton, I want you to try again.

This time you tell me everything. Why won't they let him out?

He's in prison.


In that case, it'll cost you $2000.


That's 2000 to get him. 2000 on delivery.


Can you guarantee delivery? I don't know what he did.

But there are ways.

He's innocent.

What's the difference? It's just as tough and costs the same.

Give him 2000.

We should discuss this. Give it to him.


Nobody else has done anything. He will try.

Maybe he can. Give it to him.

How would you do It's? That's none of your business.

Give him the money.

So the hat is used for things... other than straining our poor Mexican gasoline.

Two thousand.


They're paying us $2000? Right. She already gave me 1000.

1000 more when they're out.

We have to pay expenses, maybe give a cut to Myrna.

Okay to me. Spence. How are you doing?

Giving out any traffic tickets? What do you want?

Just here to say hello and maybe borrow your wife.

You son of a bitch! Someone mention my name?

There she is.

Look at that. There's my... His baby.

We got us a very big contract.

All we need is the feminine touch. Beat it!

I want to hear it. He's better than television.

He ain't to me.

Spencer, if you're going to make sheriff, you've got to be friendly.


Myrna and me, we go way back.

Yeah, way back. Like way back behind a haystack.

Every cop should have a sense of humor.

What's this "touch of femininity"? I haven't worked it out yet.

But we need someone to wear a wig.

When I want to give money away, I think of my friends.

I'm here to give Myrna $100. 100'?

She ain't interested. Suit yourself.

It doesn't amount to more than a little walk.

And it's hard for Myrna to make $200. Yeah.

You said $100.

That's $100 down and $100 when it's over.

Yeah, we got the money too. Show them, Nick.

Where do I take this little walk? It's not far from here. In Mexico.

Mexico? Don't worry. Nick will fly her.

Bullshit! You ain't taking my baby to Mexico.

I don't trust you with her.

Hold it. I want to hear this.

There's a young guy down there. He's the clean-cut type.

He's locked up.

All Myrna has to do is wear this wig.

Make herself up so she doesn't look like the clean... young wife of the future sheriff of our county.

She'll look like a Mexican whore. Whore.

Whore! You son of a bitch! All right, forget it.

I thought you could use an extra $300.

Three hundred? For you, 350.

Spence, maybe..

Like my husband says, I'm not interested.

Shit. That leaves me in a hole.

Well, hell. It's not that tough.

With the right makeup, anybody can look like a whore.


I think you're right, Myrna.

Exactly what I'm thinking.

You gotta be kidding.


Oh, come on, Nick. No, sirree-bob-dixie.

I'm not going to dress up in all that garbage there. No, sir.

You got the makeup? Yeah.

What cell is he in?

Number 15. That's right.

Tell him to use plenty of lipstick and eye makeup.

Coming out, he's got to mix with those whores. I'll be here.

I give him this wig and dress and come back here?

That's right. But make sure you take your makeup off.

Get going. I wish this was you.

Hawk, you might even get to like it.

Hawk, don't forget to swing it.

Wagner? You Jay Wagner?

What the hell are you doing? What are you doing?

Let him go!

Goddamn it, let him go!

Let him go!

This is the way I figure it.

We dig a tunnel just about here.

Then, we dig another tunnel there.

If they locate one, they won't think to look for another.

He'd be free. I don't know.

It will be expensive, Ann.

But it's better than wasting money with those guys.

Mr. Henderson, this is a lot of trouble.

My husband might be safe right now.

Ann, I keep on telling you. We'll never see Colton again.

You double-crossing bastards. Where's Jay?

Shut up! I'm mad enough to bust you.

I got questions and I expect answers.

You! What do you gain...

...if your husband stays in prison? You're out of line, Mr. Colton.

You too, out. Now stop it!

We're not leaving you with him. It's all right.

All right. We'll be outside the door.

The answer to your question is nothing. I stand to gain nothing.

Tell me what happened down there.

They beat up my best friend and my partner.

They were waiting for us. Somebody told them. They knew.

They always know. Right, I think you told them!

I think you got drunk and shot your mouth off.

I never get that drunk! And what the hell is this?

That is a scale plan of the prison.

You can forget it because I'm going back. I'm getting him out.

No, Mr. Colton.

You've had your chance and you failed.

Do it your way!

Go with their plan. Whatever it is. What is It's?

Dig a tunnel's?

Maybe two, in case the first is found out.

You know what?

They'll dig and they'll hit rock, and they'll hit water.

They'll dig for two years, and your husband...

He'll be sitting there and rotting.

Maybe that's what you want.


No, I want him out. But I don't know what to do.

You keep coming to me with your sure-fire schemes.

And I keep hoping and believing in you.

I'm paying and nothing seems to work.


Come on, you don't have to cry like that.

I don't like to see anybody crying.


You cut your hair. Look at that.

It looks good.

I'll tell you what. I'll take another whack at it.

How much were they asking you for? $100,000.

One hundred thousand dollars!

I'm going to do it for nothing.


That's nothing up-front.

I'll only ask for half as much on delivery. Fifty thousand dollars.

You have another idea? Yeah.

What is It's?

I don't know. I ain't thought about it yet.

Forget about the preliminaries.

I know what makes it go up and down.

Okay. How do you intend to pay for your lessons?

Hurry. Bill.

I have a better idea. I'll pay you for the lessons now.

This is made out for too much. Just give me the balance.

We can't accept checks.

You can't? No.

We'll settle up later. You can trust me.

I'm uneasy about your grandson. It's been a while since his escape attempt.

Relax, Mr. Cable.

Unlike yourself, some men do eventually give up.

No, something is going on.

If there is, his wife will tell me.

I can't count on that.

He gets to the States, we can't touch him. You know my instructions.

All too well, Mr. Cable. All too well.

Maybe next time you'll tell me your plan.

I don't have any more money on me.

You don't have to pay.

All I want from you is to take me with you.

You promise?

Give me that bottle. Good.

I got a hell of a good idea. Let's get drunk.

Goddamn stupid. You dressed that big ape up to look like a whore!

Who did you think you would fool? I'm so sorry, Jay.

This Colton thinks it's a joke.

It wasn't a joke.

And that "big ape" nearly lost his life trying to get you out.

Well, they were paid, weren't they?

Anyway, it was Cohen's idea.

How come I never get to meet him?


I can't bring him here so that everyone knows he's working for us.

Not anymore, he's not.

You pay him off. That's the end of it.

What happened?

I just cut it.

Don't you like It's? It's different.

You used to always check with me before.

I see.

What do you see?


Jay, you think I'm sleeping with someone. But I'm not.

Well, I notice things.

What things?

Every time you come to visit, you're a little... colder. A little bit more matter-of-fact.


Are you still as horny as you used to be?

This guy Colton. How is He's?

Does he give you a good hump? Oh, Jay!

You're still my wife. Get these off. No.

Conjugal privileges. You can be his whore...

...or my whore. No, Jay.

You're my whore. Jay, no.


Shit! Damn it!

Take it, take it! You got to understand this machine.

Understand it? I'll break its neck. I'm afraid of that.

Wait a minute.

Some people can't chew gum and tap at the same time.

I can.

It's only your third lesson. Give it time.

Let's lay it on the line.

With two more weeks of lessons, would I be as good as you?

No. You'll never be that good.

That's all I wanted to know.

Goddamn it, the way you come here to borrow my wife.

She ain't a lawn mower. You're right, Spence.

I admit I was out of line before.

I don't know how I could ask your lady to pose as a whore.

But I swear, this time it's nothing.

What do you want? Like he says...

Let him tell it. It's just clown there and back.

You get to go to the lake. I get no day off.

Now this time she's right. Fair is fair.

Spence, you're going to make a thousand dollars.

A thousand dollars for doing nothing. Practically nothing.

No. Spencer, I got a say in this too.

You're the wife of an officer. And you don't do nothing illegal.

Who says illegal?

If it wasn't, you'd say what she has to do.

She has to get out of a car and yell. Yell what?

She has to yell that she's been raped.

You get out of here.

Rape! Rape! Come on, Spencer.

A thousand bucks just for that.

Just think. You can buy fishing gear... make a payment on a new car... maybe even a color TV.

What guarantee do we have that we'll ever see the money?


A check for five hundred dollars.

Don't cash it until we get back. Why not?

It has sentimental value. Look at the date. It's two months old.

It's the last check my best friend ever wrote.

I'd like to keep it as long as I can.

I will let you hold it, just to show my good faith.


But if you lay one hand on my Myrna...

I'll tear your head off and shit in it.

Take it from me, nothing ever happens in this world until you're self-employed.

I can't believe his luck. Getting a chance like this.

You want him to fly that ore? What ore?

Sure. He can borrow one of the choppers. He's got 10,000 hours.

Thirty-six hundred and fifty. Thirty-six hundred and fifty.

I'll lay it on the line for you.

There's a lot of money here. A lot of money involved.

I'm offering you five percent.

What do you say?

I say, hot damn!

I told you to come alone.

It was my fault, Mr. Colton. I insisted.

Did you have to do that?

I don't trust him. Did you bring them?


The one on top is the most recent.

He might be hard to recognize. He's changed so much.

He's changed?

That's great.

Do this.

Tell him I want him in that courtyard at 3:00 in the afternoon.

One week from today. But he's a very sick man.

He's in the hospital. I don't know if he can do it.

He's got to be there. Tell him to get better.

Three o'clock.

Not five minutes before, not five minutes after.

We'll wait for 10 seconds. I leave with or without him.

To tell you the truth... a part of me hopes it's without him.

How will you do it?

If I tell you and they're waiting for us... what will I think?

You don't trust me.

We will fly him out by helicopter.

But that's so dangerous. You're damn right it's dangerous.

Nick, Hurry....

Don't worry.

All yours.

I don't know. It doesn't look right.

There's something wrong. You said blue.

By this picture, the attorney general's is royal blue.

Hell, blue is blue. Hey!

Holy shit!

What are you doing? Who told you you could do that?

Do what?

Do what? That!

What will the boss say?

Probably thanks. Hell, we won't even charge him for the paint.

Looks better, huh?

I'll tell you something, there better be a big score in this.

You wait, buddy. You wait!

I need a moment with him alone.

Sosa's my good friend.

I know he is. He's not going away.


I will be close by, amigo.


Jay, listen to me.

Friday afternoon at 3:00, Colton will get you out. Understand?

3:00. That's right.

Which clay?

Jay, which day? Friday.

Right. In the courtyard. You'll only have 10 seconds.

You must be there at 3:00. And there's...

There's one other thing, Cohen's never seen you.

You must... You have to leave.

I need a few more minutes. Okay, but come.

I have a right to speak with my husband.

By tomorrow night you'll be a real wife.

Yes, you will.

You be here.

See you tomorrow.

Good afternoon.

Here you are. Hi.

What is the purpose of your visit into Mexico?

Not in front of the lady, huh?

We're just tourists here for the weekend.

Welcome to Mexico. Oh, yeah. Si, sf.

Just like old times, Myrna? Yeah, like old times, baby.

Spencer has good qualities. I'm not knocking him.

But you men... Who are you calling?

Just trying to get a weather fix.

You're married to a cop, and you can't even jaywalk.

Could you undo me?

You can't believe the guilt I feel now.

Goddamn! What'? What's the matter?

Chance of high winds tomorrow.

I know. And it might even get stormy tonight.

That's all I need, high winds.

Nick? What?

I've been worried about tomorrow.

I have to be convincing, and I've never been raped.

We should all be so lucky. What's that joke?

A guy says, "So help me, I'll rape you."

The girl says, "So rape me, I'll help you."


So, rape me. I'll help you.

Oh, Myrna.

Is that all you got on your mind?

You never had anything else on your mind but that, since kindergarten.

I got something else now.

I know the chopper will lift off. But landing it...

Tell her, not me. Who?

I see the way you look at her. You're crazy.

Never thought you'd stick your neck out for a girl.

I'm in this for the money. You're doing it for her.

So what? It's my neck!

Remember that when you fail tomorrow... and spend the next five years in some beaner jail.

You sure know how to make a guy feel good.

How do you think I feel?

You brought me here. I thought we were going to have some fun.

Now if we did it, you'd think of her and I'd think of Spencer.

Spencer and her would make a lousy couple.

Go on, get out of here.

Save your strength for tomorrow.

Rape. I should be so lucky.

Come on, pile in.

Have you leveled with him yet? I will now.

If he says no? How could he say no?

Who could say no to Nick?

Harvey. Hi, Nick.

What did you do with the beer? It's down here.

These things, they either fly or they don't.

There's been a little change of plan.

All right.

Instead of lifting ore off a mountain, we'll lift a guy out of jail.

You son of a bitch.

Just hear me out.

This guy shouldn't be there. He was framed.

Look at it as a mission of mercy. You can do it with your eyes shut.

What happens if we get caught? If it was dangerous, would I go?

You're not listening. I won't do it.

I never figured you'd turn chicken.

Chicken? Chicken doesn't have anything to do with this.

I'm something you never figured with all your angles. I'm in love.

You're what?

I'm getting married in three weeks.

I'll help you. I'll give you a part of my share, Hawk will give you...

...a part of his. What are you saying? it's a wedding present. No, I said I'm in love.

I'm getting married. Nothing... will keep me away from that ceremony.

Not you. Not some guy in prison.

Or all the goddamn money in the world. Nothing!

He means it. We'll cancel everything.

No, I'll do it. You can't fly that.

I took lessons.

You're good, but not in a chopper. Goddamn it, Hawk, shut up!

Those pepper-bellies have been sticking it to us since we started.

It's my turn now. This is my show. I do it on my own.

So, a miraculous recovery.

I just wanted to get some fresh air.

Either you stay in bed, or I'll send you to solitary.

For your health.


Hawk and Myrna ought to be getting there about now.

Take it easy. Don't over-control.

Good luck.


Are you sure you know nothing?


He talks. I don't understand.

And when his wife visits him? They whisper. I could not hear.

Somebody heard Wagner said, "Friday afternoon."

Friday afternoon? Today?


How long do I have to sit here?

Until Friday's over.

One thousand and one.

One thousand and two. One thousand and three.

One, Mississippi. Two, Mississippi. Rape! Hey, you guys! Rape!

Three, Mississippi.

Four, Mississippi.

Five, Mississippi.

Six, Mississippi.

One thousand and six. One thousand and seven.


Help! Help!

Let's go. Help!

Help! Rape! Rape!

One thousand and ten.

Goddamn it, where are you?

Get back! Get back! Get the hell back!

Get away! Get away!

You're going to get hurt! Get back!

Get away!

Now, you get back!

Get back! Get back!

Now, you get back!

Get away! Get away!

Get away!

Jay Wagner? Colton?

Let's go!

Goddamn, man!

Easy. Easy. You got it made.


Holy shit! Easy!

Easy! You got it made!

Come on, you fool!

Easy, easy!

I can't believe it. You made it. Goddamn right, Harve.

Come on, Wagner. Let's go!

I can't believe it's still in one piece.

You better take off.

There's a suitcase with clothes.

Here they come.

Move your ass, Hawk. Come on! Son of a bitch!

Nick, the jeep!

Just like old times, huh?

Everybody comfortable? Yeah.

How fast can we go?

We're doing it now. Ninety miles an hour.

Brownsville to Piper 87 Hotel.

Brownsville to Piper 87 hotel. Oven

Go ahead. This is 87 Hotel.

Land at Brownsville to clear customs and immigration.

Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay.


What's that about?

U.S. Customs wants me to land in Brownsville.

You won't obey them, will you? I am.

They're not looking for you.

They think I got a plane full of shit.

We'll come up clean... and we'll be home free.

I'm driving to Brownsville.

Ann, he said to wait here.

You wait. Something's gone wrong.

What do you say, Colton? Hey, Smitty.

What did you bring this time? Wetbacks?

My friends look like wetbacks?

Bring your papers. Come with me.

A little off your usual route, aren't you?


What's the purpose of the flight? Pleasure, Smitty. Pleasure.

Pleasure? In Matamoros?

Take it where you can get it.

Just a minute. Call from Mexico, Harry.

Want it? You handle it.

Good evening.

Are you the customs man? No. Immigration.

Do you have Mr. Jay Wagner here?

Mister Wagner?

Come with me, sir.

What do you want with him? Just routine.

Easy does it.

There we are.

Maybe you'd better wait.

It's government business, sir.

A plane from Mexico.

Would you speak a little louder? Wait here.

Smitty, one of the passengers is sick.

He's really sick.

What about a sick man? What'?

You mentioned a sick man. There's a guy on the plane.

Bring him in. We'll look at him. I'll keep these.

I think I know you. Really'?

I don't think so.

No, I remember.

Get in the car, please. I remember.

Some immigration guy came for Wagner.

Where'? Over there.

Jay Wagner!

I already got one of those. I know. But this is a good one.

Thank you for my husband.

Nice to have met you, Colton.

Do we celebrate? How much we got?


Fifty thousand, thirty-eight dollars, and fifty-three cents.

I'll buy you a beer.