Breathe In (2013) Script

Do you guys want to do it over there? Do you wanna ...

My representation is that we move over here...


Can we do it or not?

No, not at the corner over there.

The way the sun is right now, will be really great.

I mean, is there a way we could face this direction...

Do you have anything particular in mind that you want to do this year?

Don't ask me.

Don't ask you, huh.

Scott, you don't see the swing set, do you?

Do you see the swing set at all? I don't want that, in front, at all.

The swing, not at all.

That doesn't look like a life, kid, how about it? ...

Hey again, do you want to do the job, anyone?

You're not gonna get the flash in Keith's eye glasses are you?

No. .. actually...

I like when you're comfortable in that... that's such a great shot.

- I hate you. All right.

Tell you what. Be comfortable, now. Because you're a natural.


What are you doing? Really boring work.

Do you feel like making us lunch instead?

What do you want? Um, tuna rolls.

We will right outside, near the arrival, right after she come through passports changed.

Ok . Yeah. Yes, we have a piano.

She gonna plays piano.

Okay, great. Okay, alright, bye-bye.

She's actually coming? Yes, she's actually coming.

Coming in a couple of days .

And the school is week after next, so ... should be here, ready to go, get everything in place.

How to settle in, should be enough time.

You know I've got my audition coming up, right.

You'll be fine?

I know my audition, I've got to practice.

You can still practice. She's not going to disturb you.

You can stay up in your room and practice, you can practice at school, or you can practice out in the garage, most of the places you can practice.

It's not about ...

Look, it's going to be great.

And we're gonna be very welcoming and kind.

Are you going to be the one babysitting or anything....

You're not babysitting her, she's not a child.

She's actually older than you by a couple of months.

She is 18 already.

It's a wonderful program.

I am not gonna want to go away from my final semester in high school.

And Seebecks have a really wonderful student they got from France.

He's from Paris.

I'm just worried about the stresses you have in your life, having to drive all of us around.

There's no stress in my life. I like driving everybody.

Well, maybe I should .... get a car.

I mean ... she can stay in my room.

We got to get another car.

We have a car. We have a nice Jeep.

Did any of you just sent out, like a, an email for this letter.

This shows... that we care.

You got anything better than that? No.

I mean, if I got into Stanford or Berkeley, and especially if the offer is better...

Yeah, exactly.

Obviously I will work really, really hard.

And achieve swimming excellence.

Gosh. I'm getting very nervous now!

Just relax. Stop it.

It's always getting over me.

Stop. That's going over.

Yeah, that is okay.

Look at that. Precision and skill.


Quack, quack.

You wanna clean all this up too before she comes?

Yeah. I was going to.

Hold on tight.

Ok ... alright. Now what about all this?

I am going to do it later.

No no... let's do it now.

Looks good. Thanks for sharing your room.

This is your flight ?

Oh yes, Sophie !

Hi !


Hello! Welcome.

How are you? I'm great. How are you feeling?

This is Keith.

Hi. I 'm Sophie.

How was the flight ? Good, thank you.

Very good.

Wow ... Okay.

How are you? Good, good !

Have you been to Manhattan before?

No, I haven't.

You've never been to New York, right? Never.

How far are we from New York? By car, we need about an hour and a half.

Keith goes in. Just have snow ... right?

Yeah. I'm the fastest.

Here Keith's your piano teacher.

Oh, for the class. Yeah.

Keith teaches piano and then other than teaching he has a hobby with the Symphony.

He plays with them... It's not a hobby.

What do you call it? A part-time job ?

Yes, part-time job.

Part-time job...

What's your instrument? I play cello.

But I sub for ... the NYNSO.

But if I'm auditioning so... there is a chair that is supposedly bringing up soon.

So would you give up teaching?



Welcome !

This is it!

It's a little stuffy in here.

Come on in. I'll give you a little tour.


This is a sitting room... and oh, this is for you.

A treat. Thank you.

This is a little guide, Sophie's guide.

Just a little, you know information, coffee shop.

It's a map. Oh, this is the school. This is the map of the school.

All right, when school starts, I'll pick everybody up.

There's the family, now.

And I collect cookie jars, and there are ones that I sell.

Oh yeah... I find a lot of them online now.

This is the only one in service.

The rest are empty.

Hey, don't tell Keith and Laurie, they don't know.

Thank you. It's my secret stash.

Would you like any lemonade or honey?

No thank you. You sure? How's the jet lag?

It's fine.


Hi! Hi!

How are you? Okay thanks, how are you?

Good, I'm Lauren. I'm Sophie.

Nice to meet you.

How was your flight? Yah, it was very easy.

So where are you from? Are you from London?

I live in Barkshire.

So do you go into London a lot? Yup. Yeah.

Is it a cool city? It 's lovely.

I've never been.

So you're excited to be here for ...?

Yeah! I guess. So much ...

Yeah, I've been wanting to come out to ... be in the States for ages.

I've just been trying to think about what I want to do and ...

I guess I don't really know yet.


Um, do you do any sports?


Well, I can swim, but not like you.


Oh, Keith play the guitar, he was in a band.

The Unconscious Brothers.

It's a brass band. It's a great name.

We got out of the garage. We got out of the garage but...

I don't play with the Unconscious Brothers any more.

That would be... I haven't quite decide yet...

Anyway, in a couple of days we're having one of the cookie jar expos.

I have two more boxes that are supposed to be coming.

Two more cookie jars or boxes of cookie jars?

Two more boxes of cookie jars.

How many cookie jars are there in total?

No, there's only seven.

But anyway it's going to be really busy ... with this one.

So when you're free you just roam around and you know ...


Do you know what pieces you're going to audition with?



Don't want to disturb you. No, it's ok. I'm just taking a break.

So do you get nervous?

With what?

Before the audition. No.

I mean...

No, not really.

You play long enough, it doesn't affect you.

Apparently Lawrence Olivier used to vomit before every performance.

Lawrence Olivier...

Who told you that?

Can't remember. But I guess the point is, even the best of the best get nervous.

Good night.

Good night !

Hi! Hey! How are you. Nice to see you.


Exchange student? Oh, yes.

This is Sophie. Sophie!

You know my family school?

Hi! Aaron. Hi, nice to meet you Sophie.

How you enjoying yourself so far? Good.

You staying here for how long? For this semester.

The whole thing? Yeah.

We got to party! We will party!

Yeah, but let's go early so that we can get the sunset and making a bonfire there.

Oh, it's going to be ....

Okay. Bye! Bye bye.

Nice meeting you ! And you.

See you later Sophie and Lauren!

That's Aaron... Yeah.

So... you guys going out? No... He's like a ... friend. Yeah.


Alexy, hello.

Sophie Williams.

Ha, you made it, you decided to show up. That's ok.

Sophie Williams.

Back in school. That's where we want to be.

Oh, before we start, I'm playing this evening with the NYNSO.

As you know, I do sometimes. I sub with them.

So, anybody who wants to feel more cultured or... wants to suck up to the teacher.

By all means feel free to come along.

If you bring a ticket stub or, program or something then I know you've been and you'll get extra points.

We've been practicing.

Chloe, why don't you go first?

Let me guess, something by Bach, right?

Sophie !

You missed my class. Any reason for this?

I'm not be taking your class, Sir.

You're not going to take the class?

Why not?

I 've just been thinking about that and ...

I just don't think it's gonna be the right thing for me to do.

You just changed your mind.

Ok, well look. You still need to come until your name is taken off the roster.

We have to talk to Mr. Deacons, and get it arranged.

We have to get your name taken off.

I spoke with Mr Deacons this morning and I made sure that it was okay.

Well, you still need to come up until he takes your name off the roster.

Might take him a day or two to get it arranged and ...

He said it would be taken off tonight.

He says a lot of things that don't necessarily happen.

Ok. If it's not arranged for tomorrow then just come to the class and it'll be arranged soon.

Ok. But if it's not, I'll wait.

Don't be late.

So... what you just did... I'm sorry...

Sorry ... Megan and Lauren are waiting outside.

Oh... I got to go.

Your improvement is great.

Well, thank you.

Ok... well we just left. Should you want to come by in 10?


Come by in 10. Perfect, thanks.


You sure you don't want to come? I think I might just stay here.

Are you sure? There is like, lots of drinking and a lovely bonfire.

No... I think I'll just take it easy.

Ok... Have a good night with your book.

Damon Culver.

What? It's the writer.

Bye! Bye Lauren.

Turkeys. Shall we?

How you doing? Good.

All right? It's this weekend, right? Yeah.

If I turn up.

I can remember my last audition, with Barenboim, there's a haze of ...

Well, that's the thing, I can't remember mine, either. It was years ago.

You're not really worried, are you? No, no, no.

That would be foolish. I doubt I'll get 'em running.

Keith, that would be foolish.

Well, you know me on being foolish.

It wouldn't be the first time.

Have you let them out yet? No, I haven't.

Are you being a good guest? I'm trying to be.

It's kind of further out from the city than I thought.

Yeah...well. Perhaps with the .... you would have found that out first.



You still want to be there, don't you? I don't know.

It's so nice.

We've been round them, well, there's so many times.

You know what your uncle will say, if he's still here.

He'll say feel it, not the thinking about it so much.

Although I sometimes want to come and just kidnap you and take you home because it's pretty bloody quiet over here without you.

Now, you are practising aren't you?


Oh, Sophie. Why not?

Let me know how much, I would have sent you.

Just don't know how I'm paying for.

Anybody else? I know it's a long way. Thanks for coming.


Everybody, this is Sophie Williams. Make her welcome. and ... thanks for joining us.

In fact, Sophie, why don't you play something for us? as a way to introduce yourself to the class.

Just a way of ... saying hi.

I just haven't really prepared anything.

It doesn't matter, anything you like.

What is your name? Wendy. Yes

Why are we going down there again?

To have a good time!

They love you. We're gonna have a good time.


We just had it freshly painted, so it smells a little.

And we just had this. This was a kind of an emerald green...

It's gorgeous. It does. We want to bring the ocean in.

How long have you lived in your house?

It's a ... sixteen years.

How long have you been married? Seventeen years.

Got a house, got married. Became a teacher.

The house we could have passed out.

I got that in foreclosure. It was such a bargain.

We would have stayed in the city, but the house was so beautiful.

Good for you, I mean everybody we know is getting divorce.

We have been to six divorce parties in the past few months.

It's a very nice way of saying goodbye.

And sometimes, the best man and the maid honor come and they separate them, and you know she sounds beautiful.

You're a good cook.

I'm not, I was ...

Well, I have a girl come to the house once a week.

She makes everything, we freeze it.

It's so simple... I have all these frozen squab.

I heard you got a very attractive young lady over there staying with you.

How 's that going?

She's cute.

Yeah, it's good. Ever make you think twice?

Not that I'm looking, or ...

It would be nice to be young again.

Honey are you ready? I'm starving !

I know... we're almost there.

Eats like a horse!

Are you going to be alright? Yeah, I'm good.

Hi Mark, I'm going to take a look around.

Yeah, walk around. Make yourself at home.

Hey... Hey.

He had to get away for a bit.


These are my favorite people.

Are you? Yeah. I'm just going to take my stuff.

I could have changed... No, it's okay.

Are we leaving soon? I think so.

Why don't you go for a swim? Go for a night swim.

Keep your clothes on ! Oh, come on.

Should we take our clothes off? Yeah, why not, yeah!

One more beer for that.

Here we come.

Oh! that's so pretty.

Oh, that's really ... I like clothes loose too.

Oh cool!

That's great ! It's a little toxic smelling.

I can smell something funny, though. It smells like rubber.

No it's a kind of .... It's something different.

... like a new car smell.

Is that what it is?

Car ....

Oh my God! I can't catch him.

Oh my God!

Oh my God, it's a TV favourite !

What do you think? It's great. Yeah.

Put the key. Here. Put the key.

Thank you Momma !

Sophie, you want to go? Yeah!

Ok, let's go. Ok.

Where are you going to go?

We gonna go meet my friends.

Goodbye ! See you later.

Lauren text it, breath the rest of the way.

Where? By the school.

Oh... If. Oh no memory lane.

It's too loud! Turn it down.

Too loud? It's great!

Doesn't it sound great? No, you guys are so cute.

We could still be cute.

You gotta transfer these, they gonna get ruined.

They all stretched out. Look at this. It's fine.

Exciting, wasn't it? What? Life with no money?

Strangers working off our couch?

Yeah... No hot water?

Being creative. Cockroaches.

Being spontaneous. Noise.

Being inspired. Pre-science.

Don't you think?

Oh, honey every eight months is the same old ...

If I get the chair...

I think we should think about the city again.

I think it would be... inspirational. Even if that happens, we making more money, we still won't have enough money to sell this house.

I don't think you understand that stuff.

Do you know how much apartments go for right now?

They are well over a million dollars. A million dollars!

We have to invest, I just think we need to be able to have a conversation about it.

I just think that we had a life that was cut short.

Cause we had a baby, you call that cut short? Yeah, we had a baby.

I thought we would be expanding our lives.

Sure, but she's not a baby anymore.

She's gonna move out of home soon.

We talked about the fact that when she was old enough we could reconsider the city.

Yeah, if we could afford it, we can't..

This feel like we're not even discussing it.

Shouldn't you be practicing for your audition tomorrow?


You should.

Oh we're doing it for the birthday girl. So wish her Happy Birthday.

Happy eighteen ! Yeah..!


How 's it going? Okay.

Could I pinch a cigarrette from you, please?

Of course.

Thank you.

How's Lauren been? Great, yeah.

Yeah, she's great.

It's very nice of her to give up half her bedroom.

It's not like she's giving up that much.

You like living here?

Yeah, I love being so close to the interstate.

I go in all the time, so...

I'd just like to go into Manhattan at some point, I think.

And you just met these dudes the night before?

Are you telling the story about how you lost your maidenhead riding horseback?


You're so gross!


Do you think.. are you going to be sick again?

Do you think ... what you wanna do?

Are you feeling a bit better?

Yeah, I just feel tired.

Did you talk to Aaron tonight?

I did, a little bit.

Did you know that I had sex with him?

Did you lose your ... Yes.

You should make sure that he is nice to you.

He told everybody that we had sex, and he told me he wasn't going to.

And now everybody thinks I am a slut and I'm not.

And I have like, not even hook up with any guys.

Are you a virgin?


Hey. Hi.

How are you doing?



Sit down.


Just sit down.

Close your eyes.

You have to take off your glasses.

Sit up straight.

And relax your shoulders... and relax your neck.

And breathe in through your nose... and out through your mouth.

Breathe in ...

and out ...

and ... and out.

How does it feel?

Better ...

My uncle used to say... don't let fear become your profession.

It's good advice. Keith !


Good luck.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

It was okay. Mm hm.

When are you next playing with the orchestra?


And maybe Saturday, huh? On Saturday too?

Can you let me know if you want a ride down.

We could come and watch you play.

Yeah, well that'll be good.

It would be nice to see him with everyone else.

It's incredible, I mean that ... it really is.

Yeah, I guess, yeah.

What are you playing? Which pieces?

We have a number, Schumann, Bet, Mozart...

Brahms, sounds incredible.

Yeah, I bet.

Great Friday.

How I wish we had a piano.

Are you sure you have?


Oh my God ! Wow.

Hi Sheldon, nice to see you.

I'm glad you came. Of course, we wouldn't miss it.

I think we'd genuinely enjoy it tonight.

Yeah, what's going on?

Thank you. Oh yeah... I'm sorry about this.

Oh yes... I've corrupted him.


Wow... Hey so Sheldon, this is Sophie.

She's a ... she's one of my student Nice to meet you.

Exchange student from the UK and an amazing piano player.

She knocks this Chopin piece out of a part.

What was it? It was the ...

It's actually one of his warm up pieces but it is so extraordinary that you can play as a concert piece.

Chopin... Have you studied a long time?

Many years.

I would think, Chopin, well.

That's great! Congratulations. Thank you !

You'll have to play for us some night.

Yeah, I'd love too. The front row.

Yeah, that would be great!

Lauren, you also play too? Don't you like to ...?

No... I'm sorry.

Lauren is champion swimmer. She's incredible.

Swimming, that's right.

He brags about you all the time. Yeah.

Are you sure you don't want to come?

You don't have to be concerned, I don't feel like going.

I don't feel left out or whatever. I know... I hope, I'm not.

I don't wanna ...

I think it's gonna be really strange, me and Aaron.

He said that he was going to be a group of us.

I don't want to be offending you by going with your person ...

Sophie ! Sophie ! Ok... I really don't care.

I don't know how many ways to tell you that, you know.

Well... I'm not going to force you if you don't want to come.

Thank you.

On to your wrist.

What do you want? Let me get a vodka soda, please.

These are from my cousin, he runs the place.

That's very kind of you. No, it's going to make it a lot of fun.

What time is everyone else staying?

What? What time is everyone else staying here?

Just us.

Just us tonight.

How much is that? Twenty-three.

Thank you.

Thank you... see you on Monday.


You looked great all night. I mean you're so sexy at that club.

This isn't like a "thing." Aren't expecting to be a thing. It's ok.

Ok, I have to focus.

Aaron ! Aaron ! Aaron ! Aaron !

Aaron, Aaron it's okay.

Don't pull my hair.

Close the door, will ya?

Pleae stop it man.

Oh, fuck !

Close the door.

Aaron, fuck off man!

Come on Laurie go, go !

What happened? I don't know...

Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.


Aaron slept with Sophie.

When? Friday.


Everyone get to see? Yeah.

Aaron slept with Sophie.

Oh no. Come on, come on.

Sophie, I'll give you a ride!

Oh, my God ! That's insane!

I am trying to change !

Oh shit! Power's out. -What?

Don't slip, don't trip.

Do you want tea? I'm gonna have a beer.


Can I have a beer?

Do you know what time they'll be back?

It depends... how many girls... they ask to ferry home, I guess.

Why don't you want to play? That's what I want to know.

That's the big question, isn't it?

Why do I want to play? Why don't you want to play !

I don't know... I want to choose to play, I don't wanna do it because I can.

I mean, you're incredible. How long have you played?

I started training when I was five, So pretty long time.

John, my uncle got me into the piano, while he was a teacher and a pianist and I started.

He would play in the house and I just kept running up to him.

Something like, let me play. Really?

Yeah when I was ... that's all. Was your dad and your mom musical?

My dad, he used to play guitar and my mom died when I was really little.

And it was hard for him to have me on his own, so...

So that's why my aunt and uncle brought me up.

I was very close to my uncle.

But he passed away recently. He was very ill.


Yeah, and then I started doing it professionally when I was nine.

In bars, weddings? Just, you know... karaoke.

I think you should have been a comedian.

You're definitely in the wrong job.

Oh, I know that...

I never wanted to teach, I'm not a teacher.

I have something to tell you.

You're a teacher.

You are a teacher. It says that I am a text form teacher.

So why do you do it, then?

It was a job, you see what I mean.

Secure and...

You know, at least I 'm teaching the subjects I know and I'm not teaching math, or something.

Well, you just have to make sure that you're choosing.

I just don't want to be living a life where...

I'm not choosing stuff.

My dad never really got to do what he wanted to do.

Well he started doing it and then he kind of fucked himself up.

A lot of people fucked themselves up.

Have you fucked yourself up?

You don't seem as young as you actually are.

One day you'll be free.

I'd like to play something for you.

Keith !

Lauren is with you? Wipers didn't work. The car is a hazard.

Yeah.. I'm here. You took the Jeep. i'm sorry.

Why did you take the Jeep? I was trying to get your attention ! get my attention? I don't have the keys.

I was just trying to get the swim team home.

What happened?

This just broke. How did this break?

Why are the lights out?

Sorry, I couldn't see. I knocked it off. I'm sorry.

How could you knock this off? This is the safest place.

The lights are out. I couldn't see.

Is Sophie home? Yes, I drove her home.

You're having a beer?

It is a weight on my shoulders trying to get you show some interest and passion and for 17 years I have tried to ...

I did what I was doing 17 years ago I love teaching kids... in a school ....

You said you enjoyed teaching Well, you said you enjoyed driving.

You 're an jerk.

Slut. I know.

That's way too fast, I wouldn't even attempt something like that.

That's you crazy?

I'm trying to know you all are.

Chloe, will you hand these out. I'll be back.

I'll be back.


Can you talk? Of course, what's wrong?

I just feel like I 'm causing so many problems here.

No, you're not.

I just needed... You're not.


I have period after lunch, and I can get someone to substitute.

Just wanna go somewhere?

Are you sure? Yeah.


I'll come find you.

Thank you.

It's funny that it took you to bring me here. I've lived here for 20 years.

You have nver been here.

I didn't pass it, but I've never actually come down here.


Cause I have never a reason to.

It would be nice not to go back at all, wouldn't it?

It's so hard to actually do what you want to do.

What's this gonna say, it's funny that we you feel so contrained by what you think our options are. But what about my options?

I think that's hard to know.

How to be... like truly free.

And whether that's even a good thing.

Maybe boundaries are there for a good reason.

Structure. Something I could teach.

What makes you happy?

At the moment there is only really one thing that makes me happy.


It's true.

What do you thinki?

I'll miss you if you ran away.

I am not running away.

My ... a lot of thing.

I want you to steal me away, that's what I want you to do.

In your life.

Get in the car... and start driving.

Do not ....

So how was Sophie? Well, pretty good.

Wait... what... !

You serious, Lauren?

Just get into the car. Oh, my God.

Where is Lauren? She's at Angela's.

Excuse me.

Great, bye.

She spending the night? That was Bruce.

I got the chair.

Guess I'm, not a teacher any more.

We have to celebrate.

I'm getting ice cream. Well, I haven't finished.

Well, Sophie and I will have some joint chocolate, strawberry?

Alright I 'm okay, thanks.

Alright, well then, I'm going to celebrate.

Are you okay? so fucking small.

Stop it.

What's wrong with you? Stop it.

Lauren, I didn't sleep with Aaron.

Sit up.

This is my house.

I'm sorry.

I saw you at the reservoir today.

Stop breathing like that.

You have to get out.

I don't have to get out ! I don't need to get out of your bed.

Lauren! Lauren!



I'm sorry!

What's wrong?

Are you okay?

I... I can't stay here anymore.

I have to leave. I don't want you to leave.

I know...

What happened?

I have to go. I don't want you to go.

Listen... I'm playing tomorrow night.

You meet me later.

We just get in the car and start driving.


What are you doing?

I 'm gonna to stay with my friend, Jessica, for the evening.

Where? Her family has got a beach house.

And she said we could camp on the beach.

Camping on the beach? Yeah.

Listen. That sounds really nice but you have to ask my permission.

I can't let you just take off like that. You are my responsibility.

Yeah, it's all being quite last minute, so I don't have a chance to tell you last night.

But I can call you when I get there.

Did you see Lauren this morning, by any chance, before she left?

No... I got up later than her.

Do you want a ride? I'll be fine.

Ok, please be careful on the road. Ok.

Lauren 's not picking up her phone.

Did she say anything to you this morning where she was going so early?

She said she's fine.

Sophie told me she's camping.

I don't know...

Wish someone would keep me in the loop about what 's going on here.

You gotta talk to these girls.

I'm playing tonight. Well, I'll talk to you after.

Yeah.. I'm gonna take the Jeep.

No.. I'll drive you. It's okay.

Really, I ... I don't need to take me, that's ok.

You had us worried.

Did you call your mom?

Are you okay?

Hello, is this Jessica's mom?

Oh hi, it's Megan Reynolds... I am Sophie Williams...

The English girl staying with us.

Hi, is she there?

She said she was going to the beach with Jessica and your family.

You know what? She just walked in.


Well, I hope it wasn't any bother.


Thank you.

Hey, may I talk to you for a second?

Um, I'm in the middle of a conversation.

I know, but they don't just feel like. No.

Not right now.

So you see.

I'll be right back, alright.

Let me make you redeem for your car.

Stop it. Stop it.


I'm sorry.

I don't care.

Stop it! Stop it! Come on.

You are pathetic.

I don't think I made a mistake.

What are they saying?

They haven't said anything yet.

Hi. You can come with me.

You have any ideas ....?

Smile. One more smile.

One, two, three. Look here, smile.