Brick Mansions (2014) Script

Violence filled the streets as the Mayor declared marshall law today.

Naming Detroit as the most dangerous city in America.

The housing project has been sealed off in the rest of the city.

The homicide rate is at the highest in 40 years.

Community active project known as Brick Mansions will become a ghost town.

More protesting of the construction of the 44 foot wall that will separate Brick Mansions from the rest of the city.

These checkpoints control all the people in and out of Brick Mansions.


This development is a beacon of light in our dark city.

Eco friendly residences, exclusive shops and offices all situated on 20 acres of the most valuable property that the city owns.

Now, with your cooperation and your backing, we're gonna restore Detroit to it's former glory.

Mr. Mayor.

This land is currently the Brick Mansions housing project.

In order for this to go up, that has to come down.

Yes, what is it do you envision for the people currently living there?

Well, as your Mayor I can assure you that all the people of this fine city will be taken care of.

Gentleman, to the future.

Yo, yo, yo. What's up killer?

Check that shit out.

What's cooking my brothers?

Yeah, you best keep on rolling dawg.

What are you doing here K2? Come on now, why the hate?

I'm looking for Lino. He's got something for me.

Lino ain't here. Nah.

I'm gonna bet Lino's up there right now.

He thinks he can change the ghetto 20 kilos at a time.

Bet your ass ain't gonna find out.

I'm gonna leave you my number.

And when Mr. Clean comes back, you tell him to give me a call.

Come on, K2.

Fill them up.

Y'all know where Lino stay at? Yes.

Come on.

Where? Right, right.


At the end of that hall, left door!

I'm gonna get you.

Knock this damn door down.

On my count.

One, two...

Catch that little bitch!

Lock this piece of shit building down!

She is cute, I know. She's got a great ass, man.

Hi kids. Hey Lino.

Ah, hell no.

Tremaine's gonna slice y'all. What do we do?

Who's we?

I'm gonna kill this motherfucker!

Get him!

He's on the roof!

What's going on man?

Damien, you forgot me.

No, I'm just throwing some overtime at work.

How much do you need?

Okay, well...

I will see what we can do.

But never call my cellular phone again.

Who give him my number?

Mr. George, I'm sorry, I didn't know.

Where was I?

K2. K2.

Loses a package. Needs another 20 before Tremaine flips out.

Best part, he wants it delivered.

Guess we have to go to Brick Mansions.

Now, who wants to venture into that shithole on a Friday night?

I would.

Think you can handle it?

I am known as a handler.

All right.

You know, my mama will be turning her grave if she see me adding this much hot pepper to her recipe.

Though I appreciate most of my mother's recipe.

You get the right ingredients.

You can never go wrong.

Which leads us to this morning, K2.

I believe you had the right ingredients and clear instructions.

Bring back Lino and my 20 kilos that he jacked from you.

Yet here we are, no Lino, no kilos.

Look, big dawg, me and Rayzah, you know...

Don't you go blame this on a woman, dawg.

There's five of my men down. They become your little shit show.

That's five more souls thats gone.

Should I make six?

Should I make it six?

I pay good money for your services.

I need some good ideas.

You got any good ideas?

How about you? Any ideas?

No, sir.

And that's six. Shall I make it seven?

Hold up, hold up, Lino got a girl.

Back in the day, he helped her get out of the hood.

We grab that bitch and I swear he's gonna come around.

You know where she's at? Yeah, we know where she at.

Don't come back here without her.

Yo, trust me man.

All right.

That's it, George the Greek.

How long you've been with me now Damien, a year?

Yeah, about that.

It's time for you to see what we're all about.

Where are you going? Go park the car in the back.

Cheng, how is it going?

You kill me, Cheng.

Damien, Cheng. Cheng, Damien.

You're a man of many talents. I try.

Cheng, you have some change for me?


All team, they've gone underground.

You ever been to Southeast Asia, Damien?

No, I never been there.

He's found the stash.

Hey, prep me 20 key, it's a rush.

South East Asia planted this drug by the side of the road which is why the dope there is worth shit.

But everytime it crosses a border, it triples in value.

Used to be that, by the time it got to the States there was only so much profit you can squeeze.

And then, we got Brick Mansions.

Our very own border and it's less than a mile away.

I went to business school, the best business school in the world.

4 years, half a million bucks.

You just have to remember one thing.

People pay the most for what they cannot get.

Can I have that GPS?

The routes are pre programmed.

Don't lose it.

Hey boss, take a look at this.

How the hell did they know we're here?

Now they know we are here.

We weren't suppose to be here.

No one knows we're here, unless that person is already here.

Damien, you take this. Take them out.

In the sewers! Let's go!

Go to the marker!

All teams, go!

Give me the phone.

Put it down! The hell are you doing?

Nobody move! Those are my friends outside, you're all under arrest!

Now I want you all to put your guns in the tank!

Put it in the tank!

Get down on the ground.

Wait for my friends to arrive.

Okay, get this bastard off my car!


Damn, this kid is determined.

Do you have anything stronger?

I like it.

Keep it steady.

I got him!

What the fuck!


Get out of the car! Get out of the car now!

That's George the Greek. Check your most wanted list.

Get out of the car right now!

I'm Detective Collier, undercover narcotics.

Show us your ID. Sure.

You're next.

ID please.

All right, I take over.

How long do you need? One hour tops.

Here you go Sam. Thank you Lola.

Can I help you? Lola.

Grandpa, what was our deal?

One a day. What's all that down on the ground?

Come on, how many pleasures I got left, huh?

I can't even enjoy reading my paper.

Explain this to me.

He's a bad guy and we took him down.

Most of what you're reading here is blown out of proportion.

You can't believe everything that you read.

Like where it says, uh...

"The unidentified undercover hanging on at 80 miles an hour."


"Over 300 rounds fired."

Looks like a 100 rounds, maybe.

I am so close to taking down Tremaine.

So close to making him pay.

Revenge and justice are not the same thing.

And your grandmother is gone.

Your father is gone.

You are all I got left.

And I'm gonna be around for a very long time because I'm a very healthy old man, okay?

All right, so here's the deal.

I'll get this one last scumbag. Okay.

And you keep this to one a day.

I'll cut this out altogether right now and you forget about going after that last scumbag.


Just like I thought.

Move, bitch.

Whatchu looking at, fool?

Got your ass.

You Latino? Where are you from?



What's going on here Rayzah?


Me and home girl gonna chill later.

Let me get down to business.

Lola, please.

What do you want? Your boyfriend.

I don't have a boyfriend.

You and Lino broke up?

I haven't see him in years.

That's not what I heard.

Really? Well, I guess you'll just have to add me to the list then.

What list is that?

The list of people who don't give a shit about what you heard.

That's cute.

You listen to this.

I suggest we get along.

Because your pretty ass ain't going nowhere until Lino shows up.

Hey Lola. Lino, what the hell are you doing?

If you're going to be mad, I can go. Your full of bullshit, I know it!

Can you two work out your relationship when you don't got a gun to my throat?

His having a gun to your throat is the issue in our relationship.

All right, everybody just cool down.

Should I take the shot?

Nigga's got a 45 against my neck!


You too!

Tell Tyrel Glenn to step off.

Get back! Back!

Let's negotiate. We don't need a blood spill man.

Stop selling dope in the neighborhood, end of negotiation.

Let the mad man through. How about this.

I forget about the 20 keys.

You go back with your pretty girl in one piece.

And we stay of each other business. Not good enough.

How far are you gonna walk out before one of these niggas puts a shot in your back, huh?

You get it? Back!

Maybe I get hit. Maybe we all die.

Maybe your pretty girl get hit, huh? Back off.

My boys, they are going to kill you!

You think you can go back and pretend nothing happened?

And for what, huh?

They will get in here, Lino.

I'm not so sure about that.

Come on you son of a bitch. Move!

How is it? He's locked the door from the outside.

Useless, all of you!

Open the door!

Tyrel Glenn little sister is about to wake up.

That's my Mustang you know. That's my baby.

The keys. Son of a bitch.

Get back! You drive.

Don't wreck my car woman. You're gonna regret it.

Shut up! In the back!

Man, I'm 6'3, I can't fit back there.

You're about to get a couple of inches shorter.

We're going to get these bitches!

Shoot the tire! Shoot!

Watch out, woman!

You know how much I spent on this car?

I'll take care of it, I promise.

You don't need me here. Just let me out, you can keep the damn car.

Always negotiating, huh?

Stay right there!

Open that door! Drop it! Drop the weapon!

Don't shoot! Get out of the car!

We're here to see your captain, don't shoot.

Get down!

Stay cool.


This is Tremaine Alexander. I'm sure you know him.

Yes, we know.

Put your gun down, son.

Nobody move.

Everybody stay cool.

Put your gun down, son. Give me your weapon.

You did good.

Lock him up!

What? Wait! What the hell are you doing?

Get your hands off me! Let me out of here!

Hey! Hey!

Son of bitches! Let me out!

Hey Mike, how's that new house you got?

Never mind. Get out of here, Tremaine.

Guess my donation is coming in handy, huh?

Come on, Miss Lola. I'm not going anywhere with you!

Tremaine! You son of a bitch! I'll kill you!

Let me go!

It's all politics, Lino. I'm a politician.

C'est la vie No! Open the door!

Open this door now!

You can go. Yes, sir!

You gave her to those animals, you dirty piece of shit.

Sorry son, the way of the world.

Detective Collier, the Mayor is ready to see you.

Detective, come in.

Detective Collier. Tom Berringer.

I was in the force with your dad. Nice to meet you.

Your family has a history with the city.

Damien's father led the last police raid in Brick Mansions.

His unfortunate death pushed legislation for us to erect the border.

He's a hero, and from what I hear, you're a lot like him.

Thank you.

We've been made to understand that you have somewhat of an expertise in terms of that neighborhood.

Yeah, I know it pretty well.

Major Reno, U.S. Army. Pleasure.

Detective, this is a situation that demands the best of the best.

Last night a government transport travelling at a time and route with minimal civilian traffic was hijacked.

What are they transporting?

N.A.D, Neutron Assisted Device. A neutron bomb.

We prefer the word device.

Bomb has such negative connonations.

The device was fitted with an anti theft mechanism.

Which is triggered if the case should be open the wrong way.

Device activated.

What the fuck?

We need you to infiltrate, locate the device, and contact us for the code to disarm it.

Nah, that can't be done.

That'd take time, planning.

We don't know where it's at, we don't know who has it.

We know where. Brick Mansions.

We know who.

That's Tremaine Alexander.

Ex-soldier turned illegal arms dealer.

He uses military grade weapons, united the gangs, and tookover the city's drug trade.

Rules with an iron fist.

I spent my entire career trying to take down Tremaine.

But he never leaves Brick Mansions and there's checkpoints everywhere.

You know the routes around. Yeah, but then what?

We have no intel inside. No eyes.

We have your eyes.

Lino Dupree, French Carribean expat.

Spent most of his adult live in Brick Mansions.

Knows it like the back of his hands.

So the best idea you can come up with is to send me into this shit with a convict as my partner?


And you got 10 hours, Detective.

What's he locked up for anyway?

Killed a cop.

Dupree, let's go.

Get in the van!

Get in!

I'll be back.

Thanks. Yeah, have a good day.

Hey, hey, wait! I need this van!

Are you kidding me? Who do you think you are man?

You trying to hijack me?

It's my van!

I don't think so.

This is my van.


It's my van, but if you want a lift hurry up, the bus is leaving.

Recalculating itinerary.

Where are we headed? Brick Mansions.

There's no way you can drive this van past the barricades.

Three minutes ago we were handcuffed in the back of this thing.

Why is a guy like you going to Brick Mansions?

I'm after Tremaine Alexander. He killed a friend of mine.

Same asshole kidnapped my girlfriend.

Ex girlfriend.

Sound like we got something in common.

How do you plan to get inside? There's an old smuggling route.

Take a right at 50 metres.

Better buckle up. I prefer to be free.

Suit yourself.

We can't lose them at East port.

That's a checkpoint.

This GPS is broken!

Wrong direction. Please make a U-turn now.


Stop your vehicle now!

I repeat, stop your vehicle now!

What are you doing? Are you crazy?

You need to trust me man.


I can't see shit.


Steerings gone.

Brakes are gone.

Work on it!

Shit. Old smuggling route, huh?


You got to get the hell out of here man.

Not we. What the hell are you doing?

You're a cop. Are you crazy?

Come on. I can smell a cop a mile away.

Hey come on, you can't leave me like this.

Come on, help me get out of here. What am I suppose to do?

Look in the police manual under "shit happens."

Yeah, that's really funny.

French asshole.

Shit, this is your car, huh?

Hell yeah. The brake's failed.

You get me out of here, we'll sort this out.

You are dead.


Be careful.

You're dead, look at you.

Yo, put that down. Tremaine. Put that down.

Que pasa mamacita?

Hope you've been enjoying our accomodations.

I'm so done with this place.

Look, you keep it cool with me, I keep it cool with you.

I try to press education in my boys, but they are a different breed.

If they're not out shooting niggas in the streets they shooting them on video screens.

So I give them a job, you know.

These niggas feed their families.

Look, between me and you, I like Lino.

He has a cause, even it gets him killed.

People like you remind me why everyone hates us.

You and him are lot alike.

I can see why you together. Separated.

Don't worry, mamacita. You will hear about him soon.

Oh, you haven't heard the good news?

Lino escaped.

Not sure if he's gonna come in here.

And I wouldn't wanna be old when he gets here.

Tremaine, we all good on the roof. Do you wanna head back?

Rayzah here will keep you company.

Yo, get your hands of my chips.

Oh, shit.


How did you know I was a cop? You don't belong here.

How did you find me? I put a bug in your pocket.

Cop's tricks. That's all you people have.

No, we have the law. It just something you don't care about.

The law means nothing without justice.

That's pretty high for somebody who killed a cop.

That cop was a corrupt piece of shit, no better than Tremaine.

I'm gonna find Tremaine.

I'm gonna find him before the weapon he hijacked kills everybody inside the Brick Mansions.

Probably didn't occur to you there's somebody on the outside that actually gives a shit about what happen in here now did you?

Not everybody out there is an asshole.

Just like not everybody in here is a junkie or a thief.

You enjoy yourself.

And if I find your girlfriend I'll tell her you said hi.

They will shoot you and take your badge as trophy.

At least I'll die trying.

Which is a hell lot better than sitting around bitching about how the world sucks.

If you're not bullshitting about that bomb, maybe I can save Lola before we all go down.

And the first chance you get, what are you gonna do?

You gonna put a bullet in the back of my head?

I could've kill you already.

So what's your plan?

You got a phone? Yeah.

Tremaine, it's Lino. I'm coming over.

So that's it? You just throwing him a line?

A line he'll never expect.

This is gonna be a lot of fun.

Not bad, right?

Hello, Lola.


Where are you going?

I knew you'd be fun to play with the second I saw you.

I really love this game.

Do I look like a bitch?

Hey, Rayzah. I heard shouts.

You can play but not too hard, okay?

You are one lucky bitch.

What do we got here?

Take us to Tremaine.

K2, get your fat ass up here! We got a guest coming!

Yeti, move it! Upstairs, now!

It's show time!

Damien, you see that?


Surprised that your back here so soon.

You see? He is surprised.

Who's your boy? I'm his driver.

He's a cop.

Comes for his bomb. Thanks. Thanks for that.

That's great. Wow, a cop.

Haven't seen one of those around here in years.

I believe the police station closed around the same time as the school, the hospital.

The government thought we didn't need that around here.

So, what, you're the new Sheriff in town?

You're a brave man.

Where's Lola?

We'll get to her.

Let's talk about this bomb. You're here to buy?

I came to disarm it.

This is gonna make you a little bit anxious. It's ticking.

Tremaine Alexander don't do anxious. I cause anxious.

I could be halfway down South before this thing goes off or you can make me an offer.

I'll offer you to disable it before it blows us all up, you like that?

That won't fly. How about I just send it back the way I found it?

K2, let the sunshine in.

Gentleman, please, your gonna love the view.

Only a crazy person would have a rocket.

We live in a war, so we prepared for war.

I can destroy downtown at a push of this button.

Let's talk numbers.

You let all those people die for money? That's low even for you.

Nigga, where I come from, everything is about cash.

You know what that means, right?

First I need to know Lola's okay.


Look at number three.

What do you see?

What do you see Lino?

No, no, wait.


You wanna die here man? Don't shoot.

Now's not the time. Lino, not now.

Now you boys all excited let's do this shit the uptown way.

I got a rocket, I got a bomb and I got a pretty woman.

I say we starts the bidding at 10 million dollars.

Do I hear 11? 11.

11 million. 12 Oh, that's a spicy bid right there. We gettin there now.

15. 15? Stop the bullshit!

You tell me how much it's worth to you? How much the people downtown worth?

Because around here, people lives aren't worth a shit.

Look around, Sheriff, this used to be a palace.

Doorman, woman waiting on table.

Where the bitches at now? In the alley, shooting up.

Because of drugs dealer like you.

I didn't cause this reality.

I just help them ease the pain.

Let's get back to that money.

We're at 15 million, right? 15.

Do I hear 20 million? 20.

Okay, stop the game. What's it gonna take?

You got 3 million people downtown.

10 dollars per person. Price of a happy meal.

That's 30 million dollars for me.

Then 30 million? 30 million.

Done. 30 million it is.

30 million.

Sold to Lino Dupree and the new Sheriff of Brick Mansions.

Call your people and make it happen.

And Lino, stay out of my business.

Yes? It's Detective Collier.

Collier? Where are we now? We're close. Really close.

Close enough to punch the code in? No, unfortunately no.

What's the problem?

The problem is that the new owner wants to sell.

Are you sure the bomb is there?

Yes, and I can tell you that there's only 48 minutes before it blows up.


How do we proceed? You have an Hawaiian bank account?

I want it in cash, man. They can't do cash.

We still got an account in Hawaii? We do.

Give him the numbers.

Bank, 83675.

Bank, 83675.

Account, 0210-84.

Account, 0210-84.

What's he asking? 30 million dollars.

Hold on.

Tremaine wants 30 million for the device.

The city damn near broke.

We cannot do that, Detective. All right, good.

You have to find another solution.


All right, good, yeah.


That's a wrap. They're sending in the money.

Let's go disable that bomb. Hold on.

Wait a minute, let my man verify the transfer.

Bank doesn't open for another 25 minutes.

25 minutes.

Well, that's enough time for me to finish dinner.


Show our guests to the presidential suite.

Nice doing business with you, Sheriff.


Sometimes you dont gotta be a rocket scientist.

Just got to have a rocket.


Face the rack!

On your knees! Shit.

Put your damn hands behind your head!

I got to tell you, I'm claustrophobic.

Until Tremaine gets his 30 million, their lives worth more than both of us.

They die, you die.

So you're not having a plan gets us in.

Hey, you know where the bomb is, I know where Lola is.

And in 25 minutes, we act.

In 25 minutes Tremaine is gonna shoot us.

The device is gonna kill 3 million people.

What? When he gets his money, everybody walks away.

There is no money.

The city can't pay. I was just trying to buy us some time.

Forget what I said before.

Don't trust your instinct. They're shit.

I should've killed Tremaine when I had the chance.

Shut up.


That story about Tremaine killing your friend, it's true?

That's my father. He used to lead some officers on a drug raid.

He got separated from his squad. Tremaine's boys captured him and killed him.

I'm sorry.

Let's go make him pay. Back me up.

Help him man!

Stop it!

Son of a bitch. What happened?

Oh, shit.

He's not breathing. What?

We got to get him out of here.


Oh, come on! He's not breathing, come on!

Okay, go! Open the gate!

I will talk to the boss.


Something's not right about this. You think they'll come up with the money?

We'll see.

Tell me how you got that bomb again.

Bomb? Yeah. These dudes at base told me about some weapon being moved.

No security. Keys left in the truck.

Easy money, baby.

That's whats bothering me man. You can never trust easy.

I'm okay. You're crazy.

We're out of the room. Your turn cop.

Is this some kind of game to you?

On three.


Go, go, go!

This way!

It's them!

Go, go, go!

You know where we going? More or less.



What the fuck?

Different method, same result.

Let's go.

It's faster. But you still need the key.

Go, go!

I'll drive.

Get out of the way you fool!

Let's get these guys!


Faster! You wanna drive?

Go ahead, drive. Whoah, whoah.

I need to get out.

What are you trying to do Jumping out of the damn car for?

Where you going? I'm trying to get rid of these guys.

Will you shut up?

I don't see them!

Rooftops back that way! Why didn't you tell me that?

Come on, tell me, which way? Left, left!

Lola is in back there! We don't have much time!

Back where?


Come on!

I told you to stay down!

Look, we can't just run to that rooftop. They're gonna be expecting us.

You got a better solution? I'm working on it.

Can you work while you run?

Tremaine gonna wild out. Come on, this way.

Stay down this time.

They're in the bus!

You two, go check it out.

Let's split up!

On three! Three!

What the...


Close enough now?

Thank you.

Get defense on the line immediately. Yes, sir.

Hello. What?

Okay. I'm gonna bring it up right now.

We have an issue.

These are satellite surveillance images from Brick Mansions taken several minutes ago.

There's the bomb. What's that?

That's an old Russian missile. Has a radius about 5 miles.

How the hell did they get that? Wait, if they launch that...

The city is ground zero. We're gonna have to evacuate.

No time. There's a fallout shelter.

It won't help us against the NAD blast.

What options do we have then? Drone?

Too late. We'll never get authorization just like that.

Bank is open. I'll check.

I think they fooled us. No deposit.

And you wonder why people don't trust the government.

What the hell is going on?

Not only did they not make the transfer.

They're emptying all of our bank accounts.

Rayzah. We're gonna launch. Stay clear.

Time's up, bitch.

Downtown is about to get remodeled.

Russian piece of shit.

There goes the controller. Now I'm gonna get her out of the picture.

Be careful. You'll hit Lola.

No, I wanna get this one away from her.

Trem. Trem, they shot the receiver.

Now I got to shoot the Sheriff and his deputy.

Damn it. Let's go.

For the Brick Mansions!

Time to strap up boys!

We fight or we die!

What was that? Looks like they shot the launch mechanism.

The missile can't launch. We're still in the game.

I want the building sealed down.

Seal the building! Yeti, with me.

Move it!

That sucks. Excuse me.

One, two, three. Hey, what are you doing?

Four, five, six. Hey, stop that.


Hey, this is a bad idea.

I believe you said we gonna do it or die trying.

It's an expression.

Don't think. Jump.

This is really a bad idea.

Come on!

Block the stairs. Easy enough for men of your size.

You got a plan? Keep our ass, don't get squashed.

I'm going, I'm going.

On three. Three!



What are you doing? Hurry up!

He's really pissed off!


It's a great future, you can't forget your past.

I told you Tremaine's all bluff.

No, Tremaine Alexander don't bluff.

Nor do I make a stupid bet.

Untie her. This game is over.

What are you talking about?

I'm a businessman. I'm not gonna kill millions of people.

They will come to disarm this thing.

We need to get out of here before we all get fried.

You gone soft. You watch your tone, woman.

Watch my tone? What is wrong with you?

Untie the girl!

Maybe I should just kill you and do this myself.

Who's the bitch now?

Get away from her!

It's okay. It's okay.

I'm so glad you boys came to save everyone, man.

Not everyone.

Hey, Lino. They're gonna text the code. You punch it in.

Now get down on your knees. No, wait.

Let him explain.

You want to shoot an unarmed man, Sheriff?

At least you know the shot is coming, it's better than my father.

What have i got to do with your father? Liutenant John Collier.

You still blame me for that one? You shot him in your headquarters.


He never entered the building of mine.

I saw the whole thing from my surveillance camera.

His own man shot him in the back and left him for death on my doorstep.

A cold blooded setup.

Your full of shit. Now get down on your knees.

Get down on your knees! Damien.

There's a problem. What? The number didn't come through?

No, it did.

48216. That's the code.

Punch it in. It's a setup.

We can't trust those people.

Punch it in. Listen to your man.

They played you for a fool the way they played your father.

Shut up!

Give me that.

Damien. Think about it.

Why is it our ZIP code? It's a coincidence.

Give me the phone. My instinct says you'll be arming it.

You're gonna get us all killed. Give me the phone.

Lino! Sorry partner.

I'm sorry.

Back off.

Stop both of you!

Stay down!

Please! Hurry up!


Collier! 20 seconds.

Don't you see? They told you the van was hijacked.

How come the van had no traces with that harpoon anywhere on it.

We got 20 seconds to decide about the rest of life.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Countdown completed.

Jokes on me.

The law never protected this place before. Why would it start now?

I've done many bad things, but killing your father wasn't one of them.

I'm making Detroit safer for all.

Welcome to our world.

So, what are we gonna do with this shit?

Let's give it back.

For you Captain. Thank you son.

Hold it! Let's go!

Hey, come on, no stairs! Elevator! Let's go, now!

This is better than the stairs. Yeah.

I can't reach him.

We don't have a satellite image. If the bomb went off, we would've heard it.

I don't like this. I don't like this at all.

He's our man. He'll get back to us.


What do you mean they're inside the building?

Hey, you boys remember Lino? My eyes in Brick Mansions?

Well, he showed me a lot.

Mr. Mayor. Great place you got here.

Tremaine Alexander. I'm like the Mayor of Brick Mansions.

It's a pleasure to meet my constituter.

On behalf on myself, a new appointed Sheriff and Lino and the citizen of Brick Mansions.

We decided to give you a campaign contribution.

Device activated. What's going on?

Believe it or not, I forgot the damn code.

What was it? 4-8... Detective.

We can take it from here. 2-1-6.

Are you sure about that?

I think Lino, you said it couldn't be 6 because that was the ZIP code for Brick Mansions.

It will be too much of a coincidence?

You said it was a coincidence. I said they wanted to blow us up.

Yeah, I think all that jumping around rooftops has us losing it.

You hit your head one too many times. You're having a hard time to remember.

Gentleman, thank you very much, we'll take it...

I'm pretty sure the last number is 6.

Mr. Mayor, you want to press the button? Or does my man Damien have to do it.

Go for it man. Give it a push.

Stop! Stop! Enough!

What the hell happened out there? You had a direct order.

You played me just like you played my father.

Yeah, and your empathy made you soft, just like your father.

I have to make the tough decision for the city.

And I sent this bomb in there to get rid of it's problems.

Come on. You know it.

They're no better than animals.

Animals? Who's animals? Men who struggled to survive?

Or men who will destoy a whole community, underprivileged women and children?

As a Mayor, I have to do what's best for all the people of the city.

The hardworking ones... You mean the rich ones?

The ones that contribute.

The ones that are sick and tired of that cesspool.

Cesspool? You need to wake up my man.

The people are rising up. And the people...

Check this out. They're sick of you.

Catch it on the news in about 5 minutes.

The Mayor of Detroit was arrested today after a compromising video posted online appeared to show him plotting an attack on Brick Mansions residence.

"And I sent this bomb in there."

The demolition of walls that divide the city from the Brick Mansions project will begin next month.

With no date set for new election, the acting Mayor announced plans to reopen schools, hospitals and police stations...

Up, up, up. That was really good.

Go, go, go.

Yeah man. Yo, Sheriff. What a surprise.

No more crime to fight around here? Yeah.

Well, I see you shared your share of the reward money very responsibly.

I didn't buy this. Tremaine gave it to me.

No way.

Yeah, he didn't think it was right for his image with the whole From the People campaign.

Guys got my vote. We're gonna need it.

What about you partner? I see you still fighting the good fight.

Only with Lola. Lino.

I gotta go, you're making me uncomfortable.

Easy partner. He's just jealous.

You guys. Hey, on three.