Bride for Rent (2014) Script

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-Rocky! -Bekya!

Oh, my God! You look beautiful!

-So beautiful! -Bes, how are you?

Let me see you. Turn around!

Oh, beautiful!

Hey! Nitoy! Nitoy! Hey!

-Open the door! -Oh, no.

-Oh, no! Brother! Wake up! -Nitoy!

Hey, come on, get up! Papsi, wake up!

Oh, no...

Get ready! Ready?

-Yikes! -Ouch!

What's so good about this morning?

-Pay your rent now! -Perhaps we can...?

If you can't afford to pay your rent, there's room on the streets.

-You can live there! -Please, Pondong.

-Have a heart. -Yes, right.

Maybe you can give us an extension?

I would if your debt was just a month's rent.

But you owe me six months!

You need to pay me by next week, or else I'll be forced to throw you out!

-Get out! -Hello?

-Lala! -Dear, are you behaving yourself?

Of course I'm behaving! Just enjoy your vacation there in Germany.

I'm just at home. It's so boring here.

This is why your father keeps getting mad at me.

He says I spoil you too much.

Well, to me, you're still the best Lala in the whole wide world.

You bad boy!

So sorry, dear, that I won't be there for your birthday tomorrow.

What gift does my grandson want?

Well, aside from signing the release of my trust fund tomorrow?

Dear, you'll be 25.

As you know, your father...

So, they're already used to it.

Well, Uncle Cito.

Besides, they keep giving you those dramatic, heart-to-heart ads.

It's so outdated.

Oh, my godson.

You're still allergic to the words, "commitment" and "forever."

But don't worry.


I'm giving this to you.

The ad is a crucial part of our 50th anniversary campaign.

I'm finally getting my trust fund from Lala!

Wait a minute.

Aren't you supposed to be in Macau with Gretchen?

-Dude, come on! We broke up! -What?

Dude, sorry to hear that.

Don't pity me!

It was bound to happen anyway. It's over!


And it's not like we're getting married, right?

Let's party!

When are you going to pay your 10-million-peso debt?

Ten million?

You owe me 10 million.

I owe you 10 million pesos?

Yes, 10 million, Mr. Espiritu.

Dude, straight flush!

-Hey, dude, what are you gonna do? -There's a loan shark over there.

Make sure of it.

I can't believe we even gambled our client's down payment.

It's because we got drunk, duh.

Come on, guys. Have you forgotten what day it is?

It means I'm getting my trust fund today.

We'll be able to pay my debt from last night, and we can deliver Uncle Cito's commercial.


That's it?

This isn't enough, huh?

Do we have to move again?

Oh, no! Don't you worry.

I'll keep on auditioning until I get a job and land a major role.

-I'll get paid a ton! -Right.

Is the Dela Cruz family giving up? Never! It's just a debt!

-We're family! -Right!

Let's go!


Wait, are you sure that's my account?

-Lala! -Yes, darling.

Why didn't you tell me I have to get married first

-before I can claim my trust fund? -What?

Didn't I tell you?

Oh, I did! I did tell you.

I told you that night you came home drunk from one of your parties.

You were even throwing up.

I was drunk that time!

But still, I did tell you.

Darling, I just finished my stem cell therapy.

And besides, there shouldn't be a problem.

You're bound to marry Gretchen, right?

Happy birthday, dear.

Gretchen. I made a huge mistake.

I was so stupid.

-Nice. -Great.

I've been waiting for this moment for so long,

get lost!

I've had enough.

-How about this one? Tricia! -Where?

She almost jumped off a building after you left her.

Dude, she's perfect!

I have lipstick.

Lipstick. So, are you buying?

That's me.

Oh, it's my turn? OK.

I'll get your order too later, OK?

I just realized how much I love you.

What did you just say to my wife?

In your garden. These are for you.

This is it. Marnique! Your super-demure ex-girlfriend.

The one who couldn't even hurt a fly.

I have bras here, too.

Oh, ma'am, this is perfect for you, this push-up bra.

Push those up so that when the panel of judges looks at you, they'll see your boobs.


My children!

Oh, crap! No way!

For you! Here, water it! Let's go, hurry!

Where are they? My children!

My children! Buy some bras.

Here you go. Choose anything you want.

There are other colors.

Is Kookai here?


Rocco? It's me, Kookai. I'm Cocoy now.

I have a candy for you.

I'm sorry, dude.

You were such a crappy boyfriend.

Out of all the women you've been with, not even one wants to marry you.

They should feel lucky they had me as their boyfriend.

So, what now? What about your debt?

What do we do about the deliverables to our clients?

Where can we get an instant 10 million pesos now?

That's silly. I can't go to Lala.

I didn't know this was heavy.

Thank you to all of you who attended the Awkward Awards.

Thank you. See, dude?

You need to find a girl who will pretend to be married to you.

Someone who can act, like your grandma!

So that when you're done pretending, there'll be no strings attached.

Will that work?

We have done loads of commercials.

We need to hold auditions at once, OK?

-Don't forget the payment! -Hey, Rona, go home.

Aunt Une will get mad at you.

Hey, Jinky, the bra you ordered is here. I'll give to you later.

Bro, you're drinking again!

-Hi, Papsi! -Hi, Rocky.

Oh, here. I was able to get some money today.

-Add it to your earnings. -Thank you.

-Hi, Ging! -Have you eaten?

-I'm fine, I'll eat later. -OK.

-Excuse me. -Sorry.

Hey, Rocky. I got a call. An audition for tomorrow.

Oh, I can't. I got this thing in San Mateo tomorrow.

It's a bit far.

Oh, you won't want to miss this.

Rocco Espiritu's prod house is having a casting call.

It might be for a commercial.

Rocco? The almond-eyed, ill-tempered hot guy who could melt your heart with his smile? That Rocco?

The one and only!

It's him! It's him! I can die now!

OK, I'll be there! I can die tomorrow!

Tell me the place, the right address and what time do I have to be there.

I need to be there early. I need to get this part.

Oh, what should I wear? Oh, wow!

Come on!

-Come on, hurry. -Oh, sis, there are so many people.

This audition is quite the blockbuster. Let's go. They'll never choose us anyway.

No! Remember, "Don't Give Up On Us, Baby."

Why quit now? We've been through so many auditions.

-Yeah, you're prettier than that girl. -This is a major role. A big one.

There he is! There he is!

You really like him, huh?

We should sign up now. Come on.

Nicole Ostavo!

Catherine Mabalay!

And if we ran out of love

-Can you do up? -More "up"?

But you betrayed me!

-Kim Panganiban! -He's so handsome.

But he doesn't even notice me.

Hey! Baby!

Here we go!

-Racquelita Dela Cruz! -Let's finish this.

Dude, close the doors. Please.

Oh, this is it! This is it! It's my turn, I'm so excited!

-It's closed already? -They can't do what we're asking them to do.

Where did you even get these people? Don't we have any A-listers?

A person who matches up to me? Has there been anyone?

None as of yet.

If that's the case, then let's pack this up!

-They're fighting. -Come on!

-What? -Let's just give it a try.

-There are more girls outside. -I'm tired. I'm going.

-Wait. -Better go home now. It's over.

-I'm sick of this. -It's over.


Get up! Now! Quick! Up, come on!

-Up! -Ouch!

Your armpits are wet.

That's normal.

I've been waiting here a long time. But it's OK.

Miss, are you gonna audition or are you not gonna audition?

-Are you a girl or boy? -How offensive. Girl!

I can sing, I can dance...

But impersonation is what I do best.

Act like a happy person.

-Mark! Mark! -Why "Mark"?

"Mark" because the dog I'm portraying has a speech defect.

You make me laugh.

Why should we choose you for this role?

Because I have dignity, and I'm a woman of my word.

-What's my role? -My wife.

Come on.

OK, once I introduce you to Lala and inform her that we got married, you'll say you're going to migrate to work abroad.

Then, we will eventually break up because we could not handle a long-distance relationship.

-Clear? -Oh, OK. Wait.

OK. Let's go.

-Come on. Hurry. -Hey, wait.

At least wrap your arms around me. Sweetness, you know.

Like a real couple.

-Come on. -With some tender loving care.


Lala! Stay there. I will call Lala.

It's so big, like a castle.

Wait, I think I know her.

-What is it? -Rocky.

Oh, my God!

Why didn't you tell me Avelina Corazon's your grandmother?

My mom was a big fan of yours when she was still alive.

Can I get a hug? And a kiss? You smell so good!

And you look so young. Stunning!

Oh, Mom! Your idol is here!

Oh, I forgot.

You really are so beautiful.

-Give her some air. Some air. -There.

There, there. Are you OK?

There, I think she's fine. I'm so sorry. Did we surprise you?

But how? And when?

This was how it happened, Lala.

She was drinking coffee.

Wait! I don't drink coffee.

Orange juice is more refreshing.

You saw me listening to some music. You thought I was pretty.


Honey, no, you were drinking coffee, at the coffee shop.

-Oh, right, I was drinking coffee. -Yes.

Then I saw you. Just like in the movies.

It was love at first sight.

And then, unexpectedly, he proposed to me.

Oh, honey.

Thank you so much.

Yes. Anything. We'll do it.

And I need to be part of my grandson's wedding. Right?

What? Your grandmother wants a church wedding?

-As in, like, a real wedding? -Come here.

Just keep quiet.

What if she finds out we lied about our civil wedding?

Come on. Get in.

Hey, wait. What about my family, Rocco?

Getting married for real wasn't part of our deal.

There's nothing we can do about it. We have to get married.

Let's just get an annulment after I get my money.

What? Just like that? I'm too young to be annulled.

Rocco, fine, I admit. You're handsome, rich, you have it all.

I do have a crush on you, but, no, I'm not ready yet.

I'm too young to get married. I don't want to do it. No.

-No, I don't want to. -Hey, Rocky, I don't want to marry you either I wouldn't even have you for a one night stand.

I don't even know where you came from.

That's too much.

So, how much do you want for you to agree?

I've encountered people like you before. All you want is money, right?

That's all you wanted from me, right?

So, how much? Name your price.

-Wait. -Don't tell me to wait.

You're just calculating.

You're just counting the number of heads you plan to give money to.

So, how much? How much are you?

You think too highly of yourself.

but I can't be bought.

Rocky, wait! Rocky!

There! There's a cab.

It's Rocky.

-Rocky! -Papsi!

-What happened? -Papsi, get in.

-We got evicted. -Why didn't you call me earlier?

-Get that. -This too. Get inside, hurry.

Children, get inside you might get sick. Here.

-Sir, can you please open the trunk? -Here's more.

Our things are getting soaked. Papsi.


-Close the door. -Anything else?

Let's go.

Thank you so much. You're so generous.

You know, if my wife were still alive, she'd be so happy to see you because you're her idol.

-Really? -Yes.

You're welcome.

Your daughter seems like a good kid, doesn't she?

Oh, she really is.

-Rocky. -Yes, Papsi?

Can I talk to her in private?

-OK. -OK.

-Thank you. -Ma'am, thank you.

Thank you, Ms. Lala.

Good night, Grampapsi.

-Papsi. Ma'am. -Go on.

I'll just be in the room.

-OK. Sure. -I leave her to you, OK?

-Yes, Papsi. -OK.

Go to sleep.

Oh, Lala. I mean, Ma'am, I'm really sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I didn't mean to trick you or lie to you.

We just desperately needed the money, -so please, forgive me. -OK. Get up.

Sit on the chair. Here.

I'm so very sorry. Forgive me.

There you go. Wait.

Is Rocky your real name?

Yes! It's my real name. I'm not lying. I really am Racquelita Dela Cruz.


Weren't you?

Now, I need to ask you a favor.


So why did you do that?

Because, ma'am, Rocco said he needed money.

I knew it. Rocco is the one behind this, isn't he?

Well, I guess you could say that.

My dear...

Money is so easy to leave behind, but what will happen to him when I'm gone?


You'll push through with the wedding.

Just please do it.

It's just that...

I will triple whatever offer he gave you.

You better be good. This is my first kiss ever.

Are you nuts? I should deduct this from your salary.

Hey, it's my first kiss. You should be happy.

I bet you can't wait to kiss me.

Come on. Here we go.

Oh, you.


-Open the door. I'm going to sleep. -OK, wait a sec.

Hey, wait!


-I will sleep on the bed. -Not happening.

Hey, wait!

You can't sleep here, not here. I'm sleeping here.

-Is that so? -I need lots of space. I'm a big girl.

I'll call the police! There's an assault!

Harassment! No way.

You go sleep on the couch.

Hey, let me remind you that I am paying or all of this.

Including this bed. I'm even paying you.

-So that means... -Oh, really now?

One moment.

Yes, you're paying me because I need your money.

But if not for me, you wouldn't even have money.

So bottom-line is, you need me more than I need you.

Am I right?

It's confirmed that you need me more than I need you.

Are you nuts?

I will set a few rules and regulations.

Defining the rules clearly leads to a happier life together, as said by Senator Miriam.

If you don't want to have problems, you must always keep me happy, OK?

I can add more rules whenever I want to.

That's not fair.

that you should always make me happy.

as quoted from the movie, No Other Woman,

Are you serious? That's not going to be a problem.

Don't underestimate my charm.

And there you go. You need to sign here before you change your mind.

OK, fine. Give me that.

If it's the only way to shut you up.

-Around 82. -There you go. I'm sleeping now.

-No! -Ouch!

You're sleeping outside, remember?

It's just the first night. Can't we settle this with a coin toss?

OK. Let's do that. I don't want you to say that I'm unfair.

OK, then. Now, heads, I sleep on the bed.

Tails, I sleep on the couch.

-Deal. -OK.

We'll be able to pay our debt to the casino today.

Is Rocky going with us?

Well, she's still sleeping. Just like a baby.

I hope she never wakes up.

-OK, get over here. Hurry. -OK, bro. Bye!

Perhaps now, we can claim our trust fund.

-What's that? -Here.

There's another amendment?

Cannot be, borrow zero from the exponent...

You just need five million for now, right? That's just five weeks!

there will be legal consequences.

Why? Are you saying we're cheating?

that you're cheating?


Oh, someone's calling.

Oh, it's Papsi. Papsi!

Rocky, how is it going there in Hong Kong?

Papsi, it's so cold here, I'm freezing!

Oh, it's so cold!

And I can't understand anyone because they all speak Chinese.

It's so hard.

Of course. You're in Hong Kong, where people are Chinese.

So, how are you holding up?

Take care of yourself, my dear, OK? Keep yourself healthy.

Don't worry about me, Papsi. I'll be fine. You know I can handle anything.

I never knew it would be so hard when you're not here with us.

We already miss you.

Don't do that, Papsi. You're making me cry.

You know I miss you, too, right?

I miss you so much, and my brothers, my nephews.

But you know what?

This apartment we moved into is pretty good.

Thank you for helping us out.

If it weren't for you, we would not have been able to move.

Papsi, you know I would do anything for you, guys.

You're making me cry.

By the way, I'm going to take a picture of this apartment.

With us, of course. But I'll need your address.

-What's your address? -"Address?"

Oh, no! Hello, Papsi!

-I can't hear you. Hello? -Hello?

-Did you load this up? -Yeah, 50 bucks worth!

Only 50 bucks? I got cut off!

-Like that, right? -Yeah, Lala. Unbelievable.

-They shouldn't be this way. -Right.

-People shouldn't be like that. Right? -Lala?

Lala, what are you doing here?

Racquelita said when she woke up, you were already gone.

You know, you grandpa never did that.

You should not have left your wife.

Why would you, when you've just started living under one roof?

Lala, that's just a cute little joke with my honey-loves, right?

Is that so? It's not funny.

Honey, wait a minute. Come on.

-Fine. -There. Come here.

But you have to apologize to me first.

Kiss me on the cheeks.

That hurts.

My wife is so good.

Oh, yes. She really is so good.

Rocky, tell him what you told me a while ago.

-I resigned from my job in Hong Kong. -What?

Because it will be hard for us to have a LDR, right?

It's better when we're together, face to face, right?

Oh, wow, thank you, Lala. Thank you so much.

-We have our own home! -Yes.

-This house is so huge! -You'll be alone in that big house.

Don't you worry, my dear.

Darling, don't worry about me.

You know very well we have a lot of helpers there.

At least now-- Go upstairs.

-Oh, yes. Come on. Let's go. -Check out the rooms.

they've been taken care of since yesterday.

Won't you miss me?

Of course I will, but this is how it's supposed to be.

You're a married man now, right?

So your responsibility now is to your wife.

It's like I'm in a hotel. It's beautiful.

Racquelita, take care of my grandson, huh?

Of course, no problem. That's easy.


It's too tight!

Thank you for everything.

Take care of him.

-I will keep an eye on him. -No problem. OK.

-Thank you so much! Bye! -Bye!

Rocco! Get my things as well, OK?

And let's start cleaning up the place, and...

Wait a minute.

First of all, why did you change the story we told Lala?

Didn't we agree that after our wedding, you were going to Hong Kong?

Hey! You know what? You should be thanking me.

Lala almost caught us.

If I hadn't come up with an alibi, you wouldn't have gotten your trust fund.

Just put it there. You're taking too long. Hurry up.

-What's your problem? -Be careful.

I don't even know why I'm doing this for you.

I've already carried most of it in.

-I quit. I'm tired of this. -Oh, no!

my new rule is, you're not allowed to complain.

For every time you complain, we will donate clothes or shoes to charity. Isn't that great?

What kind of rule is that?

Oh, so you're complaining?

-What are you doing? -Oh, so you're complaining again?


You cheated!

What do you mean I cheated? I didn't cheat!

We had clear agreement.

Whoever wins takes the bed. Heads won, and that's me.

You think you've won. You're wrong. I'm staying at a hotel.

You look like you've just seen a ghost.

Lala, what are you doing here?

Maricel, give it to me.

Where is Rocky?

Oh, there!

Honey, you should have told me Lala was here. I was surprised.

What the heck?

Someone's here to greet you.

-Oh, my lovely wife. -Ouch!

So sweet!

No morning kiss?

So sweet. Bye, Lala. We have to get ready.

Go, cook. Get in there.

How about you do it?

You try to cook with hot oil splashing all over.

-Hey, wait! I will kiss you! -What are you doing?

-Go on, go on. -I will tell Lala about this.

Lala this, Lala that. Lala is not here.

Hi. We're just playing.

All right, I'll go for tails for a change.


What are you doing here?

Where have you been? It's already noon.

I need to be here with you at work.

-What are you talking about? -Of course, we're married now, right?

So this is conjugal property.

Aren't you the EP here? So that's your problem.

-Javier, any new clients? -None so far.

Do I have to do everything here?

Mik, it's your job to ask for an extension from Uncle Cito.

Why? Is he your boss?

Last time I checked, we're supposed to be partners.

Do I really have to clean all of these?

And when you're done with that, you will wash and iron the clothes.

All you do is boss me around.

Well, this is how you treat your friends at work.

Hey, Rocky!

What are you doing?

Me? Me? What, what am I doing?

My neck, my neck hurts.

Oh, there's a lizard.

-Oh, I knew it! -Give me a break!

I am once again the queen of this bed.

No! My turn!

-You know what? It's my turn now. -Ouch! Hey!

Hey, cheater! We had a deal!

-What? -I won, so I get the bed tonight.

-No way! -If you don't get out I will kiss you.

Here I go. I'm coming!

What? You'll kiss me? Or I'll kiss you?

I knew you were all talk.

-Get out! Get out! -Wait! OK, OK!

Pervert! Mother!

Why didn't you lock the door in the first place?

I already told you, the lock's been busted for days, remember?

But you did not fix it. Don't look at me.

Stop it!

Rocco, we still haven't received any checks at the moment.

-It's the first week, right? -The lawyer is fixing it up.

The client keeps calling me about the ad. I don't know what to say anymore.

because if we do, we'll lose the account for sure.

Just relax.

I'm done! Deal with this yourselves.

-Hey! -Mik!

-Mik! -Rocco, maybe Mik is right.

Maybe if you tell Uncle Cito...

You don't have a say on this, OK?

Who's this?

It's Papsi! Both of you, keep quiet.

What is it? I'm at work right now.

-Well... -It's fine.

Mikoy's in the hospital.

What? Why? What happened?

Your nephew fell pretty hard while playing basketball.

He broke his arm and needs surgery.

The money we've got isn't enough.

OK. I'll get you the money.

I'll take care of it. I will send you money. I got this.

Really? Thank you.

Just look for Nitoy Dela Cruz.

I already texted them.

I told them that my boss is in the Philippines.

He will bring the money. So just look for him.

Come on.

I told Papsi you're Chinese! So you two need to act like Chinese.

I have a feeling we made a bad decision.

Papsi, I'm not very good at English.

-My head hurts even trying. -Mine too.

Me, too, Papsi.

You got it, Paps.

Yes, son, that's right.

You make our princess cry. Please, don't make princess cry.

What your daughter told you is not true.

You should have spoken in Filipino from the start.

You just gave our Papsi a hard time.

You know, your boss looks like a good guy.

Please tell him we are grateful to him for helping us out.

Rocky is the only person we can rely on.

And she loves us very much.

This is the first time in her life that she is away from her family.

Please tell your boss thank you for all the help.

You know, all her life...

-What? -You-- You...

Tell them I love them very, very much.

Tell them she loves them.

I love you so much. Ah, I mean...

Rocky loves you so much. She asked me to tell you.

We also love her so much.

I want to see them so badly.

When she has enough money, she will buy a pair of contact lenses so she can see you.

Are we blurry?

Don't forget to drink your medicine.

-Darna! -What?

-Dar-- Darna? -Darna?

Good idea.

-I'm here for you. -Yes, my daughter.

-Papsi, I just have one request. -Sure. Anything.

What? That's it?

Deliver the hug to my daughter.

Sis, me too.

Thank you.

-Hello? Take care. -Take care also.

We love you.

-I love you, Papsi. -We love you, Rocky.

Thank you.

Papsi, slowly.

Papsi's scent. Onyok's scent.

I miss how they smell.

For giving the money to my family.

Mik went to Uncle Cito!

Mik, what did you do?

-That we spent all of the down payment. -I will talk to him.

What? What the hell's your problem?

-Oh, why? -You're gone too far!

You know I'm doing everything I can to get the money back!

-Let's go! Javier, take care of him. -You better watch it!

I'll stay with Mik.

-Rocco, you shouldn't have done that. -Stay out of it.

You have no idea how important that account is to me.

Mik is your friend. I'm sure he had just wanted to help.

He's not my friend.

Just like you.

Rocco, I just want to help you, too.

I don't need your help!

And anyway, the account is gone.

So, that means I no longer need you.

Any of you!

I never saw him that mad before. He is so mean.

I don't think I can still go on, Lala.

Stop crying.


Rocco begged him. He pleaded for his father to stay.

-But he still left Rocco? -Yes.

That was the last straw. That's when it all fell apart.

It was so unlike him.

It's just...

So, Rocky...

Because I got you involved.

If you really want to quit, I will let you go.

I'll be the one to tell Rocco that I hired you.

So, you're giving up on him?

-Are you the new neighbors? -Yes, ma'am.

Your wife's not home yet?

We had a bit of an argument.

I see. If it's just a little argument, all you have to do is apologize with a bit of sweetness.

That's how he's kept me for 50 years.

Well, if you need anything, feel free to come and see us.

I am Granny Czarina, by the way.

And this is Mr. Benjamin.

Well, nice meeting you.

Good night.


-Lala. -Rocco, dear.

I just wanted him to pick me up. That's all.

Here. I took these from Lala's photo album.

Souvenirs for you.

So, this is why Uncle Cito's project was so important to you, right?

You know, Rocky, the truth is I wanna be better than my father.

He's so good.

Look at that. A faithful husband.

But in reality, in real life, it's all fake.

Like us?

Rocky, sorry if I yelled at you earlier.

My mom used to tell me before she passed away, "The one who knows how to say sorry is the better person."

So that means you're better than anyone else.

So, congratulations!

Of course.

-Rocky. -Yes?

-He might still be angry. -Don't think about that.

Just show him that you are sincere and he will surely understand.

Let's go.

Everything is my fault.

And, Uncle, I'll understand

I promise I will give it my all.

What's that?

Express hug delivery from Uncle Cito?

Well, that was a remnant hug from Mr. Nitoy.

Um, yeah. Let's go.

I really am.

Someone who will always be there no matter what.

Amazing! Sounds like a married couple. Nice.

-I got it! -What?

Why don't we make an ad about married couples?

Their stories match the campaign's theme!

who've been together for five years,

Then we'll end with a couple who's been married... for more than 50 years.



Who knows, I might start believing in forever.

Oh, come on.

If we all agree, then let's begin looking for "forever"!

You were briefed with the questions, right?

Just be spontaneous.

How long have you been married?

What is the secret

You're so cute.

Yuck! You're disgusting!

How dare you say that. Don't you fart?

I do, but not that loud. And definitely not that smelly.

-You're over reacting. -God, the smell!

Yuck! You're tasting it!

-Tastes like raw eggs! -Yummy?

Tada! Extra strong!

How about the part of the house that needs to be fixed?

-Hurry, come on. -We gotta look for nails.


We can use this for our kitchen.

Our secret? I still court her to this day.

Sit down.

-Did you really made this? -Yes, I made it especially for you.

It's a miracle.

Here, eat the rice first.

Hey, wait. What happened here?

-What's this? -It's nothing. It's a little bit of oil.

Don't mind it. You should eat. Don't worry about me.

-Here. -That's a lot.

-This one. -OK.

How about my lips...

Hey, are you crazy.

When he was courting me, he started picking me up all the time.

I felt like he was someone who'd really take care of me.

Have some coffee.

Oh, it's Papsi. Wait a minute.

Oh, I almost forgot. Chin's birthday is coming up.

Sorry, I can't be there.

-Wear this. Come on. -This?

-Yes. -Wait! Where are we going?

-I can't see anything! -I'll help you. Slowly now.

She's here!

My brothers!

Let's go eat!

Thank you so much. Thank you. I'm so happy!

Even now, he still makes me smile.

You're such a pervert!

Censor that, please.

What are you doing here?

I just want to remind you that we have to be up early tomorrow.

-Don't forget. -OK.

We'll be going to Lala's house tomorrow.

-OK. -Go back to sleep.

Why don't we have dinner?

How long have you been married?

Fifty-one years.

A lot of people have told me I could leave my husband any time.

Because he will never remember.

But I made a promise that I would never leave his side.

It was a vow we made,

I think that really is the secret.

Who are you?

You know, we don't need to do a coin toss. You can have the bed.

No! I've hogged the bed for too long now.

I will sleep on the couch this time so I can experience it for once.

No! Let's just both sleep here beside each other on the bed.


-Wait! -What?

This is harassment!

You can't do that to me.

-No way. I won't allow you to-- -Really?

Oh, no. Wrong. This can't be. No.

You need to leave. I'll sleep here. Go. Get out.

-Rocky, what's wrong? -Rocco, please, get out. Come on.

Move it!


Oh, no! Rocky, what did you do?

You will know if she's the one or he's the one.

I just knew. It was like a gut feeling.

I could not get her out of my mind.

But, of course, you have to be honest with your partner.

Nothing beats that.

-What? -Lala.

Don't cry. What happened?

Come here. Sit down.

-What is it? -Lala...

-we did something last night. -What?

No, not that! We had a "MOMOL."

-What's a "MOMOL"? -"Make Out Moment of Love." MOMOL.

But it was quick. Nothing really ha-- I don't know.

How do I say this?

I think I'm falling for him.

I don't know if Rocco feels the same, but I don't want to lie to him anymore.

I want to tell him the truth.

But the more we keep going on like this, the more he's going to be hurt.

Why don't you tell him that you want to have an annulment?

-Right? -But, Lala--

No. That's it. There's-- Yes, there's no other way.

Your five-week-deal is over anyway. Right? That's your deal.

At least, you can just tell him that you're following the contract.

Rocco, I have something important to tell you.

I want an annulment. Let's finish this.

Just sign this document.

No. I can't do it.

Rocco, let's end our little charade. I can't--

I don't know how. Oh, no. It's Rocco.

Rocky, we'll have dinner with Lala tonight.

I'll meet you there, OK? I just need to go somewhere.

-But, Rocco, I still have someth-- -Rocky, I'll see you there. Bye.

What have I gotten myself into?

Call Pepito and eat at that table. Order anything you want from the menu.

What's going on? Did you talk to him already?

He told me to go ahead and meet him here. So, I haven't told him yet.

Not yet.

-I don't know-- -Lala! Rocky!

Good evening, ma'am.

-What's this dinner for? -Rocco hasn't told me yet.

Come here a sec.

Rocco, what is this dinner for?

But, Rocco...

Rocco, my son, I have a bit of a grudge against you.

that you didn't invite me to your wedding?

Rocco, what's going on?

She told me...

Rocco, don't.

so that I could get my trust fund.

Rocco, stop it.

Lala, didn't you tell me

Rocco, wait.

Rocco, please get up. Please.

I don't deserve this.

I'm the one who hasn't been honest with you.

But our marriage is a fraud. It's fake.

Lala and I met.

She talked to me.

She ask me to help her fix you.

So, I wanted to set him straight before I died.

So, the wedding wasn't real?

Rocco, at first, I agreed to it because my family desperately needed the money.

But right now...

I don't know anymore, Rocco.

I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me.

-What are you doing? -Rocco...

What is this?

Is there anything even real right now?

Rocco, listen to me.

Despite all the pretense, believe me, I did love you.

I did love you. Believe me. I do love you.

Please, forgive me, Rocco. Sorry.

Rocco. Rocco, wait!

But turns out, the joke was on me?

You're a good actress, huh?

You made me believe someone could truly love me.

I'm such an idiot, guys.

I guess my dad was right.

I can't do anything right.

Sorry for everything.

We stick together, bro.

I'm sorry, Papsi, for lying to you and the boys.

I'm really sorry.

I hope you can forgive me.

You know...

your mother and I did not raise you to be a liar.

I know that, Papsi. That's why I'm sorry.

I know we don't have much money.

I also know that your brothers and I don't have much to offer.

But we have our dignity.

That's why first thing tomorrow... we will return the remaining money you sent us that I saved.

Dear, stop crying.

Little sis, this might help a bit.

Let us take care of you from now on.

Oh, bro.

Give me a hug! Group hug.

We can get through this.

I promise, we will return all the money you gave us little by little.

You don't have to give this back.

But I won't be at peace if you don't take the money.


Do you think Rocco will ever forgive me?


Have you talked to your dad?

She was asking me if you could ever forgive her.


She mentioned to me that you were doing a project.

I'd like you to give me an interview.

But I've been married to your grandpa for so many years.

He simply went to heaven first.

Please, Rocco.

I miss being interviewed. Please do this your Lala.

Your Grandpa and I

But nobody's perfect, right?

-No! -What?

Cut! What's going on?

-That's already 27 takes. -Don't touch me!

-Please deal with this girl. -I'm very, very sorry.

You know, you're getting on my nerves. What's your name?

Wait, let me explain. We never talked about having to...

Kiss, you know? And I'm the type of person who doesn't kiss somebody I don't love and if we don't have a relationship.

What is your name?

You know, Rocky, you are the worst actor I have ever seen!

I'm getting fed up with you!

We are shooting for a love song.

How will this music video look romantic if your acting is so stiff?

-What? What are we going to do now? -We-- We can--

You want the viewers to get headaches when they watch this music video?

Oh, no! OK! Let's do it again! Come on! I'm ready!

But can you kiss?

You took 27 takes just for the "look of love," right?

Rocky, I got another audition.

For what? Where and when?

Tonight! And get this!

They need more besides a female lead! They're looking for dad in his 50's...

Three older brothers and two nephews.

Wait. That's exactly like my family.

I know! What are you waiting for? Take the whole Dela Cruz family with you.

Come on. Hurry. Stop messing around.

Be lively. Papsi, keep talking.

Rocco? Stay here. I'll be back.

-Rocco-- -Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop right there, missy.

Maybe you've forgotten, but you made a big mistake.

-You have to pass our audition first. -What?

Are you serious? Again? It's as if you don't know me already.


Why should Rocco take you back?

Because my love for him is true.

I could wait a lifetime until he finally forgives me.


Nobody told me there's a Q and A portion.

OK. Because I can cook all kinds of food.

What do you want? Beef and egg, pork and egg, sausage and egg, chicken and egg, egg, hard-boiled, fried, scrambled, any!

-That's not it! -Yeah, it still doesn't sound right.

-Sheesh! What do you want? -Wow! What do you want?

OK! I can give you a dozen children.

Even if they're just one year apart, I can bear all of them.

It will hurt, but I can do it. Twelve. Like a dog.

The answer is simple.

I want to accept you again because you can accept somebody like me.

I promise! In the name of Batman or Superman. Any man.

So, does this mean I pass?

Well, if your family think I pass, too.

-What? Hurry! -OK!

Pass! You pass!

-See that? Sealed and approved! My gosh! -That was quick.

Wait, I almost choked.

Holy sh--! My gosh!

Even if you didn't ask me, my answer is yes!

I'm going to get married. Papsi!

Hurry. Put it on me before you change your mind.

Oh, my gosh! I'm going to cry!

Come here!

Wait a moment! Wait!

I've been clapping for a long time, it's tiring.

Let's try something new. Actually let's clap.

One more kiss.

How long have you been married?

But does our fake marriage count?

-No, it doesn't. Only the real one. -No...

The real relationship only.

Why did you choose him to be your husband?

I really don't know what happened.

You bastard.

-Twenty-three-- I mean, 40 years... -I still trying to find out.

For me, I knew that she was the one...

You will know if she's the one or he's the one, it's--

It's like an instinct. Like hand in glove, like that.

When I met her in the summer of '79, I said to myself I'd like to court her.

And when we became an item, it was like, I don't wanna see other girls.

When I saw her, I knew that she was the one for me.

You know that thing when you see someone, when you smell her when you pass each other, and you already know that she's the one?

Like, he's so handsome everyday

So, we see things the same way.

There's things we already know without needing to ask.

Every day we see each other and it's very fun.

How about you? What do you think?

Fun. Beyond happiness.

One, listen to your partner.

-It's like that. -She's like a match, right?