Bride of the Werewolf (2019) Script


(mysterious music)

(deep tonal music)

(haunting choral music) (creature howling)

(fierce growling)

(creature howling)

(fierce growling)

It's near, the demon is near.

Silver bullet?

You're as crazy as an old woman.

We're hunting a man, not a werewolf.

Think what you want, I'm taking no chances this time.

Where did Bilmos get to?

I told him not to stray too far ahead.

Look, ahead of us.

(celestial choral music)

Now do you believe me?

Where's the rest of him?

(celestial choral music)

(scary swooshing)

(men gasping)

(celestial choral music)

I'm turning back to the village, I can't go on.

We must finish this, we're close.

See the beast's footprints?

Come on.

(celestial choral music)


(celestial choral music)

We should split up here and we'll both cross the ridge and meet up on the opposite side.

We should stick together.

It may get away, is that what you want?

After what it did to your poor Maria?

(sighing) Yeah, you're right, good luck.

God be with you.

God has forsaken us.

(tense, mysterious music)

(werewolf growling)

(tense, mysterious music)

(werewolf growling)

(tense, mysterious music)

(werewolf growling fiercely)

(gunshot blasting) (hunter groaning)

What're you shooting at?

(hunter yelling and groaning) (werewolf growling)

Did you hit it?

(hunter groaning) (werewolf growling)

Where are you?

(claw scraping)

(tense, mysterious music)

(hunter breathing heavily)

(werewolf growling)

Whoa! (werewolf growling fiercely)

(tense, mysterious music)


(adventurous, scary music)

(wind whipping)

(liquid bubbling) (eerie music)

Someday soon, my friend, you will share your secrets of eternal life with me.

Willingly, or otherwise.

(eerie music)

Uh, that thing gives me the creeps.

My lovely niece, that is Pharaoh Intep Common, show him some respect.

I'd show him to the door.

How's the research coming?

Slow, but that's to be expected when you're trying to unlock the secrets of immortality.

Do mummies really live forever?

Possibly, the Egyptians had secrets we can barely comprehend.

They believe that their spirits could transcend time altogether.

Where're you off to?

Joan and I are taking a break from graduate studies to spend some time in the country for some relaxation.

Oh, that sounds like it'll be a wonderful time.

I'll show you both off.

(slow, solemn music)

Hi, Dr. Stein.

Hello, Joan, have a safe trip.

Oh, you know Sylvia, there's work involved too.

She just has to do research on the ancient legends of the European locals.


For my thesis, goodbye, Uncle.

Goodbye, Sylvia, have a safe trip.

(slow, solemn music) (birds chirping)

(wind howling)

We should've gone to the beaches in Milan instead of this godforsaken part of the country.

Don't worry, we'll find a few rugged mountain men to keep you warm.

Maybe three or four.

Don't you ever dream of men pleasing you all night long?

My work is my lover.

Don't get started, you with your vampires, and your uncle with his mummy.

Would you look at that place?

One of your monsters surely could live there.

(wind howling)

We're lost, aren't we?

Warnoff Pass should be around here somewhere.

Let's look at a map.

There's one in the glove box.

Looks like the map is lost as well.

Then, we'll simply stop at the nearest town and ask for directions.

Well, Dr. Livingston, let's go already.

(wind howling)

(laughing) (men chattering)

That's all I got.

(baby cooing)

Excuse me but, me and my friend are lost and we could really use some direction.

Where to, missy?

We already have accommodations in Lisbon, we need to get there by tonight, and it's getting late.

You should lodge here tonight, and continue on in the morning.

But why?

There's a full moon tonight.

Isn't safe to travel by the full moon.

There, more of your superstitions for you, Sylvia.

You shouldn't mock things you don't understand.

There is a full moon tonight.

And it isn't safe for anyone outside in these parts.

Did you hear that, the poor girls are lost.

We can help them find their way. (Laughing)

Boy, they're beautiful.

And probably carrying lots of money and jewelry, ripe for the pickin'.

Listen up, guys, we should probably...

I'm sorry, but could we just get direction back to Warnoff Pass?

Turn around, go 10 kilometers back the direction you came.

The fork in the road will point the way.

Thanks, really.

May God be with you.

Ah, come on guys.

Are you sure this is a good idea?

Don't worry, that lady was just trying to make a quick buck off of us by getting us to lodge here.

We'll be in Lisbon by nightfall.

[Joan] I don't know how you talk me into these crazy things.

This trip was a bad idea.

I have a bad feeling about this.

And you know what happens when I get a bad feeling.

Yes, it turns out to be nothing.

Understand this, these people are steeped in ignorant beliefs and superstitions.

They fear us because we're educated and modern.

Superstitions start somewhere.

Maybe there's a grain of truth in these legends.

There's no such thing as werewolves, vampires, or the undead.

(gasping) Look, in the road!

(wind howling)

He looks injured.

He doesn't seem to be bleeding, maybe he was struck by another car.

What other car?

Let's call 9-1-1.

(Ira yelling)

(Joan and Sylvia gasping)

Look what we found, two lost ladies.

You bastards, you have no right to do this.

(laughing) She's got spirit, I like that.

Don't hurt us.

We're not gonna hurt ya, yet.

Let's have some fun first.

I'm gonna take my spoils right here and now.

Don't hurt us, please, we'll do anything.

You'll do anything we want regardless.

(man grunting) (Sylvia groaning)

(arrow splatting)

(adventurous music)

Let's get outta here.

Get in the car, hurry.

(adventurous music)

No one's following us.

Filthy bandits, they got what they deserved.

But who shot that arrow?

Our guardian angel, we need to report this to the police.

I agree, let's go back to the village and get some assistance.

I told you I had a bad feeling about this.

Not now, Joan.

We were nearly assaulted, and worse yet, possibly killed.

But we weren't.

(sighing) Thank our lucky stars all we got was roughed up.

(slow, somber music)

What a worst time for the car to break down, now what?

Try starting it again.

(car engine stalling)

We'll have to find the nearest house and get some help.

Are you kidding?

Please Joan, we have no choice.

We have to get going before the sun goes down.

What about our luggage?

We'll get it later, it'll just slow us down.

(tense music)

[Joan] So what were you thinking?

[Sylvia] We should try to find that house we passed earlier.

[Joan] Hardly a safe haven.

[Sylvia] Better than sleeping in the freezing cold.

(wind whipping) (tense music)

What is it?

This is where we were attacked.

See those tire tracks that go off in that direction?

And right here was where that guy was shot with that arrow.

There's blood, but no body.

Those criminals probably came back.

They knew we'd bring the authorities.

Let's go find the house, we can case this out later.

The body was dragged off in that direction.

And the house is this direction, let's go.

(slow, tense music) (wind howling)

[Sylvia] Thank god.

Really, it's probably abandoned.

Well, even if it is, we can at least start a fire.

Darkness is coming, come on.

(slow, tense music)

I told you this was a waste of time.

Well, we're here, we should at least look.

(Joan sighing)

(slow, tense music)

(werewolf growling)

(slow, tense music)

Something smells like death in here.

Wait outside then, I won't be long.

Then we can check the main house.

No way, I'll stay here, thank you.

Suit yourself.

(slow, tense music)

This was a mistake.

With our luck, those bandits live here.

Damn Sylvia and her brainy ideas.

(slow, tense music)

Is that blood?

(tense, scary music)

It's about time you got back. (Screaming)

(tense, scary music)

Please, help me get her inside.

(tense, scary music)

Thank you so much for helping us.

I'm sorry Miranda frightened you, she's harmless.

The village idiot persecuted by locals for practicing witchcraft.

However, I fear if I wouldn't have taken her in, she would've been killed.

I'm Sylvia and this is Joan.

We were looking for the Warnoff Pass, and then we got lost.

And then the bandits attacked, and then our car broke down.

I'm Saul Ashley, you're welcome to the safety of my home and hospitality, such as it is.

However, we have no phone or electricity.

It's very primitive around these parts.

A warm place for the night is all we need.

Joan, this is...

Yeah, I know, I heard everything.

You may go now.

With the exception of Miranda, I live here alone.

You're lucky you stumbled across us.

We need to get to Lisbon.

And did you know, we don't get cellphone service out in this part?

It's far away, very far I'm afraid.

Well, what're we gonna do?

I have an idea, you could stay here tonight, I could certainly use the company, and my library will be at your disposal.

Saul, you've done enough already, we couldn't.

Well, why not, we're stuck here anyway.

Do you see a mechanic?

Really, it's no problem.

Those chains and stockades in that structure we were exploring, what was that all about?

A previous owner used to hunt game and wild pig.

He must've used that part of the house for meat processing.

Those structures are not safe, you should not go in there.

By the way, who do you think saved us from those bandits?

Who knows, feel fortunate that you have a guardian angel.

Tomorrow I can take a look at the car.

But tonight, let me just show you up to your rooms.

I hope you find the accommodations pleasing.

No one has slept here in many years.

It's fine Saul, thank you.

I don't suppose you have a hot shower?

The bathroom is down the hall.

Hot water is possible, if I get a fire going.

I'll see to it after dinner.

Rest up until then.

And when is that?

I'll have Miranda start on it immediately.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

You needn't worry, she's harmless, and a good cook.

You'll see.

Why were you badgering him?

He's only trying to help.

Take it easy, I'm only having some fun.

He's only trying to be kind.

Who knows where we'd be without his hospitality.

Maybe your Casanova has a secret dungeon and he'll imprison us in it.

You're being rude, really.

Hm, sounds like someone might like him.

I thought work was your lover.

Stop teasing.

Although, I have to admit, he is rather handsome.

We should get some rest before dinner, it's been a trying day.

That's the understatement of the year.

(scary, suspenseful music)

(slow, somber music)

Tonight will be a full moon, you know what you must do.

Please prepare dinner for our guests.

(slow, tense music)

This curse, this damn curse.

(chains clinking)

When will it ever end?

(slow, solemn music)

You're right, she is a good cook.

I told you I was on the level.

Sylvia, what legends are you most interested in?

I can help you out and locate some books ahead of time.

I'm most interested in the transformation.

How so?

I'm exploring the long-term effects legends have on the psyche.

Such as, a person believing that they could really transform into a werewolf or a vampire bat.

(deep, eerie synth music)

Did I say something wrong?

No, I find it fascinating.

[Joan] I find it ridiculous, people changing into animals.

I do have books that have documented proof of men and women changing into beasts.

It is not only a change of the mind, but of the body and soul as well.

You seem to know something on the subject.

I do, stories handed down from generation to generation.

I wouldn't discount them.

It's impossible.

Nothing's impossible.

I believe like Saul does, the mind could force a physical change.

Or maybe even a good old-fashioned curse.

(Sylvia giggling)

Ah, I'm just a romantic at heart.

But curses are strongly believed in these parts, as well as vampires and werewolves.

What do you know about lycanthropy?

It is the act of a person changing into a wolf when the moon is full.

Unable to control his urge, he kills for the sport of blood, preying on those weaker than he.

There are only two ways to kill a werewolf.

One, by silver bullet, or by silver dagger, plunged straight into the heart, because it is pure and of heaven.

Somewhat beautiful, isn't it?

Love conquers all, huh?

Oh brother, it's getting thick.

It's the 21st century, not the 16th.

Well if you'll excuse me, I better get around to cutting the wood you'll need for the warm showers tomorrow.

Thank you for your hospitality, Saul.

Sleep well.

I trust that you can find your way to your room tonight.

We can manage, beware of werewolves tonight.


(Joan chuckling)

(eerie synth music)

Thank you, now please go.

The moon will be high in the sky tonight.

Please look after the girls.

Do not let them go outside.

(eerie synth music)

(wind howling)

(clock ticking)

(Joan yawning)

Dreaming of Saul?

You better get some rest, it's been a long day.

He's so sweet, but, I can't help but feel there's a sadness about him.

Don't get too attached, we're leaving here as soon as possible.

Yes, of course.

There isn't even cell service.

We can't call ahead to cancel our reservation.

We have a four-day reservation.

I'm sure, as long as we explain our situation when we get there, they'll understand.

I hope so.

(light, tense music) (clock ticking)

Hey, what's with this?

I thought you preferred the company of men.

Tonight my tastes have changed, ever tried it?

No, not tonight and not ever.

(clock ticking)

(suspenseful music)

(Saul yelling)


(creature howling)

(growling fiercely)

(suspenseful music)

(creature howling)

What was that?

A howl, close by too.

We're in the middle of a forest, animals live here.

Go back to sleep.

(scary music) (werewolf growling)

(slow, somber music)

I heard an animal close by, it frightened me.

Did you hear it?

It sounded like a wolf.

Are there wolves in these parts?

(slow, mysterious music)

Well, goodnight then.

(slow, mysterious music)

(werewolf growling)

(wind howling)


(werewolf growling)

(tense, eerie music)

(werewolf growling)


(werewolf growling)


(werewolf growling)

(slow, eerie music) (werewolf panting)

(slow, scary music)

(werewolf growling)

(woman screaming)

(werewolf growling)

(werewolf panting)

(slow, eerie music)

(werewolf growling)

Wish I knew who stuck that arrow in Ira, God rest his soul.

[Man In Blue] It was the demon of the woods.

No matter, this isn't over by a long shot.

I will avenge his death.

You're drunk, and stupid, we could be killed.

There ain't no demon in this region, only that old house and the people in it.

Who is the master of that house?

Some strange guy, and that ugly witch from the village that he took in.

Then he's in league with the devil too.

Those bitches, they couldn't have gone too far.

I betcha he's protecting them too.

No worries, we'll get our revenge on all of 'em.

And when we're done, we'll hang their heads at the crossroads so everybody can see.

(men laughing)

(creature howling)

(wind whipping)

(slow, gentle piano music)

Ah. (Groaning lightly)

You poor Miranda, misunderstood and persecuted just like me.

You're beautiful, Miranda, in more ways than people can see.

When will people see us for who we really are?

(wind howling)

(sighing) I wonder what's keeping Saul.

He told us to meet him here at 10 a.m.

Maybe he overslept, especially after cutting all that firewood.

The warm shower was most appreciated.

Most of it was gone before I got to it.

By the way, did you hear those animals right outside our window last night?

After yesterday's ordeal, I was dead to the world.

Sorry to keep you girls waiting.

I had to gather my tools if I'm gonna help you fix the car.

It's this way.

(slow, somber music)

Watch your step, a trap.

What for?

The locals have always believed there's wolves around these parts.

Are there?

No, there haven't been for years, but the ignorant fools think so.

Last night, I thought I heard a wolf.

Impossible, maybe a coyote.

And what are those for?

They're to ward off evil spirits.

Why are they here, on your property?

The locals have always believed this property to be haunted, full of spirits.

(trap clinking)

Finally, the road.

It's not too much farther, this way.

(slow, somber music)

See, I told you they were all together.

Hold it, hold it, we'll wait till after it gets dark, we'll break into their house.

It'll be easier to pick 'em off one by one then.

Yeah, we could loot the house.

We could come out of this rich, man.

Now you're thinkin', I like that plan.

(man chuckling)


Doesn't look good.

You're not going anywhere today in this car.

What're we gonna do?

Look, I have a truck in one of my sheds.

I can take the radiator out of that one, and put it into this one, and that'll probably take you as far as Lisbon.

But from there, you need to see a mechanic.

That's the best news I've heard all day.

How long will it be, Saul?

If I start on it right away, a day or so?

Well let's go get the suitcase.

(slow, somber music)

Oh, hi there.

Hi, how's it comin'?

Slower than I'd like, but I'm making good progress.

Well, don't hurry on my account.

Aren't you and your friend anxious to leave this place?

I mean, you must find my way of life very primitive.

Joan's in a hurry, I'm not.

You mean that?

I've grown fond of you, Saul.

And I have feelings for you too.

Maybe after your trip we can plan to spend some time together.

I'd like that.

(slow, gentle music)

[Man In Blue Shirt] Do you think the place is loaded with riches.

[Man In Vest] Of course, I heard this guy's from the heart of France.

He comes from an influential family.

He must have a fortune stashed in there.

(chuckling) And I'll tell ya what, It'll all be ours once we knock them off.

[Man In Blue] What if the authorities figure out who did it?

They'll know we did 'em a favor.

No one likes that fella and the whole region thinks he's got us cursed.

They'll never figure it out.

Besides, we'll be careful and clean our tracks.

(wind howling) (light, twangy music)

Now we wait till dark.

It was very good, I'm so tired.

It's been a long few days for all of us.

I'm ready for bed.

Are you retiring for the night?

After I finish pulling the radiator from the truck, I'm gonna get some rest.

With any luck, you'll be on your way by lunchtime tomorrow.

Thank goodness, country life is okay, but I get my kicks in the city.

Well, goodnight.

Don't seduce him till the radiator's removed.

(deep, suspenseful synth music)

Please hurry.

(deep, suspenseful synth music)

Please go, leave now!

(deep, suspenseful synth music)

(Miranda gasping and groaning)

Burn in hell, you witch!

(Miranda crying out)

(man groaning) (Miranda crying out)

(Miranda groaning)

Come on!

(deep, tense synth music)

Quiet, you idiot.

(door banging)

What was that?

I don't know.

Should we investigate?

Maybe it was just Saul and Miranda.

(slow, solemn choral music)

Follow me.

(tense, suspenseful music)

(Joan and Sylvia crying out)

Sylvia, Sylvia!

(creaking) (Saul yelling)

(girls grunting) (men laughing)

Your master's not here to protect you this time.

You're gonna get what you deserve, you dirty whores.

(werewolf growling)


(man laughing)

(man in vest crying out)


(gunshot blasting)

(werewolf growling)

(Sylvia crying)

Filthy whore.

Devil woman.

(Sylvia gasping)

You're about to see what a real man is like.

Yeah, you're gonna like that, aren't ya?


(man in vest laughing)

(werewolf growling)

(scary music) (werewolf growling)

(man gasping)

(werewolf growling and shrieking)

(gentle music)

[Saul] It's okay, you're safe now.

I remember, the bandits attacked us.

They killed Joan, and then, a beast, a man-wolf saved me.

It's a nightmare.

It is a nightmare, Sylvia, one that I cannot escape.

God, I wish you would've never come here.

It's all my fault that this has happened to you.

We never would've met, fallen in love.

But all the tragedy?

Life is full of tragedy, you didn't bring it on us, you saved us, many times.

I must confess, I'm not who I appear to be.

You are a kind and compassionate man, saddened only by your affliction.

So you know, I must repulse you.

I love you, Saul.

How can someone love a monster?

A beast who can't control his bloodlust when the moon is full.

Before you came here, I was going to kill myself.

Maybe there's a cure?

There's no cure, no release, except for a silver bullet or a dagger, thrust straight into my heart from someone who truly loved me.

I could never kill you.

How did it happen?

It was long ago, but the nightmare feels like it happened just yesterday.

(tense music)

(werewolf growling)


(werewolf growling)

(Saul groaning)

(werewolf growling)

(Saul groaning)

(tense, eerie music)

A hunting party found me, and brought me to a nearby hospital.

Once I recovered, I was brought here, hoping against hope that I'd find a cure from this curse.

But now I've just dragged you into it.

My uncle may be able to help, he's a scientist, and archeologist.

He's been experimenting with some ancient Egyptian cures and potions.

He may be able to reverse this disorder somehow.

Do you think so, I mean, do you think he can really help?

All we could do is try.

How would he view me, a monster, a killer?

I mean, what would happen once he knew the truth?

My uncle is a kind man, you'll see.

He'll do his very best, you have nothing to lose.

All right give it a try.

(car engine humming)


(light, somber choral music)

Everything will be fine.

My uncle will help you, you'll see.

I just have a feeling I'm never gonna see my home again.

That's because we're going to start our new life together.

I have confidence in you, Sylvia.

(wind howling)

Thanks for your willingness to help me.

Your niece Sylvia has been so kind to me.

And you saved her life several times.

I owe you a debt of thanks, and will do whatever I can to cure you.

Hm, if there is a cure.

There might possibly be.

My uncle can do it, you'll see.

As my niece told you, I've been studying Egyptian medicines and mummification.

Both are linked, you know.

Well how will this research help me?

I believe lycanthropy is a blood disorder, and the moon's gravity when it's at its fullest and strongest, can cause mental effects, along with the physical change as well.


Mummification used various herbal and chemical compounds that change the blood structure.

I believe this same ancient science can be applied to you and your condition.

So you're saying that my blood compound can be changed?

Precisely, we can alter your blood structure to where you will no longer be affected by the moon.

You will be completely free and cured.

That sounds great, when do we start?

Immediately, but not at the university.

This experiment has never been done before.

I have a small lab at my home, and we can work there without cause of detection.

You can stay with us until you are well.

Thanks, I understand.

We will start by getting blood samples and creating a culture from it.

Then I can apply the Egyptian herbs and medicines to it.

You will have to be patient though, this will take some time.

But there's a full moon tonight.

We'll make sure that you're sufficiently restrained.

See Saul, everything will be fine.

(wind howling) (slow, somber music)

(liquid bubbling)

Welcome to my lab and study, my friend.

This is where we will cure you.

This is your mummy, I suppose.

How old is he?

Tell him, Uncle.

By my calculations, he is 10,000 years old.

Under all those bandages lies the secret?

Even centuries cannot hold back the ancient secrets of the pharaohs.

His name was Intep Common, he was a prince.

Possibly, but one thing is for sure, he was all powerful.

Well how do you know that, Doctor?

Well he was buried with this ancient scroll.

What are these items, Uncle?

This is the scroll of eternal life, and next to it, tawna leaves, both used to rejuvenate the mummy.

He can stay right where he is.

I agree.

He may help us in our quest to cure you, Saul.

Some of the same ingredients used to preserve the mummy will alter your blood.

(slow, somber music)

I know this is for your own good.

I'll see you in the morning.

Please, no matter what you do, don't let anyone come in here.

I don't want anyone to see me like this.

You're secure, and I have to begin my work.

(adventurous music) (Saul yelling)

(creaking) (werewolf grunting)

(werewolf howling)

(adventurous music)

(liquid bubbling)

(deep, tense synth music)

Just what I expected, an alteration of the cell structure.

I wonder what will happen if I add it to Saul's blood.

(deep, tense synth music) (liquid bubbling)

I think we may be on to something.

(deep, tense synth music) (liquid bubbling)

(birds chirping)

These last few weeks have brought me so much joy.

I never thought I'd be able to find happiness again.

My whole life was consumed in studies.

You also helped me find a love I never thought possible.


Something's been troubling you the last few days.

What is it, Sylvia?

My uncle, he isn't himself.

He's been working non-stop around the clock, trying to find a cure for me.

No, that isn't it.

More and more he seems to be consumed with the mummy.

Well yes, my cure rests in the mummification of the pharaoh.

I just hope he doesn't try to resurrect it.

Why would he do something like that?

It would serve him no purpose, or anyone else.

Science is a strange field, Saul.

It can drive men to reach into the corners that were never meant to be explored.

(liquid bubbling)

Sylvia has been worried about you lately, Doctor.

My niece always worries about me.

I know you've been working hard on trying to find my cure, I appreciate that, but, maybe you should take a break for a little while.

There will be three nights of a full moon.

The tests are progressing.

Once I can separate the damaged cells, we can inject you and see if it works.

Well how much longer, Doctor?

Soon, very soon.

(adventurous music)

(Saul yelling and grunting)


(werewolf growling)

(werewolf howling)

(gasping) He's broken free and escaped.

We have to stop him.

Hurry, grab the tranquilizer gun.

He couldn't have gotten very far.

(adventurous music)

(werewolf howling)

(werewolf growling)

(tense, suspenseful music)

(wind howling)

(werewolf growling softly)

(man vocalizing)


(werewolf growling softly)

(man vocalizing)

(wind howling)

(werewolf growling)

(slow, somber music)

Manna from heaven.

(slow, somber music)

(werewolf growling)

Hey, this is my alley, get outta here.

Get outta here.

(werewolf growling)

Get, get away from here, get, get away.

(man groaning and gagging)

(adventurous music)

(werewolf growling) There he is.

Stand back, Sylvia.

[Sylvia] Saul, no!

(dart thudding) (werewolf howling)

(adventurous music)

We have to get him back to my lab.

(adventurous music)

(wind howling)

[Sylvia] How much longer is this nightmare to continue?

Please be patient, it won't be long.

He's tortured, my poor Saul.

He will sleep for a long time.

Now get some rest.

I must continue my research if Saul's to find any peace.

Yes, Uncle.

(liquid bubbling)

(clock ticking)

(Sylvia sighing)

(Sylvia crying)

(slow, somber music)

The tawna leaves, herb of rejuvenation.

We will mix it with Saul's blood and see what affect it has on our Pharaoh.

(slow, somber music)

(deep, serious music)

I will serve the ancient elixir to our mummy, and read from the scroll of life.

If I'm successful, we can find and antidote for Saul, and end his suffering.

(liquid bubbling)

(celestial choral music)

(deep, serious music)

Thick blood, the night grows weary.

The ages endure centuries of hardship, great destruction.

Men die, wealth is lost, the destitute are shunned.

Perilous ruin, the people dread.

Storm upon storm, plagued by misery.

Heavy remorse, an evil stir haunts the world.

By these tawna leaves, I give you life.

Through the sands of time and eons of slumber.

(thunder crackling)

(ghostly voices murmuring)

You live!

Intep Common, I have revived you, a modern miracle.

(slow, somber music)

(clock ticking)

Listen to me, together we will advance modern medicine ahead a thousand years.

You have been to the afterlife and back.

We will unlock the secrets of life and death, starting with this poor man.

(slow, gentle music)

He's afflicted with a rare disease.

Your DNA mixed with his will provide the cure.

(mummy speaking muffled)


(doctor groaning)

(crackling) (ghostly voices murmuring)

(tense, somber music)

(ghostly voices murmuring)

(upbeat digital dance music) (audience applauding)

(ghostly voices murmuring)

(muted upbeat digital dance music)

(ghostly voices murmuring)

(muted upbeat digital dance music)

(ghostly voices murmuring)


(muted upbeat digital dance music)

(audience applauding)

(upbeat digital dance music)

(audience cheering)

(muted upbeat digital dance music)

(mummy growling)

(man yelling in pain)

(ghostly voices murmuring)

(people chattering)

Looking for a good time, mister?

Damn, too much competition.

(people chattering) (upbeat music in background)

(sighing) Ah, geez.

Come on, pick up the phone.


Mac, come down to Pickman Station and pick me up, now!

There ain't no business, it's crowded.

Take me to the tracks, where there are no pole dancers.

Oh, I don't care if you're in the middle of a card game, come pick me up right now!

Stupid pimp, fuck.

Whoa, hello, you wanna go somewhere and get cozy?

Oh my god!

(mummy growling) (ghostly voices murmuring)

Oh man, shit!

(woman groaning)

(ghostly voices murmuring)

(tense, suspenseful music)

(mummy panting)

(tense, suspenseful music) (mummy grumbling)

Oh my god, what is happening?

The mummy walks.

Oh my god, and the doctor's dead.

There's no hope anymore.



No, no, no!

(Saul gagging) (mummy grumbling)

(Sylvia sighing)

(adventurous music) (werewolf growling)

(mummy grumbling) (werewolf growling)

(glass shattering)

(fire crackling)

(howling) (adventurous music)

(Sylvia coughing)

(fire crackling) (adventurous music)

It's okay, we're safe now.

The mummy?

Destroyed, like all my uncle's hard work.

You're injured.

No I'm not, it's just a scratch.

You know what I'd like, Saul?

Anything, just name it.

Midnight wedding, under the stars.

(fire crackling) (upbeat, serious music)

("Wedding March")

Saul Ashley, you may kiss the bride.

(werewolf growling)

Holy shit.

(werewolf growling)

(priest screaming) (howling)

("Wedding March")

(mysterious, scary music)

(werewolf growling)

(howling) (wind whipping)