Brighton Rock (2010) Script


Come on, Spicer.

Pick up the phone, you drunken cur's son, you.

You old drunk. Get off the fucking sofa, you old cur's son!

Come on, Spicer. I need the boys down here.

I'm in a bit of trouble here.

Oh, fuck.



Old Kitesy's got two rats on his tail.

Eh? Eh? Let's get out of here.


Come on. Come on. Yeah?


Your turn. You're first.


Kite should never have taken on Colleoni.

Without Kite, this mob's finished.

I say we lay low. We lay low, they'll stamp on us.

I say we hit back. Dallow?

No one gets near Colleoni.

Then we carve his cronies.

Starting with the cunt what stuck Kite.

What do you say, Spicer?

Pinkie, you get a good look at him, kid?

No, no, listen, Mr Colleoni.

It was an accident, I'm telling you.

He was tooled up.

Mr Colleoni? Mr...

You pull a chiv, son... you'd better be ready to use it.

"The young have captured this ancient island

"and taken command in a country where youth has always before

"been kept properly in its place.

"Suddenly, the young own the town."

Hello, Ida.

Port and lemon, Bell. You were young once, you old ghost.

One minute they want the vote, the next minute the feckless gobshites are tearing up the south coast.

Yeah. Bring back the birch, I say. Larrup it out of 'em.

You want to take care.

First Hastings, then Margate. Brighton'll be bleedin' next.

Oh. Give us a moment, sweetheart.

Right you are, Ida.

Fancy a dance, girl?

Hello, Fred.


Yeah. Yeah, just a quickie.

Port and lemon.

Not having one yourself?

I've had enough. Don't want to get sleepy.

What is it this time, Fred?

Oh, I'm...

I'm in Dutch, Ida, you know.

How much? Not here, eh?

I haven't got it, Fred.

Fancy some lunch?

What was it? Dogs or gee-gees?

It's complicated. Oh.

It's that bad, is it?

Come for a bite, Ida, please. Old times.

You don't look well. Fred, you're not sick, are you?

Come for lunch, Ida, please. I... I need the company.

Why don't you have a bite here?

You can make him a ham sandwich, can't you?

I can make him a ham sandwich. No, thanks.

Best be getting on.

Thanks, anyway.

Hey! Oi!

Ready? One, two, three.

Do you want a cigarette? I don't smoke.

Fuck off, then.

Give us a stick of rock.

Cigarette? No, thanks.

You down for the day, yeah? I'm on a break from Snows.

That's nice.

You gonna sit on your own all day, are you?

I've got to get back in a minute.

Fancy a stroll?

We could pop up the prom. I'll buy you an ice cream.

No, I couldn't be late back from lunch.

I'm Fred, by the way.


Fancy a drink, Rose?

You're very kind but I'd better get back.

Never mind, I'll walk you. I know Snows.

There you are, Fred.

This is my new friend, Rose.

Pleased to meet you, Rose. Where are we going, Fred?

We're going for something to eat. I've got to get back.

I know a good place. Does it do sundaes? They're your fave.

I couldn't possibly... The best sundaes.

Forget it. Rose likes splits best. Don't you?

Let's go, Fred.

I said, let's go. Say cheese.

There you are. Lovely!

You have been pom-pommed.

There you are, love. Whatever you do, don't lose the slip.

No slip, no photo. All right? Pom Pom's, just there.


We was only supposed to carve him.

Just enough to let Colleoni know we ain't finished.

He knows.

You're a runner, Pinkie. You don't do nothing without our say-so.

If we meant to kill him, we'd have done it ourselves.

Spicer. The bird from Snows - she get a good look at you?

More than a good look. She got a bloody photograph!

That ain't the kid's fault. Whose fault is it, then?

Lousy seaside snap wouldn't matter if we wasn't accessories to a murder.

Christ Al-fucking-mighty. We could hang for this.

We'd better get hold of that photo...

Well done, Dallow. -... before anyone else does.


Pinkie, you'll get hold of the photograph, won't you, boy?

Why me? You're a pickpocket, ain't you?

Don't be soft. I ain't got the slip. "No slip, no photo."

So snatch the slip, boy.

Can I help you, sir? I want to order.

You're late for lunch, I'm sorry. I want a cup of tea.

Would you mind sitting at one of the tables laid for tea?

This table suits me.

It does.

It's next to the door you'll be leaving through as soon as you've finished.

And a plate of biscuits.

Rose? Coming, Miss Arnold.

Sorry to keep you waiting, sir.

It's all right.

Miss Arnold just gave me a lecture.

I wouldn't mind but it wasn't my fault. I was late back from lunch.

A man on the... Oh!

A man on the pier... Sorry.

I get nervous and I talk too much.

Out for a stroll?

Sorry? You and your boyfriend?

No, I'd never seen him before in my life.

I was on my lunch break and a friend of his turned up and he just ran off.

Why would someone do that?

Some fellas don't know how to treat a girl.

You're like me - old-fashioned.

Am I?

You and me have got a bit in common.

You're the kind of girl I like.

I like a girl who's friendly.

Some of them, they freeze you.

They freeze me.

You're sensitive. That's what that is.

Like me.

You and me should go out one evening.

Go to the pictures.

What's your name? Rose.


I'm Pinkie. Pleased to meet you.

But your tea...

We've been talking and I had an appointment at 4.30 sharp.

Sorry, you should have stopped me. That's all right.

I liked it.

It's only ten to, anyway. What time do you get off?

We don't close till half-past six, except on Sundays.

How about tonight? Quarter to eight.


Unless you've got other plans? Oh, no.

Tonight, then.

Pavilion Gardens.

You and me have got things in common...

... Rose.


Thank you, Pinkie. Stick it on your wall and pray.

You're a Roman, ain't you?

Oh, this.

I told you we had things in common.

I'm a Roman, too.

I used to be in the choir.

Do you go to Mass?

But you believe, though? Course I do.

It's the only thing that makes any sense.

Them atheists have got it all wrong.

Course there's a hell.

Flames, damnation...

...and torments.

And a heaven, too, Pinkie.



♪ I'll never stop loving you

♪ Whatever else I may do

♪ My love for you

♪ Will live till time itself is through

♪ I'll never stop...

Want to dance?

Yes, Pinkie.

Come on, then.

♪ My heart will beat

♪ The way it does each time we meet

♪ The night doesn't question

♪ The stars that appear in the skies

♪ So, why should I question

♪ The stars that appear in my eyes?

♪ Of this I'm more than just sure

♪ My love will last and endure

♪ I'll never

♪ No, I'll never stop loving you... ♪

Oh, yes.

Yeah, you would say that.

You're green. You don't know what people do.

You can keep doing that...

... if you like it.

Don't be soft.

Did I do something wrong, Pinkie?

Let's go.

It's him. Who?

The man on the pier. The one I told you about.

You ever been in love?

Are you sure? Maybe it just looks like him.

It is him, Pinkie.

I never forget a face.

"Police...appeal for...witnesses."

One minute we were sitting here on the pier, just here, and now...

Oh! What now?

I almost forgot. A man from Pom Pom's took a photo.

Of all three of us. Me and Hale and the other man.

I'll show you. I've still got the slip.

I don't understand... Have you lost it?

It was in my coat pocket, Pinkie.

You must have dropped it. I put it here.

It fell out. I buttoned it.

Never mind. There'll be a picture in the window.

Never mind!

He was frightened, Pinkie, Fred Hale.

So what?

He probably owed the other bloke money.

It happens all the time.

Chances are, the other geezer was a bookie.

Did he look like a bookie to you, the other fella?

I wouldn't know.

You probably didn't get a good look at him, then.

Oh, yes, I've got a memory for faces.

I like you.

So I'm gonna warn you.

This bloke, Hale, I heard he was mixed up in stuff.

What stuff?

Never mind what stuff.

You've heard of Peggy Baron, right?

You must have. It was in all the papers.

She got herself mixed up with a mob and they came after her.

What happened to her?

She wouldn't keep her mouth shut.

So they splashed acid in her face.

She lost an eye.


Sulphuric acid.

It burns.

Smell it. Pinkie!

I'm only pulling your leg.

It's not acid. It's just spirit.

I had to warn you, that's all.

You and me are friends, aren't we?

I wouldn't want a friend with a face burnt off, now, would I?

You tell me if anyone asks any questions.

Anyone, mind. You get me on the blower straight off.

Brighton 339 45.

You have to swear to me you'll keep your mouth shut, Rose.

I swear.

Spot of bother?

No bother.

She's safe.

No bitch is safe.

'♪ I gotta a woman and I love her mad

'♪ I gotta a woman and she's mine all right... ♪'

She loves me...

She loves me not.

What do you want, Spicer? Don't you talk to me like that.

You're just a kid. I run this mob now.

I've got experience. I've put in the years.

It's a lot of years. Maybe. But I've got nous.

'It's 8am. Here are the news headlines.'


'Brighton police today intensify their hunt

'for the killer of ex-naval officer Frederick Hale

'with a county-wide appeal for witnesses.

'The body of Mr Hale, who died from severe head injuries, 'was found beneath Palace Pier, Brighton, yesterday morning.

'Youth riots in Clacton last weekend...'

Pinkie. If that girl talks... She won't talk.

Not if she knows what's good for her.

Enjoy it.

Rose, can I have a word with you?

That man you met.

What man?

The bloke on the pier - the one who tried to pick you up.

Don't be shy. You were late for the afternoon tea, remember?

Yeah, I remember. What did he look like?


Skinny fellow? Not especially.

With tattoos? I can't remember.

Is this him?

I wasn't wearing my glasses.

H is name was Fred Hale and he was a friend of mine.

A friend? Yeah. A gentleman friend.

Nothing serious but... I was fond of him.

Poor old Fred.

I'm sorry, Miss Arnold.

What's the matter? You don't look well, sweetheart.

Nothing's the matter, Miss Arnold. I just...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, that's all.

My father's not been well and I haven't been eating properly.

I should get back to work. You have a lie-down in my office.

I should get back to the afternoon teas.

I said have a lie-down in my office.

I'm here to collect. You!

Excuse me.

This is a top-notch business. It needs top-notch protection.

Your lot's glory days are over.

Kite's mob? They couldn't even protect Kite.

I can't pay you both.

I would have been stabbed in the heart if I hadn't paid Colleoni.

Look around you. Colleoni is running things now.

And bigger, better than Kite ever could.

Take my advice, kid.

Clear out of Brighton.

Christ Al-fucking-mighty.

You're in the shit now, boy.

I've got protection.

Look at him, Dallow. He's got protection.

That's so you know who's protecting you.



Where next? Home.

We lay low till we know we're in the clear for Hale.

Spicer's orders. Spicer's milky.

We lay low and they'll bury us alive. There's betting shops all over town.

Colleoni's betting shops. It's our town, ain't it?

Colleoni's boys.

That squealer Corkery.


You run, you're no better than Spicer, Cubitt.

I could do with the exercise.

Leave it to me, Pinkie. No, I ain't running.

Get out the way.


Pinkie? Who wants him?

♪ Well we don't care what they say

♪ We're gonna keep on loving this way... ♪

There's no Pinkie here. Is this Brighton 339 45?

You've got the wrong number.

Who is this? It's Rose.

There appears to have been some mistake.

Mr Colleoni is expecting someone...


His boys tried to nab me, didn't they?

If talking's what he wants, he might as well talk to me.

I doubt Mr Colleoni... He can talk to me.

Who sent you?

You did.

I mean, who's running your mob if Kite's dead?

I am.

Something funny?

What happened to Hale? What happened to Kite?

There's a difference.

I don't see no difference. You don't see much.

Kite was an accident. People make mistakes.

Now, as it stands, the bogeys have turned a blind eye to our little contretemps.

But if I give the signal...

Gambling is a legitimate business now, Mr Brown.

I keep it clean...and tidy.

They like it that way.

Then you'd better stop trespassing.

It ain't healthy.

I like you.

You're a promising young man.

That's why I'm talking to you like a father.

You need a job, you come to me.

You can't damage a business like ours.

I could damage you.

Mr Corkery's been complaining.

You don't do that again. Not here.

Brighton's on the move.

She's not what she used to be.

And you, whoever you think you are... won't last.

I haven't even started.

What do you want?

Oh, hello. Got a warrant?

Bogeys...doing Colleoni's job for him.

Are you seriously telling me that you are running Kite's gang now?

What good is a young lad like you up against the Colleoni mob?

How much is he paying you?


Let's talk about Hale.

I'm looking into things, Pinkie.

Motives. Bully for you.

Kite was like a father to you.

You got nothing on me. Yet.

But sooner or later... someone's gonna talk.

And when they do...

... I'm gonna put a rope around your scrawny little neck...

...drop you through a trapdoor...

...and bury you in fucking lime.

He came to me for help.

Well, a girl feels sorry for a geezer.

Don't have to get mixed up in things.

Well, someone's got to.

It's the least you can do is ask questions. I'd do the same for you.

Would you?

Course I would.

I mean, who is this Kite fella that you say Fred got into a fight with?

Who was Kite?

I telephoned you just like you said, to tell you someone was asking questions.

Only the man who answered sounded just like...

Come on!

We're going for a walk.

So you're saying one of Kite's boys killed my Fred?

I don't know that, Ida. Neither do you.

All you can do is walk away, that's what I'm saying.

Walk away, Ida, for Christ's sake!

You're frightened, Phil.

I ain't frightened of a kid.

Kid? What kid?

Who's been asking questions? Ida Arnold, Pinkie. She runs Snows.

She said Fred Hale was a gentleman friend.

What did you tell her?

I told her I'd never seen Fred Hale before.

I don't think I should go back to Snows.

No, course you go back. If you quit Snows now, it'll look bad.

Besides, Fred Hale died natural.

You said he was mixed up with a mob.

Come on!

Stop blabbing your mouth off.

If you keep blabbing your mouth off, I...

There's geezers who'll come after you.

I'm trying to help you.

Why can't you understand that? I do!

If it wasn't for you... I trust you, Pinkie, honestly, I do.

I wouldn't trust anyone that far.


Not when I'm with you.

'After youth riots up and down the southeast coast of England, 'residents and shopkeepers in Brighton

'are warned that police anticipate a weekend of violence, 'as scooter-riding Mods clash with rival gangs of Rockers.

'BBC Radio...'

Spot of bother, Spicer?

You're clearing out.

I thought the filth had got you.

I thought... You thought what?

I didn't know what to think.

Why didn't you bring me Rose's message?

I come looking for you as soon as she called.

I saw two plainclothes coppers pick you up outside the Cosmopolitan.

You're too old for this life, Spicer.

This life?

This racket.

You get nervous, you drink too much...

...and then you mess things up.

First with the photo, then on the blower to Rose.

Now she thinks we're pals. You should have dealt with Rose.

I told you time and time again, no bitch is safe.

Not with you about.

It ain't my fault, Pinkie.

I can't take the strain.

So I thought I'd...go on holiday.

Just go somewhere.


You're not going anywhere.

You're staying right here where I can keep an eye on you.

You got me wrong, Pinkie!

Why, if I was gonna rat on you I'd have done it by now.

You don't want to be threatening me. What do you want, Spicer?

You wanna run this mob, you gotta buy me out.

Or? I talk.

You talk, we'll hang.

I never touched Fred Hale, Pinkie.

There's a little pub up north.

In Nottingham.

The Blue Anchor.

I've looked into it. She serves a lovely pint.

All I need is my cut.

I worked my whole life for this racket. I deserve a slice of it.

You can trust me, Pinkie.

You gotta trust me.

The way I see it, you got no choice.

You're right, Spicer.

I've got no choice.

I wanna talk to Mr Colleoni.

Tell him it's Mr Brown.

I've been thinking things over, Mr Colleoni.

I wanna accept your offer of a joint operation.

The thing is...certain people are a liability, Mr Colleoni.

To all of us.

You have your boys wait under the Palace Pier.

I'll give the signal, hand him a stick of rock.

Something to remember Brighton by.

Mr Colleoni?

I wouldn't trust Dallow or Cubitt with this.

They're too tasty.

But I might as well tell you, I'm making peace with Colleoni.

I'm all for peace, I always have been.

That's what I'm gonna arrange. A peace that lasts.

You can't get me out of Brighton a moment too soon, Pinkie.

First we'll meet Colleoni's boys, then you get your cut.

Very generous, Pinkie. Why, it would be an honour.

I always said Kite was right to take you on.

You ought to see that pub. You'd be welcome.

Nottingham's a fine town, the air's fine, and you couldn't ask for a better bitter than the Blue Anchor's.

Oh, I forgot you don't drink. Still, you'd always be welcome, Pinkie.

Well, this is it.

Goodbye, Spicer.

Well, what about Colleoni? Aren't you and I gonna...

We are the Mods! We are the Mods! We are, we are the Mods!

Here, a little souvenir to remember Brighton by.


Help me!

No, it's him. It's not me, it's him. Pinkie!

It's him. Get off!


Hail Mary, full of grace...

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee...

I offered him a partnership. Fair and square.

I bring him Frank Spicer and he done him in just as we agreed.

Only he tried to do me in, too.

Just when the bogeys had their hands full.


You'd better go before she finds you. There isn't time to pray.

Not properly.

Not when they mean to murder you. I won't let them get you.

You can trust me... Pinkie.

Cross my heart and hope to die.


I was just looking for the mop, Miss Arnold.

In the dark?

You stay away from us, you old bitch.

Oh, fuck me.

What happened to Spicer? It was Colleoni.

They waited till the fighting started, then they got Spicer on the front.

They nearly got me too.

But Spicer's in his room. I heard him just now.

Come back for your precious booze, Spicer?

I thought you were dead, Pinkie.

You must have heard me when you come in.

You weren't going to clear out without saying goodbye, were you, Spicer?

Without letting me know you're alive?

I got away.

Don't forget your going-away present, Spicer.

I came as soon as I could, Ida.

I'm so sorry, love.

Never thought I'd live in fear of anything.

Except the atom bomb, of course.

Certainly not a bunch of kids.

One kid.

You've had a fright, Ida.


It's all over now. It's not over, Phil.

It's not over by a long chalk.

You let me in this flat, Rose Wilson.

What happened that day on the pier, Rose?

Come on. You can talk to me.

There's no need to be scared, not about boys.

I'm not scared.

Course you're not. You're sweet on him.

You poor fool. What would you know?

You're throwing your life away.


You've got to go.

Listen, I threw Fred Hale to the wolves. I'm not gonna do the same thing to you.


Come on, Rose. You can talk to me.

I can't. I don't...


There'll be other boys, sweetheart. Believe me, I should know.

It's a good world if you don't weaken.


Please go.

Your boy's a murderer, Rose.

I don't have any proof yet, but I think you do.

I've got nothing.

I think you know more than you're letting on.

Either you talk to the police or you're an accessory after the fact.

Do you understand what that means?

That means if they hang him, they'll hang you too.

Pinkie's not a murderer. Pinkie!

So that's his name.

Now you tell that to the police if you want to keep your job.

I don't. Course you do, you silly girl.

You can stuff your job.


You don't care what happens to me.

And you think he does?


Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace...

'...that the riots up and down the southeast coast

'would make it impossible to repeal capital punishment

'in this country at this time.

'In such a state of current lawlessness, the Opposition Leader went on to say, 'the death penalty represented civilised society's last line of defence.'

It won't wash. Not with the filth. It'll wash, all right.

I nflammation of the throat is what happens when you drown.

There's two tanks of booze in Spicer's bloodstream and a suicide note in his pocket.

And no-one can say any different. Not even you, Cubitt.

I want out, Pinkie.

You took a stiff for a drive down the coast.

That makes you an accessory.

Both of you.

You told me he was killed.

Not here. Wait until we're alone.

By Colleoni's mob.

So what? What's got you?

I said, what's got you?

I want you to tell me the truth, Pinkie.

Two teas, please.

What a night, eh? You're better off in here.

Do it if you're gonna do it.

Do what?

You know what.

There's two men dead, Pinkie.

Somehow you're mixed up in it.

If you'd only trust me.

Why won't you trust me, Pinkie?

Let go of me! I'll scream! You're a good girl, Rose.

I don't wanna be good!

You're good and I'm bad.

We're made for each other. Do you mean it, Pinkie?

Course I do.

That we're made for each other? I said so, didn't I?

Do you know what this means?

It means you'll never fink on me, Rose.

It means I'll never let you down.

Never, never, never.

What do you get out of this?

A life.

Be careful, Pinkie.

He gets moods.

I thought maybe... 50 quid might be of use to you.

We don't want your money.

Take it or leave it. Will you get out of here?

We don't want no truck with you. Never!


I couldn't let Rose go.

Not to a complete stranger.

Not for 100 guineas.


How do I know you'd treat her right?


She's too young. Not with your consent.


You've had my final offer. You can't do nothing without my say-so.

Yeah, well, I'm not all that keen. 175.

I'll be seeing you. 150.

You'll have to sign this. It's the letter of consent.

Give me that.

You gonna pull out, kid?

Am I the only one in this outfit with any brains?

Rose Wilson has hands on the lever to the trapdoor.

One word from her and we'll swing.

But you're a gent, though, Pinkie.

Others would have done things differently, but not you.

That girl's only alive cos you got heart.

Don't be a mug. I'm buying time, that's all.

Sure, Pinkie.

Where you been? You're late.

Excuse me.

I was late because I went to church.

To ask forgiveness.

You gotta understand...

...this isn't a real ceremony.

Not like when a priest says it.

This is sin, Rose. Mortal sin.

It will be no good going to a church ever again.

Therefore if any man can show any just cause why they may not be lawfully joined, let him now speak or forever hold his peace.

If the witnesses would come forward for the exchange of vows.

The ring.

No ring? This ain't a church.

"Restless youth, the ravaged and disputed territory...

"... between the two eternities."

That's poetry.

Rose Wilson needs protection.

Whatever you may think I am, Miss Arnold, I'm a legitimate businessman.

Whatever you may think I am, Mr Colleoni, I'm no Brighton lady here on holiday, three-sheets to the wind, looking for nothing better to do than to have my palm read and dabble in a spot of amateur detection.

Pinkie Brown killed a man.

And he's going to be punished for it. An eye for an eye.

He's gonna suffer.

I don't care how much it costs.

With all due respect, Pinkie Brown is like any other angry young man.

Give him enough rope...

Putting Rose Wilson in the witness box is the only legal way we'll get rid of Pinkie Brown.

And he knows it, and that puts that girl in...

... in the most grave danger.

Can we get one of those as a souvenir? They don't cost much.

Don't be soft. What's the point in that?

If you don't want me, why don't you just leave me alone?

What do you want me for? Jesus Christ!

I'd rather drown.

You can have your record.

All right?

I said you can have your record.

I'm sorry, Pinkie. I don't know what come over me.

What do you want me to say?


Say something to me.

All right.

You've asked me to make a record in my voice.

Well, here it is.

What you want me to say is...

..."I love you".

But I don't.

I hate you.

I hate the way you look.

I hate the way you talk.

I hate everything about you. You make me sick.

Goddamn you, you little bitch, why don't you go back from wherever you came from and leave me alone?

We don't even have a record player.

Don't touch me!

If you fucking touch me, I'll carve your fucking face.

Where is he?

I asked for Colleoni. Mr Colleoni's occupied.

Occupied? That's a nice word.

Occupied. You're drunk.

If you're looking for a job, forget it.

What possible use could one of Pinkie's boys be to Mr Colleoni?

If you don't mind, let's discuss this... Let's discuss it here.

Run along, Phil. This is woman's work. I don't like this, Ida.

You don't have to like it. You just have to let me get on with it.

Look, I'll be in the bar. You need me, you know where I am.

-... I wanna see him now. He's with me.

Couldn't help hearing just now... You know Pinkie.

Pinkie? Yeah.

And you're a friend of... Pinkie's, yeah.

Are you thirsty? Yeah, that's it. Thirsty.

Whisky, sweetheart? Whisky.

Could we have a couple of whiskies, please? Make that large.

Take it or leave it. I'll tidy the place up tomorrow.

Don't touch anything.

And for Christ's sake take that hat off.

Well, you're staying, aren't you?

You're scared.

Aren't you? Me?

Poor old Spicer.

You know, I can't see a stick of Brighton rock without thinking...

Carving's different.

But Pinkie... he stops at nothing.

Now, getting married...

Married? Who's getting married? Pinkie, of course.

Who to? Not the girl from Snows?

Yeah, of course. Oh...

Oh, the fool.

He's no fool. No, he knows what's good for him.

If she chose to say a thing or two...

How did you know?

I want some air.

It's stuffy in here. Don't rush off. Have another whisky.

It's the central heating, you know. It's not healthy.

Come on, sit next to me. I can only apologise.

How much is it? There you go.

Pinkie's lot. Where can I find them?

"I love you, Pinkie.

"I don't care what you do. I love you forever.

"Wherever you go, I go too."

Hi, kid.

You got a visitor.

Who? Your mum.

You? They said my mother was here.

Yeah, well, I had to tell them something, didn't I?

I'll get Pinkie. Yeah, get him.

I want a word with your Pinkie.

I don't let no-one bother Pinkie. He'll have plenty to bother him soon.

He killed Frank Spicer.

I know.

I know everything. Do you?

Do you know that your precious Pinkie battered Fred Hale to death?

He choked Frank Spicer to death with a stick of Brighton rock.

I need you to give evidence. Stay away from me.

You're next in line, Rose.


Spicer knew about Hale, so Pinkie killed him.

You know about Hale and Spicer, so why won't he kill you too?

He loves me. He doesn't.

He married me. Yeah.

But only because they can't make a wife give evidence against her own husband.

Look, sweetheart...

... I only wanna help you.

Stop saying that.

I'll do anything.

Anything. That's more like it.

You just leave us alone.

All right. No need to get agitated.

You're already an accessory.

If they take Pinkie, you think I care what happens to me?


Well, I hope you're on the pill, love.

You don't wanna have a murderer's baby.

What the hell are you doing here?

If you're bothering my girl...

They can't force her to give evidence. But she can volunteer.

She won't.

She'll do whatever she pleases and there's bugger all you can do about it.

Because if you touch one hair on that girl's head, there is nothing, nothing on this dear green earth I will not do to make you suffer.

Her mum? Her mum, Pinkie.

Did Rose say that?

She ain't said nothing.

We'll see.

Nice dress. You like it?

I love it.

Do another twirl.


Yes, Rose?

I done something awful.

Go on.

I took ten quid from the tin.

I'll pay it back, I swear, as soon as I get a job.

Dallow says your mum's been.

She ain't much of a mother, Pinkie.

Only turns up when she wants something.

She's been talking.

Who to?

To the tart who runs Snows.

Hale's bird.

If she's been talking, then why not to the police?

She said she'd never let me down.

"Never, never, never."

She married you, didn't she?

If she loves me, that would make it easier.

She'd do anything I say.

I could take her Hastings way...

To the old lighthouse.

I trust her.

All the way.

I wouldn't trust anyone that far.

Not even you, Dallow.

If it was mine...

If it was mine, I wouldn't leave it alone all afternoon.

It ain't yours.

No, but it might be.

Everything will be all right.

Will it?

I promise.

Get dressed. I'm taking you out.

You look worried, Pinkie.

No, I'm not worried.

I've got it all straight.

In the box here.

What do you wanna stop here for?

It's where you brought me our first night, remember?

Nah, there's too many people here.

We should get some air.

We should go for a ride... into the country.

Can't we say goodbye to the pier first, Pinkie?


I lied to you...about my mum.

I didn't want to, Pinkie, but... She knows.

Miss Arnold. About Fred Hale.

And Frank Spicer.

I lied because I didn't want to worry you, but then...

I think maybe you should worry, Pinkie. I think...

I think maybe we should leave.



Do you believe me, Pinkie?

Saw her coming, did you?

I told you we should leave, Pinkie. She'll never give up.

I saw a ferret, out by the track once...

Thought she'd blow your cover?

Is that why you confessed? Pinkie?

Doesn't matter one way or another. I was bound to find out. You knew it.

All the time you wondered how to cover your lie.

My lie? I told you I didn't want you to worry.

Get on. We've got to pack first, Pinkie.

We ain't got time for that.

You said so yourself. She'll never give up.

You saw a ferret once, out by the track. Remember?

Why are we stopping, Pinkie?

You saw her on the pier. She'll never give up.

She'll keep hounding us and hanging on.

Waiting for us to slip up, and one day it will happen.

And we'll be finished. She can't go on forever.

Yes, she can. People don't change.

It's like a stick of rock.

Bite it all the way down, you still read "Brighton".

Read it.

"I love you, Pinkie.

"I don't care what you do. I love you forever.

"Wherever you go, I go too."

You mean that, don't you? Of course I do.

Every word? With all your heart?

Well, do you mean it Or don't you?

Can't we wait? Wait?

Till what? Till it's too late?

Remember, Rose, what you said to me outside the caff?

You said you'd never let me down.

Never, never, never.

Bell, a double rum. Yep.

Cubitt's been arrested on his way to the port.

It's only a matter of time before he tells the police what he told me.

Where's that girl? How should I know?

You're the one who put the fear of God up him.

They was fine till you showed up. He was sweet on her.

It's your meddling that's tipped him over.

Anything that happens to that girl, I blame you.

I've put up the safety.

All you have to do is pull the trigger.

It isn't hard.

Put it in your ear. That'll hold it steady.

Go on.

Take it.

Fuck's sake!

Now, you know where he's taken her and I can guess what for.

So, if you want to keep out of trouble, you let me into this car.

Who... Shit!

What if I don't shoot?

Then I'll shoot myself. Want me to do it first?


It won't hurt, Rose.

I promise.

Do you love me, Pinkie?

We wouldn't be together, would we?

Not if they hang me...

...and you have to go on without me.

That's it.

There! There they are!


Rose. Dallow!

Come here. Get in the car. It's no use, Pinkie.

They got Cubitt.

Pinkie! You come with me.

Get in the car.



Pinkie! Oh!



Come on, Rose. Come on, darling.

Come on, Rose. Come on. Come on, sweetheart.

No. Come away. Take her, Dallow.

Come on, sweetheart. No!

What about the girl?


Poor little kid.

She thought he was in love with her.

And was he?

In love?

What difference would that make?

Well, it would show... there was some good.

Oh, Phil...

I think it's a bleeding miracle that nature should have planted love in every man jack of us, Ida.

And every woman.

Even though in some of us...

... it's as useless as an appendix.

Oh, I'm sorry, Ida.

No, no, you're right, Phil.

Let's celebrate.

Well... Shall I get us a bottle of champagne?

Yes! Get us a bottle of champagne.

And a room.

Blimey. Talk about miracles.

It's expensive. I'll settle it.

No, a man likes to... Trust me, Phil.

I know what a man likes.

Go on, open it!

I don't care what anyone says.

You don't know a thing about love.

How can you persist in this delusion, child, after what he tried to do to you?

I should have pulled the trigger.

I don't want your absolution.

I wanna be with Pinkie.

Go on, open it! What is going on over here?

Get back to your beds, girls.

The package is to be opened in an orderly manner.

Believe in all that crap, do you?

Course I do.

Course there's a hell.

What about heaven?





"You've asked me to make a record in my voice.

"Well, here it is.

"What you want me to say is...

"... 'I love you'.

"... 'I love you'.

"... 'I love you'.

"... 'I love you'.

"... 'I love you'.

"... 'I love you'.

"... 'I love you'.

"... 'I love you'.

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