Brimstone (2016) Script

As life progresses, images blur.

All that remains are memories.

Some of them true...

...some of them false.

I remember her well.

At least I think I do.

She was a warrior.

In the old century you had to be... order to survive.

Breathe in and out, the way she does.

And now, push. Now!

Thank you so much.


See you in a couple of days, right?


...are you coming?

Good morning! Hi, Liz!


Liz, the boy's gotta learn how to shoot.

Well, he's gonna do it anyway. Better here than sneaking off somewhere else.

You're scaring your mother. She ain't my mother.

Beware of false prophets...

...who come to you in sheep's clothing...

...for inwardly, they are ravening wolves.

Jesus is the shepherd who protects you and your family from those wolves.

And I am his dog.

The sheepdog that gets the lambs back on track when they stray off the path.

And some of you have strayed, haven't you?

What do you people think?

That God is well disposed towards you?

Let me set things straight.

Those who deserve it, go to hell.

I could tell you about hell.

About its flames.

About the pain.

I'm sure you people have tried to imagine what it's like.

It's worse.

Retribution is coming.

Now, let us join in singing.

Abide with me.

Abide with me Fast falls the eventide The darkness deepens Lord, with me abide You all right?

Thank you.

How're you doing, sir? This is my daughter, Sam.

My boy, Matthew. And... wife.

Where were you?

That man is a stranger here, he doesn't know anybody yet.

I'd have expected a little more compassion from you.

What's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong?

Just breathe, all right? Breathe, just breathe.

Everybody outside. We don't need no busybodies.

Go on, get. Get out!

Nathan, I think you better go outside too.

Some things aren't meant for a man's eyes.

It's gonna be just fine, right, Liz?

You're gonna take care of her, right? Promise?

All right, Liz, I'm going to be right outside, okay? I love you. I love you.

You take care of her.

Close the door behind you.

It's gonna be all right, honey.

The baby's head is too big.

What's that supposed to say?

We're going to have to choose between the baby and the mother.

Can't save both of them.

You have to. Your mother said everything would be all right.

No, I wanna stay. I wanna help.

Hey... how's it going in there?

Everything all right?


Push, Abby. Hard as you can now, come on!

Good girl!

Where's the baby? I wanna see my baby.

Where is he? Give me my baby!

It ain't your fault.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.

The Reverend?


...the Reverend is a man of God.

You're seeing things that ain't there.

If Jesus came back to life after he was dead...

...couldn't that happen to Abigail's baby, too?

Can you face-paint me?

I'm doing something. Can't you tell?

We've come to see if everything's all right.

Everything's just fine. No reason for you folks to go wasting your time.

We'd like to look for ourselves. Rather not.

There's a doctor coming in an hour, it's better if he takes a look.

The Reverend arranged it.


What the hell? Liz!


You get down here, Liz!

You get down here!

I wanna see your face.

I wanna see your face.

Nathan! Don't take it out on my boy!

We can talk about this like decent folk!

I got no quarrel with you, Eli!

I'm here for your wife.

She's gotta be punished for her sins.

She's gotta burn at the stake, Eli!

Try to be reasonable now, Nathan.

I know your sorrow, believe me.

I lost a loved one too, remember?

I know you're out of your mind with grief...

...but believe me, your pain will pass, just like mine did!

I could accept that real easy... long as that tongueless murderess ends up at the stake!

I demand retribution!

You know what she did, Eli?

She murdered my baby boy.

Before he could even be baptized, she murdered him.

What's gonna happen to him now?

Do you think he's gonna find salvation?

You know how she did it, Eli?

I seen him.

His brains had leaked out.

Your wife broke his skull.

She cracked his skull wide open!

She should go to hell for this!

That will be enough.

There has been suffering...'s the whiskey talking now.

This is not the moment to solve this.

She belongs in hell, Reverend.

Did he do you any harm?

He just helped us out of a real fix.

Do I get one, too? You ain't old enough for that yet.

Why be so hard on the boy?

He only acted to protect his family. That makes him an adult.

His mother doesn't want him playing with guns.

It's natural for a young man to want to hold a rifle in his hands.

May I offer my glass to Matthew?

I think it's about time you went back to bed, Matthew.

Dad! Come on, drink up.

None of this would have happened if that baby had been born in perfect health.

But Liz couldn't do nothing about that.

She decided who was to live and who was to die.

That decision belongs to God, and God only.

Why did she not leave that choice up to him?

Maybe I should go fetch her.

I know you're there...

...and I know you can hear me.

You may have no tongue, but there is nothing wrong with your ears.

Why do doubts rise in your heart?

Why are you troubled?

How do you sleep at night?

How does it feel to be a murderess?

Do you know why I'm here?

I'm here to punish you.

Do you love this family?

I've looked at your daughter.

She's almost a young woman already.

There you are.

I must be going.

Please don't bear a grudge against Nathan in your heart.

Losing a child is the worst thing a body can go through.

I was just talking to your wife about that same thing.

You didn't even thank him.

Fact is, you didn't even say hello to him.

Liz, Nathan will come around.

Right, you know what?

Give me a couple of days.

I'll get someone to come in for the sheep...

...and then we'll go up to my pa's for a bit.

He's all alone up there anyway.



I'm just going to talk. This has got to stop.

First shootin' our windows up, now this.

Come on!

I want you to stay with your mother. She ain't my mother.

Matthew! You're gonna need my help.

All right, as long as you stay outside.

But why can't I just play inside?


And why can't I help out?

I think we can take that blindfold off, now.

But I promised. Your mother won't mind.

She has a lot to do.

Here, see?

Everything will be fine.

And Mama? She had to work in the barn.

And she did not want you there, do you remember?

I would like to talk to you about your mother.


They've gone and moved.

Liz? Where are you?

No, no, Nathan's gone. And Abigail.

Packed up, moved out.

Where'd you get to?

You scared your mother. Had her worried sick.

Mama, are you evil?

The Reverend said you murdered a man.

He says he's here to punish you.

To take you back where he came from.


Because she loves you.

Shoot me.

Behind you.


Stop the pain.

Take them to Grandpa.

Mama? Mama?

It was the Reverend. He woke me up.

Joanna. My name is Joanna.




Meng, you prosperous fucker, you. Look at you.

And what do we have here?

My name's Joanna. Well, it is a pleasure to meet you.

Come on now, spin around, let me get a look at you.

There you are. Sally! Yeah?

Would you be so kind as to treat Joanna here to a glass of cold lemonade?

Yeah, but of course. Come, honey.

All right, Meng, let's talk fucking turkey.

Here you go.

Lookie here! Fresh meat. Swallow it right on down, girlie.

Soon you'll be swallowing something else.

What's your name, girl? Joanna.

Did your daddy bring you here?

No? Are you sure?

Didn't he just think you were so good...

...he had to let the rest of the world in on it, too?

There now, where do you think you're going? They're leaving without me!

Yes, they are, but don't you worry about a thing 'cause from now on...

...this is where you live, darling.

Right here.

Now, come on now. Let's get you cleaned up.


Yeah, yeah!

So that's the work we do around here.

And we do all the moaning and groaning because that makes sure it's over faster.

Why? Why? That's what men like.

So... you ever bled yet?

'Twixt your legs, honey.

It's nothing to be ashamed of. You have, haven't you?


Well, then, that's gonna be our little secret for the time being, okay?

Now, you go to bed.

And who are you?

What's your name, girl?


Frank, what's it cost to go upstairs with this one?

Come on now, Fred, you cannot afford her.

I don't know about that. I got pretty damn lucky at cards today.

Hey, Eastman.

I'm horny as hell and I feel like doing you!

What would you say to a free ride?

That ain't yours to decide. I'll pay for it myself.

Damn, Sally, what, you been holding out on me now?

I'll go along with that. But then she gets to watch.

No way. Then, it's no deal.

It sounds like a fine idea to me.

It'll be most educational, I'm sure.

What's wrong, don't you like it, honeybunch?

Oh, yeah.

Hit me.

What? Hit me!

No, I ain't gonna do that. Hit me, goddamn it!

I'm not taking this, Eastman.

Hit me again.

Hit me again!

No, no, no, no, don't shoot! Don't shoot.

I don't mind it, Joanna. It's just a game, right?

You do that again and I'm going to shoot. Please put the gun down.

Don't you ever. Just keep pointing it at me.

Don't you dare drop that gun on me.

That's right. Keep pointing it at me.

Don't you dare.

I'm gonna strangle the life out of her!

Shoot me!

Do it, Joanna. Shoot me, goddamn it!

Shoot, goddamn it, bitch!

You're gonna make a fine little whore, I can see that already.

I just bet that you can make me real nice and clean too.

The whole world may see our fair city of Bismuth... a place of sodom and gomorrah...

...but rules do apply here.

A whore cannot be allowed to shoot down her customers with impunity.

My brother runs the Inferno as a place where hard-working miners...

...can find well-deserved recreation...

...that must remain so...

...and so it will.

Let this be an example.

Come on now.

A mining town has a need for organized entertainment.

And I need to know that customers here feel safe.

That's why I brought my brother Zeke to Bismuth.

He's a better sheriff than this town deserves.

Everybody at the Inferno knows that if a girl so much as scratches a customer...

...she's gonna be punished.

So Sally knew what she had coming.

But he strangled her.

Yeah... I know, it hurt me too.

Damn, she was one of my oldest employees.

But rules are rules.

If you don't obey the rules, you're guilty. And if you're guilty, you're gonna pay.

You understand that, don't you?

Tell me you understand.

You know how old I was when I first went to bed with a girl?

I was 21.


While Zeke, he was 14.

I got to watch, though.

I spied on him through the peephole.

I never did see what all the fuss was about.

You know, what everybody talked about.

I couldn't see it.

You're not a child anymore.

I haven't been for a long time.

The time has come.

I'm gonna be gentle.

That's right.

Oh, stud, you sure are good.

Joanna! Joanna!

Frank is in a gunfight!

What the hell! I'm almost done.

You see that?

What do you say we have her join us next time?

This is just between me and Frank.

All I want is a fair fight.

Then what are you doing here?

Blow him to hell! Yeah!

I'm not a violent man.

I usually work with numbers.

But now, I'm standing here in front of you... shoot you dead, Frank.

My daughter is dead because of you.

It's men like you who think their actions have no consequences...

...who are making the country turn into what it's turning into.

So, for my daughter's sake...

...for every daughter's sake...

...I have to kill you.

Because I am a father.

So you can count.

And you can sure as shit talk.

But what we all wanna know is...

...can you shoot?

So, when do we elope?

Where to?


Wherever we can be free.

But we are free here. Sort of.

No, we're not.

And you know it.

Face-paint me.


Paint my face with your fingers.

You remind me of my wife.

But you dress better, you smell better, you look better.

Thank you.

No fucking kissing.

I said, no kissing!

No kissing! Goddamn it!

So, are you gonna buy me that drink, or what?

Sure. Whiskey.

I warned you, you son of a bitch! Nobody kisses me, do you understand?

Fucking whore, you bit my tongue off. Frank? Frank?

Oh, girl, you really gone and done it now.

I warned him six times!

Well, the fella you warned is kind of important up at the gold mine.

Now, I got me a whole saloon full of drunken fucking idiots all howling for retribution.

Tell 'em to go fuck themselves. Give them a drink on the house or something.

You think I'm gonna waste my hard-earned money...

...because you girls refuse to obey the fucking rules?

Get the fuck up! Come on!

Get out there! Fuck you!

Now, where's Mike?

I demand retribution! You're gonna get it, Mike.

You see, the rules in Bismuth are clear...

...and all customers will get the respect they got coming.

Hang the stupid whore!

No, no, Elizabeth here, she's not gonna hang.

Gotta hang her, Frank! Mike ain't dead now neither, is he?

But he was a victim of her lawlessness... he gets to make a fucking proposal.

Now what's it gonna be, Mike?

You want this free pussy for a week? Is that it?

You cut that fucking bitch's tongue off!

You want a trade, Mike?

You want an eye for an eye? Is that what you want, Mike?

Rinse it five times a day with alcohol and it should heal up sooner than you'd think.

No solid foods. No blow jobs.

Will she ever be able to talk again? Not much chance of that.

Here you go.



...on Tuesday?

I only drink...

...on Tuesdays. I only drink on Tuesdays.




That's suicide.

But they'll come after you.

Besides, what're you gonna do? Work in some other cathouse?

Please don't do it.

I couldn't stand to miss you.

Don't think just because this is a lawless, godless place...

...that your actions will go without consequences.

Ladies, do you want to end up in hell?

The nice clothing doesn't fool anybody.

I know who you are...

...and I know what you are.

What would your fathers think if they knew?

Your mothers weep.

Your fathers pluck out their eyes in shame!

I've managed to find someone who doesn't mind marrying a woman without a tongue...

...but it will take some traveling.

He's been a widower since the last six months.

He's looking for a wife who can cook and who doesn't mind that he already has a son.

No, I figured as much.

"We will welcome you with open arms and make sure you feel right at home... quickly as possible. Respectfully yours."

So on and so forth, and there's a picture.

You're gonna have a real family.

How am I gonna do that?

We're sisters?

Frank would kill us.

No, you never know. And when you've convinced your new husband... can pay for the stagecoach from down there.

How long you think you'll need?

You two gotta come right away.

Some fella just paid a whole pile of cash to buy out the Inferno.

Get your asses moving.

Your last night and you got to work too.

All right now, listen up!

Usually, we don't earn jack-shit at the end of the month.

Jackie, shut the fuck up right fucking now or I'm gonna fucking make you.

This customer right here is a godsend and he bought the right to all of y'all this evening...

...and if he becomes a regular customer, well, you can all expect...

...a big, fat, fucking bonus courtesy of me.

But I demand total commitment here.

I mean, whatever happens...

...whatever the fuck he wants...

...he is gonna get it.

Now if anybody...

...I mean, anyone does anything to ruin it for me...

...well, they're gonna be punished.

Shit, they're gonna be punished worse than I've punished anyone before.

But with that fucking said, you do a good job, and...

...shit, he'll take you all.

I want this one.

All right now, come on!

You are gonna like this.

That's right, there you are.

My little doves.

Now, will you look at that?

These two right here, they're real young, real fresh.

Untouched, if you know what I mean.

We got all kinds here.

We've got chinese, if you like that kind of thing.

This one here, she's Jackie.

Jackie likes you, I can tell.

We've got anything you want here.

All your heart's desire.

Right here in the Inferno.

This one here, well, she got a fire in her.

And I had to cut out her tongue just to keep her in line.

Good thing, she can't talk back.

You have fine taste, sir.

This one right here, well, she is a mystery to me.

I bought her from a band of traveling gypsies. You know, colorful types.

Damn, I don't even know her real name.

She's the one.

Well, that's an excellent choice, sir. May I suggest a couple of other gi...

Only her.

But you paid for the whole Inferno.

I paid not to be seen doing this.

This evening has cost me a lot of money.

Is there something wrong with your voice? Can't you talk?

Yes, I can.

Would you like me to dance for you?

I had to wait a long time to find you.

I am very disappointed. I had considered many things, but not this.

Is this what you wanted?

What you looked for?

I am prepared to forgive all your sins.

I have also sinned.

I am going to burn in hell forever.

I gave up the right to go to heaven.

But you made me do it.

And only you can save me.

No. Yes.

I have sinned because we should have finished the ceremony first.

Paul, the apostle, wrote it in the first Corinthians.

Help me, Joanna. I can't.

Then we shall both burn in hell.

I am here to save you, so that you can save me.

I will make you do it. You know I will.

I won't let you do that again. I'll kill you first.

I tried. You leave me no choice.

Help! Somebody...

Somebody, help!

Please! Help! You are mine! It is God's will!


Help! Somebody!

Get out!

You whore!

You're coming with me tonight.

I need your help.

You're not gonna get me into trouble, are you?

Are you sure about this?

All right.

I can't do this.

Are you Elizabeth Brundy?

Are you sure you're up to making this trip?

Well, good luck.

Don't let anyone see that for a while. It's still pretty fresh.

And forgive us our trespasses... we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory...

...forever and ever. Amen.


Joanna is still speaking Dutch. I hold you responsible for that.

I'll pray for the Lord's assistance.

As a wife, you have your duties.

"The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband."

Please come with me.

Not tonight.

You leave me no choice.

We know why we came here.

This is God's nation.

The Lord shed his grace on this beautiful new country.

This was our exodus.

In this city on a hill, we will develop a purer form of Christianity.

Hadn't we all agreed to leave the old language behind?

Hadn't we sworn to do things better over here?

The new world would free us from the sins of the old.

We are the bright hope of humanity.

This is the promised land, and by coming here...

...we have become his chosen people.

Agatha, would you tell everyone how you received the calling?

I was at home, peeling potatoes...

...when this huge white light appeared.

In that light, I saw a beautiful young man with white wings.

I asked if he was an angel...

...and the young man nodded and smiled.

Arie, would you be so kind to share your story of witness with us?

For me, it was more or less the same thing...

...but it wasn't a man.

It was a beautiful young woman who showed herself to me.

You see? We are the chosen people.

A visitation like that is not something that happens to just anybody.

You have to earn it.


...would you please come to the front?

What about you, Anna? Have you received the calling yet?

I have not been blessed in such a way.

In our community, everyone of age has received such a calling, you have not.

What did you do, Anna, to anger God this much?

My own wife, who cannot find the Lord's favor.

I am ashamed of you.

Father, I pray that my wife will grow in her love for you, and me.

May she love us with all her heart...

...all her soul, all her mind, and all her might.

Give me the strength to lead her to the salvation provided by your grace.

In Jesus' name, amen.

You must wash your daughter.

She is unclean.

But he never raises a finger to help out.

It's a woman's fate.

Says who? Says the Bible.

It's not fair.

Your father's a man of the cloth.

He serves God and leaves earthly chores to his wife.

What do you want?

Leave us alone, I have to talk to the girl.

Has your mother told you what it means to be a woman?


And the blood has penetrated into your life and driven out the innocence.

It won't be long before men start to find you attractive.

Woman? I know you're listening.

From now on, you must treat Joanna like a woman.

As of today, you will do the hogs.


Hello, lady.

I saw the pump.

I was hoping you'd be kind enough... let me quench my thirst.

Allow me to express my deepest thanks.

Where are you men from?

That's a long story.

Maybe some other time.

What about him? You take care of him.

After all, you are a Christian, I assume?

Goddamn me.

Get the horse.

My parents would find you two.

Then get the goddamn saddle.


Go on, get out of here! Go on!

Damn bullet needs to get taken out.

And I need taking care of too.

My father won't like that. Yeah.

You know what? Don't fuckin' tell him.

Here it comes.

I reckon, it's about time I introduced myself.

I'm Samuel.

It's nice to meet you... Joanna.


Thank you.

The girl is growing fast.

Hi, sweetie.

He's running a fever. Are you sure?

'Cause they say the best way to take someone's temperature is with the lips?

How old are you now, child?


A full-grown woman has...

...has duties in life that a young girl can't fulfill.

Duties imposed by our Lord himself.

Come with me, please.

Your mother does not always assume responsibilities the way she should.

She does not comply with her natural duties.

Do you understand what I mean?

God has made you a woman so soon for a reason.

You might believe it to be a curse, but he has a reason for everything.

You have, as the Apostle Paul put it...

"...passed the flower of your age."

This is not right.

You have seen the blood.

She's just a child.

I need not answer to you. Only to God.

No, thank you, Anna.

Our God has other plans.

It'll be all right.

Use both hands.

Don't let the blast scare you.

You're a grown woman now, Joanna.

Could I talk to you for a moment?

I want to offer my apologies.

I withheld from you that to which you have a right.

That was wrong of me.

Apology accepted. Let me make it up to you.

It's too late for that.

I have seen how you look at her.

She's your own daughter.

It's a sin. It does not have to be.

"If any man thinks that he is behaving himself unseemly towards his virgin daughter...

"...if she pass the flower of her age, and if need so requires, let him do what he will...

"...he is not sinning, let them marry."

You shall be scolded.

Good girl.

That sure as hell took long enough.

Where are you going?

Gonna take a crap.

Where do you want me to put this?

I need some rope and I need it fast. Can you get that for me?


I had to do that.

If I hadn't, he'd have killed me at some point.

Better him than me, I'd say.

I heard that story once...

...the one about turning the other cheek and all that.

The only person who'd say something like that is someone who's in control.

Someone who doesn't want you to stand up to him.

I've seen your mother.

She's the kind of person that turns the other cheek.

Are you like her?

Why do you let him do this?

I'll never be like you.

This is no way to live.

I'd rather die first.

The serpent said to the woman, "You surely will not die!

"For God knows that in the day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened...

"...and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."

And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food...

...and was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was desirable to make one wise...

...she took from its fruit and ate.

And then the Lord God said to the woman...

"...I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth.

"In pain you will bring forth children...

"...yet your desire will be for your husband.

"And he will rule over you."

This is an abomination.

This is an abomination!

Does she not know that her body is the temple of the holy spirit...

...which she received from God?

This is a disgrace.

She will be punished in hell.

She will be transformed into a thorny tree...

...and in a tortured wood, she will be punished by harpies...

...who will dig their sharp talons into her, until the blood comes flowing down!

Oh, Lord.

Forgive me. You know I have tried to keep her on the narrow way to repentance.

But like the gospel of Matthew says, "The way is broad that leads to destruction."

I spoke to her.

I chastised her.

But to no avail.

I failed.

There, there.

It's all right.

It's all right.

I'm old enough.

I know.

God has forgiven me.

I am ready.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, almighty.

You saw, and foresaw all.

You saw that my wife did not do what you expected of her.

That she did not love you, or me, as my daughter will.

Lot lay with his daughters and they bore children unto him.

Joanna and I shall enter a state of matrimony...

...and she shall bear my children.

We shall be joyous and honor you.

Let me go!

Fear not. No!


It is the will of God. We are his chosen ones.

When two people make their vows in the name of the everlasting...

...they pronounce their wish to belong to each other fully in love.

Together they shall search for what God wants from their lives.

Together they shall perform their duties and care for their family.

My father was a real bastard.

He used to put cigars out on my arm, the sadistic fuck.

And he was a pervert, just like you.

I killed him when I was nine years old.

Who are you?

You have a real special daughter.

She deserves to be free.

You think you can come in here and take that which belongs to me?

Yeah. What do you think?

That God's gonna come down here and save you?

I am as God.

He is as I am.

I will love you. And you will learn to love me.

It is God's will. I will kill you.

That would not stop me. You're mad.

Who was that man? He put foolish thoughts in your mind.

He helped me. I love him.

No, you do not.

It is lust.


I will beat your mother out of you.

The time has come.

I will be gentle.

He ain't never gonna stop, is he?

I'll be fine.

Are we there yet?

What was that?

No, let me go!

Stay there! Matthew!

Stay there, Sam. Whatever happens!



Oh, Liz.

I'd always hoped this place would be Eli's someday.

I mean... he could've...

...I don't know...

...a sawmill or something...

Are you sure?

Have you ever fired one of those things before?

I should be the one holding the gun.

There's no use shooting from that distance.

It's more difficult than you think...

...especially with a gun like that.

I was truly prepared to forgive you, back in Bismuth.

I loved you.

You should have seen that.

You've turned against me...

...just like your mother.

But again, I have been provided with an alternative.

That's right, Joanna.

Your daughter shall suffer for your actions.

And I will make you watch as I chastise her.

And after that, you will witness how I make her a woman.

You believe she's safe in there?

That I cannot get to her?

You left her alone, Joanna.

Never leave your loved ones alone.

You should know that by now.

What is the worst thing I could do to you, Joanna?

Lucky for her, she was asleep.

She did not see a thing.


Beware of false prophets...

...who come to you in sheep's clothing...

...for inwardly, they are ravening wolves.


No, Mama! Mama!




I will do to your daughter exactly as I did to you.

I am going to hurt you as much as I can.

I will leave the door open.

I brought you this.

Has your mother told you what it means to be a woman?

Many people believe that God does not approve of violence.

They have not read their Bible.

"Violence cleanses evil. It purifies the heart."

Does your heart need purifying?

Have you had bad thoughts?

About men, perhaps?

Do you like men?

Have you bled yet?

I am a doomed man, Sam.

Beyond salvation.

I can do whatever I want.

Young girls still carry the scent of innocence.

Older women smell different.

The time has come.

People think it's the flames that make hell unbearable.

It's not.

It is the absence of love.



...long time no see, Liz.

I was a broken man.

Couldn't go on living there.

Good thing the new preacher showed me I had to go try somewhere else.

He was the one, told me they was lookin' for deputies...

...up in Bismuth.

I made myself up a new life there.

About a year ago, the sheriff there got himself shot.

And I was chosen to replace him.

And while I was cleaning out his office...

...I found this.

You should've changed your name, Liz.

How many Elizabeth Brundys you figure there are in this world?

And how many of 'em you figure don't got no tongue?

Elizabeth Brundy...

...I hereby arrest you for the murder of Frank Blain...

...your former employer and proprietor of Frank's Inferno.

Your past done caught up with you, Liz.

As life progresses, images blur.

All that remains are memories.

I remember her well.

She was a warrior.

Always in control.

I've often wondered what she was thinking about on her way down.

I like to think she thought of me.

I like to think she knew I would grow up to be strong.

I remember her well.

At least I think I do.

It feels like she always stayed with me.

Watching over me.

Protecting me.

Hey, come on. Put that down.


You coming?