Broadcast News (1987) Script

I don't know a recent Saturday I've sold more

Why so glum?

Were you bothering by those waitresses making a fuss?


But, honest. What are you supposed to say when they keep talking about your looks?

I don't even know what they mean "Beat them off with a stick. " if that's your only problem It's not

I got my report card

Three Cs, two Ds and an incomplete.

I see you studying so hard, Tom. What do you think the problem is?

I'll just have to try harder. I don't know.

I will. I will. I will.

I will...

Thanks, Dad, this talk helped.

Will you sign it, please?

Would it help if I got you a tutor?

That would be great It better help What can you do with yourself if all you do is look good?

I'm frequently asked what the special difficulties...

...are in being graduated from High School... two months shy of my fifteenth birthday.

I sometimes think it was the difficulties themselves which enabled me to do it.

If I'd been appreciated or even tolerated...

...I wouldn't have been in such a hurry to graduate.

I hope the next student who comes along and is able to excel...

...isn't made to feel so much an outcast.

But, I'm looking forward to college;

...and this is the happiest day I've had in a long time.

So, I thank you and I forgive you.

Go ahead, Stephen. Take your last licks.

But this will heal what I'm going to say to you will scar you forever.

Ready? Here it is.

You'll never make more than nineteen thousand dollars a year.

Okay, what about this:

You'll never leave South Boston and I'm going to see the whole damn world.

You'll never know the pleasure of writing a graceful sentence...

...or having an original thought.

Think about it.

Nineteen thousand dollars... Not bad.

Dear Felatzia,'s truly amazing to me...

...that we live a world apart and yet have the same favorite music.

I loved the picture you sent...

and have it up on my bulletin board. You're growing...


Oh God Daddy. Don't ever do that to me.

Look, it's time for you to go to sleep.

I just have two more pen pals and then I'm done.

Finish quickly. I don't want you getting obsessive about these things.

Good night.

Dad, you want me to choose my words so carefully...

...and then you just throw a word like'obsessive' at me.

Now, unless I'm wrong please correct me if I am, ...obsession is practically a psychiatric term... concerning people who don't have anything else but the object of their obsession...

...who can't stop and do anything else.

Well, Here I am stopping to tell you this. Okay?

So would you please try and be a little more precise... instead of calling a person something like'obsessive'

Good night.

Hi. It's me.

It's thirty minutes before you have to meet me in the lobby...

...nudge your mate.

I don't think it's time to eat...

...but there's a cafeteria at the bus depot once we get down there.

I love working with you two.

It saves me a call.

Hi. Turn on your TV...

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the today's show Good Morning America and the Morning News...

...and I think he's live on at least two of them.

At 6 o'clock on the wake-up news they used the wrong missile graphic.

And they call me this morning to say...

Now listen, Arnold just said that he's been making three million a movie now.

But he's not ever gonna change.

He's still the same person when he was making two million dollars a movie.

He feels no different.

He also bought a brand-new condo with Maria, they gonna furnish tastefully.

A half hour in the lobby.

Okay, I'll see you in the lobbies.

There he is.


I'd like to talk to you for a second.

Just a few questions?


We came from Washington.

Move away from me.

Last week he was...

Ok No. Watch this. I want you to watch this.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckes. Snot... Fuckee.

You want to use that?

It depends on how big a news day it is.


I can't believe he said that.

Very proud of He really...

You should work on your speech.


It makes me nervous to think about it. Let's do this.

We are being increasingly influenced by the star system.

The network anchormen are so powerful they compromise our last best hope.

Our profession is in danger.

The current group is clearly qualified, ...tied still to our best traditions, but...

...who follows these men?

Excuse me.

We are being pressured... detect a loyalty...

Oh, I've known so many women like that.

They don't like their looks so they're angry.

Excuse me.


All of you know what I'm talking about.

We're all trying to act together than we are.

But we care.

So, we're all secretly terrified, aren't we?

I was going to talk about other trends but...

...the magazine shows, news at profit, ...the historic influence of Entertainment Tonight, ...the danger, the hope, the dream, the question...

Oh, I was going to show you a tape. a story that was carried by all networks on the same night

...the same night that not one... network noted a major policy change in Salt Two nuclear disarmament talks...

Here's what they ran instead...

Go ahead please. Show the tape.

I know it's good film. I know it's fun. I like fun.

It's just not news.

Well, you're lucky you love it. you're going to get a lot more just like it.


Thank you

I dont think to be any q and a



I just wanted to tell you how great you were.

My name's Tom Grunick.

Thank you

They hated me.

I don't hate them.

They say if you can reach even one person, it means something...

And you did that.

Would you like to have dinner with me?


Another thing I can't stand Is this dull? no. No. No.

Another thing I can't stand is...

...when White House reporters bullshit with each other after a briefing...

...and then one of them has a theory...

...and the other quotes it in his story as...

..."White House" sources say...

That actually goes on.


I am not tired.

My room is down here. Do you want to keep talking?

Yes, sure.

Come on.

Even I'm not that hard on myself.

No, really.

I got this job on a fluke...

...and wait till you hear where it ends up.

I was doing sports at the station.

The newspaper ran this untrue story that I was leaving...

...and they got all these tons of protest mail.


So they made me anchor.

So great, right?

Except I'm no good at what I'm being a success at.

How are you at back rubs?

It's sort of normal the way you feel.

In graduate school everyone thought the only mistake...

...the admission committee made was letting them in.

Listen to me. You keep on thinking I'm somebody who...

...who lacks confidence. That's not it.

I know I can talk well enough...

...and I'm not bad at making contact with people, ...but I don't like the feeling that I'm pretending to be a reporter.

And half the time I don't get the unders...

...the news I'm talking about.

It isn't that I'm down on myself. Trust me, I stink.

I trust you.

I didn't even have the chance to get really good at sports.

I wasn't bad.

What about the obvious remedy?

Reversing things. Maybe getting a job on a newspaper.

I don't write.

But that didn't stop me from sending out audition tapes to the...

...bigger stations and the networks.

Well, come on. it is your life. Nobody is tying you to the fast track.

Did you go to college?

So, you're not well educated and you have almost no experience... and you can't write.

Yeah. And I'm...

And I'm making a fortune.

It's hard...

...for me to advise you...

...since you personify something that I truly think is dangerous.

I agree with you. You're not qualified.

So get qualified. You can insist on being better prepared.

You don't have to just leave it with...

'I don't write. I'm not schooled...

...I don't understand the news I'm reading...

...But at least I'm upset about it, folks. '


Just what do you want from me, anyway? Permission to be a fake?

Stop whining... something about it.

Well, you don't have to start right now.

I hated the way you talked to me just now...

...and it wasn't just because you were right.

Oh God.


It wasn't just the speech...

...the same thing happened with this guy.

I have passed some line some place.

I am beginning to repel people I'm trying to seduce.

He must have been great-looking, right?

Why do you say that?

Because nobody invites a bad-looking idiot to their bedroom.

Okay. Let's do me.


I feel like I'm slipping...

...but do people who are actually slipping feel that way...

...or is it always the really good people who are moving up...

...who invariably think they're slipping because their standards are so high?

This conversation is not worthy of you.

I'd give anything if that were true.

Good night.

Wouldn't this be a great world if insecurity and desperation made us more attractive?

If needy were a turn-on?

Call if you get weird.

Take care.

I will.

I was just thinking it was the shortest phone conversation we ever had.

I never told you the reason I was telling you everything for.


Those audition tapes I sent out...

I've been hired by your network for the Washington bureau.

So I'll probably see you at work.



They didn't hire Peter Stiller from the Times and he had a great audition tape.

You want to start going over who they could have gotten?

They can't take on people like this for network news.

For God's sake. What's going on?

Okay, what about this?

Here's a tough ethical one.

Would you tell a source that you loved them just to get some information?

Yes. Yes. Me too. Sure. You bet.

Jennifer didn't know there was an alternative.

Here's a good one.

They allow us to have cameras at an execution in Florida.

Do you broadcast tape of the guy in the chair when they turn on the voltage?

Sure. Why not?

Absolutely. You bet.

Nothing like wrestling with a moral dilemma is there? yeah. Yeah. Speak to you later.

Ok Bobby. Go back to 9-40, 5-40

We could...

Please, Bobbie, we're pushing.

They said I should observe the...

They said it would be okay if...

We're working here! You can stand over in the uh, uh, uh...

Play back the last line...

Thanks. Bobby?

He said something about... Let me hear it!


We'll need it in 14 minutes. We're putting it directly into the...

Jane, Craig, just a second. Let me hear it!

It's been a long time since I've seen my folks and all but...

...I don't expect any big-deal homecoming.

Stop there.

I want to shoot the home-coming from a book I have in the office.

You don't have time. Not a chance. I'll be right down. It's right tight.

I've got to tell Ernie... because there isn't enough time.

Yes, there is.

I don't think she's going to make it.

Okay, Bobbie, just a two-second dissolve to the Rockwell.

Should I... Just a two-second dissolve.

Oh, Jesus, we have three minutes... Why do you do this to me.

Is it because I won an award?

Home coming... Norman Rockwell's enduring portrait.

The return of a fighting man has always been one of the more moving ceremonies of war...

We have a minute and a half.

It's my responsibility to tell them we won't be ready.

Uh-uh. We're be ready.

In 84 seconds?

Oh, God.

You're saying'Oh, God...

They are going to go to up and the screen will be black...

...they're going to go to black because we're not there.

How about careers, huh? We're not going to make it.


We got it.

No there she is.

Ok, stand by.

Home coming. Norman Rockwell's enduring portrait The return of a fighting man has always been one of the more moving ceremonies of war...

Tearful women, proud men, excited children.

But J.D. Singer was right his homecoming was no big deal.

Aaron Altman An american comes home.

That's your news. I'm Bill Rorich. Good evening.

Look at that smile.

That was good work.

Bill smiled. He liked it.

No, Bill loved it. That's a big smile.

I haven't seen Bill smile like that in weeks.

Good piece. Thanks Ernie.

I'm gonna see it again. Ernie?

He did smile.

Don't tell anyone I do this.

I'm sorry if I was in the way. It was totally impressive. Great piece.

You weren't. Thanks.

How does it feel being here?

I can't believe I'm really here.

Do you know where Martin went? I think he went downstairs. -Ok, thanks.

I can't believe I'm really here.

No I'm wrong. He went to research.

I can't believe I'm really here.

No kidding. If you're through work now...

No. Aaron and I go to Central America on Wednesday so I'm cramming.

I thought you were incredible in there.

Everybody was.

I know how much I have to learn. I'd really a lot appreciate it... if...

'Really a lot appreciate it... '

You make me nervous.

Anyway if I can pick your brain...

I can't help you, sorry. I'm not here to teach remedial reporting.

And it has nothing to do with the fact I left your room instead of staying there?


You're gonna have to understand something.

This isn't personal.


Good night. Good night.

Really? Well I'm sure you speak English very well too. Thank you.

Ready for this?

He says they've been engaging the Sandinistas pretty regularly...

...and he thinks there's gonna be a shooting tonight.

Look at her.

If anything happens to me... tell every woman I've ever dated I was talking about them at the end.

That way they'll have to reevaluate me.

Put on the boot.

No. No. What the hell are... No. Stop. Stop. Stop.

We are not here to stage the news. Wait and see what he does.

Sir, you do whatever you want.

It's your choice.


He just said he scared.

The first shots were fired not ten seconds ago.

The Contras feel they must be outnumbered...

...this is so small a unit: that's a given.

Still they manage to hold their ground... despite the fact that their weapons have been acting up... the misfiring or jamming.

No new shipment of arms is expected until tomorrow...

...all they got today were the shoes.

Great line at the end.

Did you shoot their boots? Yeah. Of course.

We can cut back at the end, right?

To the pan of the supplies boxes...

I can't believe I just risked my life for a network that tests my face with focus groups

I don't feel good.

x Hi. How's it going?

...chosen by the military command.

A fire fight along the Nikaraguan border... when we return.

First shots were fired not ten seconds ago... Freeze.

Congratulations you two. x

There's a guy downstairs clerks brought in and vouches for.

He says he has something to say about gays getting promotions at State...

Can I buy you dinner sometime soon?

I just got back. I don't know which end is up.

Okay Jane! Bill Rorish wants to speak to you at the break, now.

I never heard of him handing over compliments in the middle of the show.

Jane? Yes?

Darling, if it gets any better than that, ...I'm going to have to bring you up here to New York.

Thanks. I just wish you'd kept the first 20 seconds.

But thank you.

Well, the visual with the boots at the end was just perfect.

God, he loved the boots.

Aaron should be hearing this so I have an extra witness.

Well, you always want to give the credit away, do you?

No, I don't. He happens to deserve the credit. He's right here.

I'll speak to you soon.

He had to read over some new copy.


Okay if I watch you tape that interview downstairs?

Yes. Thanks.

Laugh so they think I'm not dying inside but have so much style...

...I just said something funny.

What did he say?

I'll never tell.

x He's never gonna forget it. This way.

Ok. I'm with... Right.

Could you give me that adress one more time. Alright.

Yeah. It's good to finally beginning to work.

17204 color red or...

Yeah. 17204.

Got it. 17204 Yeah, right.

Jane! Got a story.

Hi, how are you? Wait. I need you.

I got a story.

Some public official skipped a week on his Christmas Club?

The House Armed Service Committee has a secret report which says that... the General Stillwell tank the Army has dumped a fortune into plain won't work.

I got it cold, confirmed.

They have 5 million dollars in this thing already. -Billion.

Right, billion... ok, of course.

They said I could have any producer I wanted and I want you.

One source referred to it as a 5 billion dollar metal sculpture...

...too ugly to look at and too big to bury.

Did you write this?

I write for you sometimes. Not because you have to.

General Elton McGuire is in charge of the weapon system.

General, I don't want to bother you anymore or your family.

But tomorrow there will be a mob of me back here.

So, if you have anything to say, why not say it now, sir, the way you want?

That's great. I think it's great you left in what you said. Just great.

Yes, please let's never forget. We're the real story. Not them.

Yeah, I know, I went back and forth on it.

I liked it. He's not afraid of being human.

Tom Grunick, The Pentagon.

This if the Pentagon did have enough problems...

Thanks Jenny. Sure.

Tom, My youngest wanted to meet you. This is Ellie.

Hi, Ellie. Hi.

You should be honored she never wanted to meet anyone here before.

But she said that she just love you on television just now.

Hi, Ellie, remember me?

I'm not sure. I'm sorry.

I've been to your house.

And Aaron went on that 14 day raft trip with us last year.

Oh yeah.

I had a big yellow raincoat on.

It was over my head. Yeah.

The hair's different. Yeah. Hi.

She knows me.

Hi, Dad... Did you see it?

I'll send you a tape...

I'm sorry I haven't called. Things were a little bumpy for a while.

It's not important...

Hey, Dad.

I think I just may be able to do this job...

I'm glad you were sure.

Our host.

Come on in. Sorry we're late. Jane's fault.

I don't know why we have to feel defensive about it.

Newspapers are in business to make money. Why not us?

I mean They criticize us for supposedly pandering while they run WINGO Games.

Exactly right.

Excuse me. I'm paid to mix.

Goodbye, Paul. Take care, Paul.

It takes a certain kind of...

...courage to talk like that in front of the President of the News Division.

You think anyone who's proud of the work we do is an ass kisser.

No. I think anyone who puckers their lips and...

...presses it against his boss' buttocks and then...

...smooches is an ass kisser.

My gosh, and for a while there, I was attracted to you.

Wait a minute that changes everything.

x Martin, would you excuse us for a minute. No.

Come on.

You know I didn't mean to ask

This is very awkward.

I see Tom around you a lot...

...and this is such a small office and I'd like to see him outside of work, unless there's some reason for you to mind in which case I just won't do anything.

Whew. Do I mind? Why do I mind? No.


I do mind.

I mean I think about him outside works sometimes but...

...I know I don't respect him...

So what am I talking about... What am I saying to you?

You're saying stay away from him.

I can't be.

We don't have to settle this definitively right now.

Wait a minute!

Tell me one person who ever left television news to work on a newspaper.

You're right.

Looks good.

See you.

Hi Tom. Hi.

It's the firs time I've seen you dressed like this.

You look so clean and pretty.

What do you mean clean?

At work there's always this sort of film over you.

I've got to find someone.

It's important. Excuse me.

Jennifer. Hey, Jennifer.

Forget what I said you do whatever you want to with him. there's nothing I'm going to do right this second.

Oh come on. It's your day off.

You're entitled.

You're leaving?

Okay. Right away.

Ernie. Tom. Tom.

What is it?

A Libyan plane just shot up one of our bases in Sicilia.

This might be at the time to tap that source of us. He might have an angle or something.

Jennifer we need you.

Jane We want you to exec produce a Special Report...


A Libyan plane just shot up one of our bases in Sicilia. It's all still happening.

Since Paul's here, he's made out the assignments...

So Jennifer at the White House...

George at the Pentagon...

Martin at State...

...and we need an anchor since Rorish is in his boat, we're gonna do the whole report this afternoon from here... with Tom.


You're not gonna use him at all? It's not my choice.

It's 1:35 and it is Tom.

You can reach me at the office.

Paul forgive me. I'm really sorry interrupting you.

Paul. Yes, I need to talk to you outside for just a minute.


Tom isn't ready for the job you're about to hand him. Not near ready.

Not by the longest shot.

And Aaron's spent six weeks in Tripoli, he's interviewed Gaddafi...

...he reported on the Eight-one story.

I think he's essential to do the job we're capable of...

...and I think it's my responsibility to tell you that.

Okay, that's your opinion. I don't agree.

It's not opinion.

You're just absolutely right and I'm absolutely wrong?

It must be nice to always believe you know better.

To think you're always the smartest person in the room.

No, it's awful.

You better get going.

Nervous? Excited.

Tell George and Jennifer to try and cover everything...

...without Tom having to ask additional questions.

Ok Bobbie says... Did you hear what I just said?

Do you have that? Take a breath.

And the most important thing...

...make sure his earpiece works, ...have back-ups ready. That's never been more vital.

He must be able to hear me at every second and clearly.


We have twenty minutes. Yeah ok.

You can wait in the studio.

Stand by

Good luck Jenny. Ready.

Stand by please. Thirty seconds to get ready All the most checked in. Everyone hears the program clearly?

Yes. Everything's good. Executive producer. Wow.

Stand by bt5. I'm gonna seconds there.

Thirty seconds. Alright. Stand by camera one please...

Tom, can you hear me?

Tom, can you hear me? Tom? Tom?

Damn it... He can't hear me... I told you if there was one thing...

I can hear you. I was just teasing.

Good afternoon.

A Libyan fighter plane attacked...

...a United States Military Installation at Sicilia at 10.07am.

Libyan made 21 and it was itself shot down by American F-14 Interceptors.

The Libyan missile destroyed an army warehouse which, just 30 minutes earlier, ...had been crowded with servicemen.

When we take it back...

I can sing while I read...

I can singing and reading both.

The Libyan made 21... on the U.S. air station at Sicilia.

The heat seeking missile virtually disintegrated the plane on contact...

All remote stand by please.

George, you're ready? Yeah Should I cover everything or should I save something for Tom to ask about?

Cover everything!

Ok, we're going to George.

Say'the Joint Chiefs are meeting we have George Weln at the Pentagon'.

George Weln is at the Pentagon and reports...

...that the attack launched by the lone Libyan pilot...

...has resulted in a massive movement of US military might.

A lot of alliteration from anxious anchors placed in powerful posts.

x It's Aaron.

Yes? Hi.

Listen. The pilot that shot down the Libyan in 1981 is stationed right here.

Maybe you could get him.

Also Tom should say that F-14 is one of the hardest planes to fly.

And They're nicknamed'Tomcats'. Thanks.

The F-14 is one of the most difficult planes to master.

They called'Tomcats'

George, isn't the F-14 Tomcat... of the most difficult machines for a pilot to master?

I think you're right. and in the 70's the first crop had a number of crashes.

There was trouble with them in the early days back in the 70's.

Thank you George. Jennifer Mack.

I say it here. It comes out there.

Hi. Me again.

Listen Gaddafi doesn't foam at the mouth or anything.

When you speak to him he's not at all nuts.

He seems like a leader very impressive, self-control... that's what's so crazy.

Ok good. And we have the'81 pilot on the way in Nobody else will have him.

You're welcome. So how does it feel to be executive producer?

I gotta go. Me too. Gotte go. We're very busy here.

It's the Gulf of Sidra.

The name of the US commander is Nathan Benchley.

In the summer of 1981 two Libyan jets suddenly attacked to American air...

The plan against Nathan

I don't really well...

...nations including the US...

...after a brief dogfight both Libyan jets were down by the American fighters.

The name's Nathan Bencley. ... is at the Pentagon.

So, -that's great. That's great- commander, it must have been a bit tougher..., shooting down the Mig-21 The one you got was SU-22...

What is it like... - What is it like to be in a dog fight?

Ok, after this guy, we'll go for... about ten seconds.

Ask him how does he know when he has a hit.

Dou you know you have a hit from one of those screens inside your cockpit or...

That's good. That's good.

The equipment is very sophisticated but the...

...whole pilot point of view you like to see it to conform it. Thank you commander.

It's always been considered an outlaw nation but strangely...

...some of those who have interviewed Gaddafi find him, a phrase we like to use in this country, very'presidential'. Nice, Jane.

Just a minute.

Then we gotta get Martin Klein To State for the message from Libya, ...then you'll have the carrier pilot from the Sidra in time to...

What? No! You missed him! We only have ten minutes left.

How can you talk to me about parking problems?

No, not you'll try, you'll do it, do it or I'll fry your fat ass, Estelle. Good-bye.

I had no idea she was this good.

Tom, Fill for a second.

The latest message seems to indicate that the Libyan pilot was...

...acting on his own without authority from anyone else.

In other words, I think we're all okay.

Ok Tom.

The Libyan Government has disavowed any prior knowledge of the attack.

I'm Tom Grunick, reporting from Washington. Good afternoon.

Animation. Thanks everybody. We are out.

You're great.

I've never been as proud of one of my decisions.

Great work, Jane, really You know? Really.

Well, there were no major gaffs anyway.

No major gaffs? You were brilliant.

Thank you Jane.

Thanks Ernie. Sure.

This was important for Tom.

There's that bonding thing that happens with the public...

...and an anchorman during a crisis.

It's not the conventions anymore; it's this kind of moment.

Oh, hi. Hi.

Great job. You too.

Good work Tom. Thanks.

What a baptismal. Congratulations.

Thanks. With all the help you get, it's sure easier than local.

Where's Jane? Ý'm still juiced. She's back there. Thanks.

Can I help you gentleman? We're here to play the new news theme.

You're an amazing woman.

What a feeling having you inside my head.

Yeah. It was an unusual place to be.

It's like indescribable, you knew just when to feed me the next line...

...second before I needed it.

There was a rhythm we got into, It was like great sex.

You have to celebrate with me, don't you?

Everybody's going to that bar down the street,'Caps. '

I'm going over to Aaron's.

But maybe I'll hook up with all of you later How long do you think you'll be there?

It starts off, but it's very hi-tech syntho... like this.

Big finish.

I got chills.

Wasn't Tom great? Well, it worked.


It was good.

Your calling in that information.

You are the classiest guy I know.

Here. Have a beer.


God. It was so strange watching him. What's the next step? Lip synching?


You know I've been doing some of the most important thinking of my life today.

I wonder if this is the right time to tell you about it.

Whatever you think.

I figured out why it is I'm so hung up on getting a chance at weekend anchor...

It's because if I do that well, ...then they'll pay me more, ...and my life will be great and they'll treat me better. That's why.

Sounds like you may be on to something.

Which means I'm at their mercy...

...and who wants that?

No, I don't want to tell you where this thought led me...

Why not?

In the middle of all of this...

I started to think about the one thing that makes me feel really good...

...and makes immediate sense...

...and it's you.

I'm gonna stop right now.

Except I would give anything if you were two people... I could call up the one who's my friend...

...and tell her about the one that I like so much.

I'm not gonna say any more.

I merely do some about the pa...

Come on. I'll walk you to the corner.

You get some sleep.

Right now? After I walking.

You were stunning today.

There, You have some place to go? Yeah.

Good night.

Well, I felt something.

Hey. We're going to Caps Bar at Seventeenth and Vermont;

Connecticut is clear on Sunday so...

...take that over to Fifteenth, ...and then straight down Vermont and we should bypass Thomas circle that way.

If you don't go over forty we should catch mostly green lights.

I didn't think you'd make it.

Well, I thought I'd check and see if all of you were still here.

But you know I'll just go in and join the gang and you two go on.

All the gangs have gone. We were the last ones. There's no more gangs.

Well, I'll go in and have a burger.

Jennifer, you want to have another burger?

Hey, I know how to have a burger by myself.

I just feel like a little solitude.

I sure know that feeling.

Terrific work today.

Right back to you.


Good night.

I feel great.

Are you sure you...

What for?

We have the greatest car and the greatest driver in all of Washington...

Give me some of that.

Where's the bathroom? Through the closet.

I'm so tired of being defensive about my closet.

But I always had problems with space and it was...

...getting store I couldn't find anything and you know how always buy new things.

So I converted a bedroom...

...and wait till you've been doing this sixteen years.

I think it's a great solution.

Not only the storage but you can see everything you have.

Do you do bunny rabbits?

Isn't this a great date?


Good morning.

God help me.

Well, They've been looking at just about everything.

Foren bureaus, domestic bureaus...

...and all kind of personal even equipment Anyway, they seem to be very very serious...

...about making me cut...

24 million from the budget.

Now this is going to mean massive firings...

I'm doing whatever I can.

But I did want you to be aware...

...of this very serious situation.

Now, we're going to also be covering the Alaskan serial killer trial... on a continuing basis. I'd like it to be assigned out of Washington... which means we're going to have to get someone on a plane to Anchorage.

We can't fool around anymore. Jane.

Who do you think? George Weln or Jennifer? Jennifer.

Night Emily. Good night Jane.

Come on, I'll buy you a drink. There's a big thing going on over at the Italian embassy.

I'm not sure I'd be good company tonight.

I'll be the judge of that.

I'll get my coat.

Two please.


I'm alright.

Heavy hitters. Yeah.

How you doing? Good.

Network news. Washington.

I love it.

What do yo do when your real life exceeds you dreams?

Keep it to yourself.

You know yesterday I really wanted to know your...

...reaction to how we did with the Libyan report.

I was going to ask but I think I'm...

...I'm a little intimidated with you.

Oh, stop it.

You can't talk about feeling intimidated when you're on top of the world...

...It's unseemly. I'm not buying into any of that.

I have a load to learn. I'm not goingto act as if...

You have the job you have... Shut up for a second.


Pretty petty party, isn't it, pal?

I made one rule for myself when this started...

...and I realized that I was going to take a lot from you people... because of being from sports... And the rule was...

Never to pretend to know more than I did.

Can you name all the members of the Cabinet?

Okay, let's drop it. What?

I mean I'm not gonna take a test for you...

I mean if that came up in conversation...

We're conversing. Oh no the names of the Cabinet has slipped my mind.

Do you know them?

Ok, don't name them for me. Just tell me if you know.

Yes, Aaron. I know the names of the Cabinet. Okay.

All twelve?

Yes. There is only ten.

You're feeling good, aren't you? I'm starting to... Yeah.

We may do the capitols of the states next.

Fifty, right?

Hi. There you are.

x Yes.

I'm so exhausted.

Punchy. Sick tired.

I can't think and I can't move.

I'm just a dead lump...

...of poured out flesh.

Would you like to come up?

Maybe we could just sit here.

Talk a little? Okay.

I'm going to have to do a story from beginning to end on my own.


I have an idea for something.


If I tell you, can you manage not to put it down or or...

...or tell me why it won't work or... in bad journalistic taste or anything like that?

Yes, Tom. I think I can manage.


It's about women who are attacked by someone they know on a date...

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it...

Keep it there. Wait a minute...

I didn't say anything.

I'm innocent before...

Innocent? You're guilty.

Door. Door.


Jane. Yes.

Tom? Ýs that you? Yes.

Hey you called me.

Is it your story?


Are you going to the Correspondents' Dinner?

Why, you need me for the story?


Were you going to go?

Maybe I'll get off work.

I'd like to go.


We can go together.


So you like me, huh?

I like you as much as I can like anyone who thinks I'm an asshole. street cops say... that fits. Is that last cut work for you, Bobbie?

Yeah. Good.

Thank you for asking. Thank you.

Acording to the FBI...

...there are more than 87000 rapes reported last year.

Most people think if a rapist has a violent stranger...

...but today an attack may be what's called'date rape'...

...being forced to have sexual intercourse against your will with someone you know.

It's just you want to find a nice guy...

So anyways, it was that you know 'give-him-a-chance' thing.

I was lonely.

So, We went to a movie...

...and when he brought me home. He said could he come up for one beer...

...and then he would go.

So how do you say'no', to that?

My cousin done it. Really?

So first...

it was kind of a like wrestling match...

...which was awful enough because... got very violent.

I'm a modest person...

...then he ripped my clothes off...

...and he forced me to...

...make love.

And the he stayed in my apartment...

...and he forced me more times.

I'm sorry.

I promised myself I wasn't gonna cry...

It's just...

...this whole thing has just messed me up.

Can I turn on the news for a second?

Alright, sex, tears, this must be the news.

I'm sorry. I'm in a pissy mood.

What's wrong with it?

Nothing. I think you really blew the lid off nookie.

The victims often remain too terrified to talk...

...the police powerless to perform properly...

...and all the social welfare groups can finally do is monitor this epidemic...

...of crime without punishment.

Tom Grunick, Annandale, Virginia.

Malcolm West on trial for the murders of 15 men...

Nice work. I've got to get a crew off the clock.

What did you think?

It moved me.

I did relate to it. I really did.

It was...

...unusual for you to cut to yourself when you tear up...

...and that might not have been... my choice.

...but it was real and it got me... and...

I think a lot of the time I'm too conservative about that kind of stuff.

Okay? Okay.

Hey Tom. God it was really swell tonight. Good.

Four more bodies now taken from the frozen earth.

Jennifer Mack, Alaska.

How are you?

I was just writing you a note.

What do you say we take a walk?

Outside? Yeah.

I'm no suggesting the worst will happen...'s just somebody with your brilliance...

...gets nibbles about other jobs now and again...

...maybe down the road you should look into it.

Ah, damn those fucking jerks. They want to fire me.

All I know is that they've got to fire a large number of people...

...and not even going by seniority.

There's a recklessness in the air. They... Do one thing to me? What?

Get me one shot at anchoring the Weekend News...

...they've never seen me do that. It could turn it around for me.

I could do that this Saturday.

Everybody wants off for the Correspondents' Dinner. -Do it then.

Please prepare carefully. This couldn't happen at a better time.

Prepare what? You have Saturday's news handy?

It's a long while since you read the news. I'll have somebody work with you on it.

Just on superficial performance things. Please.


I think I'd better be alone for a while.

I understand. I'll go with you. Thanks.

This is very uncomfortable for me...

...because well I don't mean This is a knock but we approach this thing so differently.

We sure do. and I don't mean it as a knock either.

Ok, go ahead.

I'll just tell what I think and you can disregard it if you want.

Alright, I just don't know how effective this is gonna be...

...because of our different approaches.


Report tonight... Wait.

What? Your coat jacket is rising up in back.


When you sit, sit on your jacket a little.

That'll give you a good line.

Report tonight... Look at the monitor.


Report tonight from far down on the Arabian Peninsula indicate that heavy fight...

Your jacket Aaron.

For a second... What are you doing? Don't touch me.

Sit on it. No, but just dont handle me.

Sit on it. I'm sitting on it.

Now look. Don't fit...

Fantastic tip.

That's great.

Continues for a second date between government and rebel forces and...

No, no.

Don't let your eyes move from the beginning of the sentence to the end like that.

You don't want to look shifty, do you?


And the right side of your face is the good one.

Go ahead.

They going to let me do the news like this?

Heavy fighting continues for a second day...

Try to punch one word or phrase in every sentence.

One idea per story. Punch.

You were smokin' there toward the end.

The pointers were great. I'll study the tape.

Go this way.

Just remember that you're not just reading the news or narrating.

Everybody has to sell a little. You're selling them this idea of you.

You know, you're sort of saying is,'trust me.

I'm... credible.

So when you feel yourself just reading...

...stop and start selling a little.

So long.

You look like... this porcelain thing. You look beautiful.

You look beautiful.

That's gorgeous.

What are you carrying? A fistful of... and ten jacket.

Help me pick some, come on.


I'm thinking the grey suit.

Tom... why don't I meet you there?

I've got some last minute stuff I've got to take care of...

Hey, how did you resolve your dilemma did you rent the tux or buy it...

I knew it. How much?

Okay. I see you there.

I didn't know you were going with him.

You are going to wear that shirt?

No, blue.

Let me look at the grey. Look.

Not bad, right?

So how about a necktie. Ok, you brought all of them.

How much was the tops? Eleven hundered and fourty bucks.

No. Yes Try this one. Okay.

Not bad.

I read about it in the magazine...

...that's how you can make sure you don't put on too much perfume...

Could you at least pretend that this is an awkward situation for you... showing up while you're getting ready for a date.

It's not a date.

It's co-workers going to a professional conclave.

I hate missing it.

I wish I could be there.

Me too.

If it gets dull a little before 11:00, drop by the studio.

I'm not sure I'll be able to.

If... if not, I'll have the tape...

I'll wait for you at my house, ok? Okay, great.

Good luck.


Have a good time tonight. You too.

Come here.

What is it?

What's the matter?

What are you doing.

Oh no.

You are all wrinked and... I've got shoulders.


Maybe I'll just stand here and guard your corner.

I'll be here when you get back. Thanks very much.

Don't take in and go nineteen to Pennsylvania. Turn the underpath right...

Hey Nick...

Aaron. Hey George.

What are you doing here? Anchoring...

...anchoring the weekend news.

Way to go. Thanks.

This is terrific Aaron.

It's a pleasure to read, really.

There's water on the set, in case I get an attack of cotton mouth.

Yeah, sure. You'll be fine.

He was lecturing...

...finally I just said I'm sorry...

I refuse to look at it as a negative. I'm young...

...and my news appeals to people my age.

And it's not like he just didn't hire a twenty-six-year-old producer himself.

No kidding, twenty-six.

Well hello Tom.

He moves and smiles...

If he doesn't see me soon, we're not supposed to be together.

It's for me?

Hi Jane. Hey.

It's incredible who's here.


Me. dress. Thank you.

Ok 20 seconds there.

15 seconds.

10 seconds.


The weekend report with Aaron Altman. Go...

Good Evening...

In mood and language better suited to an espionage novel...

...than the delicate world of the Western Alliance, ...the British Foreign Secretary today pounced on what he termed, ...'The nest of professional spies and amateur traitors...

...who were turning NATO Headquarters into an instrument...

...whose only true function is folly. '

We begin our coverage with Edward Towne in London.

Take it. The British Foreign Secretary use the...

She's coming you now. 20 seconds.

Gee whiz.

I think I'm perspiring.

Don't worry.

Are you seen this?

5 seconds.

...the sub-bases referred to are located in five countries...

Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain as well as Great Britain...

This is more than Nixon ever sweated.

Our own State Department was rocked not only by the revelation...

...but from the highly unusual persistence of the State Press Corps.


Martin Klein reports on the ruckus at Foggy Bottom.

Just how noticeable is this, huh?

Do you have a big one? Oh good Suzy, hurry.

5 seconds!

A bomb exploded on a railroad bridge outside of the India...

...sending a passenger train...

120 people reported injured, at least 22 people dead.

Commercial. I wish I were one of them.

Remember Brinkley's great line "It's as irrevocable as a haircut. "

I like that. Can I have your autograph for my wife?

How you doing, Paul?

You're finally learning to be flexible. Glad you changed your mind about Tom.

Ma'am can I check your purse?

I'd like to... contents by myself.

Excusae me sir. May I see that briefcase?

I'd like to check the contents.

Can I see your purse please?

We gotta go. Huh?

I'm sorry. What?

You ok?

I'm so sorry I pulled you of the dinner...

These things can be a lot of fun, everybody tries to me funny.

All of this is suddenly obvious.

People trying to make political careers out of how many laugh together.

When you... Why can't I let go of this woman?

At least kiss me when you do that.

You just can't stop editing me. Huh?

This is hysterical.

I was half hoping I wouldn't have a good time tonight.

You know why?

Because you're nuts.

Right, right. Isn't she fun to tease?

What? More and more lately...

...when I've watched you in action...

...seen all your energy.

I've been wondering...

...what it would be like to be inside all that energy.

Me too.

I don't remember ever saying anything like that exactly...

I don't know why I just did.

Oh let's see. Wait a minute, Well, I can think of two reasons. What?

Three... I just thought of a third...

If you talk about it, you don't have to do it.

That's not it. Good.

Another is you're trying to make it all about sex and heat and nothing else. or...'s that great feeling that you don't want to hold anything back.

You know, intimacy.

Oh, shit. I'm a creep. What?

I forgot all about Aaron. I promised to stop by and see how he did.

I'd like to know. I'll go along.


I'll be back at your place as soon as I can.

Jane! What happened?

Don't run off like everything's settled the minute you make up your mind.

He might be weird, He can talk more freely if I go alone, why's that so hard to understand?

It's not that it's hard. It's just that I like you to give me a minute... I can catch up.



Don't yell at me like that again, you scared the life out of me.

It's open.

I was in the shower. How'd it go?

You didn't see it or speak to anybody? No.

Then it went very well.

Did it really go well? Define your terms.

Do you feel good about it? No.

Do others feel that you did well? No.

Then what was good about it? I lost six pounds...

Aaron, will you tell me? It was great...

There I was...

...writing my little first rate copy, ...sitting on my jacket, punching my one thought.

Except I had this historic attack of flop sweat...

They'll never let me anchor again, ever.

Oh, I lost one of your shoulder pads. I think it drowned.

How was your evening anyway?

What do you mean, flop sweat?

You're making too much out of this. I'll bet you were the only one aware of it.

People phoned in.

Stop kidding with me. I want to know what happened.

I'm not kidding.

There were complaining phone calls because you were sweating?

No, nice ones worried that I was having a heart attack.

If all that happened, how come you're so chipper?

I don't know.

At some point it was so off the chart bad it got funny.

My central nervous system was telling me something.

Jane, sweat running down my face, makeup falling into my eyes...

...people turning this fusillade of blow dryers on my head...

...all so I could read introductions to other people who were covering stories...

...which is what I like to do anyway. Yes.

And I'm chipper because you finally showed up.

I'm gonna cook for us.

Tequila and eggs sound good?

I have to be someplace.


I told what's his name. Tom, that I'd meet him.

Call him up.

It can wait, right?

I don't know.

I may be in love with him.

I knew it.

Get out of my house now. I want you out of here.

I'm not kidding. Get out of here.

You go to hell.

Come back here. Come on.

Don't go. This is important to me.

I think it is important for you too.

Come on sit down.

Sit down.

What is this? I'll take it.

What? Give me one minute please.

This is tough.


Let's take the part that has nothing to do with me.

Let me just be your most trusted friend now, ...the one that gets to say all the awful stuff ok?

I guess.


You can't end up with Tom...

...because it totally goes against everything that you're about.

Yeah, being a basket case.

I know you care about him.

I've never seen you like this with anybody, so...

...don't get me wrong when I tell you that Tom, very nice guy... the Devil.

This isn't friendship.

You're crazy. You know that?

What do you think the job is going to look like if he's around?


Come on noone is going to be taken in if he has a long, red, pointy tail.

Come on. What's it gonna sound like...


I'm semi-serious here.

You're serious... He will be attractive...

...he will be nice and helpful...

...he will get a job where he influences a great God-fearing nation...

...he'll never do an evil thing... he'll never deliberately hurt a living thing

...he'll just bit by little bit lower our standards where they are important.

Just a tiny little bit. Just coax along flash over substance...

Just a tiny little bit.

And he'll talk about all of us really being salesmen.

And he'll get all the great women.

Hey you.

I think you're the Devil. You know I'm not. -How?

Because I think we have the kind of friendship where if I were the Devil, will be the only one I would tell.

Well you were quick enough to get Tom's help when...


I think if it's gone well for me tonight, then I probably wouldn't say any of this.

I grant you everything...

...but give me this...

...he personifies everything that you've been fighting against...

...And I'm in love with you.

How do you like that?

I buried the lead.

I've got to not say that aloud; it takes too much out of me.

I've never fought for anyone before.

Does anybody win one of these things?

Hello. Hi.

Where are you?

I can't get away just yet. I'm at Aaron's.

Well, when?

I'm not sure. It seems like he had sort of a mishap on the news.

I know. I taped it.

Well, it wasn't as bad as he think, was it?

It wasn't unprecedented or anything?

Not if you count'Singing in the Rain. '

Do him a favor and don't treat it like a tragedy. You want me to talk to him?

He says you could hardly notice it.

I'll talk to him.

Don't say anything about anything.

Hi. Hi. sorry I'm tying up Jane, I didn't realize you two would be going this late. Sorry.

Don't worry about it. I'll put her back on.

Hi again.

I'm sorry about this...


Don't worry. That sounds more important.

Let's forget about tonight.

I don't know...

...if that's absolutely necessary.

I've my father coming through tomorrow anyway.

I should get some sleep.

I'll see you at the office.

Good night.

Hello? Yes.

Okay. Good night.

Good night?

Jane, I'm not some chore you have to finish so you can stay on schedule.

Okay, great, Grunick. Easy shots now huh? Good night.

He just cancelled.

He had a chance to think and he cancelled.

I can't breathe.

Damn it!

Oh what a guy.

Well, Jane, thanks for stopping by.

Good night.

I kept trying to call you, you never called me.

Were you just diddling me? Ýs that it? I'm great if I'm helping your career.

But when I'm a woman for a second, I get immediately fucked around by you.

Jane, this is my Dad.

I'm very pleased to meet you sir. Please forgive what I said.

I'm sorry.

You just light up a room and leave, huh?

You want my opinion?

The thing that's easy to miss about Jane is...

You want my opinion? And it's okay if you don't.

Yes, I would.

The way she just acted is not the way an affectionate person acts.


Just when do you start, telling people?

Almost immediately.

I'd like to take everyone out after the show. -Fantastic.

Hello Donny. Bill, what a surprise.

Good to see you again.

Bill Rorich.

Bill, this is hard on all of us and... time for compliments.

But I think it's extraordinary of you to come down here for this.

Well If we're not here for each other during the tough time we're not a news organization Bill.

Welcome back to Washington. Bill.

Well, thank you.

I've forget is she on the list?

This is a brutal layoff...

And all because they couldn't program Wednesday nights.

You can make it a little less brutal... by knocking a million dollars or so off your salary.

A bad joke. I'm sorry. Awful.

It's a miserable day...

...and that was just some kind of sick-joke defense mechanism...

It just does not indicate any of my feelings, not one...

...but just shows the kind of stress this represents for all of us.


Tom. It's about time.

It's good to see you. Thank you.

I feel terrible about what happened.

What did he say?

He said...

...that he liked you...

...because you looked like you had fire and honesty.


Did he really? Yes.


Paul canned me.

Well, my brother will feel great, now he's not the only screw-up.

Tom, Paul wants to see you.

Ernie. -What? They're calling from work.

Tell them I'm on the way in. It's Paul.

He'll just be in a minute.

I hate this so much.

You know I'm just old enough to be flattered by the term,'early retirement. '

That's wonderful. What a lovely line.

Now if there's anything I can do for you.

Well I certainly hope you die soon.


This is a severe cutback, Tom.

27 people in this bureau alone including technical personnel...

...and we're going to reorganize at the same time.

We're going to drop you out of Washington and assign you to London.

He knew that we're gonna offer me this before ever when in there.

I can't stand this.

This is not... -We careful each other too much to be dishonest... let me tell you the simple truth:

I'm leaving. No matter who they replace me with here... or they're gonna make me leave anywhere...

...the fact that each you take some...

...and I know you think any better than I am.

Goddamn, no I'm not.

Oh my god. I'm gonna miss you. Me too.

Have you guys seen Jane? She's back there, getting my job.

The first woman bureau chief we've ever had here.

What did they do with you?

They booted me out of Washington.


There's no system that wouldn't value one of us.

Why? What did they do to you?

It's what he did. I'm proud of him.

They told me they'd keep me...

...because they could plug me into any story and my salary was in line.

The cost-efficient reporter. So I quit.

Jane, I gotta tell you something. Yeah?

Except for socially.

You're my role model.

You packing up tonight?

I'm sorry that they're sending you down but I'm sure you'll make it back.

Where are they sending you anyway? London.


Yeah. That's a promotion!

I don't think so.

Yes, that's where they had Rorish, for God's sake, before they made him anchor.

I can't believe you.

They're grooming you for it all and you don't even know it.

Hold it down, will you?

Can I ask you something?

You only had one camera crew on that date rape piece, right?


You're not going to stick around for the farewell party?

No. I don't know how much fun it's gonna be when Martin Klein...

...and Ernie turn off their credentials with the security guard.

Hi... Can I speak to your wife?

No message at all, I'I see you at home.

This is one story they are not gonna cover. of course the network doesn't cover it it must not be important so why worry.

I'm going to miss you.

You're a prick in a great way.

You know what I mean. No, I liked the way it made me sound.

Okay. Be good. See you.

You figure out his hiring.

It's not... Donny. Thank you, Jane.

Bye sweetie. Good luck.

Oh sorry.

You know... but I always wanted to tell you that...

...this is the third cutback...

These people...

This also awful.

It just hurts physically, doesn't it?

Like something's wrong with your bones, your organs are shifting inside your body.

Maybe I haven't been here long enough.

But, hey, congratulations on the promotion. Congratulations? How can you say that to me?

I'm sorry I can't stand here feeing bad because I don't feel worse.

This has happened at every station I've ever been to.

Do they owe you any time off?

Fourteen weeks.

I think it's crazy for you to come in here tomorrow morning and start a new job.

I have a week before after I get to my job.

Let's get the hell away to some island fast and...

...and find out how we are together away from this.

Well, I just think...

...that's an extraordinary proposal.

That's yes?

That's more than'yes'...

...that's'you bet. '


Bastard, sneak, quitter. Speaking.

I just found out. You didn't say anything to me? You just resign?

Will you meet me now? Oh, no, I can't. Maybe next week...

No, I'm going away tomorrow. Please. Alright, I meet you the place in...

Ok, I'll meet you there.

Anyway my agent has a hot prospect the number two station in Portland.

The general manager there says he wants to be every bit as good as the networks.

Personally, I think he should aim higher.

Tell me the God's honest truth...

...are you leaving because of me? Because if you are...

Ernie said you're lucky if you can get out while you could still cry...

...which means I should have quit this place three years ago.

You're just trying to say all great stuff so I'll feel even worse that you're not around.

Let's go.

I just want to sit here.

I mean the feeling stay here...

...that's powerful.

Why is that?

Maybe the best part of your life is over and you dont wanna get up and start the bad part

You are now required to sit here with me.

Come on. smart for a second... What do you...

...think will happen to us?

What will happen?

Okay, that's very easy.

Five, six years from now I'll be in town to collect an award...

...representing the surge in foreign coverage by local stations.

What will they call you at work?


Yes. anyway I'll be walking with my wife and two lovely children...

...and we'll bump into you

...and my youngest son will say something...

...and I will tell him it's not nice to make fun of single, fat ladies.

You won't be able to stay mad at me, right?

I hope so.

No. I'm not really mad.

I'll miss you, we'll talk, we'll always be friends...

...we'll get hot for each other every few years at dinner and never act on it, okay?

I gotta go.


Do you know how Tom had tears in his eyes in that interview we did with that girl?

Ask yourself how we were able to see that...

...when he only had one camera and that was pointing at the girl during the interview.

I'm fairly sure I was right to tell you.

This whole thing just messed me up...

...maybe more than it should have...

I'm sorry. Stand up.

Are you okay? Yes, I'm sorry.

Don't be silly. What are you sorry about? The way you were looking at me, I just went.

Point just...

I just need a minute more of your time, so we can shoot from behind you towards me, and, um...

...that way we have someplace to go when we cut. And...

...I sit here, I nod my head, I look nerdy.

It kills me we didn't get you on camera.

It was so powerful seeing your reaction. Really?

For a second there, I thought you were gonna cry yourself.

That would have been something.

Give me a minute...


Oh, it's amazing.

Could you tell me where we can catch a bus to Washington? Thank you very much.

Look who's the organized one.

I've got everything. I'm not going.


I saw the taped outtakes of the interview with the girl. I know you...

...acted your reaction after the interview.

It's verboten, huh?

I thought since I almost did it the first time, but...

...I get you.

That's not the reason you're not coming? Of course it's the reason.

It's terrible what you did. We disagree on how God-awful it was.

Why don't you come with me and we can disagree and get a tan at the same time?

Jesus, if you're gonna be glib about this I'm gonna lose it.

Jane, keep it down.

Jane... I was up all night and...

It made me ill.

That's better.

You could get fired for things like that. I got promoted for things like that.

Working up tears for a new piece cutaway.

You totally crossed the line between...

It's hard not to cross it; they keep moving the little sucker, don't they?

It just proves that the difference we... This is a one-way argument. We've got 6 days

...if you go and we fight and we hate it, we'll come home.

If you don't go? That's a much bigger deal. I leave for London right after that.

So, it'd be very big deal if you stay...

The plane's boarding. You're good at deadline. Here's your ticket.

It's amazing. You commit this incredible breach of ethics and you act as if I'm nit...

I'm giving you a hard time about nothing Try and get this. When you edited that...

I'm leaving now.

Gate 82.

Good morning. Good morning.

Dupont Circle, please.

Don't take the beltway, because at this time of day there's gonna be a...

...Go any way you want.

But New York Avenue's faster.

...when they told me Bill had decided to retire...

...and offered me the Evening News, ...I thought it was the same kind of joke we used to pull back at the station...

...turning off somebody's prompter in the middle of a show.

But when they heard my reaction, they thought I was kidding.

I told them I'd be their anchor but I didn't want to be the Managing Editor...

...that there were people better qualified than I to control the content...

...and if there weren't we were all in trouble.

And now to something more important... I'd like to introduce my fiancee.


Aaron. Congratulations.

Lila, this is Aaron Altman. Oh yes.

Oh, this kid...

...couldn't possibly belong to anyone else. What's your name?


Hey Cliff, do you know who this is?

The big joke?

I don't know.

Do you know? Jane's down here. No.

I'll take Cliff over to see you.

Can I come along? Yeah.

I'll meet you back at the place. Is that ok? You'll be okay.

Come on, we'll see Jane now... The speech was magnificent.

Oh my, I forgot to say something about your speech.

I appreciate it.

Tom, we're proud of you. Thanks.

Hey guys. Come over here.

Hey, what is this? My life's rushing in front of my eyes.

Clifford come out of here, I wanna show you something.

Clifford... Come on. I wanna show you something.

A picnic? I thought for ol' Cliff here...

...but who know about this. It would be great...


Yeah,... culture shock.

You are more adorable than your pictures. Look at you.

Look what I got for you Cliff.

That's terrific. Let me see it. Come here.

Are you any closer to a decision? I think so.

Aaron, they've been talking to me about being a Managing Editor. -Really?

I'm gonna take it.

A great surprise. I didn't think we had a chance.

They told me you wanted to stay in Washington.


...there's a guy, but he says he'll fly up a lot.

Well, we should talk. You have time for dinner? Ý'd like you to meet Lila.

I'm sorry but I was looking forward to that, I'm going back in a few hours.

It's so good to see you.

It's nice to see you.

Congratulations on history's longest winning streak.

If you ever get restless in Portland, let me know.



Bye... boss.

Hey Cliff.


Come on.

So, who's the guy?

We met about three months ago.

He works at the surgeon general office.

He loves boating.

So, he's been getting me into water skiing.

I like it! So, doll, what about you lately?

My wife got this new job...