Brother (2000) Script

Are you Japanese?

Want me to introduce you to some good-looking babes?

Asshole doesn't even speak English.

Is, er … Is this all right, sir?

Thank you, sir.

Are you going out, sir?

Oh, please don't bother, sir. You already gave me a tip.

Please take the gentleman to this address.

Got it.

He worked here a while ago, but he got into some trouble, so I fired him.

He says he quit.

Excuse me!

Yamamoto lives near here.

Go 3 Blocks that way, and then turn left.

He lives above the Trade Building.

He's into some bad business with some black guys.

Better be careful.

Damn! Where the fuck are your eyes, motherfucker?

Huh? What you gonna do about my wine, motherfucker?

Ain't some old cheap-ass wine. Gonna cost you $200!

Huh, yeah … huh? Huh?




Hello. Good Day, Sir!

The Big Boss wants to go out?

Yes. Please wait a moment.

Hey, move your short legs!

Excuse me.

We're in the middle of a war now!

Got it!

Hey, go upstairs!

Yes, Sir!

Keep it open, asshole!


Get out!


Any new girls?

The same old faces.

A pack of cigarettes.

What about her?

Come on. She's Mr. Yoshida's girl.

Right. I haven't seen him for some time.

What about him?

Oh, Jun.

He was introduced by a liquor vendor. Shall I …?

No, no.

It's great to get out of the house.

Lots of great women here!

No fun at home staring at the old bag.

Come on, drink up!

Take the boss home!

Big Boss, please. What? We're leaving already?

Let him pass. Spoil sports!

Too weak, Sir?

Too strong!

Brother, shouldn't we call a truce with the enemy?

You're getting soft.

Can't be so headstrong, We're not young anymore.

Cops are already here.

Dump it somewhere.

Hope the boss went home.

And not to his mistress's.

Why the fuck are you here?

That's how it is, so might as well come to an agreement.

We don't want it to get out of hand.

Better to disband the family.

Hisamatsu says he'll look after you.

Goddammit. This is a wake?

Shit happens.

"Shit happens"?

What's with this tie?

Back off, punk!

"I have a wife with children and my men."

"I cut off my finger.

So let me join the family that killed our Boss."

"Please, Brother?"

Don't brother me! I don't want this!

I should kill you, you traitor!

You call yourself a yakuza?

He's doing it for us.

Please kill me instead.

Please forgive us! Please!

You stay out of this!

Sorry, brother.

Never mind. I'll talk to Aniki for you.

Well, see you.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

You're out of line.

I declare this to Mr. Harada and the 10 men who will become dependents.

As you drink the sacred sake before you, you will become members of the Hisamatsu Family.

As you may already realize in the strict world of the yakuza even if your boss tells you, white is black you must put aside all reservations and agree to his view.

Damn Hisamatsu!

Why is he taking that bastard in?

I think the police pressured him.

There was no alternative.

This way, our enemy is finished.

Aniki doesn't fit in.

It's like he's not needed. Cause he's an outsider.

After all, you were enemies.

It can't be helped.

I've been told to kill you.

You're a pain in their ass and they don't trust me.

Then, kill me.

Come on!

We're sworn brothers.

Could you leave the country?

I'll take care of everything.

I could go to America.

My kid brother's there.

Impossible for a yakuza?

Brother, would you really go?

The Chinese guys can make up a passport.

I'll get you some money, too. Please.

I owe you one.

Hey, I'm supposed to die.

Who is he?

A bum named Sakamoto.

Let's see his face!

Doesn't look anything like him.

Hey, put these clothes to him!

Destroy his face and hands. Burn his back.

And plant the driver's license on him.

Give me booze. Booze.

What a dirty bag!

We were too busy getting the money to get a better bag.

So, my name's Sakamoto.

When you sign your name, please use these characters.

The PIN numbers are there.

What's this 1-1-2-3?

Big Brother Harada's birthday.

Says he wants you to remember him.

That idiot!

Hey, who the hell are you?



My friends, Jay and Mo.

This is my big brother.

Hey, whassup? Whassup?

Where's Denny? How come he's not here yet?

Must be gambling again.

Let's go without him, then.

We've got something to do. Stay here.

We'll get something to eat later.

Check it. OK, let's go.

You doing all right?

That's how I have to hit 'em sometimes.

I can feel 'em!

One, two, three, four, let's go!

'You're brothers, but you don't look alike.'

Yeah. We are half-brothers. I don't know the details.

We were all abandoned.

Isn't that right, my brother?

We were orphans, huh?

We were all put in, er, some funny institution.

My brother paid for me to come here and study.

And you end up pushing drugs.

Don't say that in front of my brother.

But he doesn't understand English anyway.

Is there anything you need, sir?

Do you have water? I'll get you some right away.

And what time will you be leaving tomorrow, sir?

Damn! No tip this time!

Aniki, you shouldn't tip the hotel maid $100!

He gave the maid 100 bucks to make his bed.

He must be really loaded.

Then the maid left him $95 change and this note saying, "You shouldn't spend money like this. $5 is enough."

If it were me, I'd have kept it.

Hell, yeah!

Hey, Denny. What happened?

Some joker cut me up yesterday, man.

Who? Fuck if I know.

Chink. Some Jap motherfucker, man.

Must've been trying to gank another tourist.

You don't give up, do you?

Denny, this is my big brother. He's here from Japan.

Your brother didn't run into me yesterday, did he?

He's not the one who fucked my eye up, is he?


Aniki, didn't meet him yesterday, right?

Didn't cut his eye, right?

All Japanese look the same to you.

You can't tell one from the other.

Maybe so. Well, shall we go?

Yo. Y'all gotta roll without me, man. This shit is hurting.

Then you can hang out with my brother.

But he doesn't speak English.

What the fuck am I supposed to do with him?

Drink beer and kill time.

OK, Aniki.

How much beer are we supposed to drink?

Let's play.

'All right, check it out.'

I'm betting you six to one odds, all right?

So if I win, that's six times, all right?

If I bet $10 I get 60 back, OK?

Roll the dice.

Um, ah, let me think … three.

Three. It's gonna be a three. I know it in my heart.

Six. Oh, you betting, too?

All right. Well, if you win you get $60, you know?

Let's see who's gonna … Ain't that a bitch?

All right, let's do it one more time.

This time I got two and four at three to one odds, all right?

So if I get one of them, that's three times, OK?

All right? Let's see what you got now, player.

Come on. Come on.

What? What?


No, no! Ain't nobody gonna get six twice in a row!

You crazy, man, or what? Well, what is it?

Ain't that a … Something wrong with these dice, man!

You're cheating. Something. God damn!

$20, man …

Hey, where you going, man?

Ah, ta-ba-ko.

Ta … ta-ba-ko. What?


Oh, tobacco! There's a store right out there. Check it out.

Cheatin'-ass mother … What the hell?

Oh, now, ain't this a bitch? Oh, yeah.

A fucking hole in the cup?

Son of a bitch!

A hole in the cup!

It's the oldest trick in the book, man!

I can't believe this shit.

Hand over the money for the last batch.

All right.

What the fuck is this?

Fifteen hundred, right? No, three Gs.

Hey, that's too much.

That's the price.

We can't make money, then.

Take it or leave it. I didn't make you sell drugs.

What are we supposed to do? Shut the fuck up!

All right, you cheating son of a bitch, where's my money?

I'm leaving.

Don't go, Aniki! His thugs will get you.

Got any guns?

Some old ones. Bring them!

Mo, get my brother back to the hotel … please.

All right. Be careful!

What the fuck is going on?

Ken's brother beat the shit out of Victor.

That's tight!

Are you the Jap that beat up the boss, hmm?

Come with us. Come on.

Yo, hold up, man.

You don't follow him. We'll kill you.

Hold up. Then why'd he hit Ken?

What the fuck do you want, cabrón, huh?

I want them shot! I'm fucking pissed!

If you kill him in one shot, he'll give you 10 bucks.

What'll we do?

Take their turf.

We'll have trouble with the Mexicans.

Then, it's war!

My brother says we are going to war with the cholos.

Aniki, do we have to stay in here forever?

No choice. We go out, we're dead!

Hitmen may be here already.



What's going on?

I'm at war in America, too.

What exactly did he do in Japan?

He was a gangster.

Who's the other guy?

His lieutenant.


They contacted us.

What did they say? Want to meet tomorrow.


At the Sunset Square Hotel at 10:00.

Hide them.

All right.

I'll check the conference room.

Where we gonna hide these?

Take 'em out of the bag.

Will it fit? Yeah.

Wait a minute.


So do you think you'd get away with what you did?

They're asking, if we think we can get away with it.

So. Want a war?

What are you gonna do? Go to war with us?

We'd wipe you out!

They say they'll kill us.

Tell them: try it.

Bring it on. Come on!

Just relax. We're kidding.

Let's discuss this like gentlemen, yeah?

We'll give you the territory.

We didn't like those guys anyway.

From now on, you're gonna be in charge, just as it always was.

You don't have any objection to that, right?

They say they'll give us the turf. Say: we accept.

OK, we accept.

Okay, go!

You told them you'd let them have the territory.

Why do that for these fucking Japs?

Why not?

We're gonna massacre 'em all later anyway.

It was occupied. Couldn't get them.

What're we going to do?

Feel under the table.

Good to have insurance.

I understand fucking Jap, asshole!

Where did Aniki say we were going?

He said he's meeting some woman.

A date?

He's interested in women now?

I'm sorry I'm late.

Hi, guys. I'm Marina. Nice to meet you.

Can't make out if she's pretty or ugly but she's sure got class.

What the fuck?

Just joking. She's beautiful.

He's just joking.

Thank you!

'Hey, where's Denny?'

'It's his mom's birthday, he's at home.'

'Doesn't his mom work any more?'

'She don't need to be a maid any more.'

'Right, right.'

Hey. Thanks for coming by. No problem, man. Free food!

Hey, Ma, these are my friends.

Hello. Happy birthday, Mrs Turner.

This is for you, from my brother.

Oh, from your brother? Thank you.

Ah, he's not my brother. He's not here.

Oh, OK, all right.

Listen, would you guys help yourself to cake, please?


Go on. There's a lot for everybody. Go on.

Oh, look at this! This couldn't fit me.

For Latifah. Is it?

Come on. Come here. For me?

Yes. Oh, Latifah. Oh, my goodness.

You know how to put this on?

That … That … That bitch took Aniki, took Aniki.

Oh, this is nice. I know when I'm gonna use this!

Your friends have such wonderful taste!

There. Let's try this one. Oh, boy.

OK, OK, how do we get this off? Ah, here we go.

Ah, this is interesting. What's in this?

Put 'em on!

They know what to get you, don't they? Don't they? Look at that.

Oh, man.

Now, don't try to be too cool.

Higashiyama, pass the ball to me! To me!

It's my ball. Isn't it my ball!

Don't you know the rules?

That's it. Higashiyama. Over there. Pass it to me.

That's why the Americans beat you! All right. Over there.

Hey, Minamino, over here!

I'm open. See?!

Pass it. What's the matter with you?

Hey, Moose! Moose!

Hey, Higashiyama, come here!

You're out. Because you won't pass.

All right, Moose. You're the helper.

I'm telling you to pass to me!

All right, Moose …! Pass to me.

Come on, to me …

I told you to pass you bastard!


Why do you like this place?

I lived in this kind of place.

Must have been poor. Shut up!

Let's go.


Come on, relax.

Ooh. Hey, Jay.

I'm Michael Jordan.

What? I'm Michael Jordan.

No, you're more like Michael Gordon.

Not Michael Jordan, don't get it twisted.

Michael Gordon, that's you. I'm Michael Jordan.

You know what I mean? You know what I mean?

Y'all got Michael Jordan? Not our Michael Jordan.

I'm Michael Jordan. Oh, OK.

The same Michael Jordan. Not the bald-headed Mike.

No, you're like Shaquille O'Neal right there.

That's who you're like.

Shaq, you're like Shaq. I'm Michael Jordan.

Man. Man.

Er … woman.




Man, even if I raise my handicap to 20 … How much more could I win in an hour? It's crazy.

Woman. Damn.




The same woman is going back and forth down the street.

What's going on?

That's Aniki's woman.

Ken, would you sign this?

All right.

Sign, please. OK.

You're spending too much.

What are you doing? Hurry up, do some work!


That was my piece until a little while ago.

Well, once we take it, it's ours.

Oh, I get it. Kinda like you.

What's that?

This guy isn't paying up so I'll send this to his house.

Show me! Then, he'll have to pay up.

Hey, how's it going?

That ho hasn't called yet, sir.

How many hos do you have? Five, sir.

Business is slow, huh?

Nice fucking shirt!

Japs and niggers! Big fucking deal!

Hey, wanna play some dice?

Hmm, OK. All right. No cheating.


All right, I'm gonna call my mother real quick.

Hey, what's up, Ma? Yeah, it's me.

I'm gonna be late, all right?

Got some things I gotta do. Yeah, I love you too. Bye.


Drop the gun or I'll kill him.

Denny, shoot! Shoot!

Drop the gun! Put the fucking gun down!

I'll kill him! Shoot! Shoot!

Put the gun down!

Drop it! Shoot!

Oh, shit.


He needs rest.

All right. Sorry, doc. Hope this is OK.


What the fuck did you do?

Keep your eyes open.

Don't you think it's time for your brother to move?

He likes it here.

What about you?

I'll go with you, Aniki.

How is he?

Much better. He was fooling around with Denny.

We caught the pusher who ran away.

They caught the runaway pusher.

What shall we do with him? Have him cut off his finger!

What are you doing? Stand up!

Hey! Go to the sushi bar. Get knife and cutting board.

What are you guys gonna do?

Cut his finger off.

What happens if you cut his finger off?

Erm … he can't swim straight any more.

How's that? You can't feel anything, can you?

Do it.

Do it.

Do it!

I'll show you how to do it. Stick your finger out!

Wait, wait! I'll give it back, all right?

Just stop the shit. Don't cut my fucking … Oh, God!

Get off me!

Oh, shit! You mother-FUCK!

Who's the boss of Little Tokyo?

We can expand if he joins us.

Hey, Mo. Yeah?

Who's the boss of Little Tokyo?

Some, ah, player named Shirase.

Shirase? Shirase.

Should I tell Aniki if we got together, like join up with them, our family will be bigger?

What do you think?

A guy named Shirase. Let's talk to Aniki.

Joining forces with Shirase is a bad idea.

Why? He's way too dangerous.

So are we.

Hey, Aniki, want me to get you some cigarettes?

No, thanks.

Why? My stomach … hurts.

I'm sorry, man.

Just joking. Joking.

You're messing with me, man.

You wait here.

Don't give me that bullshit.

Be sworn brothers with him?

Be Yamamoto's henchman?

What the fuck!

I've come this far by myself.

I haven't had any help from anyone.

Why doesn't Yamamoto come himself instead of a punk like you?

Who the fuck does he think he is?

Aniki's not good at things like this.

This? Fuck him.

Hey. These fucking guys want me to be a henchman, you know?

What should I tell them?

You won't reconsider?

No way!

If we joined up, we'd be better off and bigger!

I can do that on my own. Get out!

You motherfucker. We can crush you, anytime!

Just try it!

Didn't work out. Thought so.

He's impossible. Let's go.

Hey, we're going.

I have something to do.

Let's go. My appointment …

What is it?

What do you want?

About what we discussed … I said the answer is no.

We really want you to join us.

If you like, you can be equal brothers with Yamamoto.

That's bullshit!

I'd stake my life for Aniki.

What're you talking about, asshole?

A line from a gangster movie.

Oh yeah? Let's see if you mean it.

Lend me your gun.

Go ahead. Stake your life!

I count on you, uncle!

Hey, stop!

I'm all yours, Aniki.

Kill them!

The boss says we don't need you.

What is this bullshit? You need me!

You wanna fucking expand, you need me. I'm the man!

You know how many I killed? I got a long list of bodies!

Fucking Japs cross me, you'll be on that long list …

You! Come upstairs.

You did it this time, boy. How's your friend feel?

You want some, come and get some Where you from?

Take care, now.

Who are they? Crooked cops. They're on the take.

Get out of here.

Shirase, aren't you overdoing it?

For Brother Kato's sake, we have to make this family bigger.

I'm going all the way.

Don't smoke that in front of me!

Sorry, Sir!

He's in a bad mood. What happened?

What's this dirty bag?

Shut up! Go home!

There's a letter for Mr. Kato.

It's from Mr. Harada in Tokyo.

I'll take it.

How're you doing? How's Brother Yamamoto?

I've had troubles but I have my own family now.

I owe it all to him that I've come this far as an outsider.

That's some finger you had made.

Wearing that, you won't be thrown out of golf clubs?

Mr. Harada and boss sure are prosperous.

Being an outsider, it wasn't easy.

Because of your efforts we've grown bigger.

Keep up the good work and no rivalry.

But, Boss!

Since there's an outsider among us it's hard to tell what he's hiding inside him.

Matsumoto, are you talking about me?

Do you want to take a look at what's in my stomach?

Bring me a knife!

See for yourself!

Take him away!

Matsumoto, you tarnished this celebration.

I demand you take responsibility for this!

Sorry, Sir!

Please forgive me with this.

The Mafia is harassing us.

Should we give them a share?

They're demanding half, aren't they?

Well? Sugimoto?

20% is the limit.

'We got your woman.

'Come to the Sixth Street bridge. Come alone.'

Where is he going? Home … I guess.

Shouldn't you take him home?

He doesn't want me to know where he lives.

Ah … That's playing it safe, huh?

Isn't Aniki coming?

No, he's got something to take care of.


You know, he should pay more attention to the family business.

Hey. The Mafia says 20% is not acceptable.

They want 50%. Well, fuck them!

What shall we do?

It's war.

Fuck with the Italians, we'll be asking for trouble.

We'll all die.

I'm a Yakuza from the old school.

If I have to die, so be it.


Bring him over here. Yes, sir.

Who sent you?

Which family?


You OK?

You don't look too good, man. Gonna eat?

Denny … Run away.


Where to?

Hm. Here, eat it.


All right.

So … It's war.

Hey, boys. Here's to the boss.

Hey, to Don, congratulations.

That's not bad, is it?

Here. Thank you.

We just killed Geppetti, so it's war.

You better be ready.

The Mafia will torture you to death.

If you get caught, take one of these.

You'll die quickly without pain.


You and I, we don't need this shit, right?

It's over.

We'll all die.

What a terrible thing to do.

Clean it up. Yes, sir.


We are going to avenge Aniki's death.

Don't even think about running.

Denny, gimme my 9mm!

OK, buddy, let's go. Colin. Colin!

So, he's dead.

Let's go.

Mr. Sugimoto, you can leave now.

We're closing the office.

I want to update the books through today.

What's that? Clothes.

What is it? Some clothes.

Let's go to my mother's house for now.

OK. Go.

Wait here.



Oh, God … Oh, God.

Oh, God … Oh, God.

Aniki, we're finished. I'm leaving town.

Up to you.

What about you?

I'm staying.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Jay, run!


There's only one of 'em.

Let's go.

Aniki, you don't have to do this, you know?

This is my business.

Denny, OK, go ahead.

Ahh! Ahh! Oh, God!

Oh! Oh, God!

Oh! Oh, God have mercy!

Hey, it's all right.

So what do you wanna do with him?

All right, here's how it works.

Now, one of these five strings is attached to the trigger.

You get to choose three.

If none of 'em pull …

we'll let you go, honestly.

All right? Now go ahead, choose three.

Come on.

Come on!

Pick one!

The first one. On the left!

This one? All right.

All right. Choose another one.

Come on!

Ah … fifth one.

Fifth? One, two, three, four, five …

Pretty lucky guy! All right, last one.

Come on, come on!

The second one. Second.

God damn son of a bitch! You motherfuckers!

Get out. Get out!

Come on. Come on! What are you doing?

Here. Take it. Run away.

Denny, your eye …

I did it.

Yeah, I know, my brother.

You even killed one of your own men.

You evil son of a bitch, you.

Are you Japanese?

Here on business?

You Japanese are so inscrutable.

For the repairs.

Run away?

Fucking run away?

Where the fuck am I supposed to run to, huh? Run where?

These motherfuckers are gonna kill me no matter where I go.

Fucking shit.

My whole life is fucked up, man!

Just fucked up!

Oh, shit!

I was better off dealing on the fucking corner, I swear to God.

What the fuck? What am I doing?

And you give me some fucking stink-ass gym bag full of stinky-ass clothes, huh?

What the fuck are you telling me, die in clean underwear?


Fucking sick Japanese tradition or some shit?

Oh, you fucking … Fuck!

What the fuck is in this shit, anyway?

Oh, shit.

Holy shit! Holy shit!

Oh, shit!

"Here's the $60 I owe you for cheating, "plus interest for you.

"Your brother, Yamamoto."

Oh, shit. Oh, shit, man.

Oh, shit, man. Fuck you!

Fuck you, man!


Fucking shit. God damn it!

Oh, shit!

Whoo. Holy shit!

Oh, shit.

Oh, man.

Son of a bitch.

God damn, I love you, man.

I love you, Aniki, wherever you're at, man!