Brother's Keeper (2013) Script

You must've forgot who I am!

I'm the fool.

I'm the one who has to pretend not to notice when you come home after three days smelling like cheap women and moonshine.

I'm the one who has to lie to the boys when you pretend when they ask where their daddy is.

You lie to them, too, when he come around here?

He has no problem like you.

You don't talk to me like that.


What are you going to do without me next year?

I can ask you the same question.

You know there's a mill down the road from the seminary.

I heard they're hiring.

And when me and Maggie get a house maybe you could take a room.

I don't need your charity, Pete.

Besides, I think I might join the Army.

With this whole communist thing going on, who knows what'll happen tomorrow.

I think it's a good idea.

You go to class as much as you can.

Just ignore him. He's harmless.

What's your bit, Leemaster? No, Pete, don't.



Did you miss me? Always.

I can't wait until tonight.

I got six more votes for you, Pete, and seven more for you, Maggie.

You two lovers should have it made in the shade.

We just hope to have a good time tonight.

Well, well, look what the cat dragged in.


It's sad how bad you want this.

What's sad is to see a cheap leather jacket on a nosebleed.

What, you pick up some old fashion tips from the city jail?

Upset you can't buy enough votes?


He's going to win this like he always does.

I mean I know you hate him for it, but... you don't have to take it out on poor old me.

Well, Andy... maybe I hate you both.

You know this little contest doesn't mean a damn thing to Pete, right?

If that were true, then he'd cut out. Maggie's already royalty in this town.

It's only fitting I'd be standing beside her tonight.

Just like it always should've been.

Not some poor orphan cracker from the back woods.

Any problem here, gentlemen?

No, sir.

Mr. Goodwynn?

Is there a problem?

Now, you listen to me, you rude little miscreant.

When you're asked a question, you answer.

It's called respect.

You know, you could take a lesson from your brother.

It really is a scientific anomaly that you're the twin brother of Peter Goodwynn.

Now, I'm going to ask you one more time.

Is there a problem?

I supposed there isn't, Principal Evers.

You better stop digging.

You're already at rock bottom with me.

Now, you two boys get to class.

Better run along now, Andy, and get to, what is it, shop class?

What you making today?

I hope it's an ashtray.

You think I'm funny?

Keep laughing.


Not so funny now, am I?

What's wrong with you, Goodwynn?

We weren't even talking about you.

Be careful driving.

You know my whole life is in this car.

Well, ain't that apple butter?

I'm always careful.

You know I wouldn't stand a chance without you.

Don't be afraid.

True love has no room for fear.

I thank God every day for my true love.

See you tonight.

Oh, yeah.

Now we're talking.

It's too small.

No, no, no, no.

It fits you like a glove.

It looks tailored to your body.

No, I tried, Pete.

This just ain't me.

I'm not going to that stupid prom.

You're going.

And we're going to be the best looking twin brothers Bainbridge High has ever seen.

You'll find a nice girl in two seconds flat.


No more fast girls for my brother here.


But I'm not walking home in this.


I want to thank you for meeting me on such short notice.

But I venture a guess... that this... will make your trips...


Hold on there a minute, Herbert.

I'd like to hear a little more about this development you plan to build.

I for one, not sure I'm ready to sign off on some harebrained scheme.


This is not a scheme.

Would I have invested my entire fortune in this project if it was a scheme?

Now, I can assure you that this is the real deal and that this is only a taste of what's to come.

Well, I think we deserve at the very least to...

I don't have a lot of time, you see.

Now, I've shown good faith by delivering a proper incentive.

Now, if you want to hear the details of the plan, you can come out to the press conference they got scheduled in ten minutes.

But I'm going to need the documents from you all... now.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

I just need to be a little more certain is all.

Certain? You want certain, huh?

You play ball with me... and we'll make Mr. Rockefeller himself jealous.

Or not.

But I think it's important to note that certain photographs featuring certain people with certain mistresses has a way of leaking out when people don't play ball with me.

Thank you, George.

Good afternoon.

I want to thank y'all for being here today.

In the next few months we are going to break ground on a new project that will change this city forever.

Better jobs, a better standard of living, and a better future for our children.

Masterville homes.

Contemporary housing made affordable for the common family.

Isn't this kind of opposite, isn't the guy supposed to pick up the girl?

Aren't you supposed to take a date to the prom?

There's my girl.

I'll get the door.

You better do something about that hair.

Hey. Wow, Maggie, you look beautiful.

Thank you.

Definitely too beautiful for a backwoods fisherman's boy.

Yeah, but I'm sure you know that, right?

Just having fun getting your kicks with a poor boy?

Come on, Andy, you know my heart belongs to your brother.


That sounds fine now, but... when you look around, realize that this is your future, I'm sure you'll be giving up more than just your heart to the nearest richie rich like Gordon Leemaster.

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have.

What's going on?

Nothing. You got yourself a real fine girl here.

I'm sick of you.

Why do you always ruin everything?

You're ruining your life.

You're trying to ruin mine, too?

Yeah, that's right.

I ruined everything.

I'm the screw up and you're the perfect one.

Maybe I should find God and be more like you.

Dear God, please help me be more like Pete.

That's not the point, Andy.

Then, what is the point?

Have fun at the prom!

You okay?

I'm fine.

Let's try an have a good time tonight.



Should we tell them?

I need some air.

Come with me outside?

You must be cold.

No, I'm fine, thank you.

It's beautiful out tonight.

It's perfect.

I can't wait to marry you, Maggie.

I need to talk to you, Pete.

Listen to me.

I love you, and I want to marry you, but just not right now.

Is this because of what happened with Andy tonight?

Of course not.

Well, is it cause of your father?

What? No.

He doesn't want to see his daughter end up with a Goodwynn.

No. I'm not my brother.

I know that, Pete, and my daddy knows that.

This doesn't have anything to do with my father or Andy.

I love you.

This is just moving a little fast is all.

What about moving to Reedsville?

What happens when I go to seminary in the fall?

You'll still do all of that, and we'll still be together.

I just don't want to feel like we're rushing into all of this.

I guess I don't see it as rushing.

I see waiting as delaying the inevitable.

I love you.

That will never change.

I just want to wait a little bit.

You can understand that?

Sure I can.

I'll wait as long as you need me to.

Come on, snake, let's rattle.

I think we all need to thank our... your wonderful Bainbridge High prom committee for assembling such a wonderful end-of-the-year dance.

So, thank you. And...

And you'll be happy to know that we have tallied all the votes and we'll be announcing prom king and queen in about 15 minutes.

Thank you, and please continue to behave yourselves and respectfully.

What if we don't win?

I'll still be the happiest guy in the room.

Maybe I should go freshen up, you know, just in case.

I'll be waiting.

You really do look beautiful.

Thank you. I love your dress.

I just love that color on you.

It's supposed to be wine, I guess it faded a bit.

No, it's lovely.

I'd kill to have a dress like yours.

Good luck tonight, Maggie.

Gordon, what are you doing in here?

You can't be in here.

You look beautiful tonight, Maggie.

Gordon, you've been drinking.

You always look beautiful, don't you?

Thank you, but you really shouldn't be in here.

You'll get into trouble.

Hey, you remember that time in the fifth grade?

During that bad storm, we were under our desks and I held your hand so you wouldn't be afraid?

You remember that?

Yes, that was a long time ago, Gordon.

I fell in love with you then, Maggie.

And I've been in love with you ever since.

That should be me and you tonight.

You should be my girl.

Now, I heard you and Pete talking and... and I knew you weren't right for each other.

Is that what this is about?

Maggie. I love you. Don't you hear me?

Gordon, you are very sweet, but I love Pete.

Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete.

What does Pete have that I don't have, huh?

I could give you everything.

I don't need anything.

Pete's love is everything I could ever want.

Listen, Maggie.

I'm a Leemaster.

And I always get what I want.

Now, come to your senses and stop being so difficult.




No, no, no.

Get some help!

No, no, no.

No, Maggie.

Please, God.

Maggie, don't.

No. No!

What's going on?

Maggie Maloye, she's dead.

What? What are you talking about? What happened? Where's Pete?

She was mine. It's all your fault.

What did you do it for?

How could you?


Pete, are you all right?


I know.

He killed her.

He killed Maggie. She's gone.

I'm sorry, Pete. I'm sorry for everything.

I wish I could take back what I said to her.

I should've killed him.

He killed my girl, my Maggie, and all I could do was punch him in the face.

Don't let him take anything else from you.

He deserves to be where he is right now, and he deserves what's coming to him.

Now, you better get going. Why? I want to stay.

I want to watch when they handcuff her killer.

Pete... you know those sirens, they're coming for you.

You know that, right? For me? What are you talking about?

He killed Maggie.

It doesn't matter. That's Gordon Leemaster lying unconscious right there.

That's all they're going to see.

Until this is cleared up, they're going to lock you up for this.

They're not going to listen to a single word you have to say.

Now, you don't have much time.

I'm staying.

No, Pete, listen to me.

Do you want to be behind bars for Maggie's funeral?

Now, go home. Take off. Let me figure something out. Go.

I've got someone over here!

Get a medic!

He's still alive.

You better call Chief.

That's Leemaster's boy.

Skin out.

I did it.

You are under arrest for the assault and battery of Gordon Leemaster and the murder of Maggie Maloye.

Wait, what? I didn't kill Maggie.

I didn't kill Maggie.

You just confessed, kid.

All right.

Now, let's make this fast and easy.

Write down everything you remember from last night.

How you killed the girl, beat up Gordon, and anything else you can remember, just jot it down. That'd be good.

And then give me your John Hancock and we'll be all set.

Yeah, I only fought with Gordon, but I did not kill Maggie.

Gordon did.

I see.

Well, I just happen to have five officers that remember you giving a confession.

You're going to have to stop blaming everybody else for all the stuff you do.

Now, I've known you boys for a long time, watched you grow up, know a lot about you, a lot of secrets.

And you know what else?

It's always bothered me that you could never stick to the straight and narrow like your brother.

Remember that night when your mama and daddy died?

Of course you do, you were there.

I remember like it was yesterday.

That was a black stain on this community, I tell you that.

Now, a beautiful young lady, laying cold on the bathroom floor, never grow up to be a mommy, it's all because of you.

That's right.

I'm going to ask you to do something.

It's called, the right thing.

Write down how you killed Maggie.

And sign that paper.

I did not kill Maggie, and I know for a fact that you ain't going to find anything to link me to it.

So you want to do this the hard way, do you?

I am going to find out everything that happened out there yesterday night.

If I find out you been lying to me... you'll be mine.

Come on, do the right thing.

The news of the violence has shaken the small town of Bainbridge.

Police have arrested Andy Goodwynn after he surrendered himself early this morning and have charged him in the beating of Gordon Leemaster.

Circumstances surrounding the death of Maggie Maloye remain unclear. The police have begun an investigation.

We're gathered here to lay to rest the body of Maggie Maloye, who was removed from the walks of life far too soon.

Would you join me in prayer?

Heavenly Father, hear our prayer and comfort these who mourn the death of Maggie.

Grant them peace with the assurance that Maggie and all who are committed to Christ, the one who took their place, will be raised from the dead.

We ask these things in Jesus' name.


It is our sad duty to commit her body to the grave.

Earth to earth, and ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, and our inspiring privilege to commit her soul to our Maker, Father and Redeemer, in the confident hope of coming again...

Jesus Christ, resurrection of the body from the grave and the joyous life in this Earth.

You got any good news for me, chief?

Afraid not.

My boys ain't been able to find one thing with even a scent of Goodwynn on it.

I don't think we're going to be able to prove anything.

Mostly likely, we're going to have to turn them loose soon.

The unsolved murders aren't really the type of thing that draws people into a town.

You know what I'm saying, chief?

Unsolved murders are bad for business.

Nobody wants to move to a community where girls go dead and killers go free.

Well... got my best men on it.

Find some better ones.

What's this?

It's my eye witness account. Account of what?

Prom night when I saw Gordon Leemaster kill Maggie.

I'll look it over.

It proves that Gordon did it.

I said I'd review it.

There's nothing to review. Go arrest Gordon. He's the murderer.

That is enough of that.

I know you came here to help save your brother, but there is no way Gordon would ever do this kind of thing.

Boy wouldn't hurt a fly.

I thought the police was supposed to serve and protect, but you're in Leemaster's pocket just like everyone else in this town.

I think the lion cage is around the corner.

Hey, old man, this isn't the zoo.

I don't do tricks.

No, you're the prom night killer.

Oh, excuse me, the alleged prom night killer.

Yeah, I've heard of you.

No, I'm not that either.

They're going to try and pin it on me.

Oh, yeah, right.

I've heard that, too.


Take a break from sharpening those claws for a while, okay?

And by the way, we serve food in here.

You don't have to eat those.

Welcome to the pen.

Please, dear God, help me to understand your intentions are for my life.

You said you would never leave us orphans, but you're taking everyone from me.

Help them to see the truth.


Pete, don't... It was me.

Don't do this. Don't do this to me.

This is how it's supposed to be. It wasn't you.

It should've been.

It can't be you.

I need this.

What am I going to do now?

We have to do what's right.

What is it?

I can come back. No, just be quick about it. What is it?

I just want to talk with you a minute.

You're going to hem and haw and keep me waiting?

Or are you going to come out with it?

It's about the trial.

It wasn't Goodwynn.


I just thought you should know.

What are you saying, Gordon?

I just want to tell you that. It wasn't the Goodwynn boy?


Well, then, Gordon, who was it then?


Tell me.

It was an accident, Dad. Don't.

It was me.

You think I don't know that, Gordon?

Don't you know what you could've done?

Ruin everything I built for one stupid moment.

Get up.

Now, you listen to me.

You don't breathe a word of this again, you hear me?

Not another soul, not your mother, not me, not anyone, do you understand me?

All right.

I can handle this.

In a dramatic turn of events there's been a new development in the case of the brutal beating of Bainbridge's own Gordon Leemaster.

It was only a few weeks ago when Andrew Goodwynn surrendered himself to police and confessed to the crime, but early this week Goodwynn's twin brother, Peter Goodwynn, has provided police with compelling evidence indicating that he was responsible for the crime.

Pete! Can you give us a quote, please?

Pete, just a line for the story.

Mr. Goodwynn, can you tell us what happened, please?


Still no word on Andy?

Oh, I forgot to tell you, they out released him.

He's got to serve a minimum of 30 days for obstruction of justice.

Oh, I just wish he could be here.

Well, there's good news, though.

They've moved him from state prison down to Bainbridge City Jail.


That's good.

All rise.

This court is now in session.

The honorable Wade Dalimoore presiding in the people versus Peter Goodwynn.

Be seated.

Your honor, I'd like to make a motion to have this case dismissed on the grounds that there has been no evidence gathered so far that ties my client, Mr. Peter Goodwynn, to the murder of Maggie Maloye.

Now, as for the assault charges against Mr. Leemaster, my client readily admits his guilt and he's prepared to take the responsibility.

Does the state have anything to offer?

Oh, yes, we do, your honor.

We are prepared to exhibit evidence to this court that will indicate that the defendant, Mr. Peter Goodwynn, is responsible for the death of Miss Maggie Maloye.


The prosecution would now like to call Miss Guinevere Wonders to the stand.

Place your left hand on the Bible.

Now, raise your right hand.

Do you swear the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?


All right, be seated.

Miss Wonders, so nice to see you.

Where were you on the night of May 14th?

I was at the Bainbridge High School prom.

Oh, lovely.

Did you see Peter Goodwynn there that evening?

Yes. Where'd you see him?

I saw him many times throughout the night in various different places around the school.


My client does not deny being at the high school prom.

However, his presence there does not make him a killer.

Oh, your Honor, I'm not concluding that.

I'm merely establishing that Miss Wonders did indeed see Peter Goodwynn.


Now, did you see Maggie Maloye?


Where'd you see her?

We were in the girl's powder room.

We were freshening up.

Oh, and what happened next?

Told her how beautiful she looked and then I left to go back to the dance but on my back I realized that I forgot my bag so I walked back to get it.

And what happened when you reentered the bathroom?

I saw...

Peter Goodwynn crouching over Maggie's body his hands around her throat.

I saw Peter kill Maggie.

Now, you saw the defendant...

Mr. Peter Goodwynn... kill Maggie Maloye?


He killed Maggie, he did it.

Thank you.

You're very brave.

You may step down.

The prosecution would now like to call Gordon Leemaster to the stand.

Place your left hand on the Bible.

Raise your right hand.

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

I do.

Be seated.

Mr. Leemaster, did Peter Goodwynn physically assault you on the night of May 14th?

Objection, your honor, my client has readily admitted to this.

Why are we dragging it out?

If I can continue in my line of questioning, Your Honor, I'm merely establishing motive.


Go ahead and answer.


Now, would you tell the court in your own words what happened prior to the assault?

Pete discovered Maggie and I in the girls bathroom together.

He discovered you and Maggie together?


What did he discover you doing?

Slow dancing.

Slow dancing?

Now, forgive me, Mr. Leemaster, I haven't had my coffee this morning.

I might be a bit slow.

Now, why were you and Maggie Maloye slow dancing in the girls' bathroom?

Maggie and I were in love, and she was planning on leaving Pete.

Until she did, we had to keep our love a secret.

It was the only place we could go where we could be together.

We were in love and we wanted to dance at the prom.

Help! Somebody help!

So we were there slow dancing in the girls' bathroom when Pete walked in.

Let me do this, please.

I can't...

What did he do when he discovered you?

He was like a rabid dog.

He said, "I'm going to kill you."

And then he ripped us apart and threw me to the ground.

He slapped Maggie and then turned back to me.



Maggie, wake up.


And what did you do?

It was Pete Goodwynn.

He's the best athlete at our school, and I knew he'd kill me.

And I was scared.

So I ran.


And you left Maggie there, behind.

I was... I was scared.

I should've stayed.

I should've helped her.

Should've been me.

Bless your heart, son.

You may step down.

Your honor, I believe that we have presented sufficient evidence to indicate the need for a trial.

I believe you're right.

However, in light of the witnesses' recent testimony, the people would like to amend the charges against Mr. Peter Goodwynn from felonious assault and battery to first degree murder.

Motion granted.

The people would also like to pursue... the death penalty if convicted.


Thank you, Your Honor.

Thank you.

We will reconvene on Monday... where the trial will commence.


She's lying. You got to do something.

Oh, it happens sometimes, son.

But we're going to put up a good fight next week.

This is Frank Mills reporting from WVAP Decatur County.

The fate of an 18-year-old Bainbridge man Accused of killing his high school girlfriend will soon be in the hands of a jury as closing arguments are being made today in the six-week long trial.

The defendant will stand and face the jury.

We the jury of Decatur County, a division of the commonwealth of Georgia, do hereby find the defendant, Peter Goodwynn, guilty of the charge of murder in the first degree.

Mr. Goodwynn... the jury having returned its verdict in proper form, as head of this court, I have the formidable burden of determining your sentence.

Do you have anything to say before I impose the penalties upon you?

I didn't do it.

I didn't kill Maggie.

Mr. Goodwynn, the trial portion of your case is over.

You have already been found guilty of first degree murder.

Maggie was my life.

Why would I hurt her?

We had an eye witness who testified under oath that she saw you choke Miss Mallory to death.

Then she's driving a shiny new car.

Wearing a shiny new watch.

And whatever else it is the Leemasters bought her with.

Okay, Mr. Goodwynn, do you have anything else to say?

Just that you have all made a mistake.

I loved Maggie.

She was my light.


Mr. Goodwynn... based upon your complete and utter disrespect for law and the institutions that enforce it, your disregard for human life, based upon the viciousness and brutality of your crime, I have no alternative but to adopt the sentence

recommended by the state... death by electrocution.

May God have mercy upon you.

Bailiff! No, Pete.

He didn't do it, he's innocent!


Please, Pete!

Mr. and Mrs. Leemaster, I know you got to Jenny.

Everyone does.

Young man, I will excuse your insinuation in light of your unfortunate circumstance.

Now, be on your way.

Come on, Gordy. Let's go wait in the car.

Justice was served today. No, ma'am. Justice requires truth.

An innocent girl is dead.

And Gordon could have been killed, and the disgrace you call your brother is responsible.

Pete didn't do it.

If it wasn't for you, he'd be free right now.

Come on.

You've got it wrong, Mrs. Leemaster!

This isn't justice, it's dirty lies and greed.

Macaire, please, now, let the boy be. Herbert, please.

Your brother is going to die, and I'm going to be there to watch him suffer.

And like you, I'm going to be praying, too.

Praying that he burns in hell for what he did to our son and that poor girl.

You ought to be ashamed.

Opening cell 891!

Think your dad's going to kill me?


You're too fast for him.

No, he's going to be proud of me, I'm going to marry a soon-to-be preacher.

I know they'll be real happy.

You think your parents would have liked me?

Let me see.

They'd have loved you.

Especially my mama.

Boy, she wanted a girl so bad.

My pops said she cried after I was born.

After Andy was born and the doctor told her there was one more coming, she just kept saying, "Dear Lord, please let it be a girl."


But, no, twin boys.

She really did cry.

I miss him, Maggie.

Sometimes I miss him.

God has plans for us.

Only He knows what they are.

But it's for us to prosper and not to harm us.

Plans to give us a hope and a future.

Pick it up.

I'm not bothering anyone.

You're a new fish. And you're bothering everyone.

The new fish are always cocksure punks.

But I'm the old fish.

The name's Carp, and I eat everything, especially new fish.

Look, I just want to go back to reading my Bible.

You don't worry about your Bible.

The only words you need to hold safe in here are mine.

I don't want any trouble. Please, just leave me alone.

You just committed blasphemy.

Hey, this ain't got nothing to do with you.

I'm just breaking the new fish.

You're not breaking this one.

And you better be real careful here, Carp.

Because you're on a real slippery slope.

Wouldn't want you to fall again.

Not everybody's a believer, son.


Thought you might like some of your things.

I'm going to try and find a way to get you out of here, Pete. I promise.

I'm working real hard trying to figure something out.

I don't know.

I think the only way I'm getting out of here is after my visit to old Sparky.

Well, I better get going.

See ya next week, maybe.

I'll keep letters coming.

What are you staring at?

Never seen anyone pray before?

Hi, God.

My name is Andy.

I don't think we've been introduced.

I'm pretty sure you know my brother.

I've never asked for anything in my life... from anybody.

I'm asking you now.

I'm asking.

You know, all I hear is...

"You're done.

You're finished, Andy.

Nothing more you can do here."

But you know what?

I don't give up.

You'd think they'd figure that out by now.

So, where to next?

Think I should be a football player or a fighter pilot when I grow up?

Fighter pilot. Really?

Yeah. Because you'd be the slowest football player that ever carried the ball. I would not. I'm faster than you.

Fine, I'll race you home.


On "go."

Mark, set...



You got a visitor.

I figured it out.

I know how I'm going to help you.

What are you talking about?

I'm going to go into the seminary.

I talked to a minister.

He said he can do it.

He can get me in.

The seminary?

I don't know.

Don't think that's the best idea, do you?

Well, at first I didn't.

But then I got to thinking that it might actually be okay.

Things kept falling into place and... anyway, it's all figured out.

You sure you can do this?

Let's think about this for a minute.

I mean, you aren't that great of a student.

You never liked to go to class or study.

And you aren't even religious.

I just don't understand why you want to do something like this.

I just figured I'd do it for you. For me? How is this going to help me?

Well, I guess you're just going to have to trust me.

Have a little faith, right, Pete?

Well, it's what I wanted to come by and tell you.

And let you know that I'm still going to visit.

Maybe not as much, but as much as I can.

But I'm going to write...

I'm going to write you great letters.

It's going to seem like you're with me the whole time.

Okay, Andy.

I guess I understand.

Hey, Pete, I know it's hard in here, but everything is going to be okay.

You'll see.

Andy came to us a broken man filled with anger and doubt in this life.

But this year, through God's grace, he's found forgiveness and peace in his life.

This is a moment of death.

Death of a life filled with sin.

Let God's light shine upon you, so it can then shine through you.

Andy, upon your public profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I baptize thee as my brother.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, you are buried with Christ.

Good night, Andy.

Good night.

"Dear Pete, sorry if my handwriting is messy.

John, my roommate, he's going to sleep.

He doesn't like the light on so it's pretty dark in here.

I get up before the sun every morning.

Can you imagine?

Remember the days when you would have to drag me out of bed for school?

I know it's only been less than a year, but it feels like a whole different life, a whole different time.

I think you'd like John.

He's a real character and a pretty good singer.

He helps pass the time here.

We have chapel at seven every morning for morning prayer.

Because it's so early, I sit in the front row.

It helps me to stay awake, because all the ministers can see if you fall asleep.

The woman who runs the kitchen and cooks all our food, her name is Rita.

She's got snow white hair and kind eyes.

She reminds me of Gram.

I miss Gram.

I'm sure you do, too.

I got a letter from Aunt Susan.

She said Gram really likes it over there in Birmingham with her.

I know she worries about you, though.

Maybe you could write her a letter.

Let her know how you're doing.

Let her know that you're okay.

The nights are the hardest here.

It's so quiet that it's loud.

No crickets, no snoring, just quiet.

Sometimes I'll cough or shift to squeak my bed, just to make sure I haven't gone deaf.

That's when I think about you, Pete.

I miss you, brother.

I think that's why I'm doing so well during the days, because I hate the nights.

Either the prayers and the classes just distract me from thinking about the situation that we're in, or God's really starting to shine His light because I feel comforted throughout the day.

I don't feel as sad in prayer.

I don't feel so alone."

Hey, this isn't my cell.

What am I doing in here?

Hey, I asked you a question!

What are you doing here?

I came...

Meg, she...

Don't you even mention her name.

I loved her.

Then, why?

It was an accident. An accident?

How do you accidentally suffocate someone?

Why, Gordon?

I'm sorry, Pete. I wish things could be different.

They still can be.

You tell them what happened.

Gordon, you can still make this right.

Tell them what happened.


What will Old Herb and Macaire do now?

I'm already convicted.

What more do they want?

They want you dead... now.


Hey, execution date's been set for June the 27th.

That gives you about 40 days.

Forty days?

But I was told that my date would be years away.

It's only been less than a year.

Yeah, it's the strangest thing.

I've been warden here for 15 years and...

I've never seen a family petition for immediate execution.


They'd like to get me off this Earth as quickly as possible.

Make sure that no one sees the truth.

So there it is, huh? Maintaining your innocence.

Son, let me give you a little advice, you need to make it easy on yourself.

I've never seen a man in your position escape his fate yet and I probably never will.

All right, I suppose we ought to get the paperwork started.

Now, you want us to notify your family?

Just my brother, but I'll tell him.

All right.

Visiting privileges will remain the same up until seven days before the execution.

Now, at that point you can request up to five visitors at a time, plus a member of the clergy.

A facility chaplain, upon request, will be available continuously during the final 24-hour period.

And your wife, if you have one, she... you're not married, are you?


I didn't think so.

Now, the press can be present at the executions.


You need to work on your letter writing skills, brother.

How are you holding up?


I was thinking I might go see the house today, maybe go check on our old fishing spot.

What do you think?

You can do whatever you want, clearly.



Nothing to talk about.

You know why?

Because I sit in a hole all day long, and you've already given me an itemized list of everything you've done for the past two weeks.

Oh, don't forget to write this little gem of an entry down.

I stared at my convict brother for 35 minutes.

It was sad.

He was wearing a drab prison uniform and shiny silvery handcuffs.

His hobbies include sitting in his cell and the occasional mouse sighting in the corridor.

Okay, so you don't like my letters.

No, Andy, I don't.

I don't care about when you wake up or the stupid people you get to meet.

What are you trying to do, rub it in?

Here, Pete, read about my great life.

It could have been yours.

I'm having a great time.

Too bad you're going to die in a few days.

Too bad your girlfriend got killed and you got blamed for it because you love it here.

I just wanted to share with you, Pete.

You're my brother.

I'm not used to being apart from you.

I just wanted to make it seem like you were experiencing everything with me.

Well, I'm not.

I'm sitting in a cage waiting to die.

They gave me my date.

When is it? June 27th.

June 27th, 1958?

Yeah, June 27th, 1958. That's in a few weeks.

I know. The Leemasters petitioned for an immediate execution.

But they can't. They did and it's done.

The warden already started the process with me.

Remember when all this started... and you said the Leemasters were the most terrible people you ever knew?

Well, I've been thinking.

I think that nothing really matters.

Like being good or being evil.

I think that things just happen.

Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people.

It's not like that.

Then, why am I here?

I don't deserve this.

I was a good person. She was a good person.

There's a plan, Pete.

God doesn't have a plan for me.

He never did.

What you reading there, boy?

He ain't going to help you in here.

Keep walking.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop.

I don't need it anymore.

It doesn't work.

All right. I'll take it.

I'll take it.

This day is perfect.

I'd choose sunshine every day.

I like the sun fine.

Something about the rain... makes me feel God's presence.

Rolling clouds and cleansing rain, I don't know, feels comforting.

You are definitely born to be a preacher.

I love how you can find God in all things.

You're nearing the end of your seminary experience here.

Some of you have worked very hard.

God is not finished with you.

He's just getting started.

So I encourage you, as you exit through these doors, listen to him, stay focused upon him, and he will never, never leave your side.

And as we come to a close at this time, I want to pray for you.

Let us pray.

Heavenly Father... we so much thank You for Your presence, for who You are, for what You've done in these young men's lives.

Father, may You continue to watch over them.

May You continue to help them to grow stronger in the work, Lord, You have prepared them for.

Father, these are Your servants.

Give them daily the food that is needed and the message in their hearts as they go to share and minister to those that you place before them every day of their lives.

Our Father in heaven, we thank you for your love and your guidance.

And we ask all these things to your son, Jesus Christ, amen.

"Dear Andy, I'm feeling really lousy thinking about how you're probably feeling right now.

I'm sorry.

I know that you only wanted to try and make this easier for me, but I don't think anything can make this easier.

You have to understand that it's dark.

There is no light.

Seeing you and reading your letters is like seeing the light when it's gone.

It's even darker than before.

You're a good brother.

Sometimes I have dreams about when we were kids.

Sometimes I cry when I wake up from those dreams.

When I'm beside the river fishing with you, those are the dreams that are the most real, the most brilliant.

Now it's me that got caught.

I'm just like one of those fish.

Like the fish on the bank just gasping for air, knowing that he's done for and how it seemed like forever until he would take the last breath.

That's how I feel now."

I hear you got 80 stitches, 40 in each arm.

Well, don't worry about what it looks like under there.

A spotted pig's dark at night.

More advice from the Georgia State penitentiary sage.

So, what, you've been here so long, everyone's just given you a free pass?

Oh, I wouldn't say that. I would.

Out in the yard when you tripped that big Carp.

I think that if it was anyone else that would have a similar fate as him.

Well, I guess if there was some benefit to being in prison for 30 years, yeah, there just might be one.

Thirty years?


What for?

I killed a man.

I was 18 years old.

I guess my brain hadn't quite caught up with my body yet.

So we're in the same boat.

We both stopped living at 18.

Oh, I'm not dead.

You might as well be.

Oh, wait a minute. I get it.

See, comments like that, that's what made you think you could check out of here early, huh?

Let me tell you something, son, you're wrong.

As long as you can pull air into your lungs... you've got potential.

Potential to help somebody.

Right up to the very end.

I read, one time about... the charm of fishing is that even though you are in pursuit of something that's elusive, it's obtainable.

It's like perpetual series of occasions for hope.

And you don't ever know when hope's gonna spring up.

Or redemption.

Yeah, but I'm not a fisherman.

I'm sitting in a hole waiting for someone to start throwing the dirt in on top of me.

When's the hope gonna spring up in there?

You know something?

You might just be surprised.

I forgive you, Pop.

I forgive you.

Busted windpipe.

By the way, I found this on you when you came in here.

It was in your pocket.

I guess if the warden had found it, it'd be his, but that's only if you kicked.

Since you decided to stay with us for a while, that selfish, self-pitying, most of the time, not even well written excuse for a goodbye note?

Well, that ended up with me for my reading enjoyment.

"Those in the darkness have seen a great light.

For those who walk through the valley of the shadow of death, a new light has dawned."

Did you ever think about the fact you might be your brother's light?

Maybe that your dying doesn't have to be so horrible for him.

What do I know?

It's funny, though, I was thinking about the fact that the two of you started out as just a couple of little fishermen.

There's a story in that book I've seen you carry around about a couple of fishermen, Andrew and Peter.

Remember that one?

Do you know it was Andrew that led Peter to Jesus?

I've never done this before.

I knew you seemed the type to forge new paths.

Oh, look at you, kid, you're green as grass.

This being your brother and all, I just think it's ill advised.

No, I don't have the experience with this, but I'd imagine that no matter how many times a person goes through something like this, it never really gets much easier.

I don't know. It's unprecedented.

Well, when you think about it, there's really no reason for you to stop this.

Well, I just worry that you're not fit for it.

I'm a man of the cloth, Warden.

God gives me strength.

He does not put us in situations that we cannot handle.

All right, I'll agree to it.

Now, usually with the execution being tomorrow, we use today to introduce the Chaplain.

Of course in this case, it's not necessary but we still got arrangements to be made.

Now, tonight he'll be shackled, but tomorrow he won't be.

So, are you comfortable with that?


All right, let's get you on back there, then.

Good to see you.

How are you feeling?

I'm okay.

There're gonna let me come see you tomorrow.


Listen, Andy, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I wasn't better for you.

I'm sorry that I'm in... No.

Try and get some sleep tonight, okay?

Everything's gonna be all right.

Don't worry so much.


Last visit.

How you doing, brother?

I know you probably don't want me saying too much, but I was thinking outside right now that if anyone says I love God yet hates his brother, then he's a liar.

For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.

Then I did it.

I forgave Gordon and the Leemasters for what they have done.

And it has brought me peace.

Forgiveness is a transforming gift from God.

It heals, Pete.

I just want to tell you that.

I just want to share that with you.

This one's for Eddie Waters.

An inmate.

A friend of mine in here.

Can you make sure to give it to him? Sure.

And this one's for you.

Don't open it until, you know, later.

Greater love has no man than he would not give his life for a friend.


My brother fainted. He just couldn't take it.

Someone get a medic!

I knew it.

I knew he couldn't handle it.

Get him out of here.

Let's go.

Take care of him.

What's this for?

So you won't suffer.


Very well.

There has been no stay of execution.

Peter Goodwynn.

You have been sentenced to death by electrocution.

Said sentence to be carried out today, June the 27th, 1958 at 12:01 a.m.

Son, do you have any last words?

I do.

Sin and injustice exist in this world.

Maggie's death and now my own, it's all a product of sin and injustice.

But we are not powerless to sin.

We can confront it with forgiveness and compassion.

Herbert and Macaire.

By God's amazing grace and love, I do love you both and I wholeheartedly forgive you.

I hope my death may help you in some way.

I am wrongfully here tonight because of what you did, but I do forgive you and more importantly, I ask God to forgive you, because in your sinful condition, you do not know what you are doing.

May God help us all.

I'm ready.

May God have mercy on your soul.

He already has.


Hey, hey, take it easy there.

I've got to get to my brother. It's over.

No, I need to see him.

It's already over.

He's gone.

This is a special report.

We just received a signal from outside the prison that Peter Goodwynn was awaiting the electric chair.

Ladies and gentleman, just moments ago, the Georgia State Penitentiary convicted murderer Peter Goodwynn was executed for the death of 18-year-old Maggie Maloye.

Come on, dear.


I burnt him.

Had him cremated.

What a horrible mistake.

I'm sorry.

"Pete, we've been looking after each other since we were boys and some time ago I realized that this was not the end.

I knew that I could still save you and in return be saved.

I know in time you will realize that this was the only way.

Study my journal.

It has everything you'll need to know about my life.

It's yours now.

You've always shined brighter than me and people need your light.

On Sunday, you're scheduled to do the sermon at the church down the road.

You were always better than me at public speaking and you'll do fine.

Remember, people will understand why you're out of sorts so you don't have to worry if you appear to act strangely.

Still, I would get in and out, that way you don't have too hard of a test remembering everything your first day on the job.

And, Pete, remember... forgiveness is a transforming gift from God and it heals."


I'm Pete and I'll...


I'm Andy and I'll be giving my sermon to y'all today.

It's about what I want to focus on.

I got nothing.

Hi, Andy.

How are you feeling?

You doing okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I know you've been through a lot. Are you sure you're up to this?

Really, I'm fine.

I need to do this, David.

I understand.

You'll do well, son. You'll do well.

As you all probably know, my brother is dead.

We have all lost loved ones in our lives.

The pain of grief is not an unfamiliar feeling and taking an aspirin offers no relief.

They say that time heals all wounds.

But I don't completely agree with that.

I think that love is the answer.

Love can fill that empty void left by loss.

When a man is sentenced to death, he goes into a dark place, as you can imagine.

He strayed.

The love of his life taken from him, locked up and removed from his family.

He lost his future, condemned to death, living every day in a small box waiting for someone to kill him.

He was angry. No, he was consumed with hate.

But then something changed.

Pete met a man who changed everything, who ultimately saved Pete.

Although he knew he couldn't save Pete's life, he knew Pete could be saved.

Pete's eternal soul could be saved.

Here's a letter Pete wrote to this man, Eddie Waters, who although had spent nearly the last 30 years in state prison was able to take Pete from his dark place and show him the light of eternal love and salvation of forgiveness.

Eddie... when I tried to kill myself, I was in despair.

I would've died empty, but I lived and met you and that meeting changed my life, what little there was left of it.

You helped me recover my faith in God and ultimately saved me.

You made me realize I wasn't feeling unloved.

I was feeling the inability to love and to forgive.

You never knew if I was guilty or innocent.

You never asked because it didn't matter.

It was your wisdom that saved me.

You made me realize the only way to truly feel loved and truly love others... is to forgive.

I have been wronged in life, and there has been unfairness, but I know it is not for me to right the wrongs.

I think these passages say it best.

Do not repay any one evil for evil.

Be careful you do what is right in the eyes of everyone.

If your enemy's hungry, feed him.

If he's thirsty, give him something to drink.

But never doubt that there will be justice, for the good book also says do not be deceived.

God is not mocked.

For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.

So let us all sow with great care, with great love.

Remember that each of us has become a new being, created in God's likeness, righteous, holy, and true.

So put away all falsehood and speak truth because we are all members of one another.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Seek God's love.

Forgive and receive God's love and reflect it back into the world.

Can you hear Amazing Grace?

How sweet the sound

It saved a wretch like me I was lost but now I'm found

We've been here 10,000 years

We've no less days to sing God's praise

Can you hear Amazing Grace?

Oh, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me

I was lost but now I'm found

Can you hear Amazing Grace?

Oh, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me

I was lost but now I'm found

I was lost but now I'm found

When all that's left is to surrender

Sleep will finally come tonight

And if you dream you will remember

There's nothing left for you to hide Within your faith You can come to the conclusion That your life is just illusion in your mind Down in your soul You can make renewed decision of the way That you've been living in your life Peace will finally come and find you

And His love will set you free

Stand by him and he will guide you

And lead you to your destiny And with your faith There can be a new beginning And an end to all the sinning in your life And this embrace You can make renewed decision Of the way that you've been living in your life Yours alone And you never know About the magic that's been missing in your life

And there you go And you're losing all control But you got to get it back while there's still time

A two-legged highway and the wings of a dove Am I headed the right way if I'm looking for love?

St. Chris on my mirror like a map from above Am I headed the right way if I'm looking for love?

If we go as far as your eyes can see When you close them now, do you look to find me?

Now I'm moving about as forward As a dead blackbird flies I'm beginning to think we won't see the sunrise I've given this loving the best that I can

10,000 times now I've held out my hand Now it's broken and bleeding and being dragged through the sand At 10,000 times now I've held out my hand But you never took hold of that guilty blow And did what I felt until you fell in love Now I'm moving about as forward as a dead blackbird flies

I'm beginning to think we won't see the sunrise

You once loved me, I know And my love for you somehow still goes But I don't hear my name in your voice anymore