Brownian Movement (2010) Script

Part 1

Can we wait with group 4010? We aren't ready yet.

Good. I'm coming. Thank you.

I love you.

I love you too.


Don't you recognize me?

Do you?

Slow down... Calm.

Part 2

Ms. Von Ribeck?

On March 4, 2009 the central medical disciplinary tribunal... has made a preliminary verdict.

This serves as evidence for the final verdict... and as an indispensable expert psychiatric report... for information and advice of this case... to determine the time of the research of...

Mrs. von Ribeck's disease or other disabilities show... that the issues... detract too much from her duties as a doctor to perform properly.

The psychiatrist Saint-Jean de Dieu hospital in Brussels... and on behalf of it's disciplinary tribunal report published on July 8, 2009.

The psychiatrist seriously doubts that Mrs. von Ribeck... will be able to properly fulfill her duties as a doctor in the future.

The psychiatrist found that Mrs von Ribeck... not at all understands what she's done.

After the examination the psychiatrist says also... that Mrs. Von Ribeck shows no insight and suffers from an underdeveloped conscience.

This means that Mrs von Ribeck insufficiently expressed regret... about the acts she has committed during the period in question.

In this case, empathy for the accused person's position... isn't justified... and the need for health allows no risk to run.

The verdict of the central medica; disciplinary tribunal... to remove Charlotte Gudrun von Ribeck from the medical register... should therefore be executed.