Buffalo Dreams (2005) Script



We're moving somewhere beyond cell phone service.

Doesn't that bother you?

It is so beautiful.

What is? The scrub?

Look at all the blue sky.


WOMAN ON THE RADIO: Domino here at KTQT 91.8...


DOMINO: You give us two minutes and we'll give you the Turquoise Trail.

Still hot and sunny, but hey, you knew that.

In our top story, congratulations to our bison moms.

There are seven newborn calves on the Dinétah Buffalo Preserve.

She's kidding, right?

You know, when I was an army brat, I relocated to weird islands in the middle of nowhere.

Least here they speak English.


What did he say?


We have beef jerky, buffalo jerky, moose jerky.

We have aloe gel, aloe shampoo, aloe conditioner, antelope jerky, caribou jerky, buckwheat hulls, birch cones, chickweed, linden leaf, wild turkey jerky, and my favorite, rabbit jerky.


Welcome to town.

Thank you. It's nice to be here.

Try some of our fry bread.

Oh, that's okay.

SHOP ASSISTANT: How about some beef jerky?

No, thanks.

Do you have batteries?

Um, that's okay. We'll get some later if we need them.


-MAN: All right. -WOMAN: Look at the view all around.

Don't freak out. It's a little sloppy. But I think you're gonna love this.

Where is it?

Laundry room.

-Where? -MAN: Uh, other way.

And don't get too excited.

Take a left.

It's weak, but it's wheels.

Hey. Not in the house.


-You got him a bike? -All right, look, having his bike stolen and relocating for my work again, that's punishment enough.

Working with you at the lab will be good for him.

-Give him a chance to see what he can do. -Mm-hm.

You like it?

And it's three-time champion Josh Townsend

-going for the record. -(NEIGHING)

He's coming from behind.

He's about to take the lead.

Wait. There she is, the competition.

Watch the lady with the straw bag.

She's crafty, she fakes, but Townsend doesn't flinch.

She's changing strategies.

Josh puts in the power, steps into gear, and pass...


The crowd goes wild!

She is history.

But this race is not over yet.

It's just begun.

Note their fierce concentration as they plot to destroy me.

But wait till they see this.

Oh, yeah. Be afraid.

-Be very afraid. -MAN: Stop! Stop!


You got to be kidding me. Jeez.

Wasn't me.


-MAN: It's beautiful, isn't it? -WOMAN: Mm-hm.

You're gonna miss it, Josh!

I know!



-Dad! -WOMAN: Josh?


WOMAN: Who left luggage in the middle of the floor?

MAN: Where's the flashlight?

I got it.


You got batteries?

MAN: Oh.

-(WOMAN SPEAKING NAVAJO) -MAN: May there be beauty in front of me.

MAN: May there be beauty behind me.

MAN: May there be beauty to my left.

MAN: May there be beauty to my right.

MAN: May there be beauty all around me.



There's no riding here.

Why not?

You can't ride off trail. You're tearing up the grasslands.

(HUFFS) I don't see any grass.

No dirt heads allowed.

What's a dirt head?

A mountain biker who rides where he's not allowed.

What do they call you?


What's going on?

I was just telling this dirt rag to get lost.

Who you calling dirt?

Welcome. I'm Moon and this is Scout, granddaughter of Abuela Rose Blackhorse, because of a dream her mother had when she gave birth.

And this is Thomas Blackhorse, grandson of John Blackhorse, a Navajo elder who came from the Near Water clan on his mother's side, born of the Edgewater clan on his father's side.


I'm Josh.

I'm not interested.

Can we do this now?

Yeah. Let's bring him in.

THOMAS: You think he's friendly?

MOON: Can't always tell.



We tried every song we knew, but... this is the only one that worked.


MAN: My son's first day of work.


DOMINO ON RADIO: Good Monday, she lied.

We're caught here in a buffalo dispute between my guest, veterinarian Seth Touched By Lightning, and our caller, Jean.

So, Jean, wanna tell us why you're so mad?

WOMAN ON THE PHONE: Yeah. You're not gonna believe this.

The buffalo charged my truck.

DOMINO ON RADIO: All right. Call us with your thoughts on bison.

Friend or fender bender?

But first, here goes the weather report.

There's a high pressure moving in

-over the Great Basin -KYLE: Where you think you're going?

-which should bring us... -KYLE: He's tough.


Adios, amigo.

Yeah, just keep on walking, man.

Doesn't all this blue sky make you just wanna send up a robotic exploratory spacecraft just to find out what it's really all about?

JOSH: You could get every channel if you have one of those.

-This is very exciting. -(PHONE RINGING)

How can you tell?

Some of our greatest thinkers are right here in this facility.

Welcome to New Mexico Astrophysics Research Center.

-Here's your I.D. badge. -How you doing, Virgil?

Branded... nerd.

That's my boy.

Virgil, I want you to show Josh exactly what to do.

All right? Gotta go. Call you later.

All right. And this area is for our databases of abstracts and technical reports, citations and documentation, and texts of technical reports, and archives and distribution systems.

Cool, huh?

Dead man walking.

And here's where you'll be working.

Copy what's on the cart.


We lose our power a lot, too.

But we always get it back.

I'm talking about the electricity.

-Of course. -We have dried corn, dried corn soup, dried corn stew, and dried corn with squash.

Well, I guess I should have some of each.

All right.

Is this a new cause? I'm not familiar with it.

For centuries, our northern brothers and sisters have honored the buffalo, who provided them with food, shelter, clothing.

Now we're partnering with them to restore the herds and...

Yes, we have buffalo, and we need teenagers like your son to help us out.

I'm sorry. I wish I knew sign language.

My granddaughter Scout is sure your son would enjoy working with the herd much more than the lab.

-Sorry. -So, I'll make the announcement, then I'll go into a short interview, and open up into Q and A, okay?


-RSVP? -BOY: Ow!

We've got Kyle and his wrecking crew here.

These boys wanna test your bravery on single track, intermediate, and advanced trail riding.

So, ask yourself, fellow heartbreaking thrill-seekers, can you fly?

Friday at Red Rocks. Be there.

Yeah. Say something like that.

So, like, are we on the air?

-Hey, grandpa. -Hm?

I'll be graduating in a couple years, and...

I need a real job, a money job.

I could teach you to be the next survivor.

-I'm just saying... -Oh, look.

Monardella odoratissima.

That's mountain pennyroyal.

It's good for food seasoning and deodorant.

You know, you can cure yourself and your herd of anything if you know nature.

You can't get Scout's voice back.


Meanwhile, your work's here, restoring the buffalo and taking care of your community.

-I know, but... -The tree has to be rooted in the ground before it can grow.

How can you stand the sweat lodge in the summer?

You don't even have a ceremony today.

Certainly, a place your grandma can't get at me.

-Hey, what's up? -Well, my editor wants photographs of my recipes for his web site to go with my book.

Hey! How was work?

Cruel and unusual.

Well, I thought you found it very creative.

I'm stuck in a tiny room, alone, with no windows.

I think I like page 19 of the Signus Space Report the best.

This... oh, yeah. This was my favorite.

Yeah. See?

I only hope that 37 of my new colleagues will find my son as photogenic as we do.

How did that get there?

You know, it was not easy getting you this job.

Making copies?

It's great exposure.

To radioactivity.

I spoke to a nice Navajo today.

They need help at the Diné Bikeyah Buffalo Preserve.

-Where? -The Diné Bikeyah Buffalo Preserve.

Look outside.

Oh, no. I met the guy who works there and he was a jerk.

You could ride your bike.

Bro, look who it is.

THOMAS: Is this supposed to be a joke?

A dirt head to work with us?


-What'd she say? -You're gonna tear your hands up.

Try these.

Appreciate it.

So, don't do much work, huh?

I had a job at the Research Center for, like, a minute.

You gave up a job there, to be here?

-Yeah. -You're nuts.

I'd rather be riding my bike outside.


This isn't free.

I have to work here.

Come on, let's go!


Very funny!

What do you guys do for an encore?

Dude, it's safe.

Buckle up.

This is a fence pull.

Put the wire through here...

JOSH: What's the big deal?

Well, we don't want any buffalo running around town.

What are they, man-eaters?

MOON: Strictly vegans, dude.

But you don't wanna stress them.

I mean, I've seen them toss a man and his Bernese mountain dog way across the field. I mean, it was gnarly.

What do you guys do with the buffalo?

I mean, you don't eat them, you don't wear them.

They don't make good pets.

It's a native thing.


So, where do you guys go around here?

The caves are pretty cool, and the community center has a new pool.

(CHUCKLES) Not what I meant.

Go anywhere you want.

I'll be right back.




(SINGS) Somethin'...

Somethin', somethin'

-(BUFFALO GRUNTS) -Please be nice, Mr. Buffalo.

Don't get mad.



-That's easy. -What are you singing?


I wasn't singing.

-Yeah, you were. -It wasn't me.

You guys aren't supposed to be riding here.

What, are you protecting some endangered toad or lizard or scrub brush maybe?

This is restricted tribal land for the buffalo.


They get 11 million acres, and we can't ride on a few?

You guys can ride on the fire roads and the trails.

Okay, but there are these moon rocks in the north end here.

You go right over the boulders and you catch some big air.

-BOY 1: Awesome, man. -BOY 2: Yeah.

-Yeah? -Really sick descents.

Check it out.

MOON: Josh!

Where'd you go, dude?

Over here.

Thought maybe the bulls got you cornered.

I see they did.

Tell your friends to share.

-BOY 1: Let's go! -BOY 2: Come on!


BOY: Later! See ya!

-BOY 1: Watch that jackass, man! -BOY 2: Yeah, boy!



We should get going.

I'll ride back.

We got some weather coming in.

Not a problem for me.

Suit yourself.

You sure?

-It could rain. -You heard what he said.

Let's get going.





FATHER: Are you okay in there?


JOSH: Let's burn it.

-We can't do that. -Why not?

Because we wanna preserve, not destroy.

Our Dinétah, our land that was given to us by the ancient holy ones who came from the sacred four mountains.

Moon, you're Danish.

Maybe in this life.


Ready? Three, two...


Nobody lifts on one.

-What? -You count up to three.

No. It's three, two, one, go.

Like a space launch.

They count down.

But people count up.

Not today.

-Whatever. -Okay. Three, two, one.

I could use a little O2 right about now.

Put a fork in me, I'm done.

Not yet.

And this, this is why we're here.

That's cool.


Don't get too attached.

It's mine.

Just bought it.

Sweet ride.

Lighter, stronger, and a whole lot faster.

Come out and ride.

You're gonna turn into a stiff working on the res.

It's not that bad.

Taking orders from chili-pickers all summer?

Get real!

Grab a bike and come out and ride with us.

I mean, they're not that expensive.

So, do you have a team or, or club or what?

Just some thrashers like us.

Cross-country racing, enduro riding, free-ride dropping.

What else could you want?

Sounds cool.


Hey, Friday, we're at Red Rocks.

See you there?

I think it's time for one of my famous potlucks.


Look at this.


WOMAN: This is beautiful.




Yummy. what are these?

These are my dried blue corn cheese ball pick-me-ups.

Perfect with lamb kebabs.


You must be a real chef.

More of a culinary anthropologist.

Oh. This is Thomas Blackhorse.

Hello, Thomas Blackhorse.

What have you got there?

Who knows?

My grandson doesn't speak Navajo.

He doesn't eat Navajo food.

He only eats food that comes out of a box or in a bag.

You must be Dr. T.

Welcome. I'm Moon.

That's a stellar name.



Which, which one are you named for?

Io, Europa, or Titan?



-Titan, for sure. -Oh, good.

You can never see this many stars in the city.


JOSH: It's too bright.

This place is so...

Hot, quiet, boring?


Nothing ever happens here.

Abuela Rose isn't letting you go anywhere.

Is that your mother?

My grandmother.

She's such a Navajo.

She wants me to eat and speak and live Navajo.

My father's such a scientist.

He'd love for me to work in a lab all my life.

My grandson and your son will become good friends because you and I have a lot in common.

You do work at the Research Center?


Oh. Oh, I'm an astrophysicist there.

We have the same mission.

We do? Well...

I've actually begun to shift my focus to the laws and origins of the universe and... and the evolutionary process there so we can more effectively, uh...

Protect our atmosphere and our planet, well, you know, our world.

Yeah, me too.

The Diné, the people, that is, we learn from the sky.

We tell stories of creation.

We explore and protect the earth, just like you.



She can hear fine.

She just doesn't talk.

Has she always been this way?

Not always.

I think your parents are leaving.

Okay. Thanks... for dinner and everything.

Not a problem.

Well, I met a boy named Moon, a girl named Domino, and a medicine man who says that the Navajo and scientists are like blood brothers.

(SIGHS) The sign of a great party. (LAUGHS)

Why don't you take him out and show him a good time?

-Who? -That new boy.

His type doesn't stick around.

Then I guess you don't have much time.

You can't tell anyone about this place. I mean it.

And I'm not kidding.

Don't worry. I don't know anyone.

And I have no idea where I am.

Just track the trees to water.

If you see a pinyon or juniper, you know there's no water.



THOMAS: You can do it!

It's a risk management thing!

What did she say?

Lift your arms, open your heart, and jump.

You know, you don't have to do it if you don't want to.

Don't sweat it, bro.



-Yes! -Yeah.

JOSH: So, why is this place such a secret?

'Cause way back when, boys came here to learn how to be men.

They learned how to hunt and respect animals.

Moon, your ancients were probably Vikings.

So why do you care so much about Navajo?

'Cause I like that they had to go through stuff.

The only thing we go through is school.

They had to go for days without water and they'd suck on pebbles just to survive.

Did they have visions?


I really wanna have a vision.

-Of what? -I don't know yet.

It has to come to me first.

What you see is what there is.

I don't believe in that stuff.

I believe in everything.

The Navajo have a lot of stories.

Exactly. Stories.

Whenever they don't understand something, or why nature happens, they find an animal or a story to explain it.

You don't really care about all this Navajo stuff, do you?

-No. -Then why do you get so mad at Kyle and those guys?

It's my job.


-You are fried chicken. -(THOMAS LAUGHS)

It's... an aloe leaf.

I've never seen it outside the bottle before.


-Hey. -Hey, where have you been?

You know, hiking up mountains, jumping off cliffs, diving into waterfalls. The usual.

Why are you all... shiny?

It's aloe for my sunburn.

Who are you and what have you done with my son?

You know, I really need a new bike.

Shush. Darling. Don't ruin the moment.

In the back.


I'm going to the...

Red Rocks.


Red Rocks.

Hey, you made it.


Thanks for the ride.

It isn't a restricted area, is it?

-No. -And it's not sacred?

WOMAN: You're all right.

Be careful.

Be smart.



This course eats bikes, man. You sure you can race on that?

Thanks for caring.


BOY 1: Go!

-BOY 2: Hey, watch out! -BOY 3: Dude.

JOSH: Whoa!

BOY: Yeah!

JOSH: Yeah!







Ow. That's gotta hurt.


BOY 1: Pretty bike, man!

-BOY 2: Eat my dust! -BOY 3: See ya later!


Guess we'll never know who's better.

We'll find out.

It's too hot to eat.

-Let's swim. -Let's go to the community pool.

No, there's too many locals.


Strong start, dude.

Too bad about the whole blowout.

Yeah, I bet that thing handles great on a paper route.

-I'm gone. -Kids, don't try this at home.

That probably wouldn't have happened if you would've had a bike like mine.

Yeah, it's really cool.

Cheating death one more time, right?

BOY: Man, did you see the way that loser crashed?

-KYLE: All right, later! -BOY: Cheating death one more time.

I know a great place to swim.

Oh, yeah?


Good. Take a left.

Here we go. Watch this.


-Nice! Right on! -Let's go! Let's go.


BOY 1: Oh, yeah!

BOY 2: Oh, yeah!

Here we go!

BOY: Oh, yes!



It's this way.

Hey, I think I hear it.


Oh, man!




Shock and awe.



Come on, lady! Jump!

I've done it before.

Yeah. Right.

Don't be weak!



Oh, yeah!


-(WHOOPING) -Yeah!

You could have hurt me!

It looked like you needed help.






There he is. See?




MAN: Good job, Thomas!


WOMAN: Good job, Thomas.

JOSH: Get out of here! What are you doing?!

Adding to the natural beauty.

Stop! This isn't your land!

-Says who? -The Navajo.

-Oh! -Give me a break.

This is a sacred place.

What are you, afraid of a couple tortilla makers?

No, I'm not afraid. I'm just saying...

Stop worrying so much.

We gotta get out of here. Right now, I mean it.

Who made you chief?


Hey, hey, hey. Let him sleep.

-But I thought he had to go to work. -He said he wasn't feeling well.

-Come on. -All right.

He's not coming.

The guy's a tourist.

It's way too hot. I wanna be done now.

We have to fix a fence in the north corner where the dirt heads rode over.

And then, let's go for a swim.

All right.

This is wrong, man.

All the places in the world, and he brings them here.


Josh. Who do you think?

You don't know it was him.

Well, who else would it be?

Spirits of the four winds make the buffalo trample their bikes and trucks.

Let the wild animals stomp them into roadkill... wait!

-Don't ask the spirits for that. -THOMAS: No.

Ask "Where's Josh?"

You haven't eaten anything all day.

I'm not hungry.

You look hungry.

Taste my corn chipotle popovers.

Corn is the symbol of life, you know.

Stop, Mom.

Josh, there's someone here to see you.

What's up?

You know.

You and your friends trashed Shining Steps.

It wasn't me.

Then how'd those guys know about it? They tagged the place!

I didn't tag anything.

But you were there.

I tried to stop them. You know what they're like.

They didn't even listen to me.

That is so weak.

But it's true.

We told you not to tell anyone about the place, and then you show those jerks?

I'm telling you, I tried to stop them.

I assure you, this will be taken care of.

Immediately. We are very sorry.

The boys need to find a balance with nature...

to live in Hozho.

What's that?

You don't even wanna know.

Thank you.

JOHN BLACKHORSE: There comes a time when you must go into the wilderness alone to discover your true nature.

The time spent alone will help you find your ground and determine your place in the world.

Dim sum.

JOHN BLACKHORSE: Embrace the dreams and the animals that may visit you.

They will reveal your strengths, wounds, and life's purpose.

Bye, Mom.

Bye, Dad.

Bye-bye, baby.

See you tomorrow.

JOSH: Bye.

I'm leaving now.



Let him go.


The Navajo belief is based on a harmonious relationship between our people and Mother Earth.

When you're out of balance, you feel it.

Been a lot of storms lately.

-Right. -Right.

You must be clear in your heart as to what you seek for yourself, for your people, for the people of the world.

Sunrise is a time to pray.

Sunrise is a time to sleep.

It's a good thing you're going.

It's a long time.

I'm gonna need that stuff.

If my blood sugar drops, I get dizzy and cold and hungry and tired.

You can't take dim sum.

Look after one another.

JOHN BLACKHORSE: Go to a place where you can bring forth what you are and the way you might be.

Is that a cave up there?

No. it's a hole in the rock.

Just like home.

We have geological formations, too, you know.

Ancient sub-level parking lots and subways with great acoustics.

You must've climbed up those a million times, huh?

Not a million.

Well, not a million, but I mean a lot.

Isn't it a part of your culture and stuff?


No, what?

No, I didn't come here a lot.

I don't sit around caves passing peace pipes.

So, what is Hozho?

Like a vision quest?

Navajo don't do vision quests.

I'm gonna go cool off.

He didn't find my candy bars.

If he didn't want you to have them, you wouldn't find them in your bag.


Go for it.

So, this looks like a good camp site, right?

Look at the tracks.

Animals come here at night to water.

What kind of animals are we talking about?


They're small. I could take one if I had to.


They're shy and they stay away from people.

A bobcat and a cougar?

That's harsh.

Doesn't look like rain.

Does it?

Where are you going?

Up river.

I'm coming with you.

That's your problem.

Stop being a follower.

I'm not a follower.

Yeah, right.

You led those guys to Shining Steps.

I said I was sorry.

It doesn't mean anything if you don't understand what you did was messed up.

What was I supposed to do?

You're supposed to stick up for us.

And say what? Leave, please?

Something like that.

I'm sorry I couldn't stop them.

We trusted you, and you didn't keep our secret because you think it's more important to hang out with those guys.

I don't know why. They're jerks.

I said I was sorry.

I'm going up river. You go down.

We'll meet back here tomorrow morning at 9:00.

If you're not here, I'm leaving.

You just be here.


JOHN BLACKHORSE: Be aware of things within you.

Your anger and your fear can help you.

Rice. Beans.


JOHN BLACKHORSE: Make a circle around you to connect you with all things.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.


JOHN BLACKHORSE: The day will come when people will ask us to teach them how to care for the Earth.

When that day comes, we will be ready.

Thomas Blackhorse, you cannot leave.

Our people are hungry.

You must bring the herd back to our people, and you will bring to our people health.

Sorry. Not my problem.

But it is!

No matter where you travel, this land is part of you.

It made you who you are and who you will become.

You must go... or...

Or what?



You talk to him.

You can do it, you know.

Why are you out here all alone?

You will never be forgotten.

We will help each other.

Can I have fries with that?

Do you deliver?


BIRD: Thanks.

Okay. That's it.

This place is way too whack for me.

I gotta go home.

I... I'm from the city. I take trains.

I can't fly without two engines and a fuselage.

BIRD: You never tried. We all have bird in us.

Obviously, some more than others.

What kind of bird spirit are you going to be?



What are my choices?

Ravens, blue jays, crows.

My family, the hawks.

Mighty, fierce, and very good-looking.

And there is eagle, mighty messenger between up there and down there, a true leader.

So, what bird spirit are you?

Get back to me when you find out.

Nothing broken?

The eagle has landed.





The wind's bringing in the storm!

We can make it to the cave!

That's where I's going!

For such an empty place, it sure is busy.

People really eat that stuff?

It comes in handy.


If you get a toothache, chew on an echinacea root.


My grandfather has a remedy for everything.

I had the weirdest dream.

About what?

This talking bird.

And then I flew, like I was an eagle or something.

In your dreams.

The Navajo love the eagles.

They believe they carry their hope and dreams to the spirits.


I dreamt about buffalo.

You gotta get out more.

They're invading your brain.

I was a hunter.

It felt so real, I could feel the earth shake.

That was the thunder.

Leaked into your dream.

Scout was there.


Well, we know the buffalo's a native thing.


But I'm tired of being Navajo.

I wanna be from Brooklyn...

Or Graceland.

Go for it.

I couldn't leave Scout... or my grandparents.

My parents left here.

Where'd they go?

They died in a car crash on their way to Seattle.

I'm sorry.

That's gotta be rough on you.


Been tougher on Scout.

That's when she stopped talking.

She hasn't spoken a word since.

What did the doctor say?


What a whacked place.

FATHER: It was only one night.

Hey, hey, hey!


There he is.

Man, are we glad to see you.

We were just trying to remember where those waterfalls were.

You guys gotta go clean up the mess you made.

No, man, we wanna swim.

No way.

Shining Steps is private property.

Get over it.

-I'd rather settle it. -Oh, yeah?


-Me and you. -One on one.

We race.


I win, we get to ride where we want, when we want, and you and your tribe back off.

Won't happen.

I win, and you guys get lost.

Turquoise Mountain ski resort, next Saturday.

-Up and down. -Up and down.

-I'm there. -Guys?

-We gotta push it back a week. -Wha...

I'm getting my braces off.

-Fine. -Devil's Revenge.

-The trail. -Bring it on.


I'm not too early, am I?

Maybe a little.

Thomas says you have a remedy for everything.

Yeah, pretty much.

Well, I was wondering if you had any Indian...

I mean, Navajo herbs and medicines to... you know, get me into shape.


Come on.

What kind of shape you wanna be in?

I knew this Lakota Warrior who shape-shifted into a cougar.

I just wanna be ready for a cross-country, and downhill mountain bike race.


You have a good and true reason for doing this?

So, when is this race gonna take place?

Two weeks.

You eaten anything today?


Then don't.

Smells like photosynthesis.

Good for stamina, muscles, and joints.

Bloodletting and leeching were popular, too, you know.

This is even older, mom.

Scout's just wondering why you're trying to get buff.

No, I'm not.

No one ever lies to Scout.

I challenged Kyle to a race.

I win, and they're out of here for good.

Who are you to take this on?

That's not a bad question. I mean...

And what if you don't win?

I'll win.

This is definitely not a good idea.

Yes, it is.

Thomas, you've said it yourself.

I didn't understand at the time how important it is to do something bigger than yourself for others, and it's the only thing these guys accept.

I'll race them.

No offense. You're a tourist around here.

Thomas is right, but he should totally defend the Dinétah...


-Where is the race? -Devil's Revenge.

You guys know it?

JOSH: Whoa.

Think I should race.

I can do this.

Dude, this is nasty work.

And, well, your bike is kind of weak.

I can fix it up fine.

I'll race Kyle.

I know the terrain.

I have to race for me and for you and for Scout and for my mistakes.

Otherwise, what am I doing here?

Scout thinks you should race.

You know what's at stake here?

He's never done this course.

Kyle will be all over him.

Turquoise heals and attracts good friends.

Just... don't start shaving your legs or anything.






Mm. That smells so good.

You're gonna have to give me the recipe.

How's it going?

Going well.

Give it up, dude.

-No. -Nobody wants a turf war.

-Then beat it. -Let it go, dude.

You don't have the chops or the bike to beat Kyle.

Yeah, I do.


BOY 2: What was that, Kyle?

Hi, Thomas. Is Josh with you?

No. he hasn't been with us all day.


Have you heard from Josh?

No. Sorry, Mrs. T.

Okay, thanks.

Hello, this is Blaine Townsend, and I was wondering if you could help me.

We interrupt our normally scheduled programming to broadcast a special alert.

We're looking for Josh Townsend, five-six, brown hair, probably soaking wet by now.

Plug in, Josh.

Your mom's looking for you.




We're looking for Josh. Do you have any idea where he might be?

THOMAS: He's been riding the train tracks lately.

Don't worry.

Trains don't travel there anymore.

Well, how... how far out is that place?

Try the north end of the Res, and I'll try the Arroyo.

-Okay. -Bye.

Let's go.

I... I could've beaten Kyle, but...

My bike's out there somewhere.

Never mind. Thanks for the ride.

JOHN: All right. Do up your seat belts.

We can't thank you enough.

Thank you for all your help.

Well, his bruises will heal, but it's his spirit that needs Yerba del Lobo extract.

I'll make sure he gets some.

We've got a medical doctor on the way. Thanks.

We're covering all of our bases.

I'm just saying...

-See ya. -Thank you.

-Would you step outside? -Yeah.

His bruises are going to heal just fine, but... has he been under any kind of pressure or stress lately?

Well, he's still asleep.

But I can't say it's peaceful.

He just seems so... restless.

What's he doing riding his bicycle in the middle of a storm?

And why is my son out there in the middle of nowhere riding around?

What was he thinking?

He was training for a competition.


Since when does he compete?

Is there something I don't know about?


He was gonna race against this kid whose gang keeps on tearing up Navajo places and...

Josh challenged him so they'd finally leave us alone.

He's a really strong rider.

-All right, step outside... -I'm all right.

-and get some air, please? -I'm all right.

-I'll tell you if something changes, okay? -Okay.


DOMINO: All of us here at KTQT are wishing Josh Townsend a speedy recovery.

We're sending over white light and a couple of pizzas, so get better, dude.





You're looking for something, but you don't know what.

No. no, I'm not.

Yes, you are.

I'm just... a little lost.

No, you're not.

Yes, I am.


(CLEARS THROAT) trying to get something for my son.

Get him a bike.

-Excuse me? -A bicycle.

That's a... that's a brilliant idea, but how did you know that?

I'm sorry. I'm a scientist.

I measure, calculate.

Things are pretty much absolute for me, and I...

I don't... I don't understand you people.

There's one in the back.

One... one what?

One bicycle. I can let you have it real cheap.





You're awake.

How are you feeling? You have been asleep for two days!

Oh. Hey.

Okay, let me check your wounds.

Oh, these are healing nicely.

I knew that alehoof would work.

NICK: Good morning.

Awesome bike, Dad.

Well, apparently, you need one for a race.

I don't know.

I do.

Okay, now, remember, distance is a product of velocity and trajectory, but only up to a certain angle. After that, you're just gonna get the height, but not the distance.

So, don't go too high.

-That's my boy. -JOSH: Good.

Pound it.

JOSH: Right over here. I wanna get a straight shot of Josh.

-What's goin' on, Dr. T? -Rock on, Moon!

-MOON: Abuela, John. -Yet eh, Moon.

Are you sure you're feeling all right?

I feel fine.

Are you sure?

Yeah. Stop asking me.

Now, remember, after the second hairpin turn...

I know! Stop telling me that. It drops out.

I was gonna say that's when you start praying, but...

All right. You guys climb the fire roads to the summit, then pick up mine field back down to Devil's Revenge.

First one back here wins.

You guys ready?

-Yeah. -Yeah.

Shake hands.

See you soon.

-See you. -Play nice, and I'll let you ride on my land.

Don't worry. We'll find you some nice trails in Nevada.


It's starting.

Who's gonna call it?


BOY: Come on, Moon.

Moon, can you get it started here?

WOMAN: We're counting on you.

THOMAS: You can do it, Josh.

Racers, mount your bikes!

Already did.

Can you just raise and lower your arm, please?

Got it.

MOON: Ready...



Go! Go, go, go, Josh!

-Let's go! -MAN: Come on!

JOSH: Whoa!

-Oh! -Oh, come on now!

And they're going up now.

Sources say the heat is on.

Kyle and Josh are on a stairway to heaven.

That's the Turquoise ascent, folks, Two thousand vertical feet of leg-burning, lung-busting heartbreak.

Watch up there.



Go, baby, go, baby, go! Oh, yeah!

Yeah, go!


WOMAN: Oh, man.




They're off the preserve.

Ride! Right behind you!

They're at the top!

Find it!

NICK: Find it.

-Yeah! -Yes, yes!

JOSH: Yeah!


Josh is on his way back down.

You see him?


Go, Kyle!

Oh, they're going down mine field.

It's Kyle and Josh on the mine field dirt staircase, coming down to Terra Firma before, dare I say it, Devil's Revenge.

Mountain biking's mother lode.

No way!

-Yeah! -All right!

-Hey! -Whoa!

Hey, neat jump, but the trail's that way.

Yo! Trail!

THOMAS: What are you doing?

The buffalo are headed toward town.

We have to stop them before they reach the ridge.


Josh, what exactly did you see?

The whole herd, going towards Turquoise Trail.

Let's go!

The buffalo are stampeding!

They're gonna destroy the town!

Dude, that was awesome! I mean, did you see me?

I totally kicked his butt right out of the chute.

No, you didn't.

Whatever. I rule now.

Didn't you hear? The herd got out.

-Not my job. -Those guys need help.

-You don't live there, remember? -Come on.

Dude, I'm gonna finish the race.

We need to lead them to the western end.

Over there.

Don't get too close.

They wanna go where we want them to go.

They just need to know where that is.

Watch out, okay?

Yeah. You, too.

Let's ride!

THOMAS: Come on, follow me.

MOON: Go, go, go, go!








BOY: Go up there!


DOMINO: Good evening, Turquoise Trail, and we really mean that.

You know, things and people come to our lives and we don't always know why until we live through a day like today.

MOON: Yeah!

DOMINO: Now that the buffalo are back where they belong and our kids are safe and soaking their knees, we wanna thank everyone.

You were awesome, guys.

Sleep tight.


Yet eh.

Yet eh.

Hey, very good, Josh.

Um... this is prickly pear salad, that's prickly pear salsa, and this is prickly pear surprise.

Is that rice wild enough for you?

Totally native.


Come in, everyone.

Navajo can reside in the city, but we can never really live there.

The memories of our animal brothers and sisters are within us.

They wake and stir when we come to our holy place, our Dinétah.

This belonged to your father.

He'd be very proud of you.

The arrowhead represents courage, strength, and survival.

When you wear this, you honor our ancestors.

Their great strength allowed the Diné to survive.

Through your veins runs the blood of a proud people.

Sometimes these truths come to us from strangers who become friends.

Tonight, we thank and honor Josh Townsend for uniting so many to sustain the buffalo.

You have earned the name


The two of you have lived the ideals of friendship and loyalty that bind nations together.

When every member fulfills his responsibility as you two have, we are all blessed.

Yo, Thomas Blackhorse.

Yes, Josh Rides-with-the-wind.

It's a nice place you've got here.

Better take care of it.

We will, right?