Bullet to the Head (2012) Script


JIMMY: The guy I just saved is a cop.

That's not the usual way I do things, but sometimes you gotta abandon your principles and do what's right.

Here's the story. This is the way it went down.


Shit! You okay?

You made me spill my fucking coffee!

Agh. Now it's gonna look like I pissed in my pants. God damn it.

The way you whipped around that cat, you don't even like cats.

I got no problem with cats. I don't like dander.

So you almost roll your car trying not to hit one out of 600 million cats in the world?

It's bad luck killing a cat.

Pretty good reflexes for an old guy.

I got your old guy.

You ready?

Louis is ready.

Let's go to work.


Oh, my God. Who do I have to fuck to get you two assbags to...

Sir, if we could just come in for a minute.

I don't give a shit about your badge, man.

You got a fucking warrant?

'Cause I'm paying a grand a night for this suite, and I'm about to get laid.

So if you ain't room service and you ain't got a warrant, then you can go fuck yourselves.

Keep your fucking pants on! Well, what the fuck is this?

I'm gonna have your job, tough guy.

I still don't see any paper, which means you got no legal authority to be here.

You must not like your job much, huh,shithead?

Right now, I'm loving it.


JIMMY: Don't forget to get his watch and wallet.


LOUIS: Needs to look like a break-in.

I didn't see a thing! I don't even know the guy!






LOUIS: Get him off me!

Get him off!

Let's go.

Who was in the shower? A hooker.


And I handled it. Wanna say goodbye?


What's bothering you? -Nothing.

Come on, something's got your panties in a knot.

Why else are we gonna go meet Ronnie Earl in public?

Yeah, I don't trust that redneck prick, that's why.

Job's done. Went fine, no problem.

Why don't you do me a favour?

When we get our dough, why don't you go away a while?

Take a vacation, maybe go up river, see your mother.

You wanna clue me in?

I didn't shoot that hooker.


Jesus. She saw you?

Yeah, but she ain't gonna say nothing. How do you know?

'Cause she's more afraid of us than the cops, that's why.

So it's all good?

Yeah, it's all good. Yeah'?

Yeah. -It's all good.


BARTENDER: Hey, y'all, what do you need?

Miller Lite, and a whisky for my friend.

You got a preference?

Double Bulleit. What's that?

Some kind of whisky nobody's ever heard of.

Why don't you bring your own bottle?

Give him the best bourbon you got, hot stuff, and don't be gone too long.

That sound as desperate as I think it did?

Yeah, don't worry about it, you're a real Casanova.

Ronnie Earl's late. I'm not waiting around for that loser.

The drinks are coming, relax.

I'm gonna go to the can.

If he ain't here by the time I get back, we're out of here.

Right? Yeah, okay.

Oh! Sorry about that. What the fuck?


What's up?

Jesus! You motherfucker!

JIMMY: I've been arrested 26 times.

I went to trial four times.

I got convicted twice.

Nowadays, what I'm doing, I just think of it as a business.

The people I work for are shit. And the people I take out are worse.

I got some rules. No women, no children.

Half the money in advance, and half when the job is done.

Don't trust anybody.

That's how you stay in the game.

And on this one, the game got rough.

AUTOMATED VOICE: You have one message.

Detective Kwon, McKay here.

The local PD has agreed to take you down to the morgue and show you Greely's body and personal effects.

Whatever got him killed, he must've been close to something sensitive.

We definitely need you to sort this out.

Since the case has the potential to get touchy with the feds, we want to maintain radio silence on the situation until you have some real answers.

Good luck.

Excuse me. Yeah, I'm looking for a Lieutenant Lebreton.

Yeah, he's right in that office.

Thank you.

LOLA: I was in the shower for 30 minutes.

LEBRETON: Thirty minutes? About 30 minutes.


Hi, Detective Taylor Kwon.

I went to the hotel.

The client asked me to take a shower.

And then those guys came. LEBRETON: And what were they looking for?

They wanted my client.

They wanted to kill him. That's what they came to do.

But I don't get a good look at them.

I can't identify them.

LEBRETON: Two guys whacked him.

Looks like a drug deal gone bad, but the truth is, we don't know shit, so anything's possible.

They didn't kill the hooker that Greely was with.

These guys are pros, I don't know why they'd leave a witness.

That's her. Russian.

I thought all the Russian hookers went to L.A., New York, or Vegas.

I get into the shower, I told you already.

LEBRETON: Is this the first time you saw that client?

What do you know about Mr Greely?

Ex-WDCPD, Detective grade. For about six months, he was my partner.

He was kicked off the force in complete disgrace.

Cop gone real bad. Drunk, gambling.

He stole evidence from a case he was working.

We still don't know what it was. -(MOBILE PHONE RINGING)

WOMAN: Detective? Taylor here.

We ran Henry Hank Greely back through NCIC for recent known associates and came up with several reports of a possible relationship with local career criminal and protection racketeer Baby Jack Lemoyne.

So far, that's it. Right, I'll check in later.

Who's this guy?

Louis Blanchard, local lowlife, hitman.

Somebody punched his ticket while he was drinking a beer.

You got an estimated time? Just about midnight.

DCPD. Yeah, it's Taylor here.

Yes, Detective?

Get me a speed check on a Louis Blanchard, local.

Blanchard. Reputed hitman.

Get me any known associates. Right.

Somebody took him out a couple hours after Greely last night.

Murder weapon was a five-inch blade with a three-inch curvature, mainly used for gutting animals.

The strikes were almost surgical.

Deflated both lungs, punctured the heart.

Detective Kwon, we've come up with two hits.

Louis Blanchard, 37 years old with a long list of priors.

Blanchard is a known associate of one James Bonomo, AKA Jimmy Bobo, suspected hitman, 26 arrests, two convictions.

I'll send you his current contact information via local parole board database.

Right. That's all for now.

And thanks.

So this guy, Louis Blanchard, is a known associate of a James Bonomo, AKA Jimmy Bobo.

They worked together and they possibly fit the profile of Greely's killers.

Very good. You get all that off your cell?

So I take it we're looking for this Jimmy Bobo?

My homicide division is more than capable of handling this matter, without your help.

You know, I think I'll stick around for a while.

Hold on. You packing?

Bet you don't have a Crescent City carry permit, do you?


JIMMY: Nobody's here. Leave a message.

Hello, Jimmy. Name's Taylor Kwon. I'm from out of state...

...following up on the death of a Hank Greely, former associate of mine.

I think Louis Blanchard's murder ties into all this.

If you're interested in hearing some more, meet me at the St. Charles Saloon in three hours.

JIMMY: It's easy to get sentimental about things.

Louis was a big boy.

He knew, he took his chances.

I worked with him the last six years, he never caused me a problem.

But still, we did our job and we got set up.

Can I help you? Yeah, I need a rock glass.

You know, this is a bar, you can't bring in your own bottle.

You carry Bulleit Bourbon?


Yeah, well, I do.

Here's 20 bucks to rent a glass.

All right.


You're a cop, right?

Taylor Kwon, WDCPD.

Look, this isn't a sting. I'm alone.

I wouldn't be here if you weren't.

So I figure you and Louis Blanchard take out Hank Greely last night.

Couple hours later, you walk into some type of double cross.

Louis goes down, you make it out.

The only part of this story I can't figure out is why you guys let the hooker live.

When I'm done with this drink, I'm gonna be done with you.

Hank Greely was an ex-cop. Washington, D.C.

I'm on the case.

Look, I'm not really interested in some disposable hired hitter, no offence.

I want the guys who did the hiring.

You know, the same guys who took out your partner.

They probably held out on you. Owe you some money?

Let's work together. We can help each other out.

I don't work with cops.

Is that it?

That's it.

You change your mind, give me a call.

Why don't you have a drink for Louis?

That's probably the only thing you'll ever do for him.




They're cops.

Dead cops. And you're gonna be dead, too, if you don't get in here and get fixed up.

Come on.

The cops are gonna be here any second. They're gonna take your ass in.

Cops aren't gonna help you. You clipped one of them.

Plus, you got another one laying over there somewhere.

And they're both rogue.

They're all not gonna be like that.

The pistol you used to kill that cop's got your fingerprints all over it.

Got two choices. You come with me and get fixed up, or you get out here and wait for the cops. Your choice.

Make up your mind. My fucking arm's getting tired.

Mr Keegan!

I'm told you had a bit of a problem last night.

A little unfinished business. I'll find him.

BAPTISTE: That scumbag Greely knew he needed some kind of insurance policy in order to blackmail us.

So he found Baby Jack and he gave him his evidence file for safekeeping, all of it proving that we paid off a congressman to steer a government contract our way.

We have an informant inside his crew. He gave us the location of the file.

I want you to destroy it.

Okay, so, we are done.

Just keep this wrapped for 24 hours. A&D twice a day for a week.

Otherwise, no direct sunlight.

Keep it dry and absolutely no scratching.

So what are we doing here? Getting matching tattoos.

Piss off, asshole.

Move your leg.

Piss off?

You came to me. You asked me for help. I thought about it and I said, "No."

Then I see all these guys trying to kill you, and I figure we're in the same boat.

But let's get something straight, either we do it my way or we don't do it at all!

Hey, Lisa.

Are you okay? Yeah, I'm good.

I gotta talk to you a second, though.

It's been a while.

A girl gets lonely.

I know. I'm sorry. You know?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Are you, um, in trouble?

No, I'm good. I'm good.

I need your help with something.

There's a guy out in the car. He's been shot.

This guy's bleeding, I don't know how bad it is, but I can't take him to a real doctor.

Lisa, I gotta keep this one alive.

I told you before, I'm not in that business. I never was.

This is the last time. I'm sorry, I'll never do this again.


Homicide, Lebreton.

Lieutenant, it's Detective Taylor Kwon.

Look, I'm still in Crescent City.

Yeah, well, you enjoying your vacation?

This is a courtesy call, Lieutenant. Kwon.

I'm still working the Greely case until I hear otherwise from my boss.

Yeah, well, that doesn't surprise me. Did you find anything?

Yeah, I got a source.

He's gonna lead me to the guys who took out Greely.

I bring him in, he's just gonna lawyer up and then you got nothing.

I gotta go. I'll talk to you later, okay? I'll keep checking in.

No. This guy, no, he doesn't look like one of your usual lowlife buddies.

He's a cop. I made the mistake of saving his life.

Well, that's a first.


All right, whatever, let's get him in.

TAYLOR: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

What kind of doctor are you?

She did a year in med school. It's the best you're gonna get.

Have some of this. You'll thank me later.

TAYLOR: Have you done this before?

Yeah, a couple times. -(MOANS)


Gee, that's too bad.

Jimmy's friends occasionally have some problems.

I'm Lisa.

Taylor. Taylor Kwon!


There it is.


So, how'd this happen?

Did Jimmy do it? He doesn't like cops very much.

Well, I don't like crooks very much. (GRUNTS) The feeling's mutual.

You mind telling me why you're getting involved in this?

It's complicated.

Are you gonna arrest him?

Well, he's a criminal and a killer.

Yeah, who I guess saved your life.

It's just a scratch, right?

I still have to clean him up, stitch him up. Then you can have him.

Give him a Band-Aid and a blow pop.


We're closed.

Private club. Just got some friends here.

Can I help you, buddy?

You looking for Baby Jack?

What the shit was that about?


Open the safe.

Thank you.

Get the fuck out!

You're fucking dead!


This little number you pulled tonight may turn out to be the stuff of legend.

Mr Greely thought he was so smart to hide the file with an associate.

Job well done.

I had the advantage of surprise.

Your false modesty is apparent.

You enjoy your work.


Fascinating reading.

All the terrible things I've done.

But huge amounts of money can lead a man to temptation.

JIMMY: I hear you're gonna live. TAYLOR: Yeah, well, seven stitches.

Could have been worse.

Yeah, she said take these.

What are they? Extract of white tiger juice.

Put a little pound in your pencil there, pal.

White tiger juice, my ass.

What about the good old "Asians Can't Drive" joke?

You guys can't drive, that's a fact. No doubt about it.

So that tattoo doctor?

Yeah. She seems okay.

Yeah, she's okay.

Kind of makes you an odd couple, huh?

Yeah, you trying to say something?

What? Whatever, you know.

She chooses to be with you, you must be giving her something she needs.

Yeah, she's my daughter.

How'd you ever make detective?

You know that tattoo on your daughter's back?

It's very similar to the one on the hooker that was with Greely.

Don't tell me you're calling my daughter a hooker. Don't even go there.

What I'm trying to say is that maybe the similar tattoos is why you didn't kill her.

It was some sentimental, dopey identification crap between, you know, her and your daughter.

What are you, a cop or a shrink?

So, who hired you to take out Greely?

In my line of work, we generally go through a handler.

This time, it was this jerk named Ronnie Earl.

You talk to this Earl yet?

No, I can't find him.

What about you? What do you got? -(PHONE DIALLING)

-well, so far, I got you. Great.


Give me a speed check on a Ronnie, AKA Ronald Earl.

Earl. Crescent City local.

Right. Now you're doing your job.

You know, we'll figure this thing out, then we'll go get them.

Get them and what?

Then take them out. No, you mean take them in.

Right, take them in. Whatever.

How am I supposed to trust you?

I don't know. Why don't you read some fucking tea leaves?

That might work. You know, I save your life, I get your wound fixed.

Now what do you want, a ring?



WOMAN: DCPD, we got a Ronald Earl.

(SIGHS) Man, you're aggravating.

Ronnie Earl AKA Cowboy Ronnie. Yeah, that's right. Cowboy Ronnie.

35, born in El Paso. Six feet tall.

Right. Where is he? Brown hair, blue eyes.

Priors, grand theft auto... Car thief.

He's a scumbag. Who gives a shit? Where is he?

He was busted twice in Oklahoma City.

Total loser. -Illegal possession of firearms.

And we got a hit on his credit card at a place called Maison de Santé?

It's a Turkish bath house in the French Quarter?

I know exactly where it is.

That's all for now. All right, thanks.


Let's go take a bath.

The Crescent City crime wave took an even more violent turn earlier this evening with the murder of Baby Jack Lemoyne and eight of his henchmen at their Algiers restaurant bar, The French Lick.

Lemoyne has long been considered a major racketeer in the Crescent City underworld scene.

Po/ice suspect a rival gang in the Algiers area of committing the vicious murders and say it looked like an invasion of at least five assailants.

I'm Wanda Burton for Channel Two News.

He made a 10:00 appointment.

Charged an hour on his MasterCard.


You're one of them phone guys, huh?

Yeah, I can't do my job without it.

You know, I could use this as a weapon?

I could jam your throat, hit your temple.

And, bang, you'd be toast.

And I just sit there, right?

Yeah, I could break this glass and use it as a cutting edge. Never see me coming.

Or I could use the lithium battery to poison your drink.

You know, drop it in your coffee. You won't even taste it.

And I can kill you with this piece of apple.

Yeah, right. How would you do that?




This was Louis' knife. Nice, huh?

You stay here and listen to the radio.

Whoa, whoa, wait. That's bullshit. I found him, I'm going in.

In my town, we'll do it my way.

Hey, you got 10 minutes, and then I'm coming...

Now I want you to sit over there and keep your mouth shut. Forever, okay?


RONNIE: Are we gonna do this or what?

Sure, anytime.

You set me up, Ronnie, and you got Louis killed.

No. That ain't what happened, bro.

Why don't we just cut the bullshit, bro? What about the client?

I never ask that shit. You know that.

My guy hears from a guy who hears from a guy.

Who owes me money?

I don't know, but they owe me, too. All right? I still haven't gotten paid.

What about Louis? You set him up.

No way, Bobo. Not a chance. Louis was my boy.

Your boy.

Now, look.

That client took him out, I say we go find that fucker and get us both paid.

That's a good idea. Why don't you get dressed?


Guns don't kill people, bullets do.

You made two big mistakes.

You should have checked the weight, and you should have never tried to burn me.

Baptiste. Mm-hmm.

All right, that's the brother's name, Marcus Baptiste!

He's a lawyer, and he's got an office down in the CBD, and he's got a big old fucking mansion in the Garden District, all right?


How much for this to go away? Give me a number.

Well, I was robbed, and Louis was clipped.

100 grand?

100 grand?

You know, Louis was a little oobatz, a little crazy, but I liked him.

I liked him a lot.

He was my partner.

All right, 500 grand!

Come on, that's a lot of cheese, but I could live with that!

I can't!

Jimmy, no, no, no, no! Jimmy, no! -(GUN CLICKS)

Oh, my God! Fuck!

No, no!

So, did you find Ronnie Earl?

-It's none of your business. -well, what did he say?

I got a problem with you.

Don't touch my gun! -(GROANS)

What the hell were you thinking, taking the firing pin out of my piece?

Okay. Huh?

Okay, all right.

Maybe it was a mistake, all right?

Mistake? Yeah.

But I'm a cop.

You know, I can't let you go on some fucking killing spree!

Yeah? Well, it's gonna get worse. If you can't handle it, go home!

Hey, fuck you!

You know, if it wasn't for me, you'd still be scratching your ass looking for Ronnie Earl.

If we're gonna find the guys that killed Louis and Greely, then we gotta work together on this!

You had me at "fuck you." Come on!

Next bum we gotta get is a lawyer named Marcus Baptiste. I heard of him.

Seen his name in the paper, big shot type. We'll see.

DCPD. Yeah, it's Taylor Kwon.

Yes, Detective?

Get me a speed check on a Marcus Baptiste, -local lawyer, ASAP. Baptiste.

Right. All right, thanks.


What's so funny?

It's been a long time since I cracked out a cop.

Bang, down, owned. Owned?


-it's Taylor here. DCPD regarding Marcus Baptiste.

There's a pen down there.

Marcus Baptiste, 5305 Britania.

All right, got it, thanks. Great.

You were in the Navy, right?

You were in demolitions? Yeah.

Early discharge. No benefits.

Never did find enough evidence to court martial you for that C-4 you sold on the black market.

How do you know all that stuff? With that phone?

Exactly. I ran your file through NCIC.

High school dropout, military service, arrest record, prison time.

Yeah, you can find all of that on one of these.

May want to upgrade from carrier pigeons or whatever early man uses.

You gotta stop busting my chops.

And that C-4 case, someone else confessed to it, but I guess you ain't gonna find that on my records, are you?

You still did enough fucked up shit to spend the rest of your life in prison.

That ain't gonna happen, but I like your spirit, that Samurai thing, it's nice.

First of all, Samurai is Japanese, I'm Korean.

Got it.

That's like me saying my favourite Italian food are tacos.

That's kind of a stupid analogy.


TAYLOR: Wow. Looks like Baptiste is having a party.

You know, costumes could work to our advantage.

Slip in and grab him where he can't make a scene.

Got it covered.



Hey, how are you? Hello.

We'd love for you to join us.

WOMAN: Baptiste, wonderful party!

BAPTISTE: Hey! There you are. I was just looking for you.

Why don't the two of you meet me in the back bedroom there, we'll play the fox and the hound together a little bit.

TAYLOR: That's our guy. Enjoy yourself.

Wait here.

BAPTISTE: Hey, kids!

Wonderful party, thank you!

Look at you! Looking great, baby!

Gentlemen, gentlemen.


Come to me, princess. Fabulous.

Yes, baby. Oh.

Ha-ha! Darling!

Easter Bunny, how's it going? Good to see you!

Gonna keep getting naughtier.

Keep getting crazier.

Gentlemen, despite the reverses and calamities of the recent past, we believe that this city still has a bright economic future.

What we're going to do is knock these ghetto housing projects flat and replace them with safe, modern, prestigious condominiums.

Ah. Gentlemen, our host, Mr Baptiste.

Good evening.

Hope you gentlemen spend some time at the party.

Pleasure, pleasure.

To our potential success. Cheers.

MEN: Cheers. Need anything?

A little privacy, right now.

And a little more whisky, if you can arrange it.


Hey, Tiffany! Yes, Mr Baptiste?

Morel wants some more whisky. All right.

Hey, you know what? Fuck him. Mr Baptiste.

Gonna piss in his cup.

Any drugs in here?


JIMMY: Grip it and zip it, party boy.

What the fuck is this, a joke?

Nah, it ain't no joke.



Meet me by the staircase at the rear of the house.

Okay, I'll be right there.

TAYLOR: I thought you were just gonna talk to him.

I know, I know.

So, where are we going for this interrogation?

My hit-the-mattress joint, it's an old boathouse.

Hey, just don't give me any crap, I'm not in the mood right now.

What's your problem?

I saw the guy that killed Louis back at the party.

I wanted to take him out, but there's too many witnesses.

He's still out.

If he wakes up, just crack him.

What, are you kidding? He's totally out.

Plus he's drunk, what's he gonna do?

Jesus Christ!


Get off!

Nice going, Odd Job!

Good call.

You know, I give you one thing, one thing to do!

MOREL: You let two unknown men enter this house uninvited.

Then you allow them to take the owner, and then, unmolested, they drive off into the middle of the night.

That's a little unfair.

Drunks walk in and out of these parties all the time.

Explain it to him.

TOWNE: Would you take a look at this, please?

We're monitoring the GPS chip in Baptiste's phone.

As long as he has it with him, we can track him.

Extraction could be difficult.

Rescue operations have a marginal rate of success.

The most important thing is that we eliminate the kidnappers.

Everything else is secondary.

Including Mr Baptiste.

Is that clear?

TAYLOR: Just let me handle the questioning, okay? It's what I do for a living.

There's got to be a method to it, you know?

It's psychology, you get him to lower his guard.

One sentence at a time, build a rhythm.

It's a lot like music.

Break his fucking legs, he'll give you a Who concert.

Just let me handle it, okay?


That's got to be very uncomfortable. Here we go.

Feel better? That's good.

Now, you know, you're gonna talk to us, right?

That's a given.

And my associate here, he's a detective.

And he's gonna ask you some questions and you're gonna answer him.

Remember one thing, though.

If you don't answer to him, you sure as hell are gonna talk to me.

Believe it. You're on.

Nice party. Thanks.

I don't remember sending you an invitation, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Oh, I did! Great costumes.

Especially the ladies in their birthday suits, eh?

Don't worry about it.

I make sure they're all well-paid and well taken care of.

I bet you do.

Don't condescend to me, Kato.

It says here you're a Chicago lawyer. That's right.

Came here 15 years ago, passed the Louisiana Bar.

Specialised in real estate transactions.

Mr Hot Property, huh?

Thank God for Google.

Well, how does it feel knowing that you're going to get disbarred?

Disgraced in the press, serve hard time, lose every penny you've ever made.

How long have you been doing business with Ronnie Earl?

Never heard of him.

No, of course you have.

Come on, he hired two hit men who then murdered Hank Greely.

Ronnie Earl said that you did the hiring.

Yeah, that you paid the money.

You're a crook, Mr Baptiste. You're an accomplice to murder.

Could we just end the charade? Huh?

I know exactly who you two are.

This is where I live, this is now my city.

I am very highly connected.

You're dealing with people that are way up the ladder.

You'll never make any of this bullshit stick.

You want my advice?

You let me go and then run to the airport as fast as you and this dumbbell can get there.

All right, that's it, okay.

Hey, look, there's nothing you can do to me I haven't already done to myself for fun.

All right?

How you doing, tough guy?

You think he's comfortable?

Ow! Fuck!

Okay, wait, wait, what do you want?

The tall guy that killed Louis.

Tall guy. Yeah, it's Keegan. Yeah? What's his deal?

He's FFL. Ex-mercenary, Central Africa, West Lebanon.

Now, he contracts out to Robert Nkomo Morel.

Why'd you set me and Louis up?

Morel didn't wanna take any chance that Greely's death could be traced back to us.

Greely was investigating Morel in DC.

Evidence of his payoffs to congressmen, senators, judges.

Thought he could blackmail Morel.

Didn't realise who he was fucking with. That's it!

No more! Hell, I don't want to get myself killed here.

I'm gonna blow your leg off.

Okay, I'll tell you about Morel.

He swindled a ton of money out of West Africa.

He started out buying up a lot of cheap real estate here in the city using other people's names.

Then he bribed his way into some big government contract to redevelop the area.

Look, I mean, this city is up for grabs, always has been.

We're just taking our share! That's it!

This goes way up, man, we're talking about Washington.

You two are insane if you think that...

Okay! Okay, okay, okay, okay, look.

It's around my neck, I copied Greely's whole life.

Names, dates, accounts, a little insurance policy in case Morel got clever.

Fuck! TAYLOR: It's a flash drive.

Look, you stupid motherfuckers aren't gonna get away with this.

Keegan's gonna punch your ticket, and I am gonna be there and I am gonna watch.

I'm gonna have a front row fucking seat. You stupid and sloppy son of a bitch!

Are you fucking insane?

You don't just kill a guy like that! I just did.

I'm playing by the rules. Where you live, the rules are different. All right?

He set me up, had my friend killed, took his chances and paid the price.

By the way, I know guys that would've done him real slow.

When this is over... Oh. You wanna do this dance?

I won't have a have a choice, will I? No, you won't.



Hold your fire!

Come on.

Check right!

Check your six! I got a body!


Bomb! Get the fuck out!


A souvenir.

You're probably wondering why I happen to have my safe house all wired up.

Not really. Like most criminals, you have a paranoid personality.


Here, take the keys and be quiet. She's probably sleeping.


What are you doing here?

Look, I'm sorry, you must have not heard us.

We were trying to be quiet, so we didn't wake you up.

I've been up all night. I was just getting ready to go to bed.

Do you mind if I use your computer?

Oh, that's cute.

Anything interesting?

It's a list of names and payouts.

Oh, yeah, I recognise some of them.

Uh, that guy's a judge. Some of the others, local politicians.

What's that folder?

Yeah, 90 UP-

Those are money transfers.

Hey, we gotta find this guy, Robert Nkomo Morel.

Shouldn't be too hard.

JIMMY: Yeah, figure out where the asshole is.

We keep moving up the ladder.

JIMMY: So, I was thinking that, you know, what you got going is interesting because I have always liked tattoos.

And I think it's fascinating 'cause it's... -It's just... It's real.

Homicide, Lebreton.

Lieutenant, it's Detective Taylor Kwon.

Detective Kwon, how nice of you to find the time to check in.

Look, I think I broke this whole thing wide open.

There's this guy, Robert Nkomo Morel.

He was chased out of Africa one step one step ahead of prosecution.

I got this flash drive with a list of all the payouts.

As soon as I get back into town, you'll be the first person I call.

JIMMY: I told you I'd front you, didn't I? Nope.

No. I don't want to have to owe you.

You can make some real money.

You got a gift, use it before it passes by. I'm serious.

Wow, that's great.

That's really great. You're giving me career advice.

All right, forget it. Bad or good, no good turn goes unpunished.

Tell the cop I'll be outside, okay?

You know, about Jimmy, you know I'll have to deal with him at some point.

You mean as a cop.

Yeah, as a cop.

All right, look, just cut him some slack, all right?

What if I told you he grew up on the streets, and then prison.

It's the only life he had.

Look, you know, I'm sure he's this brave as hell, very loyal...

But, you know, we're judged based on our actions.

He's done a lot of bad things.

I better go.

What took you so long? I was saying goodbye to your daughter.


Don't. Don't what?

Just don't. Don't say goodbye, or...

Oh, don't go there.

Shit, it's none of my business.

Most of the time, she doesn't give a damn about me anyway.

I mean, she's all right.

Got a few issues, but what the hell, who doesn't, right?

You been married? No, never tried it.

Yeah, me either.

So who's Lisa's mother?

Hooker junkie. Dead 15 years.

So, you raised her.

No, I'm not a very good father, but I supported her.

She turned out to be a pretty good kid, considering.

TAYLOR: When we get ashore, we gotta split up for a while.

There's someone I gotta go meet.

Who, you got a date?

It's a cop, he's from here. I gotta go tell him what's going on.

So, what about this other guy, Morel?

He'll hire an army of lawyers, and fight the evidence on technical grounds.

But he's still going down.

Down. Is that what you call it? Down?

Yeah, down. Down.

Six years at a country club jail, out in two, back in business.

That's not my idea of going down.

Going down is what happened to Louis.

All right, so you do what you gotta do, I'll handle things my way.

You know what, there is no your way!

Oh, here we go. So much for trusting a cop.

Yeah, you're under arrest. Am I really?

Okay, wanna do this dance again?

I tell you what, unless you're willing to pull that trigger and put a bullet to the head, that nine mill ain't gonna be much help.

Get out.

It's my car.

As soon as I take Morel down, I'm coming back for you!

I'll be waiting, Confucius. I'll be waiting.


An amateur.

I'd like to talk to you about Mr Keegan.

I just talked to him. I gave him some information I came up with.

Turns out the guy that we're looking for has a daughter. Only child.

All the family he's got.

Well, that sounds very promising.

We'll let Mr Keegan mobilise, as he would say.

But after things calm down, I need Mr Keegan terminated.

These psychotic paramilitaries he uses, they have a huge respect for him.

They see him as a hero.

He's got that perverted sense of honour, reckless sense of confrontation, they love that.

Well, that's very impressive, Detective, but I don't trust him.

He does what he does for reasons other than money.

Sir, I'd think very hard about this idea of termination.

He's a unique asset.

Never trust anyone who doesn't care enough about money.

You see, Mr Keegan fancies himself as a hero.

Well, guess what?

In classical literature, the hero dies.

Hey, how's it going? Just have a seat. I'll be right with you.

I need to talk to you. Outside, please.

I can hear you fine in here.

Nothing's easy.



All right. Come here.

You got here fast. Not much traffic.

Let's hear it.

Greely and Blanchard are victims of the same group.

The guy in charge is named Morel.

Greely found out about this in DC and came down here to blackmail him.

Yeah, I know the rest.

I told you to go home.

I know, I've heard the speech. We should have taken him in.

You know, that still doesn't change anything.

You're welcome.

So, why'd you follow me?

I figured Morel had a few more cops in his pocket.

He was setting me up the whole time.

First they take out Greely, and then you and Louis.

He was there to make sure my investigation went nowhere.



KEEGAN: Hello, Jimbo. You sound like you're having a nice day.

Who's this? You lost your partner last time we met.

You and me, we've got a few things we need to work out.

Hey, hold on a second. Someone wants to say hi.

Speak. Jimmy.

They hurt you? No, not yet.

You got a good-looking girl. I got a few ideas what I'd like to do with her.

Touch her and I'll kill you with a fucking rock!

Come here. -(GROANING)

This is simple. We think you have something we want.

A flash drive.

Looks like I have something you want.



Don't hurt her. Where you at? Where are you?

KEEGAN: Market Street Power Plant. And don't come heavy.

If I see a piece, your daughter is gonna go right off the roof.

So what are we gonna do?

I want to get her back. Give them what they want, then they die!

You shouldn't be here.

Oh, I think otherwise, Mr Keegan.

But don't worry about me. Just worry about them.

Check him. Make sure he's clean.

He's here. He just rolled up.

TOWNE: Jimmy Bobo's in the building.

Okay, Bobo. Up the stairs, third floor.



Make a left. Fucking cave bear.

I'm gonna kill you.


No bickering, please. We're here to do business.

I assume you brought what I want?

Yeah. Where's my kid?

And where is your friend, the police officer?

Who gives a shit where he is? That's your problem.

But you let me go and pay my fee, I'll hunt his ass down. Fact.

Pay you a fee?

I don't believe I understand.

Understand what? It's 500 grand, he's history.

And with that amount, you would sell your partner out? Like that?

He ain't my partner. He's a fucking cop.

Half a million seems a bit much, considering your circumstances.

Your bargaining position is very weak.



Where's my daughter?

She's in the building, don't worry. She's currently unharmed.

I wanna see Lisa. You got a problem with that?

Are you guys fucking with me, or what?

MOREL: No problem whatsoever.

Bring her in.

Wait a second. Hey.

You don't have to do this.

When I want your opinion, I'll buy you a brain.


Hey, let go of her! Hey! Get your hands off of her!

Let go of her!

You hit her?

How about that.

I think she liked it.

MOREL: Now, my friend.

The flash drive, please.

Thank you.

Very good.

We're back in business.

You can let her go.

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

I'd like this thing with the police officer done quickly.

Don't make me wait.

Let's get out of here.

LISA: Where's Taylor?

He's all right.

MOREL: Now, Detective Towne, I want you to make sure that Mr Bobo and his daughter are safely escorted out of the building.

Yes, sir.

You don't seem to be very happy, Mr Keegan.

You're treating this Jimmy Bobo way too good. Maybe you forgot.

Four of our operatives got killed by this guy last night.

You care about them?

Well, they're mercenaries like you. They take their chances.

250 is as much as you paid me.

Well, Mr Bobo had leverage.

You don't.

I've got plenty of leverage.

Mr Towne.

All right. Look, you don't have an argument with me!

This is my world! Son of a bitch!

I'll kill you! How dare you?

I always knew never to trust a man who doesn't care about money!

TAYLOR: Drop your weapon.


Get in there. Get in! What?

Just get in there and stay down!

Stay down and sit back.

There he is! Take him out!



Ready for another round?

I said I was gonna kill you.


It's kind of fun, isn't it?

Just you and me, two professionals.

Only one gets away.

Come on.

Look at that.

"Dedicated to the good men who battled the fire

"that took so many lives in the year of our Lord, "1910."

Morel was gonna burn this place down and build a fucking shopping centre or some bullshit.

And all the poor bastards that saved this place, nobody's gonna remember who they were.

Nobody's gonna even remember what they saved.

Are we gonna fight, or you plan on boring me to death?

Come here, Jimmy.

What are we, fucking Vikings?

Pick it up.

There you go.

Pick it up!

I'm impressed.


Oh! Oh.

Ouch. You okay?





I had it under control.

Yeah, bullshit.

You were history.

Call it even.

Keegan went rogue upstairs and killed Morel and the rest of them.

We still gotta sort out you and me, by the law.

The law.

You know, when it gets down to it, you're still just another chicken-shit cop.

Let's sort you out.


Come here.

LISA: You son of a bitch!

I know, I know.

Listen up.

Keegan shot the guys upstairs. Tell them I shot the rest.

You tried to stop me, and I shot you, too.

Make that your story.

Yeah, you're welcome.

Lisa, you coming, or you want to meet some more cops?

I'm gonna stay with him.


I'll be in touch.

Try not to move.

JIMMY: I don't like cops.

You can't trust them.

Let me put it this way.

You can only trust them to be what they really are.

But this guy, Kwon, when he turned in his report, guess what?

He didn't rat me out.

When the news broke, the story was the bad guys got greedy, killed each other.

So I knew I must have stayed clean.

I don't know.

I guess Kwon figured he owed me.

Six weeks later, he sent me a message about maybe having a drink.

I thought I smelled a cop.

Guess who's late.

I read about you in the paper.

Looks like you're quite the hero.

Glad everything's working out okay for you.

Except for the two holes in my shoulder, two weeks in the hospital, and a month of rehab.

I'll be sure to repay the favour some day.

So that's what you came down here to tell me?

Actually, I came down to tell you a couple things.

All right, shoot.

First, I decided to get a tattoo.


Yeah. Lisa came down to the hospital to visit me a lot.

At the hospital?

We got to know each other.


Actually, we got to really know each other.

Really know each other. That's nice.

You know, I gotta be going.

Here's your fortune cookie.

I'm not gonna come after you for anything you did in the past.

But you break the law again and I hear about it, oh, you're going down.

That'll be the day.

Drinks on my buddy here.

Oh, shit. That hurt?

JIMMY: So that's the way it went down.

Nothing much changed except some people got killed that nobody's ever gonna miss.

And I ended up needing a new car, so I went out and bought myself a special ride.

Why not? You don't live forever.