Bullitt (1968) Script

This is Pete. Yeah?

We lost him.

He's your brother, Ross. If you can't find him, we have people who will.

And you're paying for the contract.

Excuse me. Have you got a message for Mr. Ross?

What room, sir?

I'm not a guest.

I'll check. Thanks.

That's Johnny Ross. Yes, sir.

Sorry, sir, nothing.


Are you sure? I'm sure, sir.

Okay, thanks.

Thank you.

Yes, I'm sure it was him.

Sunshine Cab, 6912.

Would you pull up? I want to make a call. Right.



What is it? Work.

Frank, let me in, will you?

What time did you get to bed this morning, Frank?

About 5.

"Mumps vaccine on the market."

"The government authorized yesterday..."

"...what officials term the first clearly effective vaccine to prevent mumps."

"...Announced it has granted a license for the vaccine..."

"at 12:45, Wednesday..."

Why don't you just relax, have your orange juice, and shut up, Delgetti?

Let's go, Frank.

Lt. Bullitt to see you, Mr. Chalmers.

Conditions in our local politics here.

It was purely unintentional, I assure you.

It wasn't that I was so well-informed, it was just that he was so ill-informed.

Would you excuse me for a moment, please?

What do you like about...?

In Orinda, we have all this beautiful dry sunshine. Absolutely perfect for roses.

I do all my own work. You should see my hands from pruning.

Hello. Lieutenant, how are you?

Thanks for coming over. The name is Frank, isn't it?

That's right. Please call me Walter.

I have an important job for you. Capt. Bennet suggested that you take it.

As you know, there is a senate subcommittee hearing here Monday.

I have a star witness who needs protection.

Sam said that you were the man for the job.

And I can't find a flaw in that statement.

Protection from who?

The Organization.

His name is Ross. Johnny Ross from Chicago.

Once and for all, the top men in law enforcement are united.

We're going to expose the Organization.

I read your speech. Why San Francisco?

Ross is safer here. That's your province.

Keeping him out of reach for 40 hours.


The Hotel Daniels. 226 Embarcadero Road. Room 634.

He's there now, expecting you.

Now that you know where my house is...

...I hope that we'll get to see a lot more of each other.

Particularly in view of the investigation.

A senatorial hearing has a way of...

...catapulting everyone involved into the public eye...

...with a subsequent effect on one's career.

It will be a pleasure to have you along.

Have him in court on Monday, Frank.

What was that all about? Pals.

You and Chalmers? That's a lot of juice.

Hotel Daniels, 226 Embarcadero Road.

State's evidence witness, we're babysitting. Let's go.

You got any coffee? Yeah.

Yeah, who is it? Police.

The roof and the exits.

Mr. Chalmers said you'd be here by 5: 00. He guaranteed me that.

Sorry, we got held up in traffic.

Got any firearms?

No, man, I got nothing on me. Just my wallet, cigarette lighter.

Want to check me out yourself?

No, that's not necessary. Put that stuff on the bed, will you, please?

How did you get here from Chicago?

I flew.

Sure none of the boys were on the plane with you, or saw you get on?

How would I know? I wouldn't know.

Why did you pick this room to hole up?

I didn't pick it. Chalmers picked it.


Stay away from those windows. That's why.

Say, look...

Sit down and relax, Ross. It's a long wait until Monday morning.

We'd better get a fix on some food.

What? Some food.

I know Chalmers wants you to be happy. We'll do the best we can.

Dad, it's for you.

Listen, you're not going. We're going to a movie.

Hold it down. Don't be too late.

Hello. Hello. Captain?

Frank? We'll see you later, Dad.

I've seen Chalmers.

What do you know about Ross? Chicago. It could be very big.

He had access to all the records. He ran the wire services with his brother, Pete.

Did Chalmers ask for me?

Do you happen to know why?

Yes, I know why. He's grooming himself for public office.

You make good copy. They love you in the papers, Frank.

I see.

Okay. So long, Sam.

Say, who were you talking to about me on that telephone?

Mr. Chalmers said this was just between me and him.

Me and him, man, that's all.

Delgetti will take the first shift, Stanton at 12: 00. I'll take the third.

All you got to worry about is staying away from the windows.

Especially at night. You call me before you leave.

Excuse me.

Fire escape and the freeway.

Bad news, right? Right. Want me to stay?

No. Go on home to your wife.

What shift? Second.

If we work on the weekend, we get two days off?

So long.

Hi. Hi.

Is this the new fountain?

Fountain? All the client can afford is a leaky faucet.

I thought that money didn't matter to artists.

It costs money to have a soul.

"Friction loss of water in feet per hundred feet. Length of pipe..."

"Formula using constant one-hundred size of standard pipe in inches."

I want to use 600 gallons of water per minute.

Now, what's the velocity per second of a 5-inch pipe?

Look to the extreme right.

Now go down the figures until you find 600.

Got it.

Now go across until you find the 5-inch-pipe column.

What does it say? 9.8.

Now I want the loss in feet.



I lost my place. Nobody's perfect.

May I use your phone, please? Good evening. It's right this way.

Here you go. Thank you.

Yeah? Del?

Coffee Cantata. 931-0770.

931-0770. Right.

If a Sgt. Delgetti calls me, would you please let me know right away?

I certainly will. Thank you.

Yes? Del. I'm coming off now.

Everything okay? Yeah, sure.

Hold it down, will you?

I'm sorry.

Anything for Stanton? No, I'll see you tomorrow.

Who was it?

Something exciting?

Go to sleep.

Meaning you won't tell me anything.

It's not for you, baby.

Anything you do is part of me.

Front desk. Two gentlemen. Shall I send them up?

What are their names? Hold on a minute.

Mr. Chalmers and a friend.

Listen, tell them to wait. And give me 421-7596.

Frank? Yeah.

Chalmers is downstairs with another man. They want to come up.

Chalmers, at 1:00 a.m.? Don't let them in. I'll be there in five minutes.

All right.

Please, away from the door.

Here are the latest baseball scores, just in.

In the National League, San Francisco Giants...

...beat the Dodgers in both ends of a double-header.

A 2-0 shutout in the twilighter, and a 4-1 win in the nightcap.

No, wait.

Now look.

He told me...

Holy mackerel!

Who is it? Ross. Two guys got him with a shotgun.

And Stanton?

They got him in the leg. They're bringing him down.

Stick with Ross. Barney.

As soon as the lab men get out of 634, seal it.

But seal it, Barney. Yes, sir.

How bad? Bad. He's got a bleeder.

The door is not open.

Somebody screwed up. The door's not open.

Somebody put the bed in.

I know you're hurting...

...but I've got to know now.

The two men. Do you remember anything?


The one who fired, about 5' 10". White hair.

Gun, Winchester pump.

All I remember. Came in so fast.

Chain was off. He unlocked the door.

Who unlocked it?

Ross. Like he was expecting someone.

How is my leg?

Hold on, Carl, we'll be there in a couple of minutes.

Get out of the way.

To the right.

Let's go.

Scissors, Jones.

Somebody get the blood pressure.


Can I have an ABD pad?

Can you move your hand? Do you want to step out?

Your buddy's all right. His leg's gonna be okay.

Somebody get x-rays.

How's Stanton?

He'll be all right, but he's busted up. Ross?

I don't know, Frank.

You better call Stanton's wife and get her over here.


Intercostal vessels, move them away. Suture ligature.

Here you go. What is it?


What's his blood pressure now? Scissors.

It's down to 90 over 70. Started the blood line.




Better let me tie this one. Okay.

Get some balm, please.

Here you go.

He's dropping. Pulse is also going up now.

What was it pre-op?

BP pre-op was 140 over 90. Kahn, take this.

Now it's 90 over 70. How much blood do you have?

We have four up here, and we've ordered four more units.

How much have you given him?

We're starting the first one right now. You'd better bring me another one.

Mayo, please.

This is the subclavian. Here's your wipe, doctor.

Thank you, Deanne.

2-0 Dermalon. Yes, sir.

What are his chances? No more than fifty-fifty.

We stopped the hemorrhaging, but they got some of the major blood vessels.

Thank you, doctor.

How is he doing? Holding.

Stanton? Okay. He's sleeping now.

I want to talk to you.

I got the report back from the lab.

Nothing at the hotel. How come they got in?

Ross got to the door, unhooked the chain from the inside.

He let the killers in himself? Why would he do a thing like that?

I'm waiting to ask him.

What about the setup? What do you think about that?

Shotgun and a backup man. Professionals.


I had to call Chalmers.


It didn't go down too good. It's the main event for him.

You know, the senate subcommittee hearing.

He can't produce the big surprise he promised everyone.

He may try to make up some mileage by laying it on us.

Play it by the book from now on.

Does Chalmers run this case, or do I?

All I'm interested in is results.

Do whatever you think is best.

I'll try to back you up.

Excuse me, sir. Are you the policeman who hasn't eaten?

Yes, ma'am.

Thank you. Surely.

Where is he?

How is he, doctor?

As well as can be expected. He's still under the anesthesia.

I'm Walter Chalmers.

Is there any possibility of my getting a deposition from Ross before Monday?

That's impossible to say at this time. He may remain in shock.

I thank you for doing all you can, doctor.

Get the supervisor.

Now, what went wrong, lieutenant?

Who else knew where he was? What?

Who else knew where he was?

What are you implying?

They knew where to look for him, and they used your name to get in.

Are you suggesting I disclosed his whereabouts?

Somebody did. And it didn't come from us.

That's hardly the issue.

Well, it certainly is.

I've got an officer with a family.

And he's shot up pretty bad.

And I've got a witness who can't talk.

I want to know about Ross. What was the deal you made with him?


Lieutenant, don't try to evade the responsibility.

In your parlance, you blew it.

You knew the significance of his testimony.

Yet you failed to take adequate measures to protect him.

So to you it was a job. No more.

Were it more, and you had the dedication I was led to believe...

You believe what you want.

You work your side of the street, and I'll work mine.

Lieutenant, I shall personally officiate at your public crucifixion...

...if Ross doesn't recover during the course of the hearing...

...so I can at least present his deposition.

And I assure you, I shall not suffer the consequence of your incompetence.

And even if there wasn't any...

...I'm rather certain I can prove negligence on your part.

There may be another attempt on his life.

I'll be back in the morning, with my people.

Thank you, doctor.

I'd like to have Dr. Willard replaced. I think he's too young and inexperienced.

I'd prefer my surgeon. Inform the administrator, please.

But Dr. Willard is one of our... I'd like him replaced, if you don't mind.

I'll report this to our administrator. Thank you very much.


A relative of mine, he's here with a gunshot wound.

Could you please tell me where I can find him?

Why don't you try at the reception desk? There's no one there.

He could be on the second floor in the emergency room.

Thanks, doctor.


Lieutenant, it's for you.

Thank you.


Dr. Kenner. This probably isn't important...

...but a man asked me if a relative of his with a gunshot wound was in the hospital.

I thought you should know about it.

Was he about 5' 10"? Gray hair?

I'm afraid I told him that he was on the second floor.

Thank you.


Our man is in the building. He was tipped where to find Ross.

You take the ground floor, okay? Got it.

Get in Ross' room. Nobody in, except Dr. Willard and the nurses.

There's a man down the stairs!

Polly, call Anesthesia and bring the crash cart.

Doctor, there's a cardiac arrest in the ICU.

Get Delgetti. You and the patrolman cover the lobby.


I can't get a blood pressure.


Do you want to defibrillate again?

Not now. Not with that complex.

How much bicarb? Fifteen.

Go ahead. Push it in.

Do you want some lactose? Draw some up.

Any pupillary reaction? No. Dilated and fixed.

Get some calcium up, too.

What's that now? What's he got?

No activity.

I need some more epinephrine.

0.5 milligram, please.

Doctor, I need your help.

What is it?

I want this kept open.

If Chalmers finds out that Ross died, he'll fold this up.

I want the man that killed him. I understand.

But I don't want your head on a block. I understand.

His chart could be misplaced.

You filed it. It's missing. I'll take the responsibility.

All right.

Call the coroner's office. Tell them to put Ross under a John Doe.

I want a private ambulance, unmarked, and I want it quiet.

Far as you go, doctor.

Take it slow.

City morgue. Let's go.

Fresh today.

See if Dr. Willard is still in the hospital. Get Lt. Bullitt on the phone.

I'm sorry, Joe. He's been transferred to another room.

May I have an outside line, please?

May I speak to your supervisor, please? I'm afraid she's busy at the moment.

I'd be grateful if you'd tell her that Chalmers wishes to see her immediately.

It's very urgent. Yes, Mr. Chalmers.

I'd like to speak with Dr. Willard, please. Thank you.

Yes? Can I help you?

I wanted the other supervisor.

The night supervisor went off duty an hour ago.

I'm Mrs. Francis. May I help you?

You may, indeed. There was a patient here. His name is Johnny Ross.

And he seems to have disappeared. Disappeared?

He was in Intensive Care, but there's no record of his whereabouts in the hospital.

That's impossible.

May I see his medical chart? I'm sorry but hospital regulations...

It's an official police request. Is it not, Capt. Baker?

Yes, captain. I'll take care of it. Thank you.

Excuse me, but Dr. Willard has gone off duty.

Call him at home.

Are you sure he's not there? Do you have Dr. Willard's home number?

Dr. Willard? Yes.

I'm sorry, but there's been some medical complication with my witness.

I'm afraid I'll have to forego that bedside picture...

...as much as it would've compensated for his inability to testify tomorrow.

But in all decency, I can hardly force the issue.

Does this mean your surprise witness won't be able to make any statement?

The man was near death when he was brought in here.

In view of the attempt on his life...

...I'm sure you can understand my reasons for secrecy.

Yeah, of course. Good to see you again.

Can't reach Lt. Bullitt, either. Keep trying.

I can't find Mr. Ross's medical chart. It's evidently been misplaced.

Or appropriated. Appropriated?

All right. I'll inform the administrator. Thank you very much.

I want a complete list of the staff who might've been involved...

...in helping Bullitt spirit Johnny Ross out of here.

I'm certain he grabbed my witness for his personal aggrandizement.

I'll lay odds on that. And find Ross.

I'll get on it right away. Mr. Chalmers, I have Lt. Bullitt.

All right, where's my witness?

I've got him.

Where is he?

Are you going to tell me or not?

Well, I can't at the present time.

Capt. Baker would like to have a word with you.

Now listen to me, lieutenant.

Nail him. I want him written off. No problem.

You want some breakfast?

Just coffee.

Thank you.

For what?

All clear, lieutenant.

Is it open? The door's open, sir.

Think back to the time the two of them first came in and you saw them.

Anything you can remember?

Like I said, they hit me before I got a chance to look at them.

I don't remember nothing about them. Nothing.

Start remembering. I can't.

And that's the honest truth.

Delgetti, take him downtown.

Lieutenant, give him a chance, will you? He's trying.

He's not trying hard enough.

It will come to him.

You're wasting your time.

Okay, come on.

One thing about the guy who hit me...

He had a square face.

There wasn't much light here. They try to save on electricity.

Like this?

No. Thinner.

That's it. Now it's coming back.

Let's go to the guy in 634.

No luggage? That's right, sir.

And he didn't store anything? No, sir.

He came in empty, which means you gave him a good look-over.

Always do. They're the ones I give the eye to.

Then you saw how he arrived?

Yes, sir. In a cab. What line?

Sunshine Cab.

The guy who hit you, how old was he? About 50.

What was his hair like?

Gray. Getting bald. Bald on both sides.

That? No, balder.

Am I helping you, sir?

I never had it so good.

His first stop was the Mark.

How long? Not long.

Pull over there and wait.

Hello. Eddy?

Dues time. I need some information on a Johnny Ross. Chicago.

Give me half an hour. Meet you at Enrico's.


Two. Two what?

Calls. He called twice. The second was long distance.

How do you know it was long distance?

He put in a lot of change.

Good morning, Sam. I don't believe I've had the pleasure.

This is Mr. Chalmers. My wife, Mrs. Bennet.

My son, Paul. My son, Tony. Tony, how are you?

Would you mind if I had a moment alone with Sam?

No, of course not.

Must be difficult raising children in the world of today.

I presume Tony is a college student.

Yes, that's right.

I can well imagine the financial strain...

...of sending a boy to university on the salary of a captain.

There's no reason why a man with your potential...

...shouldn't move right up, given the right support.

My family is waiting for me, Mr. Chalmers.

Bullitt abducted my witness.

He removed him from the hospital.

As his superior officer, I've given him complete charge of the case.

If he's moving Ross around, it's for a reason.

So you mean that you would not order him to reveal where he's keeping Ross?

It's his case, Mr. Chalmers.

Captain, I'm serving you with a writ of habeas corpus...

...making you responsible for the delivery of Ross.

Duly observed...

...you have received it.

I need that witness to prove his very existence.

Now do you know...

Excuse me, sir. Dad, Mom is waiting.

Would you excuse us for just another moment, Tony?

All right, son.

I do not choose to have people accuse me of false promises...

...for the sake of cheap sensationalism...

...or to be compromised by your lieutenant. Or castrated.

Wait for me. I won't be long.

According to my sources, the Organization's Chicago branch...

...caught Johnny Ross with his hands in the till.

They estimate he siphoned off...

...about $2 million while operating their wire service.

The story is they tried to get rid of him. Friday night. Chicago.


He got away unharmed. They believe he's hiding here in town.

How old is this information, Eddy?

Four hours. They're looking for him all over town, Frank.

They've staked out the docks, the airport, to keep him from leaving the country.

Anyone else trying for a hit?

Haven't heard of any such likelihood.

What about his brother, Pete?

In the clear.

Okay, Eddy. Thanks.

Anything I can do for you? There is something.

Remember Zash-Zhoe? They gave him three to five.

What is he in for? Receiving stolen property.

I'll try.

Thanks, Frank.

Here you go. Take care, lieutenant.

What the hell is going on here?

A high-speed pursuit.

Two men are killed. An officer in the hospital. A witness almost murdered.

I want to know what's happening now. Let's hear it straight.

Here's a report.

A man like Chalmers could be a great help to the department.

He could speak for us where it counts.

He could fight for us in the legislature.

You have got to turn over his witness.

Where's Ross?

Tell him. That's an order.

He's dead.

Dead? He died last night.

After you moved him?

Before. I've got him downstairs under a John Doe.

You are sick.

Smuggling a dead man out of a hospital.

And now two men killed, who may have had nothing to do with it.

The man I was chasing killed Ross.

How do you know? Did you see him?

Yes. He tried to nail me with a shotgun.

A Winchester pump.

The radio report said the two men were burned beyond recognition.

Now all he's got are two dead men. It would never hold up in court.

I've got one lead. I want to move on it.

"Miss Dorothy Simmons. Thunderbolt Hotel. San Mateo."

Ross called her person-to-person from a phone in Union Square...

...approximately nine hours before he was killed.

So he called his girlfriend. What does that prove?

This is Sunday. I'm going to hold that writ until we come to work Monday morning.

Go on. Get out.

I need a car.

Sorry, lieutenant, there's no cars left.

Ms. Simmons doesn't answer. What's her room number?

I'm sorry, we're not allowed to give...

Front. Take this gentleman to Room 114, please.

Hello, Del?

It's a strangulation.

I thought I knew you.

But I'm not so sure anymore.

Do you let anything reach you? I mean, really reach you?

Or are you so used to it by now that nothing really touches you?

You're living in a sewer, Frank.

Day after day.

That's where half of it is. And you can't walk away from it.

I know it's there, but I don't have to be reminded of the whole thing.

The ugliness around us.

With you, living with violence is a way of life. Living with violence and death.

How can you be part of it without becoming more and more callous?

Your world is so far from the one I know.

What will happen to us in time?

Time starts now.

What've you got? Let's start with the cleaver.

One cleaver, approximately 8 inches in length.

Ms. Simmons' luggage has just arrived from the airport.

Okay. Where is it?

Here you go. One pair of gold shoes...

Where is it from? San Mateo Thunderbolt Hotel.

And who from? Simmons.

And what do we have?

One yellow metal locket, yellow metal watch, pearl necklace.

Put a hold on these. Yes, sir.

We got a man here.

Dearborn Travel Agency, Chicago. Rome.

Look at all this literature.

Rome? Yeah.

What do you make out of that? I thought she was alone.

She's got a guy now.

New purse, still got a price tag in it.

Give me a bag, Tony.

Everything is new. They weren't even away.

Passport? No passport. No tickets.

Yeah, I haven't found any tickets, either.


What've you got?


"Albert E. Renick."

Then who the hell is Simmons?

Look how much money he's got. Look at this.

This guy is loaded.

We've got a Renick. Wonder who Renick is.

Look what I came up with.

Dorothy Renick.

Okay. Drop it in.

We're getting warm. "A.R."

How does that grab you?

Give me a bag, Tony. Fingerprints on this stuff.

Let's wrap her up.

Thanks, Tony. Okay.

No ticket, no passport.

Call Immigration in Chicago. Have them wire Renick's passport applications.

I'll get a fingerprint check on Ross. Okay.

There are multiple gunshot wounds on the left side of the face...

...the left side of the neck, and about the left upper thorax.

These extend from the lateral extent of the left eye...

...and a portion of the left orbit has been lacerated...

...and aqueous humor protrudes from the laceration.

There have been deep lacerations in the immediate area...

...and these have been approximated by fine surgical sutures.

There are multiple surgical incisions about the left side of the face.

There is considerable hemorrhage in these deep tissues...

...and a number of surgical sutures are present about this area.

There are entrances into the sinuses...

...and several pellets are found located within this area.

There are also multiple lacerations and multiple gunshot entrance wounds...

...about the left side of the neck.

And similar wounds are found on the left upper thorax.

Period. The lacerations...

Could you send up those prints right away?

There's a soft rubber catheter extending out through the lateral extent of the...

I understand Capt. Bennet told you, you had until Monday morning...

...to comply with my writ of habeas corpus.

However, I want a signed admission now...

...that Ross died while he was in your custody.

When I'm ready. Yes?

Your photographs are coming through. I'll be right up. Thank you.

I demand that signed statement. Now.

Excuse me.

Is that the girl?



"Albert Edward Renick."

"Used car salesman. Chicago."

Who's Renick?

He was the man who was shot at the Hotel Daniels.

You sent us to guard the wrong man, Mr. Chalmers.

Mrs. Dorothy Renick and Mr. Al Renick...

...have reservations on the 7: 00 flight to Rome.

Separate tickets. Not confirmed.

And I got this report from Chicago.

Renick has no record of arrests. He's clean, Frank.

Well, Ross took close to $2 million from the Organization.

And he set Renick up to get the heat off of him.

Then he killed Renick's wife to shut her up.

San Francisco Homicide.

Do you have a Mr. Renick on the 7: 00 flight for Rome?

He confirmed his flight a half hour ago. Did he check in yet?

Not here, but he could do that at the gate. Shall I call security?

No, call the gate. Have them recheck all the passports.

Which gate? Seventy-three.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Clipper Flight 110 is now ready for boarding.

We hope you have a pleasant flight, and thank you for choosing Pan American.

No smoking, please, beyond this point.

Would you please have your passports available for inspection...

...as you pass through the departure gate?

Excuse me.

Pardon me.

Step right here.

And you're with the tour, too, are you? There are other girls ahead of you.

Step right on through.

Passenger Service. Can I help you, sir?

Do you have a Renick, an Al E. Renick on Flight 124 to London?


Thank you. At the last minute, on a Rome ticket. Flight Control.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just been instructed to return to the gate.

For your safety, please remain seated...

...until the aircraft has come to a complete stop.

We anticipate only a short delay.

However, all passengers are requested to disembark...

...and remain in the departure lounge. Thank you.

He's still my witness.

I'll be delighted to let you have him after he testifies tomorrow.

The Organization.

Several murders.

Could do us both a great deal of good.

Look, Chalmers, let's understand each other. I don't like you.

Come on now, don't be naive, lieutenant.

We both know how careers are made.

Integrity is something you sell to the public.

You sell whatever you want, but don't sell it here tonight.

Frank, we must all compromise.


Get the hell out of here, now.

Thank you.

How long will we be delayed? Just about 45 minutes.

Won't be long.

Get me the security guard.

Ticket, please.

All right. Get back.

Wonder who he was, what he did.

I heard his shots all the way down the hall.

He's a cop, that's what he is.

Let's get back. Let's keep the area clear.

Come, ladies, you don't want to see this now.