Burning Kentucky (2019) Script

People tell a lot of stories around here.

And sometimes, when you get good at telling stories, you get bad at telling the truth, or knowing what the truth looks like...

or caring about which is which.

This is the story about the night my family died.

What took you so long?

You look well rested. Shut up.

Sweet too.

Donuts, coffee.

You get my smokes?

Smokes? I didn't know you needed those.

I don't care.

Congratulations, you're still my favorite.


The competition isn't much.

He's moved that girl into that house.

Hmm. Heard about that.

Don't bullshit your daddy, boy.

You know they're living together, you seen it yourself.

It's your grandmother's house, Wyatt.


Fuck you do to the door?

Oh, it was the wind.

It was windy and the wind, the wind came through, and the door...

Is she living here now?

Look at her.

She's so pretty.

Is she high or dead?

I keep shooting her full of whatever the hell I need to keep her skinny ass here.

If you hate it so much why don't you kick them out?

My boy, Rule, without that home is a dead Rule.

I can't do it.


-What? -That's the girl's name living there, Jolene.

Girl, she's a whore, she's a tramp, she's a junkie.

Family of nobodies.

And we're a family of somebodies?

Listen, you're obviously a lost cause... but that girl... she needs to get clean or she needs to go home, 'cause if I come back in here and she's like this again, I'm not gonna keep the fucking lights on.

I'm serious!

And you best come sober to church Sunday.

You know what Sunday is, right?



I spoke with Abe and he wants to do something for mama this Sunday at church.

Did he?

I think it'd be a good idea for everyone to go.

Yeah, that could be good.

You know, a lot of people loved her, not just you.

Tell that asshole preacher to stay out of my face.

I got enough to deal with that day.

The last batch of shine sold really well today.

That's all that's left.

The boys came again today.

What they do?

Threw bottles at me, yelled something.


Okay, it's over now.

Let's, um, let's go to our spot, huh?

Tell me our story.


Start from the beginning.

Once upon a time there was a young boy... and he was sad.

His mother had gone missing, and his brother and father had gone into the woods to look for him.

This boy, it so happens, was with his best friend in the woods.

And back then everyone knew you don't go in the woods.

'Cause the woods was a bad place.

They was just scared of what they didn't know.

Now, this boy's friend, he got frightened and he left that boy in the woods all alone.

What frightened him?

That doesn't really matter.

-That's when my favorite part happens. -Me.

Yes, you, there you were.

How'd I look?

Like a rabbit, soft and scared.

Then what?

We both lost our mothers that night.

I stood by you.

At your side until sunrise.

You're leaving out all the sad parts.

Not everyday's for the sad parts.

There are happy days, happy parts.


There's always sad parts.

What's that?

It's a vision board.

That's my wall, Jolene!

Like you care.

You better start respecting my house and get your ass out the door.

This is your grandmommy's house and I can leave right now if I want to.

All right, miss High and Mighty.

Where do you think you're going to go, huh? Back to Uncle Johnny's house?

You want to wake up with him in your bed again?

I got other places to go.

Yeah, like where?

I'll go to Cash's house.

You're gonna die on his floor like all the other rat ass whores he's got, huh?

Is that what you're going to do, girl?

Like you'd you care I died anyway.

-At least Cash feeds me better than this... -Then fucking go!

You just wait, Rule Landry West, you're gonna be so sorry.

You're still gonna be sitting here in this filth, and you're gonna turn the radio on and you're gonna hear me and my voice and you're gonna think about how much you could've loved me, but it'll be too late because I will be long gone, baby.

Long gone from here.

I think you're gonna be a star.

You don't even believe that.

Yes, I do.

I knew it since I first laid eyes on you.

You're lying like a dog.

How can I be lying?

There's no one from here clear to hazard, hold a candle to you, baby.

Nobody sing like you neither.

Why don't you sing for me?


Come here, sing for me please.

How's your dad?

Same, little higher blood alcohol level.

Well, at least he ain't a preacher.

I tell you, man, people watch me like a hawk in this town.

Really? Mm-hmm.

You think having a drunk sheriff daddy, a dead mama, and a junkie brother keeps my name out of people's mouths?

Well, let me tell you this, your name's in people's mouths for a whole new reason lately.

What you talking about, Arlo?

Some girl someone saw you with.

-What girl? -Said they saw you on the road back behind George's Hollow picking blackberries.

-Goddamn it, Wyatt, that sounds romantic. -Fuck you.

So, who is she?

-No one. -Well, she is someone, that's a fact.

I don't know why you're getting so shy all of the sudden.

From what I hear, everyone's just... glad you're swinging for the right team after all these years.

Well, I'm happy to relieve you all, be seeing you, then.

Wait, I'm just fucking with you.

I'm happy for you, buddy, I really am.

So happy, in fact, that next weekend, I got a little surprise for you.

I don't need anymore surprises. I got enough to worry about.

Just a little bonfire, just a little get together, if you will.

Down by our old stomping grounds.

Why? Why not?

We just don't get to see you too often these days, Wyatt.

Why don't you bring that mystery friend of yours too?

I know Ruby would like to say hello.

Sounds like a good excuse for the whole town to put their noses where they don't belong.

Don't make me beg you.

I won't.

Brothers and sisters... this day is an opportunity to remember a pillar of our community that held us together.

On this anniversary of the death of Nathalie West, we remember that the effect of our choice is much like sin, rippled through the very fabric of our fellowship.

Nathalie wasn't like most other people.

She was so vibrant.

She was a mother to everyone she knew.

The thing about death is... it happens to everything living.

And like many of us know... there were those we reluctantly called our neighbors.

Those who hid their sins deep in the woods for generations.

Nathalie, like many before her, fell victim to the pull of those woods.

The idea is intriguing...

but as humans, our hearts struggle to accept the natural order.

But time is sometimes brutal.

It causes us to lose those precious pieces of our loved ones.

Their voices become a wisp.

The smell they left on their favorite sweaters fades.

But we can never lose the mark they left, and that's the love they left in our hearts.

What the fuck is he doing here?

She was his mama too.

He's late, it's disrespectful.

And perhaps that's heaven, brothers and sisters.

Perhaps heaven and hell is our souls left stirring in the hearts of those we leave behind.

And it makes us dare to ask the question, what will we leave behind in those we love when the lord calls us home?

Will we leave heaven in the hearts of our people?

Or hell?

Perhaps we might all leave a little bit of both.

I want to thank you all for joining us today, and let us be sure to give our love and prayers continually to our most dedicated Sheriff, Jaxon West, and his sons, Wyatt and Rule.

We rejoice and mourn with you.

And we delight in being of service to you.

Won't you please join me in prayer?

Heavenly dear father, we thank you for...

Thank you, it's good to see you.

Thank you, thanks. Thanks for coming.

Thanks, take care now. Hey, hold, hold up there, Jaxon.

Let me get a word in with you before you head off.

Hot one today, huh? It's a good turn out though.

If you only got the weather to talk about, Abe, I best be getting home.

It was good to see Rule in those pews again.

It was good to see all the West men there together.

Yeah, it was downright lovely.

Thank you again for your kind words about my Nathalie.

And best regards to you and your family.

Yeah, uh, I'm sorry, Jaxon, but, um, if I could just get a couple more words with you?

All right, words, go.

Look, I've, I've known you for many years.

Everyone in this town has known me for many, many, many years, Abe.

Yeah, but I'd like to think I know you especially well.

And well...

I just want to check on you, on your well being and such.

Asking me how I feel, Abe?

Yeah, Jaxon, I suppose I am.

I, uh... feel old... Abe.

I feel older than my age.

I feel tired 'cause I do the work of seven men in all these bum-fuck counties that surround us.

I feel angry 'cause I'm underpaid.

53-year-old man, put my life at risk everyday.

I feel like a failure because my son is a junkie and he's shacked up with a whore in the dilapidated home of my dead mother.

And I feel depressed because I haven't touched my wife's skin in ten years.

And every morning I wake up, I lose another piece of her.

And sometimes I feel like blowing my brains out all over my desk, just pieces of me spilling in my morning coffee, 'cause maybe then...

maybe then, I wake up from this nightmare that is my life.

That satisfy your curiosity?

No, wait, Jaxon, come on, I just...


My mommy used to make us fried baloney sandwiches after church every Sunday.

They were my favorite.

And then my daddy would spread the paper all out on the floor so we could each pick our favorite parts.

Mine was always the funnies.

They were so colorful and everything else was gray.

Do you believe what he said?

The preacher... about our souls living out in what we left in people?

Do you think that's right?


Well, if it is, I hope my mommy and daddy's souls get fried baloney sandwiches and the most colorful funnies today.

Jolene, your mama was a whore.

Your daddy died in Eddyville State Pen.

You're the meanest man I ever met.

Yeah, you never met my daddy.

You know, you always talk about how fucked up I am.

But what about you?

So, your mommy died and your daddy thinks you're a piece of shit, that's it?

Who cares?

Just stop fucking talking, all right?

All you do everyday is try to quiet demons

-and I want to know why, you tell me. -Fuck, Jolene, fuck!

Just get the fuck out, Jolene!

Just get the fuck out.

Go, go!

Go, I ain't playing around.

You're an asshole.



Jo Jo, come on, baby, get back in the car.

Jo Jo, come on.

Get back in the car, honey.

Come on.

Come on, it's just words, I didn't mean nothing by it.

Come on.

I didn't mean nothing.

You're mean.

You're a mean person, Rule.

I may be mean, but I'm all you got, girl.

You've been gone a long time.

I know.

I'm sorry.

My family is going through some things.

Must be nice.

It's not.

Must be nice to have people though.

I'm not always sure.

I have no one.

You have me.

You're not my people.

Blood isn't everything.

I am your people.

Only sometimes.

What are we gonna do?

What do you mean?

They're gonna come for her.

I know.

You okay?

Are you thinking they're just going to come in peace?

I'm thinking there's a pretty good understanding how things go out here.

I hate this.

Just because you watched somebody die doesn't make you broken, Mill.

We've watched people die.

Are we broken?

I remembered today.

What did you remember?

Some sad parts.

We knew that there were gonna be sacrifices to live the way that we wanted to live.

We're not bad people, Mill!

We're not bad people!

Those are bad people, we're not bad!

This is it.

This is the night.

You took pictures?

They came.

Before you found me, before my family went away, they're in these photos.

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want to remember.

You want me to...

Fill in the blank spaces.

You all remember last time we were here?

You fucking remember. He got his fucking dick out.

Staring right... He's staring, he's looking in his own eyeballs.

Jo, you are so fucking high.

I'm not, I'm feeling great.

Oh, oh, look who's there.

I mean, he's a little bit late but... he's here.

How are you, bud?

How's it going?

Oh. Now, who do we have here?

Hmm? This is Aria.

Well, Aria, it my sincere pleasure to meet you.

This is Ruby. Hi.

Looks like, uh, the old stomping grounds are pretty popular.

Yeah, yeah, I mean, uh, yeah.

Even your brother made it out the hollow for this one.

Oh, great.


Oh, you all haven't met?

Well, why don't you come on over?

We'll introduce.

Wyatt, come on.

I lined this fucker up.

Where the fuck's he going?

Get up.

Get up!

Bye you all.

Aria. Aria!

Your girlfriend's into some weird shit, man.

What the fuck you doing here?

Your place is so pretty.

Get out! Hey, easy, brother.

You're trespassing.

Now leave.

You kidding me?

You come over to my house anytime you want.

Got shit to say about every way I live.

You start paying for my way, you can say all you want.

-Fuck you, I don't need your charity. -Rule.

You can take your money and stick your nose up Daddy's ass until you fucking can't feel it anymore you hear me, brother?

Rule, Rule. What?

What the fuck's she doing?


They're, they're leaving.

Yeah, maybe we won't.

Maybe we'll just stick around for a little while.

Rule... now.

I know who you are.

Can I go now please?

It's okay.

You too.

What? -Get out.

Aria, I don't...

Last night was really scary.

Baby, I got an idea for us.

Will you sit down?


Now, I want you to hear me out completely.

There's a place I think we should go to.

You're not sober enough to drive your ass out of this mountain.

But that's the whole thing, Rule.

What if we tried clean?

I'm being for real, I want to go.


To get sober.

Sober for what?

I've been trying my whole life.

Don't you feel that, the weight of this place?

You know, baby, after so long we, we got to ask ourselves, is it, is it this place or in our own selves that's keeping us here?

What's wrong with here?

You think you deserve better than here?

No, I don't, I don't deserve better, 'cause I ain't never done anything to deserve it.

Maybe it ain't too late to start.

Are you unhappy with me?

No, baby.

I give you everything, you live in my house, you eat my food.

Why's that not enough for you?

This is our house, Rule... Oh, fuck you, our house.

Your brother keeps these lights on.

Happy with yourself?

Breaking up your happy home with your two boys.

Are you fucking him?

I am!

Get out of my house!

Get out! Treating me like...

Get out!

I'll help you find her.

Look at us.

I just want us to be a little bit better, just normal.

It's never going to happen.

You feel normal going into that church on Sunday?


Is that what you want?

You wanna be like those people?

People who just pretend everything's good, day in and day out?

Meanwhile the inside's just festering. Is that what you want?

That's pretend, Jolene.

Everything about you is pretend.

Everything good in your life is fucking make believe.

I don't want to pretend good anymore.

I want it here, right in front of me.

I want to be it, I want to make it.

Who the fuck do you think you are, Jolene?

You ain't got no choice, you were born here. Think you just skip town?

Waltz out of here, huh? Like this town ain't got you by the nuts?

Like it did my daddy and your daddy and their daddies before them, huh?

You ain't got a choice, Jolene.

You're a piece of shit and I'm a piece of shit.

Nobody cares about you.

You got that?

Nobody except me.

There are parts of our story that only I hold.

They live inside my belly like a firefly light.

But I never can grab hold of them.

Who was the mommy that raised me?

Who was the daddy who taught me how to live?

Daddy called this land heaven.

Everyone else called it the ten acres of hell.

I remember it as both.

So, man...

What happened last night?

I don't know. Mm-mm.

Someone... say something to her?

She was behind me the whole time, I'm not sure.

-And then Rule followed me back to her place. -Oh, shit.

Yeah, wasn't good.

She hasn't spoken to me since.

Well, I'm sorry, buddy.

I got to say this girl... this girl looked like she never left the house.

Just 'cause you ain't put eyes on her doesn't mean she hasn't left the house.

Where did you find her?

All right, Wyatt, what is it you're not telling me?

I met her in the woods.

What do you mean in the woods?

Do you remember when my mother went missing?

She's the girl.

The girl from the woods.

I don't understand.

You said... I said a lot of things, I lied.

I was a kid, I lost my mother.

You've known her all these years?

She saved me. Saved you from what?

The trap.

The trap that she set. No, no, she didn't.

How do you know?

I don't, I don't know what...

I don't really care.

I love her.

We take care of each other, she was scared, like you.

You take care of each other, do you?

We do. Who says that's your job?

I do. Jesus fuck.

You know what this means, right?

You know it means she's one of them.

One of who? You know what goes on out there.

Do you?

Do you know what goes on out there?

I tried to be a good friend to you, Wyatt, but if you're out there fucking around with people like that... People like what?

Bottom feeders, Wyatt, bottom feeders!

Trap setting, trailer dwelling, toothless sister fucking murderers, Wyatt.

I feel bad for you. I do.

Walking around carrying bullshit made up by scared people, like it's your fucking doctrine.

You don't know shit.

And you don't have to do this anymore.

You don't have to go walking around pretending to give a fuck anymore, because you left me to die all those years ago.

'Cause guess what?

I forgive you.

I forgive you for being a coward then and I forgive you for being a coward now.

Fuck you.

I told you back then, Wyatt, you never listened.

I don't expect you to listen now.

Go on, disappear.

Go live with them for all I care.

Yeah, maybe I will.

Once upon a time there was a fox and a chicken.

The fox wasn't like the other foxes.

He never ate chickens.

All the other foxes treated him differently.

One day, he met a lonely chicken that knew nothing of foxes.

They played all day and night until one day, the fox became very hungry, yet he refused to leave the chicken's side.

She offered him grain... but a fox is not a chicken.

So, the chicken watched... as the fox withered away.


I have the photos.

Please come out.

I miss you.

I don't know what happened but...

I'm sorry.

I'd like to see you again.

How'd you pay for this?

Don't you worry about that.

Hey, what the hell, what the hell happened here? Well, hey. Whoa.

Nothing, it was an accident. Jo Jo, it's not an accident. Why the fuck you lying to me, baby?

I'm fine, baby, I promise you.

-When you hurt you it hurts me, you know that. -I know.

I can't lose you.

-You're not going to lose me. -Baby, we're gonna be okay, we're gonna be okay.

We're gonna be okay.

Fuck. Son.

I'm sorry. Fuck. Jesus.

Thought you'd be home earlier, I was getting worried.

Did you drive here? Mm. Hmm-hmm-hmm.

Since when is my grown son my own daddy?

Since you needed one.

It's not your job to save everyone, not yet.

I'm not saving anyone.

-What's going on with you? -Oh, you got your own demons, son.

What demons do I have?

You don't get away with having a daddy like me without having your own demons.

You're killing yourself.

You're lucky.

When you're young, you're just...

hungry for knowledge and gossip, whatever get you clean or little dirty little hands on, 'cause...

you never experienced anything real.

You never felt... real pain.

And you just want to experience one ounce of human valid emotion, and then you finally fucking feel relevant.


And then, one day...

it just all explodes in your face.

And all that shitty shit shits just staring right at you.

And now you wish... that you could just...


Yeah, sometimes the truth's better left alone, son.

Lord, we ask that you would meet us in this time and place and bless us with your unconditional love.

And we thank you for that tiny baby growing in our sweet Ruby, and for all the blessings she will bring into our lives.

Amen. Amen.

So sweet, thank you, Abe.

Oh, thank you for this delicious meal.

And you are going to make a wonderful mother and a wife some day.

Thank you.

So, Arlo, what did you do today?

You know, Dad, I met with Wyatt.

Oh, really? Yeah.

We had a bunch of stuff we, uh... needed to catch up on.

Let's just say, um... he's doing good.

I hadn't seen him too much recently until the bonfire the other night.

Tell him.

Your father has the right to know.

What do, what do I have the right to know about?

Nothing, Dad.

Well, let's just say that we need to lift Wyatt up in prayer.

I always do.

So... there something specific we should be lifting up?

Well, he's been sleeping with an unsavory character.

And what character is that?

She's a Dumont.

We don't know that.

Arlo, he told you with his own mouth.


that is certainly something we should be, um, lifting up in prayer.


Thank you for bringing that to my attention, Ruby.

You're welcome.


Baby. Rule?



Wake up.

Wake up.


Even if you're not really well-mannered.

Anne, strange yourself to know what she's going to do.

And she's able to match the right skirt with the right sweater.

As usual, all your neighbors knew how many it was you went by in your regular bill of trust.

Ellen hasn't had a plan and it includes a healthy breakfast and a pleasant word with her parents.

And you're almost always late and you're guilty about it.

You're in a rut with a bad habit.

And case through your sloppy ways.

You're embarrassed by your messy hair and fingernails you've been neglecting to clean.

You weren't listening.

Burning the midnight oil, huh?

What do you want?

Well, I was across the street, saw the lights on over here so, uh.

I'm busy, Abe.

Yeah, I can see that.

Looks like a lot, this a new case?

Please, go on. I, uh...

don't want trouble tonight.

You know, you ever, uh, you ever notice how much alike we are?

I mean, just like you, the people in this town are my business.

You try to protect their bodies, I, their souls.

And in order to do that, I need to know what's happening in their lives.

Maybe you're just bored.

You don't look so good.

Your sons don't look so good.

You talk to your boys recently?

You're the nosiest man I ever met, but I blame your job.

Raising your children off of money that you take from poor morons you feed ancient bullshit to twice a week.

See, I'd focus on other people's problems too if I were you.

Look, I'm, I'm not here to fight with you.

Then, may I ask you kindly what the fuck you're here for?

The truth.

That's what you really want.

"For nothing secret will not be known and come to light."

Luke, 8:17.

Do you know what's going on with your boys?

If you think for one minute that I've managed my life by giving fuck all what other people think of me and my boys, we ain't ever met.

Yeah, maybe if you took your head out of what happened in your family ten years ago, you'd know what's happening to them right now, brother.

I am not your brother.

Look, reach out and connect with your family.

Know where they are.

Find out what they love and what they're scared of, and tell them all the things that make you drink every hour of the day.

You best go. Now.

We all know about Rule.

But do you know what your favorite boy does?

Do you know who he spends his days with?

You should find out.

Look, you're still responsible for this, for them, even when you feel pain.

You need to figure out where all that comes from.

Hmm. Yeah, I got a pretty good idea.

"Therefore confess your sins to each other and you will be healed."

James, 5:16.

How about... thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife?

How about that one?

I've confessed my sins.

How's that working out for you?

Nathalie wasn't the only one who died out there that night, was she?

Come on, you can tell me.

I did what I had to do to protect my son from rotting away in prison for the rest of his life.

And now he's rotting away in a hollow, in a prison of his own addiction because you can't forgive.

You want the truth? Yes.

I will never forgive anything that happened that night.

Go talk to your sons, do it soon.

Baby, wake up.

Baby, wake up.


Wake up, baby.

Oh, no, Jo, Jo, Jo, baby.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

Wake up, wake up, wake up.


I should've told you.

I should've told you but I couldn't, I didn't want to.

I did something so wrong.

Something really truly awful, baby, and if I told you, I thought you'd hate me.

I should've told you, baby.


It's your daddy!

Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck.


Rule! I know you're in there. Fuck.

Your car's parked out front. Fuck!

Come on.

Let me get you out of here.



We need to talk, son.

Where's that tramp you've been knocking around with?

I don't know.

Where is she, Rule?



What about your brother?


You been hanging with your brother lately.

I haven't been hanging out with nobody.

Well, you're full of shit.

You know something, and you tell me what you know.

You spit your goddamn words out, boy, or I will skin your hide.

All, all I know is Wyatt, Wyatt's been with a girl.

What girl?

A girl from the woods.

So, you tell me why that means fuck all.

I seen where she lives.

So what?

It's the ten acres of hell.

She the Dumont girl?

Wyatt don't know.

We better find him.

I ain't going fucking nowhere.

We've done enough to that girl.

We've done enough to that girl.


The drugs have fucked your mind, boy.

She murdered your mother.


Nobody killed Mama.

Whose traps were they, huh? Who built them, huh?

Her blood, her family, and none of this would've happened if you hadn't of fucked up and pulled that trigger.

I was just a boy.

But you knew what you were doing.

And you knew what I'd do.

She was a beautiful woman.

You must've loved her very much.

I did. You killed her.

No, baby, it was an accident.

Well, we all got to be held accountable for the stupid shit that we do.

You hate me, don't you?

Yeah, I do.

I hate me too, Dad.

We killed them all.

I still hear that baby crying at night.

Come on.

We're going to go finish this.

I can't.

I ain't got no hate left in me, Daddy.

I got nothing left for her.

Fucking useless.

Get up.

Get the fuck up.

You go, you leave. You have to get lost.

You pack nothing.

You don't talk to anybody.

You don't look at anybody.

You don't stop, you don't look back until the soles of your feet are blood and bones.

I hate you because you're more like me than anything else on this Earth.

Some of those are gonna hurt.

I don't need them anymore.

I remember now.

I wish I could go back and, and change it.

Your mother's last words were to me.

What if I can't forget?

That was a long time ago, it's over now.


You don't even know what you're doing with this girl, son.

Yeah, I do.

No, you don't.

I refuse to believe that you do.

Put the guns down.

Put them down.

She's done nothing wrong.

That's where you're wrong, son.

This girl's to be held accountable for the death of your mother.

Mama's death was an accident.

What do you know?

You never saw what they did.

You weren't there.

I wanted to be there.

There are no accidents out here, Wyatt.

Generation after generation dying in traps on this land because these bootlegging wastes of skin want to protect themselves and live above the law?

Your mother was murdered plain and simple.

And I love you, Wyatt, I love your mommy more.

What are you gonna do?

You gonna kill us both?

Why don't I let you choose?

Her or me?


What do you need to know?

What do I need to know?

I want to know everything. Dad, don't.

I remember the first time I saw her.

I wanted to save her.

I still dream about it every night.

She said something...

before she went.

It's okay.

You can tell me.

She said...

"I forgive you."

What did she say?

"I forgive you."

For my drinking. - "I forgive you."

For throwing you out of the house. - "I forgive you."

For letting you go in the woods.

"I forgive you."

For not calling you back. - "I forgive you."

For not telling you I love you. "I forgive you."

All right, what's done is done.

It's over.


I'm sorry.


No. No.

What did you do?

What did you do?

A fox ain't a chicken.

Stop. Get your hands up.

Turn around.

Get down on your knees.

Let me see your hands, put them up.

Turn around.

Get on your knees.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.