Burning Man (2011) Script

# Theme music.

Come on.

Oh! Fuck it!

Do you want me to have a go?

I can go down on you if you like.

I don't think that'll help.

Where are you? Anyone home?

Get your fucking hands off me. I'm going, alright?

Tom? OK. This is Tom Keaton.

32 years old. White Caucasian male.

He's got severe lacerations to his face and abdomen.

What have we got? Extensive blood loss.

Blood pressure's 105 over 50.

Hurry. I don't want him bleeding to death.

I've notified the burns unit. Stay with us, mate.

Where's all this blood coming from? Stop.

How long has he been unconscious?

Since we cut him out of his car.

Get a fucking move on! You gonna go or what?

Retards! Everyone just...

Come on, you fucking dick!

Truly unbelievable! Must be fucking crazy!

Maybe you need to see a therapist. Don't!

Right. Mussels going in.

Darren, those vegetables ready? Yes, chef.

Right, take that salmon out. Get me a peach tart and a soufflé on six.

I'm going to need that tuna coz my liver's now getting cold.

Coming right up.

You selfish fucking arsehole!

I indicated right and turned left.

You're alive.

Doesn't feel like it.

How's the hand?


You're a natural healer. I told you I'd look after you.

I think I'm going to need some ongoing treatment.

Um... Last night... was a freebie. OK?

I was very drunk and you were very kind.

If you'd like to see me again...

Salon Kitty Kat.

As a rule, I don't entertain in my home. OK?

Give me a fucking break, will you? Prick!

No, Karen. Not you.

Do I sound like I'm in a kitchen?

Karen, would you just listen to me?

I said I'll be there, so I'll be there. Alright?

Yes, I know how important it is.

Scotch and T-bones.

I'm also going to need a couple of kilos of calf's liver.

What are you talking about?

Look, I thought we had a deal, Karen.

Out of the way! Yes, I made a mistake.

I messed up the time. Let's just move on.

Well, why are you still giving me shit about it?

You know what? If it's gonna make you feel better, I'll hand back my 'parent of the year' title.

Yeah! Why...

Why don't I just do it all?

Yeah, I'm here. I'm buying it right now.

Allan. How are you, Tom?

It's not gonna kill you to do the menus when I get back, Sally.

Of course, I know what time it is! Just... Fuck off!

What the fuck am I gonna need?

What? Karen.

Can I get two whole salmon, ten kilos of the mussels, ten kilos of the baby clams?

Sure. I'm at the fish market.

Because I fucked up the ordering. Nice, ten kilos of those as well.


You can go in now.

Karen, I gotta go.

Right. Mains on 12. Darren, those vegetables ready?

Yes, chef.

Luke, there's food waiting. Entrées away, table 9.

And a lamb, a poussin asparagus on 5, and a feuillete of berries on 4.

Get it together, Steve. Out of the way, move.

How are those vegetables on 12?

Need two bok choy, parsley purée and beef on 7.

Yes, chef. A couple of snappers for 11.

Compliments of table 8. They sent you this.

Table 3's away. Pretentious cunts!

Man on table 7 wants his duck cooked longer.

Fuck off!

Cooked pink, like it says in the menu. Did you tell him that?

I told him. What's his problem then?

It's too rare for him. Tell him to go to Red Rooster!

That's how we cook it, Dickhead!

Cheers, mate.

Well, that is delicious.

Pretentious cunts with taste. He doesn't want it.

Give it here! He says it's not cooked properly.

Right. Put on new vegetables, Chris. Do me another demi, Darren.

Fuckin' idiot!


Never forget, Luke, the customer's always right.

Bon appétit.

I'd better go sort out tomorrow.

You want me to do the ordering?

It's Friday. You'd better get some extra fish.

Oh, God!

Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh! Oh!


Oscar, stop screaming.

OK. What the hell!

Hey, what's wrong?

I can't sleep. I had a nightmare.

Can you come?

Go on, hop back in. You have a son?

Dad? There's someone in your bed. Oh, shit!

Come on, I'll tuck you in. This is unbelievable!

Say hello to Miriam. What the hell...

Who's she? Back to bed.

I don't like her.

Nah, he's not. About 11:30. Thanks.

Mr Keaton? Sorry, I'm late.

Peter Gardiner, Welan Realty. We spoke on the phone.

Tom. Carol Wentworth. Nice to meet you.

What a beautiful home you have here.

Thanks. You lived here long?

A while. Yeah? Time for a change?

Something like that.

So, shall we go in? Yeah.

Look, you guys go ahead. Here's the keys. Take a look around.

Oh! Sorry, Tom... We can't...

We're not able to go in unaccompanied by the owner.

Do you want to sell the house or not?

What about pasta? Nah.

Chicken? Nah!

Sausages then. Nah.

Stop saying 'nah'. I want pizza.

You're not having pizza again for dinner. What about lasagne?

Nah! I'm sick of that shit. What then?

I don't know, you're the chef. Where'd you get that from?

Just take it off! You leave my things alone!


I'm sorry.

I just want you to eat some proper dinner.

Doesn't matter. I was bad.

You weren't bad. No-one was bad. Dad was bad.

Wanna hear something funny?

It's a pretty good joke. No.

I think you'll like it. You get to say 'penis'.

How long do we have to stay in that crappy motel?

Come on, mate. It's getting cold.

Why does Mum call it 'pitza'?

'Pitza'? It's pizza.

Tom? I can see you.

I just had his teacher on the phone. Why isn't he in school?

Well, we didn't quite make it.

Dad can't do everything.

Remind me again, which one of you two is the eight-year-old?

Come on, sweetheart. Get your gear. You've got rehearsals.

I'm not going.

Get a fucking move on!

Dickhead! Hey! Come on.

You do it. Yeah, but I'm trying not to.

Not very hard.

Dad? What?

I want to stay with you.

You do stay with me... most of the time. Not since my party.

Come on, quickly. We've got lots to do.

When are all the kids gonna come? I told you, half an hour.

Why didn't you invite them earlier?

Stop complaining, Os, or I swear to God I'm going home.

Oh! Party sucks!

That's it! Forget it. Party's cancelled. Get out, mate!

Sony, mate.


Happy birthday, mate.

You think it's funny, do you?

Let's all have a picnic! Chicken? Yes, please!

Salad? Lovely. Fuckin' jam rolls!

Fuckin' game of rugby!

Have a sit-down over there!

Fuckin move! Fuckin.

Are you out of your mind?

Hasn't he been through enough?

Dad? Is it funny now?

It was his birthday party, for Chrissakes! How fuckin' hard can that be?

Are you really up for this?

I can cope. Cope?

This is what you call coping? Jesus Christ! I just got you both out of jail!

Oh! Ha-ha! Very funny.

He's just a little boy

..who desperately needs you to behave like his father.

Not some hooligan.

Don't you think it would be easier if he came to live with me for a while?

No, I want him with me. It's not about you, Tom.

You need to think about what's best for him.

Tom? Is everything alright?

Are you serious? We're having a family dinner.

Who is it?

You want me to serve up? Yeah, serve. I'll be right there.

Sorry. This probably wasn't such a good idea.

Lisa, it's on the table.

Don't let it get cold. OK, call me.

# Loud club music.

Can I get a rum and coke, a vodka tonic, and a couple of disgusting fizzy fruit things?

I thought chefs were rich. Why don't you have a better car?


Is Dad selling the house?

You selfish, fucking arsehole!

I turn up with Oscar to pick up a few of his things and you're selling the house?

Just get off my fucking back, will you? I'm struggling here.

We're all fucking struggling, Tom!

Tom? It's pretty late, mate. Oscar's asleep, Karen's exhausted.

What happened to your hand? I burnt it.

Tom, I know how hard all this is for you.

But can't you see it's getting too much for Karen?

She needs to get on with her life, and she can't, not properly, not while you keep making all these demands of her.

I think, Graham, when it all gets too much, she can tell me herself.

No, Tom... You don't get it.

This is not up for discussion.

I'm telling you, just back off, and give her a break. Alright?

Don't touch me.

# Eerie music.

Kick it here. A gorgonzola and pear soufflé.

Flash-fried harbour prawns with a saffron aioli.


And half a lobster with a lime cream.

Caviar sauce, which is fucking delicious.


Yeah. It's the school.

Oh! Watch out, Sally!

Fuck it!

Oh! And a ceviche kingfish. Ceviche what?

Sorry, mate. Come on.

Mum's here. What?

Mum's here.


Tom Keaton. It's me, Brian.

Fuckin' prick! Haven't seen you in ages.

Oh! We've missed you, mate.

I've been leaving messages on your phone for months.

So... how you been?

Good. What's happening?

Hello. You must be Oscar.

It wasn't my dad's fault. I'm sure it wasn't.

How old are you, Oscar? Eight.

I just turned eight. Wow!

What have you got there? Aren't you gonna open them?

Listen, sweetie. We're gonna have to give your mum a call and get her to come pick you up.

I want to wait for my dad.

Well, unfortunately, he might have to stay here for a little while.

She doesn't have a phone any more.

Well, she must be somewhere we can contact her.


Oscar? What are you doing?

Ah! Miss Cameron.

You know what, fuck them!

It's a fish. It tastes better cooked with its head on.

Nobody wants to eat a meal when it's still looking.

It's disgusting. How's that special? It is special. I fuckin' cooked it.

Just 'cause he's gonna end up on someone's dinner plate, poached with a champagne and sorrel beurre blanc, doesn't mean he shouldn't do it with a bit of dignity.

Which is pretty bloody impossible if we cut his fuckin' head off.

Tom, you need to call Sarah. Why should I?

You need to call her.


Where are you? Anyone home?


I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Oh! Sh! Everything's gonna be OK.

I'm glad you were with her.



You can go in now.

Karen, I gotta go.

My dad is very sad.

Is there someone else that we can call?

I sometimes stay with my aunty. What's your aunty's name?

Karen. Shall we give Aunty Karen a call?

It's not much of a birthday, is it?

Tuna steaks go alright on the barbecue?

Not if you're the tuna.

Jesus Christ!

Do you always drive like that?

You know you're welcome. Vic would love to see you.

Just sear it quickly. There's nothing fuckin' worse than overcooked tuna.

You know, when we gave up... trying to get pregnant...

..Vic was really devastated.

It was a mutual decision, but she hated me for it.

Sarah was so good to Vicky.

So kind. So compassionate.

We owe her a lot.

For a while there I didn't think we were gonna make it.

I know it was cut short...

..but you were lucky, mate.

You fuckin' call us.

Come on, dickhead!

FUCK you!

Will you fuck off, you impatient prick?

Who's there?

What do you want?

Hi, you've called Sarah, Tom and...


Hi, you've called Sarah, Tom and... Oscar.

Sorry none of us are here to take your call right now, but please...


Leave me a message.

Thanks for calling. Bye.

Hello. This is a message for Tom Keaton.

It's Kathryn Dent from the Prince of Wales Hospital.

I have an urgent personal matter I need to discuss with...

Hello. Speaking.

What about the rest of her?

I'm sorry, but all her organs were compromised once the cancer was in her body.

Her retinas are the only tissue we can use with absolute safety.

She was worth more than that.

Tom, there's a very sick patient up on our sixth floor.

They're a diabetic.

The diabetes caused them to go blind about three years ago.

This patient is about to undergo pancreatic surgery which, hopefully, will save their life.

We can use Sarah's retinas to help restore their eyesight.

What could be worth more than that?

Look, I know the timing is terrible...

..but we need to collect them as soon as possible, before the tissue starts to break down.

It's a very simple procedure.

The surgeon would remove her retinas...

Cut her eyes.

To disfigure her like that.

Tom, I promise you, there'll be no disfigurement.

The surgeon would close Sarah's eyelids in a very natural way.

You'd still be able to have an open coffin at her funeral, if that was your wish.

Excuse me?

Where's the patient that was in that bed?

Can I help you, please? No, no! Where are they?

It's your decision, Tom.

She fought so hard...

You can only imagine what it's like for a mother to leave her child behind.

She had the most beautiful... almond-shaped eyes.

She also had the best-looking arse in Australia.

Shame no-one can use that.

He's just running 15 minutes late.

Just grab a seat and hopefully it won't be too long.



Sarah Keaton?

# Jazz music Right, two mussels.

One risotto. Darren, how's your quail? Another two minutes.

One liver, one chicken, one tuna away on 7.

Six people booked for 9:30.

Alright. See you then. Sally, Sally.

Wait for me. Our first night and we're almost full.

Fuckin' hell!

Cheers, Sal. Cheers.

Everybody, well done. One down, one million to go.

One langoustine, one crab, one lobster. Yes, chef!

Right. Mussels are on.

Another one?


No, it was freezing.

We were collecting these beautiful big mussels.

Then this huge wave crashed into the rocks and washed us into the ocean.

Did Dad swear? No, of course not!

Not your dad.

So, we were way out, bobbing up and down, being pushed under by this massive swell.

I didn't even know if I could hold my breath.

And suddenly... I felt something underneath me, pushing me up, pushing me through the water.

I was gasping for air and then I saw your dad too.

And it was Louie... lifting us with his claws.

And then, he just held us there... hovering above the water.

And then he swooshed his tail and we flew out over the waves, and over the rocks, and we landed safely on this little beach.

Oi! Less drinking, more cleaning.

What? You got me pissed, now hurry up with the food.

Alright, Luke. Away on 3.

The lamb and mussels, right?


Fucking yum!

There you go, mate.

Is this my dinner?

Alright, that's her. Just be cool. Alright?

Hi. Come in.

Oh! Hello. Dad has to piss off.

Thank you.

Yeah. I got to pop out for an hour or so.

You couldn't just hang with him for a while, till I get back. Could you?

Alright, you. Behave yourself.

She shouldn't be too much longer. Hm.

Come on, Tom. We're going for a drink.

So, here's the thing, Tom.

I barely know you, but I suspect that you're nowhere near ready to confront what it is that you're dealing with at the moment.

And your interest in seeing me is, shall we say, less than therapeutic.

Are you suggesting that there's some sort of an attraction going on here?

Yeah. We're attracted to each other.

And you are attracted to pretty much everybody at the moment.

To be honest? Please.

I prefer to fuck you than talk to you.

Jesus! Don't hold back the charm on my account.

Sorry, that was the grief speaking.

I'm not that easy.

But... you can call me.

I need fresh strawberries, raspberries, red and black currants.

Fresh, as in they were once growing. Alright?

Tom. We're in the champagne room.

I won't be a minute. I've just got to get rid of all this stuff.

The asparagus was limp yesterday. None of that shit from cold storage.

But I'll take two dozen bunches if it's new season, six of beetroot and I'm gonna need six bunches of leeks and some of that organic garlic.


I can't cook to save myself.

How do I look?

Sarah Keaton?

So, how are we today?

What? What's wrong?


Where are you going?

Hm! Ow.

Another one.

And another.

So, what do you think?

What do I think about what?

You know...

I want to have another child. Can't we get a dog?

Wouldn't you like a brother or a sister? What about a guinea pig?

We'll see. Oh! You always say 'We'll see'.

Everyone else has got a pet.

What do you think?

Are we good enough parents?

I don't know.

Does it make you happy?

Does it make you happy?

I only want you to do it if it makes you happy too.

It makes me happy.


The last six months all you talked about was remission, OK?

Remission, remission. Today, you didn't mention it once.

Six months ago, we all hoped we'd caught it early.

Six months ago, we hoped she'd be more responsive to her treatment.

Six months ago, we weren't dealing with a secondary cancer on her hip and shoulder.

Six months ago, we had a lot more options than we do today.

You and Sarah need to decide what you want to do.

I'm sorry, Tom, but we're a long way past remission.

This is about prolonging whatever life Sarah has left.


She wants to have another baby.

What's that? What are you... what are you doing?

That. Oh! So close! What?

God! It's nothing! Get on with it.

It must be wonderful to cook like that for people.

You think so, do you? Mm.

I'd rather cook it and throw it straight in the bin.

Let me tell you, people are at their worst when they go to a restaurant.

What about me? I've got to dress up and put on wigs for a living.

You got it easy. You've only got to fuck 'em. I gotta feed 'em.

And time's up, Tom.

Did you want to extend?

No, thanks.

I was supposed to be at work an hour ago.


Does that help? No, not really.

Did she have curly hair?


Call security.

Tom. Tom! They died. That patient died!

Which patient?

You promised me. You came into our house.

What are you talking about?

You gave them to a dead man. You need to calm down.

Who died? She gave you her eyes.

Who's there?

What do you want?

Please... leave me alone.


Oi! Thank you.

Piss off!

Hi, Lisa. It's Tom Keaton.

Yeah, good, thanks. I just thought I might take you up on your kind offer.

A coffee? Sounds great.

We just had it done. Oh, yes! There!

The marble's Italian. We had it shipped in a single piece and cut to size.

Oh! Tom, don't stop!

I love to cook, but it's got to be fresh and organic.

Oh! I wanted a cool room.

Leave it! Oh! Yes! Wait for me!

Don't stop. I want you to finish.

Don't worry about me, I'm fine.

It's completely understandable.

It's gonna take a while.

Let me up, I need the bathroom.

Oh! Don't move. I'll be right back. I made us some lunch.

I'm so glad you called.

Hello, Mr Keaton.

It's Carol Wentworth from Welan Realty...

It's so hard. When my aunt passed away, it was overwhelming...

You know what, Tom? I am a very good listener.

So, what did you think of Miriam?


# Jazz riff.

I... Tom?

Hello. How you doing, mate?

Hey! We're so sorry, Tom. We haven't seen you in ages.

You alright? Good to see you out.

How you going, you poor thing? We all miss her so much.

Thank you.

Oh! Tom, this is Miriam. Miriam, Tom.

Oh! Ouch! Ow! Hello. Nice to meet you.

Miriam's a therapist. Lisa.

Jesus Christ! Who does that?

It's OK, don't worry. I'm sure you're also a very nice person.

Hm. Well, I'm starving. Shall we leave Tom in peace and find our table?

Or you could join us.

Good idea. Yeah, I think you should. Absolutely.

Why don't you? Um...

I can't believe this. You guys do this to me all the time.

Tom, no offence, but it's my birthday I thought it could just be us for once.

You go ahead. No offence at all.

We can pop a chair on the end of the table. Maybe...

No. I was just on my way. Cheque, please.

Next time, when your therapist doesn't hog you all to herself.

Well, it's good to see you out again, Tom.

Yeah, thanks. I'm sorry... I was... I was just leaving. So...

Happy birthday. Thank you.

What? Jesus!

Jesus! Tom?

Lisa. Look, I've really got to go.

Tom, I won't keep you, I promise. I just wanted to say...

If you ever need anything... I don't know... someone to talk to, or some help... please, I want you to call me.

If there's anything I can do.


Promise me.


Call me.

I mean it, Tom.

We all miss her so much.

Mum's here.


Mum's here.


Come. Go on.

What are you doing?

I can't fucking drive!

I need you to be here. I am here.

Not just when you can fit me in!

How dare you say that to me! I'm working my arse off, for fuck's sake!

While you get to lie around all day enjoying the benefits of having cancer.

Oh! Come here.

Wrap your arms around me, you fucking idiot.

Squeeze it out of me.

Now fuck me.

And don't stop till it's all gone.


I think a blow job's a cure for cancer.

Do you think I'm gonna die?

What? No.

I think you're gonna kill me before you ever get the chance.

If I die... Ssh! Come on.

No, really. Listen to me.

If I die...

..when it's your turn, will you come and find me?

If you die, I'm never fucking speaking to you again.

# Celtic music.

# Celtic music.

It's ours, we got it. I'm picking up the keys on Monday.


Sorry. We just got our restaurant.

What? Are you a waiter?


I can't cook to save myself.

# Celtic music.

Parsnip purée and the beef on 7.

Can I get some lemon zest and segments, some parsley, please.

Any chance of those mains on 6 actually coming out in my lifetime?



Tom! Fuck!



You there!

Mr Man!

Aren't you gonna talk to me?

Oh! What's that on your hand?

Ooh, I love a man with his arm bandaged.

Makes you look so vulnerable and sexy.

You think?

Is it... Does it really hurt?

It's such a turn-on...

Oh! I'm a nurse, you know.

I could look after you.

Fuckin' hell!


Are you alright?


Come on, sit up here. Ooh!

And have a drink. Yes, I need a drink.


You're too fucking high! I could've hurt myself.

Ah! Jesus!


What are we celebrating?

Cheers, baby.


Fuckin' hell!


What you doin'? Nothing.

What's wrong?

Nothing, I'm OK.

How was work? Babe, you're doing so well.

Everything's gonna be OK.

So much has happened.

Everything's changed.

I don't know if I can go on like before.

I don't know if I want to.

What are you saying?

I don't know. I'm not saying anything. I'm just...

I just don't know if things can... be the same.

If we'll even be together...

..and it makes me sad.


Dad, are you awake?

No, I'm sleeping.

Something outside keeps making a noise.

Don't listen to it.

Can I get into your bed?

OK, hop in. But I want you to go straight back to sleep.

Stop wriggling.

Dad? Did Mum know she was going to die?


She did everything she could to stay with us, but she was just too sick.

F-word cancer.

F-word cancer.

F-word, F-word, F-word cancer.

Can I say it once?

OK, just once.

Fucking cancer!

OK, settle down now.

Dad? Do you think Mum's with Louie?


Mussels? Just get some garlic, parsley, chilli. Done, that's all you need.

Excuse me, sailor.

Be delicious with some of that lobster. No!

You leave Louis alone. I have a much nicer treat for you later.

I indicated right and turned left.

Look at you!

What a clever mummy!

So fuckin' clever. Fuckin', fuckin' clever!

Dad? What?

Is it true that sometimes a man puts his penis inside a woman's vagina?

I got tuna, mussels, lobsters and a dozen whiting.

No, it's all here in the hospital. Well, fuck! You'll have to come and get it.

Is there a fridge in here that I can use?

Oh! Tell that restaurant to fuck off!

I gotta go. Yeah, yeah, she's doing great. Says hello.

Bloody dishwasher quit. Piss off! Piss off!


That's it. Great-looking arse, babe.

Shut up!


Can you come and put me to sleep now?

Are you OK?

We're flat out busy, I know the kitchen could really do with a hand.

We've decided not to continue the chemo.

She wants to try and deal with it in her own way.

What do you think?

Who's fighting?

No-one, sweetheart. Aunty Karen's here just having some dinner with us.

You woke me up.

We're finished now. Come on, let's get you back into bed.

This is exactly why I didn't want you to tell anybody!

What did Dad tell? Nothing.

I'm her sister!

Well, apparently when you're faced with your own mortality, you get to do whatever the fuck you like.

I know you don't agree with this.

Of course I don't fucking agree with it. She should be in hospital.

The treatment's not working.

It's down there. Where?

Look. Where?

Right. I'm going in.

Are you sure it was for tonight? For three people?

I'll check again. I don't have a booking in that name.

Get that pork on the plate. With who?

Just plating up the pork and lamb now. How's that lobster?

Oh, my God! He's so beautiful!

He's so delicious. What are you talking about?

No, don't kill him. No!

Please don't kill him.

Mm! Fucking yum!

So what's the sum? Can't you just tell me?

No, I can't. I don't need to do your homework, thanks very much.

All the other parents do.

Yeah, well, I'm not all the other parents, am I?

Aren't you supposed to be handing that in tomorrow?

Doesn't having a relative with cancer mean you don't have to?

No, it doesn't! That's not fair.

Os, this is giving me the total shits, mate.

If you want my help, you can sit up and concentrate, and having a relative with cancer makes no difference to your homework. Alright?

It's very upsetting. Mm-hm.


Hey! How did it go? Dinner's nearly ready.

Oh, I'm not hungry. I just want to go upstairs.

No! Oh! No! Stop it!

You can't just come in like that. Get off the bed!

Hey! It's OK. He's OK. He just wants to see you.

Why do you let him do that?

Hey, Mum's OK. Go and say goodnight.

Go on... give her a hug.


Goodnight, Mum. Goodnight, gorgeous boy.

You go and hop into bed and I'll come and read Pesky Mouse in a funny voice, OK?

Why is Mum angry with me?

Mum's not angry. Mum's just cross 'cause she's not feeling very well.

She's not angry with you, sweetheart. OK?

I'll be down in a minute.

I know. I'm sorry. You can't do that to him!

He's barely seen you in weeks! You're either meditating or asleep.

I don't give a shit how bad you feel. You can't do that to him!

I'm sorry. Tell him I'm sorry.

He made you this card.

I'm in so much pain.

Excuse me? Where's the patient from that bed?

Can I help you, please? No, no! Where are they?

I need you to keep your voice down. He died... a couple of nights ago.

What do you mean he died? Are you a family member?

Sir? Sir? Call security!

Get your fuckin' hands off me! I'm going, alright?


Listen to me, no-one died.

I'm sorry, Tom. You know I can't tell you who received Sarah's eyes.

You mean 'won't'. OK. Won't.

Sarah was a registered donor.

Surely this was something that she wanted to do.

Why did you agree to stop her treatment so early?

That was a decision both you and Sarah made.

That was her decision.

Tom, I found it difficult as well.

I think it took a great deal of courage to stand by the way you did... to let her deal with her illness in her own way, to accept the decisions that she made.

Yeah... well...

I've fucking changed my mind, haven't I?

I've got nothing but respect for what both you and Sarah did.

I... I can... I can't do this.

Yes, you can. You'll be more comfortable in hospital.

You fucking arsehole!

'More comfortable' for you!

I'm scared.

If I go to the hospital, I won't come home again.

Babe, I promise you, as soon as we sort out the pain, I'll bring you straight home.

OK? I don't want to die.

I promise you.

Come on.

Ooh! That's it.

Let me just get around the corner.

OK, just one more.

Good girl!

Come on.

Oh! Did you get my make-up bag?

No, not yet. I asked you to get it.

I'll get it in a minute. No, get it now!

I can't do it all!

If you let me get a fuckin' ambulance, I can remember everything you need!

Let me just get you in the car and then I'll go get it.

No, get it now. You'll forget.

What are you doing? You go. Alright!

I'll be fine. I'm OK down the hall. I need it.

Just be careful.

You OK? Yep.

OK. Fuck! Fuckin' fuck!

Where the fuck is it?

Tom, help me.

Wait a minute. Where the fuck is it?

Fuck! Tom.

Tom! I'm coming!

Do you think you can climb over it?

Bad suitcase! Don't. Don't.

Promise me you'll bring me home.

Come on.

Tom, what do you mean you didn't write it in the book?

There's food waiting here! Remember that rule we have?

'Every booking must be written in the book'.

Ring a bell? It should, it's your fucking rule!

It was written on a piece of paper that was on the book!

That's not 'in' the book! Give me a fuckin' break!

Where's the lobster? Lobster's off.

What's that? Just fuck off, he's sick!

Tom, stop. Don't tell me this.

You slept with me, that's it. You don't get to play patient.

I sleep with people I cook for all the time.

No matter how hard you try to resist...

..grief is not something that you can ignore.

Be careful that you don't go so far out that you can't find your way back.

What if I don't want to get back?

Dad, you said you'd play!

I need coffee. Strong.

With one sugar.

Heat the milk and froth it up a bit.

Please, chef.

What the...?!


What? He escaped?

Funny, I don't remember booking a 2:30 wake-up call.

Do you want some spaghetti or something?

Surprisingly... we ate dinner...

..at dinnertime.

I feel like I hardly got to see her the last couple of years.

Was she happy?


You know we were trying to get pregnant?


I didn't know that.

She never told me anything.

We were thinking about living in New York for a year.


I was always so jealous of her...

..cause, you know, I love to travel, and she always got to go to all the really great places.

Yeah, well, she's gone to a cracker of a place now.

There's something I have to tell you about Mum.


Your son is here.

Something that might happen in the next few days.

Os, are you listening to me?

You know how sick Mum's been? She's getting better.

Yeah. Well, we all really hope that she will get better, but what's making her sick won't go away.

The doctors have done a really great job.

But they've tried everything that they can.

And... it's not definite...

..but they think in the next few days, Mum's... probably gonna die.

So... it's not a definite.

No, mate. I...

The doctors think it's a definite. I'm sorry.

Fuckin' dickhead doctors! They're fuckin' idiots!

What do they fuckin' know about her? She isn't gonna die!

I fuckin' hate those dickheads at the hospital!

They're fuckin' dickheads! Fuckin' dickheads!

I hate you! I fuckin' hate you!

I hate you!

Someone... Nurse?

There isn't much time.

Not yet... please.

I'm here.

I love you, baby.

I'll come and find you.

She's gone. I'm very sorry for your loss.


That's it? No personal service? You just want to masturbate over me?

Make it 150, but I want to slide my top down if you're gonna cum on my tits.

How's your aim?

Come on.

Fuck it!

Do you want me to have a go?

I can go down on you if you like.

Sorry, I just can't do this anymore.

Thank you.

Karen, would you just listen to me?

I said I'll be there, so I'll be there. Alright?

Yes, I know it's important.

She's three.

My son just turned eight.

Come on, sweetheart. It's time to go.

You forgot your offal. Oh, fuck! Thanks, mate.

# Celtic music.

Come on, you fuckin' dick!

# Celtic music continues.

I indicated right and turned left.

This is Tom Keaton, 32 years old.

White Caucasian male with severe lacerations on his face and abdomen.

What have we got?

There's been extensive blood loss. His blood pressure's 105 over 50.

Hurry, I don't want him bleeding to death.

I've notified the burns unit. Stay with us, mate.

Where's all this blood coming from? Stop. Give us a hand.

How long has he been unconscious?

Since we cut him out of his car.


It's liver.

There's no way it's at 84 beats a minute.


He's in shock but there's no sign of trauma. He's... Oh!

Jeez! It's a rack of lamb!

He's out cold.

But apart from a few cuts, I don't think there's anything wrong with him.

# Celtic music.

Oh! I'm sorry.

My sister's pregnant. She's having a baby.

What day is it?

# Symphony music.

Wonderful! Alright, next up, we have Oscar Keaton.

Come on, Oscar. Yay!

Alright, what are you gonna do for us today, Oscar?

Trumpet. Right.

Thank you.

Thank you, Oscar.


You alright?


Why are pirates called 'pirates'?

Why are pirates called 'pirates'? Why?

They just 'aarrrh'!

What's brown and sticky?

What? A stick.

My dad told me this one - did you hear about the man with five penises?

His underpants fitted him like a glove.

My dad told me that one.

He thinks it's a really good joke 'cause you get to say 'penis'.

Alright. Thank you, Oscar.

Are you sure?

Are you coming? I want to.

Alright then, off you go.


You call me any time you want. Alright? Any time.

Come on, give me a hand.

Watch out.

Good boy.

Look at all my things!

Dad, I'm hungry. What do we have?

Not much.

You know you got your mother's eyes?

What are you making me?

How about a 'pitza'?

# Instant karma's gonna get you

# Gonna knock you right in the head

# You better get yourself together

# Pretty soon you're gonna be dead

# What in the world you thinkin' of

# Laughin' in the face of love

# What on earth you tryin' to do

# It's up to you, yeah, you

# Instant karma's gonna get you

# Gonna look you right in the face

# Better get yourself together, darling

# Join the human race

# How in the world are you gonna see

# Laughing at fools like me

# Who on earth do you think you are?

# A superstar? Well, right you are

# Well, we all shine on

# Like the moon and the stars and the sun

# Well, we all shine on

# Everyone, come on

# Instant karma's gonna get you

# Gonna knock you off your feet

# Better recognise your brothers

# Everyone you meet

# Why in the world are we here?

# Surely not to live in pain and fear

# Why on earth are you there?

# When you're everywhere

# Gonna get your share

# But we all shine on

# Like the moon and the stars and the sun

# Yeah, we all shine on

# Come on and on and on, on, on

# Yeah, yeah.

I Alright

# Uh-huh


# Well, we all shine on

# Like the moon and the stars and the sun

# Yeah, we all shine on

# And on and on and on, on and on

# Well, we all shine on

# Like the moon and the stars and the sun

# But we all shine on

# Like the moon and the stars and the sun

# Well, we all shine on

# Like the moon and the stars and the sun

# Well, we all shine on

# Like the moon and the stars and the sun

# Yeah, we all shine on. #

# Soulful guitar solo

# Solemn music