Burnt Offerings (1976) Script

Lovely. That is for sure.

So this is the country?

Listen to the underprivileged child back there, will you?

There it is, darling. 17 Shore Road. Yeah, I got it.

Are you all right, Davey? I'm fine.

Oh my God!

Is that our house?

No Davey, that's not our house.

It can't be our house.

What a waste.

Well, it said "suitable for a large family."

It's so big!


Will you be sensible, maybe? Now you don't rent a house like this for a reasonable...

I mean there must be a gate house or guest room or something...

No, this is it.

Well there's only one way we can find out, isn't there.

"Onward into the valley of death, rode the six hundred..."

I hope they're in.

Oh, we're the Rolf's. We've come about the Summer place.

I know, I know I've been expecting y'all!

My name's Walker, and I'm the handyman. I keep everything spick and span.

Y'all come on in. Come on in, ma'am. Come on in! Come on in, boy!

How d'ya like it? Oh, it's...

Look, is this the place they're talking about renting? It sure is!

It's pretty, ain't it? Beautiful, ain't it? Ya'll come on in the sitting room. Come on in the sittin room, ma'am.

Just turn around on here, and make yourself at home right here.

Just make yourselves right at home, while I go and get the Neb's.

Boy, you watch that furniture, ya hear?

I don't believe it. Me neither.

Can I go outside for a while and mess around?

You don't have to come, you know.

No I don't want to come, but you stay around here, right? OK.

Hey, you hear what I say? Yeah, I heard you.

What are you doing?

Such a waste! It kills me.

You mustn't take things so personally. I can't help it.

Where's Davey? He's outside.

Do you mind if I shut the door to keep the stench out? No.

Marian, look at this.

This is extraordinary. How beautiful.

Yeah, but they're all the same!

This one must be what, 100 years old?

This one's quite recent.

Yeah, but why?

Here they are!

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

It's been quite a morning.

If your busy schedule permits, would you mind taking the mirror out? It's cracked.

Ain't the only thing cracked around here. Old fool.

Grouchy old bastard.

I'm Roz Allardyce. My brother will be down just as soon as he pulls himself together.

We're the Rolf's. My name is Ben.

My wife, Marian.

How do you do?

There's a boy too, isn't there? Yes, our son David. He's out in the garden.

Is that all right? Oh yes. Children are good for the place.

Well, I suppose we'd better get down to details?

Ah, a practical man. Just like brother.

The ad did say "reasonable".

"Very reasonable", as I recall. And so it is, for the right people.

Well, assuming we are the "right people", what would your idea of "reasonable" be?

Well, I'd like to ask you a few questions first.

Would you be taking the house by yourselves?

Well, no. There's Ben's aunt, Elizabeth.

How old? She's 74.

An old gal then? You wouldn't mind having an old gal around?

Oh no. Elizabeth is a doll.

And you'll take the place from the 1st of July until Labour Day and you'll keep the place and you'll tend it?

By ourselves? I mean, alone?

Well, yes.

I don't know, with a house this size and only my wife, I don't know that we'd be...

The house takes care of itself, Mr. Rolf.

Believe me.

I hate to make an issue of this but...

...will you love the house as brother and I do?

Oh yes. I think we will.

Then we're talking in the neighbourhood of 900 dollars.

Look, I don't know that I'm going be able to make that... For the whole Summer.

Help! Help!

Ah, that's brother.

Walker, Walker, for Christ's sake! Oh dear.

Hold your horses, I'm coming! The damn stairlift is broken again.

It's moving! It's moving! Excuse me.

I want down!

Unbelievable, isn't it?

It's an absolute steal! There's no question, is there darling. We'll grab it.

Look, sweetheart, I don't really... But darling, we'd be crazy not to!

Well if we were we'd be in step with them, wouldn't we. Look at them all, they're...

The man's an absolute idiot, and we've got to get rid of him! Do you understand? Do you?

This is my brother, Arnold. As you can see, he's full of beans today.

So you are the people who want to rent this house, is that right?

Yes, we were just discussing terms with your, um, lady.

Oh, I like them Roz, I like them.

There's a boy, too. Yes, our son David.

He's playing in the garden. Really? Show me.

Hurry Roz, I want to see.

Ah, there he is! Isn't he darling.

Oh God, what a charming little boy. How old is he, eight or nine?

No, 12. 12? Isn't he sweet.

He's full of the Devil too, isn't he?

Oh I'm sorry, maybe he shouldn't be walking around... No no, leave him alone, he's fine. He's just fine!

Do you rent often? It depends.

Oh, what my sister's trying to say is that we have this desperate need of rest and relaxation.

I'm coming apart, as you can see...

Oh, brother... Oh, brother is right.

Well, do you like it?

We love it. Really?

God, when it comes alive. Tell them, brother. Tell them what it's like in the Summer.

Well, they'd never believe it. It's beyond anything that you've ever seen in your life.

There's centuries in this room, Mrs. Rolf.

There are years, years in this house. Oh yes.

And this house will be here long, long after you have departed, do you believe me.

It's practically immortal.

I sincerely believe that. So do I.

Oh, I know that must seem funny to you.

But when people love a house the way my brother and I love this one...

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, it's just that...

...well, I was waiting for the catch.


Well, you mean it's 900 dollars and...

...and then it's all ours?

Oh, of course there is one other thing.

But it's hardly a catch. No, it's not a catch.

It's our mother.

What about her?

An 85 year old woman who could pass for 60.

Yes now, what she's trying to say is... that our mother never, ever leaves the house.

Well she never leaves her room actually, isn't that so?

Oh, she'll be no trouble at all.

No, you'll probably never even see her. She sleeps most of the time.

And when she's not sleeping, she's listening to her music or working on her collection.

Yes, her pictures, or old photos. You see, she has literally thousands of them.

Memories of a lifetime.

She is our darling.

And all you'd have to do is prepare a tray, three times a day, and just leave it on the table. In her sitting room.

Look...do you mind very much if we go home, maybe think about it and let you know...

Ben, no! Thank you very much.

Mom. Davey?

Davey, what happened?

I just cut my knee. That looks nasty!

What happened there? I fell off a thing out there.

You better wash off his poor little cuts.

Let's go out to the kitchen.

Come on, I have some band-aids. Come on, darling.

Where are you going with that plant?

Josie said it was dead!

Did she?

Well, look again.

Huh! Ain't that somethin'.

I thought you were impossibly rude.

Was I?

Oh come on, sweetheart. Someone should go in there with a large butterfly net.

They got carried away, that's all.

Not yet, they didn't.

You do not rent an estate like that for 900 dollars.

Why not?

Maybe they're not interested in money. Maybe they want someone who'll take care of the place.

Just be there.

Well all right, maybe. But you don't need a 90 year old woman just to...


85 or 185, what's the difference.

You don't leave an old lady like that with two complete strangers.

You wouldn't have to worry about her. She'd be my responsibility.

Oh yeah, sure. And what if she's to die? Oh my God.

Does it really mean that much to you?

You know it does.

I'll survive.

The question is...will I be able to survive.


Yes, Mr. Rolf.

Marvellous. Brother will be so pleased!

July 1st.

We'll have everything ready. Thank you. Bye.

Are you comfortable back there? No! Just about everything in me is numb!

Except of course your mouth, auntie.

Oh Benji, I forgot to tell you. I renewed my learner's permit.

I am determined this time.

Well, I must admit I admire your persistence, auntie.

Well my persistence is the reason I've flourished this long.

All you've got to do, auntie, is learn to relax at the wheel.

I always relax at the wheel. I get nervous inspectors!

We'll have lots of room.

I can't get over it.

Beautiful, isn't it.

Looks deserted.

Can't be.

What's the matter, something wrong?

They had to leave.


Enjoy the house and don't worry about anything. Arnold and Roz Allardyce.

Jesus Christ. I know, it's crazy.

What if something goes wrong, where do we reach them?

They do crazy things sometimes, old people.

Yes they do, don't they. But these two are two steps beyond crazy.

And what about the old lady? I'll look in on her.

You do that. It's your department. David! Bags.

Marian, I can't believe it! And it's all ours.

Be right there.

Mrs. Allardyce?

It's Marian Rolf. We're the new tenants.

Are you all right?

Is there anything you need?

Memories of a lifetime.

Marian, where are you?

What have you been doing up there? I've been getting her tray.

Have you seen her? What's she like? She's asleep.

We'll see her later.

Now, listen. Both of you.

These stairs are out of bounds to anyone but me, all right?

Mrs. Allardyce is a very old lady and she's my responsibility.

I don't want anyone bothering her.


Hey you guys! Come see what I found! What are you talking about?

Come on, I'll show you! It's in the kitchen!

Let's go look.

None of the clocks are working. It's a pity, they're all so lovely.

Probably need winding. Just wait til I get to work.

You can't wait to get into your knee pads and jock strap, can you.

Benji! Oh auntie.

Isn't it great?

Great. Aunt Elizabeth, look at this!

My God, it's got everything!

Benji, here's your first job! Needs a new bulb.


So they're crazy are they, darling? So they're weird, huh?

Yeah well, this is the kind of crazy I can live with.

God damn it.. Benji! In front of the child...

I'll go see about Mrs. Allardyce's lunch, OK? You guys fix a nice spread of sandwiches...

Marvellous, give it to me! I always said he had it down.

Did you see those antiques?

Hey, I think I see some Ding Dongs!

Aunt Elizabeth, did you ever see so many priceless antiques?

Hey, they are Ding Dongs!

A whole case of them!

How about a little toast to the house, eh?

Hey, slave! Hi!

This is fantastic, what have you been doing?

Where did you get this from?

That is the same one that was rolled up against the wall.

You like it? It's worth a fortune.

I'll get that. Thanks, sweetheart.

You did all this by yourself since we left?

And there's more upstairs, I'll have you know. How was town?

Oh, it was great, great...

Capital of nowhere, if you know what I mean.

Put those sacks in the kitchen. Yeah, "put the bags in the kitchen..."

Hey why don't you come and watch us fix the pool, that should be some kind of a laugh.

Busy, busy, busy!

Aren't you finished with that thing yet?

Listen, if you're so God damn smart why don't you come up here and fix it yourself?

Davey, go show your father how to do it.

All right then, I will!

Will you quit trying to undermine my parental authority, old lady?

Rather that than go down there and shoving out of that old sewer.

Yeah, which is kind of why I'm trying to get this model work.

Father. Yeah.

Come here. Come on, come here!

See, there's a little object on these machines called a cut off.

There it is. Go on, try it.

Do you think it will work? I'll bet on it.

How much will you bet? 5 dollars.

Benji, you're a mechanical genius!

Hey look, it's a graveyard!

Hey dad! Hey, come look what I found! It's an old bike!

You know something, Davey? They're all Allardyce's.

And I haven't been able to find one any newer than the 1890's.

Bit spooky, eh?

Would you like some candy, little boy?

Leave me alone! You can't run away from me, little boy! Ha ha ha!

Mrs. Allardyce?

Are you all right?

I am very worried about you.

We've been here over a week, and you've barely eaten anything.

Is it that you don't like what I've been bringing you? It's what Roz wanted me to give you.

Do you go down to the kitchen at night? Is that's what you've been doing?

Mrs. Allardyce, if you would at least speak to me.

Where's mom? She said she was gonna come with us, didn't she?

Yeah well, you know your mother don't you.

How's your wind hanging on?

Not what it used to be.

You smoke too much, you know that? I know.

And I drink too much.

And I am a lecherous old lady and I'll never make 80.

Did you put the chlorine in the pool? I mean, you know that does kill the germs.

Yeah well, I'm not too interested in the germs. You see, it's the sea serpent I'm after, boy.

Well, when can we go swimming?

Why don't you go and ask your mother first.

Go on, double double double! I'm going.

Hey mom!

Hey mom, are you up there?

It's time to go swimming with us, mom

I couldn't find her anywhere. I searched the whole house!

Don't worry, she's probably on the john.

Isn't that great?

That was a great dive, dad!

Oh Benji, you should be in the Olympics. Right, right...

Hey, what is that?

Nothing boy, nothing.

Yeah well, I'm coming out!

All right Benny, you might be a great ball player, but you float like a rock, got that?

Yeah well, I'm coming out anyhow.

Davey! That is deep water!

Now stop showing off.

Dad, it's a sea serpent!

No no, help!

Wanna play then Davey, eh? Yeah.

What is it, witless? OK.

You clutch on my shoulders, OK?

Ben, no!

That was fun! Yeah, you like that? Wanna do it again? OK.

All right now, you two. It's quite enough.

Benji, you're worse than a spoiled child.

That was really hard. You like that, Davey?

What are you doing?

Benji, stop it!

Ben, my God! You're hurting him!

Ben, it's after 2:00.

Is it?

Did you sleep?

Yeah, some. Want to come back and try again?

Well, in a while maybe.

You don't have to smoke in here, do you? Why, is it wrong for the room?

Ben. You didn't mean to hurt Davey.

The roughhouse just got out of hand. Roughhouse...

You weren't there Marian, for Christ sake.

No, I wasn't.

I'm sorry, you see...

It's all I can think of. I can't get it out of my head.

Ben, I know you.

So I know you didn't mean to do that. The hell I did, Marian!

I wanted to hurt him, do you understand that? I wanted to hurt him.

You're punishing yourself. Davey is all right. He's all right!

What if it's more serious than you think it is?

What do you mean?

Those dreams I had about my mother's...you know...

...they're coming back, Marian.

Darling, that was such a very long time ago.

There's nothing wrong with you. Absolutely nothing.

My God!

It's completely changed. It's all new again.

It's all yours. You like it?

Yeah, it's great.

I took away the television, it was wrong for the room anyway. ...you should forgive the expression.

All we've got to do now is just find something for me to do.

Oh darling, there's loads for you to do.

Now's a good a time as any to start on your doctorate.

Benji. It's all right, isn't it? What, the room?

No, yesterday. It's a long time ago.

Let's just forget it and start over again, OK?

Oh, how nice. David has decided to take up painting.

We're off to search out a view.

Hi, Davey.

How is everything? Okay.

Did you take your paints, Davey? Yeah.

We're still friends? Oh dad!

I never want to go back to that pool. No, you won't have to Davey.

I promise you won't have to.

I don't like going to bed without you.

It's been a while since I was down here.

Hasn't it? Yes, I know.

Well, at least the filter seems to be working, doesn't it? Yes, a tribute to a genius.

The rest of it, it's all...

It seems to be all...

Smell of lemon oil?

I plucked the weeds, I polished the chrome. I scrubbed the concrete.

What is it, honey?

Do you know I had to come down here to...

...well, to see if I could.

I thought we were going to forget about all that.

We tried, didn't we.

You seem to have landed yourself with a bit of a kook. Well, that makes two of us.

Looks marvellous, why don't you jump in?

Will you come with me? Oh, I don't have my suit.

Well then, why don't you take your clothes off?

What if I go first?

Come on in. It's great.

Will it aid in the therapy? It'll aid the therapy.

Oh, why not.


Come here.

It's been a long time between visits.

I miss them.

None of that stuff now, honey.

A little water sport.

It's very good for the circulation, you know.

My circulation's fine.

Come back!

Marian? Not on your life.

Look, I'm not saying it's going to be dynamite after 13 years.

But surely some semblance of excitement...

I can't work out what's made me so repulsive all of a sudden.


You're incredibly sexy.

Ben, I don't want to!

Not here. Not here, you can't.

Marian, for God's sake.

Please. You don't understand.

You mustn't. Please!


Where did you get that? Hall closet.

This house is full of treasures.

You didn't come to bed at all last night, did you?

After the pool...

I went up to Mrs. Allardyce's room to see if she needed anything.

And I don't know how it happened, I just fell asleep in a wing chair. I guess I was pretty tired.

Where are you going?

Oh, I'm going to...trim the drive or something.

Well, what happened to you? It's nearly lunchtime.

Goodness! Can't anyone ever oversleep in this family?

I just mean it's not like you, aunt Elizabeth. You've got more energy than any of us.

Had. I'm afraid this Summer vacation is wearing me out.

Too much sun. Why don't you try painting in the shade?

My God! I need a beauty parlour.

Don't be silly.

I'm not the only one who could use the beauty parlour.

You're getting quite a bit of grey in your hair, Marian. I know.

I think I take after my aunt Mary.

You know, she went entirely grey by the time she was 33.

Oh! Davey's been looking for you. He wants to go hiking.

What's funny?

Oh, me. Do you know what I want to do right now? No?

I want to go right back up to bed.

Isn't that awful? Certainly not.

Why don't you go up there and take a nap? It'll be good for you.

Maybe I will.

Damn it, I won't!

Oh for Heaven's sake, Elizabeth, what is wrong with you?

Mrs. Allardyce?

May I come in?

Marian, I didn't know you were in there.

What happened to your nap?

Well I thought it about time I introduced myself to our benefactor.

She's asleep.

Oh, that's too bad.

I thought she might enjoy seeing my picture.

I'm sure she would dear, when she's awake.

Elizabeth, I'm right in the middle of something. Oh I'm sorry dear, I didn't mean to interrupt anything.

You tell her I came to visit. I know she'll appreciate it.

And if she ever wants any company... I'll let her know. OK?

Well, be careful on the steps.

Now you just go back to your work. I'll be all right.


What is it, what's wrong? Gas.

Oh my God! Well is he all right!? Yes, he's breathing.

Breathe in, boy.

Here, hold him. I'll be right back.

Breathe the air now.

Are you all right, Davey? I think he's better.

What has happened, Benji?

That damn gas heater...

I just don't understand how it happened. How could it have happened?

Have you had any breakfast, dear?

No, I overslept again. A disgrace.

How is Davey? Oh, everything's fine.

Ben called from town. Davey's all right, thank God.

I can't imagine how frightened I was.

Poor little Davey.

I want you to know I didn't touch that heater.

Well of course you didn't, dear. If I did, I'd remember.

Nobody said you did. I just covered him, that's all.

You covered him? You mean you were in David's room last night?

Yes, I looked in on him. Sometimes I don't sleep.

Exactly what did you do in his room, Elizabeth?

I told you, I just covered him. It was cold.

This house is getting so cold.

You know, David's door is always open.

Last night it was locked.

Well, I didn't lock it.

The only thing I touched was the blanket.

Well, that's all I remember doing.

All right, you didn't lock it. It locked itself!

Now what about the windows?

They were open.

They were closed when Ben walked into that room. Now, make sense, Elizabeth!

How can I?

How can I...when you keep shouting at me.. and accusing me..?

I'm not accusing you.

Where's Ben?

Benji will believe me.

I believe you too.

No, you don't. It's obvious.

We all forget things, Elizabeth...

...and...at your age...

I don't forget things! I know what I do!

Well, of course you do, dear.

Now, why don't you just let me get you some breakfast?

But what about the old woman...Mrs...

Oh, I am so mixed up... Mrs...


Yes, Allardyce. Maybe she... Aunt Elizabeth!

Let's just forget this!

Tell Ben I'm upstairs.

I'll bring your breakfast to your room.

Like you do to her room?

The other old woman?

No, no. Don't bother, Marian.


Benji. Did I wake you?

Are you all right?

Do you feel up to a few little Martinis on the terrace?

Do you know what she said to me?

Elizabeth, she was upset. I'm sure she didn't mean what she was saying.

She has no right to talk to me like that.

I would die...

I would die before I did anything to hurt Davey.

Look, you two never had words before. Why, all of a sudden?

Well, ask your wife.

Maybe I am an old woman. Elizabeth, you are not old.

But that doesn't mean that I've lost all my marbles.

If I had closed those windows or locked that door, the way she said...

I'm sure she didn't say that.

I'd certainly remember...

You don't forget things like that.

I couldn't forget something as important as that, could I?

Oh I'm sorry, Benji. But she's gotten me so upset.

I don't like it here. I want to leave this house.

You feel the same way, I know you do.

Look Elizabeth, we're all upset.

Now why don't you come downstairs and have those drinks?

Even if it's just a little chance for Marian to say she's sorry.

All right.

But only for you, Benji.

I love you.

Do you know that? I do.

Ben, you scared me.

Have you any idea just how much you've hurt her?

I'm sorry, but she was in his room last night.

Why should she lie, Marian?

I didn't say that she lied. She simply does not remember.

And I suppose she's responsible for all the other things that go on in this house?

Well, I don't know what that's supposed to mean.

Now if you don't mind, I'd like to go downstairs.

Well, shouldn't I meet her first?

I mean, where is she? She's in her bedroom, asleep!

Ben, she doesn't like anyone up here.


Why don't you just let me lock up, dear?

Why are you so nervous?

I'm not nervous. I just wouldn't want to upset her.

Why do you keep her door locked?

She likes it that way. She's an old woman.

She... Gave you the key?

No, the key was in the envelope the Allardyce's left.

And were the keys belonging to all those clocks in the same envelope?

The keys to the clocks were in the clock cases. Why do you ask?

I just wonder whether you wound all those clocks by yourself.

That's all.

Well, of course I did.

What is this darling, a third degree?

What's all this?

Time to throw Ben a little something? Keep him happy, out of your way?

Is that what you think? To be perfectly frank Marian, I don't know what to think.

Maybe you can tell me.

All right, I'll try.

I'm sorry about the way I acted at the pool the other night.

I don't know why I acted that way.

Perhaps you need a little more time to work that one out.

Davey, be care...

Look what you did!

Don't you ever touch a thing! I didn't mean to do it!

Don't you ever touch a beautiful thing!

Ben, I... Marian, what is happening to you? Absolutely nothing.

Then what the hell was that performance with Davey back in there!

This house just...

...is more than I thought it would be.

Marian, this house is not yours, sweetheart. We do not own it, do you understand that?

But it's my responsibility for as long as we're here, isn't it?

Please be patient with me. I need more time.

More time for what? To get more involved with all this?

Marian, the Summer is almost over.

Do you mind if I ask you a question? Of course not.

What's more important to you? The house, all this...

...or us?

What kind of a question is that?

All right, I'll put it another way.

If I was to ask you... would you give it up?

Give it up?


What if I hadn't reached Davey in time?

What does that got to do with this house? Or with leaving?

Ben...I can't believe you're serious!

Oh, I'm serious, Marian.

Do you know how ridiculous you're sounding?

Are you actually trying to tell me that this house is responsible?

Would you give it up for me?

I mean, even if you thought it was in my head, in my mind?

Would you?

Dad! Mom!

Dad, it's Elizabeth!

She's up here.

Oh my God.

Marian, get Davey out of here, please. Get him out now, please!

What's the number of that doctor I used when Davey was ill?

Where is it? On the hall table.

Stay with her.

Did you get him?


It was busy.

Well it can't be busy all night.

Can't they?

They were all busy, Marian. Every God damn one I tried.

Including the operator.


I don't know what you're talking about.

I'll go down and try him myself.

Yes, you do that.

I got it. You got him?

But all the lines were busy, Marian. I didn't imagine that.

No, I'm sure you didn't.

The important thing is he'll be here.

Isn't there something I can do?

No, no. You go and check on Davey, OK?

And then wait for the doctor downstairs.

Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.

In the sure and certain hope of the ressurection of eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord...

And in her courage and faith, this good woman is now... joined in eternal peace with her Maker... in His Divine Kingdom...

And we who grieve must take solace in the fact... that we, too, are promised life eternal, as our reward for our good work.

I love eating by candlelight.

Well, life sure as hell goes on, doesn't it Marian. And why shouldn't it?

Aren't you sitting down, dear? To be perfectly frank, I...

I do not have an appetite.

Look, Elizabeth is dead. Doesn't that mean anything to you?

It means a great deal to me. Davey!

Marian, I'm not sure that anything means a great deal to you except this bloody house, do you understand that!

Well, that isn't true.

Then how do you account for your absence at Elizabeth's funeral?

You know I couldn't leave Mrs. Allardyce alone.

Oh, I don't think we want that on the table, do we sweetheart? Not on the pretty mahogany.

Why don't you pour it, and bring the bottle back to the kitchen.

But there aren't any glasses. Well, there's a goblet.

Is better than glass. It's silver.

But I don't want a goblet, I want a glass.

You heard what your mother said, Davey. You are messing up her table.

Are you going to sit down? I have told you, Marian, I'm not hungry.

Well now, thanks to you, neither am I.

Call the old lady.

I want to see her.

Ben, stay away from that door!

Marian, open this door. I can't.

She has the only key. I don't have that key, it's locked.

All right, what is it you know? What is it you've known all along?

Let me go.


We're getting out of this house.

Did you hear what I said? I said we are leaving this house!

Well, how can we?


We just pack up and go, that's how.

Ben, will you just let me lock this room up? Look Marian, will you stop talking about this room!

It's all you ever think of, the room, the house, and the old lady.

Well, she depends on me.

I'm the only one.

There is no one, no one, to take care of her except me.

Now, you can't expect me to...

You're obsessed with it.

All of it. I'm not obsessed with it!

Marian, this house is destroying us.

Darling, this house is everything we've always wanted.

And it's ours...

For as long as...


Whether you come with us or not...


...we're going back.

Going back? To what?

To what we had.

We had nothing.

And what do you suppose we've got now?

Davey, wake up. What?

Wake up, we're leaving. What?

Somehow the house is...

...it's changing. What?

The boards...some of the boards and tiles...

...they are being replaced...

...by new ones.

Now, don't ask me why. Just get out of here, all right?

But dad, wait a minute. Get out!


Stop it! Stop it! You get in there!

Oh my God!

Stop it, dad! Stop it!

Slow down! Wait for mom!

Stop it, please, stop it!

I don't know... He banged his head or something.

He's fine, dear. I'm going to take you back.

You...are accepting this...

...because you're part of it!

Are you a part of this?

Dad? Dad, what's wrong? Dad?

Will he be all right, doctor?

He's heavily sedated, which means he'll sleep through the night.

But by tomorrow morning I'm afraid he's gonna require hospitalisation.

I see.

Of course, you understand, we don't have the proper facilities here. You'll have to take him into the city.

But will he be all right, doctor?

Well, I'm not a specialist in these matters Mrs. Rolf, but with the proper care he'll...

I'm sure I can give it to him.

If you need me tomorrow I'll be at my office.

Thank you, doctor. I'll see myself out.


Is dad OK?

Yes, sweetheart. The doctor just said he needs some more rest.

Feel all right? Yeah, I guess.

Can we go home tomorrow?

Oh, I don't think so sweetheart. Daddy will be better off here.

Now, why don't you go to sleep? Good night.

Davey, come on out while I fix lunch.

Oh come on mom, I won't go in the deep end.

No, you've been in long enough. Now, where's your robe?

Oh, I think I left it in my room.

Well, that's all right. Stay with your father, and I'll bring it with me.

Hey, dad? Are you OK?

Hey, you wanna see me swim?

Look, I'm pretty good now, I've been practising all day.

You wanna see me go in the deep end?

I can swim down there now, you know.

Okay? Okay, watch.

I've been practising for you. Watch this!

Davey! Stay away from that end!

Dad? Dad!

Help me!

Are you OK..are you all right, honey? OK, darling?

I tried...

Dad! He's talking.

I was afraid I'd have to watch. ...I couldn't...

Yes, darling. Of course you couldn't.

I hate this place. I wanna get out of here. I hate it!

Davey, we are.

We are leaving this place. Today.

Hey, I thought you said we were gonna go.

We are, sweetheart. Right now. OK.

Are you OK? You're sure?

I forgot to tell Mrs. Allardyce that we're leaving.

Marian... please.

I don't want you to go back into that house.

Ben, don't be silly.

We can't just drive off and leave that poor old lady sitting up there without even telling her we're driving off.

Come on mom, let's just get out of here, OK? Please, I don't want you to go back in.

Hey come on fellas, I'll just leave her our number so she knows where to reach us in case she needs us, OK?

It will just take a moment.

Mrs Allardyce? It's me.

It's Marian.

I got to go and get your mother.

Marian, are you in there?

Mrs. Allardyce?

I'm sorry, I didn't wish to disturb you, but I was looking for Marian She said she was going to come up here and tell you that we were leaving.

Mrs. Allardyce.

Look, I do know that she came up here.

You must have spoken to her. Would you tell me where she is, please?

Mrs. Allardyce, I am talking to you. Will you answer me, please.

Will you answer me.

Will you answer me!


I've been waiting for you, Ben.

Oh God!


Oh, it's beautiful!

Just glorious...like it used to be.

And our mother...

She's back.

Our darling.

Restored to us...

...in all her beauty.

Her glory!

With us...once again.