Bus Stop (1956) Script

-Ready Virge? -Anytime.

Turn him out!

VlRGE: He's yours, Bo. Get him. Get on him! Get on him, Bo!

ONLOOKER: Turn him over!

VlRGE: Get him over. Get him over.

-What's my time? -Five-eight. l'll win every prize they've got down at that rodeo!


...when you was 5, l throwed you on a horse, and you was riding.

-Remember? -Yeah.

When you was 8, l throwed you in the creek, and you was swimming.

-Ain't that right? -Sure, Virge. Splash!

You're 21 years old, and we're on our way to a big city: Phoenix.

-lt's time you met up with a gal. -A gal?

Nothing to be scared of. Women and swimming is pretty much the same.

You got good reflexes. You'll make out just fine.


ORVlLLE: Win some prize money. -Take it easy!

-Two for Phoenix. -We're going down for the rodeo. l'm gonna win me about every prize they got.

That's nice. Sit down someplace. You got a long ride ahead of you.

VlRGE: Bo, the lady's hat!

-Oh, sorry, ma'am. -Look where you're going.

He ain't used to traveling. lt's his first time off the ranch.

Virge, that's a lie, and you know it! l've been all the way to Helena.

That was when he was 12, to have his tonsils out.

-That still counts! -Give me that.

lf you will marry me, me, me lf you will marry me l'll give to you a petticoat red All stitched around with golden thread Virge? l've been thinking, you know, about what you said.

What was that?

You know, about me finding a gal.

Oh. What about it? l don't know anything about gals, Virge.

Nothing at all.

That's what l mean. lt's about time you learned.

Ain't nothing to be scared of, Bo.

You liked swimming when you got used to it.

Besides, l know the idea crossed your mind. l seen you looking at them pictures in Orville's magazine. l'll give to you a feathery bed With downy pillows for your head Maybe l glanced at them pictures a couple of times.

But if l do find me a gal, it won't be one from those magazines. l already decided. l'm gonna get me a angel.

-A angel? -That's right. l wouldn't set my sights too high if l were you, Bo.

You just pick out some plain-looking little gal...

...with a cooperating nature and a good personality. l mean, we gotta be realistic.

What's some angel gonna want with a cowhand like you?

What's that got to do with it?

That steer didn't wanna get throwed. Well, l throwed him.

Breaking in a wild horse...

...you don't let what he wants stop you.

What makes you think a gal's different?

This trip will be mighty educational.

Kiss me quick and go my honey Kiss me quick and go Listen, Virge, l'm gonna find me an angel, a real hootenanny of an angel.

She gives me any trouble...

...she'll find herself with her wings pinned right to the ground!

-Morning, ma'am! -What are you doing?

Pushups, to get the kinks out of my bones.

Get up off that floor.

Thirty. Did 30 sit-ups too.

Stop bothering folks. Woke up everybody on the bus. lt's morning. lt's time to get up.

That's the trouble with you city folk. Lay in bed all day long.

Then you get soft. When do we stop for breakfast?

Look, there's a place. You passed it!

This is a public vehicle. Stops where it's scheduled to stop, no place else.

Meanwhile, what's a passenger to do? Starve to death?

Poor old lady's stomach is rumbling.

Bo! You're in civilization.

Forgive him, ma'am. He didn't hear a thing.

Our next stop is Grace's Diner...

...couple of miles up the road. That's where we stop. Grace's!

Can we get some breakfast here?

-Hello, Grace. -Look what the cat dragged in.

-Elma, you the passenger? -Right.

-She's going for the concert. -And to see my sister.


-Your passengers are hungry. -l'll go and wait on them.

Some crazy cowboys. That young one is a real troublemaker.

His friend ain't so bad. He just sits playing guitar.

Little music's nice when you're driving along. l'm very fond of music myself.

Are you, Grace? l didn't know that.

Yeah, l'm a very musical person.

Come on in. l'll fix you something to eat.

BO: Ma'am!


Give me three hamburgers.

-Three? How do you want them? -Raw.

-Honest? -That's the only way to eat them.

With a hunk of onion and some pickle, and a piece of pie.

And a quart of milk. He's still a growing boy.

All right.

Pie and coffee. l'm growing too, but in a different way.

Gotta watch my figure.

Real nice place you got here. Much as l've seen of it.

What does that mean? l bet that apartment you got upstairs is real nice too. l'd love to see it sometime. Have you got it fixed up?

Don't pour it!

Let's get going. We'll never make Phoenix...

...sitting in this miserable restaurant!

-Hey, you! -All aboard, folks.

Wait! l happen to be the owner of this miserable restaurant.

Don't pay him no mind, ma'am. lt's just his way of talking.

-l don't care for it. -l don't blame you a bit.


This place is nice and clean and well-run.

You couldn't ask for a prettier owner.

Wait a minute. l mean it, and l wanna apologize for this barbarian.

-What you doing? -Something l seen in a movie.

-lt don't offend you, l trust. -No, just caught me up short.

Hand kissing! That ain't my idea on how to get a gal.

We know that.

-Bye, Grace. -So long, honey.

-You the guitar player? -That's right, ma'am. l'm real fond of music myself.

All aboard. Grace, see you in a couple of days.

So long, Carl. Good luck in the rodeo, cowboy.

-Thanks, ma'am. -Come back real soon.


-So long, Carl. -So long, Grace.

GRACE: Come back soon, hear?


Talk about angels! How about her?

Well, she may be a angel, Virge.

-She ain't my angel. -How can you tell? l'll know.

When l see my angel, l'll know right off the bat.

Fasten your seat belts. Take off your coats.

We'll be landing in Phoenix in an hour.

l'm sorry to leave you folks, but this is where we get off.

''Welcome, cowboys.

The town is yours.''

That's us, Virge! That's us!

So long. Don't let him take any wooden nickels. l'll drive you back, if you're still in one piece.

Don't you worry about us. We'll be all right.

You just drive your bus. Let's register.

-ls that our hotel? -Bo!


Bo, wait till the corner!

Remember, they go when it's green, they stop when it's red.

Never seen so many gals. There must be a hundred head of them!



Wait till it turns green.

Kiss me quick and go my honey Kiss me quick and go To cheat surprise and....

VlRGE: You're gonna wash yourself away! What are you doing?

Ain't got this at home. Shower and bath at the same time.

Bo, you have a terrible habit of overdoing everything. Come on!

lf you're gonna dawdle, l'm gonna step across the street.

That Blue Dragon seems interesting.

You go ahead. l'll be there in a couple of minutes.

MAN: Wait outside!

Why aren't you outside where you belong? l've had enough of you, you ignorant hillbilly. Get to work!

Better change into your costume.

-He called me an ignorant hillbilly! -Ain't you?

Not ignorant, but you do come from the Ozarks. l ain't sung hillbilly since l was....

Well, not since l turned chanteuse.

l've been trying to be somebody.

Can you imagine Hildegarde doing her number...

...sitting in some truck driver's lap?

-l don't know why you just don't quit. -l can't.

Look! l don't get paid till Wednesday. l owe for my room and everything.

Besides that, it took me too long to get this far.

-What's that line for? -That line?

You might say that this line here is a history of my life up till now.

-See right there where it starts? -Yeah.

That's River Gulch, the little old town where l was born.

-l never even heard of it. -Well, it ain't there anymore.

Floods washed us all away, all except me and my sister, Nan. l just picked her up and took her along this line...

...till we got to Lubbock, Texas.

You know what happened there?

Nan got this job as a waitress, and l worked in Liggett's Drugstore.

And this amateur contest opened...

...and Nan said to me, ''Why don't you enter that contest?

You've been watching people in movies.'' We used to live in the movies.

''You've watched people put over their gestures.''

And so l did it, and l won it.

-First prize? -No, second prize.

Two boys juggling milk bottles won first prize.

Anyway, that's how l got my direction and all.

-Direction? -lf you don't have a direction...

...you keep going round in circles.

Look, you can see by this just how straight my direction is.

River Gulch. This is where l am now. And look where l'm going.

-Where? -Hollywood and Vine!

Look, straight as an arrow! River Gulch...

...Hollywood and Vine!

What happens when you get there?

You get discovered. You get tested, with options and everything.

And you get treated with respect too.

What's going on in here?

She's changing into her costume. You want her out there naked?

Take care of them tables.

Come on, Dinah Shore. Them cowboys is getting real lonesome.

Zip her up.

Go zip yourself up.

He looks like the safest.

l never know what to say. lt's easy. Just say some cute little joke.

Like, ''Hello, buy me a drink? l'm so dry, l'm spitting cotton.''

That's a real cute one. Go on.

Hello, mister.

-Howdy. -l wonder if you'd buy me a drink. l'm so dry, l'm spitting cotton.

That's a good one, it is. Whiskey for the lady, beer for me. l'll give to you a paper of pins And that's the way our love begins lf you will marry me, me, me lf you will marry me

VlRGE: You sure have a good head for whiskey. l'm not keeping track, but that's four in a row.

Oh, that's the way l am. Sometimes l drink all night long.

Happy days. What you doing? Let go of me.

-That ain't whiskey. -Let go!

-That's tea. -That's all they let us drink here.

Last night l had to drink 15 tea and sodas.

You've been hustling me for drinks! l can't stand a woman making a sucker out of me!


Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen! l know you ain't paying attention, you're too busy enjoying yourselves.

But we got this little floorshow and we have to do it.

Hope it don't disturb you none.

Okay, baby, take it away.


That old black magic has me ln its spell That old black magic that you Weave so well Those icy fingers up And down my spine The same old witchcraft When your eyes meet mine The same old tingle....

-Bo. -That's her, Virge.

That's my angel.

Angel? She's just a gal works in a saloon.

Look at her gleaming there...

...so pale and white.

And down and down....


BO: Shh! Quiet!

Quiet! Shh!

BO: Keep quiet over there!

Shh! Shh!



Bo, Bo....

That's better!

Now keep it quiet! The lady's trying to sing!

SPECTATOR: Sit down, cowboy. -That goes for you too, mister.



Okay, miss, you can go on with your song now.

-Where were we, Henry? HENRY : ''l should stay away.''


l should stay away But what can l do? l hear your name And l'm...

...aflame Aflame with such A burning desire That only your kiss, kiss Kiss can put out the fire For you're the lover l have waited for The mate that fate had me created for And every time Your lips meet mine Darling, down and down l go Round and round l go ln a spin, loving the spin l'm in under that Old black magic called love Love Love, love, love

What's wrong? The lady's finished. You can start your yammering again.

BO: Go ahead, start yammering!

My name's Beauregard Decker. l'm 21, and l own a ranch in Montana. l got a herd of cattle and horses...

...and the finest sheep, hogs and chickens. l come to the rodeo...

...with the idea of finding a angel. And you're it. l don't have time to sweet-talk...

...so l'd be obliged to you if you'd step outside with me.

What'd you say?

My name is Beauregard Decker. l'm 21 years old, and l own my own ranch in Timber Hill, Montana--

-l heard all that. -Let's get out of here.

No, uh...l'm mighty grateful to you for what you did...

...but we're not allowed to go out with the customers.

But you can buy me a drink if you want to.

-l'm so dry, l'm spitting cotton. -l don't use it. l ain't got time. l wanna be in bed by 10:00. l'm in the rodeo tomorrow, so l need my sleep.

-Will you come on? -We're not supposed--

VlRGE: Bo. -Hold my hat.

-Where you going? -Splash!

-You're sure a good singer. -l'm a chanteuse.

That's why l call myself ''Cherie.''

That's my name, Cherie.

-That's all the name you've got? -That's all you need.

Like Hildegarde. She's a chanteuse too.


Cherie! lt's French. lt means ''dear one.''

Beauregard is kind of French. lt means something too.

-What's it mean? -l ain't gonna tell. You'd laugh.

-No, l wouldn't. -Yes, you would.

Honest, l wouldn't.


...it means ''good-looking.'' l never told that to a single person. My ma was French.

That's a real pretty name. Beauregard.

You are too. Real beauregard.

Everybody just calls me Bo.

-Cherry. -Cherie.

CHERlE: lt was nice how you made everybody shut up.

Like you had respect for me.

You made them have respect too.

-l liked that. -You did?

-Yes. -Did you like me too?

At first, l thought you was some kind of a hooligan...

...yelling and stomping like that.

But when l realized you was doing it for me...

...l was attracted to you.


-You was? -l still am.

You still are? Really attracted?


-lt's only a physical attraction. -Physical? l mean, you're so big and strong and...

...well, so darn healthy looking.

Guess l am in pretty good shape.

You gotta be to compete in all five events--



Sir, have you seen Cherie? The gal you were sitting with.

She went off with another customer. l was worried. lt's time for the second show.

l want you to be the first to know. After all, it was your idea.

-What was? -l've found me that gal like you said.

Cherry and me, we're engaged.

-We're what? -Engaged.

Virge, l want you to meet Cherry. Cherry, this is Virge.

He'll be living with us.

-We already met. -Someone's got the wrong idea here.

-What do you mean, Cherry? -l told you my name is Cherie. l can't say it fancy like that. What's the matter with Cherry?

BO: Well, it ain't dignified.


The rodeo starts tomorrow afternoon. We'll get married out there!

-Married? Out where? -At the rodeo.

Tomorrow, after the finals, we'll all catch the bus back.

You don't know nothing about this gal. l know she's my angel, that's good enough for me.

Your angel was hustling me for drinks. Sixty cents a shot.

And it wasn't whiskey she was drinking, it was tea.

Of course it was, Virge! Angels don't touch no liquor! l gotta kiss you again! l just can't help myself.

Cut it out! Everybody's looking.

Let them. Ain't no crime when we're getting married tomorrow.

We'll be very happy together, till death do us part. l better get to bed. Virge, come on, let's get going.

We'll make the rest of the plans in the morning.

For a wedding present...

...l'll get you a deep-freeze or an electric washer...

...or any other major appliance you want.

Good night, darling.


VERA: You're on again.

What's the matter? What happened?

You know something? l'm not quite sure.

This whole thing is probably my fault. l told you it was about time you started learning about women. l ain't saying this gal you picked ain't a good one to practice on.

But a fella can't go marrying the first gal he meets.

-Why not? -Better get your mind on that rodeo.

Fellas at the ranch got their money on you.

She has no intention of marrying you.

Yes, she has, Virge.

She's got a physical attraction to me. She said so herself.


-Virge. -Yeah, Bo?

What's the difference between a physical attraction...

...and just a regular attraction?

A gal can be attracted to a fella...

...for lots of reasons.

-His mind, for instance. -His mind?

Sure. Like if he's smart or reads poetry...

...or something.

-No kidding? -That's right. l can read and write. l don't know no poetry, but l can recite the Gettysburg Address.

-Would that count? -lt might. l doubt it, but it might.

That old black magic has me ln its spell, that old....

l should stay away but what can l do l hear your name Cherry!

-And l'm aflame WOMAN: Yes?

-Morning, ma'am! -Wait a minute.

BO: We're gonna be married. l'm waking her up.


BO: Cherry, wake up. lt's Beauregard! Morning, Cherry!

BO: Let's get a little air. -Young man, l don't allow callers--

BO: Get out of bed. The parade starts at 10:30.

-l don't want any trouble. -How do l know you're engaged?

Cherry, wake up and tell her you know me.


-Oh, it's you! -You see, she knows me.

For the love-- l don't know what's going on....

BO: Come on. We gotta get going.

We're getting married today. We got lots to do.

CHERlE: What's the idea, busting in here like that?

-What time is it? -After 9:00. l've been up for hours.

Nine! l didn't get to bed till 5!

Five? No wonder you're so pale and white.

Cherry, know what that is out there? That's the sun.

Will you get out? l'll call the police.

You shouldn't stay up so late.

When we get up to the ranch, we'll hit the sack every night at 7:30.

We better get something straight. l have no intention in the world of marrying you.

-So get it out of your head. -We'll talk all that over on the way.

You see, the problem is...

...you just haven't had time yet to get attracted to my mind. l know all about your mind l ever wanna know. l know the Gettysburg Address.

Busting in here like a wild lndian of some kind.



''Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth a new nation...

...dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we're engaged in a civil war...

...to determine whether any nation so conceived can long endure.

-We are met on a battlefield--'' -l hate parades. l'm not going.

''The world will not remember what we say here...

...but it'll never forget what they did here.

-lt is for us to be... -Let me sleep.

...so concentrated and so dedicated....''

Any further and you'll miss the parade.

Elliot, got anything? Would you hold it please, miss?

We're from LlFE.

LlFE magazine?

That's right. ''LlFE Goes to a Rodeo.'' Or ''rodeo'' to you.

BO: They wanted me to ride in the parade, but then l couldn't see it.

Come on in here.

BO: Excuse us. Come on, we're gonna see us a parade real good.

Can't we find a place to sit down? You didn't let me get no sleep.

BO: Hop up on my shoulder. You can rest and see good at the same time.

-Bo, you put me down! -This is a nice arrangement.

Can you see everything? -Too much.

Look! l'm glad l'm not in this parade so l can see it.

Here come Daniel Boone's men! This is a hootenanny of a parade.

Look at them boys. Ain't they talented?

Ain't they resplendent?

Look, there's cowgirls, and they got--


Hi! Where is he?

-You gonna marry him? -No!

-Then you gonna go to the rodeo? -No.

-What you gonna do? -Run away.

What's going on up there? Who you signaling at?

Two. Vera is a friend of mine.

She's gonna get two tickets to the rodeo to watch you.

Get two tickets for the rodeo.


Hey, there's old Virge! Yahoo!

CHERlE: Stop it! -Here we are, Virge. We're watching.

BO: You're doing just-- CHERlE: Hello there. Stop it, Bo!

Sorry, lady, you're over there in the bleachers.

Over there? lt's so much nicer here in the shade.

That's right.

Come on, honey.

They got us over here with the livestock.

ANNOUNCER: We go into our first contest of the afternoon:

Cowboy saddle bronc riding.

The contestant is required to ride 10 seconds.

ANNOUNCER: That was Duane Howard from North Dakota.

The next rider up is Guy Weeks from Texas.

There's Casey Tibbs, five-time World Champion Rider...

...twice All-Around Champion Cowboy of the World.

Watch our pickup man as he recovers Casey Tibbs, South Dakota.

-Cherie, wake up. lt's him! -Tell him to go away. lt's him! He's gonna ride now.

We're at the rodeo!

-What's that green thing? -That ain't green.

Know what that is?

That old black magic That's gonna make me win What's that he's got around his neck? Ain't that your scarf?

So that's where it went!

ANNOUNCER: We have a newcomer from Timber Hill, Montana: Bo Decker.

-l can't look! -You are stuck on him!

ANNOUNCER: Good work, Bo. How about a hand? Bo Decker.

Hey, Cherry! Yahoo! Yahoo!

You know, l think he is crazy.

Sure he is. Crazy as a bedbug. l told you he was.

He thinks we're getting married this afternoon at the rodeo.

What makes him think that? l don't know. Sure weren't nothing l said.

After the parade, he dragged me to City Hall...

...and bought a marriage license.

You didn't sign nothing, did you? l had to. He was making such a fuss in front of all those people.


ANNOUNCER: Here's a ride to watch. The cowboy...

...has drawn the toughest horse in our contest.

Don't fall off.

He fell off.

VERA: ls that a diamond? lt ain't exactly a diamond...

...but it ain't exactly not a diamond, either.

-He paid $43 for it. -No kidding!

Plus tax.

He made me take it, but it ain't on my finger.

And neither is that wedding ring he bought.

Wedding ring?

Oh, honey!

ANNOUNCER: Calf roping is our next contest. lt's a race against time, and every second counts.

Notice the work of the horse, keeping the rope tight.

l'm gonna pretend that calf is Cherry.

-l'm gonna get her and rope her. -Don't let the calf get away.

Get going, Cherry!

ANNOUNCER: Here's our newcomer again, Bo Decker of Montana.

Was that fast enough for you, Cherry?

ANNOUNCER: Who is she, Bo?

Come on.

Look! Photographers from LlFE. They're heading this way.

-LlFE magazine? -They almost took my picture.

Quick, my lipstick!

Oh! Would you please hand me my lipstick?


Basic. Thank you. l didn't have my lipstick on yet!

ANNOUNCER: The most dangerous event is wild Brahma bull riding.

There's an extra star. We have Cousin Hugo...

...our bullfighting chimpanzee. lt's his job to ride on the dummy and attract the bull.

Cowboy clowns also distract the bull...

... when the cowboy gets bucked off.

Don't break your neck. lf l was to break my neck, l couldn't get married.

Him breaking his neck is the only hope you've got.

ANNOUNCER: Here's our old friend Bo Decker.

He still wears that green scarf. Let's hope it brings him luck.

ANNOUNCER: Good ride, Bo.

Cherry! Did you see me ride that bull? Cherry!

Stop it!

-Cherry! -He don't have no manners at all!

No, but he's got something else.

And he's gonna get some little gal, you just watch.

Well, it ain't gonna be me. Besides, how can we get married?

He ain't made no arrangements. Silly.

Cherie, look.

Ain't that a preacher? Oh, my goodness!

Excuse me, please.

Where's the one getting married?

-Getting married? Here? -That's right.

-Elliot! -Boing!

There she is. Cowboy's girl.

ANNOUNCER: Bo's also entered in our bulldogging contest.

How do l get out?

The exit's over there. To get to it you gotta go around--

Hey, where are you going?

VERA: Cherie! You gonna be stomped to death!

Cherry! What's going on here?

BO: Wait! Where are you going? -My shoe!

Cherry, come back! Hey, somebody hold this thing for me.

She ain't here, and l don't know when she's coming back. l don't believe you. She's here someplace.

VlRGE: She ain't here.

We gotta go get you ready for the finals tonight. l don't care about the finals. l want Cherry! Cherry!

He don't give up that easy. l'm gonna end up in Montana with him and a bunch of cows.

What are you doing?

We'll stash your suitcase at the club for a quick getaway.

That's the first place he'll look. lf you don't show up for work, you won't get an advance.

He's in the rodeo. You're safe till it's over.

Tell that cashier you gotta have money...

...for your sick grandmother.

-My grandmother? -l don't understand that boy.

-What's he got on his mind? -Me. l'm gonna find her, and l'm gonna marry her!

Get her off your mind till after the rodeo. l ain't gonna be in the rodeo tonight. lf you go to the rodeo, l'll find her and hold her for you. l'm not saying she'll marry you, but she'll be at the Blue Dragon.

-Okay, Virge, if you promise. -l promise.

My poor old grandmother's sick. lf l could just have an advance.

The boss has to okay it.

He'll be back when the rodeo's over.

-Her grandmother'll be dead by then. VlRGE: Let's have a little drink.

Come on. l'm so dry, l'm spitting cotton.

Two whiskeys, miss. Take it easy, l'm on your side. l don't want him to marry you, neither.

-You don't? -l sure don't.

l ain't good enough for him? ls that it? l didn't say that.

-Suppose he's as pure as driven snow. -As a matter of fact, he is.

You trying to tell me--

He never even kissed a gal before he met you.

He spent his whole life pretty far out in the country. l know what happens there. l'm from the country myself. l've been kissing boys since--

That's it. You're kind of sophisticated for Bo.

He didn't kiss like it was the first time.

Well, Bo picks things up real quick.

-First time? -That's right.

Sure ain't never had that honor before.

l hate to put you through this, but l promised l'd keep you here.

But l didn't say anything about where you might go after that.

Vera's sure gonna miss you, honey.

Oh, what was l supposed to say?

-l never was good at lying. -lt ain't that complicated.

We just talk to him a while, then you turn casually and say:

''The show is gonna start pretty soon. l guess l better go powder my nose.''

Then you go to your dressing room where your suitcase is.

You change, climb out the window and get down to the bus station.

The rodeo must be over. Where's Bo? l know what.

He's probably yelling and pushing some helpless animal around.

BO: Whatever gave you an idea like that?

Nice to see you. l was afraid you got trampled in that crowd.

-Where you been, Bo? -l had a couple of errands to run. l bought us three tickets for tonight's bus to Montana.

By the way...

...there's $4000 l got for winning every event at the rodeo.

Except steer wrestling. They gave me a bum steer.

Don't give me credit for that. Another fella thought it up.


...our gear's packed and waiting outside in the taxi.

We'll stop by Cherry's house and get her suitcase.

Your nose is kind of shiny, ain't it, Cherie?


Bo, the show is gonna start in just a minute...

...and l gotta go powder my nose.

Wait, you're not gonna do your show tonight.

-l ain't? -You gotta go pack your suitcase. lt's already packed-- l mean, l gotta go powder my nose.

Cherry, what's the matter with you? Are you sick?

No, l ain't sick, Bo. l just can't lie to you. l can't marry you. l ain't going to Montana with you.

-And goodbye forever. -Cherry, wait a second. Cherry!

You ain't got the manners they give a monkey! l hate you and l despise you! And give me back my tail!


BO: Cherry! -Here's your bag.

-Here's your coat and hat. BO: Cherry!

You can change down at the bus station. l didn't mean to rip your tail off. You can sew it back on.

Good luck, honey.

Thanks, Vera, you've been real sweet.

Let her go, Bo.

What do you mean, let her go? Where's she going? Cherry!

Where'd she go?

Los Angeles, please. One way.


ANNOUNCER: Los Angeles bus at Gate 2.

VlRGE: Wait a minute. Help me unload this stuff.

Forget her, Bo. You'll find somebody else.

Hank told me about this new schoolmarm-- l don't want no schoolmarm! l want Cherry.

Cherry! Cherry!

VlRGE: You just can't take people places. There's laws against it.

-Which way is the Los Angeles bus? -Here's your bus, lady. Through there.

Miss, to the rear of the line.

Cherry, don't get on that bus! l made up my mind. l ain't gonna take no for an answer.

Miss, stand to the rear.

What are you doing?

Anything l ever wanted in this life l went out and got!

lf the ocean was whisky And l was a duck l'd swim to the bottom And never come up Rye whisky, rye whisky, rye whisky l cry lf l don't get rye whisky l surely will die So if l get boozy My whisky's my own And them that don't like me Can leave me alone Rye whisky, rye whisky, rye whisky l cry lf l don't get rye whisky l surely will die l'll eat when l'm hungry l'll drink when....

l'm sorry to wake you, but could you help me?

-What's the matter? -l'm being abducted.

-Abducted? -You know, kidnapped. By him.

Oh, that's awful. What are you gonna do? l thought when we got someplace, l'd ask the driver to let me off.

But we've been riding for hours. We still ain't no place at all.

Not only that, l'm freezing to death. l don't have much on under my coat.

You mean just your underthings?

No, it's my costume, but it's just a little old thing, without its tail. lts what? lts-- lt's a long story.

You're shivering.

Don't you have anything warm to put on?

-Will you help me change? -Of course.

-Here, hold this up for me, will you? -Sure.


Cherry? Cherry, where are you? Cherry!

Cherry? What's going on up here?

Get away from me! l'm getting dressed.

You've caused enough trouble for one night. Sit down!

l can't figure it out.

Why don't she like me? Why?

Of course, if you loved him, it wouldn't be so bad.

Yeah, but l don't.

Not at all?

Some gals don't like to be pushed and grabbed and lassoed...

...and drug into buses in the middle of the night!

How else was l gonna get her on the bus?

Well, l'm asking you.

Go to sleep!

l don't know why l keep expecting myself to fall in love, but l do. l know l expect to someday. l'm beginning to wonder if there's the kind of love l have in mind.

-What's that? -l don't know.

See, l've been going with guys since l was about 12.

Honest? l almost married my cousin when l was 14. Pappy wouldn't have it. l never heard of marrying so young.

Down in the Ozarks we don't waste much time. l sure am glad l never married my cousin Malcolm...

...because he turned out real bad, just like Pappy predicted.

But l sure was crazy about him at the time.

And l've been losing my head about some guy ever since.

Bo's the first one that ever wanted to marry me...

...since my cousin Malcolm.

Naturally, l'd like to get married and have a family and all them things.

But you've never been in love? l don't know.

Maybe l have and l didn't know it.

That's what l mean. Maybe l don't know what love is.

l want a guy l can look up to and admire.

But l don't want him to browbeat me. l want a guy who'll be sweet with me.

But l don't want him to baby me, either. l just gotta feel it.

Whoever l marry has some real regard for me...

...aside from all that...

...loving stuff.

-You know what l mean? -l think so.

This storm is getting terrible.

There's Grace's lights. We'll make it.

You can sneak off when l get off. l can if that wild man don't wake up. l wish l had my chains on.




That's as close as l can get. We'll have to walk from here.

GRACE: You sure picked some night for traveling. Come on in.

This is Cherie. We need someplace for her to hide.

She's being abducted.

-She's what? -You know, kidnapped!

Yes, that's right. By a man in the bus. A cowboy. lf l could stay here till the bus pulls out again, l'd appreciate it.

Bus ain't leaving.

-Huh? -Road's closed. The bus is staying. lt may take the highway gang the rest of the night.

The rest of the night!

BOY PASSENGER: Driver, are we staying here?

My aunt and uncle are meeting us.

Don't you think we ought to wake those cowboys up too? lt's cold.


-Well, look what the cat dragged in. -Hi, Grace.

Who's that with you? Aren't they cute?

They're visiting their aunt.

Looks like they'll visit their Aunt Grace. For tonight, anyway.

Everybody is. Highway's all closed up ahead.

Oh, now, ain't that too bad.

GRACE: l hear you're carrying a kidnapper on your bus.

DRlVER: You mean that cowboy?

He ain't kidnapping nobody. He's asleep.

He'll freeze out there. Wake him up.

Oh, no! Couldn't you let him sleep longer? He's had a busy day.

Two rodeos and a lot else.

Sure, let him sleep. Works out better for everybody that way.

-How soon is the next bus back? GRACE: Ain't no buses tonight.

You're all stuck right here. For the time, anyway.

You know something?

This is the first time we've had more than five minutes together.

-So what? -l don't know. l was thinking about that apartment upstairs.

Sure would be nice to sit up there and listen to the radio.

Maybe have a couple of beers.

That wouldn't be a hint, would it?

Elma! Where's this place we're at now, anyway?

ELMA: Here. lt's so little, it's not even on the map.

l sure am way off my direction.

-What you looking at? -Nothing.

Your hands. You got real big hands. l'm big all over. l used to be all-state wrestling champ.

No kidding? l always admire a man who can fight.

Hey! Why didn't anybody wake us up? We might've froze!

Hey, close the door!


-How come you didn't let me know? -Shut the door!

How come you slip off the bus and come in here by yourself?

-Where was you brought up, in a barn? -He was!

What's the matter, afraid of a little fresh air?

Man's right, it's cold out.

Don't give him no right to insult my manners.

No man ever had to tell me what to do, did he, Virge?

You opened the door, you should've closed it. That's all.

Door's closed now, so what you arguing about?

Cherry, let's you and me sit down--

That's your suitcase.

For crying out loud, will you leave me be?

-Ain't that your suitcase? -Yes, that's my suitcase.

What'd you bring it in here for? l'm asking you a simple question. What did you bring it in here for?

-Keep away from me, Bo. -Will you--?

Keep out of this. This is between me and Cherry.

Was you trying to fool me again? ls that what it was?

-Take your hands off of me! -Tell me.

-You tell me! -Okay, cowboy, leave the lady alone.

You better keep out of this too. lt ain't none of your business. l ain't so sure.

A bus driver's like the captain of a ship.

The welfare of the passengers is his responsibility.

-Anything happens in the bus-- -We ain't in a bus!

We're in a bus stop. This here's an official, authorized bus stop!

-Ain't it? -When the sign's up.

You still can't interfere between two people gonna get married!

We ain't getting married, but you're too bullheaded to listen!

Cherry, you're gonna marry me, and l ain't gonna discuss it no more.

-ls there a preacher around here? -Down the road, but he's asleep.

We're gonna wake him up and put him to work.


Shut up. l'll make you a good husband.

-Now, cowboy, put her down. -Open the door, Virge.

Virge, open the door. l ain't gonna open it, Bo.

-You ain't?! -No.

You been against this from the start!

That's right. l figured she wasn't good enough for you.

Now l figure you ain't good enough for her!

-You're gonna put her down? -You're gonna get out of my way!

-You'll have to fight me first. -l love a good fight. l can't stand a bully.

-Who says l'm a bully? -l do!

Quiet! A man's got to fight for what he wants!

There's a difference between a fighter and a bully!

But you'll only learn that if someone beats the living tar out of you.

Go to it. He's ripe for it. l'd do it myself if l was big enough.

But you ain't big enough!

And neither is he!

Ain't no man ever got the best of me, and there ain't gonna be! l'm willing to try, cowboy.

Just step outside.


Make them stop!

Save yourself a lot of trouble. Go in there and tell her you're sorry.

-l ain't sorry! -He never is, that's his trouble! l've had enough of you telling me what's right and wrong!

No, you ain't! You can stand a little bit more!

Virge! What are you doing? l'm starting a fight. He's gonna finish it for me.

Remember, every time he hits you, it's me hitting you.

-Do you hear that? lt's me! -And it'll be me hitting you back!

Move over, l'm getting cold.


You're doing great, mister!

-Gouge him, cowboy. Bite him. -Make them stop.

Come away from this window. You don't wanna watch things like that...

...or you're gonna grow up mean, just like all my brothers and cousins.

Sit down and behave yourselves. You ought to be in bed.

Grace has a big bed upstairs, and a sofa too.


All right, boys, lay off them gas pumps.

Had enough, kid?

Go put your coat on. This is getting good.


Oh, Virge, make them stop before somebody gets killed!

Give up! Come on, give up. You ain't got a chance.

-You had enough? -No, he has to apologize to everybody.

And quit molesting that little girl!

-You heard what he said? -Bo, you're whipped, admit it.


-Bo? -Get away, damn it!

How about the promise, Bo?

-ls she gone? -She's gone.

-Okay, l promise. -All right.

He'll be all right.

Come on, Bo, the storm is over.

l'm sorry it had to be like this. lt's all over now.

Come on inside and wash up. Get some coffee.

Come on. You can't stay out here. l can't go in there.

She seen me get whipped.

Carl, honey, you was just plain tremendous.

But l think l earned a cold beer you've got in the icebox...


Snowplow's out. Shouldn't be too much longer.

Come on, Bo, cheer up. We'll be back on the ranch tomorrow. l don't care if l ever see that ranch again.

Lonesomest place l ever did see. Just like going back to a graveyard.

-Morning, honey. -They're sleeping just fine.

Must've read myself to sleep. Such an interesting story.

-Can l have a cup of coffee? -Elma just run it through.

-Bo? -Yeah?

This would be a good time to keep your promise.

-Why should you be so scared? -Who's scared? l'm gonna do it.

Just give me a little time. l warn you, it ain't gonna do no good unless you really mean it.

-l mean it. -All right, then.

Go ahead.

Ma'am, l want to apologize.

-For what? -For causing all that ruckus.

GRACE: You don't need to apologize to me. l love a good fight. You're welcome at Grace's Diner anytime.

-l mean anytime. -Thanks.

l must've acted like a hoodlum. l apologize.

-That's all right. -Thank you, miss.

-Have l got to wake him up? -No, he can wait.

Virge, l can't do it. l just can't do it!

-Why not? -She seen me get beat.

You made me your promise. You owe that girl an apology...

...and you're gonna say it to her. Now go on, Bo. Go on!

Well, don't watch!

GRACE: l'll do the dishes. -l can do them.

No, you go on with the kids' breakfast.




...wasn't right of me to do what l did to you, treating you that way.

Trying to make you marry me whether you wanted to or not.

Do you think you can ever forgive me?

l guess l've been treated worse in my life.

Well, l reckon that's all there is to be said.

-l wish you luck, Cherry. -l wish you the same, Bo.

Here's your bandana back.



Here's your ring. l wish you'd keep that.

All right, Bo.

-Well, so long. -So long.

-Wasn't so bad. Have some breakfast. -l ain't hungry.

-Just have some coffee. -l couldn't get it down.


-Phone! -Turn the water off, honey.

Grace's Diner. What?

Oh, it is? Okay, l'll tell him.

Hate to wake him, but the road's cleared. Hey, Carl!

The road's cleared.

But put your chains on. Still awful slick.

Elma? Elma, better wake the kids up.

Bus will be ready to leave just as soon as l get my chains on.

Anybody wanna help me?

Sit here, Bo. l'll help him.



l wanted to tell you something. lt's kind of personal, and embarrassing too.

But l ain't the kind of girl you thought l was.

What do you mean, Cherry?

Well, l guess a lot of people'd say l've led a real wicked life.

And l guess l have too.

What are you trying to tell me?

l just figure that since you met me at the Blue Dragon...

...that you took it for granted that l'd had other boyfriends before you.

You had?

Yes, Bo.

Quite a few.

Virge tried to tell me that, but l wouldn't believe him.

Well, it's true. So you can see....

You're better off. l ain't the kind of gal you thought l was at all.



...would l be molesting you if l was to tell you something?


Well, since you brought the subject up...

...you are the first gal l ever had anything to do with. l never thought l'd hear myself saying that, but l said it.

Virge told me that, but l couldn't hardly believe him. lt's the truth.

You see, l've lived all my life on a ranch. l guess l just didn't know anything about women.

-'Cause they're different from men. -Well, naturally.

All ready to roll, folks.

Feeling better, cowboy?

Ain't the happiest critter that's ever been born. l feel a little shook-up myself. How about shaking hands?

Go ahead. He's just trying to be friends. l don't mind.

-No hard feelings? -No hard feelings.

There's a nice state, miss. Montana. How about a cup of coffee, Grace?

-Nice fella, Bo. -Maybe l'll think so someday.

Maybe we better be boarding the bus.


Hi, Bo.

Cherry, you won't be getting on this bus. l know that l promised not to molest you.

But if you'd give your permission that it'd be all right...

...l'd like to kiss you goodbye. l'd like for you to kiss me, Bo.

l really would.

-Whoa! -What? l think this time it ought to be different.


When you kiss somebody for serious...

...it's kind of scary, ain't it?

Yes, it is.

-Here they are, all breakfasted. -l'm still hungry.

GRACE: See you Wednesday. -Keep that beer on ice, Grace.

Maybe next time l'll get a chance to finish it.

All aboard! Come on, kids.

GRACE: l turned down the heater. Throw this water on the fire.

This bus stop is closed as of now.



Virge has been figuring things out.

He says that seeing as how you had all them other boyfriends before me...

...seeing as l never even had one single gal friend before you...

...he figures that between the two of us it kind of averages out...

...to things being proper and right.

That's what Virge thinks. What do you think, Bo?

l've been thinking about them other fellas, Cherry.

Well, what l mean is, l like you the way you are...

...so what do l care how you got that way?


That's the sweetest, tenderest thing anyone ever said to me.

lt's hard for a fellow after he's been turned down...

...to get up enough guts to try again.

You don't need guts, Bo.

-l don't? -That's the last thing you need.

Anyhow, l just don't have any now.

So l just have to tell you what l feel in my heart.

Yes? l still wish you was going back to the ranch with me.

-You do? -Yeah, l do.

l'd go anywhere in the world with you now.

Anywhere at all.

-You would? -Anywhere at all.

-You would? -Yes, l would.

-You would! -l would, l would, l would.

-You would? -l would.

Yes, l would. l would.

Virge. Virge, she....

She's gonna marry me!

Ain't it wonderful when somebody so terrible turns out so nice?

Our ranch is gonna be the nicest place in the world!

We're gonna have an angel on it.

-Here's your map. -Here's your bag.

-This old thing! -l'll show you the way to Montana.

Captain! You got yourself another passenger!

-Come on, Virgil. -Wait a second.

Come on, we wasted enough time already.

-What you waiting for? -You hush for a second! Hear me!

-Bo, l ain't going. -You ain't what?

You don't need me to look after you.

Fact is, you got someone you gotta look after.

Here's your wedding ring.

Virge, l wish you'd come. l liked you long before l ever liked Bo.

-Folks, gotta get rolling. -The bus can't wait all day.

Virge! You're my buddy. l ain't gonna let you go.

You're coming with us. We want you to!

-Bo! -Let me be. Let me be.

You can't do it that way. You can't. lf he don't wanna come, you can't make him.

Whatever l got left up there, the boys can have it.

-Goodbye, Bo. -Come on, Cherry, let's make it fast.

Why, you're liable to freeze to death in that skimpy little thing.

But what about you? You need something.

Bye, everybody. Bye!