But Deliver Us from Evil (2017) Script

Wickedness had overtaken the people of Sodom & Gomorrah to a point of no return. Its people were seduced, possessed and controlled by an ancient evil. This angered God. God's only choice was to destroy these cities to preserve mankind and all that is good. A man named Lot, considered by God to be the last of the righteous, abided in these wicked cities. God would not destroy the cities with this righteous man dwelling within.

Lot and his family were visited by two strangers... men, not of this world. These men were to rescue Lot and those with him before God destroyed the cities. Word spread throughout Sodom &

Gomorrah of the visitors' presence at the home of Lot.

Discerning the impending danger a visitor signaled Lot.

The wicked men of Sodom and Gomorrah surrounded the house and demanded that the two visitors be released to them, they may take them and have them... sexually. Perceiving the men to be holy angels sent by God, did all he could to protect them; even offering his two daughters instead.

Lilith, the ancient evil spoke saying...

"Join me and I will let these men go freely." One of the visitors quickly grabbed Lot, "We must leave now, there is no redemption for these cities." As the men of Sodom & Gomorrah rushed the home the visitors unleashed blinding rays of light, enough for Lot and his family to escape safely as God completely destroyed the cities.

And good evening. I'm Leigh Warring and, thank you for joining me. For over 2000 years, Christians have been trying to convince the world that their belief is the only way. You know every religion has a salesman. I'm referring to it's religious leaders. The kickbacks are out of this world, thanks to you, the followers.

Arrested tonight in downtown Atlanta, Pastor Avery Malone of Christlike Ministries. The married father of 4 was caught drunk driving on route 402 with an unidentified woman.

But they're selling you an invisible product.

Something that can't actually be verified until the day you die.

12 prominent church leaders from surrounding counties are under federal investigation. These allegations include money laundering and mail fraud.

But by that time, if it's proven not to be true...

Sorry no refunds. You're going to a... paradise, a heaven...


You say that Albert Charles is lying about you being addicted to prescription drugs...

Absolutely and I have said it time over and over again...

Wait... He...wait, wait... He even claims when high, you participated in sexual acts... No...

With other men... No.

...since the early 90's.

No he's trippin'... I've only had affairs with three women...



Oh I'm sorry, did I say three I meant one...

From childhood, we've been taught over and over again about fictional stories of men who knew nothing about science, chemistry, the solar system or better yet where the sun goes at night. Yet, they can tell you about the afterlife.

Another prominent church leader in the city of Atlanta has resigned today over allegations of hiring male prostitutes.

These places, they create fear in people, mass delusion, and we need to rid ourselves and generations to come of these fairy tales.

That's your 3 minute update for sports!

Thank you Kathleen. Well, there seems to be brighter days for the church community at-large especially here in Atlanta. Despite multiple scandals that have rocked the core of the Christian community, a beacon of light shines bright.

His name, Pastor Robert J. Knight.

He is the founding Pastor of abundant life Ministries of Atlanta. The Pastor and his wife Tammy Knight's outreach ministry has been serving the community with food banks, after school programs as well as job training centers throughout the city. Despite the scandals that are plaguing the church community, their membership is up to an astonishing 6500 and growing.

What took you so long?

I wasn't sure I was coming.

Why, am I not all you imagined?

I can't get you off my mind.

It's all for you Bobby.

I smelled you from a mile away.

You're so beautiful.

What's wrong?

Uh... Nothing, nothing, nothing.

I'll take care of you.

You're so beautiful.

I'm all yours.

Ow! That hurt... Oh my God, I'm bleeding! What are you doing?

Sorry I got a little carried away.

That really hurt.

I wonder what kind of lie your gonna tell your wife when she sees these scars?

Why would you say something like that?

We should... Stop...

Why pastor? What was that? What was that?

Isn't this what you wanted?

Clean sweep of this lobby...

Will somebody get him!

Shut it down now...

Come on people.

We gotta keep a lid on this as long as we can!

It's about time...

What happened here? I just got the call from Reagan.

You ain't gonna believe this, come on.

Who's the victim?

Pastor Robert J. Knight.

You've got to be kidding me...

Was he alone?

No, but he's the only homicide. They're up there dusting for prints now.

Where's his wife?

Home I guess. She thinks he's on a mission trip to Africa.

This is not good.

Yeah but there's one more thing.


Your serial killer might be back.

Nobody in, nobody out!

Yes sir.

Oh, God? Well.

Well from the looks of it, our suspect might be a woman... chicky boom boom.

I understand, you all need to reconsider. I've known this kid for years.

Jeremiah takes some getting used to...

We been through this multiple times.

I don't want to be responsible if something happens.

Kids like him snap you know?

CHARLES BURTON SOCIAL WORKER He's harmless. He's just quiet, stays to himself.

Please uhh... we've all been through rough times Ms. Morris.

We all have a past...

Yes, Charles we do, but no one seems to know his.

Look... I know you know what's going on.

We've been down this road before. You just gotta go back to the group home, just for a little while. I was hoping Ms.

Morris would reconsider before you started at UMT but...

We try so hard to fit in, but maybe we aren't supposed to.

We're not weird, they are.

Okay. Come on let's get out of here. Get your seatbelt.

Reid! Press is waiting.

Here's that serial killer story that's been breaking.

There have been several internal leaks to the media regarding a murder of a high profile person.

And I'm here to confirm the victim is Pastor Robert J. Knight of Abundant Life Ministries.

This is a homicide, so, I must be careful what I share.

Detective Reid, I heard the crime scene was horrific... Could you comment on that?


Some fear that this may be the work of a serial killer your department lost track of years ago.

We can't comment on that.

Is this murder related in anyway?

What can you answer Detective?

Why was the Pastor there when he was supposed to be on a mission's trip in Africa.

No more questions.

Jeremiah... Jeremiah.



Jeremiah! Wake up!

He's right there! I see him...

You're sleeping! You're day dreaming.

He wants to tell me... he wants to tell me...

There's no one there son, there's no one there!

Come on in here.

I'm so glad I decided to come back when I did.

You almost got yourself killed.

Here. This should warm you up.

Jeremiah, you know you can always talk to me.

He was trying to tell me something.

Who? Who are you talking about?

I don't know, I don't know.

You were sleep walking, dreaming.

You were almost hit by a car.

Look, I... I know what you're going through.

Yeah, yeah y...

Charlie you... you know what I'm going through?

Yeah, more than you ever know.

Yeah... You know... what it's like to have nobody? You have no parents no relatives... you know what that's like?

You forget I was with you since the beginning.

When you were first brought here.

I'm sorry I don't count like a real father would... but you remember one thing.

You were never alone.

Hey, I'm gonna need a little bit of private time in here, if you know what I mean.

Here let me do this...

Complements of Vanity Grand.

Thank you very much.


My my my.

How can I please you?

You are unbelievable...

How much for... how much for more then a dance?

I'm here to fulfill your every desire.

Well, this is it?

I don't know about you but just wanted to tell you that I'm proud of you Jeremiah. To me it's like watching your own son go off to college...

Anyway... they got all your paperwork inside; if anything comes up, they can call the office.


Alright sorry I'm late.

Hey, Todd.

You look like crap. You feeling ok?

I feel fine. I had a late night.

I bet...

Alright, is it me or is it hot in here?

You're the hot one! You had a great month last month.

400 percent to comp everyone give it up for him.

That's record breaking.

What can I say. Alright...

If we look at what we did last year compared to this year... this is what we got to do.

This is...

Todd? Todd, you feeling alright?

Todd are you ok?

Todd! Todd!

Someone call the paramedics!

Todd, tell me... tell me where it hurts...

Can you talk to me? Todd... Todd? Todd?

Do CPR! Clear his airway.

911, what's your emergency?

...to UMT Atlanta, a university on the rise.

Attendance is up 110% from last year.

Now 7. Within the last 72 hours 7 men...

Excuse me...

...have been reported missing. Authorities fear the worst...

Come let UMT be your college experience especially because of our warm...

Yeah, no well I think they run a four three so I don't think we have to worry about.


Ahhh no no no not you. I ahhh... no I just got back to the the uh... the apartment so...

Yeah, hey... Hey you know what let me... let me hit you back I got to get uh... I gotta get settled in... alright cool.

Who you?

Uhh... Jeremiah Young. You can just call me Jeremy... I think I'm your roommate.

What, you on the baseball team?


Soccer team?


You a swimmer?

No I'm just... I'm just a student here.

Now you sure you're suppose to be here, this place right here for athletes.

Yeah yeah yeah, I got my ahhh... I have my...

My room assignment right here. Umm, it... 324, and I have the keys too so I just...

Oh, God.

Uhh... what's your name?

Wow... Well I uhh... I take it you never been to none of your universities football games? I'm Peter Johnson.

Oh, yeah, I haven't... I haven't caught one yet.

I just got here.


You don't, you don't have any uhm... weird habits or anything like that do you? Cause like you look just like my roommate and he was a soccer player.

No, no not that I know of.

You know what, I'ma be upfront with you my man. If I find you in my stuff... if I find anything missing we gonna have a situation. Ok...

Ok, you respect my space I respect yours. Clean up after yourself and we're good, cool?

Cool, yeah cool... respect.

Faith and religion. Faith and religion that's the same thing isn't it... no? Well what's the difference?

Is there a difference? Welcome to Religion 101 where we'll discuss that and other aspects of Christianity.

Now most people and I'm sure that includes some of us, have a tough time with the concept of Faith and Religion.

I don't know maybe it's because all we see are pagan rituals.

We don't see a lifestyle, we don't see a way of life.

So what do we know really, what do we know?

Let's see, we know that Christians believe that God or a form of God was born to a virgin and then later was crucified.

Jesus died on the cross or in faith terms gave his life to save a dying world... and that ladies and gentleman, that, has empowered mankind to destroy evil.

Open your books to page 321 please.

Stop don't touch me, no...

I want that...

Fine, fine.

C'mon, c'mon, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up...

Listen you need to get down here. I don't know what this is.

It looks like something from the inside of the victim tore right through him.

Yeah, hurry up, man.

Hello Mr. Young I'm Doctor Kacy. How are you feeling?

I'm... I'm alright. I just, uhh, have a little bit of a headache.

We can prescribe something for that?

No I don't... I don't need anything I'm good.

Well, the important thing is the police officers are willing to drop the charges if your willing to get some help, because evidently you've had some, episode.

Episode... what do you mean episode? What's that...

What episode?

Hello, how do you know me?

You're a sleep walker Mr. Young and I'm gonna recommend you see a specialist.

Alright, okay... yeah.

So... So whats up?

Stop it Jason! I know what you want! I know what you want!


Please, forgive me.

No one cares.


Umm... I... I...

I saw what that guy did to you.

What... what did you say?

It's hard to explain but uhh... I saw it happen to you. Uhh.

With my own eyes I saw it. I know why you're here.


You uhm... you feel uhm... ashamed?

Like uhm... like its your fault?

Like... like, you're the bad guy?

You're embarrassed cause there's no one to turn to.

You're not the bad guy, just so you know. He's the bad guy.

You're... You're a good person.

You're good.

You... You don't have to do that.

Hey can... can I?

Can I see that? Let me have this.

You're gonna be alright, you're gonna be alright.

He sent you.

No. No one sent me. I just... I just...

God sent you. No one knew but God showed you.

No, no... I... I...

I... I just... I just had this uhh, I had an urge to, uhm... to just follow you in here is all and just you know to tell you that... that you're gonna be ok.

You're gonna be ok.

It's ok.

Yeah, yes, yeah...

You're ok, it's ok...


Please, please... Jeremiah! Jeremiah... Help me!

Don't you go no where. Daddy be right back, Daddy...


What you!? Yo, what are you doing man...


Yo you alright man? What are you doing?

Pete, Pete, Pete! Yo, yo, you I got somebody in there?

No, no, no chill, chill, chill!

Pete! Get no! Chill! Chill! Chill!

You... you, you... you were, you were dead, I just saw you dead, I just saw you dead... I just... you were hurt... you were hurt and I was trying...

I was trying to help you!

Listen yo... You were hurt. You were cut.

...and I was gonna go down to try to help you and you were asking me for help and I was gonna help you.

I thought it was real I saw it! I saw it!

Listen! Listen, ok! Listen!

Ok! Ok it is three in the morning. You understand I have practice in three hours you ain't gotta go home but you got to get up out of here, you understand?

You gotta bounce...

I was just trying to...

You got to go! I told you from the get go man, I didn't want any crap up in here, you ain't even suppose to be in here.

Get your stuff and go...

I don't know where to go, Pete.

I'll go back to my... Figure it out...

I'll go back... Figure it out!

So you leave or I'll help you leave.


I'm just gonna get my stuff.

I'm sorry Pete.

Jeremiah! I thought that was you. Thank God you're ok.

What are you doing here?

We got a call that you were in the hospital.

Yeah, yeah...

With all that's going on out here I just thought it would a good idea to check up on you that's all.

I appreciate that.

And what are you doing sitting out here?

Uhh... you know...

I couldn't sleep, so I took a walk.

Gentleman, we need you to clear this area. A campus lock down is going into effect.

Oh, what seems to be the problem?

A couple of students have gone missing.

You've got to be kidding me.

Everyone inside alright.

Yes, sir.

No new leads but new victims. I got the chief up on my back and God knows how far this has reached in the media.

Any day now the US Attorney General will walk through these doors and nobodies job is safe!

We're... we're trying to narrow down the connections now.

We don't have anything Dahistrom!

Every lead we had went cold.

It's been 10 years and this monster decides to show up again.

Hey... hey Reid, I left that file on your desk.

Alright but what about the female clothing we found at the crime scene?

I'm not counting it out but there's no way a woman can rip apart a man like this.

I think it's to throw us off.

Yeah, well we can't rule out copycats either.

That could complicate the situation even more.

Ah yeah, the suspect is a white male, approximately 5...

Reid, listen...

We all know you've been on this case since day one.

I personally hate to see you like this.

What are you talking about?

Man this case... this case broke up your family.

It took your joy of being a detective away.

All I'm saying is... there's something happening in this city that is just plain scary.

I need you and your team to review those surveillance videos again.


I need you to be with me on this, you got it?

Yeah I got it.

Hey! Hi.

Hi, hi.

I... umm... I never thanked you for what you did.

Oh... I just hope that uhh... you're feeling better.

I am. So where you off to next?

Like right now? Ahhh... I was just going to go get something to eat.

Mind if I tag along?

Yo man, I got to tell ya'll man, I can't wait to get this cast off 'cause I miss ya'll out there.

Yo, know we need you man!!!

Ya'll better give state work this weekend.

I wanna miss shorty in the white though?

Yo, you talking about Shorty or you talking about Stacey?

Uhh huh.

Ay yo, yo come here!

Ay... yo yo yo come here let...


Sweetheart get your... get your girls and come over here in VIP baby...

Bring all of them.

Every last of one them, let them in baby...

There's one two.

I'm gonna get a drink man.

Hey, hey... I miss you.

Look Stace, I miss you too but..

Well, you got a funny way of showing it.

Babe look, look... What's up what's up No we had fun ok...

What do you mean we had fun?

It's over.

After all we been through... I... babe are you serious?

I got to concentrate on my career.

What do you mean this is it?

I'll call you later. Di...

Yo, Hank, man give me a ciroc dirty.

You got an I.D?

Really? You gonna ask me for an I.D, Hank we come in here all the time man, no I don't got my I.D. Really, Hank this me Peter Johnson up in here!

Hello beautiful. What are you having?

I'll have a little black dress. Vodka that is.

Hey umm... why don't you let me get that for you.

Is that what happens before we're in bed together?

Ahhh what? Uhh naw... What?

What... I ain't trying to come at you like that I'm just...

Why not?

First of all I'm not that easy.

Here we are.

Thank you. How much do I owe you?

It's on the house.

Why, thank you.

I think I just met my second wife.

You ain't ask her from no I.D. Just wait till I make it to the league you ain't gettin' no tickets.

Ahh... uhh hi... I uhh, may I sit down?

At your own risk.

Yeah I'll take that risk.

You know I was, I was thinking maybe we can try this again.

What again?

Well... when we was over at the bar you was talking about umm, us ahhh, getting to know each other and uhh...

You said something about us sleeping together.

What else is there?

Wow are... you really are uhh...

Straight forward?

That too, but I was gonna say unique. God what is your name?



Pete, right?

Ahhh yeah. I take it you watch us, uh, play football you know, I'm Pete Johnson.

No we have class together.

No... No I mean go to UMT, I run UMT, like... what class? You go to UMT? What class?

Pete. I'm not here to discuss school. If you want to get to know me, then get to know me.

Ahhh... so what are you doing after the club?

You know you want me.

I'm not that easy. Yes.

See you in your dreams.

My father was the abusive type. So, I left home when I was fourteen.

I'm sorry. What about uhh... your mom?

Drugs, a junky. We barely saw her but whatever.

I turned out just fine don't you think?

Yeah you're ok.

So tell me again, what did you see?

Ahh. I don't... I don't know. I just...

I just umm... I felt you trying to get away is all.

I saw that... You were just trying to get away.

What are you physic or something?

No, no I'm not physic I just...

I just had this overwhelming urge to tell you that everything was gonna be ok and to say what I said thats all and now I'm glad I said it.

Do you believe in God Jeremiah?

Like God has this ultimate secret plan that no one knows about. I like to think of it as backup plan when things go wrong.

I know he does because he sent you.

What's up boo?

Oh hey, Jason.

I've been calling you and texting you, why can't you hit me back?

I was just having lunch.

With who?

My friend but I'm gonna go to class so come on.

Hold on hold on, I remember you.

I'm Jason. Sonja's boyfriend. You?


Am I interrupting something.



Woo woo Jas... J! What're you doing man? Come on stop!

Chill out! Chill out man we got a big game this week. Pick up your stuff.

Man everyone is watching you, come on, man let's... think.


First round remember? Come on you know better.

Sonja, get him out of here.

Yeah, guess you're right. Jason, c'mon.

Stay away from my girl.

Go head man. Sonja take him home.

You cool?


I see you met our, our football's team quarter back. He's a hot head.

Hey uhh... sorry about that. Uhm... do you have a second I want to talk to you about something.

You said you, you saw a vision the other night or something, right?

Y... Yeah.

Do... Do you remember it like what, what happen like?

You... you serious?

No... yeah, Jeremiah, man yeah I'm serious, man. It's not like we hang out.

Ok like, like I wanna know like, you know this... this dream that you had, like...

Alright ummm, well it was, it was it was really dark and I couldn't see alot and there were like, like strobe lights like flashing by and there was this like terrible smell like, its hard to explain like like, like the smell of death... and and then I saw you laying there reaching out for help, and you were, you were really hurt.

That's, that's crazy. I mean, I didn't ahhh experience anything like that but were at the club the other night and there was there was there was this girl, and... bro I, like I don't know what happen but something happened and, and and it was simil... similar to what you were saying as far as, you know it being real and and and, like feeling like you was there but but you... ...Feel it but y... you can't e... explain it...

Right right right right, but you but your not there but like but I felt like I was there, and... God like my mind is like playing tricks on me right now man like I didn't know who else to talk to so I was like I figure lemme talk to Jeremiah so like, like, like what do you think like, what is that?

I thought I was crazy.

Naw bro, I mean after what I experienced like I thought you was crazy but after I experienced I was just like ahhh I might have to see Jeremiah because I don't think he's crazy. It felt real.

See you in your dreams.

It's freezing out here.

Well, look who it is...

What's up boy sorry I'm late.

Naw you good man everybody's down stairs.

Yeah I was at the library.

Oh so you studying now?

I have to study.

Yeah right, you ain't never study.

You know you ain't the only one going to the league.


Yeah so I hope that works out for you man, you can go all the way... UMT what up!

Happy birthday, buddy.

What took you so long?

Naw man I had to finish that paper man come on. I had to got Get serious... to the library...

Oh, I need one of those.

Right over here.

Oh a stage? Ok I'm not mad at you.

Come on man this was never my idea...

Yeah right!

These strippers got to eat to. I don't like twerking.

Ay ay she's 2 minutes away.

Oh word?

I'ma go up and get her.

You got somebody coming?

Yeah we got something coming.

Yo, Devon it better not be the coach's daughter man...

Hit the lights!

You never know it might be the coach's daughter!!!

It might be the coach's daughter!

Like strobe lights, like flashing by.

You good, P?

Yeah. I'm fine.

Now it's a party!

Yeah sir... That right!

I heard you're the birthday boy!

Wohoo! That's right. Yeah. Oh man.

No! Ahh!

C'mon P! C'mon P! C'mon P!

No, please, no... get off me!

Yo what's wrong with you bro!

You, jerk!

What are you doing!?

I'm sorry...

Man... what you scared of? What you scared of?

Get off me Jason!

Why is he spazzing out man? Dude what's wrong with him?

What's up?

Am I late?

Wow, God who's that? Wow...

I don't know where she came from but happy birthday.

Work that pole! That's right!

This is my party.

I'm in your head. I'm going to find you!

Shorty, yo. if you ain't gonna dance you gotta roll.

Is this the birthday boy?

Ohh! That's right! Get it! Yeah! Yes!

Yeah, what's up!

Yeah, he ain't ready for that.

You want to make some extra cash?

What do you have in mind?

How 'bout you take care of me? Do what I want.

Uhh huh...

Then you take care of my partners.

I'm next!

We will take very good care of you.

Money ain't a thing.

They must of double booked you or something.

Well, well... who is she?

I don't... I don't know.

I thought I was the only one that booked this party!

Oh God, no!!

No! Let me go! No! Ahh!!!

What happened in there, Lonzo!

Nobody knows. Neighbors heard screaming. We think we got 10 bodies in there, We were told to stand down those fed boys are on the way.

We didn't talk.

You, you, you, let's go!

Well, look at this.

What came through here, man?

My God.

Reid, quick, I found a survivor!

Sweetheart, sweetheart. It's okay. It's okay.

Helps here.

She's right here, right here.

Oh my God... radio in for medics.

This is UNIT 167. We gonna need a medic.

Help is here...

No, no... Who did this?

No.. Did you see who did this?

Basement level...

Who did this?

Sa... Satan. Satan. Satan. Satan. Satan!

Now we all know the story of Adam and Eve right?

Genesis, paradise you got the snake, the apple, paradise lost, what if there's more? What if something was left out? The book of Genesis verse 27, 28.

Hey do you mind? Yeah.

Now pay close attention, 27...

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female create he them.

Huh. Alright, that's nice. Makes sense, ok. 28?

God commands them to be fruitful and multiply.

Commands them to be fruitful and multiply. Ok, thank you.

Now let's go to chapter 2.

Do you mind? Thank you.

18 and 23 impart. 18 go...

God said it is not good for man to be alone?

I will make an helper fit for him?


God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam.

He took one of his ribs and made a woman and brought her unto man.

23, go.

It is now bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh and she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Let me. So what happened here? What happen? What happened to the first woman? The woman we just read about in chapter 1? The one that wasn't made from Adam's rib? Let's talk about that for a minute, let's talk about the theory of Adam's first wife.

Now there are two texts in history that talk about her in great detail. One is Zohar or the Splendor written in the 13th century and the other one... the Alphabet of Ben Sira.

A collection of writings compiled in the middle ages.

Now, according to these writings, Lilith... was Adam's first wife.

And Adam and Lilith were made of the same ground the same dust and time were separate and equal.

Well guess what Adam didn't want that, no he wanted his wife to be subservient.

"Lie beneath me women as we mate"...

What a guy, huh?

Well Lilith refused, she wanted to be on top... she wanted position of power dominance and authority.

But Adam wasn't up for that. So, Lilith in anger cursed the God of creation and fled paradise. And God in-turn... cursed her womb and banished her from the Garden of Eden forever.

Ohhh Lilith, now she's a Godless demon filled with venomous hatred and rage toward God. She turned her fury to the one she believes caused her demise... man.

She seeks to destroy him with his own sexual desires the very thing that caused her fate.

She got some interesting titles out of it.

They called her "The seducer of the night", "The blood thirsty demon" "The succubus" that only preys on men. Well all this is open for discussion. The floors yours... tomorrow. Class dismissed.

Hey I didn't think you would be here. Bro I didn't sleep a wink last night man. I mean this whole vision thing has got me paranoid I'm like looking over my shoulders every five seconds.

But like that thing you were saying about it being real...

Yo, yeah it... it felt real. It actually happened.

Well was anybody hurt?


Yeah that is her. What?

There's that girl.

What girl?

Hey, Pete, Pete, Pete! Was... was anybody hurt?

Yo yo, ahhh Mike Mike ahhh excuse me for a second, I hope you block better then you talk to girls Come on man.

Excuse me?

It's me, I found you!

Umm, I don't know you.

Fantasy, right?


Yeah that's your name. That's what you told me?

No I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong girl I'm sorry...

You don't remember me?

I meet a lot of guys so...

No we were talking at Club Shrine the other night.

I smelled you from a mile away.

I have been thinking about you....for a real...

For a real... hey hey!

Listen you scumbag you should've died with the rest of them!

Peter Johnson?

Hey what's up fellas?

You need to come with us.

For what?

POLICE OFFICER #1 We need to ask you a few questions, Peter.

I'm sorry.

I saw it happening.


I... I had one of them ahhh, those vision things again.

Like a premonition thing and...

Why, why didn't you warn them?

I... I...I mean, I...

I just... it was different this time because it it happened before hand and it's, it's never it's never been like that...

Where did you come from? Where did you come from!?

Ay I mean, I don't even know what I'm doing here man.

So what happen after you left?

I went back to the apartment, ummm looked over my play book. Obviously you guys don't know who I am you know...

I know my arms broken but you know you guys are going to be seeing me in the NFL.

Wow, impressive, huh?

But I made some phone calls.

Who did you call?

Man I don't know I don't remember... Some girls?

Guys, what am I doing here what is this about?

Huh? Am I in some kind of trouble?

Man you didn't hear anybody say that did you?

Listen I'm going to get straight to the point.

Get to it then...

I got 9 of your friends dead and you were the last to see them alive.

You need to start talking.

What, wait a minute, what are you talking about?

Who helped ya?

What, no no, you you said dead?

Go ahead. It ain't gonna bite you.



You were there that night. I need to hear your story Pete.

Nobody can tell your story like you can.


Don't make the mistake of letting someone else write it.

This can't be happening.

Those pictures ain't gonna change. As a matter of fact they might get a little worst though.

We have a big game this weekend.

Looks like you're gonna be playing by yourself.

Did you drink too much, man? What happened?

Hundreds of students are gathered this evening outside of UMT ATLANTA. To mourn the deaths of members of the university's football team who were brutally murdered last week off campus.

Authorities are asking for anyone with information to please come forward...

Hey, there you are...

Jeremiah! Jeremiah!

I thought I lost you.

Can you walk me back to my dorm?

Huh, huh?

Can you walk me back to my dorm.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah...


Well you may not know who I am but I know who you are. My name is Tammy Knight.


Before I continue you must tell me how much you know?

What do you...

What do you mean what I know? What does that mean?

Do you know who your parents are Jeremiah?


My husband was Pastor Robert J. Knight.

He built this place from the ground up...

Every part of it. But my husband became very distracted with the success of the ministry. I believe we simply got too big too soon.

Many in this city depended on my husband's work and dedication to God but like the others he would fail.

Jeremiah, my husband was different, chosen among the chosen. He possessed unique gifts. Without a moments notice he would have these open visions, premonitions of danger he would then warn others.

This gift was pass down from generation to generation.

From his fathers father to him, and now...

Lot in the Bible was a righteous man.

The only one left in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. Evil had besieged the city but it could not fully prosper until all the bloodline of the righteous were destroyed.

My husband Robert Jeremiah Knight because of his bloodline was that man, your father.

What are you saying?

Your father...

You mean, you mean to tell me, you expect me to believe...

You must. People are dying.

Forget forget forget the people!? You mean to tell me that the guy you been telling me about is my dad?

I'm sorry that you had to find out this way.

The same evil I spoke about in Sodom and Gomorrah is here.

Here in this city. It's what killed your father.

This doesn't make any sense. Alright if this guy's my father then whose whose whose my mother? Hm?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Your mother Sarah wasn't well before you were born.

She suffered from a serious case of depression.

Your father, new to the ministry tried his best to help Sarah overcome her illness.

Months had past and then she found out about you.

She was pregnant.

What should of been a joyous occasion turned quickly into sadness, anxiously... guilt. Robert feared that soon your mother would be at a breaking point... but that changed briefly once you were born.

Sarah for once was happy... but then...

It would be that phone call that would haunt your father up until the day he died.

Sarah, please honey honey honey honey honey... please just calm down, calm down, I'm almost done, I'll be, no no... don't...

Hey! I'm coming home right now alright I'm coming home right now!

Where she go!?

She left 10 minutes ago with the baby I couldn't stop her!

Ohh shoot!!!

Saddam Hussein must not be allowed to threaten his neighbors...

There's no other way.

I'm so sorry, I'm gonna take you to a better place....

I'm so sorry...

Sarah please just calm down...

I'm sorry Bobby...

Sarah please honey honey alright alright please please!

Alright I'm here aren't I, so how am I alive... huh!?

I don't know. That is a question I can't answer.

After several years you were declared dead, your body was never found.

That's crazy, that's crazy, that's crazy...

But you're here now and you can't run away from this Jeremiah.

I... I, I, I don't... I don't know what to believe alright.

I'm sorry Tammy but... this is...

C'mon you feel it. You feel it deep down inside of you.

God has chosen you and only you for this hour. You are the last of his bloodline. You will need to be ready because evil is after you.

Can I help you?

Can I help you?

You troubled little girl.

Excuse me?

My stomach...

You're in the way.

Oh my, God. What are you?

Look what we have here. It must be Jason's or is it your father's?

Please don't hurt me.

If you want to ever live to give birth to this bastard of a child you better leave this city and never return.

Do you understand!? Do you understand!?

Yes yes! Please God...

No your not your not listening to me your not listening to me... Charlie. Charlie you're not listening to me!

Look they they they lied to me I'm telling you they lied to me the agency lied to me!

No, no, no, no, look it's like...

It's like I'm in a maze and and and I don't know which way to go and, and, and, and, and it's only getting worse...

Char... Char... Charlie who's Robert Knight? Who... who... who's... who's Sarah Knight? Who is she, Charlie?

I plead with you to seek God for his understanding and trust me you shall find it.

You will need to be ready because evil is after you.

I want to show you something. Now our victim was seen at a downtown strip club about 6 hours before he reported to work. Excuse me.

Show him what you got.

This what we have so far.

There's our victim...

But who was he with?

Wait for it... Look at the door.

There you go Reid. That's who we need to talk to.

That there might be our first real lead.

Of a problem, which is one of the conics sections that we are going to learn about today.


Oh, uhm hi hi?

I'm sorry I, I, I, I was here for uhh, Sonja, uhm...

We... we met right?

Yeah we've crossed paths.

You, uhh... you... you just disappeared.

Yeah that was a tough day for everyone. All the tribute videos to all the players and stuff. It's heartbreaking.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Uhm, I'm, I'm...


Yeah, you know my name. How do you know my name?

My cousin Sonja told me all about you.

Oh ok so... you're her cousin?

Yeah ummm unfortunately, She has her ways about her if you know what I mean. I love her to pieces though.

I offered to help her pack.

What do you mean pack? What do you mean?

You know her mom struggled with uhm...

Naw yeah, yeah she... Yeah.

...told me, I know.

I was gonna run to the student union, you want to walk with me?

Yeah, yeah. I could walk with you.

Let me grab my purse. Okay.

My name's Jessica by the way.

You attract a lot of attention.

Tell me about it. You guys are terrible.

Maybe they'll think you're my boyfriend and back off.

No, no, I don't... I don't know about that.

What, I'm not your type?

No no no you... you... no, no, it's not that you're not my type, you're very beautiful and I don't think that people would believe that... that you were my girlfriend or anything like that.

Awww that's so sweet. Don't be like that.

Listen, we all have a story looking to find ourselves but sometimes we find ourselves in others. And that's attractive.

By the way, You are my type.

I have to go that way.

We should connect again. It would be fun.

Sonja told me about what a great guy you are. That's what really counts.

Are you serious, Are you kidding me! Keep on dreaming bro...

Dahistrom be on standby...

I think I may have something.

Yo, so I can't come in, well forget you then!!!

Yes I'm Detective McKenzie Reid.

Stand down.

Am I in trouble or something?

Again I'm Detective McKenzie Reid of Atlanta PD.

Do you mind if I can have a moment of your time?

Ahhh sure come in?

Thanks, I won't be too long.

I wasn't expecting company. I just got off of work.

I'm a... I'm a dancer.

Figured as much.

You mind if I change really quick?

No go right ahead. I'll wait right here.

Would you like a drink?

No not while on duty, but thanks.

So what can I help you with officer?

You mind?

As I was saying. You may know there have been multiple homicides throughout the city over the past few months.

It's so sad and It must be so stressful. Pulling you away from your friends and family requiring so much attention.

I bet you do have a lot of lady friends.

I appreciate it, but the real reason I came tonight was to ask you about this man...

Look familiar?

Not off hand.

He was seen leaving your place of employment after a session you had with him?

Uhh... I might of dealt with him.

Just take another look. You know as beautiful as you are I still have to press the issue.

You know... there's something about your eyes Detective, that keeps calling me over.

You must be so tired of this cat and mouse game, that you sacrifice so much for, friends, family. You must be suffering from a broken heart.

When was the last time you been with a woman?

It's been awhile.

Your nights must be so cold and lonely.

You're so beautiful.


We can't do this we can't do this!


I have to go...

Just stay a little longer.

I have to go...

I know you want me.

Stay longer, please Detective...


Yes, you wanna stay, you know you do.

You smell so good... you're so soft.

We can't do this we cant do...

What in God's name!

Reid, I need your location. Reid, come in.

Somebody help me! Somebody help me!

Reid, I need your location. Reid, Reid, come in.

Reid, I need your location.

Back to Hell!



Uhm... I wanted to go out tonight but I don't have any friends.

I find that hard to believe.

You haven't even touched your drink. Is that not how you like it?

Uhh, no no no, uhm... just...

I... I got to be honest I don't... I don't really drink.


I just, I don't know I should have said something when you ordered this for me but, I don't even know what to do with this so I... I don't...

No you're making me feel bad.

No don't feel bad don't feel bad, I should of said something... I don't really drink.

Jeremiah, you're really interesting. Your parents must be really proud.

Should I have not said that, about your parents?

No no not I mean... c'mon, like, like you said, it's uh... everyone's got their story you know.

And I would love to know more about yours.

I never knew my parents. I spent most of my life in foster homes in group homes, like in Atlanta Missouri New England all over the place.

I had no clue.

Yeah, yeah so that's why I don't really know anybody or have any friends or anything like that.

I call them temporaries, the people that worked at the foster homes, that's what I called them because they were like your family and they took care of you and did everything like that but as soon as you became to complicated or to difficult to understand or anything like that they make a phone call and send you packing like you never even existed, so that's why I call them that.

My uhh...

I just found out that, my mother my real mother my biological mother she...

Yeah... she was, some kind of head case, I guess. Like not right, you know.

And uhm...

I found out that my father he was uh... he was like some prominent pastor at some church in Atlanta or something, It's quite the combination, right?

Oh. Jesus, are you... are you ok!? Did... let me... are you ok?

I'm fine.

You think you're slick. You won't with this one.

I'll show you.

Is she ok? Looked like she was bleeding?

You can take this too. I don't...

Honey, are you ok?

Are you ok?

Yeah I'm fine.

Are you... are you cut?

No silly it was just the wine. Look.

You want to get out of here, my dress is ruined.

There was some kind of... coming out of her hands...

I like this place more, it's quiet.





Are you scared of me?


Everytime I try to get close to you, It's like your uncomfortable or something.

To be honest with you, I've been having these, like... like visions and like these hallucinations and they seem very real Whatever it is I hope it doesn't get in between what we have, that would be devastating.

And those who trespass against us, Lead us not in to temptation BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen...

We have one of the best pastors in the whole wide world.

Jesus said and these signs shall follow them that believe; and in his name they cast out devils.

Sister! I had a open vision about you. I see the enemy wanting to kill you. Come here, come over here, come here right now and receive.

I curse every demon, every spirit that will ever try to harm you, I cast it away right now in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus!

There is a power in the word.

That every demon must be subject. That at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow of things in heaven of things in earth.

You are the last of his bloodline. God has chosen you and only you for this hour.

We are deploying every resource possible to take control of this situation.

I've been in contact with our Governor and we both agreed to deploy the national guard. I want to say this, these victims are more then just numbers and statistics. They're someone's family members, fathers, friends and neighbors.

And I want the city to know, you are not alone, we share in your loss.

We lost one of our best, Officer Mckenzie Reid.

A decorated officer to the APD. We promise to take all necessary actions to bringing those responsible for these heinous acts to justice.

To justice, to justice, heinous acts to J...

...Jeremiah. Hurry. Hurry.

Hello, Mr. Young. I'm Doctor Kacy.

Your time is near...

If you're willing to get some help.

You don't have any weird habits or anything like that do you?

You had some... episode.

Jason stop!

Don't say no. I know what you want!

Pete! Yo!

I thought I was crazy.

Hello? How do you know me.

Your time is near.

I asked God before I crossed over to allow me to meet you but my time is short.

Who are you?


This doesn't make any sense.

I thought you were dead, I thought you were dead son.

All these years I never stop thinking of you.

Like the others, he would fail.

The victim is Pastor Robert J. Knight.

Who are you who are you!?

Your father.

You have to listen to me right now. I failed at my mission.

I was blinded.

This demon is powerful It wants total domination.

She's already begun building a nest to create an offspring of her own.

Jeremiah her eggs will hatch. It will be the beginning of the apocalypse and God would be force to destroy mankind.

Wait wait wait tell me what to do tell me what to do?

I need more time, more time!!!

They are evacuating the campus. We have to clear this area as soon as possible.

Why what happened? What happened?

They found a police officer's body not to far away The school is shutting down until further notice.

Wha... Uhh was he a man?

Wha... what?

The cop the cop, was the cop a man?

Yeah. Yeah.

Jessica. Jessica.


Hey... hey are you ok?

I'm so sorry.

Well what do you mean what are you sorry for, what's wrong with you?

I just don't want you to think I'm a bad person, I want to come clean, I'm a dancer, okay? A stripper.

It's ok why would you lie about that?

I just don't want you to lose you.

I care about you so much. I finally found someone who likes me for me.

No ones perfect alright. It's ok but we need to go right now ok because they found another body and its a cop this time you know...

Oh my God. This messes everything up. I had something special planned for you tonight. I just, I want to show you how much I care.

Please don't judge me, Jeremiah. This is only for you.

Take a seat.

Just relax ok.

Enjoy. I'll be right back.

Do you like what you see?


I did all this for you. It seems like someone is enjoying themselves.

What is it about me that makes you like me so much.

I like you so much. We were meant for each other.

Please don't resist. Don't you want me?

You taste so good...

I'm so glad I found you.

Wait wait wait, wait wait I can't I cant I can't...


Something... something's not right.

Just lose yourself...

No no no it's it's it's happening...


We just need to... No!

Slow down...

I thought you wanted me?

I do just, we just need to... just, just wait.

You promised. You would never let anything come between us.

That's it... that's it, Jeremiah.

Do you believe in God, Jeremiah? Because he sent you.

I... I don't know what to believe...

You can't run away from this Jeremiah.

Everytime I try to get close to you its like your uncomfortable or something.

I saw it happen...

Why didn't you warn them... I, I...

Almost there Jeremiah, that's it, you got it.

Yes, yes...

There is a great evil that's present in our city.

Yes, yes, yes, yes yes...

I failed at my mission...

Without a moments notice he would have these premonitions of danger.

I had to see Jeremiah because I don't think that he's crazy.

You were, you were dead...

I was blinded...

The succubus that only preys on men...

Your mine Jeremiah!


How did you get here?

And what is that... what're you... are you... are you... what is... are you bleeding?

Fear not Jeremiah, I'm your guardian angel.

I'm the one who pulled you from the river and hid you until now.

I was assigned to you to make sure you fulfill your mission.

This... this is too much, this is too much, this is... this is crazy...

Well I know it's hard for you to process.

She's not even a human. She's like a monster or something she was trying to kill me. Charlie did you see that is this happening?

It's... it's Lilith. She's after you and she wants to destroy you.

I don't... I don't want anything to do with this I never wanted this. The only thing close to a girlfriend I ever had and now she trying to like kill me she's like a monster.

You have to tell her that I don't wanna die I don't want anything to do with this.

It doesn't work like that. It's who you are and what you will become that Lilith fears.

Okay. I didn't, I didn't do it with her so, so she can't kill me right?

I, I don't know...

But she is very very angry.

Wait wait wait, wait wait wait Charlie no no no, don't don't don't... Charlie!!!

This is unit 167 we got a hit on the serial killer we need back up.

What is your location?

Our murderer is inside let's go let's go let's go!

Let's go! let's go!

All units in the downtown core please respond...

All cars back, Lieutenant Dahistrom, sector 7!

No, no...


Behold, I give unto you power to tread over the enemy.

There is a power in the word that every demon must be subject, that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow of things in heaven of things in earth.

Come on you feel it, you feel it deep down inside you, God has chosen you and only you for this hour.

Everybody hold your fire until I give a signal.

These signs follow those who believe!


Every demon must be subject that at the name of the crucified one.

Every knee shall bow, of things in heaven and things in earth.

I cast you away from here in the name of JESUS!

What in God's name... Drop it!

I wonder what the urgency is all about.

Well let's see. We got a Jane Doe.

5'4 125 pounds brought in by homeland security.

Homeland security?

Yeah, everything else listed on here is classified.

Whatever, let's get this done so we can go to lunch.

Alrighty sounds good, how bout sushi today?

So we almost come to the conclusion on the chapter on Lilith, the succubus that hunts men for her revenge toward God.

But I got to tell you I think we're missing something.

What about women? Do women have a so called demon that wants to destroy their species?

You do anything fun last night?

No, just the usual.

As always...

Well let's take a look at our beauty queen.

The answer is yes. Because just like every other coin in life ladies and gentleman this one to has more then one side.

Scholars believed that when the succubus has to escape danger she turns herself into her male counter part. The one that comes in the shadow of darkness, the nightmare that lies upon you when you sleep.


The incubus.