Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) Script

Good night, Pat. Good night.

What happened? Old bank was beautiful. People kept robbing it.

It's a small price to pay for beauty.

Hit me.



Give me credit, Mr Macon?

You know my rules, Tom.

Well, looks like you just about cleaned everybody out, fella.

You haven't lost a hand since you got the deal.

What's the secret of your success?


Let's just you and me play.

Hit it.


Yeah. You're a hell of a card player, fella.

I know, cos I'm a hell of a card player.

And I can't even spot how you're cheatin'.

The money stays and you go.

Well, we seem to be a little short on brotherly love around here.

If you're with him, you better get out of here.

We're on our way.

Come on. I wasn't cheating.

Come on! I wasn't!

You can die. For that matter, you can both die.

Hear that? If he invites us to stay, we'll go.

We were gonna leave anyway. He's gotta invite us to stick around.

He'll draw on you. He's ready. You don't know how fast he is.

I'm over the hill, but it can happen to you.

That's just what I wanna hear.

Every day you get older. Now, that's a law.

What would you think about maybe asking us to stick around?

What? You don't have to mean it.

Just ask us to stick around. I promise you...

I can't help you, Sundance.

I didn't know you were the Sundance Kid when I said you were cheatin'.

If I draw on you, you'll kill me.

There's that possibility.

No. You'd be killin' yourself. So why don't you just invite us to stick around?

Now, you can do it.

And easy. Come on.

Come on.

Why don't you stick around?

Thanks, but we gotta get goin'.

Hey, Kid.

Hey, Kid! How good are ya?

Like I been tellin' you, over the hill.

Boy, every time I see Hole in the Wall again, it's like seein' it fresh for the first time.

And every time that happens I keep askin' myself the same question.

How can I be so damn stupid as to keep comin' back here?

What's your idea this time? Bolivia.

What's Bolivia? Bolivia. That's a country, stupid.

In Central or South America.

One or the other.

Why don't we just go to Mexico instead?

Cos all they got in Mexico is sweat. There's too much of that here.

If we'd been in business in the California gold rush, where'd we have gone?

California, right? Right.

So when I say Bolivia, you just think California.

You wouldn't believe what they're findin' in the ground down there.

Silver mines, gold mines, tin mines.

Payrolls so heavy we'd strain ourselves stealin' 'em.

You just keep thinkin', Butch. That's what you're good at!

Boy, I got vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals.

Hi, News. Whatcha doin'?

Oh, howdy, Butch. Uh, nothin'.


Howdy, Sundance.

Well, you sure are. You're doin' somethin'. What?

Just fixin' to rob the Union Pacific Flyer, Butch. That's all we had in mind.

You fellas got everything I told you all wrong.

True, we might hit the Flyer, but even if we do, it won't be this run. It'll be the next one - the return.

Sundance and me been checking the banks. No banks.


The Flyer, Butch.

Fellas, bad as they are, banks are better than trains.

They don't move. They stay put. You know the money's in there.

When I left I gave orders. New orders been given.

Well, I run things here, Harvey.

Used to you did.

Me now.

This don't concern you!

You tell him to stay out. Well, he goes his own way like always.

What's the matter with you guys?

When I came here, you weren't even a gang. I formed ya!

Who says? Well, read 'em a clippin', News.

Which one? Any of 'em!

Uh, this one here's from the Salt Lake Herald.

"Butch Cassidy's Hole in the Wall Gang..." Butch Cassidy's gang - that's me!

You want Harvey to do your plannin'? To do your thinkin'? To run things?

"...outlaws with them on..." Shut up now, News!

Not till I get to the good part, Butch.

"Known to have participated in the hold-up are Flat Nose Curry and News Carver."

I just love to read my name in the paper, Butch.

OK, so we forget about Logan takin' over. OK, Flat Nose?

You always said any one of us could challenge you.

It's cos I figured no one would do it. Figured wrong, Butch.

You guys can't want Logan!

At least he's with us, Butch. You've been spendin' a lot of time gone.

Cos everything's different. Guns or knives?

It's harder now. You gotta plan more. Guns or knives?!

Neither. Pick!

I don't wanna shoot with you, Harvey.

Anything you say, Butch.

Maybe there's a way to make a profit in this.

Bet on Logan.

I would, but who'd bet on you? Sundance, when we're done, if he's dead, you're welcome to stay.

Listen, I don't mean to be a sore loser, but when it's done, if I'm dead, kill him.

Love to.

No, no, not yet. Not until me and Harvey get the rules straightened out.

Rules? In a knife fight? No rules!


If there ain't no rules, let's start. Someone count 1, 2, 3, go.

1, 2, 3, go!

I was really rootin' for you, Butch.

Well, thank you, Flat Nose.

That's what sustained me in my time of trouble.

Hey, what's this about the Flyer?

Harvey said we'd hit it both this run and the return.

Nobody's done that to the Flyer before. No matter how much we got the first time, they'd figure the return was safe and load it up with money.

Harvey thought of that?! Yes, sir. He did.

I'll tell you somethin'. That's what we're gonna do.

Stop it! Where?

Up ahead there.

Bet that's old Butch himself!

Hold it there.

I just thought I'd watch. Bring the kids, why don't you?

Stick your heads in.

You'll get yourself blown up, you don't open that door.

I can't do that on account of I work for E.H. Harriman of the Union Pacific Railroad...

Shut up about that E.H. Harriman stuff and open the door!

What's goin' on? We got a patriot in there.

OK, go ahead, News. That's Woodcock. He's awful dedicated.

Woodcock! Yes, sir.

You know who we are?

You're the Hole in the Wall Gang, Mr Cassidy. I understand.

But you gotta understand Mr E.H. Harriman himself of the Union Pacific give me this job.

I've gotta do my best, don't you see? That don't include gettin' yourself killed!

Dynamite's ready. Mr E.H. Harriman had the confidence...

Open the door or that's it! Do you think E.H. Harriman would get himself killed for you?


I work for Mr E.H. Harriman of the Union Pacific Railroad, and he entrusted me...

Hey, Woodcock. Hey, Woodcock, you all right?




Whatever Harriman's payin' you ain't enough.

There ain't what I'd call a fortune in there, Butch.

Well, just so we come out ahead. That's the main thing.

The Hole in the Wall Gang, I guess you heard, robbed the Flyer outside our town, so that makes it our responsibility to get out there and get after them.

Now, you're gonna have to bring your own horses.

How many of you can bring your own guns?

Yeah, well, how many of you are going to want me to supply you with guns?

Well... Come on, now. I think it's up to us to do something, don't you?

Why? They're probably halfway to Hole in the Wall already.

That's just exactly why we have got to hurry.

If we get mounted up right now and get after them, maybe we could head 'em off.

Head 'em off? You crazy? We did that, they'd kill us.

Well, I don't think we want to lie down and just let them get away with this...

Boy, I just eat this up with a spoon!

All right, you two. I want you at my party.

What party? I'm losing my piano player.

He's going off to fight the war.

What war? The war with the Spanish.

"Remember the Maine."

Who can forget it? I'm giving him a sendoff, so come on.

♪ Goodbye, Dolly, I must leave you...

When I was a kid, I always thought I was gonna grow up to be a hero.

Well, it's too late now.

What'd you say that for? You didn't have to.

You want me to go, I'll go all alone and fight the Hole in the Wall Gang. Hell, that's fine with me.

And you want your kids to know that you let me do that, that's fine with me!

But I don't think that's what you want.

Is it?

Why don't we enlist? Go fight the Spanish.

You and me in the war.

We got a lot of things goin' for us. Experience, maturity, leadership.

I bet we end up officers.

I'd be Major Parker.


Yeah, that's my real name.

Robert LeRoy Parker. No foolin'?


Mine's Longbaugh. No foolin'?

Long what? Harry Longbaugh.

So you'd be Major Longbaugh. Whaddaya say?

You just keep thinkin', Butch. That's what you're good at!

But you're not frantic! No, sir!

You have got respect for me and I have got respect for you!

That is why I'm your marshal! And that is why you and you and you are riding with me!

Am I right?

Well? Whaddaya say?

I say this:

I say, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friends and enemies, meet the future! The future what?

The future mode of transportation for this western world.

Now, I'm not gonna make a lot of extravagant claims for this little machine.

Sure, it'll change your whole life for the better, but that's all!

What do you think you're doin'?

You got the crowd together. Just thought I'd do a little selling.

I'm trying to raise a posse here! Got a short presentation.

The horse is dead! You'll see this item sells itself.

Are you going to listen to him, or come with me?

Butch, Fanny says for you to come in to her party, right now.

Cheaper than a horse to keep.

No oats, no mess, no kicks, no runnin' away...

Well, I think I'll get saddled up and go lookin' for a woman.

Good huntin'.

Shouldn't take more than a couple of days.

I'm not picky.

As long as she's smart, pretty... and sweet.

And gentle and... tender and... refined and lovely and... carefree...

Keep goin', teacher lady.

It's OK. Don't mind me. Keep on goin'.

Let down your hair.

Shake your head.


Know what I wish? What?

That once you'd get here on time!

You are mine, Etta Place.


You hear me?

Mine! All mine!

Your soft, white flesh is mine.




Meet the future!

Do you know what you're doin'? Theoretically.

Ah! ♪ Don't ever hit your mother with a shovel

♪ It leaves a dull impression on her mind!

♪ Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

♪ And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed

♪ Nothin' seems to fit, those

♪ Raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

♪ So I just did me some talkin' to the sun

♪ And I said I didn't like the way he got things done

♪ Sleepin' on the job, those

♪ Raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

♪ But there's one thing I know

♪ The blues they send to meet me

♪ Won't defeat me

♪ It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

♪ Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

♪ But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red

♪ Crying's not for me, cos

♪ I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'

♪ Because I'm free

♪ Nothing's worryin' me

♪ Raindrops are fallin' on my head

♪ But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red

♪ Crying's not for me, cos

♪ I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'

♪ Because I'm free

♪ Nothing's worryin'

♪ Me

You've come to get him for the Flyer?

Can you believe I'm broke already?

Why is there never any money, Butch? Hell, I swear, Etta, I don't know.

I've been workin' like a dog all my life and I can't get a penny ahead.

Sundance says it's cos you're a soft touch, always taking expensive vacations, buying drinks for everyone, and you're a rotten gambler.

Well, that might have somethin' to do with it!

Butch? Hm?

D'you ever wonder if I'd met you first, we'd been the ones to get involved?

We are involved, Etta. Don't you know that?

You're riding on my bicycle. In some Arabian countries that's the same as being married.


What're you doin'? Stealin' your woman.

Take her. Take her.

You're a romantic bastard. I'll give you that.

OK, open up in there. I work for Mr E.H. Harriman of the Union...

Hey, Woodcock! Uh, Butch?

You OK? Uh... Well, sort of.

Hey, that's wonderful. Let's take a look at ya.

Now, Butch, you gotta have more respect for me than to think I'd fall for a stunt like that.

You can't wanna get blown up again? Butch, you know that if it were my money, there is nobody that I would rather have steal it than you.

But I am still in the employ of Mr E.H. Harriman of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Start this train! Get back inside, lady.

Oh, I'm not afraid of you. I'm not afraid of anything.

I'm a grandmother and a female, and I've got my rights.

We've got no time for this. You can bull all the others, but not me!

I've fought whisky and gamblin'! I can certainly fight you!

We got no time for this!

Put down the gun, Sundance. Let go!

What you gonna do to her? Whatever you force me to.

Leave her alone. You're after the money, and the money's in here.

All I want is for somebody to start this train. Somebody! Please!

Open up or tell her goodbye! Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven.

What am I gonna tell poor Mr Harriman?

Woodcock, what d'you have to do somethin' like that for?

Well, Butch, you blew the last one so easy I just had to, uh, do something.

Give me that, and get some more.

A lot more!

Well, that oughta do it.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?

What the hell is that?

Whatever they're sellin', I don't want it.

Will you leave it!

Come on! Yah!

Hey, Butch. What?

They're very good.

Split up!

How many of 'em are followin' us? All of them.

All of 'em? What's the matter with those guys?!


I think we lost 'em. D'you think we lost 'em?

No. Neither do I.

Take our horses and keep 'em out of sight.

Where's Sweetface? Just inside. Trouble?

Listen, you dirty old man, I know you're a lyin' thief, but who'd know it to look at ya?

Get out front fast. You seen us ride through town five minutes ago.

You do this right, I'll get you an old dog to kick.

Here, room nine. The top of the stairs.

♪ My beloved's proud Hey, you're drivin' me crazy starin' out the window like that.

I swear to you Sweetface can handle it easy.

He wouldn't dare louse me up, he's that scared of me.

How can I give Agnes the concentration she deserves with you lookin' out the window?

Butch, you're really somethin', you know that?

Could you be a bit more specific, Agnes? Butch!

OK, Sweetface, give 'em a nice smile.

Come on.

Oh, that's a nice touch.

You know, I swear, if he told me I rode out of town ten minutes ago, I'd believe him.

And there they go.

No, no, no. Don't ask me to stay.

You're the only real man I ever met. You know that, Butch?

It's not just cos of all that money you got to spend on people.

It's you. The way you're always lookin' to see am I happy or not.

A lot of the other girls, they might want you just for when you got lots of money to spend on people.

Me, I...

I don't care about clothes and money and jewels and furs. Things like that. Lots of the other girls do, but I never did.

I always said "Agnes..."

Don't move!

Stand up. Put your hands up.


Now turn around and...

Get our horses and come on back here.

Get outta here. Get outta here.

Get out!

Go on! Get outta here, you fatheaded beast!

Come on! You're the fatheaded beast. Quit shouting.

Boy, somebody sure trained 'em.

Which way?

It doesn't matter. I don't know where we've been and I've just been there.

They can't follow us. We're safe.

You really think so?

I will if you will.

How long you figure we been watchin'?

Oh, a while.

How long before you figure they're not after us?

A while longer.

How come you're so talkative?

Just naturally blabby, I guess.

I haven't done so much ridin' since I quit rustlin'.

That's a miserable occupation. Dusk to dawn, no sleep, rotten food.


I see it.

Torches, you think?

Uh, maybe. Maybe lanterns.

They're followin' our path.

Dead on it.

I couldn't do that. Could you do that? How can they do that?!

Who are those guys?

Sure it'll work? It'll work.

That's what you said about Sweetface! This'll work.

Once they divide up, we take 'em. No trouble. Right?


Boy, for a gunman, you're one hell of a pessimist.

They ought to get to where we split up any time.

They're just about there.

How many of 'em you think'll come our way?

I wish we had rifles. I mean, they got rifles.

But we got surprise on our side, right?

Well, so far they're doin' what we want.

You think we ought to take 'em from up here?

Kid... look, you know this work better than I do.

Is it best here or maybe down there, closer to the trail?



They're not goin' for it.

Who are those guys?

I don't know.

I don't know! We gotta do somethin' and shake 'em.

Whatever it is that you come up with is fine with me.

But whatever it is, it better be now!

Ray... What're you doin'?

Hold on. Easy, Ray. What the hell do you mean, take it easy?!

You said you'd never come to my territory. We haven't, Ray. We haven't!

Just cos we were friendly doesn't allow you to break in.

What would happen to me if we was to be seen together?

I'm too old to hunt up another job!

You could at least have drawn your guns!

Listen to Butch. He's tryin' to tell you somethin'.

All right. What do you want?

A couple of things. We wanna enlist, Ray.

You know, in the army. Right away! Go fight the Spanish.

Oh, you're crazy. You are crazy.

You are both of you crazy!

They'd throw you in jail for a thousand years each!

Come on, Sundance. Start trussin' my feet.

Here, you've seen these before. Come on! I'm not gonna take the chance someone saw you.

Ray, we're serious about this.

You are known outlaws. We quit.

Quit! That's the point, we would. Too tight?

No, that's all right. There's hankies in the top drawer you can use to gag me.

Oh, this'd work. This'd work, Ray.

You trust us and the government trusts you, so anything you tell 'em, they gotta believe it.

You've never done a dishonest thing in your life and what are you, pushin' 60? We'd quit.

They'd drop all the charges. We'd fight till the war is over.

They don't even have to make us officers. That's some proposition.

I mean, they forget all about the years of thievin' and robbin'?

They take you into the army, which is what you want in the first place.

There's somethin' out there that scares you, huh?

It's too late.

Shoulda let yourselves get killed a long time ago while you had the chance.

See, you may be the biggest thing ever hit this area, but you're still two-bit outlaws!

I never met a soul more affable than you, or faster than the Kid, but you're still nothin' but two-bit outlaws on the dodge. It's over! Don't you get that?

Your times is over and you're gonna die bloody! And all you can do is choose where.

I'm sorry. I'm gettin' mean in my old age. Come on! Shut me up, Sundance.

Ah, you're wastin' your time.

They can't track us over rock. Tell them that.

They're beginnin' to get on my nerves.

Who are those guys?

You remember the time you and me and Etta went to Denver that summer for a vacation?

Glad you brought that up.

An important topic, considerin' our situation.

The night we went gamblin'. Remember? We had dinner at the hotel.

Etta had roast beef and I had chicken.

If I can remember what you had, I'll die a happy man!

Look out there. What?

We got to talkin' to some gambler that night and he told us about an Indian.

A full-blooded Indian, except he called himself with an English name. Sir somebody.

Lord Baltimore? That's right. And he could track anybody.

Over anything, day or night.


The guy on the ground, I think it's him.

No, Baltimore works out of Oklahoma. He's strictly an Oklahoma man.

I don't know where we are, but it sure as hell isn't Oklahoma.

Ah, it couldn't be him.

It couldn't be him.

I guess.

Whoever it is, it sure the hell is somebody.

Dammit! Don't they get tired? Don't they get hungry?

They gotta be. Why don't they slow up?

Hell, they could go faster.

At least that'd be a change. They don't even break formation.

Do something!

Kid? What?

Who's the best lawman?

Best? How? You mean toughest, or easiest to bribe?


Joe Lefors.

Gotta be.

Lefors never leaves Wyoming. Never.

You know that.

He always wears a white skimmer.

That's how you tell it's Joe Lefors cos he wears a white straw hat.

Look at that guy out front.

Jeez, who are those guys?

Yah! Come on!

On your feet, you dumbhead.

Go on! Get outta here! Go on!

What if they don't follow the horse?

You're the brains, Butch. You'll think of somethin'.

That's a load off my mind.


The way I figure it, we can either fight or give.

If we give, we go to jail. I've been there already.

But if we fight, they can stay right where they are and starve us out.

Or go for position, shoot us. Might even get a rock slide started and get us that way.

What else can they do?

They could surrender, but I wouldn't count on that.

They're goin' for position all right.

Better get ready.

Kid, the next time I say let's go someplace like Bolivia, let's go someplace like Bolivia.

Next time...


No, we'll jump.

Like hell we will. No, it'll be OK, if we're not squished to death. They'll never follow us.

How do you know? Would you jump if you didn't have to?

I have to and I'm not gonna. Well, we got to, otherwise we're dead.

They'll just have to go back the same way they come.

Just one clear shot. Come on.

We got to! Get away from me.

Why? I wanna fight 'em!

They'll kill us! Maybe.

You wanna die? Do you?

All right. I'll jump first.

No. Then you jump first.

No, I said. What's the matter?

I can't swim!

Why, are you crazy? The fall will probably kill ya!


Oh, shi...

You're drownin' me! I can't help it! I can't swim!

Kid, I'll kill ya! You're choking me! I can't swim!

I'm tellin' you, if I drown, I swear I'll kill you!

Never said I was a great swimmer.

You're choking me! You're choking me!

You don't have to choke me!

Kid, let go of my throat!

The papers said they had you.

Was it Lefors? Did they say? Joe Lefors? I think so.

And their tracker? Tracker?

Was it Lord Baltimore? I think so. The paper's inside.

You got enough to feed us?

Don't you know I do?

They said you were dead. Don't make a big thing out of it.

No, make a big thing out of it.


It was Baltimore and Lefors.


You know who else? Who?

Jeff Car, George Hiatt... Hiatt?

...T.T. Kelliher.

Jeez, we lucked out getting away. You know that?

But why would these guys join up and take after us, though?

Forget it. A bunch like that won't stay together long.

They will, if Mr Harriman has his way. Who?

E.H. Harriman of the Union Pacific Railroad. He resents the way you've picked on him, so he's outfitted a special train and hired special employees.

You've spent the last two days avoiding them.

It's really sort of flattering, if you wanna think about it that way.

A setup like that costs more than we took. Apparently he can afford it.

That crazy Harriman.

That's bad business!

How long d'you think I'd stay in operation if every time I pulled a job it cost me money?

If he'd pay me what he's spendin' to make me stop robbin' him, I'd stop robbin' him!

You probably inherited every penny you got!

Inherited guys. What the hell do they know? You say they're hired permanent?

No. Just till they kill you.

That means they're still after us, Butch.

And it's gonna be the same thing all over again.

They'll show up here, sooner or later.

Hey, Etta.

I'll get you some more.

Butch and me have been talkin' it all over.

Wherever the hell Bolivia is, that's where we're off to.

Yeah, we'll go down there and play it safe. Maybe keep our hand in a little bit.

Uh, Butch speaks some Spanish.

I can wrestle with a menu OK. And you speak it good.

It'd be good cover goin' with a woman.

No one expects it.

We could travel safer.

What I'm sayin' is if you wanna go, I won't stop you.

But the minute you start to whine or make a nuisance, I don't care where we are, I'm dumpin' you flat.

Don't sugar-coat it like that, Kid. Tell her straight.

I'm 26 and I'm single and a schoolteacher, and that's the bottom of the pit.

And the only excitement I've known is here with me now.

So I'll go with you and I won't whine, and I'll sew your socks and stitch your wounds, and I'll do anything you ask of me, except one thing.

I won't watch you die.

I'll miss that scene, if you don't mind.

The future's all yours, ya lousy bicycles!

Well, you know, it could be worse.

You get a lot more for your money in Bolivia. I checked on it.

What could they have here that you could possibly wanna buy?

Jeez, all Bolivia can't look like this.

How do you know? This might be the garden spot of the whole country.

People may travel hundreds of miles just to get to this spot where we're standing now.

This might be the Atlantic City, New Jersey of all Bolivia.

I know a lot more about Bolivia than you know about Atlantic City, I can tell you that. Ah-hah!

You do, huh?

I was born there.

I was born in New Jersey.

Brought up there. So... You're from the East. I didn't know.

The total tonnage of what you don't know is enough to...

I'm not sure we're accomplishing anything. Listen!

Your job is to back me up, because you'd starve without me.

And, you, your job is to shut up!

Well, he'll feel a lot better after he's robbed a couple of banks.


Hell, it's just a bank like any other bank. Gotta move in slowly, check out everything.

The thing to remember...

Don't tell me how to rob a bank! I know how to rob a bank!

Boy, a few dark clouds appear on your horizon, you just go all to pieces, don't you?

Buenos días, señores. ¿Les puedo servir en algo? Ordenen, por favor, inmediatamente.

¿Quieren hacer algún depósito?

Si quieren abrir alguna cuenta, vean al cajero.

Inmediatamente los atendemos.



This is a robbery.

Esto es un robo.

Esto es un robo.

This is a unison recitation.

I'm not doing this. He claimed he knew the damn language!

We've been over this before. Your line of work requires a specialised vocabulary.

I got nervous. I forgot the words. Shoot me!

You've had worse ideas lately!

Raise your hands.

Uh, las manos arriba.

Raise them.


All of you, back against the wall.

Todos ustedes, um... and then... "arrísmense" a la pared.

Give me the money.

Give me the money.

Give me the money.

This is not going to work and we'll be up all night until you get this.

Now, give me the money.

It's on the tip of my tongue, Etta.

I swear it.

Butch, are you still thinking in there?

What the hell else is there to do?

Try this one.

Where is the safe? Open it.

¿Dónde es...?

Mm. Uh, that's a hard one.

¿Dónde está la caja? ¡Ábrala!

That's very good, Butch.

You're a good teacher, Etta.

- ¡Esto es un robo! ¿Un robo?

Manos a...

Manos, um...

¡Manos arriba! They got 'em up! Skip on down.

- ¡Arriba! Skip on down!

Todos ustedes "arrísmense" a la pared. They're against the wall already!

Dónde... Ah, you're so damn smart, you read it!

Lot of good you did. You didn't help.

You ain't any good without a crib sheet.


For God's sake, don't drop the money! I won't!

- Voy a traer al comisario. ¡Sí, vamos!

- ¿Su nombre? Evaristo.

¿Evaristo qué?

Comandante, dos hombres acaban de asaltar el banco.

- ¿Quiénes eran? Dos yanquis y una muchacha.

Se Ilevaron todo el dinero y mi pistola.

¡Vamonos! Vengan ustedes, ¡a los caballos!

Isn't that a pretty sight?

We're back in business, boys and girls, just like the old days.

Jose! Si, señor.

We should stay, get him and be done with it.

Yeah, but what if we lose? We saw him with two guys, but what if he's got 20?

You don't know for sure it's Lefors. I'm a hell of a guesser.

He can't arrest you here. It's a foreign country. Or take you back.

He's not gonna take anybody back. He wants to finish us here.

He'll wait for us to pull a job, then hunt us like before.

And if he misses us, he'll wait for the next job.

Let's finish it now, one way or the other.

He's gotta wait for us, right? To pull another job?

Well, what if there isn't another job?

I mean, he can't arrest us and he can't take us outta here.

We'll drive him crazy. We'll outlast the bastard. We'll go straight!

So you want jobs?

You're from the US of A and you are seeking after employment.

Well, you couldn't have picked a more out of the way place in all Bolivia, I'll tell you that.

Gracias, Jesús.

Ordinarily, you've got to wait to work for Percy Garris, but this ain't ordinarily.


You mean there are jobs?

Yes, there are jobs. There are lots of jobs.

Don't you wanna know why?

Yeah. Why?


Because I cannot promise to pay you.

Don't you wanna know why?

OK. Why?

On account of the payroll thieves, fellow citizens.

You see, every mine around gets its payroll from La Paz.

And every mine around gets its payroll held up.

Some say it's the Bolivian bandits and... some say that it's the "Bandidos Yanquis".

Could I see that?


Fairly nice-looking piece. Can you hit anything?

Sometimes. Hm.

Hit that.

No, no, son. No, son. I just wanna know, uh, can you shoot.

Put your piece in your hand and shoot.


Can I move?

Move? What the hell you mean move?

I'm better when I move. Yeah.

Well, uh, considering that I'm desperate and you are just what I'm looking for, on top of which you stem from the US of A, we start tomorrow morning.

You mean we got jobs? Payroll guard.


¡Vámanos a trabajar!

Hey, Chusto! Chusto!

♪ Oh, don't you remember sweet Betsy from Pike?

♪ Crossed the high mountains with her lover, Ike

♪ Two yoke of oxen and a big yeller dog

♪ A tall Shanghai rooster and one spotted hog

♪ Toodle-dang hoodie aye-duh, toodle-dang hoodie ay

♪ Toodle-dang hoodie aye-doh, toodle-dang hoodle ay

♪ The Shanghai ran off and the cattle all died

♪ Last piece of bacon that morning...

I think they're in the trees up ahead.

In the bushes on the left. They're in the trees up ahead!

You take the trees, I'll take the bushes.

Will you two beginners cut it out!

Well, we're just trying to spot an ambush, Mr Garris.


I've got morons on my team.

Nobody is going to rob us going down the mountain!

We have got no money going down the mountain!

When we have got the money, on the way back, then you can sweat.


We hit this place in June, didn't we?


Give me a hand over here.

Who am I? Smith or Jones?


'Bout a half-hour more and we can start to worry.

As soon as we get to the pass up there. We'll be all right till then.

They might try somethin' here. Nah. Better cover up there.

You got to relax, you fellas. You got to get used to Bolivian ways.

You got to go easy. Dammy!

Like I do.

Course, you probably think I'm crazy, but I'm not.

Bingo. I'm colourful.

That's what happens when you live ten years alone in Bolivia.

You get colourful.

Where are they?

I can't see 'em.

Let's get outta here!

Tell them to leave the money and go.

Dejen el "dinoro"... dinero and, uh, y váyanse.

¿Que dejemos el dinero y nos vayamos?

Tell them we were hired to take it back. It's our job!

Tell them the money isn't ours.

El dinero... no es nuestro.

No, ya no es de ustedes. Ahora es de nosotros.


We'll try telling them again. It's our job. The money isn't ours.

El dinero no es nuestro.

- Lo necesitamos. También nosotros lo necesitamos.

What do you think? Not so good.

Can you take the two on the right?

Kid, there's somethin' I think I oughta tell ya. I never shot anybody before.

One hell of a time to tell me.

Vale más que se hagan a un lado, porque a lo mejor éstos nos matan.

Try for the two on the right. Aim dead centre.

That way if you miss, you still hit something.

Go! - ¿Qué?

Please! - ¿Qué?

- Por favor. ¡Por favor!

Well, we've gone straight.

What'll we try now.

There are other ways of going straight, you know.

There are other ways of going straight.

There's farming.

We could buy a place.

I don't know how to farm.

What about a ranch, then?

The last time we tried a ranch was during our rustlin' days.

And even then we weren't much good at it. It's hard. Hours are brutal.

No, you gotta be a kid to start a ranch.



I might go back ahead of you.

You mean home?

I was thinking of it.

Whatever you want, Etta.

Maybe I'll go.

Hey Hm?

Etta's thinking of maybe goin' home ahead of us.

Whatever she wants.

I'll go, then.

¡Manos arriba!

How much you got? Ah, it's hardly worth it. Alpoca Mine.

I tell you, no more jungle work for me. You're gettin' to be an old maid.

Keep your old-maid remarks to yourself, if you don't mind.

I'll work in the city and mountains, but from now on jungle work is out!

- ¿Bandidos Yanquis? Mm-hm.

Tell 'em to be quiet.

What's the word? - Quietos.


I tell you, the jungle's a better cover for payrolls.

Kid, I got a right to my opinion, and in my opinion there are snakes in the jungle.

I don't work around snakes.

What is this place?

I don't know. San Vicente, I think.

- ¿Comer? Sí, señor. Pasen.

¡Juan! Ven. Llévate los caballos.

I don't enjoy jungles or swamps. I don't like snakes. I don't much care for night work.

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

¡Capitán! Capitán!

Capitán, allí en la plaza hay una mula de las minas de Alpoca.

De las minas de Alpoca?

Si. Allí está, dos hombres la acaban de traer, están comiendo en el restorán de mi papá.

El guisado está delicioso. Para chuparse los dedos.

Es la especialidad de la casa.

Se quieren más no tengan pena y díganmelo. Yo estoy aquí para servirles.

Agradezco la visita de tan distinguidos caballeros.

Muchas gracias. Para servirles.

- Muchas gracias. Sí.

The specialty of the house and it's still movin'!

Well, that settles it. This place gets no more of my business.

Hey. What?

What do you think?

I bet it's just one guy.

Don't you get sick of being right all the time?


That's all I got.

We're gonna run out unless we can get to that mule and get some more.

I'll go.

This is no time for bravery. I'll let you.


Hell! I'm the one that has to go.

Why you?

Cos I could never give you cover. You can cover me.

You can see I'm right, can't you?

You go. Yeah, why am I always so damned smart?

Here. Gimme your gun.

OK. Go!




Is... is that what you call giving cover?

Is that what you call running?

If I... knew you were gonna stroll...

You never could shoot, not from the very beginning.

And you are all mouth!

Jefe, ya Ilegó el ejército.

¡Mi capitán!

- ¿Dónde están? Allí en la plaza.

- ¿Cuántos hombres son? Dos hombres.

- ¿Dos? Mi capitán...

- ¿Dos? Bandidos Yanquis.

- Bandidos Yanquis, ¿eh? Sí, mi capitán.

¡Sargento Rico! Desmonte a veinte hombres y que vengan con el teniente.

¡Sargento! Rodeen el zócalo, y suban hacia la azotea y espérenme.

¡Media vuelta en el lugar! Al frente!

I got a great idea where we should go next. I don't wanna hear it.

You'll change your mind when I tell ya. Shut up!

OK, OK. Your great ideas got us here...

Forget it! I never wanna hear another of your ideas.

All right. OK.


I figured, secretly you wanted to know, so I told you.


That's your great idea?

Oh, boy, it's the latest in... in a long line.

Australia's no better than here. That's all you know.

Name me one thing... They speak English in Australia!

They do? Yeah, smart guy. We wouldn't be foreigners.

They got horses in Australia. Hell, they got thousands of miles we could hide out in.

Good climate, beaches. You could learn to swim.

No! Swimming isn't important.

What about the banks?

They're easy. Easy, ripe and luscious.

The banks or the women?

Well, once you got one, you got the other!

It's a long way though. Ah! Everything's gotta be perfect with you!

I just don't wanna get there and find out it stinks, that's all.

At least think about it.

All right.

I'll think about it.


When we get outside, when we get to the horses, just remember one thing.

Hey, wait a minute. What?

You didn't see Lefors out there, did you?



Oh, good.

For a moment there I thought we were in trouble.