BuyBust (2018) Script

Where is Biggie Chen?

I told you. He's in Manila.

Where exactly?

Sir Alvarez! Don't look at him.

He's not gonna help you!

I own you.

Look at me. You motherfucker!

Answer me!

Where is Biggie Chen?

Dela Cruz.

Dela Cruz.

You know, we both want this to end.

But that will only happen if you help us.

I'm sure you're tired of all this.

Help us.

And I swear, we'll protect you.

He's in Tondo.

What did you say?

In Tondo.


Yes, sir.

Really now?

Look at this.

What is it?

That's Tondo, sir.

Do you know what the blue area means?


If a district is code blue, that means it's already drug-free.

I helped rehabilitate that place.

You can't fool me.

Now I get it!

That was you?

What the fuck is so funny?

It's just that you look like you just got out of rehab.

It hurts.


No matter how you clean up that place, they will eventually return.

Don't change the topic!

Are you gonna tell us where Biggie Chen is?

Tell us.

You don't want to talk?

Maybe your wife has the information.

She lives in 16th Kalayaan, Culiat.

Wait, sir.

Don't be so serious.

I'm just kidding.

All right, I'll talk.

I'll give you Biggie Chen.

I don't know where he is.

But I can smoke him out.

I don't care who you are or where you're from.

You are in my squad now.


Show me that you're not pathetic amateurs like they've all been saying.

From now on, we are bonded until death.

I told my morn I'm not dumb.

I told my morn I'm not dumb.

'Cause I can shoot straight with my jumbo gun.

I have control!

I have control!






Room clear.


Room clear!

Re stash!


Room clear.


Go left!

While you're in my squad, you only breathe when I tell you to, blink when I tell you to.

You will follow every command together as a unit.

So if you want to stay in the squad, you bastards better take this seriously.

I'm not keeping any dead weight.

I'm no losen My prized package has arrived.

Open your mouth for my surprise.

To your position.

Elia, take the lead!

GO! Go!


Room clear!

Re stash!

Room clear!

Regroup! Regroup!


Flying solo are we, Manigan?

I'm sorry, sir. I got distracted.

Shut up.

Why did you leave your squad?

I think that was the right move, sir.

You think? That wasn't your sector!

We have a combat SOP!

Disobey me again in a real operation, and someone will die because of you.

With all due respect, sir people die from following orders too.

What did you say?

Permission to leave, sir.

That's what will happen if you don't care about the squad.


Room, ten-hut!

As you were.

How's your back?


Manigan, there's no such thing as a one-man army.

I know losing your old squad was rough, but that's no excuse to disobey me.

I took you in my squad even though no one else wanted to.

This is my first chance to be a team leader.

I will not waste this.

And I hope you won't waste this chance too.

So before we start,

can you assure me that you will be a team player?

They say when a man takes a fatal shot, he feels nothing.

Because of adrenaline.

It's the body's last defense before we die.

The man thinks he's fine but the truth is his body is giving him all he's got before he dies.

Sir, from what I've seen, when you get shot, you fall.

No adrenaline.

Once you're dead, you're dead.

Yes, but you still haven't answered my question.

Will you follow me?

Yes, sir.

Everybody, 19:00! Chow!

Yes, sir!

Rookies, welcome to the squad.

Welcome to the squad, Manigan.

Y atom!

Open your mouth.

This mission is about one of the biggest players in illegal narcotics in our country.

He is one of the most elusive.

He frequently moves around and has ears everywhere, even in high places before.

There's little info about him.

That's Biggie Chen.

Recently our operatives discovered a meth lab that's owned by him.

But, we have yet to capture Chen.

We got word that he plans to lie low overseas in the wake of our operations.

So we need to act right away.

This will be our inside man.

They call him 'Teban'.

He is a mid-level drug dealer.

He is the key to capture Chen.

So our mission is to lock-up Teban?

Don't sweat it, Lacson.

I already have him. He's now our asset.

This is Agent Rudy Dela Cruz.

He coordinated the clean up operations in Tondo.

He will be leading this mission.

At your service.

Congrats. You finally got promoted.

As what Agent Dela Cruz said, Teban is in our custody.

He will serve as bait.

And this operation happens tonight.

Calm down.

Calm down, assholes.

You don't know anything yet so shut up.

Your board, Dela Cruz. Go.

Thank you, sir.


The buy will be at Rajah Sulayman at 20:00 tonight.

Enter two vans here.

Rabbit enters from the back.

Team Bravo, stand by for the bust.

Team Alpha, on the perimeter.

What's our assurance that the target will come?

Biggie is a shrewd man.

Based on my intel, he personally deals with big transactions.

Remember, we can hear you and you can hear us.


All set.

Got something bigger?

I've got headphones. Wanna borrow them?



Move out.


Lacson, don't get too close or you're toast.

Don't tell me what to do. I know what I'm doing.


Yeah, I can't tomorrow.

Just reschedule.

I don't have money.

Go away.

Please, sir. Spare change will do.

Come on, sir!

My pockets are empty. Stop badgering.

Go. Stay away.

I said go.

Relax. It's just a roving patrol.

Recover the asset!

Fuck. I'm gonna get killed.

I can't align the asset. I can't see the rabbit.

I'm gonna die.

Recover the asset. Recover him!

Don't panic. I can still see you.


You're early.


Yes, I've been waiting.

Sorry, but I'm not coming.



Something's UP-

You got company?

No way!

Then why do you sound nervous?

I swear, I'm not nervous.

Did I ever lie to you, boss? I've been loyal ever since.

Boss, I'm already here.

I have the money, all of it. Let's do this!


Guys, we're changing location.

Seven, follow the rabbit.

Check where he is heading.

The plan has changed. We're going into Gracia ni Maria.

Bravo, hand over your gear.

Team Alpha, we won't move until agent Dela Cruz says the call sign.


What about backup, sir?

We're going in quietly. We can't risk alerting Biggie.

We have backup, but they're on call.

On call?

Yes, on call.

On my call.

Got a problem?

All right! Let's move!

Yes sir!

You had dinner yet?

Later, morn. I'm in the middle of a game.


I'm still playing.

Talk to your son. He won't eat.

Just let him be.

He's a man. He won't die.

Are you kidding me?

Man or not, if you don't eat you'll die.

Sir, doesn't this look like a suicide mission?

Do you really trust his plan?

Not one hundred percent, but this is our duty.

I know you have something to prove.

We're the same.

You're not jinxed.

What happened to your old squad wasn't your fault.

And whatever happens tonight will not be your fault.

This is your squad now.

Focus on the mission.

You'll be the last man later.

Protect your team.

You Okay?


Why? Aren't you scared?

Not anymore.

I'm used to it.

What's that thing?


My lucky charm.

As long as I have this, I'm invincible.

Keep calm.

Don't get too excited.

You don't know what's in the district of Gracia ni Maria.

It's like a jungle out there, a playground of both sinners and saints.

He will save you from peril, from the mouth of a trap.

And no matter how strong the enemy, you will prevail.

He will shelter you under His wings.

You are my Lord, the Lord that I trust.

Boss Chongki, we're here.

Okay, we'll look for him.

Wait here.


Got a problem?

Chongkfl Teban.

Been a long a time, Chongki.

That's a big entourage.

Just extra porters, Chongki!


Spread your legs.

Wow. You've gone big time, Chongki.

Hey, boss!

Do you have to check there?

Don't move.

Are you hiding something?

Of course not.



No need.

We're armed.

Bring them out.

Surrender them to Jet.

Is this a staring contest or what?

Hand them over.

Come on!

If we refuse?

You got a death wish?

Teban, you know the rules here.

Is he trying to be funny?


Friends, friends!


Come on.

Alda, return. You'll get them back.

Just hand them over.

Come on, it's getting cold.

Let's go.



Who are you?

I won't rat you out!

Please don't.

This place is like a maze.

How much farther?

We've gone past this red house three times!

Teban, tell your boy to shut up.

What? We're not allowed to talk?

This time we take a right.


Where are you going?

It's on the next corner.

Be careful. It's easy to get lost.

Smells good. Can I have some now?

Just wait a little more.

Morn, what's for dinner?


I'll have the chicken flavor please.

Sure. Can you go buy some soda?

Get money from my wallet.

Can I buy snacks too?

What the fuck!

Where have you been?

I've been working!

You reek of alcohol!

You're such a liar!


Tell your boys to walk faster!

Fucking slowpokes.

Hurry it up, skinhead!

Jenny, can you take your brother please?

Why are you here?

Let me go.

Let me go. Just come with us.

We'll send you home later!

Mom's gonna look for me!

Judiel! My child!

Boss Chongki!

Where's boss Biggie?

He's upstairs.

Call him.


How are you?

Still breathing.

You suddenly disappeared.

Heard the cops caught you.

No way! They wouldn't dare.

I see.

Hey! Where are you going?

Why rush this deal?

Cops are still hot on your area.

Business can't wait, boss.

This bag feels light.

I swear, boss. It's all there.

So who are these guys?

Our client sent them.

Have we met before?

Doubt it, sir.

Call the backup.

Yes, sir.

Are you sure?

You look very familiar.

No signal.

They've got a signal jammer.

Quit playing billiards!

Don't be fucking rude!

Sorry, boss.

What are we waiting for?

Let's do it.

Bring it here.

Elia, just keep on calling.

Shit head!

I'll have some of that.

W33' to 90, boss!

You're too close! We're not even close!

Boss, we'll stay here!


You're flirting like crazy.

She's a dude!

You there, check the money.

Boss Chongki, it's Cocky.

Excuse me, boss.


Let's pullout.

Stand down.

Let's wait for Bravo's exit.

What is it, Chongki?

What did Cocky say?

Got a minute, boss?

Excuse us.

Here it is.

That's pure stuff.

All right boss, we'll take it.

Aren't you gonna check?

What kind of businessmen are you?

No need, boss. I trust you.

Are you in a hurry?

Stay a while.

Enjoy the best of Gracia Why not invite our guests outside?

You're all staying here for good.


This is a set-up!

Alpha, pullout!

GO! Go!

Fucking shit! There's cops!

Go back! Move!

Thanks, Judas.

You delivered as always.

Did you hear that?

Come on! Let's go!

Go back! We're trapped!


Get him!




Listen up!

Listen as I take your friend's life!

Listen well!

Remember, his blood is on your hands not mine!

Hear this!


So, listen closely.

Here's our deal.

If you surrender, none of you will get hurt.

You know, I sympathize with you.

You're simply doing your jobs.


What is that?

Who's that?



Come here.

Stay put.

Come here!

Come here! Elmer!

Chongki, please let it go.

Turn off your alarm!

Shut it Off.

You piece of shit!

Fuck you!


Let's do it this way, I'll count to five.

If you surrender, this old man stays alive.

If not, I'm sorry.




You've already deserted your teammate.

This man, too?



I'm sorry, old man.

My hands are clean here.

Chongkfl Chongki, no!

Who's there?

Boss, it's us.

What happened?

They're gone, boss.

Find them.

Okay, boss.

I'm sorry for your loss.


God damn it!

What happened?

We're always caught in the crossfire.

Judiel isn't even buried yet!

It's going to be a long night.

Let' s gm!

Let's hunt them down!


Let's stay put.

Sir, we need to leave.

We need a plan.

Just let me think.

How can we get out of here?

Bravo team needs us.

Yatco, they're dead.

How can you be sure?

We can't get out without backup.


This was a setup.

It's too dangerous to stay.

We can't leave Bravo behind.

Y atom!

We're getting out.

We don't know if we even have backup.

Let's find a way out.

Save your bullets.

GO! Go!

Shoot them!


Surround them!

Agents! Suck my dick!


Cover me!

You little shits!

You're dead meat!

Change mag!

Change mag!


Change mag!

Change mag!

Stoppage! Cover me!


Calm down!

Don't waste your bullets!

Let' s gm!


Elia! Santos!

Y atom!

Manigan, move!




Come on!

I'm right behind you.

Alpha, let's get out of here!

Who are these people?

What about Santos?


We can't leave Santos!

Don't be stubborn! Come on!

Let' s gm!


Hurry up!

Rico, come on!


Get inside.


Dela Cruz!

Thank God you're still alive.

What happened?

You heard, right?

Bravo Team?

We got separated.

You weren't shot?

Luckily, just my lapel.

Lucky, huh?

Got an extra gun?


We're almost out of bullets.

Let's go back to the exchange site. We can get guns and bullets there.

I need to find my team too.

Wait. It's too dangerous. We need to call for backup.

I already called.

They're coming.

Thank God!

Come on! We can't stay here!

We have to find all of them.

Where the hell are those motherfuckers?

We'll have to split up.

Let's put an end to this.


I'm okay. I wasn't shot.

I'm okay. I wasn't shot. What happened?

I just smeared her blood on me.

You weren't shot? No I'm fine.

You set us up!


Fuck you.

What set up?

I'm not that smart! Quit hitting me! Manigan, what are you doing?

Teban didn't set us up.

Who then? Me? Fuck you, Manigan!

You made sure we had no backup.

He called already!

Without signal?

So it was you!

You trapped us just like you did to my old squad!

You still blame me for that?


Put your gun down.

Admit it.

You are Judas!

He sure is!

You think I'd betray my own team?

You weren't shot!

So? While your men were gunned down?

You have a deal with Biggie, don't you?

You have a deal with Biggie, don't you? Do you believe this?

That's why you brought us here.

I bet.


Is that your motive?

Son of a bitch! I'll have you all arrested!

Dela Cruz!

Admit it!


I want to capture Biggie.

Elia, Lacson.


Yeah, cuff him.

Why me? He's the criminal.

Who's the Judas now?

Elia, go that way.




I know we don't get along but this isn't right.


They're coming.

Have you found them?

Not yet.

Where are those assholes?

Let' s gm!

GO! Go!


They're inside!


You motherfuckers!

Open the door!

Yatco! Out of the way!



Climb up!

Catch them!


Go back! Go to the other side!

Hurry up!

I need momentum!


Let us sleep you bastards!

Go back for Elia!

Yatco, Manigan!

Lacson! Look for an exit!

Come on! But I'm cuffed!

Just jump!

Son of a bitch!

Easy, right?

Fuck you!

Get away from him!

Finish him off!

Kill him!

Fuck you!

Manigan, come on!

What about Elia?

You son of a bitch!

Fuck you!

You fucking monster!

Piece of shit!

Son of a bitch!

Annoying bitch!



No response. Fuck!

I hope authorities respond to the noise.

You wish.

We don't have bullets left, Yatco.


We're the police.

We need assistance!

Let us in!

You think we wanna get involved with you scumbags?

Have you heard from Jet?

They haven't found them yet, sir.

We need to call for backup.

Get out of here!

Don't involve us!

It's not that we don't want to help, but we can't do anything.

Go inside.

We need to call for rescue.

I can let you use this, but in situations like this, I'm sure there's no signal.

How can we get out?

If I help you, can you guarantee our safety?

I'm sorry.


What's the plan?

You can barely walk.

Make a call, team leader. That's your job.



That's our exit.

Are you sure about that?

Teban, guard our hostage.

Just trust me, come on.

Fuck you. I own your ass now!

They're here!

Yeah, that's them!

You killed our husbands!

My son was innocent!

Leave us alone!

We just want to get out.

Shameless bastards!

You bring nothing but trouble for us!

We're minding our own business here.

Can't you let us be?

Worthless scum!

Just let us go!

What about us?

You ruined our families!

Get ready.

This will get ugly.

I know.

I swear, I will kill you.



Y atom!




Go home


Y atom!

That's our way out.

Hurry, Yatco.

Help me bring him there.

Go on without me.

I'm not leaving you!

Don't force it.

It's too high.


One, two.

Dela Cruz!

We're going that way.

Get it?




Go! Hurry!



Capture Dela Cruz.

Leave me.

But, sir.

Don't be stubborn.

That's an order!

Yes, sir.

If anyone can hear me, we are the police!

There's been a shoot-out!

Call 911!


Catch him! Hurry!

Where do you think you're going? Not too loud!

You son of a bitch!

Miss! Miss!

It's dangerous here.

I know a place.


You're going to believe that pusher?

Where will I go if I betray you?

You're the Judas here.


Hold on.

Follow me.


Are you gonna play innocent again, Judas?

Fuck this. I told you a million times!

I'm not Judas!

Then why did you run?

That's his style.


You deserve that.

You let my squad die back in Santa Clara.

I had nothing to do with that then.

Even more so now!

That was you? Tough luck.

She's jinxed alright!

And you're Boss Kiko's whore.

Fuck you!

Don't deny it.

You love extorting 'ransom' from him.

A hundred thousand per bust.

You do it all the time!

Believe me, Manigan.

I didn't plan for your squad to die.

Boss Kiko and I had a deal.

We were all gonna come out alive.

Without any trouble.

If you only listened to my orders.

But you didn't.

We already had Kiko.

That's when you told us to pullout.

You used us in your scheme.

You really are the Judas!

So why didn't you shoot when you had the chance?

You would've been heroes and finished the mission.

He told us he'd surrender.



And you believed him?

We were wrong to believe you.


What did you do?

What's right.

You choose.

Him or us.

Him, for sure.

You're not the law.


Do you enjoy being hunted down?

Just give it up-

Boss Chongki!


What the hell is that, Cocky?

Nothing, boss.

Just trash.

So what's our plan?

Are we killing these motherfuckers tonight?

Don't do that in front me.

I'll smash this on you.

Last two. Stop that!

Last two hits.


Why are the Tondo Kids here?

You called them?

No way!

Motherfucking show offs.

Got tired of snatching?

Get back!

What are those idiots up to?


I'll take half.

You assholes!

Get him!

Bring it out!

Place it here.


You're full of shit!

The fuck is that?

We'll blast them at once. Saves us bullets!

Make sure that gets it done.

It's all on you.

Yes, boss!

I got this!

Light it up quick.

Will that work?

Yes, boss.

You tested it?

Light them all!

Boss Biggie!

Boss Chongki!

I'll finish this for you!

Dela Cruz, we already have Kiko.

How do we proceed?

Pullout! Pullout!

But we have the target!

I said pullout!


Guzman, cover me!

We have to get out!




Get down!




I'm the one you want right?

No way!


Fuck you!

Go down!

Fuck! Come back!

Get her!

Go get her. Damn it!

Have mercy! Please, no!

Fuck! That was my lucky tag!

No, please!

Don't kill me! I surrender!

I won't fight!-

Fuck you!

You can't kill me!

That's a bottlecap, not a band-aid.

That won't help you.

I believe in this.

We're still alive, aren't we?

Aren't we lucky?

The rest of the squad is dead.

Don't say that.

We'll come out alive. You'll see.

I hope so.

You still don't believe me?

I don't know anymore.


You're not jinxed.

I am.

You disappoint me.

If you listened and left us alone, it wouldn't have come to this.

Your friends would still be alive-

They're over here!

Get out!

Leave us alone!

You're never gonna escape now.

Shut up, Chongki!

You see what we have to go through everyday?

You think you know suffering?

Well we do!

We live a cursed life because of you!

We're sick of this!

This is your last chance to leave now and never return!

It's not your call, Solomon!

It's mine now!

They're mine!

This has nothing to do with us!

Go kill each other outside!

Stop dragging us into your politics!

You're a fool, Solomon!

We're just slaves to your business!

You little shit!

After all I've done for this place?

This is how you thank me? Fuck you!

Fuck you too!

You murdered my daughter!

Leave Gracia now!

If more bloodshed is what it takes, then so be it!

But this is the last!

Is that a challenge, motherfucker?

Kill them all!


Stay out of it! Come on!

Over here!


Go back!

Go ahead. I'll handle this.


I said g0!

Follow them!

Open the caskets.

Come out!

You gave us a hard time.

Thought you could outsmart me, eh?

All your friends are dead!

No one's coming to save you.

Chongki, in our line of work people like us don't have saviors.

Really? Okay.

You've shut off the jammer?

Yes, boss.

Boss Biggie, it's done.

Judas gave the go signal to get you out of here.

Yes, boss.

Hey! Boss Chongki is here!

Boss Chongki! Kiss me! Set us free!

Our debts are paid! I like your leopard pants!

We've been here for weeks! We love you!

Shut up!

Boss Chongki!

Shoot her!

Don't shoot!

Just relax.

I killed Judas.

Which Judas?

Dela Cruz.

He's Judas too, but not the real one.

Tell me everything you know.

You gonna kill me?

My head is worth eighty grand.

Or you've already reached quota tonight?

I'm not part of that.

You deserve a medal!

Fuck you.

Who is Judas?

There's lots of them.

But I only deal with one.

And you won't find him here.

You slaughtered us.

You slaughtered us too!

Forgive me.

You know, this is just business.

We're businessmen just like you.

Actually, it's like we work for you.

It's very simple.


We sell drugs.

You say 'illegal'.

And since we're your 'enemies', you will arrest us.


But actions speak louder than words!

Don't forget, you profit from our business!

How can we deal drugs without your blessing?

You know very well where to find us!

But you don't want us jailed because you will lose income!

See this?

This barely covers the trouble you caused me.

Every bust is a staged kidnapping.

And for every bust, I pay a two hundred grand ransom.

Because your intel fund isn't enough, but I don't care!

I've been extorted numerous times!

In fact, I'm ready for this bust.

I've prepared my ransom.

Not everyone is corrupt.

I lost comrades who were just doing their jobs.

You know, all of us, are only puppets of those in power.

If we don't follow, there will be a bust.

Anti-drugs clean-up operations my ass!

And you dimwits simply take orders.

You even give fucking incentives!

That's so fucked up!

Twenty grand for a dead pusher, fifty grand for a middle man, and eighty grand for a boss!

That's just Dela Cruz.

That bald piece of shit?

I'm telling you, that fucking bastard is crazy.

He plays dirty.

He deals with my competitors to fuck me over.

Meanwhile Alvarez, fucks with all of us.

That Rudy?

He's only loyal to some.

So when Alvarez asked for extra pay, I told him

"Fuck you! Hand over Dela Cruz!"

Only a moron would show up at Sulayman.


The reason why you're here,

is because you were double-crossed by Alvarez.

Shocked he's Judas?

He's the only one we're dealing with.

But I know he's just a puppet too.

I don't buy your lies.

You can say whatever you want.

Are you really that dumb?

Sir Alvarez.

Biggie, have you left Gracia?

This is a big fucking mess.

It'll be tough to cover this up.

Hey, my payment will be worth it.

Not even enough.

By the way, return the exchange money. That's evidence.

We're on standby.

Text me when you've left.

All right, boss.

As you wish.

He's even taking the exchange money! Greedy shit.



Can't tell where the pain's coming from, eh?

Go ahead.

Do it.

You really think you can change the system?

You'll tell everyone what you told me.

I'd rather pay than fight them.

Let's end this.

He's all we want.

Give him to us.

This will not end with Biggie.

This will just happen again.

Someone new will take over and there will be raids just like before.

This is bigger than us.

Can we stop it?

We can, or maybe we can't.

But we'll never know if we don't try.

Everyone has to know what happened here last night.

Set them free.

Clear the whole place!

GO! Go!


I'm sorry about your squad.

We don't know the extent of the casualties.

Thank God you survived.

And we finally got Biggie Chen.

This is why the drug war needs to go on.

Congratulations, Manigan.

You're a hero!

Those animals!

Bring them to the hospital. Manigan is our priority.

Is the ambulance here?

Not yet, sir.

Not yet, sir. What?

Okay, we'll use the utility van.


Yes, sir.

Got it, sir.


No, sir.

No, sir.

You won't be implicated.

Are you with us or not-


What happened?

The suspect fought back.

The success of the government's 'War on Drugs' prevails.

Just last night, the elusive Biggie Chen was finally captured in Gracia ni Maria.

The police have reported a total of thirteen casualties, which includes pushers, drug enforcement agents, and local residents.

The Palace extends our President's salute to the police for their sacrifice and dedication.

Listen to the whispers of our times in the wind.

Listen to the screams for your time has come to an end.

Time to decide where you will go.

Time has come, time has come for you to take a different road.

Come now This drug called meth is dangerous Dangerous, dangerous Makes the screw in your head go loose Brain damage, brain damage But you're too stubborn to listen Pot session continues Salvage here, murder there Killing here, killing there The government declares war On marijuana, etcetera. But New Bilibid is drug HQ Protected by high officials too This vice puts you to waste Bad habit, bad habit Your whole body is wasted Your future affected Addicts go straight to cemetery Each and everyone, rests in peace Drugs lords become the millionaire