Byeonshin (2019) Script

I beseech Thee, O my Savior, to deliver me from my enemies, visible and invisible, shield our eyes and ears so that we are not lured by Satan.

You are the healer of our souls, and the one and only Savior.

We pray to Thee, vanish our enemies to hell, have them submit under God's mighty hand.

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven.

Deliver us from threats and temptations from evil...

Father, do you think...

God forgot that I'm here?

Be unto us, O Lord, in the face of the enemy, let not the enemy prevail against us. Father.

Why does it hurt so much?

It's so tiring and scary...

But why did God abandon me?!

Free us from all curses, so that peace will grace us.

Could you just kill me?

Or are you afraid you won't go to heaven for killing?

Protect your most vulnerable flock, save them from starved evil!

How could you feeble being do anything?

This poor girl believes in you for being a priest.

Poor thing.

Deliver us from evil, thrust it down to hell!

Hide me in your wound, hold onto me, so that I won't leave you.

Protect me from my enemies, for all eternity until my death!


Father is weird! Help me!

Ji-eun! Ji-eun!

Ji-eun! Baby...

What the hell did you do?!

What did you do to her!

Bring back my daughter!

Bring her back!


Don't do this, come back up...

Help me, Father...

This isn't me...

We existed since God was born.

No, we existed before if was born.

As God exists everywhere, we too exist everywhere, and that is the will of your God.

God has forsaken you.

I will come back to this world, and tear your family's flesh into pieces, and send them to hell where rats will devour them!


Locker owner should clean it up! #pissoff #devil #gotohell

So annoying...

Hyun-joo, I told you we should look at the positive side.

How could I?

Why do we have to move for something uncle did?

Park Hyun-joo!

She's not wrong.

From school to our home, it was a headache.

What a hassle.

Honey, I apologized That woman was the weird one.

She was begging to save her dying daughter.

And when he tried, she spread vicious rumors...


To be honest, he was the last person to see her alive.

He didn't allow her mom to come in.

I can understand her resenting him.

Will you stop saying that?

Why are you picking fight with me? Am I wrong?

How could a girl who can't walk jump out of the window?

Hey! What?

What's with you two?

Let's just ride quietly.


Woo-jong, we're here, wake up!

Wake up, baby, we're here.

All right, let's hurry!

Good morning, sir.

Good to see you. Hello there.

Mr. Kim! Let's go inside.

Let's go.


Thank you.

Woo-jong, you'll get hurt.

Don't run, you'll hurt yourself.

Take the chair to the room.

No, it's my chair.

You want my chair, huh?

How did you know?!

Stop it! How did you know?!


Hey! You're driving me crazy!

What's so good about moving?

Are you teasing me?

Hey, Hyun-joo!

Can't you see everyone moving boxes?

No, it's nothing.

Did you see my IG?

Man, maybe I should go private.

Whatever, I don't want to go to school.

You think I don't know?

Eun-ji and Bo-kyung, right?

I know!

They were sheep when I was there, now they're going wild.

Forget it! I don't care what rumor they spread!

Being a loner is worst it can happen.

Whatever! Don't even mention my uncle!

Just thinking about it pisses me off.

You saw my locker!


Don't even dream about meeting uncle.


Listen to me when I tell you.

Do you understand?

I'm sick of churches, gods, and everything else.

What's with you?

You shouldn't be like this.

I'm getting dad to return it to him, so put it in the basement.

Uncle Joong-su


Honey, wake up.

What is it?


What is that?

I don't know.

What's he doing at this hour?

Should I go talk to him?

What will you say to him?

I'll tell him that we can't sleep because of him.

Don't make a scene on our first day here.


You're so stubborn.

I said I'll do it after work.

Like hell you will.

Better for me to do it myself.

Got a welcome party today?

How did you know?

I'm gonna be late, so don't wait up.

Lock up properly.

All done.

Sure, sure, don't be too late.

Hold on.

I thought a house bought on auction would be bad, but now that we're here, I love it.

I know.

Why didn't anyone bid at all?

At least you stopped complaining.

Kids, dad's off to work!

Sun-woo! Hyun-joo! Woo-jong!

Dad's off to work!

All right, bye.

See you. Yeah.

Have a good day. Okay.

Bye. Okay.

Why didn't they come out to see dad off?

I think Hyun-joo isn't feeling well.

Or maybe she doesn't want to go to school.

But she still has to go to school.


Hyun-joo! Watch out.


I'm off to work! Have fun!


I'll save your spot!



Uncle! Guess who?


We moved, did you know?

You did?

It's so cool here.

Really big and it has a yard too.

When will you come by?

We have all of your stuff.


I'm actually a bit busy, but I do have to come by.

Do you want anything?

Would you like a toy?

Uncle, I gotta go!

Did you switch vocations?

Good morning.

The cabbages look really great.

It's almost kimchi season.

It's growing so well.

Why not spend the time to pray?

This is almost like praying.

Or expand the garden?

Father, what about my request... to leave the priesthood?

As you know, removing this robe isn't so easy.

Diocese hasn't approved it.

I don't know why you hold on to an unholy priest.


Father Park.

You make unexpected turns as you live your life, no?

If it's too much, how about an overseas mission?

A way to forget the past and get some fresh air.


Woo-jong! Don't look at it!

It's okay. Sun-woo, what is it?

What's the commotion?

It's nothing, go upstairs.


Hyun-joo! Hey!

Hyun-joo! You okay?


Sun-woo, call 911, right now!

Okay... Hurry!

Hyun-joo, baby?



Over here. How is she?

What did the doctor say?

He said she's got cold, it must be from stress over the move.

How could he...

Go inside, it's raining.

What will you do?

I gotta get him to move the truck!

And look! He smashed Woo-jong's chair!

I knew he was up to no good.

I'll go give him hell!

Hyun-joo's not well, let's just go inside.

Dad, let's go inside, you can park elsewhere.


No, you go inside.

Honey. Dad!

Anyone home?


Is anyone home?

What're all these...

We're your new neighbors...

The thing is...

If you park like that...

It's driving me nuts...




You look completely out of it.

You said you talked to the neighbor.

The neighbor is...


Jeez, you startled me.

Yes, baby?

What is that sound?

I can't sleep at all.


Woo-jong, come here.

Come here.

Do you hear that too? Yeah...

Who makes fabric at night?

Like hell that was fabric.

It wasn't that at all.

I'm sorry for all the noise.

You didn't even greet me earlier, Why bother now?

You two should make nice.

Nice? Do you know what he did?

He hung a dead cat outside my window!


What does he mean?

Well, I don't quite know what he means...

Really? This guy is a real bastard!

Hold on a second, I was gonna let this go.

Here, take a look at this!

My kid was scared to death but she still took it.

Does this make sense to you?

Is there proof that he did it?

Of course, take a look inside his home!

Would it be possible to check your home?

See? He became a mute!

That's enough.

May we go inside?


You'll flip out when you go inside.

Go back home. Honey...


It's raining cats and dogs.

There isn't much here, sir.

Looks like it.

When did you clean up?

What's supposed to be here?

I only see piles of fabric.

So the noise came from this?

You really should work during the day.

Think of the residents who can't sleep because of it.

Yes, I understand.

Wait a minute.

I saw it in the afternoon!

Go check upstairs and look around!

Dead chickens were dripping blood, he skinned animals and hung them here!

Will you stop it?

He already admitted his wrong, what else is there?

Let's go. Sure.

Excuse me!

Honey Dad!

Keep your doors locked or something bad will happen!

Go home please, it was nothing!

Jesus... Let's go.

Thank you. Good night.

Sir, shall we move out? Sure.




Your rage and tears will build me up, and your guilt will breathe life into my veins, so keep screaming louder!



Stop fooling around.

I'm gonna destroy all your toys.



What's wrong?

My little girl's all grown up.


Is she mad?

Whatever, don't talk to me.

I'm having a bad day.

My sisters, morning.

Did you sleep well?

Eye booger.

Good morning!

Morning, kids! Good morning.


Honey, weren't you going out to meet your friends?

Maybe not?

What is it?

Got something to say to me?


What's with her again?

I don't know.

Here it comes.


Let's eat.

Thank you for breakfast. Thank you.


So salty, it tastes weird today.


It's not salty at all.

Stop complaining and eat.

Dad, what's wrong with mom?

Go on.

Don't eat if you don't want to.


It tastes weird?

How dare you complain when I said it's fine?

Do you even know how I raised you?

I'm just skin and bones raising you all!

Why? Why? Why!

Why do you not listen, you bastards!

Honey! What's with you?

Mom, I'm sorry...

Woo-jong, don't cry, it's all right.

Father Choi told me, that you volunteered for overseas mission.

It's not volunteer per se, everyone's uneasy, and I need to cool off...

I'll finish my classes, so don't worry.

That's good.

At least you'll say good bye to your pupils.

They all love your classes.

Oh, by the way...

This belonged to Ji-eun.

Her mother came by.

She wanted to forgive you.

She also apologized for spreading rumors.

She said you should let it go, and start anew.

How could I ever let it go?

A foolish priest couldn't protect a girl whom she relied on,

and a parent lost her child.

Honey, I'm home.

You're home early.

Welcome back.


Why did you do that this morning?

What? This morning?

During breakfast, why did you scold Woo-jong?

What do you mean? I went to meet Se-jung.

I told you I was seeing her in the morning.

Why? Did something happen?

It's nothing.

Come on.

Honey, look, it's so funny!

Who is it?

Holy cow.

You scared me.

What's with you?

Aren't you sick and tired of your siblings?

They don't die off.

What did you just say?

Why did goddamn parents breed like rabbits?

Big burden, right?

Don't you want to wipe them off like shit?

Just kill us, kill us all.



Open the door!

What was that just now?

Just now? I was here the whole time.


I'm glad you're here.

Could you sleep with me tonight?

Last night... You don't remember?

Sun-woo, what are you talking about?

Did something happen to you too? Like mom and dad?

Park Hyun-joo!

Do you even know what dad did last night?

He did something bad to me...

He pulled my sheets, and stared at me...

No way, did you dream it?

It was real!

You saw mom in the morning...

I think everyone's gone crazy.

What do you mean?

Answer me!

Bitches, do you know how I raised you?



What are you accusing me of?




Do I scare you?


Sun-woo! Sis!




Where are you?

Stop it!


Hyun-joo, Sun-woo!

What's going on?


What's with you two?

What happened here?

Did you two fight?

What's wrong with you?



Why aren't you all sleeping?

Your sisters...

Go inside...



What's with the hammer?

Mom, dad is...


What's with you?!

Are you nuts?!

Woo-jong! What's wrong?!



What is the matter with you?!

What's going on?

What happened?

Did something happen?

What's with your arm? Are you hurt?

What's with you?


Why are you on the floor?



Become our refuge from the devil's tricks.

Almighty Lord, holy Saint and savior!

Do not hand this child to the darkness.

Leave at once, Malpas!

Baltazar! Who are you telling to leave?!

I am this boy!

In the name of Jesus Christ!

We expel you from the body of this sheep, vanish to hell!


How was it?

The exorcised victim's name was Jacob.

He was an ordinary 19-year old student.

And a faithful Catholic.

Unfortunately, his parents died in a hit-and-run accident.

He must've been in pain and so much sorrow, right?

The devil targeted Jacob in this state.

We succeeded in the end, but compared to others, it was an extremely difficult exorcism.

His anger within was considerable.

Father. Yes?

Why does the devil always target those with pent-up anger?

Anger paralyzes reason, creates resentment towards God, it is the easiest emotion to make you lose yourself.

Which makes it even more optimal to become the devil's target.

But the problem is, whatever it is, and what purpose it serves, it uses and fools with its human host, and ultimately, the host dies,

and only the devil remains.

Thank you. Good-bye Good-bye

Thank you.

Oh my, look who it is.

Uncle, have you been well?

Hi, Sun-woo, are you doing well?

I'm sorry for calling all of sudden.

But I think there's something weird happening at our home.

Something weird?

Let me talk to him.

Joong-su. Hey.

As you've heard from Sun-woo, I think we need your help.


The situation is grave, so you should come...

I'm sorry... but there's nothing I can do.

I don't know what's going on...

Joong-su, why don't we chat in person?

I'm leaving Korea... tonight.

What is it?

Okay, be well then.

Don't be sick.

Dad... Let's talk again.

How could you hang up like that? We got no plan.

Where is he?

I'll go convince him, give me the phone.

That's enough.

What's with you?

Is it because of your pride?

We don't know what'll happen to our family.

And how could he do this to us?

He forgot how we provided for him?

Stop, that's enough!

How could you be so brazen?


Does he even know what we went through because of him?

Whose fault is it that we're in this hell?!

Myung-joo! I'm glad you brought it up!

So why did we move here?

When you wanted to move here, I didn't object, why?

You said you were suffocating to death there!

So it was all me?

Sun-woo left school because of it, and Hyun-joo was bullied at her school!

I didn't want to tell you for your sake.

Do you think it was so easy for me?!

She's right.

It was so hard on us, I'm so disappointed in uncle.

I don't want him to come either!

What happened to that girl could happen again.

Hyun-joo, I told you to watch your mouth.

Can't I talk?

You're the only one suffering?

It's always like this.

You always play the good guy, and I'm the bitch, right?

All right, I'll play along and give him a call.

How can he be a priest and be so ungrateful?

Let me call him, give me your phone!

You didn't think I wouldn't know how he always sent you rents?

You took his money, and say he's ungrateful?

Honestly, have you ever cooked him a hot meal?!

All you did was pressure him.

You can't do this after what you did to him.

What? Did I hear that right?

Please stop it.

This isn't the time for you two to fight!


Uncle, I didn't get to tell you this,

there were 2 dads last night...

Mom... Please.


What's with you? Mom.

Please don't do this.

You should pack up too.

Woo-jong, let's go.

Where would you go?

Hyun-joo, what are you doing?

I can't stay here another day.

Don't do this, this is our home.

Then do you have a plan? I can't sleep here.




I missed you.

Have you been well?

You came...

Myung-joo, how are you?

The gate was opened, so I just came in.

I see.

So that's what happened...


It bothered me when we moved, I don't know what he does, but there's a lot of strange noises.

I think it's best that we stay together tonight.

So we're all sleeping together?

Then sleep next to me, okay?

All right, let's all sleep together.

I will come back to this world, and tear your family's flesh into pieces, and send them to hell where rats will devour them!

All you did was pray and say a few words.

How could you feeble being do anything?

You poor thing.

Sun-woo, I have to pee...



Hey, Woo-jong.

Go back to sleep if you're done.

Don't move around.

This life was the light of the human race.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

The Lord be with you.

And also with you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, amen.

Thanks be to God.



You have a call, and it seems important.

I think you should take it.

Joong-su? Have you been well?

I'm sorry I haven't been in touch.

I know you well enough, I didn't expect much.

According to the rumor mill, you volunteered to overseas mission.

Looks like you haven't escaped from guilty conscience.

Your nagging hasn't changed.

I imagine you didn't call to say hello, did something happen?

It can't be Satan, he's got precise movement.

And he has a shadow.

Are you blind? Where is the shadow?

Is there any manipulation or synthesis?

It's from Father Baltazar's disciple! There's no reason to doubt it.

Shouldn't we be a little bit more suspicious?

You know, there are a lot of times like this.

Don't worry about it, the video is real.

Are you sure that's the real Satan?

Have you forgotten? The Satan can change appearances.

He's correct!

The devil keeps changing appearances.

In Genesis, he was a snake.

In one of my exorcisms, he was a goat.

And he manipulates people, so that they hate each other.

God, you make it sound like you've seen it all.

Father. Father...

Excuse me, Father.

Are you trying to say that all my exorcism stories are lies?

But it's stupid to believe all your stories for no reason.

But it cut my hand!

So that I wouldn't be able to pray any longer.

Had the devil wanted you to stop praying, he would've cut off your tongue!

Let's be civil now, Father.

Father, an exorcist must have actual experiences.

He can't just sit in a church, and read the bible!

Are you done?

No, I'm not done.

I installed a security camera last night.

Sorry for not telling you.

It's hard to believe but something else was here.

So what do we do?

It's already inside the house.

It took his form last night, but it could be anyone next.

I think we'll need to perform an exorcism.

That's the only way...

Don't worry, I won't do it.

I asked someone I trust to do it.

By the way, why aren't there any crosses in here?

We haven't fully unpacked yet.

They're probably in the basement.


Sun-woo, could you get crosses and statues of Virgin Mary?

You took them downstairs.


Say you don't want to, don't play dumb.

I'll get them.

Thank you, Hyun-joo.

It's not urgent, do it later.


Listen carefully.

Sun-woo is the one.

To be preside, it has assumed Sun-woo's form.

I added holy water to your water.

She was the only one who didn't drink it earlier.

It knew it has holy water.

What about Sun-woo?

If we act too hastily, it will clue in.

So until Father Baltazar arrives, let's wait patiently.

You must keep an eye on her.

You want me to keep an eye on her?

For some reason, he asked me pick him up at the airport.

I'll come back soon, so don't worry.

You must watch her carefully, understand?



It must've been a tiring flight.

I'm sorry for this difficult favor.

No need.

Say hello, these are my assistants.

Did you come here because you thought I'd get lost?

You asked me to pick you up at the airport.

What do you mean? When did I?

There's no signal.





What's with that van?

Listen carefully.

Sun-woo is the one.

The devil.



Where are you going?

Hyun-joo said the gate won't open.

Hyun-joo? Yeah.

I'll open it then.

No, I'll go.


Don't ever let it out of the house.



What are you doing?

Stay outside. I can't!

What are you doing to Sun-Woo?!

Honey, according to Joong-su, this is not our daughter.

It's obvious this is Sun-woo, how does he know?

I don't know, I don't really know!

But what can I do? I gotta listen to him.


If something happens to our kids, can you manage?

I'm so scared...

It'll be all right, just get through tonight...

It'll be fine.

Mom, where did uncle go?

Why isn't he coming?

He went out for a bit, he'll be back.



She went down to the basement...



Where's Sun-woo?

Uncle, please stop dad!


Uncle, untie me!

Joong-su, what happened to you?

I think we should delay the exorcism...

What are you saying?

What about your guests?

We got into an accident.

Only I managed to survive.


Then what do we do?

You can do it yourself.

Listen to yourself, have you forgotten?

A person died because of me.

It doesn't matter.

You said she's not my daughter.

And you said this is the only way.

I can't...

What if we delay the exorcism, and my family dies, what happens then?

I can't do this!

What am I?


Am I not family too?

I don't give a damn about your guilt.

So do something, you bastard!

I'm sorry...

I really am...

I'm begging you...

Please help us.

I'm begging you.

Help us just this once, please...


Please help us...


It will mimic Sun-woo and beg to let it go, but don't listen to it, nor believe it.

What do you mean? Got it?

It's me...

Dad, untie me.

Mom, please, untie me...


What's wrong with you?! I'm Sun-woo!


Hold her legs.

Go on.

We might not get her back.


Dad, please...

No, don't do this...

I'm sorry...

Dad, I'm really sorry...

I'm sorry!

Mom! Mom!

Get a stretcher!

It's open! Get a stretcher!

Be careful!

Go slow, easy!

One, two, three!



Over here!

Chief, take a look. What?

What is it?

There's someone here!

Medic! Medic!

Stop! Stop!

No! That's enough!

No more! Stop it!

You're her dad!

Why, why can't you tell?!

No, honey, he said this isn't our daughter.

No, I don't want to do this!

Honey, please, let's stop.

Please stop...



I'm so sorry, baby.

If you won't help, stay outside!

Get out...

You're a worthless parent... incompetent, and a coward.

You thought you could protect your family?

You're not my wife...

How dare you mimic my wife, and try to kill my girl?!

You demonic bitch!


Get away!


Get away...

Get out of here!


Do not be fooled by deceitful eyes and tongue, stop the blood flowing on the innocent's limbs, and save us from evil!

We beg of you... Shit.

Give us holy light to shine the darkness, and give me mercy... Interesting.

To this feeble pastor! Joong-su...

Lord, expel evil for us!




Dad! Woo-jong.

Joong-su, where is he?

Woo-jong! Dad!



Woo-jong! I'm sorry!

Woo-jong, it's okay, it's uncle.

No, you're not uncle... Woo-jong!

It's really him, it's okay.

But Hyun-joo...




Why did you do that to me?

Did you hurt Hyun-joo too?


This is all my fault.

How could I not recognize my child?


I'm sorry, Sun-woo...

Hear my prayer from depths of heaven and hell.


Traitor of faith, Satan, shiver in fear!

What's wrong, uncle?

It's me, Sun-woo.

Your niece.

Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,

in the name of Jesus Christ, I have the power to repel evil, you will not harm anyone!

Woo-jong, hide in there.


Get in there.


I'll raise hell, burn your dirty mouth and lock you up!


Angels in heaven, give me your power!

Use me as a weapon to ward off Satan!

Uncle, it hurts so much...

Father, please save me...

It isn't me...

Please save me...

I'll show you how feeble you all are.

Tear your hearts out and show them to me.

Whose flock do you belong to?

Kneel and worship me.

I'll allow you to serve me for an eternity.

God almighty and my Father, give me the power to lock this demon in my body, make me the vessel, beginning and end.

Expel this old beast into abyss, and do not let it temp others.

Take my tainted body and lock this demon up!


Joong-su, no...






Kill me.

This will end then.

I can't...




I'm sorry.




No, Joong-su...


No, you can't!






Directed by KIM HONG-SUN