Cafe Express (1980) Script

Are you sure it's for me? That's what they said.

When will they announce it? They should be doing it now.

Are you sure it works?

It did, when they warned us a little while ago.

I made the pools!

"From the Head Office of the Ministry of Transportation, Rome. "

"To Chief Conductor Guiseppe Sanguigno. "

See, it's for you personally. Yeah, I see.

"Identify and hold in custody for railway police one Michele Abbagnano, due in Vallo Della Lucania on express train no. 517, arriving from Napoli, wanted in Rutino, Ogliastro, Pontecangnano Castellanmare, Torre Del Greco, Salerno and Pompeii, by the state railway authorities for vending without a licence."

Who the fuck is Michele Abbagnano?

It's the train that's arriving from Naples, the 517 express.

Well? Aren't you going? The telex machine hasn't finished.

What if they send some more information?

It'll still be waiting for you to read later on, but the train is here now.

Ah, you can't see a thing out here!

Give me a chance to switch on the main yard lights, will you?

Look at that, the main yard lights wouldn't even light up a graveyard.

You're not supposed to thread a needle, are you?

No sir, we're not, we're just going to nab a guy from Naples. Come on, give us a hand.

What for? Stay with us.

Scognamilio, over there. Yes, sir!

What does this guy look like anyway? Who knows!

Oh well then it's no problem, we'll be sure to spot him in no time...

Do you think one'd come all the way from Naples, just to get off and take the next train back?

We know all the regular commuters, so we can forget about them.

We'll just stay here, see who's staying, and we've got our man!

Sure, piece of cake! And what if we don't catch him?

If nothing else, we'll catch pneumonia.

Why not, it's better than nothing.

Good evening, Don Luigi. Good evening.

You'd better cover up, Antonio, it's cold out here.

Hurry up!

This way, please.

So? And you?

He didn't get down. Doesn't seem so.

Now what do we do? It's better, isn't it?

Have you seen anything? No!

I told you everything was fine, and you wouldn't believe me.

Wait! Look that way!

What a nice smile!

It only lacks words!

I don't call that an ass. No? What do you call it?

I call it Paradise.

I'd surely get over my cold with something like that!

Sanguigno, you should also laugh!

I don't feel like it.

It look like you had an accident! Laugh!

He surely had one!

If certain things don't interess him anymore...!

Sanguigno, who were asses like, in your day?

We didn't have asses in my day. Laugh! The problem's solved.

Abbagnano Michele didn't get off, so what else d'you want?

Are we going, or what? What's the hurry?

It's only 25 minutes late. That's, practically, early.

It means you'll arrive sooner than the delay you'll later have.

News? None.

Good night.

Hey chief, mind if I have another swig or two?

Take it along, it's almost empty anyway.

Scognamiglio! Here I am!

- So? I was waiting for you.


Chief... Wait a sec, one of our friends is in the bog.

Right now? - When you've got to go, you've got to go.

How is it possible that he does this before every job we pull?

It's just nerves, everyone deals with it in his own way.

I get over it by praying.

He gets over it by shitting!

Coming! Just a sec! Get going!

I must button up my pants. Move it.

Get up.

Here comes Michele, here comes Michele to provide you with all your comforts: caffe, caffe lungo, latte and cappuccino.

Treat yourself!

Don't deny yourself one of life's little pleasures.

We're here today and you'll be gone tomorrow and then it's too late.

Is it hot? Yes. My son...

...puts them in the containers... The heating box ones.

We'll have two black coffees. Right away.

One... and two...

Where'd he go? We must've hurt his feelings.

So what'd you say? I didn't say anything.

Your tickets, please.

Thank you.

Two black coffees, that's 600.

Ah, you're peddling without a licence, huh?

No, this is our new uniform, atest Parisian fashion.

We change to white in the summer.

Here comes Michele, here comes Michele to provide you with all your comforts.

Calling for the priest it's more expensive, and less fun.

Caffe, caffe lungo, latte and cappuccino.

Can't you sell your coffee without waking up everyone on the train?

Good thing I did, if you drank your coffee in your sleep you'd choke to death.

I'd like a coffee, please. Sure.

The sugar's already in it.

300 lira. Same thing every night.

You're giving me headaches. That's a good sign.

It means at least you've got a head! Give it to me.

What happened? We're getting to an old switch.

If you don't notice it, you'll spill coffee all over you.

And how d'you notice it?

When it goes "ti-ti-ti-ta", it means the switch is next, then it goes "ta-ta-ta-tum" and everything jolts.

See? Just a sec, it's not over yet.

I'll put it here!

Caffe, caffe lungo...

Want some coffee, sister? Yes, thank you.

But don't make any noise! Me?

Orphans? Children of God.


Are you taking them to the seashore? To the mountains.

Lucky they!

My son can't go. Your son's not an orphan.

Maybe that's the problem. How much?

300's fine, 400's even better. I trust your good heart.

There you are. Thank you, may God bless your soul.

And the change?

Oh, you wanted it? I misunderstood.

You'll have to be patient with me, with only one hand...

Have you been disabled from birth?


Ah, you mean the wooden arm?

I'll tell you what happened.

There was a terrible storm one night... and two kids got caught in a fire.

The wind was howling, and the fire roaring was roaring, but I heard them cry and leapt right into the flames.

They told me when I woke up in hospital that I got the kiddies... out of the fire, but the fire had got my arm.

D'you still want your change?

Excuse me, where are we? At Torchiana, after Rutino.

But it's black as pitch, how can you be sure?

I'm like a cat in the dark, I just know, period.

How much more till Ogliastro? Next stop.

Do you want a coffee call? A what?

So when you get off, I'll warn you with a cup of coffee.

I'm not getting off, I'm expecting someone else to get on.

It's still worth having a call anyway, for 200 lire you can stop worrying.

No, thanks, I'll know when we're there. Whatever you say.

Caffe, caffe lungo, latte and cappuccino!

Want some coffee, sir? Why not ask inside first.

There's five of them. Let's see...

Caffe, caffe lungo, latte and cappuccino.

How much is it? Special group rate...

...200 lire. Fine.

Let me help you. Thank you.

How many? One.

And fill the cup. Yes, sir.

And lots of sugar in it. Naturally.

Sugar. Thanks.

Okay then. Everyone served.

Your little one has his own supply. He's only quiet when he's nursing.

Very cute. What's his name? Peppino.

Has he done his military service yet?

She's grieving. What happened?

My son worked in a quarry.

But heavy rain fell one day, and he died.

He owns the quarry, the man out there.

He's endured this trouble too, poor fellow.

My son wasn't even insured.

He gave him this work because he took pity of him.

He's been very good to us. He took us all to the funeral.

At his expense. You didn't have to pay for the ticket?

No, nothing. What a fine man...

Thank you Imagine that.

Would you like a coffee now? Sure, one coffee.

I heard about the accident.

Oh, yes... These things happen.

Say, how are you off for a reliable night watchman?

I've got a bull mastiff. Fine But how much does it cost you? They eat a lot: pasta, meat...

On the other hand, I never eat meat.

The dog can bark. Yes, but only barks.

Me, I can phone someone.

Who? I don't know... police, ...if there were thieves about. Policemen it's all we'd miss!

Let's keep it simple. When the dog barks, any thieves will clear out.

Sure, they clear out... If not, the dog'll tear them apart.

Well, maybe I'm not capable to tear a man apart.

You need a special vocation for that.

But I can bark. Do you want to hear?

No, no. How much is it?

You don't even want to hear me?

Then let's say 1.000 lire. 1.000 lire for one coffee?!

Two. Wouldn't you at least want to offer something hot... the family of your other dog?

Thank the Lord. Let's thank the Lord.

Our Father, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done...


Ogliastro! Right.

Ferdinando! Ferdinando! My name's also Ferdinando...!

I'm over here!

Get in my darling, hurry! How handsome you are!

Look at this, I get a surprise at every station.

They cable me and imagine that does it.

And it's the morons that go riding the trains!

"Chief Inspector will board 718 express to aid with investigation"

Fuck, an Inspector! The Chief Inspector!

So what? You don't care, do you?

But what's there to investigate! Michele Abbagnano's not on the train.

Chief, call Rome and tell them not to send the inspector!

D'you think they're awake in Rome, waiting for us to call?

But we also can't be having an heart attack!

Scognamilio, you want a slug of this? No, no.

For your cold! Are you trying to make me sick?

I can't drink. What made me come to work tonight anyway?

I was sitting pretty on sick leave!

That's where you're wrong! You'd never be fine.

You're ugly, a railwayman, and what's worse, you're an abstemious.

If you're sick, it's because the Divine Providence wants it!

Cut it out!


What class is it? First, but it's been downgraded.

Here. The latest scientific discovery. Not even on the market yet.

But it's poison! No! It's not the original bottle.

The hospital gets everything in bulk.

Will it cure him? No, it won't.

Then what's it for? Michele, let's be honest now.

Drugs can't do much in such a case.

Your son needs to have an operation The sooner the better. It's as serious as that?

No, It's not serious, but he'll have a hard life.

He can be handicapped for the rest of his life.

Handicapped? He's just a little short of breath.

Sure he is! It's because of this congenital problem... he's been having since birth. How old is he?

Cazzillo? He's 14.

Bring him to the hospital in Naples, we'll operate on him and solve this.

Easy said! Who's gonna look after him?

He's in boarding school, because he doesn't have a mother.

Have a look at this.

It's still swollen. If I were you I'd bathe it in alcohol.

You got any? No.

By the way, how's your money situation?

Not too bad, I've got close to 200,000 lire.

That's chicken feed.

But you said you would do the operation for nothing.

The operation, sure, but you're not covered by health insurance.

And medicine, can you afford it? Sure.

And the x-rays plus all the other tests, can you afford that?

Aren't 200.000 enough?

With 200,000 you'll be lucky if you can bribe...

...someone into finding you a bed. Is that what you call lucky?

Even if they did it me as a personal favour to me, you'd still come to around a million.

I'd better take a can of gas, and burn you all.

Hey, I'm only a stretcher bearer. You wanted medicine, I stole it.

What more d'you want?

Sure, you got a lot to be upset about, but you don't have to take it out on me.

Who's taking it out on you? You're getting angry.

Because I'm pissed off! Is it my fault?

Did I say I was pissed off with you?

It's only us two in here! I'm pissed off with me!

Haven't I got right to be pissed off with me?

One million...

Around one million...

Will 3,000 be enough? For what?

For the pills you brought. It's okay, I didn't pay for them.

Never mind that, you've got kids to feed as well, so take it.

Alright. Let's make it 1,500 lire.


You want some coffee? You gave me one already!

So have another one!

A couple of coffees. I'm booked right now.

I'll be right back.

Excuse me. Of course, come in.

Just what I needed, a cappuccino.

Sorry, this one has been reserved for a UN diplomat.

What do you mean, UN? "NU".

He was sent to help earthquake victims in the south.

But he told me he drove a hearse for the National Undertakers.

What do you think the UN sends to help earthquake victims, huh?

Cavaliere, here's your cappuccino, as I had promissed.

D'you want this week's bill?

You had four cappuccinos booked and one that wasn't. Give me what you want.

Wait a minute, you have to book your coffee in advance?

No, only coffee with a wake-up call.

A wake-up call! That's what I need, because I'm scared I won't wake up in time.

Could you wake me with a coffee before we get to Torre Annunziata?

Is it okay ten minutes before? Thank you, Michele.

Only duty.

Excuse me, will you wake me? I can count on you?

You're not gonna forget about it, are you? - It's my job.

I'm worried because if I'm not up in time I'll miss a job interview.

I don't know if you've noticed but I have a slight physical defect.

Where? In the way I look.

I'd never have noticed!

I suppose you are a bit cross-eyed, some people think it's charming.

Girls don't exactly fall over me though.

Don't worry, you're still a very young man.

I guess so... Only, the police wouldn't take me on the force.

Don't take it to heart, there are other jobs around!

Yeah, sure. But that was the one I wanted.

There once was a time when I was quite a pianist.

You were?

One night during an open-air concert the most terrible thunderstorm blew up.

There was the howling wind and the roaring thunder, and while I was playing the introduction to the main theme of the symphony, the wind slammed the piano lid down on my fingers.


Ah, my boy, you can't have everything in life.

But we still go on living the best we can in spite of it?

The best we can... in spite of it.

Here I am!

Two coffees.

Long ones? No, why?

Just wondering.

Are you coming down here or I should I go up there?

Here comes Michele to provide you with all your comforts.

Black coffee, hot milk, cappuccino.

Coffee's the best friend a man ever had, keeps you wide awake, helps you avoid trouble and gives you the strength to live to a ripe old age.

You want some coffee? I don't like it.

Are you feeling alright? You don't look so good.

It's the coffee smell. I suffer from gastrofobia.

And with those closed windows, I lack air.

Feels like you're in jail, huh? Don't say that, ...or I'll really throw up. D'you want a stomach pill?

No. I always keep some on me... because there are trips on this train... that nauseate me. You have to have patience.

Anyway, if it gets worse, I'm here. As they say: nothing cements a friendship like a little vomit!

Get up!

You didn't understand anything!

It's better for you to let go of my arm.

Why? What'll happen if I don't?

Then you'll get slivers in your hand, that arm is made out of wood.

You'll quit ringing that bell. If they're sleeping I want them to stay sleeping.

And how am I going to sell the coffee? Sell it somewhere else!

And don't ring the bell.

I suppose you're going to make up for all the money I lose.

Wanna lose both arms? The conductor's coming!

Hey! Where are you going? There's no time for that.

Lucky break for you.

Ring it once more. Ring it.

Ring it once more, and you'll see what happens.

Excuse me, do you know what time we'll get to Pompei with this train?

Ah, don't give me that shit! Shut up! The conductor!

Cut it out! It was a good one, chief!

Say another one! How funny!

Good evening.

What on earth are you doing?

What are you doing on this train?

Cazzillo, you going to answer me?

Dad, after I put the thermoses in the container, I got up and left.

Why? They let you out on holiday?

I ran away from the boarding-school.

My god, listen to this, after I went to all that trouble to get them to take you.

Didn't you like it there? They were giving you three meals a day!

That's not enough for me. How much did you want to eat?

It was no boarding-school, it was an orphanage!

And I was the only having a living father.

So you'd rather I was dead, is that what you mean?

Dad, if we have to talk, let's do it.

Let's talk.

You wanna talk? Just a sec, or I'll cut myself.

What do you have to shave for anyway?

Nobody believes me when I say I'm 14.

What's the hurry to grow a beard?

Because I want to start working. So you can end up like me?

Why give up the chance to go to a school with boys your age to study, football... I'm not allowed to play ball.

They say I'm short of breath. They don't let me do gymnastics, they don't let me run... Why should I stay there?

Me, I've got a father. I wannabe with you.

You're all alone too. I even began to learn how to cook.

Wash that soap from your face.

Tickets, please!

Thank you. They pension is calculated on the final month's pay.

If anything happens, they'll cut my raise.

So 365 divided by 24, plus 225 for hard working conditions...

...makes... You add it up.

Easy said! We'd need a calculating machine.

So, someone like Michele Abbagnano could screw it all up for me, because of him I'd lose 415 lire a day every day for the rest of my life.

I could strangle that son of a bitch!

And then, there's the holidays.

And then... Just a sec, son.

And then there's 2.85 seniority bonus to consider.

And there's 3,25 for the cost of living.

There's no water.

With those... Why doesn't it work?

Ah, there we are. I almost forgot, I haven't used up last year's vacation.

And all the seniority bonuses.

D'you understand I'm risking it all? D'you?

Now it doesn't stop?

It's all too much. How can a man live under such tension?

They're gone now, Dad.

Want a cold potato sandwich, son? I don't like potatoes.

Aren't you hungry? They're always feeding us those.

Can I come with you? No, try and have a little sleep.

There still is a long way to go. I can carry the basket.

It's not that you can't, it's that you're young and you must sleep.

We'll see when day breakes.

Go, now.

Caffe, caffe lungo, latte and cappuccino.

Black coffee, hot milk, cappuccino.

Think about me.

Caffe, caffe lungo... O, my! Latte and cappuccino.

You'll have it afterwards. Two coffees.

Here they are.

Whata re you doing? Pouring it? What else?

You drink it, alright?

Sure! Bless you. But drink them outside, ...standing in front of the door. What d'you mean?

So that, if anyone comes... Then it's not alright.

Why not?

In four minutes we'll be in Battipaglia, the workers get on.

Can you make it in four minutes?

If we don't lose anymore time... But it's an agreed thing.

Can't be done.

When those workmen get on they nose around everywhere.

How am I to keep them away?

Miss? Sir?

Hey, intermission time!

You're making me lose customers, I could've sold 6 or 7 cappuccinos.

Not to mention the coffee, I could've sold 5 or 6.

Alright, I won't sell them. How can you say no, to all this... feeling.

If you please... Yes.

Will you do me a favour? Of course.

Will you call the conductor?

Me? - I can't leave the girls alone in the compartment.

What's the trouble? Those two next door.

Don't you see what they're doing?

No, what are they doing? Take a look.

I don't see a thing, the curtains are closed.

But if you stand right here on your tiptoes, and look through the slit,'ll see everything. If you don't stand on your tiptoes and don't look through the slit you won't see.

Yes, but what if some poor innocent soul were to walk in there?

That's true enough. I think I know what to do.

While you pray for the souls of those lost sinners, and don't you worry I'll stand watch outside the door...

...and see that no-one goes inside. Well thought!

Although it's going to be bad for sales.

What if I bought milk for all the girls afterwards?

One good turn deserves another! Well done!

They always hurryus out at night, without even having time for a coffee.

You're right, Sergeant, but duty comes first.

Why did you all get off?

Let's go, everyone back on board. Raise your paddle and let's go.

They're still asleep.

Hello to everyone!

Hello, Michele! Hope you didn't work too hard.

Had it not been hard, the priests'd have taken it away from us!

What d'you mean, you wouldn't be caught dead working too hard!

Let me sit down in there. No, no, that one's occupied.

Since when do MPs travel second class?

Must be a relative. There's a woman stretched out on the seat there moaning.

What's wrong with her? She threw up everywhere.

Even on the seats. Is she pregnant?

Not yet. I don't think so. Could be.

I'd better warn her.

No, no, don't bother, I'll find somewhere else.

I'll bring you your coffee. In what class are you going?

Working class!

You, gents from the bangpartment, I've got things to do!

One second! No, you must hurry up!

I don't like being a pimp!

Ferdinando...! I'm going!

Michele! What?

Come and give me a hand, will ya, I can't do it alone.

Do what? Wash myself.

I'm covered with grease I thought something else.

You hold the soap while I stand on the water pedal.


You hold the soap and I'll see to the water.

What happened to your finger?

Got mangled by a machine at the factory.

Great, you can get your pension.

No, I needed two fingers for that. That's a pity!

You were unlucky.

How much did you get for your hand? Me? Nothing.

You must be due for something. Sure, but that doesn't mean I get it.

Well, did you make out an application?

I've been making applications for years and I'm still waiting.

What are they waiting for? What are they waiting for!?

They're waiting for me to die.

Give me a coffee. Right away.

Is it good?

That's the problem: it's too good!

I have to fight myself not to drink it all, that's how good it is!

One cup of your best coffee, eh? One coffee, coming up.

How much are these sandwiches? 1200.


Could you heat this milk a little for my baby son?


A real espresso!

Could you warm this also? How much does your kid drink?

We're going all the way to Germany.

How many should I have?

Depends how you like it. Very sweet.

I'll take these later. It's a long voyage.

Very kind of you. Thank you.

Good. Here he is: Abbagnano Michele.

A petty hustler riding the trains selling coffee without a licence.

He's been doing it for years, and those jerks from the Ministery... had to worry about him this very, evening, to piss me off.

Come on, I'll give you something hot.

The connection's late anyway. Thanks, I'll have a grappino.

Don't you, Scognamiglio? No, no alcohol.

Something for the cold? Then, for my colleague...

...a double oral suppository!

I'm not having anything. I already have enough poison inside of me.

Lend me your umbrella. Where are you going, Sanguigno?

I won't be long, I want to find out something.

If I can send a phonogram to Roma... at this hour, seeing that they can send me one?

Throw everything down.

13 and 14, 15 and 16, 17 and 18, 19 and 20, 21 and 22, 23 and 24.

What are you doing?

Instead of doing it when we're at work, why don't you do it now, here?

But now I'm not scared.

He only shits by mistake!

What's here? Lean it on the ground!

What's this? What's inside?

What? In here!


These are patane. Patane?!

Kartoffel! Patane! Kartoffel?!

I don't understand anything he says.

Me, cameraten! Cameraten?!

Cameraten. Kartoffel.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Are you Italian? From Orobiche.

But you speak Italian. Well, yes.

These guys are almost all from Bergamo.

We're checking for explosives along the line.

That's why they stopped you. Have you got any boms?

Yes, of course. What?!

No, no! What bombs?

You're looking pale, are you afraid of something?

No, that's how I always look, that's fear of being afraid.

Excuse me now, I've got to go. Ah, my knife!

Thanks. Can I have my hand back now?

Can I ask you a question? Go ahead.

Are you Catholic?

No, I'm unemployed. You're wrong not to have faith, when the Heavenly Father, tonight, has prepared... two miracles, only for you.

No kidding. He sees everything.

Now it seems he is aware that you're a bit short of dough.

You mean it's taken him forty years to figure that one out?

That's nothing in the infinity of eternity.

Just clear something up for me: what does the Heavenly Father want return from me? Just a tiny information.

When you sell coffee, you willy-nilly see if your clients' wallets are underfed or nicely fed.

Well... And then you tell me.

And then you, willy-nilly, pinch it.

Willingly. I got it.

So where's the grace?

The Heavenly Father, in his infinite kindness, will happily repay your zeal to the tune of 20,000 a night.

And so I become a thief by the grace of God.

Listen... Tell your Heavenly Father you didn't find me.

Wait a minute, you've forgotten the second miracle.

If it's anything like the first, I don't mind.

It's different. The Lord sent me to warn you... that this way you could run into bad luck.

Broken toe, then a broken neck, then the hospital with a severe prognosis.

And who'd bring upon me this Godly ppunishment... for my lack of collaboration?

Mitrana, called "Madman". Who's he?

That's me.

Looks like we've even got the archangel Gabriel.

So? So...


Well... under the circumstances, we'd better discuss the whole thing again.

I knew it! But not here.

It's delicate thing. Where else?

In here. Good evening, gentlemen. I've got a couple of surprises for you.

Make yourself at home. No, thank you.

We'll talk about it later.

But we'll talk! Got it?

Now where are these two surprises? Two cups of the best coffee.

How did you know we wanted coffee?

I'm in direct contact with the archangel Gabriel.

I see by your ribbons that you had some years in Russia.

Were you there as well? Yes, this is my ribbon.

Frostbite. War's bad for everyone, or they'd have called it peace.

I was close to... How was it called?...

Stalingrad? Exactly.

A soldier was trapped under the snow with only a shirt.

The wind was harsh and it was snowing. What was I to do?

I gave him my overcoat. I would have done the same.

I don't have change. Wait.

Take some extra sugar if you like it sweet.

On the house. And the change?

Nothing. I'll bring it later.

No, forget it. That's okay. I would have done the same too.

Caffe, caffe lungo! Hello, Pasquale.

Hi. Give me two cappuccini. Right away.

Nice and hot, hot. How much?

Got any Marlboros?

Take your time. There's no one chasing us.

How many do you want?

20 cigarettes, all in one pack.

600 lire. We're even.

Don't walk around with your cold!

Tickets, please!

It's occupied! Tickets, please.

Just a sec.

Well? I'm looking for it.

D'you need it right now? Can't you come back later?

No. Tickets, please.

Season. Tickets, please.

Thank you. Tickets! Here it is.


I always forget where I put it.

Thank you. Don't mention it.

Thank you. Don't mention it.

So, have you checked everywhere? Everywhere. Nothing.

The ministry can send all the inspectors he wants.

There's not even a trace of an unlicensed coffee vendor.

May I? Please.

Have you got it?

That means you won't lose your bonus. Joke on, joke on...

D'you know what it amounts to?

By the way, Pasquale! By the way of what?

Don't you happen to have a calc... a colc... a thing... electronic computing thing? Maybe I do. Hold this.

No, I'm sorry, I don't have.

Have some coffee, it won't hurt you.

Thank you! No, not you, you're sick!

D'you want to pass it on to all of us?

It's good... nice and warm.

Take care! Your servant!


Who gave you this coffee?!

The train's leaving, my love.

My love! Say you love me.

I'll see you tomorrow, on the 4:06 express!

Wait! Ferdinando, come here!

Why don't we take the 2:50 rapid? It goes slower!

The 2:50 rapid? What shall I tell my wife?

My love!

Caffe, caffe lungo, latte and cappuccino! Second sitting.

How much is a cappuccino? 400.

Got anything less expensive?

A cappuccino without coffee.

What'd that be? Milk.

All right. - One cappuccino without coffee coming up.

Abundant. I don't make it anymore!

He must be around, if he sold that coffee!

Nothing? Nothing. This is the last one.

Dad? Dad, come, quickly!

What if the priest had woken up?

He's no priest! He's Gennaro, the con artist.

He asks for charity for Naples. Under the cloth, he's a priest as we are.

Run, dad! Hurry up!

Dad, these three want to take a whole thermos from you.

And also a glass of milk for the young man.

Drink it in the corridor, so you won't disturb the gentlemen.

Can it be? One does him a favour, and he offends me by going to drink it somewhere else?

I'll stay here then. It's not enough.

The young man must also stay Got it?

Well, if that's how it is there's not a lot I can do about it, huh?

See, with a little compromise you can always reach an agreement.

What one wouldn't do for one's children! Conductor!

If I may? Yes?

My name is Michele Abbagnano. How do you do. Nicola Scognamilio.

What can I do for you gentlemen?... What did you say?

What's your name? Abbagnano Michele.

You admit it? Just like that? How should I say it?

Oh, mother! Carmine! Chief!

In the next compartment there's two policemen.

Go sit there a while. They're friends of mine.

All right now, show me your ticket. I don't have one.

What about a travel warrant? So you'd take it confiscate it?

Have to make an official report then, 'cause selling unlicensed coffee is forbidden on trains.

Yes, I know it. But stealing's also forbidden.

What do you mean?

Do you want to see our tickets? Later.

That's how you're writting it?

How should I? With only one hand.

Then you'd know what's like making a living with one hand.

He's bullshitting you!

His arm is better than mine, or yours!

No, sir, it's made of wood. I don't buy that.

What d'you want to do? No...!

Wanna see I'll cut your arm?

Then we'll see if it really is made of wood.

Do it.

The conductor fell! Give me a hand!

Thanks. What happened?

Where did he go? That way, that way!

Did you see a guy carrying a basket?

What happened? Chief!

Where's my knife?

Do me a favour. Don't make me go in jail.

If I do, my son will end up like you.

You don't know what one'd do for his children.

I can't afford going in jail.

Excuse me please! Lay off!

I piss in your precious coffee! Got it?

I piss in your coffee!

Chief! Chief!

I've found Abbagnano Michele!

Where is he? I had him, but he escaped!

Then there was that braking! What happened?

I don't know! Go get him! Run!

And call the Railway policemen!


If you find one with a hat and a basket, stop him!

They've announced the strike! We'll be here all night long!

Oh my God! Look there. So much blood!

So much blood... blood...!

How long will stay here? I don't know. I'll go see.

When are we leaving? We don't understand anything!

There was an accident. This late?

It seems someone jumped under the train!

Close the door. Look it!

Hold him!

Hey, you!

Yes, you!

Come here for a second!

Help me, we've got to get this track cleared.


Gimmie a hand, pull now. Yeah, okay.

Only one hand? That's all I've got.

Come on!

Come on!

Chief! You go up front, because I got a torn toe. If you step on it...!

That's it.

Abbagnano Michele is in the train!

I've found Abbagnano!

Take everything away! Come on!

We're leaving! Alright!

Run! I've found him! Found who?

Abbagnano! Ready?

Ready! We're leaving!

One moment!

Who's going to pay me? Stop! Who's going to pay me?

And you're asking me? Surely not me!

Ask the Ministery. Sure, so I end up in jail.

I said move everything, we're leaving!

Careful, there still are two jammed barrels!

Hey, you! What's your name?

It doesn't matter...! Come up, we're leaving!

Thanks, you're very kind. It's my duty.

As a matter of fact, it also is thanks to you!

Nothing, chief. Abbagnano Michele has gone, ...vanished into thin air. Because you're a moron!

You got him and you let him slip away!

Have you warned them? Are they looking for him? Where?

Just watch me! I'll turn everything upside down!

Manners! Sorry.

Nothing? No, nothing.

Occupied! One moment!

You must open right now!

What is it?

It is that the bogs, till Naples, must remain locked.

It's an order from the State Railway.

O, so that's what it is. What?

The State has decided we must shit in our pants.

Wake up, sir! Your coffee.

What? Torre Annunziata. I'm in a hurry.

D'you want to know how much is it? Sorry, I don't understand.

Ask me how much it is. How much is it?

550 lire. Coffee and wake up call.

You don't have small change? Don't worry.

It means you have a paid coffee for your next trip.

Here's the receipt. Thanks, and good luck.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.

It's you that sells coffee?

Why? I've looked everywhere for you.

Come with me and you'll make a hell of a sell.

What? No more coffee?

I can't sell. The conductors are here.

Just a moment. They've already checked the first class.

And, then... Better not.

And then, first class is not my turff.

There are two guys from up North, loaded.

I'm setting something up. 500 lire?

1.000 even! You make a hit, and I'll look good!

We're there. It's here.

Look who I've brought.

Who's he? The coffee.

This young man has caffe alla napoletana!

At last!

There's no one on this train to give you a warm beverage!

If I can help you... Sure?

A coffee? Yes, thank you.

So, 3 coffee. Please, extra strong. True Naples.

Right away. We're in the homeland of coffee.

I don't know what it's got. The water, the roasting, but one thing is for sure: it really has an unique flavour!

- Here. No, let me take care of it.

But I laready took care of it. No, I can't allow it.

- We're in my town. It's on me this time.

Better than having you quarrel over it, I'll take them all!

D'you think the lady's impressed by 10.000 lire?

Madame is building... a big chicken factory close to Paestum.

We're trying. Why don't you get in business with me?

You put up the money, I'll put up the hunger, and at the end of the month we'll count our profit and split in half.

You'd like that, wouldn't you? Well...!

D'you know about animals?

I've got a full house. What breeds?

Rats, madame. The rat breed. But I only them them by night.

When I wake up, I always see their eyes watching me.

Whatever I do, they're loking at me.

Are they mice? Mice, whatever...

We live close by, but don't bother each other.

I respect them, and they respect.

By now, they're family. But we don't see much of each other, because we've got different schedules!

How cute.

We need someone to watch the construction site.

Would you work by night, if need be?

For a regular job, I'd work day and night, morning and evening.

Are you serious about it? It's not such a simple thing.

I knew it...

We've got problems with the human resources. Can you work with...?

Meaning my hand? It's a rheumatism I got last year.

That's why I wear it covered. It's annoying, but it goes away.

What if it doesn't? Madame, with an advice from you, I'll get 10 years younger, at least.

As I got the rheumatism one year ago, it's got to go away, doesn't it?

This people is made of artists: ready for a joke, a little sun, a little sea and they don't think about troubles! True?

Sure! We live on phantasy.

How cute! Are you from Naples? Ready to serve you!

Then, sing us something!

To tell you the truth, I never sing. You don't feel like it?

I have no reasons to sing.

Shall we have that coffee? Please.

A guy from Naples that doesn't sing! How d'you think that made me look lilke?

You want the job? Sing!

The coffee's getting cold. You'll see how good it is!

How much sugar? Not much, or I'll put on weight.

And you? Very sweet.

Just a little sun, Just a little sea, Heart to heart that we may be...

And a song to sing.

Who has had, has had, has had, Who has given, has given, has given,

Let's forget the past, We're from Naples, neighbor.

Is it good?

You don't like it?

It has a curious taste...


I'll now tell you what's with this curious taste.

This jerk, when he hasn't got enough coffee, pisses in it!

Make way! Let us through!

Please, let us through!

Chief! It's 7:25. The train has to leave.

Let's go. Now, the police is here also.

Got it.

What? D'you know if the Inspector...

...from the Ministery got up? Which Inspector? No!

Come here! Come here!

Wanna cut it out or what? Had to get him!

Let us do our job!

Let me through.

What's your name? Abbagnano Michele.

Ah! It was you!

We've already met. What's all this about?

This fellow peddles a liquid...

...that endangers the passengers' life!

What is it? Poison? Maybe it's bad, but it's only coffee, isn't it?

You say that! May I?

I'm sorry, sergeant. Here it is.

You try it, so we'll se if it's coffee.

Of course I will! He pissed in it!

And I'm the one to taste it? You do.

Then you don't believe. Drink it, and let's get it over with!

Of course.

I'm only hurt by this lack of trust.

Once, a man's word, stood for something.

You don't drink it? There's no sugar.

Abbagnano! Alright.

It's good. Everything's ecological.

But?... If I may.

Where're you going? Going away.

The coffee was coffee. Sit down.

What else do you want from me?

Have you sold coffee on this train?

Yes, but I wouldn't. He insisted.

How could I know you were a bastard?

Watch your mouth, or you'll get this in your face!

To me? Delinquent! You don't know who I am.

I'm an honest man!

Honest my foot!

Please, wait outside!

And you, wanna cut it out? Sit. Give me the basket.

What d'you want with it? Impound it.

You want to take away my basket? And how am I to sell the coffee?

You must not sell coffee on this train anymore, got it?

And what am I to eat? Nothing.

Am I to fast? Of course.

Are you giving it to me, yes or no? Alright, take it.

D'you need anything else? Let's see the money you got.

Here it is. The money from the entire night.

No, Sergeant. I've earned those, I haven't stolen it.

That's the law. What law? Whose law?

The law remembers me only when it wants to arrest me!

Let's not joke about it, Sergeant. Take away my sight, but don't hit me money wise. Money hurts.

I have to impound it all the same.

You have to impound it? Yes. Unfortunately, yes.

Alright. If you want the money, I'll give it to you.

Abbagnano! Let us through!

Michele, what happened?

Fuck you!

I'll let go! I'll let go!

If you come here, I'll let go!

Go away, or I'll let go!

Go away, or I'll let go!

What have you done? Let me through, please.

Who're you?

Chief Inspector Ramacci Pisanelli, from the Ministery.


Come on...


Come up. Go away.

Start the train.

Please, go in the other wagon. There is place. Please.


Get in.

So, what's your name?

"Abbagnano Michele"...

Father's name?


Date of birth?

Where were you born?

Someday I couldn't help it.

"2 Ottobre 1927."

If it weren't for you, you could have written the date of death.

You'd have never jumped. What else could I have done?

They wanted to take away from me, all I needed to make a living.

One who makes all these scenes to survive, doesn't kill himself.

So, one has to kill himself, to stay alive?

And then what d'you know about how long I could have resisted... hanging outside, with only one hand?

Oh, sure.

You've lost your other hand? Yes, sir.

How did it happen?

What's the use of telling it to you?

I must put it in my report.

During the war, I was to close to... How is it called?...

Stalingrad. Yes.

A terrible cold. Snow and ice everywhere.

You can't even imagine such a hell.

The wind was howling and the blizzard was ragging.

You were there? No, I was at the Ministery.

When? Since 1943.

And you don't remember me? No.

In 1950 I was sculpting marble at the Ministery for Transportation, in Rome.

One night, it was blowing the... It was a terrible tramontana... and a piece of marble fell here... and severed all the tendons of my forearm.

As they could not do anything about it, they cut it off.

Your right arm was caught between two buffers, wasn't it?

No, it was my left one, before they cut it off.

And the one smashed by an english tank... in Africa, during a sand storm?

It was a long time ago, but it really happened.

And the one burnt while trying to save the kids from the fire?

Unfortunately, that also did happen.

But how many arms do you have? It all happened to you?

It happened to so many people, couldn't it have happened to me also?

I must know turn you in to the Railway Police.

We've finally caught the "railway monster".

You've been travelling, for years, without a ticket, you've got 3,000,000 worth of unpaid fines, you've been dreported to all police sections, from Vallo della Lucania a Napoli.

So? I have to make a final report.

If you want, you can tell me the truth about your arm, otherwise you'll tell it to the judge, and will go on telling it in prison.

Why? Is it a crime having a wooden arm?

It's a crime selling coffee on a train.

That's why I want to know the truth about your arm.

It could be the only mitigating circumstance at your trial, but you must tell it to me.

And you must hurry up. I have to catch my train for Rome.

I'm sorry, Inspector, we're almost at Napoli Centrale.

So, are you maimed or not? Is the wooden arm true or false?

You want to know if it's true it's true, or if it's true it's false?


You want to know if the arm it's false, or if it's true it's false?

Listen, cut these games out. It's not in your interest.

Inspector, I could even tell you the truth,

...but only to you. I'm waiting.

So am I. For what?

D'you see him?

He looks like he's doing nothing, but he breaks my balls.

Please, do me a favour, wait outside for a moment.

Yes, sir.



I knew that behind all your talk, there always is one solid truth.

It's enough to have patience, and the will to look for it.

O, so there's only one truth? Only one?

You went to school, didn't you?

It's paralyzed. Really paralyzed!

People don't want look at it! It makes them impressed, like poverty!

But I turn it into something important, thanks to all the things I tell about it.

The false arm is the only true thing, as far as people go.

Truth is what you see. I make a living with this truth.

But I can't write these stories of yours in my report.

I need hard facts.

No, you limit yourselves on the tragedy of the arm... because you don't want to see the real tragedy, that's inside!

The fact that the blows are always different, but it always is my ass.


If I may, so the arm wasn't wooden?

No, he has it. What a cheater!

But, he says, it's paralyzed.

When does my train leave? I'll find out right now.


Nothing. Let's put him here. Easy!

Put something under his head!

Get up! There's someone sick! Get up!

Room! Cazzillo, what's the matter?

Cazzillo! What's the matter?

He has a congenital disease. He has to be operated. It's his son.

Cazzillo, talk to me! Get up! Let us through!

Put it on his temples.

I got so scared. Is it serious?

I'll be right there. There's no hurry.

Now you write a full report and send it to Rome.

Whom to? To you? No.

To the one that sent the phonogram. Please.

Haven't you also dennounced Abbagnano?

You don't get it. I'm a Chief Inspector.

I'm here only to check on things.

But if you don't sign the denounce, how am I to have him arrested him?

You sign it.

But why should I take on this responsibility?

Then call for the Sergeant and turn him to him.

But, please, hurry up. I have a train to catch.


He's recovering.

And the file? I'll give it to you. Take it.

Martini! Here I am.

Gentlemen! If I may, on what charge am I to arrest him?

Dad, have they gone away?

No, they're talking because they want to put me in a spot, a tight one.

Aren't they gonna arrest you?

What are you talkin' about? The Sergeant is my friend. We fought together in the war.

I saved his life!

The wind was howling and the blizzard was ragging.

He had one wounded leg.

Did you do it on purpose? Yes.

What a jerk!

I really believed you! Me too!

Madonna del Carmine! How did you think about that?

He did it for you. Aren't you happy? No.

There's no flagrant! Did you see him selling coffee on the train?

I didn't. Did you?

No. Did you? I didn't like coffee.

And you. I wish I did!

I didn't even have a glass of milk for my cold.

Have you identified him at least? Have you asked him for an ID?

A passport? Does he look like a passport guy?

Then how do we know he really was Abbagnano Michele?

Was it him or not? No... no...

After all, was there Abbagnano Michele, on train 718, yes or no?

Michele, the boy saved you!

How d'you feel? He's getting smarter than you.

I don't want a son smart like me.

You mustn't tell lies.

I really fainted. You mustn't tell lies, understood?

Or what am I going to say? Can I go now?

Where to? I got a lot of things to do today.

You're going to sleep, anyway. We're going! Bye.

Take some money. No, we'll be eating together tonight.

Alright. Don't let me be late, the Vallo train leaves at 23:48!

Don't be late! Alright!

And don't run!


No, nothing.