Cafe Society (2016) Script

When the sun starts to dip on the Hollywood hills, the light often takes on the saturated loveliness of color by Technicolor.

The homes of the movie stars, in the late 1930's, said to be fabulous, were.

An the cocktail and dinner gatherings, saw the film colony's creme de la creme draining high balls, exchanging rumors, making deals and trading gossip.

No 'A' list affair was complete without the presence of Phil Stern, one of the town's most high powered agents, and his lovely wife, Karen.

Brilliant and dynamic, Stern could invariably be found holding court.

I saw Paul Muni on stage in New York and I was the first one to determine that he could do films.

I have...I pegged it. I saw him... long before anyone else knew that he would be a film actor.

And you had the idea? I knew that he would make the transition.

What...what was his quality? the spilling, please.

It's a good party, Phil, what can I tell ya!

Excuse me. Yes?

Telephone call, Mr.Stern. Oh! For me?

I gotta take this. I'm expecting a call from Ginger Rogers.

I told her that I could be reached here.

She is not happy with her representation, so who knows?

Charmed luck!

Phil Stern, here.

Phil, it's Rose.


Your sister.

How did you find me here?

Your housekeeper gave me the number.

What's wrong?

Bobby quit, Marty's jewelry business.

And he's coming to Hollywood.

I was hoping that you could find something for him in your agency.



My son.

Your nephew.


We're talking to Warner Brothers the next summer, if they wind up the rights for the book.

And, Bette Davis would be perfect.

When we get the rights to the book, we'll talk.

But Phil, until that happens...try not to write the deal like lighting a wet match.

OK, let me just get off this call. Get off the phone, we'll sit down.

Uh, huh...hello? Huh? Hmm, yes?

And he doesn't know a soul out there.

So what the hell is he comin' out here for?

I mean, I don't know what I can do for him, meanwhile, this call is costing you a fortune.

Look, I...I gotta go.

Ginger Rogers is trying to get in touch with me.

Two weeks later, a cab from the train station pulled up in Hollywood at the Ali Baba Motel.

And emerging from it, was a young man hoping to make a life for himself.

This was Robert Jacob Dorfman.

Bobby Dorfman, from the Bronx, away from home for the first time.

The son of the poor jeweler, Marty Dorfman, and his beleaguered wife, Rose.

His parents bickered on all subjects. Particularly Phil Stern.

He is not a Jewish man.

And what are you?

You are no example.

You don't pray. You don't fast.

And you don't have a traditional Jewish head.

You're stupid!

Then there was the middle sister, Evelyn, the school teacher, married to Leonard, the intellectual, the professor, the Communist.

Religion is the opium of the people.

A ponderer of big questions.

A mensch.

A match made in heaven for Evelyn.

Finally, there was the eldest brother, Ben.

Simply put, Ben was a gangster.

Bobby loved his brother and chose to see Ben's lively-hood as the restaurant's supply business.

But while Ben serviced bars and nightclubs, there was a darker aspect to his life.

And so, on a sun drenched day on Wilshire Boulevard, Bobby Dorfman approaches the office of his Uncle Phil Stern.

Hmm, Hi, I'm here to see Phil Stern.

You have an appointment? I do.

I'm..ah, Bobby Dorfman, his nephew.

He is actually in a conference at the moment.

Why don't you have a seat. Of course!

Mr.Dorfman? Oh, yes?

Mr.Stern will not be available today.

There's a little bit of a crisis thats come up.

Can you come back Friday?

Ah, that's...that's three days away.

Yes, the nineteenth, Thank you.

I'm sorry, Mr.Stern had to leave for Acapulco.

He said to tell you, it was a promise to his wife on her birthday.

Christ! He went from Chicago to Mexico on business!

I'm here 3 weeks, I can't get near him!

It's MGM, it's Ginger Rogers, it's Ronald Coleman...

That's why Phil Stern's a big man.

He'll be back, so make the best of it.

Here...your brother, he came over for potato pancakes.

Take the phone.

Hey pal, you bored already?

I was there for 3 weeks, that's why I'll never go back.

It's sunny and warm but it's not New York. I do not know anybody here.

Here they call Danish sweet rolls and serve coffee first, the minute you sit down. Even before the orange juice.

Let me give you some phone numbers, ok? Hang on.


Toni White, Klondike 0079, She knows a lotta girls.

Know you're shy. Can't start a conversation.

Just pay him 20 bucks, She knows you're cute.

Hey! I'm not paying. There's nothing sexy about a commercial transaction.

No, you are right kid. It's the worst. But some nights, it's the only game in town.

Good bye.

He's a good kid. He'll do okay.

Meanwhile the phony brother is givin' a run around.

He is busy.

You don't know, what it is to be busy.

The man eats with Fred Astaire and Gary Cooper.

I'm impressed.


Good pancakes. Buy yourself a hat.

What's this?


Hmm...going to Florida for a few days.

I don't want this money, if it came from anything fishy.

My partner and I are maybe buying a nightclub.

Would it make you feel better if I was in the night club business? long as it's all above board...

When will you know? We've to see if the owner is willing to sell.

We're trying to persuade him.

If asked politely, people listen.

I'm at Ali Baba Motel.

It's on Grace and Yucca. Yes, and ah... it's Room 222, on Bobby Dorfman, so yes.

10:15? Yeah. OK.

That's fine, 10:15, yeah, I don't care. No, of course not!

Blond, brunette...whatever she like.

Ah, great, I will be waiting.

This is the room you want.

Your date got my room, by mistake.

Oh, God! Sorry.

Come on in. Oh Sorry. Sorry, OK!

Jesus! What the hell did you do?

I'm sorry! I wrote it down wrong.

You know, I live here, so everyone has to know.

Do I look a working girl? Look at yourself! Are you kidding me?

Where were you? I am ready to go to sleep.

I know, I know. My car got a flat. I'm sorry, I'm late. My name is Candy.

Delayed, you get the wrong room...

I could use one. Yeah?

Alright, fine! Help yourself.

You know, I usually don't do this.

Oh! Can you let you in on a secret? What?

I've never taken money before, so we're both in the same boat.

Wait a second! You mean this is your first job?

Uh..hmm. It is.

So if I seem a little disorganized...

My God! Toni sends you over here! You're not even a pro!

Not yet!

You don't have any qualms going down this road? Umm, huh.

I need a job.

My acting career is not going anywhere.

OK! Yeah, but maybe, think.

I need the money.

Uh! You know what? You don't... you don't have to sleep with me, but I'll give you the money.

No, It's OK! I've made up my mind.

No, I don't want it on my conscience. It's too much for me.

It's alright, it's alright. I'm willing!

Oh! Willing? Thank you very much! It was like taking medicine?

No! No! You are not some big fat shrieker! Thank you!

Hey! You are nervous and now you are making me nervous.

I'm not nervous to goto bed... actually I got out of a pretty hot romance, OK?

But I never paid anyone to do it with me, before.

Incidentally, I need the $20 in advance.

There is nothing sexy about the two of us going through the motions!

Here, just take the money and go.

Don't you wanna try me?

Listen, I'm so lonely that I would have been happy to talk but I'm even too tired for that.

Am I not attractive?

You are okay. You are fine! It's me, I get a headache.

Oh? And this town is full of fantastic looking girls? Yeah!

They come from all over, lookin' to get in movies. Yeah.

So, you don't wanna go to bed with me? Yeah.

It's just that I'm not in the mood, sorry. I lost it.

Oh Jesus! Don't cry. Don't cry. Cmon!

Oh, come on! Cmon on! If it's gonna kill you, lets go.

Cmon, we'll do it. All I ask is that we turn the lights out.

You know what? I got a feelin', this line of work is not right for you.

Hey look!

I came over here a little late, OK, but its you who is backing down.

Hey! Because you are making me tense. Give me the bottle. I need another drink.

Maybe if we just took our clothes off and got into bed?

What? No! I can't. It's too mechanical. Here, just take the 20 bucks.

No! Forget it. I'll just go. Sorry I screwed everything up.

No, I'm sorry too. 'Cause this isn't really my style.

And don't be upset, it's got nothing to do with your looks. Don't take it personally. Okay?

But you don't wanna do it? Oh, my God! If it's so important to you, we'll do it!

Cmon! We'll do it! Let's go.

Come on. Okay.


Here, take the money.

So what is your name? Cindy?

Its Candy.

Candy? Its Candy? Yeah.

It's that real...? What is that? Candice?

No, not really.

But it's a sexy name, don't you think?

It's okay..

My real name is Shirley.

Shirley Garfein.

You are a Jew?

Yeah. So?

A Jewish hooker! Is this is a first.

Oh, don't act so shocked! I'm not gonna make a career out of it!

Just take the 20, OK? And please go. Just go. Thank you.

Oh! What's wrong? Please.

Nothing, I just can't...let you in. Let's go.

But, please. Are you sure?

Very sure. It was nice to meet you. Thank you so much. Just don't talk to anybody on your way out.

That's fine.

It's just down this hall. Great!

Come in. Come in.

Sorry been so hard to get to.

Hate to tell you, how hard its been going through with Howard Hawks at Chicago.

Oh! That's okay, Uncle Phil.


So... what's the story?

Rose tells me you wanna live out here?

Yes...yes, I could not go on with my father's business. Sorry...

It was stilt defying, I wanna do something more interesting with my life.

Call for you, sir. Hello? Yeah, hi Paul.

Yeah, its a mess down there. Adolphe Menjou is threatening to walk off the picture.

I'll give you the details at Jacks on Friday. You will be at the poker game, right?

OK, we'll talk then.

Yeah, yep. I'm tied up right now.


You can't believe last coupla weeks.

Oh, Christ! Ben, it's all about ego! This whole town runs on ego.

Yeah. Hi, I'm Bobby. Ben is my brother though, so its understandable.

So what the hell...

What can I do for you? Adele calling...

Hold on...hello?

Oh, Jesus! What...?

Absolutely. Yes.

Lunch on Friday at the Brown Derby.

Yeah. And bring Harry because I believe Joel McCrea would be the perfect play to lead.

Absolutely. See you on Friday.

And don't cancel on me with a cock-a-mame excuse.

What do you think of Joel McCrea?

I think he's a great movie star.

What I like about Joel McCrea is that he can play drama and give you the light touch.

Great range.

So...what are your plans? Are you plannin' on staying out here?

Well, I thought maybe if you know somethin' I could get started here maybe. Maybe something at your agency?

Here, like what?

I don't know. Like something I can stay out here.

I kinda...I kinda of need a job.

We have nothing here at the moment, I mean if you're talking about the mail room.

The Mail room, yeah so thats...

Yeah, sure, to maybe begin with.

If something comes up in the mail room, I could let you know.

OK there nothing here, now then?

Unless... put you working for me.

Come up with some cock-a-meme title.

I always have some errands to run.

Oh! I'll do anything.

You know anybody in town?

No. I don't.

Hotel life, it's worse, right?

Umm, Karen and I will invite you over to dinner.

And we've these parties.

Sunday brunches. We'll invite you. You meet some nice people.

Vonnie, come in here. Can you?

Check in with me each day and I will have some odd jobs for you to do.

This is so nice of you, Uncle Phil.

Stop with The Uncle. It's Phil.

You don't wanna over-emphasize on empathism.

Vonnie, this is my nephew...umm...

Bobby. Bobby...Bobby.

He just moved out here.

Maybe you can help him get oriented. Show him the town?

Right now, he's at sea.


Anytime this weekend. Are you free Saturday?

Yes! Great. Hmm..umm. And...

Fantastic. Very nice to meet you.

When you leave, I'll get your information. Okay.

She was nice.

Dear Evelyn, just a note to say hello.

I'd call more frequently but between mom & dad, you and Ben, the long distance calls are probably bankrupting everybody.

Ben sent me a few bucks, so I'm managing.

I gotta job with Uncle Phil.

Not much of a job, but he's going to have me at dinners and brunches, and introduce me to contacts.

His secretary is going to show me around, this weekend.

She is very pretty.

Dear Bobby, It's raining here today.

Very pretty, but a little melancholy.

Leonard says, its the poignancy of life, and not only do we have to embrace its meaninglessness, and celebrate life because it has no meaning.

Its too deep for me, but mom always boils it down to:

Live every day like its your last.

And someday you will be right.

Hi, thank you so much for driving. Of course.

So? So...

So where should we start?

I was thinking, maybe the Beverly Hills homes? The fancy, spamshy movie stars homes?

Great! I'm game. Okay.

This is Spencer Tracy's house. Wow! Hmm...

I think it's one of the prettiest. But its not done out.

Yeah. Wait! Whose that one?

Well that I don't know.

Looks a bit pretentious, don't you think?

Is it?

Well, to me, these all seems like the Taj Mahal.

I know the feeling.

And here is where Joan Crawford lives. Oh! My God!

It takes your breath away. Right? Look at that car!

Know I met Ms.Crawford once. Really?

She is a client of your uncle's.

What is she like? Beautiful.

I knew her, before she was a movie star. She was larger than life.

I can imagine what it would be like, to be larger than life.

Sure'd be fun for a while.

But I think I'd be happier life-sized.

This is Robert Taylor's house.

OK, if you could chose one house on the block to live in, which would you pick?

I don't think I would choose Beverly Hills.

No? Why...why not?

I love living by the beach, you my apartment is a short ride to the ocean. I get to stare it all day.

To be honest, I kinda feel sorry for these people. Needing to feel important in these big houses.

I talk like this now.

But I'm same as every other girl in town. All with same ambition, but...

What? You wanted to be a movie star?

I loved acting, in school.

Where was school?


I thought I come to Hollywood and live in one of these house with swimming pool, and hop nod with all the glamorous types. Hmm.

Door openings. Hmm...

You know, you grow up and... quickly realize that if you had half a brain, what a silly life that can be.

Lovely, charming, and un-corrupted by the values of the seductive city that worshiped fame and box office records, Vonnie enchanted him, although he was too scared to ask, if she had a boyfriend.

As his philosophy maven brother-in-law once said:

Some questions you don't wanna know the answers to.

Meanwhile, he labored at the trivial errands his uncle had him doing. and was the only thought that she would be free again the following Saturday and he could see her that gave him something to look forward to.


* Are the stars out tonight? * * I don't know if it's cloudy or bright *

* 'Cause I only have eyes for you, dear * * The moon may be high *

* But I can't see a thing in the sky * * 'Cause I only have eyes for you *

Here you go, two beers. Thank you sir.

Wow! That movie!

I loved it. Did you like it? Yeah of course.

Barbara Stanwyck is really one of my favorites.

This place is great! And you were not kidding when you said this place wasn't a joint.

It's not the Brown Derby or Chasen's, where you have to make an entrance, or sit at the right table, next to Mr.Goldwyn or James Cagney.

Have you ever heard Mr.Goldwyn speak?

He sounds like a wad-will comic.

His accent is so extreme, it's so hilarious.

And I didn't expect that.

What are you thinking?

Just the fact that... you're very beautiful.

Thank you. Hmm.

Ah! I don't think its a very good idea, actually.

No? I'm seeing someone.

Oh! I didn't...what's he like?

Doug is a journalist. Oh!

I just thought, since you had so much free time in your hands...

He travels a lot.

And I really like spending time with you, I hope its ok, you know... you're very sweet. Have you heard that before?

You have this deer in the headlights quality...

Thank you.

Well, if I was your boyfriend, I would not travel.

Or if I did, I would take you with me.

I hope he knows how to kiss you, all the rest...

That's between us.

I'm just looking out for your best interests.

Thank you! I am.

What would I do without you? I dunno.


You know Karen. Actually we never really met.

Phil speaks very highly of you.

Meaning to invite you to one of our brunches for the longest of times.

Thank you very much. And I still appreciate everything he's done for me.

I may have some good news for you. Let's see.

You know, I thought I saw Joan...Joan Blondell here. Is that possible?

She's around here somewhere.

I hear Louis is going absolutely outta his mind... because his new picture is gonna bomb.

Look, Spencer's great. Spencer's always great. Am I right?

They will never see their money back.

Gentlemen, gentlemen. Say hello to Bobby Dorfman.

Hi, how are you? Poor cheeks.

Mike was just saying, how bad is the take on MGM's new film.

Howard, Rad, Steve! Comon over here.

Is it not the best films you have ever heard in your lifetime? Am I right?

Howard Fox, Bobby Dorfman.

Howard was the two time Academy Award Winner.

Wow! Congratulations! Thank you.

You would have never heard of me. I am a writer.

Rad Taylor, Bobby Dorfman. Hi, Bobby.

Rad and Steve these are New Yorkers, just like you. Nice to meet you.

Steve runs our New York law firm. Nice to meet you.

Right, I do run the New York law firm, but I have a question for you, Phil.

You said during this trip that I could see Greta Garbo. Where is she?

Ah...she is impossible. Greta!?

Greta's gone somewhere, thats where she is!

Bobby, who do you wanna meet? Ah...Babe Ruth.

Ah, I mean present company accepted.

I don't care how many men she sleeps with, she will never get that part.

Have you seen her in a bathing suit?

Huge thighs. They are not Loui B Meyer thighs.

This is you faithful Hollywood reporter calling like he said he would.

Yes...yes it's me.

I think you're actually lucky that your boss doesn't invite you to these things.

It is everything that you can't stand.

It's all in-street talk and name dropping and caddy back-stabbing.

Yeah, but there are a few faces that you recognize from the screen.

Oh! Me?

I'm kinda half bored, half fascinated.

But I would trade it for tacos with you, at that little Mexican joint.

Hmm, yeah if we were here together, we would have a million wicked laughs together.

Oh! No, no. Of course. Go.

I'll speak to you later. Yep.

If you look closely. I'm in there.

These, these photos are incredible. I recognize so many famous faces.

Keep going till you get to an unknown 10 year old.

What? No! Is that you?

It's me, right next to D.W.Griffith.

Oh, my Goodness!

I grew up in this town but thank God, I married a confirmed New Yorker.

Oh yeah! Thats right, you lived in New York. What did you do there?

I ran a modeling agency.

Oh really?

Hey! Are there more beautiful girls in Hollywood or New York?

Why? Is that how y'all decide where you will live?

No, no, no...I'm just...just curious.

There is more out here.

I'm sure you will have no trouble finding suitable companionship.

Unfortunately, the most beautiful woman out here already has a boyfriend.

That's life!

That's why Rodgers & Hart get rich.

I'm sorry, I think I'm drunk. I never mixed champagne with bagels and locks before.

Welcome to Hollywood. Right!

What do you do?

Me? Well medial errands are my specialty. But I don't see a future...

Steve. Hey! We met downstairs.

Absolutely. Bobby.

Here's a New Yorker suffering from unrequited love. Hmm..uhmm.

It's true! Oh no!

Unrequited love kills more people in a year than tuberculosis.

I believe that!

I am kidding. I know, but it sounds...

If you ever find yourself back to New York and you still broken hearted, call us and I will introduce you to any number of eligible young goddesses who believe me, are just as lonely as you, despite their fabulous measurements. thank you, OK maybe I'll take you up on that.

Listen, Bobby, if you are bored out here, we can always invite you to a film we are screening a film in which I have wisely invested in next week.

I would love to go.

Does that sound good? Yes. Of course. Thank you so much.

Bring your girlfriend, if you pry her loose from her lover.

Marty? There you go! I was looking for you.

I have some good news.

Vonnie, Hi. Hi.

You are free tonight?

I'm not.

You sure? I wanted to take you out celebrate.

Celebrate what? I got a promotion.

And a raise. I'm gonna be reading scripts.

What!? That is fantastic! Yeah.

Wow! I'm so happy for you!

Thank you. I was hoping to take you out for a screening. I got invited by some... big producer.

Can I take a rain check?

Yes, of course! But I was hoping on buying you champagne.

Hmm, how about dinner on Wednesday?


Yes OK.

Dinner it is.

That's great! I'll take you out some place fancy.

Uh, then I gotta get dressed up and the whole thing...

Maybe we stay at your place? And I can cook for us.

Really? cook?

Well I don't make pheasant or soufflé or anything like that, but...

I can manage spaghetti and meatballs.

Yes! That's great. okay.

Well you can play me those jazz records, I've been dying to hear.

No! this is great. Well my mother cooks spaghetti and meatballs.

When a Jew cooks, it's always over cooked.

They wanna be sure to kill all the germs, so...

I think, I'll prefer yours.

It was his first experience to a private screening at a producer's home, and it was a good movie.

And he wished Vonnie would have been there to share.

But she had warned him from start that she had a boyfriend.

Sorry I'm late. There was traffic! Can you believe it?

Late or on time, you always look beautiful to me. Thank you.

Can I have some white wine, please. I'm sure its just the Kinder lite.

It is the light of the candles.

I made up my mind.

I'm gonna have a talk with Karen as soon as she returns from Toronto.

Her mother is much better.

Are you sure, this is really what you want?

I can't go sneaking around, grabbing moments with you in hotels and dark bars.

I'm in love with you.

You have been saying that but I just don't wanna feel like I've broken up your marriage.

I wanna be honest, Karen and I have a long history and not a bad one.

Would I walk out on her, hadn't I met you?

Probably not.

But I did meet you.

Of course I wanna be with you. I just hate the duplicity of this.

I know, it's not fair to you to live like this.

You been so understanding about it.

Too understanding, really.

I love you, Vonnie.

My heart beats faster when you say that to me, it does!

With excitement I hope. Not anxiety.

Yes, with excitement.

I'm excited.

Dare I kiss you?

I dare you not.

Dear Bobby, I understand you met some girl, you're crazy about.

Your last letter said, she had a boyfriend. A journalist.

My advice is to not give up.

Send her some flowers and keep trying.

I know you said, she's not the type that gets impressed by presents but you know women appreciate little gifts..

Just a word to the wise...

As for Ben, he is getting involved in the nightclub business.

What does he know of running a club?

I know, he's up to his neck with union problems. But so far, he's been able to deal with them.

Ben Dorfman. Benny to his friends.

Ten typewriters were stolen over the weekend!

He was always in trouble with the law. Even going back to school days.

He grew up in a Jewish neighborhood, where most children got educated.

And became doctors or lawyers.

But not all. Some where though Jews and picked the streets.

Harry Cantor owes me $6,000 You collect it for me. I give you a third.

If you do it, this week... I take you to Duffinetti for a nice steak.

He wasn't gonna struggle, like his father, going through one menial job to another.

His friend Abe got 20 cents an hour for lugging big crates of stationary.

He got 50 bucks for fixing up some furs in the garment industry.

Tony Rondalino taught them to holdup craps games.

Being illegally, when they took the money, they couldn't go to the cops.

He split the money with Tony.

One night he was sitting in his car with Tony.

He had enough to buy a car!

A guy came up, calm as could be... put his gun through the window and killed Tony.

Education in the streets, came violently.

Now, he and his partners own the club 'The Hangover'.

He wore expensive suits, but under those suits, he was still Benny from the streets.

Well have a good trip.

I envy you. I miss New York so much right now.

My business can't be without me for too long or everyone falls apart.

I'm sure they do.

Good luck with everything. Thank you.

She's coming over to cook spaghetti this week.

I keep...I keep deluding myself...

If I have the right wine, right music, the right candlelight...

Oh, take it from me, she likes you if she spends so much time with you.

Hope so. Steve and I are rooting for you.

Thank you. Stay in touch.

You too.


Hey Bobby! I wanted to tell you that I can't make it tonight.

Something came up, its an emergency. I have to re-schedule.

But I laid everything out. I opened the wine to let it breathe.

Can I make it up to you? I promise, I will.

Ok! Ow! Yeah, ok. Okay.

I got our anniversary present.


It's a letter written and signed by Rudolph Valentino.

It's paper.

Our first year's papers, so...

I found this amazing memorabilia shop.

I can't do it, Vonnie.

Can't do what?

I can't leave Karen.

Bob, it was your idea...

I can't see you anymore.


This is putting me in an early grave.

I thought I could tell her...

But Christ! We've been married for 25 years, we have kids.

You don't owe me any explanation.

I can't lead a double life. It's not fair to you.

Or to Karen, or to myself.

It's okay.

It's not that I do not love you...

It's just that...the situation is too difficult.

And its pointless to move on...

I...I understand. That's what you gonna say, right?

Something like that.

Look, I know... we can't just both... forget that this all happened.

Your secret is safe with me, if that's what you are worried about.

I would never tell anyone...

Oh, my gosh! Are you okay?

I'm probably too late for dinner, right?

Dinner? Ah, well...

Are you okay?

What's wrong? I don't want to impose on you like this.

I really don't wanna do that. No, its no imposition. What's wrong?

I can't stop crying, it's so stupid.

Well tell me what happened? What happened?

My boyfriend just dumped me.

Oh! Oh! Sorry. Was that okay?

Yes, it's over. It's all over.

Oh! I'm so sorry. What happened?

I brought him an anniversary present, it was our paper anniversary, so, one year...

Yeah, yeah... It was a Valentino letter, it was beautiful... it was a letter signed and written by Valentino.

That's so nice.

He cannot leave his wife. And I know that. I've known that. He can't.

Its just we can't go on forever, like that. I did not know that he was married.

Can I have a glass of white wine? Yes! Of course.

I mean, if it hasn't evaporated. Its been breathing for hours.

Whoa! Sorry, that happens in this motel. But it should be over soon.

God! I never suspected he was married, although...

I am slow to pickup on anything.

You know, that is one of your sweetest qualities, you are very naive.

Oh! Thank you.

Guess you must have really loved him.

He was very wonderful.

Hmm...yeah, I'm sure.

I will forget about it. Yeah.

Yeah, I have to be honest...

I'm...I'm in two minds, I feel sorry for you, but I'm also glad you don't have a boyfriend anymore.

But by pure selfishness.

I have always known how you felt about me, and its been flattering.

I fell in love with you, the first moment I laid eyes on you.

And I thought, you were a movie star.

Honestly, I don't think I will ever fall in love again.

No! Well it will happen, you need time.

I'll get over this. I'm not usually a fragile person, I swear, it just that it took me by surprise. It really did.

Ah! I guess there's always the risk, if you get involved with a married man.

That's what my roommate said.

But he just overwhelmed me.

He's incredibly alive and... very exciting.

Yeah! It's a very imaginative gift, you got.

For a paper letter from Rudolph Valentino. That is very charming.

I...I thought so. Yeah.

Maybe, next year, I'll be lucky enough to get you a love letter from your favorite actress, Barbara Stanwyck.

That's sweet.

Maybe Vonnie was heart broken the way things turned out with the affair, but Bobby decidedly was not.

He took it upon himself with great pleasure to try and help her forget of her former lover.

And try she did.

They spent weekends at the beach and went to the movies almost every night.

I'll be there. You go right ahead Bill, I trust you.

They visited all the great movie palaces in Hollywood, which were grand and beautiful, and not very expensive.

And as time passed, Vonnie did start to succumb to Bobby's charm and loving attention.

And what began originally as as a casual friendship blossomed into a genuine romance.

Let's move to New York.


Yeah. What I really would like to say is: Marry me and lets move to New York.

It'll be great! We'll get a spot in Greenwich Ville.

I will find work there and I'll spoil you.

Yeah. I think it will be great. Look, the truth is, I've got dis-illusioned with the whole scene out here.

I was like you, I dreamed of a house with a swimming pool, exiting movie stars, but really kinda of a boring, nasty, doggy, dog industry.

Come on, lets get married and we'll move to New York, it will be great!

Greenwich Village, that's where all the poets and painters lived, right?

I can't promise we would ever be rich, but I promise, we'll have each other.

And my brother, Ben, owns a nightclub. And he has asked me to run it.

I do not know anything about it, but Ben's a great guy.

And I'm a quick learner.

And at a night club isn't like working in a drab office.

And even if you had a boyfriend, you always had feelings for me underneath.

You have.

We'd make a great team in New York.

It sounds exciting, it really does. Yeah.

Come here.

Phil? What wrong? You sounded so upset on the telephone.

You want a drink?

No, no thank you. What's on your mind?

Just let me... Yeah, sure...sure.

Are you...are you alright?

Why do you ask?

I don't know. Recently, you've been smoking more and drinking more. have been actually crotchety at work.

I'm not alright. I know.

Goodness, I hope...I hope you're not ill.

I need to talk, Bobby... with somebody I trust. Yes?

You can certainly talk to me, if you like....

You are family. Yeah.

Yes, so whats the matter?

I've decided I'm gonna leave my wife. Oh! Okay...

I've been back and forth about this decision many times but the conclusion I come to:

I've fallen in love with another woman and I can't live without her.

Oh! Wow! I'm no expert in this area. But of course these things do happen.

Not to me, they don't.

I never cheated.

I never looked at another woman in 25 years.

Jesus! You know Karen, she's wonderful!

Yes, she is. She's wonderful!

Yeah, she is. I agree.

And then a year ago, this dream, the angel... dropped outta the sky.

I became hooked. Well, yeah...

I'm saying, these platitudes, but... but when it's right, I think you just know it. I can vouch for that.

Yes, this is right. Yes.

This is right!

And this woman loves you, I'm assuming?

I believe that she does.

Although I have jerked her around for a year telling her that I was going to leave Karen, then I couldn't and then I would and then I didn't.

I can't tell her I'm gonna do it again, not... get her hopes up.

I just have to do it. Hope she hasn't met someone else.

No, I'm sure if she really loves you...

She is much younger than I am.

So what is age? Nothing really anything if you are actually in love.

I am so consumed with guilt over Karen, because she's done nothing to alienate me.

She is bright and cheerful and loyal.

Her sex was always very good. Oh! Nice...yeah.

But with this other woman, it's fantastic!

That's good. That's fantastic good, but...

I think people go through crises and with time they come out ok.

I'm sure she will be fine.

Yes. Yeah.

Terribly well taken. Terribly.

Christ! She'll have everything I'm worth! Thats...

Well listen, if there's anything I can do for you...ever...

I just wanted to talk. Okay.

I've been carrying this knot around my chest for a long time.

I'm sorry that you have been burdened by that. You can always talk to me.

Thanks. Yeah.

So is it true? Hmm?

Maybe getting a little homesick?

Oh! Yes, I think I needed to move away from Manhattan to realize what a New Yorker I'm at heart.

Do you mind if I...? No, no.

This is understandable. People come out here all the time decide life's not for them.

You have a girl back in New York?

I'm hoping I will, I do and if it works, you can take 10% for it.

For what?

For introducing me to Vonnie.

I think she's gonna marry me and move to Manhattan with me.

Phil Stern could not believe what he was hearing.

He had worried that Vonnie had found someone else but never dreamed it was his nephew.

He had been taken with his secretary from that first day.

Veronica Sybel.

I have an astroscreen English lit and drama.

And yes, I can type.

He was smitten with her face, and, she was captivated by his charm and take charge vitality.

And over the next months, he over whelmed her, took risks doing it.

I wanna send fifty roses.

That's right...yes fifty.

Fifty fifty percent.

Yes, fifty red roses.

And I want the card to read...

Thanks for a fabulous weekend.

I told you you wouldn't get seasick, with me there.

I love you. Philip.

Yeah, you know what? Make that a hundred. A hundred red roses.

You are amazing.

No you are. Oh! Thank you though.

I was in the mood. Really?

The thought of two of us in some great village apartments...

Who would have thought when I first came out here...

I know.

Everybody's lives is so unpredictable.

It's funny, my Uncle Phil, your former employer, who is so dynamic and always full of confidence, actually confided in me.

He's...he's so hopelessly miserable, lately.

Yeah! Apparently he has been having an affair with a woman who is very much in love with...

He has been having trouble bringing himself to leave his wife.

But apparently, he is in so much love with this other person that he has decided to leave Karen and plans to marry this other woman.

And he has been suffering so much because he loves and respects his wife but he cannot go on without this other woman.

Yeah? Yeah.

I didn't have the nerve to ask if it was a movie star.

Yeah. What's...what's the matter? He was leaving his wife...


Oh yeah! He has tried and backed down a dozen times, but now he said, he cannot live without this other person, that's what he said.

So, theres no question though, here, he's very much in love.


What are you thinking? You seem... seem so lost in thought.

I'm sorry. No, nothing.

What are you thinking?

Just nothing.

Oh no!

Oh no! I've made you nervous with my babbling about marriage and us moving to New York.

Is that it?

I know.

That is quite a big thought.

It is.


You have a wonderful night.

Phil, we've gone over this a million times.

What are you...things have changed. What?

Can we go some place and talk?

Where? Our usual dark bar? No! Absolutely not! I work here.

I told Karen.

That was a little presumptuous, given the circumstance. Don't you think?

What do you mean?

Are you actually considering moving to New York with my nephew?

Do you know about that?

Who told you?

No secret is safe very long in this town.

Ours, was.

Don't tell me you changed your mind?

Oh! Hi, Louis.

Any word on the MGM thing? Not yet. But we should know by the end the week.

Let me get that. There you go. Thank you.

I love you. Is all we meant to each other, nothing?

No, I do not know what I think. I'm terribly confused. Can you blame me?

No. I can't.

Maybe tell me, "Go to Hell". I will understand, but...

I will kill myself, then you will know where it's coming from.

First you're leaving, then you're not, then you are, then you can't.

I never pushed you to leave her, in fact I never even asked you to leave her over me.

And now you're telling me, that you left?

What am I supposed to do with that?

I know I've been wishy washy, but the thought of losing...

Hi. It's is a white Ermine fur.

Oh! Can you imagine the studio requires us to wear fur in this weather!

Here you go. That's the one. Thank you.

I understand it hasn't been easy. But if it is so hard, why should we have to... Phil?

Yes? Hi!

You never got back to me about Bill Powell. Oh! On what!?

William Powell in the Paramount two. Oh! Right!

Yeah! I think he's gonna pass. But I will give him a call tomorrow.

Vonnie! I don't want you working here.

I want to marry you and take care of you for the rest of your life.

I don't believe you cooled on me so quickly!

And Christ sake! With who? My nephew?

He's a nice kid, but where the hell is he going?

You said it yourself that it's possible to have feelings for two people.

You love him too? I don't believe it.

Well believe it. I do.

You love me.

I don't know. I think so.

I'm not sure. I'm very mixed up.

Phil, we on for lunch, Thursday? Absolutely. Sure. Sure.

I'll bring Judy Garland. You will love this kid.

And I think we can end up representing her.

Really? Ok we will bring her along..

I met Judy over Billy Wilder's party. So I know Judy.

See you Thursday. See you Thursday.

I'm not gonna stand here pleading. I love you.

I have loved you for over a year.

I handled the best I could. Maybe it was handled poorly at times.

But in the matters of heart, people do foolish things.

Think of, of my offer. I want you to be my wife. Now!

I will die if you say no.

Goin' home to talk to Karen.

I thought you told Karen?

I told her that I would be speaking a very serious matter this evening.

Charlie, we need to talk to you about that John Ford movie.

Vonnie was perplexed.

Two men were in love with her.

One a dynamic and successful powerhouse.

The other, a younger man, who clearly adored her.

She shared her problem with a roommate, Rosalind, who first came down strongly in marrying Phil Stern, but then wavered that she found Bobby very likable and passionately in love with Vonnie.

Oh! Sorry, I thought everyone on this floor had gone home.

Have a drink. That's ok.

Go ahead. We are family. We can drink together.

Theres something the matter?

The part of the only family left, I left Karen.

Did you? I hope it wasn't too painful?

How are things going, with you and Vonnie?

It's okay.

Although, she's got a little nervous, lately.

Did she say anything?

No! She's been nervous to get married, move to New's been...

So, I don't push it.. Hmm. Umm, hmm But although she loves me, I know, she loves me, and I truly believe she's looking forward to marrying me, because there were ever two people meant for each other...

Cmon! Don't look so glum.

I'm sure your situation will work itself out too.

Although I guess, it would have been prudent before you talk to Karen.

Don't lecture me on being prudent! Please!

I understand timing! Timing is everything in life.

The worst mistake you can make in business, is being pre-mature.

Oh! Yeah, I know that... Just remember!

If you marry her, I'm looking for my 10%.

Okay, it's a deal.

I don't wanna ask you, who you are in love with. I guess it's some ravishing movie star?

No. She's not a movie star.

I'm not shallow.

I...I'm not seduced by cheap glamor.

I value substance and character. Who the hell do you think I am?

I wasn't implying anything like that. I was just thought it might be Hedy Lamarr, because how much she adores you. What!? All of your clients do.

That's...that's what makes you such a success.

That was a gift. I had it framed.

It's a love letter from Rudolph Valentino.

She gave me on our one year anniversary. Which is paper.

Hi! What a surprise. What are you doing here?

Are you going to marry me, or my Uncle Phil?

I'm gonna marry Phil.

It's how nice to get together for Seder.

I have to say, selfishly, it's so nice that you're back from Hollywood.

And we are all together again.

So much for your brother taking him under his wing!

Phil is helping him. But he didn't take to, out there.

I knew you hate it out there.

If only wish my brother,Phil was in New York. So that he could come tonight.

I love to meet his new wife.

Wouldn't you, Martin?

I don't have to. You know how I feel about your brother.

He is not a Jewish man!

What kinda man throws out his wife after 25 years, and run off with a 25 year-old secretary?

I hate to tell you, how many go with their secretaries.

Bobby says she was really beautiful.

So is looks everything!?

Where's character? Where's loyalty?


You're not a beauty contest winner but I stuck with you.

Enough wine for you.

Look is an emotion.

And emotions are not rational.

You fall in love. You fall.

You lose control.

Leonard... I have dated many wonderful women, but the minute I laid my eyes on your daughter, I knew Evelyn was for me.

It was pure luck!

If my cab driver hadn't driven through the plate glass roof of that restaurant, I would never have met Leonard.

He was having coffee. We barreled right under him.

I didn't spill.

Bobby, you met her.

Is she so fabulous?

She is very lovely.

She one of those stuck-up Hollywood movie queens?

No, she's a very down to Earth girl. You will probably like her.

I think she will be good for Phil.

So, I think daddy is right.

A wife is not like a car. You just don't trade or rent for the latest model.

Our next door neighbor just kicked out his wife for a cheap stripper and knocked her teeth out.

Hmm, he's a lunatic.

We live next door to a crazy man. I'm scared of him.

He pushed Leonard.

He didn't push me.

He is a hot head, he bumped me.

I was trying to explain, he was blocking our drive way.

Some people only understand a punch in the nose.

That's not Leonard's style. Leonard thinks everyone can be reasoned with.

But we have to accept the premise of common humanity, otherwise you are in the jungle with beasts.

The idea is always in getting the first punch. there's no way for the other guy.

How do you like working for your big brother?

I am very lucky. Thank you.

When you came home, you were a lost soul for a while.

Well I like working at night club. It's very lively.

He took to it like fish in water, you should see him took the room, everyone likes him.

Not like that first manager.

Deadbeat wound up stealing for Neil.

He's not around anymore.

Bobby looked up his socialite friends, Rad Taylor and her husband Steve.

They came to the club and spread the word with the beautiful models she worked with.

She got Bobby to redecorate and change the name of the club, to more shi-shi....

The Tropic? I love it!

It sounds upscale, international and hot.

I've you who to thank.

Soon 'The Tropic' was known as the place to always find the driest Martinis and the prettiest women in Manhattan.

Beautiful girls attracted celebrities and sports figures.

Socialites mingled with politicians.

And with the smart set came the Press and an ever growing reputation.

And Bobby moved more and more gracefully amongst the rich and famous.

He learned the ins and outs of 'The Café Society' which included any number of prominent figures from New York's glamorous underworld.

There were the Rhinebeck, came home every night, to order the finest wines in the world.

They seemed like an ideal couple.

Except that he was sleeping with his wife's sister.

And there was no shortage of Royalty from all over Europe.

Like, Count Henrick Van Goren who played backgammon for millions.

And his wife, Countess Van Goren, who is actually Chickie Sherman from Passaic, New Jersey.

And that ring on Suzy Bancroft's finger was a mere 41 carats.

And of course with the elite came the tabloid scandals, like Tom Price, the Wall Street genius, who married the much taller automobile heiress Linda Ray Harmon.

He ran through a fortune on race horses and show girls, until one day, out hunting, she mistook him for a deer.

And Bobby met them all and shook their hands and joked with them, and heard their sad and happy stories, over $1000 Magnums Piper-Heidsieck.

And learned about life and how in the end, Rodgers & Hart had it right.

It is so beautiful out here. And you two have been so great to me.

Oh please! Don't suddenly be revoltingly sacrament.

You know, your wife hates to show any emotion.

But your friendship has meant so much to has.

And Steve, you brought me such a brilliant financial advisor.

I know you play up in the millions, but I'll hold up on the league.

But at the rate I'm going, you may see me apply for membership at your Golf Club..

To get into his club, you gotta be a lawyer or a broker, and you can't be uncircumcised.

Well, if for nothing else, I owe you everything.

And I can never repay you for introducing me to the most wonderful thing of all... my wife.

Enter enqueue!

He was just gonna tell us again, how lucky Gershwin tuned in, and you walked in.


Hi darling. How's you martini?

Good! You caught me talkin' about you.

Bobby had found a wife.

After sort of unsatisfying flirtations and affairs one night at the club, in walked in a group.

And his eye was caught on an elegant young blond.

That's Veronica Hayes.

She just got divorced.

Her husband left for her best friend. It came as a shock to her.

My Goodness...

She's a great girl. Yeah?

We all felt so bad for her.

Maybe we can cheer her up. You introduce me to her?

Hi. Veronica! You look beautiful! You too.

Delighted to see you. You too.

I like you to meet Bobby Dorfman. He runs the place.

I do. I do. Is this your first time here?

Yes. yes. The papers are right, It's got real electricity in here.

It does, right?

We are happy to have you. Thank you.

Great! My Goodness...she's single?

Beauty! Yes! Yes! That's in a criminal sense.

So out on your way... Yes. Yes.

Excuse me. Excuse me?

What are you doing later?


There is no later! It's 1:30.

Yeah! I get off in half an hour.

I'm usually in pajamas by 2:00.

See...I love pajamas.

Ah! What side of the bed do you like?

Slow down!

He is pushier than you. See?

My God! Come on, guys...cmon!

Hey! Do you like jazz music?

At 2:00 in the morning?

At any time in the morning.

Yeah! Your name is Veronica, right? Yeah.

Anybody ever call you Vonnie for short?

Not usually. No.

It's a pretty should. Thank you.

But...but do you like jazz, then? Yes.

Yes? I love Jazz.

Well it's fate. Yes, I would say.

Who doesn't love jazz?

I met one woman.

That's terrible. Yeah.

Oh! This is great. Hmm.

I love another Scotch. Yeah. Sure.

To my one regret in life that I can't play an instrument.

I knew a sedated musician. Oh! Did you?

Yeah. Sax player, very brilliant.

He played those sad songs with so much feeling.

He could make you cry. Hmm.

That's a great gift.

I would have married him but he was a dope addict. Really?

You see, I don't really like dope. It messes you up.

I tried it a few times when I was with him. Did you?

We even tried reefers and I tried opium.

Look at you! What was the...I can't hear. What was the effect?

Oh! No, I didn't like it. I'm not an addicted personality.

It was good? It was good. Yeah.

But Mongols made me feel sexy.

The Mongols? The reefers.

But you called them, what? He did.

So you married a musician? Hmm.

I married a stock broker. Hmm.

But you divorced though.

He divorced me because my best friend was better in bed.

Was she? Yep. I guess.

Well you should have saved some of the Mongols.

I learned too late grinding late with a few drinks.

So what do you...what do you do?

I work at the City Hall at the Mayor's Office. what? Public relations.

I hope you don't mind a Democratic liberal? No, no.

My family are Democ... We are Jews. Goes...

How quaint! Thank you.

Please write in my rebellious streak.

You know in Oklahoma, we weren't even allowed to mingle with Jews growing up.

Really! You guys are money lenders.

No, we control everything, actually.

I didn't even see a Jew until I moved to New York. horns. No.

I find Jews exotic and mysterious.

It wouldn't mind, if you had horns.

You wouldn't? Nah.

Come on. Let's go. Let's go to my house. What?

No! I'm not gonna sleep with you. No?

No! Jew or no Jew, we just met.

Yeah, have one or more drinks.

No thank you. You'll have to wait! My Goodness!

My God! It's true what they say! You people are pushy.

Its part of the charm.

I had a great time tonight. Yeah, me too.

Well good. You call me again?

Yes I will.

I'll call you tomorrow.

As it is tomorrow, I'll call you in 15 minutes.

So you probably might head home.

Good night. Okay.

And all that season, they saw one another every single day.

And it was a beautiful summer.

Thank you, Rad. This is the last one.

Then one Saturday afternoon, some months later, she had an announcement...

I am pregnant. No.

Yes really. Are you crushed? No!

No, no. I'm not crushed at all. It's wonderful.

What's our next move?

Why I would like to have the baby. Okay.

Unless you don't want me to. We could go down Mexico and get done safely.

Vonnie, we are not going to Mexico but... we are going to Niagara Falls, anywhere.

Are you sure is this what you want? Yes of course.

When we call the little one a bastard, you don't want them right. Do you?

You called me Vonnie. Did I?

Yeah. You never call me that.

If I did, it's too much champagne.

That's what you said your old girlfriend was called?

Well...OK. Two Veronicas.

What do you want me to say? I'm lucky.

Are you gonna marry me or not?

Yes! Yes of course. Ok! Good.

That's the right answer.

I'm having a baby! I love you.

The wedding, which was a simple affair, and took place in City Hall two months later was a happy event.

But as Bobby's brother-in-law said: Life has it's own agenda.

Yes, what do you want? Ah! What!?

Could you just turn the radio down, just a little?

I'm not asking you to turn it off, but my wife gets these migraines.

Don't tell me how to play my radio. Just your nose out of our business!

She rarely gets them. Just every now and then.

I am just asking if you can lower it.

Shes sick. Call your doctor!

Believe me! He did give her something. Migraines are a terrible curse.

I work hard, I'm gonna listen to my radio. You don't like it? Too bad!

You are not understanding.

I not asking you not to play it. Modulate the sound just a little.

I don't wanna call the police.

You think I'm afraid of the police?

I can play my radio!

What can I say? He's got the law on his side.

I'm gonna have brother Ben talk to him.

What!? Ben is a hothead. I am not looking for trouble.

Promise me he will not make it into a issue.

He makes this into an issue.

He needs somebody to read his right act!

Let's drop it, Evelyn. It's not that big a deal.

Yeah! You don't have the migraines!

Bobby and Veronica named the baby Susan.

And that fall found the perfect house on the Hudson.

We called the police and they spoke with him.

And last week, he was drunk, and puts a dent in our car.

When Leonard speaks in him, he threatens to beat him up.

He did?

I can talk to this character.

Leonard doesn't want trouble.

But I want someone to tell him, we can't stand to this anymore.

And to stop making our lives miserable.

He accuses us of things we never done.

He threatened to shoot our dog.

He is a crazy man!

And my husband keeps deluding himself that he will listen to reason, meanwhile, it never stops! Whoo!

Threatens to shoot your dog?

I think he has got a gun.

There is a security guard at a lumber yard.

Joe Wojehowitz.

Hey! You Joe Wojehowitz? Who wants to know?

Are you Joe Wojehowitz?

Yeah. What?

Hey Joe! Get in the car. What!?

What are you doin'? Get in the car. We wanna talk.

What are you talkin' about? Get in the car!

What are you doing? Get off! Hey! Hey! Hey!


* In a mountain greenery where God paints the scenery * * just two grazy people together *

* While you love your lover * * let blues skies be your coverlet *

* When it rains... *

Café Society was called, when Bobby Dorfman was ridin' the thick of it.

There were these millionaire playboys like Buddy Winslow Fain, who bought anything he wanted, from the high class models of every cover on a magazine in town to the best seats in shows and sporting events.

Then there were the politicians, who fixed your streets, your parking tickets and your tax returns.

As long as the contributions kept coming in.

There was Norton Lockerbee and his underage fiancé, the dancer Cherry Grace.

And the Remsens, about whom it was said had stayed a week in Berlin at the home of Adolf Hitler.

And of course, there are any number of colorful associates of Ben's, some of whom were destined to end up on the front pages of the tabloids, reeking blood on the side walk due to cranial ventilation.

It seems Bobby knew everyone in Manhattan society.

His wife Veronica now rarely came in, having succumb to the joys of motherhood.

And then one evening, in walked the past.

May I help you?

Yes. I understand my nephews around here. They own the place.


Bobby, yes. Or Ben.

Bobby is not there but Ben is around.

You like to be seated? Please.

Follow me. After you, dear. Thank you.

Had a very big deal today.

Champagne for the table! Before they start drinking for real.

Of course. Fred, how are you? Good to see you.

You remember Vonnie. Lovely to see you again.

We are in town for a few weeks. We'll catch up.

It's going to be a very good stock. I'm tellin' you it's goin' through the roof.

Now is the time to get in on it. But you didn't hear it here!

In here what? Exactly.

Thank you, Marvin.

There are some people to see you. They say they know you.


Table 4.

OK. Everybody knows me.

Robert! How you doing?

You remember Vonnie? Hello.

And this is Gloria and Craig Bennett. Hello. Good evening.

Have a seat. Join us.

Oh! I wish I could, but I'm very busy tonight.

Woh! I can see!

This place has a reputation all the way across the country.

Please. Join us.

Sit down for five minutes. You're not gonna offend us.

Five minutes. Cmon.

Look at you. You look well.

He does look well.

Well we are celebrating because I just made a deal for Irene Dunne at Universal.

Oh! I just love her.

How does she break?

She is great, honestly.

He has a great story on Irene Dunne. Sorry, honey.

Tell her, tell her. No, you tell her.

Ok! So we met Irene first at the Coconut Grove.

We were with Errol Flynn and one of his gorgeous young discoveries, as he likes to call them.

And know, his reputation is not so great, but we adore him, he's lovely.

He welcomed us off in Catalina on his yacht, and he couldn't have been a more gracious host.

And Irene, is... a bit... gorgeous in person. Proper.

So, we were at Busby Berkeley's party and, she was asked to have a puff of a cigar.

It was as if she was asked to take her clothes off!

She was absolutely mortified.

And then Errol leans in and introduces us to this teenage starlet.

And then she asks if she is his daughter.

Without missing a beat, Errol looks at her and says: granddaughter.

I died! Died!

And then in London, he was mobbed.

I didn't know but he is a great hero to the British.

I love London. I could live there.

So damn civilized. Really?

I love it. But I love Paris, more. Yes.

And Venice. We keep fowling to get a place there. We do...

Bob Montgomery and his wife had one.

Have you ever met them?

They are lovely. Just a gorgeous, gorgeous couple.

Little Bobby...

Wow! You really made it big, Robert.

I always knew you make it one way or another.

I was breaking this kid as an agent and he said he preferred New York.

Which I completely understand.

You know, you'll have to excuse me. I didn't expect a madhouse tonight.

We will be in town, 4-5 weeks.

Oh! And congratulations on becoming a young dad!

Aw! Absolutely!

Hey Frank, let me have a scotch.

Hey Bobby! How's your wife?

Oh! Good. She's fine, thank you.

Never see her around anymore.

You know, she's has become very domestic, since our daughter came.

Yeah. That's what happens.

They become mothers, and everything falls off.

If you know what I mean. No, right.

Because of the hormones.

Sometimes they never come back.

Suddenly, it's diapers all I see. Night. Night.


If you say I told you, I'll deny it.

But the District Attorney's Office has had a serious discussion, about your brother

... and his business friends.


I don't know yet, but it's possible things could get hot.

So, I'm just givin' you a heads up.

Thank you. Can you do something about it?

Can I help if we had a clean Mayor?.

Alright so what are they looking at?

Racketeering, extortion, tax evasion... Hmm.

Maybe worse for Ben.

My advice to your brother: is to go some place for a while. Yeah.

He likes Havana.

Yeah, I'll definitely tell him, thank you.

Yeah thank you for the heads-up.

Hey! Are you looking for something?

Just you. Wanted to say hello.

Yah! Are you kidding me?

Meaning what?

Meaning, you should listen to yourself?

You've become everything you poked fun, that you couldn't stand.

Well you know... time passes, life moves on.

People change.

Yes, but all that talk of the simple life...

It would be comical if you weren't so sad.

Well you are not necessarily the same person either.

No, no...yes you're right.

Yeah, life moves on, people... yeah, people grow.

Have lunch with me.

Right you can impress me with name dropping and all the fancy parties you've to go to?

No, I'll behave myself and not babble on like a Hollywood wife, if you promise going easy on me for running off with Phil.

Let's just...let's just turn back the clock and take a walk..

You can do it.

Phil's on business and I have a lotta time on my hands.

I'm dying to know, what's going on with you.

I'll say, you are still amazingly beautiful.

I haven't seen our next door neighbor quite a while.

Maybe he's away.

He's always out watering the lawn. It's getting brown.

And his mail is piling up.

You think somethings wrong?

You think he's on the floor with a heart attack or somethin'?

Listen, count your blessing! Serves him right if he drops dead.

Don't say that! Take that back.

Do I ask the police come check?

I wouldn't. It's not our business.

Of course, it's our business.

People are responsible for one another, even the louse.

I go if I were you.

What's that supposed to mean?

Is there something you're not tellin' me?

I'm worried, Leonard.

Why, Evelyn?

Oh God! I... Is there something I don't know about?

I may have done something wrong.

What are you keeping from me?

When we saw Veronica and Bobby's baby, I told Ben that we were having a lotta problems with our neighbor... and the police were not very helpful.


I was scared of him, Leonard!

We have a child.

He was a volatile neighbor, he was a drinker, he was nasty.

He constantly made trouble, he was a security guard, so I know he owned a gun.

Who knows if he fly off the handle!

What!? You didn't have Ben threaten him?

Or, or, or hurt them?

I just asked Ben, if he could talk to him.

You tried speaking to him. but you're so mild mannered!

I thought Ben would tell him if he didn't start behaving himself...

What Evelyn?

He would start breaking his legs?

Has he broken his legs?

I just asked Ben to talk to him.


Ben is a thug. Ben is a gangster.

So what did he do? Did he put him in the hospital?

I do not know, Leonard.

And I don't wanna know.

It's wrong.

It's wrong.

Is it a proportionate response that this guy is laying in the hospital, all beat up?

It's delicious. Hmm.

And I love this place.

Reminds me of our little Mexican joint. It's a dump!

It is.

I know it's not the Brown Derby, you know. Or Busby Berkeley's party, You are running into Fred Astaire.

How's your wife. Tell me about her. I'm curious.

Oh! She is lovely.

What's her name?


No it's not! It is.

Stop it! It's Veronica, she pronounces it differently.

I'm flattered. I know... life is a comedy written by a sadistic comedy writer though.

I loved you and you decided to marry my uncle, which makes aunt. Oh God!

Aunt Vonnie.

I think I still have a crush on you, Aunt Vonnie.

I'm in here.

Hi! Hi.

What is that?

Flowers!? Yes, yes, yes.

I can't believe you got me flowers. Why?Why?

What's the occasion!? What's the occasion?

The occasion is that I haven't got you flowers in a long time.

Well, you have been up mood all weekend on flowers. Yeah.

Did your number just come in? Or are you guilty of something?

Well look at that!

A husband can't get his wife wife flowers without getting the 3rd Degree.

No. I love them. Ok.

Of course you can.

Ok. I love you.

Thank you.

With Phil busy, Bobby used every excuse to spend time with Vonnie.

He took her to Manhattan, showed her Coney Island.

And when she remembered she still owed him that dinner she never gotta cook for him in Hollywood, he arranged for her to do it downtown.

I hope that it's perfect. I make it the same every time, but I've been going about it for years now, I hope it's good.

Listen, I know it will be perfect. If not we'll go back in the kitchen.

Oh! You cooked the whole thing! You can put that Giacomo cheese on it.

I know it will be fine. In fact I've known Pugioni for years, am I right?

Long time. How long, Vito?

A real long. A real long.

For me, it's a really long time. So good that you finally made on your promise.

And cooked for me. Good wine here.

Such a great idea.

Taste it. Ok.

You don't have to lie. But...

It was superb. Ok.

It was absolutely superb.

Vito, tell her.

Delicious. Thank you. I'm not, would he lie?

Will I lie? I don't think so.

Where are we going next now? I don't wanna go home yet.

Ah! Vito, anything?

The craps game in Brooklyn.

The craps game? If you are lucky?

That's amazing!

Load the dice!

This is beginner's luck. It was second in a row.

So I just keep going and going?

Yes, if you do one up...

New York really is fabulous.

I wouldn't know it either way. I'm traveling quite a lot.

I know that. You've mentioned that.

Why would you possible choose anywhere else? I know Hollywood is occasionally exciting, but nothing beats Broadway or he cheesecake at Lindy's.

Come listen to you...

Drinking wine in Central Park, and we haven't slept yet.

You really always had a touch of a poet in you. Really?

Well, I'm really everybody.

What could I do? I had to choose.

As my brother-law said: Alternatives exclude.

Yeah, I loved you and I loved Phil.

I was with him for a year and a half and you this... awkward but adorable, frantic, young, romantic, trying to find yourself.

And I had this big shot.

It was difficult.

I didn't know if it work out, or we just both...

I just thought maybe if you didn't make it the way you wanna make it, you would be resentful and we be unhappy.

Who knows? I don't know.

You know, I never stopped thinking about you.

Not...not for one day.

I still dream about you.


I am Phil's wife.

He's been very good to me, he loves me, changed his life for me.

I've been a good wife to him.

And yet you dream about me.

Well you're a happily married man, with a child.

You said it yourself. I know what I said.

But we are alone in Central Park.

The light reflecting off the building.


As the investigation of Ben proceeded, there was no shortage of evidence or informers, and indictments followed, including murder one.

I can't get my mind around it. The whole thing is so horrible!

I am firmly against all executions.

Thank God they never found the the neighbor's body.

What difference does that make? Oh!

We may not be criminally liable, but we need to live with our conscience!

I only said Ben should talk to him. Evelyn. Evelyn.

Don't be naive. You wanted him threatened.


I wanted him warned, but... Evelyn, calm down!

What difference does that make?

You called your brother?

Leave me alone.

Somebody had to take care of that crazy next door...

It was becoming intolerable.

You don't kill a man, Bobby, because he plays his radio too loud.

Calm down! She did not realize and they had more on Ben with or without your neighbor..

Well..that is a different issue.

Meanwhile, there is a blood sin on our hands.

Oh Christ!

Don't get so biblical.

Evelyn, calm down. Ok? Take an aspirin.

I'm gonna give you the name of a very good criminal lawyer, Jake Murray.

He's the best you can do. Hmm.

Thank you so much.

She is devastated. I think she's gonna have a nervous breakdown.

Its driving me crazy.

As if I'm not upset enough.

Christ! What the hell did you think, Rose? Everybody seemed to know he was involved in shady activities.

I don't believe he killed anybody.

Father knew he was a wheeler-dealer but when the details come out, it gets more worse.

What we need here is a great criminal lawyer, and I know just the guy.

My old pal Peter Bryce.

What? But no Jake Murray?

Look! Bryce never loses. But if you like Murray, we'll take him as well.

I don't know if Bryce can get him to walk but the trick now is to spare him the electric chair.

The trial went as anticipated.

The evidence against Ben Dorfman was overwhelming.

And he was found guilty on all charges, including murder in the first degree.

Despite the efforts of two high-priced lawyers, he was sentenced to die in the electric chair at Sing Sing.

This is father Brolian. He's guiding me down the stand to Christianity.

Today, we discussed the six Psalm.

O Lord! Do not punish me in anger.

Do not chastise me in anger, right father?

Ben, Ben, I'm flabbergasted!

You know, we didn't have time for this bullshit, but when the ends near, you need somethin'.

Yeah! And you don't wanna be buried as a Jew in a Jewish cemetery?

The Jewish religion doesn't believe in an afterlife.

Right. I guess but I don't believe what I am hearing from you.

I just have to know that all this just doesn't end. You know what do I mean?

I need to believe that a part of me keeps goin'.

We all gotta soul.

Right, Father?

First a murderer, then he becomes a Christian.

What did I do to deserve this?

Which is worse?

He explained it to you.

The Jews don't have an afterlife.

We are all afraid of dying, Marty!

But we don't give up the religion we are born into.

I'm not afraid to die.

You're too stupid to appreciate the implications.

I didn't say I like the idea.

And I will resist death with everything I have.

But when the Angel of Death comes down to cut me down, I'll go.

I'll protest.

I'll curse.

You hear me?

I will go under protest.

Protest to who?

What the hell are you gonna do?? Write a letter to the Times?

I will protest in silence.

Because my whole life, I pray and I pray and there's never an answer!

What are you saying?

No answer, is also an answer.

Too bad the Jewish religion doesn't have an afterlife.

They get a lot more customers.

In late July, Ben was executed at Sing Sing.

He died a Christian and he wanted to be cremated.

Ben had requested his ashes be scattered in Manhattan.

And Bobby scattered them outside an establishment that had give Ben many evenings of pleasure.

(JEEPERS CREEPERS BY FRANK SINATRA) * Jeepers creepers where'd you get those peepers? *

* Jeepers creepers where'd you get those eyes? *

Bobby's friends, Rad Taylor and her husband, stepped up to help Bobby and arranged financially for him to take over the club and run it.

And the scandal of the gangster charisma actually increased the publics fascination with it.

* When you turn those heaters on * * Woe is me ,Got to put my cheaters on *

* Jeepers creepers here'd you get those steepers * * Oh, those weepers, here'd you get those eyes yeah? *

* How they hypnotize... *

Certain investors asked him to go out to California and explore the idea of opening a nightclub in Hollywood.

This time, he could afford to stay at the same exclusive place where Rad and Steve always stopped at.

Of course, he looked up Vonnie.

This is exactly the table where I took your hand, and you told me you have a journalist boyfriend named Doug.

Oh! I remember.

Remember that? Yes!

Wow! So you will be opening a club here as well?

No, Hollywood already has it's great clubs.

I don't wanna compete with Coconut Grove.

Phil and I will be stopping in New York for a brief time, on our way from London, we are gonna spend a Christmas weekend with Willie Wyler.

The boys wanna go to a New Year's party in New Orleans.

I guess I won't be seeing you.

Maybe it's swell if we don't...see each other.

It always... stirs up feelings and... and then I start dreaming...

You probably start dreaming.

And dreams are... dreams.

I guess some feelings don't ever die.

Is that good or bad?

And as a beautiful dusk sky enveloped New York, the year came to a close.

What do I look?

Hmm wow! beautiful.

Can you tell I'm pregnant?

No, no...not at all!

In fact, you have the same girlish figure you always have.

Stop! That's true. It's true.

You help me? Sure.

Can I ask you a question? Yeah sure.

You ever cheated on me?

Why do you ask me that? No! No!

I had a dream when you were in Hollywood, you slept with your old girlfriend. Has my name...

Well, dreams are dreams. Hmm? Yeah.

* In a mountain greenery where God paints the scenery *

This is the happiest couple that I know. They seriously are...

It's the perfect marriage. Please tell us your secret.

What is your secret?

You tell them.

We share the same interests, we like the same movies, we both love children. Yeah?

Other people's children. Other people's children!

Time flies, another milestone on bewildering journey leading where?

Where? Why? Hey!?

It's been an awful year.

Let's turn the page, and move on.

You're right, you're right.

I was just pondering the relentless of time.

Socrates said: The unexamined life not worth living.

But the examined one, is no bargain.

Turn it down! Turn it down boys! Here we are!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you. I love you. Happy New Year to you too. I love you.

Happy New Year. You too! Hi. Hi..

Come with us Bobby. Happy New Year, Bobby!

You have a far up look in your eye.

You right? Yeah. What are you thinking?

Nothing, just that, ah.. nothing, the year is changing.

It is!

Happy New Year my love.

With you, every year is new and happy for me.

Thank you, that's very very sweet.

What are you thinking?

Nothing, I am fine.

Your eye looks so dreamy.

Do I? Hello! Hello!