Calibre (2018) Script

Don't go.

I have to go. I promised him.

Now promise me you'll look after yourself.


I'm going hunting. I love you.

I love you too.

Go. I don't wanna go.

Hurry up. Nice to see you too, mate.

Amazing news, by the way. Congratulations.

Thanks, Marcus. It's pretty crazy, eh?

Pretty crazy.

You okay? Mmm.

Will you be alright? Well, yeah.

Sure? Yep.


So I guess you finally had sex with a woman.

Yes, yes, and... and she was... she was awake.

Yeah. That's a first.

I know. I'm sorry. I know you always wanted to be the one I got pregnant.

Well, you might wanna double-check the child doesn't come out looking like me.

So how you been? All this baby shit. It must be mad.

Yeah, it is, man. It's insane. It's fucking surreal.

I'll actually forget that she's pregnant.

It freaks me out every time I remember.

It's insane. Oh, my God, man, I bet.

Yeah, yeah. Rather you than me, my friend.

But, you know... I am pleased for you.

Thanks, man. It's good to see you.

You too, man. You too.

Bloody hell, man. Amazing, right?


The old man used to bring me here hunting when I was a kid.

Gunn's Wood.

Reckon you can take down a deer?

No. Probably not, no.

Not everyone can do it.

The trick is you have to switch off your emotions, let instinct kick in.

It's never seemed very fair to me, man, shooting a deer.

Well, life's not fair, Vaughn. We learned that at school.

Yeah, but we were 12, weren't we?

This is it, Vaughny-boy, the last few days of your freedom.

You have to enjoy it, man. I'm sorry. I know. It'll be fun.

Hi. Hi. I'm Freya.

Marcus Trenton and Vaughn Carter? Three nights?

That's right, yes. Yep.

Addresses and phone numbers in the book, please.

Hey, wee man.

It's quiet enough, isn't it? Must all kick off around ten.

So this is where they all hide. Get a drink. I'm going for a slash.

How are you? Not bad. How you doing?

I'm good. I, uh... I hear that you're stalking.

Stalking? Aye, well, hunting.

Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, we are, yeah. It's not really my thing.

It's my friend's gig, really. He gave me a gun, got me a license.

Well, you know how to handle a gun? Yeah, yeah.

I did a bit of shooting on a range when I was at school, so yeah.

Yeah, we haven't had so many folks stalking this last season.

There's a massive country club opened 50 miles off.

It drained a lot of our trade.

I think my friend's made a point of avoiding that place, so don't worry.

Aye? Oh, good for him. I'm Logan, by the way. Vaughn. Nice to meet you. - And you.

Oh, Marcus. This is Logan.

Hey. Good to meet you.

I hear that you lads might need a ghillie out there with you tomorrow.

Oh, no. We'll be stalking alone.

It's all cleared with Lord Griffin. My father knew him, so...

Two pints of IPA, please, two Laphroaigs and...

Can I get you a drink, Logan? Oh, no. I'm alright, thanks.

You, uh... Well, you boys have a good day's hunting out there, eh?

We will.

What? He'd have rattled on for hours.

What did you say? What did you say?

Shut the fuck up. Straight to his face, man.

Oh, the memory's still etched in my mind.

Nobody tried that with the field marshal. Nobody.

Fucking deserved it. The way he used to talk to you, it wound me up.

Loyal to the end, Vaughny-boy.

In that case, borderline insane, but, you know...

God, he could be a mean old bastard.

Yeah. Yeah, he could.

You miss him?

No, man, no. It's been... It's been three years, you know.

Yeah, fuck him.

Oh, my God. Kara, you can't say that.

Any chance of a drink?

Yeah, definitely. Two double whisky and cokes.

I'm Kara. This is Iona.

Do you wanna get that? I'll get these, yes.

Uh, Marcus, Vaughn.

You alright, mate?

What the fuck you playing at? Jesus Christ. Take it fucking easy.

Take your hands off my friend, big man.

I'll knock you on your arse, you fucking flash prick.

Will you, now? Alright, Donald, that's enough.

Sit down, son.

Enjoy your night.

I had that covered, man. Yeah, sure you did.

Sorry. It's alright.

Two double whiskeys and cokes and two IPAs, please.

Keep an eye on your friend, huh?

You guys picked the perfect weekend to be here.

Oh, yeah? Why? Alban Eiler.

Alban... Alban, what?

Alban Eiler. Oh, right, Alban Eiler.

It's this big festival thing on Sunday night.

The weekend gets boozy as hell. Oh, cool.

Whoa. Do yourself a favor. Steer clear of that wee lassie.

What if I don't?

Just offering some friendly advice, pal. It's your funeral.



♪ A star above the city in the northern chill ♪

♪ A baby being born to the overkill ♪

♪ No say, no place to go ♪

♪ A TV and a radio ♪

♪ Ambition and love wearing boxing gloves ♪

♪ And singing hearts and flowers ♪

♪ But somewhere in my heart ♪

♪ There is a star that shines for you ♪

♪ Silver splits the blue Love... ♪

More! More, more, more!

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Kara, shall we? Come on, then.

Enjoy your night.

Marcus seems wild. Yeah, he is.

How long have you known him? Marcus?

15 years.

Met him at boarding school. He kind of took me under his wing.

I haven't really been able to get rid of him since.

You went to boarding school? Yeah.

You did? Yeah.

Why did you go there?

Parents went to work abroad when I was 12, so they chucked me in there.

Wow. That's pretty harsh. Yeah.

Yeah, it is harsh.


I've got a fiancée, and she's pregnant.


I'm sorry. Listen, I should have... Listen, no.

I should have said. I should... Listen.

I have had a fucking boring week.

My mum owns the inn. And I have the bar keys.

Just come and have a drink with me.

Yeah? Of course.


So you grew up here? Yep.

I should probably think about leaving soon, though, before it's too late.

I don't know. I think it's quite cool. I like it.

Try living here. This is true.

So, how are you feeling about being a dad?

I don't know.

I mean, it's fucking terrifying. It's...

Yeah, course it is.

No, I think you'll be okay.

I hope so.


Rise and shine.

Come on, Vaughn. Get up!

We're late.

Morning. Come on, Vaughn. Hop to it. We're late.

Get up.

Someone crept back suspiciously late last night.

Nothing fucking happened, man, okay? So just shut up.

Just... I'm just hungover.

I mean, how come you're so fresh?

Oh, you're not sniffing that shit again, are you?

I didn't smoke. I told you, smoking gives you hangovers, not alcohol.

Jesus, man, I thought you quit that stuff.

I'm on my holidays.

Jesus Christ, mate. You look like shit.

Can you just do me a favor and just shoot me?

Here. Take a shot of this.

Oh, fuck. I've forgotten the ammo. You're joking me.

We're gonna have to go back to the hotel, mate.

Can I not just use yours? No, you can't just use mine.

You can't put .270 ammo into a .243 rifle.

You'll blow your own head off. Okay, I don't care. I'll just...

Use my .22. And please don't fucking drop that.

You take it, man. I'm not.

It's your spot, your kill.

Now, remember what I said.

Just relax and let it happen.

Do it now, Vaughn. Take the shot.

Do it. Now, Vaughn.

Vaughn. Vaughn, come back. Vaughn, no.





Here. Here.

Come on. Come on.

Okay, okay.

You fucking...




Sammy. Sammy!

Oh, my boy!



Oh, my boy.

Oh, my boy. Oh, Sammy. I didn't see him. I didn't see him. I didn't see him.

I didn't...

I didn't see him. I didn't see him.

Oh, my God.

Okay, here we go. Here we go. Come here.

There we go. There we go.

Come on. There we go. There we go. There we go. There we go.

Run. Run.


Marcus. Marcus. What are you doing? Marcus.

Marcus. Marcus. Marcus. What are you doing?

We have to be seen hunting somewhere else.

What? We're just gonna report it. You shot a child.

It was... It was an accident.

With my gun. It was a fucking accident.

It's illegal for you to even use my gun.

I don't care. We just go to the police...

Go to the police? We explain.

Stinking of whisky? It'll be considered murder.

Can you handle prison, mate? Because I don't think I can.

Jesus, fuck, man. Jesus fucking Christ.

Fucking Anna, man. Fuck. Exactly, Vaughn. Exactly.

You could be in for years.

And I shot that man from over a hundred yards away. I'm fucked too.

Because I was protecting you, Vaughn. Protecting you.

They were in a tent. They were probably tourists.

And we are in the middle of fucking nowhere.

In hundreds of miles of forest.

If we bury the bodies, it could be days, weeks, months until they're found.

I'm not fucking burying people. Listen to what you're saying.

We go back to that town and we come back here tonight and we bury them.

No, man. Look, listen to yourself, Marcus.

We're not burying people. The alternatives are unthinkable.

Vaughn... Just shut up. Shut up.

You have to trust me. I... Shut up.

I'm getting us out of this, mate.

I'm doing this for both our sakes. You just have to trust me.

I can't do this, man.

You have no choice. You have no choice, Vaughn.

We need to be seen up here. Further north.

There has to be something.


Oh, it's a cold one. How are you?

Culcarran's south. What are you doing up here?

We've been hunting Drumrain all afternoon.

Aye, Logan told me about you. There's no other stalkers out.

Be still.

How much for the fuel? Call it 20.

Thank you. Have a nice day.


You okay?

Nothing happened out there, okay?

Yeah, we could... Okay. We could do that next... next week.

Oh, okay. Got to go.

How did you get on? Oh, a total washout.

Oh. Well, no chefs tonight. But there's bar food at the Stag's.

Or there's the restaurant there. It's pricey, mind.

Thanks. Alright. Thank you so much.

Thank you. Night.

We need to eat.

And we need to get out there. It won't look right if we don't.

Hey. Fancy some more drinks tonight?

Not tonight. Maybe later?

Tomorrow. Let's go, Vaughn. I'm starving.

You okay? Yeah, just a bit hungover.

Uh, where is the restaurant? Just round to the left.

Thank you.


Join us if you like.

Yeah, sure. Why not?

This is... This is Al. He's a cousin of mine.

Al, this is Marcus and Vaughn. Pleased to meet you.

Nice to meet you. Have a seat.


Successful day's stalking?

Uh, no. A total washout.

Oh. Well, let's see if we can't improve things.

I, uh, well, I... I recommend the venison.


Yeah. Good. Peter, two more venison.

Some wine? Please.

You look a bit rough. Are you alright?

Yeah, yeah. Just had far too much last night. Stupid.

Don't feel great.

That's really no state to have gone hunting in.

Isn't that right, Alastair? Shocking behavior.

Aye, you wouldnae catch us doing that.

As long as you had a good time. Yeah.

So where did you lads stalk?

Drumrain. It's beautiful up there, really beautiful.

The woods are right enough. But not the village. Not any more.

Yeah, what's happening with that place?

It's turning into a ghost town. It's just dying, slowly, over time.

These kind of villages, they, well, they survive on a knife's edge.

I can imagine it's quite rough up here this time of year.

Aye. And brutal not so long ago.

There's always a risk of things sliding back that way.

Aye, it pretty well comes down on the individual folk to maintain the order of things.

Logan and his father before him, they held this place together.

Aye. We all have.

Are you... Are you not enjoying that?

No, no. It's lovely, lovely.

So, Iona tells me that you're about to become a father.

Yeah, I am. Yeah, yeah. Congratulations.

Yeah, thank you.

Is that a boy or a girl you're having?

Excuse me for just a second. Be right back.

Early to bed tonight, aye?

Folk are resilient up here.

They'll take three, four jobs to survive.

If the work's there.

So what is it you do yourself? Finance and investment.


Aye, we've... we've rested on past glories here, fallen behind.

But we'll make it through this stretch.

And there's real, well, there's real potential for development here.

Absolutely. Anyone can see that.

Listen, I don't wanna put you on the spot or sully a good dinner with business, but could I give you my card?

Yeah, sure. I know some good people you could talk to.

Thank you. Good man.


Is he... Is he okay in there?

I should check on him. It's my fault he's had too many drinks last night.

Aye. Are you alright?

Yeah, yeah. Alright?

I think I'm gonna waive the food for just now.

Stomach's not quite up to it yet. Aye, we've all been there.

Aye, some of us more times than others.

We'd offer another, but it's, well, it's obviously not the night, huh?


We should... We should shoot in any case.

Still lots to prepare for Alban Eiler tomorrow.

And what's that? It's a solstice festival.

It marks the last week of the hunting season.

Well, it's just a... a piss-up and a bonfire these days, really.

But brings everyone together.

The, uh, bill's covered. I insist.

That's very generous. Thank you. Pleasure to meet you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

You're welcome. Take care. Get some rest.

I will. I've got your card.

Pleasure. Nice to meet you.

Have a good night. Take care.

This isn't going to be easy.

It's four hours till daylight.

We need to dig a hole.

Six foot deep.


Vaughn. Yeah.

Fucking hell, man. If we're seen here, we're fucked.

You've been a complete liability since this has happened.

Vaughn, take the torch and help me dig this fucking thing.

Okay, that's enough.

You said six feet. I know. It'll have to do.

We've no time. Daylight's coming. Come on.


Under the arms. Ready?

Oh, God.

What the fuck you doing?

The other bullet's in his skull.

It's traceable back to me. It's as good as a fingerprint, Vaughn.

I don't fucking care. Put the fucking knife away.

Vaughn, think.

If they find the bodies, they'll find the bullet and they'll come looking for me.

It's a child, Marcus. It's a little boy.

Do you think I want to do this? No, I don't think you do.

So put the fucking knife away. I have no choice, Vaughn.

I have no choice.

Vaughn. Vaughn.


Fucking leave! Move. Stay down.

Stay down, mate, please.

The sun will be up in an hour.

We go back, stay for a couple of hours.

Wait until the village wakes up.

Then make our excuses and leave.


Jesus. Come on.

Try to rest. I'll wake you in a couple of hours.

Christ. I must have passed out.

It's midday, Marcus.

No harm done. We just pack our bags and we get out of here.

Come on, man.

This is it. Give me that fucking knife.

Something's happening. There's people at the jeep.

Hey. What's going on?

Whoa. Hey.

Tell me what you did. Tell me what you did.

What the hell's going on?

Fucking fucker! Away from him, for Christ's sake!

What are you doing? Fucking bastard.

Tell him what you did. Tell him what you did. You know what he did?

He fucked Kara.

Gave her cocaine. Filled her with the stuff.

Hey, let him go. Let him go.

Let him go.

Get away, alright? I'll deal with this. I'll deal with this.

I'll deal with this, alright?

You're a boss, little brother.

I don't wanna hear another word about cocaine. Do you understand?

Frank will take care of this. Get the jeep over to the garage.

Bring a truck over, Granty, and the A-frame.

Take the sex pest with you.

So, will we look at the damage?

Cannae say I didnae warn you.

That's bad.

And that one's slashed too. They're both fucked.

What the fuck are we gonna do? That stuff's in the boot.

We need to get it out.

There's blood on the shirt.

We need to get a car.

And we need to get rid of it, and we can't get rid of it near the village.

That second tyre, mate, isn't gonna be cheap.

Can I get the keys? Just meant to grab our stuff out the boot.

Where's the sex pest? Lazy fuck.

Granty, check that spare for me.

Here you go. Can we get it today, like?


It'll cost you extra.

550, including labour.


Okay, send it up.

Do you have a car we could use? Nope.

We just wanted to get some last-minute stalking in.

Well, you probably blew your chances of that when you fed somebody's daughter full of coke. There'll not be a queue of people lining up round here to do you any favors, pal.

Where the fuck have you been? Give it a fucking rest, will you?

Do you need me this afternoon? No.

I'll make do with that useless bastard. Get your fucking rags on.

Pete might take you out in his taxi. I think he's in the Stag's.

I'll get you over there, point him out.

Sounds good. Jeep'll be ready tomorrow.

For 550, you can finish it today.

For 550, I'll finish it when I fucking like.

No fucking way, Al.

He doesn't look good.

Pete, these guys are wanting a taxi.

Then I'm your man.

Let's go.

Sit down, you silly sod. You're steaming.

No, it's fine. Sorry, sorry. Sit down, man. Sit down.

Thank you, though.

Follow me, lads. Come on. Take a seat over there.

Go on. I just want a chat with you. Sit down.

There you go, boys. On the house.

Now, these pints are for you by way of an apology.

An apology for messing up your car and your stupid face.


Even though you fucked my best mate's daughter and gave her cocaine.

Sounds fair.

Sounds fair that I should apologize to these arseholes

'cause Logan says one is due.

'Cause this twat here is gonna bring investment in.

That's enough, Brian. No, it's not enough.

Investments. Grants.

Shite, the lot of it.

And fucking embarrassing.

Begging to city twats like this when we all know what should be done!

Facing up to how fucked we are and doing whatever's necessary to look out for ourselves.

Whatever's necessary.

Like folk used to.

'Cause nae other bastards will.

But Logan calls the shots and apparently you do too, so...

I'll apologize.

I'm sorry, my friend.

And I'm sorry to you too, pal.

I'm sorry. Am I fuck!


Take your fucking hands off me.

I'm going anyway.

Fuck. Better get yourself cleaned up.


I'm sorry about this.

No, it's fine. Just finish your pint, huh?


Some day.

It's Kara, you know. She stirs everything up.


You know Brian's not alone in his way of thinking.

Well, they're wrong. Let's not go down that road.

I'm just saying. People are wound tight. Logan needs to stay canny.

Where is he, anyway? He's out. Looking for Sammy.

What's the story with that?

Oh, they went camping supposedly. Due in last night.

Mary's not heard from them. She's a bit concerned.

Logan's nephew and brother-in-law.

Oh, right.

Logan'll find him. You know how he dotes on that little 'un.

It'll likely be nothing.

Are youse okay? Logan's nephew's missing.

Camping in the woods.

Oh, right.

And when were they due back? They?

Well, he didn't go alone, did he?

Why not?

An 11-year-old on his own? He doesn't know what age he is.

Well, no, I just remembered Logan mentioning something, didn't he?


Sorry. I just assumed.

So when's the bonfire? It's at seven.

Right. Yeah, we should make a move.

Yeah. Let's make a move, then.

Leaving already? Probably best.

You needn't worry about Brian. He won't try anything again.

No, we've had a rough day, and I...

But thank you so much. And it's my round, so here.

Oh. Get a drink on me.

Thank you so much, though. Have a great day.


Thanks very much for the drinks. Thank you.

Get rid of it. Where?

I don't care, man. Just get rid of it.

Marcus, it's their fucking relatives. Just get rid of it.

They could start searching those woods any minute.

There's miles of forest.

We just have to keep our nerve.

What about the boy?

Just hope he stays quiet.

It's getting to me.


Everything I did here...

I did it to protect us.

Every decision I made, I made it from my gut.

And if we were in those woods, you'd make the same decisions for me.

Am I right?

We were wrong. We were wrong.

And we're gonna pay for it because we should have just told them.

Then go and tell them. Go and tell them. They will rip you to pieces, Vaughn.

Everything I did here I did to protect you.

And you're telling me I was wrong.

You know you are, Marcus.

Otherwise you wouldn't ask.

Alright? What you doing up here?

Just... Just having a drink.

Well, get yourselves down there for Christ's sakes.

It's Alban Eiler. People are expecting you.

I think it's probably best if we just stay in here tonight.

It's festival night. Get yourself down there.

Yeah, of course, yeah. We'll be there in two secs.

Okay. See you down there.

See you.

Help yourself, man. Thank you.

Food's over there.


Have you told your mummy that?

Bloody disappeared.

Something's not right here, man. Something's not right.

Guys. Logan wants to speak to youse.

My sister's husband and son haven't come in.

We know. Sorry to hear that.

But we've found the car further north.

We've asked around and we've a decent idea where they were.

We're putting together a search party. Will you... Will you come out?

Look, we need help out there.

Yeah, okay. Yeah, of course.

Let's go. The jeep's fixed. It's over there.

Follow us out, yeah?

Why did they give us the jeep?

Because they want as many people out here as possible, Marcus.

They think they're still fucking alive.

No, man. I think they're onto us.

I think they're trying to force our hand.


If we make a run for it now, then they'll know for sure.

Jesus, Marcus, we're going right there. We're going to it.

This road's miles long. These woods are massive.

What if they find the fucking grave?

If they find the fucking grave, you will make a run for it, mate, believe me.

That was it. That was the place. We've gone past it.

They're going the wrong way. We're okay.

What were you doing last night?

What do you mean? Well, what do you think I mean?

Look, we went night hunting. I know it's illegal, but it was my idea, not his.

Well, that will be reported to the police.

Where did you night hunt?

Uh, Gunn's Wood.

Know how to work that, right? Yeah?

Yeah, cheers. Thank you.

Just keep an eye on both of them, eh?

Come on, come on. Shh, shh. Here, here, here.

Three groups. Grant, Angus, you two, take the right-hand path.

Al, Frank... Iona, you're with me.

Over here, come on. Let's go. Here.

Sammy! Sammy!





Here, here. Calum!

Hey! Sammy!








Angus. Angus. Anything at all?

Here. Nothing.

Calum! Sammy!


We're really up against it. It's just too large an area.

Come on.







Calum! Sammy!

Dog's picked up a scent!

We've picked up a scent. Southeast.


Calum! Sammy!


Seek. Seek. Come on.

Here. Seek.

Here you are! Huh? Here.

Is there anything? Here.

Angus, what's there? What have you found?

Over here! Dig.

This ground's been disturbed. There's something here.



Dig. Dig!

Here. Help me.


No. Sammy...

They've gone.



They've gone!



Use your fucking head.

Come on. Angus, keys!

What the fuck?!

What the fuck? That's impossible.

What? Hold on.

What the fuck?! Come on. Come on, man, fucking go!


Over there!

No guns except Al. Come on.

Here. Come on.

Go, go! Vaughn.

Vaughn. Vaughn, get up. Vaughn. I guess I can't.

You have to run! I can't fucking move. Just go.

Come on. Fucking go, Marcus. Just fucking go!

No, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait.

Brian, no! Logan, do something.

He'll kill him. Get him away for fuck's sake!

Brian! Get him away!


Al, take Rab. Take Johnny and Rab. The other one, he went that way.

Just you three. I don't want a free-for-all.

Bring him in alive. Go! That fucker's mine!

We'll get the bastard. Stay in touch on the radio.

Get Dad up here with the dogs.

We'll take this one up to the farm, find out what the fuck is going on here.


Tell us what happened. Everything.

We were stalking deer for about an hour, okay?

And we found one in a clearing.

I lined up the shot. I lined up the shot.

Any idea how sick this is, what you've done?


That's not gonna be enough.

That's not gonna be nearly enough.

How could you have done this to us? How could you not tell us?

You... with a child of your own on the way.

I'm so sorry. Stop saying that.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

He's not going anywhere. Sit down.

We made a decision. What, you don't think I want to?

Well, let's get it done right now.

You're not thinking right, Brian. Oh, aye? And how's that?

People know they came here. His wife, for a start.

Now, if we kill them, this place will be riddled with police in no time.

And I'm not talking local ones. I'm talking real police.

Last time anyone saw them was with us, taking them out into the woods.

Now, if we go through with this, some of us'll go down for it, guaranteed, and for life.

This place will never recover.

And this family will be ripped apart.

Now, I'm not saying I like it, but it's time to get the police here.

He's right.

What real evidence have we got? Nothing.

And he'll change his story as soon as the fucking police get here.

No, I won't. He says that now.

I won't. Shut the fuck up.

Quiet. They walk away from this.

That cannae fucking happen. I said fucking quiet.

I don't wanna hear another word about police.

After what he just confessed?

After what came out the back of that pick-up truck?

After what these cunts have done here?

The unthinkable things they've done to our family?

This can only be paid for in blood.

We're not killers, brother. We're not like them.

An eye for an eye, Logan.

After what they've done here, they're not leaving here alive.

For Christ's sake, stop this.

Think about what you're doing here. You've said your piece.

Now step aside.

Angus... Logan, get out of my fucking way.

Frank, no. This is wrong.

I mean it. I'm warning you. It's the wrong thing to do.

Get him up. Brian! They've found the other one.

They've got him!

Angus, get him in there. Get up.

Get on your arse. Come on.

Stay and watch him.

Where is he? Vinny.

We'll go and pick the other one up.

We're gonna come back here and finish this.

A fucking kid! A fucking kid!

You fucking tell them what we've fucking done!

What do you...

Stop fucking moving.

Come on.

I've negotiated your life.

But there's a debt to be paid.

Don't think about doing anything stupid.

You've got two guns pointing at your head.

Now do what needs to be done.

Take it. Take it.

No. No.

Do it. Come on, you can leave here alive.

No. Fuck, no.

Then you die here with him.

No, it's not right. Not right's a long way gone.

Now do it.

Do it or it's out of my control and my brother will kill both of you.

No, you can. Put it to your shoulder. Put it to your shoulder.

Son, son, just... just pick it up and point it and pull the trigger.

Pull the trigger.

Do you really wanna leave your wife and unborn child alone? Do you?



Let's go through it again.

Your wife picked you up. And Marcus went north in his jeep.

Marcus went north.

Our relatives went missing.

And we know nothing more.

Nothing happened here.

When the police come, keep your story simple and make it convincing.

What's happened? What's happened?

Are you okay? Yeah.

You okay?

I'll get him. You stay there.

Hey, hey, hey. Come on, come on.

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