Candy (2006) Script

When I first met Candy Those were like the days of juice..

Everything was bountiful...

Birds filled the sky ...

a great kindness float through us...


Here it is.

I'm gonna try it your way this time.

This is just as good this way. Honestly.

Then why don't you do it?

Schumann, Why don't I do it?

Dan is a follower, Candy. Not a leader.

We stick to snorting, keep it simple.

You know...Dare to be different!

Well I think I'd like to try it in the bath. well that's different.



Schumann, fucking help me!


Come here!

Come here!Babe?

Oh, Christ!

Shit, I think that she took too much.


Fucking saline solution or something? I need saline solution!


Fuck it!Go and get a glass of water...

Put salt in it! Hurry up!

Come on!Babe!

Candy! Look at me!

How much salt?

I don't know! HEAPS!

Just fucking stir it! Make sure it's dissolved!

Come here!Oh baby? Fuck!!

I don't think this works man!What the fuck's salt gonna do?

Shut up!

Fuck!Hold her arm!

Hold her fucking arm, man!


This will not be ...

Here we go ...

No, it's not gonna fucking work!It's bullshit!!

Shut up!

Call an ambulance.

Here we go.

Candy, look at me.

Candy! Candy!

Candy, Look at me!

Babe ...

Bring her back.


Enough with the fucking salt.

It was beautiful.


The future or the thing that gleamed.

The present was so very, very good.

I wasn't trying to wreck Candy's life I was trying to make mine better.

We wanted to share absolutely everything.

Especially the best bits .

I want to stay with you forever.

...and who would'nt!

It's us!

It's called "The afternoon of extravagant delight. "

By Candy Wyatt.

It's beautiful.

I love it!


Casper, It's Dan.

Daniel, hang on!, I'm coming in on a win and a prayer!


I'm trying to land a Jumbo in Dubai.


Casper was like the dad you always wanted.

The one that lets you have lollies and fizzy drinks he lets you stay up late, and watch movieslate at night.

Daniel, how are you?

Casper and I went way back.

I love you

Is that right?


This is George.

A very limited English,but a very large penis.

Isn't that right, George?


Our entire conversation is based on the 1995 "Lonely Planet" guide to Havana Sit down.

Just good friends.

So, what's on the agenda today?

Not much, we're just wandering around.

Um, Could you spare us $50?

Does is ever embarrassed you, Candy?...His naked desperation!

Nakedness, I can deal with!

Or give us some ecstasy .we can sell for it?

I'm afraid that my days as a manufacturer of ... recreational farmaceuticals has come to an end.

Why's that?

I've been made Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry.

Wow! Congratulations. - Great.

So, suddenly I have a reputation to uphold.

Well in that case, could we make it a hundred?

We'll pay it back!

Thanks, Cas.

Everything's alright, isn't it?

It's just a cash flow problem.Only 7 days.

And you, Candy?

Being one that's so new to the path of the dead!

She is fine.

When you can stop,people don't want to...

... and when you want to stop,You can't!

One of life's little riddles!

What Grandma?

Off you go!

Thank you, Casper.

Okay, are you ready?

One, two, three ...

I feel like some confused Sesame Street character!

Start the car.

My own parents had long since cut me adrift The Wyatts, on the other hand,kept their firm hold on the ropes.

Do you want more potatoes?

It was nice to visit places where the fridge was always full.

I shall have to bring my plate round when I come here!

I think you'll find that's part of the carbohydrate.

What do you think?

I don't know.I don't know.

See how you go.


They're like wooden frames you stretch the canvass on.

and anyway, I feel really stupid ...

I did about a month ago,and as of tomorrow I'm gonna lose our deposit on the stretchers.

It is really rude to ask ...

but at least I won't surprise her!

I can give you the money back the next time I see you again.

Can you ring him, and tell him to wait for a week?

I already tried that pretty much last week.

What if I rang him for you?

I haven't got the card with me.

How much is it?


Mate, the question is not the money.

I really appreciate it.

The the future of my daughter.

Mate, she's fantastic!

Should see her paintings!

The question is you.

When are you gonna do something?

I've got some ideas.

I've sent some of my poems into Heat magazine.

Here we are! - Milk...and sugar, There!

Thanks babe! - Thanks, Elaine.

You're not a teenager anymore.

You know that, don't you?

Yes, I know that, Jim.

that is why I did'nt want you to do it!

No, it's alright! It's fine!

Look at it!You've turned it into butter!

I told you to keep it on blend!

I put it on "Whip", because I'm whipping cream!

Yes, but you don't know how to use it.

Right... You do it!!

Uhh! Well it's too late now! - Ah well! Excuse me!!

Well all these settings are relative,and if you're not familiar with the workings of the machine ...

Then why the fuck does it say "Whip"?

I'll give them ice cream.

And please don't swear.

Right! Well, I was going to give you cream,but I'm going to have to give you Ice Cream.

Everything okay in there? - Well, we live in hope!

A good place to live.


I wonder if that was it?

If that was what?

The last shot.

I wouldn't care.

It was my Nana's.

We're going to sell anything.We're only hocking it!

We'll get it back!

$25. and He doesn't want the paints.

I'll be back!

He said maybe we could work something out!.

Let's go!

Yes, I fucked him!

For $50.

I stink!

You okay?

I'm Sorry.

Don't be!

Here is the deepest secret that nobody knows .

Here is the root of the root,and the bud of the bud... and the sky of the sky,in the tree called life . which grows higher than soul can hope, or mind can hide .

and this is the one that is keeping the stars apart.

I carry your heart.

I carry it in my heart.

Will you marry me?

We will be man and wife.

One flesh.

I will ask them if they freely undertake the obligations of marriage ...

... and to state that there is no legal impediment to the marriage.

Are you ready,freely and without reservation ... to give yourself to eachother... in marriage?

We are!

Are you ready for love and honor each other ... as husband and wife, for the rest of your life?

We are! - We are!

Candice and Dan ...

Come back, love.

Ah, okay.

Alright everyone, Close together! Balloons down, Jenny.

Big smiles, everyone! Happy Day!

One, two... Oh, Shit!


One, two... Three! - Right...

Alright everyone! Back to our place for a few drinks,and a bite to eat?

I'm sorry, I'm going to have to go,I've got an appointment!

Oh! Well, I hope that nobody else has got an appointment!

I'm in for the long hall, Mrs. Wyatt.


No, I hate spelling!

Yeah, me too! Spelling and maths!

I was always hopeless at spelling and maths.

I like English. - English?

Like stories and stuff?


English and Sport!

Well you can't go wrong there.

You can be a Sports journalist.


I could see you as a sports journalist.

Well, Dan, you're laughing mate!

Financing this love as a married couple.

You get the first one under your belt,you pour everything into it.

After that, the minimum equity is what you're after.

You get into as much debt as possible.

It gives you some focus.

I'm not just talking about real estate.

I'm talking about a philosophy.

Would you mind...if you excuse me for a minute?

No! Sure!!

Where are you and Dan going for the honeymoon?

More lemonade? - Yeah, thanks!

You're so tight! You're selling next year?

Abbots Road! It's just round the corner from us!

Geez, that'll be a change, eh?

Yeah, I'd rather go to a state school,but, it's mom and dad...

Jenny, could you come and help with sanwiches I'll give you a hand too, Auntie Cap!

What? - What are you doing in there?

Doing a shit.

No you're not!

Open the door.

I can't!

You greedy fuckup!!

Rather a selfish way to begin a marriage!

Really! All done!


Obviously, it was a big dope weekend!

You wanna be relaxed at your own wedding.

Sorry about that. - That's fine!

So where were we?

I was saying, you need to get your t...

Do you need a seat? Yeah, sure! Have a seat!

You need to get your toe in the the market, Jim!

You know what I'mn saying? Out of suburbs, fine!

Two bedroom...

...You don't need a garden courtyard, do you?

You want the worst house, in the best street!

You don't need a kitchen or bathroom...

Put it in later!

Say for example, you want to borrow ...


Or 300 You do it...You Struggle...






Wake up.

Dan, Dan, wake up.

I'm fucked.

Too much champagne.

Yeah I'm...I'm sure it's that...

Well, it is the big day!

I'll make some coffee.

He's drunk!

Is there anything you want to talk to me about?


What's going on?

Mum, you know what's going on!

We are having a lovely time!

That's not what I meant.

Well then, I don't know what you mean!

What's wrong with Dan?

He's just pissed, Mum!He's hopeless!!


Thanks for the beautiful reception.

It'd kill your father, you know.

Think we should stop?

What? Now that we're respectable? - Yeah, I know!

You know what I mean.

Whenever you say the word.

We are the coolest people in McDonalds!

We had a lot going for us.

We'd found the secret glue that held all things together in a perfect place...

...where the noise did not intrude.

Our world very complete.


Hey baby! - Hi!

How was it?

About the same.

Here's $200.

I'm gonna give it half an hour and then I'll split!

Yeah. I won't be long.I'll meet you at home.

Ok, I see you there.


They say that for every 10 years you've been a junkie ...

You will have spent 7 of them...waiting.

One way is not bad have as much time to think . on the other, the anxiety was a full time job!

Hey? - You slimey cunt!

What? - What do you fucking reckon?

I just had a quick little bit! It was nothing!


Um, In the park. When I met Ange.

Did Angela do it with you?

No, of course not! We left as soon as we did the deal!

Only because he's decent enough to go home to his girlfriend.Like you should be!

Oh candy! He sold me the dope! Why would he want to have a hit in the public toilet?

Well why the fuck would you?

Oww!Look, I admit it was dumb!


I'm Sorry!

Will you let me make you a nice taste!

I'm getting sick of this, dickhead!

What is your problem?

You are my problem!

You are a waste of space.

Are you getting your period or something?

No, Dan.

I hardly have my period anymore!

...because my body's all fucked up!

It's this fucking nightmare you've led me into!

Oh right! Like I held a gun to your head! Did I? Eh??

Held you down, hit you up, did I?

Fuck You!

Fuck you too, Candy!

Well, Fuck you double then!

Dan, have you noticed, the more I work, the less I paint?

Candy, I don't want a fight! OK?

I just don't see what your problem is tonight! I mean...

We've got a life!

It's neither good nor bad! OK?

Do you know... Do you know what I do?

Listen to this, dick fuck!

What do I do all day?

I fuck men I hate!

Don't do this. - What are going to do about it?

Look, Okay, that's it! Alright?

No more brothels, No more escorts!

We're gonna take the time to start a new life! - You don't understand do you?

That's really it this time.That's going away!

Maybe I want to keep using!

You know, I'm sick of working,yes,but...

...What if I want to keep using? What are you gonna do about it?


Why don't you ring gay blokes?

You start working!You hock your ass!

Hey, you know you can not do that!

You know, I'll get...I'll get AIDS!

No you won't, you moron!

You'll make them use condoms,like everybody else!

I wouldn't know what to do.

You're heterosexual, right? So you're just doing what you're good at anyway.

Did you even hear what you're saying?

Let me fuck women, no problems!

If I can do it with women, I'd make us all the money! You'd never have to work, I swear!

But... These women, they want muscle types, don't they?

If there was a market out there, I'd do it, but I don't think there is!

And I'd be hopeless with the gay stuff! You know that!

You're fucking unbeleivable!

I can't get to sleep with that on.

Can you turn it off?

Candy, it's a really good movie!

I'll turn it down, okay?

Anyway, it finishes in half an hour.

Fuck you!

Go to bed.

How can you even hear that?

The light's bugging me!

I can't believe it.

I can't fucking believe it.

What? I'm not making any noise.

The light!

The Light's keeping me awake.

OK, look! I'll cover the light!Hmm??

There's more light coming from the workshop than that!


The pen!! I can hear the pen scratching on the paper!

How? This is ridiculous, Candy.

You're just looking for an excuse!

Turn off the light and come to bed.

I'm not going to discuss this with you anymore!

Turn the light off!

Nope! I'm not even talking to you!

Turn the fucking light off!! - ...Aghhh!


Oh my God! Oh my God!

Shit. - I'm so sorry, Danny!

What the fuck was that? - Oh my God! Oh baby! Oh shit!

Jesus! It's fuckin' blood!

I didn't mean to hurt you...

Jesus fuckin' shit, alright!.Fuck!

Is there any chance for some morphine?

I'm in a fair bit of pain.

I don't think you need any morphine.

I don't think you're in much pain at all!

Oh well, it was worth a try!

Excuse me, would you mind if we um,bought a couple of flavoured milks off you?

Just take a couple. - You sure?

No worries!

Want some of this? - Yeah!

Have a good night! - Thanks. - Thankyou!

D'you want anymore?

It's been a while.

Yeah! It's been a while.

I'm sorry I hurt your head.

I'll get you back!

Hello.... Anybody home?

Who the fuck are you?

Yeah, it's me! Phil.

Phillip Dudley,from Commercial Realty.

I've written to you lately.

What's the problem? - Well...

We've been writing to you about...Um...

I've got hang on..Er, here they are!

Copies of the three letters we've sent you recently...

Relating to the matter of your er,rent in arrears.

I'm here to confirm that the 3rd of these letters is in actual fact a notice to vacate.

Effective 7 days hence.


Well of course it was...28 days when you received the letter.

Now, what I'm actually here for today... is to point out to you the shortfall owing on the fault of your bond.

Assuming... you've paid no more rent between now and next wednesday...

We've calculated that the shortfall will be er... $1,125.

Listen, Phillip...

...we're junkies!

I am a hooker!

He's hopeless!

Right now, things are very complicated! We haven't got any money.


But it was good...

Right when times got tough...

There was always Casper. .

Ah, the young ones!


Our... port in the storm!

Don't get overexcited! our gingerbread house!

For once... Here I come...Bearing Treats!

So is this it?

An honour student didn't show, so I had an idle hour to fill.

You made that in an hour?

Well... Panadine to morphine,in about an hour and 10!

If you get rid of the paracetamol... a few things...

...and morphine to heroin in 15 minutes.

Thankyou, you guys!

Rearrange the atoms...

...take a bit off...

...put a bit on...

Liquid Diamorphine...

Commonly known as heroin,pharmaceutical grade, pure.

I call it "My Yellow Jesus!"

Papa bear.

Mama bear.

Baby bear.

It's just that... Candy says I have to start pulling my weight!


What do you know about gay escorts?

Growth market.

Would you mind if asked you a few technical questions?

There's nothing I'd rather discuss with you!

What do they expect you to do?

Well there's a big down in the park!

Why don't you pop down and do some research!

I mean...

If they pay you, would they expect you to have a stiffie?

It Helps!

I don't think I could manage that.

I'm just washing my hands.


He'll cancel his cards.

Not if I get to him first.

M. Ro. Roger. Rog. Rogie baby!Roger, Donald.

R.D. Here it is!

R.D. Moylan 48 Charles Street, Petersham.

He'll trace the call.

That's why they invented prepaid phones.

Ah, Hi! Roger?

Is that Roger Moylan?

Yeah, Look! Look, This is hard...

I'm the guy who stole your wallet.

Yep! No, hold on! I'm sorry, okay? That's why I'm calling! I'm really sorry!

I just... I was after some money,I saw some cash... and you had none...

I want to give your wallet back!

No, I know! I feel so stupid!It's just that I'm...

I'm so lonely right now...

I've got no money,I've just come from Adelaide...

And I've got no friends...

You know, I saw the wallet on the seat,and I took it! I wasn't thinking!

And I'm not interested in your credit cards.

I just want to do the right thing and give it back to you.

Uhh... Well, no! I mean now's not a good time, I...

I'm a little bit nervous about this whole thing anyway!

Can we just...Let's meet in the morning!

What...What time do you go to work?

So you're in Petersham, right?

Umm... Isn't there a footie oval down there or something?

How about we meet out in front of the greyhound stand?

9:30? Is that good?

Well I'll be wearing a blue baseball cap!

Look! look, Take my number!

You got a pen? Yep, Right...

0422 844 881 - [That's my Plumber's!]

Yes, 881.

Well, have you got...a mobile just in case there's a...

Yeah... Yeah! Hey, Tell me one thing...

How did you manage to get such a cute photo on your license?

I'm Sorry! Yeah, I'm sorry, I go too far!

Alright! 9:30 then! I'll see you then!

Alright, Thanks Rog! Okay, bye!

Imagine if you'd turned your powers to the benefit of mankind... Dan!

Does this look like me?

Not even remotely.

I could use these!

And a bit of...

...How about now?

Caucasian man with glasses.


I felt like Tarzan,at fuckin' last!

I had to hunt down some food for Jane.

I knew it was in my power to do something brave.


Can we talk about this when you get back to the office?

20 minutes... Okay, bye!

Sorry about that!

Good morning,How are you?

Ah, good!How are you?


I just uh, wanted to check my current balance on this please!

Okay, I'll just need to get you to enter in your PIN...

Oh God, I'm...terrible with this!

God! Do you ever have trouble remembering your PIN?

You'd be surprised at the number of people who forget them.

Yeah I know! That's why I came inside...

Because I couldn't remember it out at the ATM, and I thought...

You know I could just er..If I had ID?

No! I'm sorry, you need your PIN number for all transactions. It's...

It's one of those security things!

No! Of course, of course!I understand. Um...

So you can't just...

I really can't!


Mr. Moylan? - Yes?

Mr. Roger Moylan? - Yes?

Roger Moylan, This is Ewan Douglasfrom the Commonwealth Bank Security division...

Yes? Is something the matter?

We've been tracking some unusual activity on your credit card, in the last 24 hours...

Oh no!

When was the last time you used your Master Card?

Um, look! I think my wallet was stolen last night...

Did you report it missing?

I was just calling now!

But I called you.

Um, I mean I was about to call.

Sir, Mr. Moylan, I'm going to have to verify your details for a security check.

Would you please tell me your Date of Birth?

Um... 13th of March, 1977.

Mother's Maiden Name?

Er, Lynch.

Number of security?

Is that like your PIN number?

Well, it shouldn't be...but you often find that it is!

Umm...Try... 3279

It's just one of those days, you know...where everythings just gone!

It happens all the time!

Um, but listen... I've already got my daily limit out from the ATM outside...

...But I actually need more, because I'm trying to buy this beautiful old Mercedes.... know, the cream ones,you know, the TLS?

Anyway, the guy's willing to negotiate for cash...


God, we're going to be in the poor house!

...and 50 cents.

Never get sentimental about a car!

I might just get you to check the available credit on this card...

I can get a cash advance, can't I?

Candy? Candy!

I did it! I did it! I fucking did it, baby!

I fucking did it!

God, You... are going to fucking LOVE me for this...

7 Grand!!

Oh god! You should have seen it! I was fucking great! It was like...

It was like that movie we saw with that...

God, what was his name,that actor we like?

...and he gets all that money,and he walks in and he's all coool,and stuf like that...


I'm pregnant.




It couldn't be, uh...


We never broke a condom.

I'd know.

It was the night I broke your skull.

How fucking weird.

One night.

I can get an abortion.


No, no way!

This is good.

It was meant to be.

This is what we need.

We've got to stop using.


Yeah, of course.


Two, please.

We've got some news everybody...

We're having a baby.

Ah, Darling!

Candice, Good God.

We just wanted you to know that we've made some decisions. and uh...

We've been putting some money aside,haven't we?

We're going to get out of that whole warehouse environment.

...and live in a proper house.

Yeah! We really want to raise our child in the.... a proper home.

Have you told your parents?


Day 1

We knew what we had to do.

It takes alot of planning to stop.

Lucky at last!We can really do this, Candy.

It's going to be hard, but...

I'm sure it's like a bridge...

And once we cross it,everything will be okay.

You can get back into your painting again...

Maybe we'll move to the country...

Grow some veggies...

Feed the chickens...

We could go live in Thailand...

Thailand would be great,if we didn't use.

Or the Himalayas.

We'll go canoeing...

A bit of white water rafting...

Get healthy, sleep well...

...not have drugs in our system.

How good would that be?

We really have to do this.

We have to do it this time.

Yeah, we will.

We are.

We're really fuckin' doing it!

Day 2

Day 4

I can't do it.

I can't do it.

Hey!Come back to bed.

Alright? You'll catch a cold.

Casper, It's Candy.

Ring me as soon as you get this.

We've tried your mobile.

I know we said to ignore us while we did this, but...

3 days...

...we did pretty well, but we're not feeling so great now.

We don't want you to ignore us now.

Are you there?

Pick up if you're there.

Pick up!

Okay, you're not there.

Call us!!

Shit! Shit!

Shit! Shit! Shit!

Kojak? It's Candy!

Um... Shit, not so good.

I'm really sick. I mean...

We just need credit.

Uh... I can work a shift,and then I can pay you back.

Yeah, well if I work a shift,then I can pay that too.

I can't work when I'm this sick!

Ok, bye.

Fucking cunt!!


Candy. - Oh God!

Answer!Answer, please!

He was just about to answer!

Give me the phone.- I want the fucking phone!

Don't fucking take it away from me!No! No!!

We can do it. - No! Get away!! Nooooo!!

Candy, you're bleeding.

Candy, you're bleeding.

Why are you bleeding?

The water has broken.Her cervix has dilated.

This is what we didn't want to happen.

We call this an inevitable miscarriage.

There's no going back.

As I was explaining to Candy,she's going to have to go through a kind of... labour!

I don't know however long that takes, you need to know that at this state of the pregnancy...

...the baby is not going to survive.

I'm Sorry.

Give me pethidine!

I want pethidine!

Will you give her the fucking pethidine, or what?

She's fucking in pain,can't you see this?

That's it! Candy, push!

Almost there! Push! That's it!!

Can I hold it?

Doctor, its leg moved.

It's just a spasm.

It moved!

It's just a spasm.


How much did you get? - 50.

That guy is still back there.

Maybe you'll sell some. Yeah? - Alright.

Everything we ever did... we did with the best of intentions...

But.. events tumble!and the years pile up.

The world is very bewildering to a junkie.

Yeah, we're all good!

Well... Tastes bad. - Fuck!

Here you go.

Do you feel anything?


Shit! - Shit!

and still... you cling to the concept of change.

Hey, Schumann...

...we are thinking of moving up the country for a while.

Give methadone a try.

What the fuck difference would it make?

The air's cleaner, for one.

It's a kitchen.

It's a bit dark, isn't it?


Yeah, we Could um... knock out a hole...and put a skylight.

I love you.

Any frozen peas?


I got one! There he is!

It was all the way down in the turbo frost.

I can not believe you didn't do this, this morning.

What time are they coming?


What's the date?

Oh no, this expired a month ago.

Look at that! It smells bad!

That's got that kind of chicken smell! - Yeah it does doesn't it!

Not to worry, we'll just baste it in lots of stuff! Like uh...

Basil, uh... honey? Bayleaves or something?

What's in the cupboard?

What do you put on a roast?

How long did it take you to get out here?

Oh, About an hour and 40 minutes? Dear?

Yeah, about... 40? 45?

Much traffic?

No, pretty good run really.

Can't complain.

It's so beautiful here,the drive down was so beautiful.

Yeah, it's... Countryside.

Had any news on the job front?

Um... Well it's pretty... There's not much work around here.We're getting by on the dole.

Well, apparently I might be able to get some work hay bailing.

Hay bailing?

Ooooh! Tough work, hay bailing!- Yeah.

So! What can I do in the kitchen?

Nothing mum, really! It's fine!

Nonsense, there must be something I can do to help.

Everything's under control.

The oven's heating up.

We're running a bit behind.

No worries, mate.

Oh This is unbelievable.You go to all this trouble to invite us up here...

...and you can't even manage the simple decency of getting the meal together on time!

Get off my case, mum!

Is not food that's even the issue here.

It's your attitude!

Okay, let's just calm down. Lunch will be ready in less than an hour.

Who wants some wine?

That chicken is rock solid!

We're not going to be eating before midnight.

And where are the vegetables?

Hey hey, Let's all calm down, honey.

What do you think is about?

Sunday Lunch.It's a pretty simple thing.

But with you two, there's no such thing as simple.

The drugs!

The drugs always come first.

Hey no, that is not true.

We're doing really well now.

Do you have any idea...

...what you have done to my family?

To me?

What happened to that beautiful girl?

What happened?

What happened?

Can't you see?

Don't you understand?

I have been clutching my fucking fists since I was 6 years old.

Look at my fucking fists! Look at them!

Look at them, you fucking bitch!

Don't you understand?

No! I gotta clench my hands!

I gotta clench my hands! I can't relax.

Darling, darling! Look!It's been a big move.

It's been a big year.

There's been lots of changes.

C'mon, you've lost a child.

But you ARE getting your lives together.I can see that!

Just go.

Fuck off.

Forget lunch.

Can we?

Can we cancel the lunch?

Maybe we can just make this another day.

Today is just a bad day.I'm sorry.

I'm scared.

There's nothing to be scared of.

There's nothing to be scared of.

D'you think we're going to end?

We'll never end. - It'll end.

It's not gonna work.

Is that the flu vaccine?

It's medicine.

It's leading us not into temptation.

Hey Candy, check out this.

Brickie's labourer.

I'll give it a call, eh. - Why don't you do that.

Hi.- Hey!

This is Paul. He lives up the road.

Good day.

He's got some good home grow.

Great.Can I get some more?

Um... There is none left.

Then I'll grab a beer.

There's none of that either.

I'm gonna go and get some more pot.

Uh.. We gonna grab some dinner,or What?

No, you eat! I'll be fine.

You want some money? I got paid.

No. - No, it's okay mate.

Where were you?

Don't you fuck this one with your negative comments.

What are you doing?

Going back to my art.

Does not mean anything to you?

Have you been fucking that guy?

You do not know what you're talking about.

Where have you been all night?

Away from you.

You fucked him, didn't you?


...You do not know what you're talking about.


...I hate the sound of your voice.


...Why don't you just fuck off?

I mean, really!

Fuck off!

Wakey wakey.Hands off snakey!

What the fuck is that?

A statement of fact.What do you think it is?

And what's this with your mother anyway?

Well if it's not her...

...Then you.



You think you're so smart,but youre just fuckin' mad!

That's really good, Candy.

That's good, glad you think that.

Your a fuckin' poet!

Once upon a time, there was a Candy and Dan...

Things were very hot that year...

All the wax was melting on the trees...

He would crawl on balconies, climb everywhere. Do anything for her...

My Danny boy.

Thousands of birds. Thetiniest birds adorned her hair...

Everything was golden...

One night the bed caught fire...

He was handsome, and a very good criminal...

We lived on sunlight and chocolate bars...

It was the afternoon of extravagant delight...

Danny, the Daredevil...

Candy the blessing...

The day's last rays of sunshine cruise like sharks....

"I wanna try it your way this time!"

You came into my life really fast, and I liked it.

We squelched in the mud of our joy.

I was wet thighed with the surrender...

Then there was a gap in things...

And the whole earth tilted...

This is the business.This is what we're after.

With you inside me...Comes the night...

... never again sleep ...

... a monster in the pool ...

... Part of the black nature, to board ...

... chickens and runnerbeans ...

... everywhere I looked ...

... sometimes I hate you ...

... Friday ...

... I didn't mean that ...

storm ... years ...... sometimes I hate you ...

... a box of flowers by the bed...

... I broke your head ...

... from the back of the bed ...

... the baby died in the morning ...

... I gave him a name ...

... His name was Thomas ...

...Poor little guy...

... his heart poundslike a voodoo drum ...

My name is Daniel, I'm an addict.I'm clean today, but not for much longer.

Get out.

I suppose I should do just that.

I am in my house Casper.

Promise me you'll stop.

Promise me you'll stop before me.

can I talk to Dan Cutter,Please? It's Jim Wyatt here.

Yeah Jim, it's me.

Hi! Candy's in the hospital.


She's suffered a bit of a nervous breakdown.

It's funny where it all ends up isn't it?


You okay?

I was so frightened.


I didn't really understand what was happening.


Everything's dead.

Everything's turning blue.

It's hard through all this you know.

I don't care how wrong you've been living about your years.

I care about my daughter.


Whatever you're capable of...whatever she needs...

Come on, we'll take you home.

Let him go.

And that was it...

That was all that was scattered to the winds...

Casper was gone...

Schumann was lost...

Candy was off getting better...

The coast...


And I...Was...

I was just...

The washer, Dan.

World Championship washer.

One day, you'll wash for Australia.

The world was full of startling new concepts.

I couldn't think.I couldn't breathe.

I was waiting for her to come back.

Because she was everything.

She was everything to me.

Hey Dan, you have a visitor.


Just Tell her I'm not here.

Are you crazy?

Tell her I knocked off.

Your friend is right here, just come.

G'day. - Hey!

I thought it was tomorrow.

I couldn't wait.

Is that okay?

Yeah! No, it's good!

It's just!You look so beautiful.

It's all that country air.

So I finish in an hour.


Dan. Hey!Hey!

Danny, Danny! Hey!

It's Okay.Hey!

Hey, It's Okay,I'm here now.

There's no going back.

If you're given a reprieve...

I think it is good to remember...

...just how thin it is.