Cannabis (1970) Script

Lay the girl on the sofa.

It's already bright.

I'm coming.

But that was quick. It was first class work. Excellent.

You look like you have worries. I have family concerns, the girls.

They are hardly fledgling, because the trouble is already starting.

They either make bombs or cry out for revolution.

The son of the boss of the mafia, of all people, and his friends are mostly Negroes.

I had a visitor the other day, a certain Carbona.

Carbona knows the network in France. All the drug comes through France.

These are excellent laboratories and you should make arrangements.

That might be interesting. Carbona will help you.

He's flying in the same plane as you tomorrow night.

I don't want to leave so quickly.

I must love you, Serge, but don't forget that it was I who brought you into the mafia. They were the greasy Russian for everyone, the annoying foreigner. Nobody wanted to do anything for you.

But they forget that we are all just foreigners here.

So you will fly tomorrow night. I've done a lot for you.

I could do a lot more for you. You mustn't disappoint me.

I trust you, you bloody Russian pig.

Is Paul coming with me? You don't need it for this job.

The plane to Paris is ready.

I repeat:

Last call for flight 114 to Paris.

That's going to be hard.

But you're already doing it. You couldn't have done it alone.

I'm sick of it. It’s all up to me.

I have only one wish.

When it's all over I want to get away, as far away as possible. I buy a farm from the coal.

And then you decide the end of your life together with your wife.

And you think that it's that easy? Why not?

Above all, I want to go south.

Sitting in the sun under palm trees.

Would you like coffee, tea or milk?

Well, I'll bring you something.

Would you like something to drink?

Hello, am I bothering you? Absolutely not.

Do you know France? - Yes.

If I get bored somewhere, I just fly off.

To New York, to London, and now I'm in the mood for Paris.

I sit in the next machine and ready. And you?

I don't feel like doing anything. I just travel like this.

Sitting around, traveling... I never get bored.

Sitting around, traveling... I never get bored.

Maybe that's because I'm not demanding.

And what do you expect?

I always like to see something new. Are you happy?

Well, I think so. Why not?

It will cost you dearly. M. Carbona, I can't help it.

These are Emery's killers, the two deaf and dumb.

Don't worry, I'll deal with it. Where are you going anyway?

Good evening, old friend. I was expecting to see you.

Oh well.

You still look dazzling. And how are your deaf and dumb?

How are you - Oh, always the same.

You get older. It affects me. I know. I also have days where I wake up and how exhausted Then I can hardly move.

But you still get up. You won't be destroyed by cancer.

Didn't you go to the doctor? What should I see the doctor about?

I know what I have. Don't listen.

His eternal talk already hurts me everywhere.

But today it's not as bad as usual.

You suffer, you die... That's the way it is. What do you want?

You have all this, you have Rita. You have achieved everything you wanted.

You were never ambitious anyway. So, you are popular with everyone.

Everyone has respect for you. You are to be envied.

Of course, apart from the fact that I don't like your deaf and dumb ones anyway, they earn way too much. That's my thing.

Do you hear rita He thinks it's up to him.

And what do you say? I don't think it will go on like this.

The last word has not yet been spoken. Too late, it won't happen.

You have exposed yourself too much. Whats become of you?

They are big and powerful. And what do you do?

You fill out checks, take the cross of the Legion of Honor, and now the cops even salute you.

It was a long time ago that you had a gun in your hand.

Slay the cancer and leave me alone.

Aren't you afraid of the American?

Don't worry, I'll deal with that.

First I take care of the Carbona family.


Is the doctor there?

Jane Swenson. Yes good thanks. I'm waiting.

No, leave it. Hang up. Do what I say.

There's a little book in my jacket.

It says where you have to call.

You will recognize it later.

What I want to show you in the book is the fact that today's youth versus frenzy has the same attitude, but not towards the culture of the Orient.

Of course, I am also thinking of the young people who travel to India, to Nepal. But what they're looking for is not cultural thought. They're looking for the drug there, nothing else.

But that must be prevented, especially on your part. This is your job.

It has nothing to do with my job.

I'm not speaking as a policeman now, but as a philosopher.

Oh, how interesting.

I think you don't enjoy yourself drinking.

I don't care about having fun. My wife likes these parties very much.

She has a weakness for these snobs.

It is cold here.

Cold and damp. My rheumatism is immediately noticeable.

I used to operate in large hospitals.

Here the hygienic facilities are not exactly up to date.

You get along well. $ 2,000.

And if they do, they'll catch a blue bean first.

And then they cry out for me and I have to be there for them.

What have I seen in apartments, hotels and rooms?

I've also operated in cellars and barns.

And even somewhere in the middle of the forest.

There she is. It's bleeding pretty well. Some went along with it.

He is emaciated. Apparently women like that.

And yet when I see a girl like you with one like that...

The main thing is that you enjoy it.

And when I see something fragile like you. Yes. Your eyes, your complexion.

No, I am not mistaken. You are young.

You have smooth, delicate skin, yet. But that goes quickly.

Remember that.

So, you still watched Emery fill up.

Yes, M. Bardeche, in Aix I lost sight of him in a traffic jam.

But I saw him again. He went to the "Hotel du Roi Rainier".

Since you brought your luggage in there, I assumed that he would stay there.

Then he went safely to the bar and met someone there, didn't he?

Yes. They even talked to each other for a long time.

Then he went on to Marseille? Yes.

And then he went straight to the port and handled the overseas ships, so I assumed that he wanted to do a freight history there.

But he wasn't there. He went straight to the town hall?

Yes, of course. I was quite surprised. -So?

I'm not surprised at all. I'm gradually getting to know him.

I know he is watching me.

He has me shadowed. So put your husband on a leash.

Move him to Nouméa or anywhere else for my sake.

If it's nothing else, you don't have much to worry about.

It'll be okay. Listen, Edouard, this M. Bardeche should disappear. I understand, I completely understand.

I assure you that I will take care of it.

The only annoying thing is that this man doesn't let himself be talked to.

I mean, he's completely inaccessible to financial offers.

You said yourself that he is out of this world.

Where should I drop you off? At the Ministry? You're welcome.

To the ministry.

Does it heal a bit?

A little bit.

It looks better, but you can't move your arm.

Above all, you have to sleep now.

When I feel better, I sleep more.

And through the syringes. I've had that for a long time.

I had a head injury, the sleep center got something and nobody can cure it.

Well, I dream and dream.

The nights are as long as if I live twice.

But I miss the natural dreams that everyone has when they sleep.

Who are you, what is this about?

You are s!

You're flat, huh?

I'm damn quick, huh? The doctor called New York.

You should be happy to see me again. Hey man.

Is there something drinkable here? Everything you want.

I hurried quite a bit.

When they told me to send me over...

Boy, you don't get an idea. I told you right away.

There's not a job every day in Paris.

Two Americans who can do what they want.

Let's say they can almost do what they want.

You don't need to get upset with the guys at all.

It's a no brainer. We'll buy them quickly.

Do you want to see my new invention?

So I put the tax collectors on the cross.

Not bad what?

Do you see? It's great. Open close.

Fine toys.

Listen, can you understand what that means?

We'll find your deaf and dumb. Now you have me and I have you.

Isn't that funny? Tell me, isn't that a joke?

Paul and Serge in Paris. Nothing can go wrong there.

One thing is certain: no one can do us. We never lose out.

We are inseparable, undetectable and unbeatable.

I'm happy, Paul. I knew you would come.

Why do people dangle that shit on the wall? Do you get it That is probably the last.

I like mirrors a lot more. What do i see there Me!

At least I live. It is action, it is moving.

A strange boy, your friend Paul. He's very attached to you.

Think so. It is mutual.

He is helping me. His way of looking at life. He sings, he dances.

I feel like I don't care.

He is interested in everything and enjoys everything.

And he also shoots very well. He loves guns passionately.

You will soon be well, then you will go again.

Then you two will go again. Yes.

We are not here for pleasure. No.

I think we have better things to do than ask ourselves questions.

Everything has an end.

I am there just like you.

I've always done everything very thoroughly.

You don't have to move out here. Just stay here.

You can both live here if you want.

Yes, I am alive.

I laugh.

And I live.

The Bill please.

Listen, Madame, I'm looking for a Mme. Carbona. -Whom?

The woman of a guy called Carbona. Do you know him?

I'm looking for two of those types who can't speak, deaf and dumb.

Ah no.

Go to the police. To the police? Thank you.

Look over there at the counter. There's a young American he asked about you. An American?

Yes. Do you want to speak to him? No, definitely not.

Someone should go after him. All right.

Looks like we're drinking the same thing.

The color is the same.

But his is pure alcohol. What do you mean, how nutritious it is.

It only consists of vitamins and lecithin.

That is insanely healthy, raw eggs and tomatoes.

That is my mesh. That is the best for me.

That gives me strength.

You know, when I think of all the guys who couldn't stop drinking...

Do you remember Andre? Do you remember how he sat in the casino shortly before his death?

We watched him play. He knew he had to believe in it.

And the more he won, the more he drank.

I always brought him the sparkling wine.

At his table, 22 came three times in a row. Really, three times.

I tell you, he has never been so excited.

And he knew it, Did that make an impression on you?

Why then? It's not true that he drank so much.

He has had tuberculosis for over 20 years.

You couldn't have saved him either. Now he's dead, so what?

I always tell myself that I'm already dead.

That's why I'm so calm.

Do you know why he was released? So that he could die in bed and so that he could no longer do anything stupid.

He was far too trusting with his friends.

What do you think if he had talked about everything else?

Man that I'm not laughing.

I do not like that.

I want tomatoes. Get some tomatoes.

What's up? Do your dirt alone!

Bring me something to smoke. It comes to itself again.

No, that means "where they were happy".

I'm pretty exhausted right now.

No, no, I have some things to do.

No, not that important either. I just don't feel like going away now.

No, I tell you yes, I just want to be a little bit alone.

No. - You go crazy.

Not because of work. I don't work at the moment.

Do you want a new one?

A punch from the house. Too little industry has been developed.

The only industry down there is in the area of ​​...

Well, I don't know what it's called there.

But then further down to the Chinese border, there is nothing.

That's how it is.

Punch is an excellent drink for a young lady, and it wakes you up. But I think you put a little too much sugar in it.

The best punch is in a tiny bar, very close to the Quai d'Orsay. I always said "no".

I would like to speak to you. Come on, let's sit down.

A martini.

Chill out. I'll explain that to you.

You can't do that in France. You can't just shoot everywhere like you did last year in Detroit. Is not in Paris.

I'll explain it to you. The mentality of the bulls in France...

Nonsense, cops are cops. You have to know exactly what you want.

I know exactly what I want. I just want to settle.

I can imagine. I know. You don't like it.

Right, that doesn't help either.

For example, I would like to ask you something that will seem very indiscreet to you.

Who is the American you met on the flight from New York a few days ago? Do you know who I mean?

Oh yes, I know that for sure.

Have you seen him again?

Oh, he was very nice, but a little shy.

He didn't even introduce myself to me.

I can understand. It was probably clear to him that he is hardly the right contact for an ambassador's daughter.

The social differences are blurred today...

Well, anyway, this man is dangerous.

He is a professional killer. If he came across you again, purely by accident, on the street or something, Please call me immediately on the number.

You dont need to be scared. You will be protected.

Please give me a call. That’s it, Mademoiselle. Goodbye.

But you have a streak today.

I will continue.

Here, I get supplies, and I still have a lot of them in my pocket.

And if that's all, I'll call New York.

So, and I win the next game. To a new one.

Take off.

Is that all? It all comes back to me.

Poker is a game where spectators are annoying!

Oh come on. You can't just stop now.

Are you leaving again I don't like it if you stay away for so long. Paul?

Paul, come on now.

Come on, we keep playing. I don't feel like it anymore.

Well then.

You have something. What's happening?

Did someone follow you or what? Have you seen anyone I need to know that. Answer! Get it out!

Now tell me what's going on.

What is up?

I said yes, I was sad.

I'm also afraid for you.

I just walked the streets.

And that I...

I know I can't change anything, but...

I would love to be alone with you.

I don't want you to go away.

You do not sleep?

Does your shoulder hurt again? No.

Are you afraid? No, I'm fine. I am healthy.

I feel the way I always do. I can not sleep anymore.

And change.

What is it? What do you want?

Are you M. Morgan? - Yes.

I am the wife of Carbona. I was expecting you.

I was looking for you. He was never lucky.

Well, I'm sorry. We would have worked well together.

Now what do you intend to do now? I was with him for 10 years.

He entrusted me with everything. And then it had to happen.

You were the last person he had contact with.

He wanted to work with you, so I'll give you his documents.

I will travel. I want to get away from Emery and everyone.

Emery? Don't you know who that is?

No. If you read this, you know You will find a long list of names of suppliers and customers.

Many thanks. Then we can take care of him.

What kind of person is Emery? He has a lot of money.

His wife is very rich and has good relationships.

Is he violent?

Yesterday they destroyed everything in Marcel's floating restaurant, on the truck crane. I know he's after me.

I hope no one has followed you, madame.

You keep your mouth shut!

Oh hello.

Look at someone, she's completely naked. Now she is making herself beautiful.

Typical, like all women. She is waiting for someone.

They are all waiting for someone.

There's a cute little guy down there.

Now they're starting.

Now he pulls the girl by the hair.

He does this on purpose so that she cries and he can comfort her.

Now he says something very quietly to her.

Now the little girl is lifting up her dress.

She is embarrassed.

He is still very shy, the little villain.

And finally the love waltz.

Now a woman appears on the balcony.

She calls the two in.

Stop it slowly. We have everything we need, all the documents.

We can go to work. It's about time.

Let's start with the deaf and dumb.

How unnecessary.

Oh my god, she's very bloody. She is dead.

Whoever she was, now she's a shadow.

Shadows, realm of shadows.

Now she has gone through the mirror, to the other side.

It has gone from light to dark.

The darkness devoured them.

We felt comfortable here.

Tomorrow we have to go. It is probably the best.

In Neuilly my godmother has a big house with a huge garden.

Nobody bothers us there.

She lives there all alone, with an old governess.

She loves me a lot. No one will look for us there.

You stay here, that's too dangerous.

When everything is done, I'll send you a message.

Nothing comes out anyway. This is not the first time.

Aren't you scared?

Fear? No why?

Nothing happens to us.

I want to speak to you. Who's speaking? I am not here.

Leave me alone. Where does the voice come from?

I don't want to hear them.

When is the next delivery? Answer!

I don't know anything. Who is your supplier?

Lacan, the dancer from the opera.

Office deeply. Come on.

The shoulders back. Look, like this. Now take a deep breath.

Stop now.

One, two, three, four, five, and exhale.

So come with me.

They'll let you in.

Come on, little one, nothing can happen to us.

Tell me, does Lacan live here?

He doesn't live here, but he's mostly here. Sit down.

I want to go to you.

I heard about you in Rome. I am completely finished.

I absolutely need fabric.

I'm already trying grass.

But that's not enough.

I need something better, stronger. I urgently need something else.

The very best stuff. Yes I understand.

I hope you can help me. Let's see what I can do.

But it is very urgent.

I can understand. I can put myself in your position.

So then can I rely on you?

I will see what I can do.

But I really need it.

Well, that's a problem.

I ask you.

You should have taken me with you.

Oh shut up. We're already buying it.

Bastard I think we're being followed.

Hold on, I turn right.

Then I'll park somewhere.

At least that's something.

Keep monitoring them, but carefully.

No, that is all. I'm going to go home now.

Yes, call me every 3 hours. Thank you.

Beware, duck!

Why, why then?

And two... and three... and four.

One, two, and three, and four.

Where's the lab? Now spit out the address!

Where's the lab?

In the factory... just before Camée.

Where does the shipment come from and when?

Was worth it.

And Paul? It always gets through. Come on!

To Neuilly, to your aunt.

Bastard !!

And you told him when the show came from Beirut.

It looks similar to you again.

You told him everything, huh?

The place, the day, everything! No.

No, I don't know the day at all.

And what about the laboratory? He knows that too.

You told him everything. No, really not.

What you do not say. Emery.

Leave that to me. I'm responsible for that now.

No, that's my business. I'll take it over.

He'll pay.

You'll pay for it, I'll tell you. No more evening parties.

Now he is going to throw up. He already knows what is blooming for him.

And what's next? Take care of concrete and a van.

No! Put him somewhere in the stream.

Get him out.

If I had a room to myself when I was little, and if it had only been a shack, maybe everything would be different today.

I always had a huge one. That's why you're different.

I always have the feeling that you look down on me from high up.

You carry your head up.

You look at me come to me, very close to me.

I love that smell that surrounds you.

Like old perfume, a little bit sweet.

It envelops you like magic.

You just let yourself sink and you're somewhere else.

Maybe I would be happy in a southern country.

In the sun, by the sea...

You lie on your back, you see the clouds moving, and you listen to the waves.

Why don't you go there with me? Today, immediately.

Right now. If you feel like it, nobody can stop you. Come over!

I found you. And I know exactly where the laboratory is.

The fabric is guaranteed to be hidden here.

I've already checked.

It smells like shit here.


Excuse me.

Are you all right? Now satisfied? Come away, it stinks here.

Stop! Stop! Come quickly!

Quick, get him in here.

Quiet, very calm. Sometimes I want to break up.

I haven't had anything in two days.

And then I just didn't have the courage.

You can go. I can't help it, you understand?

Yes, yes, I understand, but... Why are you doing this?

Because I...

I know exactly what's going on.

Your date didn't work. The guy wasn't there.

Yes, exactly, otherwise I would be as normal as everyone else.

I'm getting back on my feet. I am very reasonable.

Only if I don't get anything will I go crazy.

Well, I understand that. You know, your supplier is in prison. And where should I...

No, no, don't worry, we'll take care of you.

No one can endure abruptly. I'll help you.

Then you have to help us too.

I already do almost everything.

Hey, boss, you beat the lab short and sweet.

So what? I know that. I manage this case my way.

You will get what you need from us. Right now.


Who is it that cares for you?

This guy from the opera. Fine.

So then.

Will be fine again.

I do it on my own, all by myself.

I just wanted to tell you.

You have to understand that.

I have no desire to remain a henchman all my life.

New York and the mafia puke me.

It was okay when I was your age. But now...

I understand that already. I can't blame you.

I'm so happy about it and I'll stay with you.

I'm sick of them over there. They think they can afford anything.

We two don't need them. You and me, we don't need anyone.

We both always get along, Serge.

Paul, I don't want you to get involved.

I'll do it all by myself. I'm not leaving you alone.

It's behind it, huh?


I'm throwing away all the stuff for her.

You can't just get off like that.

I just disappear and out.

And what are you doing then?

You were never interested in anything. You didn't care about anything you did.

You live in a different world.

You were never quite there. Nothing ever touched you.

Do you really think it will change with her? Yes.

The mafia will never forgive you. She'll find you.

But that's very strange.

Since this American has been here, people have died like flies.

I wonder every day who will be next.

Didn't you read the newspaper? Slaughter in the Fontainebleau forest:

2 dead, horribly prepared. Shootout in a night cabaret:

2 dead, 10 wounded. Gunfight in a chicken farm: 5 dead.

Incidentally, I heard that you know the owner well.

Nonsense. I have the impression that you are not up to the task.

You're not going to go any further. You are unable.

I'm getting tired of it. Gently, gently, Mr. Emery.

These are tough words. The head of department told me that you seem to be very interested in these things.

If so, precautions should be taken.

We should maybe put you under police protection.

I will send two policemen to you, especially for you. For your protection.

If I think it's necessary... Good, call me.

But I ask you to be careful. If something should happen to you, my head of department would never forgive me.

Pig dog.

Do you have to keep playing cards? Don't you have anything better to do?

Hey, do you want to see my sheet?

Do you want to know what kind of shitty leaf I have?

Come on, hold your breath.

That would be a great sheet.

There you have the crap. That pisses me off.

If you want to starch, run somewhere else.

OK! Ok ok OK.

Come on, you shit! I kick you in the snout.

If you want to finish me off, you have to get up earlier.

I have your guardian angel at the door.

Do you think that this will make you safe?

Yes, I will tell you what I want.

I want everything, think about it. I will call again.

Was it an invitation? - Yes.

Maybe you could call it that.

Everything that I've done disgusts me.

It happens that I don't remember anything as if I don't think.

I would have to start all over again, that's... It all goes on like this.

No, it's not like it used to be. You never said anything like that before.

You kept everything to yourself. You didn't worry about anything.

Now that you've got this over with, you can put a dash under it and be completely happy.

Well, I would like to believe it.

There are people whose lives are straightforward.

Everyone has a set task, I don't need to try that.

You can't cheat, that's impossible.

In any case, I have made many wonderful trips with you.

No, he doesn't want to know anything about you anymore.

It's over with New York and the mafia.

Since when? Since this girl was there. So you're going to kill him.

No, no, it's better to wait!

It's been like this since I've been here. He is crazy.

Even when we're in port, I shouldn't get off the boat.

And I don't want to know where we are, in which country.

I don't care. I would dream of countries that no longer exist.

You can't even find them on maps anymore.

At most with Jules Verne.

Yes, but that's not why I came to Paris.

No, that is out of the question! Whether I can shoot well or not, that's completely... It has nothing to do with it!

No, I want to go back to New York.

Then we'll just send someone else to do it.

Another, why?

No no.

Either me or none.

Are you worried What went wrong?

Do not you have any money?

I'm leaving, I'm sick of it.

I give up, I leave everything behind.

I'm actually glad it had to happen that way.

It was a good lesson to me.

When I think about what I wanted to do with my life...

I wanted the big adventure. So what?

What are your next plans?

Basically, we have learned nothing.

You can't turn the clock back.

Don't we just want to go somewhere? We dreamed with our eyes open.

The plane is already gone.

I knew that it would not be so easy with you.

You have to do what's inside of you.

Destroy and destroy.

Only when you have done that will you feel free inside.

There's more.

It’s not bad at all.

We'll give you something.

Stay seated in your seat.

Well, then that would be clear.

You know it's in your best interest. Yes.

In my interest or not. That does not matter,

but that I'm leaving. Do what you want.

It's out of the question. I still need you, then we'll see.

This is not necessary. I disappear.

You will not be leaving. The American is sure to call you.

And you will meet with him.

I'm sorry, but you have to find someone else to do that. I depart.

Goodbye, M. Bardeche. You won't get far, Emery.

So far you have had support from all kinds of people.

But now nobody can do anything for you.

But me.

When things get too hot, love stops.

Then you have no friends anymore. They let you down.

You will do what I say, then you can sit down.


I have found a place for your appointment where you are safe.

The courtyard of the police prefecture.

So please.

What can I do more for you? Think about it.

I've always liked to please.

And if I can help you with that...

All right, I'm ready to clear the field.

That is, under a certain condition.

We'll meet in person.

And in a completely neutral place, where nothing happens to you or me.

So far, yes? Well.

Leave me. Is everything ok. Leave me.

I choke.

I suffocate in all closed rooms.

A disease. I can't stand being trapped.

I have to go out from time to time.

I need life around me. I can't help it.

I have everything and lose it.

You can be paralyzed all of a sudden. Then you can't do anything anymore.

You can't scream either.

"Very cheap"

She'll break her neck. Such a dumb thing.

I can't.

This slut.

Serge, take this...