Cannibal Ferox (1981) Script


~ Hi!

Good morning. Good morning sir.

Good morning and welcome to Panaguaya.

Change please.

What's happens around here?

Nothing, miss.

Here nothing ever happens.

You are lucky. Until this morning we didn't have any money.

In my own house, Miss. There's no hotels around here.

Excuse me? Yes?

In Bogota...

Until here... and after...

Where do you want to go?

Miss, I don't know of any village called Manioca.

There are many small villages, dangerous animals, jungle, snakes.

Do you understand me, Miss?

I'm sure!

And then you need to follow on foot. It's dangerous, really dangerous.

I would prefer if you would return to the Capital.

Miss, here is your money. Thank you.

Go! Go!

To the right! Good!


Everything for the motherland!

Long live America!

Please, do you know where a small village called Manioca is?

No miss, I don't know it.

It's called the queen of the Amazon.

You must eat it, it kills bad luck.

This animal is a coati and it can save you and your friends' lives.

If you bring him along, the snakes will attack him instead of you Americans.

Is that clear?

I recognise this gentleman. He was here three weeks ago, Miss.

With a blond man, but now I don't know where they are.

As for the others, I already told the Consul.

They were travelling in a Jeep in search of the Manioca village.

That's all I know.

I understand Sergeant.

Terrible stories Miss.

In the Amazon, people ignore the danger and end up dying. I'm sorry.

Sergeant, it's police business. We need to find them as soon as possible.

Where and how?

We'll find them.


Yes Sergeant?

Call the pilot of the sea plane. We'll go immediately.


Hey! Where are the Americans?