Capitaes de Abril (2000) Script

Rosa, I'm going to war.

When are you going?


Don't go! Promise that you won't go!

See the blue train?

It goes to France. And if we take it?

It can't be. If I did that, I would be betraying my country.

I'm going. If I don't, they take away my weekend leave.

We could work in France, to make money.

Speaking French, just like they do.

Lisbon, 24th April 1974.


To my parents and my daughter

Can I have the car keys?

Not today, I've got to work.

What work? With that makeup? I need the car.

To get to the pub, you can walk

I miss you, Antَnia.

In Africa, there wasn't a day that I didn't think about you, and since I returned, I feel worse.

Saying that you destroyed villages and missed me! I'm glad that I inspired you!

Shut up! You don't know what you're saying There were orders. I had to obey them.

If you continue acting like a guard dog, you'll become a general.

But those men, and those that are tortured here, students, workers, farmers, they don't obey.

They resist, and risk their lives.

What do you know about workers and farmers?

More than an opportunist like you.

Who is ashamed of his origins, and is a soldier just to get on in life.

What time is this to come in?

I've taken your keys. I have to go.

Let me take you.

Manuel, will you come with me to the party?

What party?

I need to talk with my brother.

It's my last hope to be able to do something.

They've arrested one of my students.

Only a child.

I feel so guilty.

Sorry, not today.

Not just today. You can't, ever.

I can't rely on you. I don't know what we're doing together.

I don't know why I support you.

This is ridiculous...

For now, leave me in peace once and for all!

Captain! I need help.

I'm late.

I can't lose my weekend off!

I couldn't help it.

I mean, I missed the train.

You couldn't help it?

Man or woman?


We'll speak about that tomorrow. Will it go in the service record?

I promise that I'll take care of it. Now, get out!

Another coup d'etat?

Now it's every 15 days.

War has made you completely crazy.

Do you think everything is solved by shooting?

Are you with us?

I don't know.

Things don't happen that way they must come from the people.

From the workers, not the soldiers Mr Mario Soares... Do you know when we're going away to Africa?

Tomorrow. You and many more. We received the orders last week.

And you didn't tell me?

Coming or not?

You don't have the right to do that.

I don't write your histories.

I'm the day officer, you should arrest me Okay, put your pistol on the desk

The commander has just come in. He's in his office.


If something happens, say I disarmed you

Commander, you are under arrest By the Movement of the Captains

What does this mean?

What sort of mess are you getting yourself into?

Remember, you're an officer. You swore an oath.

I know that very well, commander.

But we must be loyal to the people.

Your career is over, Maia. Your ambition...

Is just to wear this uniform with dignity.

As a career official trained to obey In Guinea, I did things that went against my conscience.

Now I know that sometimes, the only solution is to disobey When I saw how the skin of an old man was torn off..

I didn't go to the academy for that.

To be like a PIDE, wasn't what I wanted.

You are no more than asshole veterans.

It's a pain in the ass to have to tolerate your war stories.

Because you stayed in the city...

Perhaps it's my fault?

You know I'm an asthmatic. Even if I were to persist...

Come on, Botelho, you always had contacts Botelho was lucky.

He thought Africa was a zoo or something.

Yes, but it was funny.

We waged the war, and are captains.

You stayed here, and you're the major.

It's clear that we were always rubbish in the academy.

So it's not strange to me The rich were sick of telling their children go to the palm forests and join the poor.

Botelho just stayed here.

What's happening?

How are you?

It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'd like to introduce one of my friends.

And your husband? Good, thanks.

And how's your child? Is it a daughter?

A six-year old daughter.

You don't have more?

Gentlemen, this is a childhood friend that I've not seen... for a long time.

Mr Johnson President of an oil company in Texas.

And Mr Salieri, head of the Department of National Security

It's a priority for the government.

Portugal will always be pluricontinental and multiracial In spite of whoever gets hurt.

Education is difficult.

Sometimes painful... for the lazy.

We have to civilise them. Health, Education...

Yes, with 30% of the people illiterate.

We are the heroes of civilisation.

Excuse me.

Antَnia is the sister of minister Correia.

That's our future, Mr Johnson.

It's easy for you to say.

You're the only one who hasn't blown it with the rheumatism brigade.

Why take orders from mummy?

Idealists are usually very ugly.

For you, it's just a hobby that doesn't affect you.

But seriously speaking, it can hurt my career a lot.

So that...

I want to continue speaking with General Pais If you'll let me...

General, you said... the situation in the army is under control.

The rebellion in Calda was crushed.

Peace rules in our country.

To blow up 12 helicopters in a military base is serious.

Your friend will be interrogated tonight.

It's better if he speaks, if not, it'll reach you.

And no brother minister can save you.

Do you know what I read in my horoscope?

I can't imagine.

That I would find a man who would change my life.


Don't go, have a drink...

Goodnight, madam.

You have a way with them, how do you do it?

Well, lets go.

We're going already? Yes, I have to go.

Hail, brave soldier!


You are you? How long has it been?

Don't give me your hand, I won't shake it.

How long have you been back Months Great to see you Would you do me a favour?

Have you seen Antَnia? She is not very well.

They've arrested one of her students.

I understand.

Thanks Excuse me, I have to go.

The army is retreating!

Our heroes crap themselves in front of the artists.

They prefer to kill blacks.

Stop, or you'll regret it.

See, they're all a gang.

A pack!

Lucky me.

I always wanted to smash the face of a soldier in our glorious empire.

You are professional killers!

Let go of me, terrorist!

Sons of whores! Assassins!



You're lucky that we're in a hurry!

You should be ashamed.

Everybody outside, quickly! In formation!

Move your arse!

You look like ballerinas, you bollocks!

Quickly! I want to see you move!

If you were going to get whores, you'd be quick, right?

Everybody dance, we're going to dance!

And you, virgin? Why are you quiet there?

Move! Get out of there!

Fuck! I was on the point of climax and that bastard woke me up.

We're going to Africa? It happens.

This is a night manoeuvre.

Move your bollocks faster!

And you? What are you doing here?

Say you're having a heart attack.

What's happening?

He can't take it.

Heart attack is balls! I have lots of haemorrhoids and I'm here.

Come on, march! Quickly!


Maybe it's true, we're going to war.

All the leaders are here.

Everyone line up! Quickly!

It's stirring to watch these charming boys go away to the colonies

but I have things to do!

I am starved, I'm going to have supper

Be careful, the cops!

What do we need?

Give me your driving license.

Imagine, my friend, we left the key in the car, we're trying to open the door.

You're not going to think that we're thieves, or something.

Take the papers.

You can see them. They're all in order.

If everybody outside was as honest as you, I would be unemployed True.

Let's go and look at it.

So this is a problem?

This is a trick that juvenile delinquents use.

With a rough knife.

Done! You can get in.

Bon voyage!

Watch out, the road is slippery

Everyone knows there are different types of states: liberal states, the social democrats, the socialists, etc but none of these states are worse than the state which we're in.

That's why we should end it.

Who's coming with me?

The others can stay guarded by those who guard the barracks.


Will you join the Movement under my orders?

A military man loves his country above everything.

His behaviour has to be dictated by virtue and honour don't recite the oath of the flag to me.

For once, use your head.

As the oldest, do you join the Movement, yes or no?

If you don't join, it's simple. You're arrested.

A military man loves his country above everything.

That's enough, arrest him!

You, will you join?

Me, captain?

I have been waiting for this moment for 20 years I think that Sergeant Costa is right A soldier should obey the dictates of virtue and honour They do not have experience of battle.

Nor have they finished training.

You go to risk their lives.

Would you prefer they were massacred in Angola?

What happened to you?

You were in the meetings.

Those pseudo-clandestine meetings!

What do you think?

The PIDE knows everything about it.

Boy, you did good work.

You proved your leadership abilities.

But the exercise is finished.

The equipment is rotten, the men are not ready.

Everyone to bed!

The machine is in motion.

Nothing can stop it.

Who's coming with me?

It's night, don't let anyone leave the barracks.

Don't forget that I'm your superior officer.

You aren't the superior officer to anybody. Don't lecture me.

You let your men die in the "Curva da Morte"

You were always a traitor.

I keep my word, even if they kill me

For the last time!

Tonight there aren't exercises, but an end to this damned colonial war.

To end the massacres in Guinea, Mozambique, and Angola The government will only fall by force.

And we're the only ones able to do it.

Now there's only one answer.


Who's coming to Lisbon?

We can't all go!

Someone has to defend the barracks.

We have to avoid at all costs the shedding of blood.

It's easier to start a war than end it.

Fire only on my order.

Captain, I'm with you.

I'm with you.

I know.

You're not going to lose the chance to go to Lisbon Good, I need men like you

The military will not support defeat It's a bad thing.

The extreme right will come in force.

We have to remove Emilio from there.

Antَnia, be reasonable It's impossible to escape from Caxias

How are you?

I came this way, because one of the PIDE is watching.

You've done well I know about Emilio. I'm very sorry.

Aren't you alone? No, I'm with Cesario It's an old friend from when I still believed in the press.

Is he reliable? Totally

I have seen your husband The playboys always end up in the same bars.

I didn't even know he had returned from Africa Yes, he's here, but...

We almost never see each other.

What's he been doing?

Nothing Drinking with his friends I suppose

You can leave us, Rosa.

I know how you feel.

They also arrested my father.


Emilio Santos.


Student of history.

Profession Nightshift worker in a printers.

Your mother's a housekeeper, no?

My mother?

She doesn't have anything to do with this.

We'll see about that, son.

They're going to destroy him.

He has no friends.


This is not for illiterates.

"Revolutionary Movement for the Liberation of the People"

Trotsky Marxist-Leninist

Did you forget Mao?

Communists know how to organise themselves.

Under Soviet orders, it's easy.

Only action is effective, like with the helicopters.

I don't know these organisations. I am a student and a worker.

I have no time for anything, and don't deal with anybody Here, we know everything.

It's ridiculous to ask if Mr So-and-So knows Mr What's-his-face I'd prefer it if he talked.

This boy is fragile He can't handle the pain.

I'd prefer to be there.

Listen, I'm diabetic.

I can't bear pain.

That's to say, I won't last, I'll die.

I'll enter a coma.

It's clear you can bear it, sonny.

Human beings can withstand things you can't imagine.

The night can be so long or very short, that just depends on you The EBR, go back!

Chaimite, in the middle.

I'm at the end of the column. Everybody get ready!

You are fifth, after two EBR and two Unimog.

Maia, the song!

Hello, stallion!

What's going on?

The queers in the Eduardo VII park Scram!

Shit, calm down!

Calm down!

Fucking scram!

We're not interested, thanks.

I'll kill you.

What are you laughing at?

Calm down!


What's happening?

The final signal. From now on, there's no going back.

Coup d'etat. Can we come in?

I'm going to see if it's possible.

Hands up!

Nobody move!

Don't be scared, I won't kill you.

Lock the door, follow us.

How many studios are working?

One, there.

Lets go.

You are from PIDE?

What PIDE?

Benefica won 5-0, Lets go and see.


And now, for the fans, of long, tense, nights.

"The Night is Ours".

Something serious is happening, gentlemen.

Remember what happened in Chile.

There has been a mistake Ask the administration.

I get along fine with them.

I was always against... certain tendencies of some colleagues. And I was against the spreading of South American music.

Will you shut up?

Calm down. For now, the broadcast's continuing.

Nothing's happening. Understand?

Say it.

Say it, the music's nearly finished.

Tonight, like every night something extraordinary happened in the program

"The Night is Ours", The radio of those who love the night,

Today, I confess, I am in love, with a beautiful foreigner But she had to go to her home town, Santiago.

After the music, I'll tell you our story.

Very well.

You have a telephone?

Excuse me gentlemen, but what side are you on?

Can I torture him to shut him up?

Hello, Oscar?

This is Cobra, group 10.

We've occupied Mexico, without incident.

Good. Congratulations. Best wishes.

Send a consignment of troops.

Into Mexico

We're alone? Have there been more occupations?

Second question, affirmative.

Monaco and Tokyo are in our hands.

That's brilliant!

What's happening?

What's happening?



We're only missing that!

It's going well, 40km per hour What do you want? What surprises me is that we got this far.

Everything that works is in Africa.

And these... are nothing more than junk.

I've spent a week fixing the equipment.


Where are the reactionaries?

In Lisbon, where else?

That's why we're going there?

No, sir. We're the reactionaries.

We're not revolutionaries?

You're stupid.

Just reactionaries.

Don't you see that we're reacting?

Shall we stop for a picnic?

I have told you, that we're not ready.

After speaking with you, I think that you're a bunch of provincials who don't know the city.

And I imagined asking you to make the revolution So here I am.

It seems to be that the movement has been me guiding you.

Leave that junk. You're wasting time.

Everyone to the vehicles! Quickly!

Look, Magdalena Iglesias!

Jesus, don't!

Me, I don't like him much, but my wife loves him.

Any military marches?

I don't know what I'm doing here.

My problem is being clear-headed.

This will end badly.

But you're stubborn.

You're an ignoramus. Revolutionaries always end up giving payback to superior interests.

Multinationals, and so on...

I don't care about multinationals.

All that interests me is the people I wish that they could decide.

I want democracy!

Excuse me.

Still awake, Rosa?

I can't sleep.

Can I ask you a question?

When your husband... the captain went to the war in Africa.

Would you go there to see him, Mrs Antَnia?

I don't know, I've never wanted to go.

But, if you did want to?

The captain is an officer.

If he was just a common soldier, ranked below everybody, could you have gone?

Who have you got there?

My fiancé.

He'll go away one of these days.

Sit by my side.

About your father, was he released?

A long time ago, they only had him 3 days. They did no tests.

He died violently, because everyone thought he stole his neighbour's pig.

Didn't he steal it?


It was good for us that we ate it.

We were very hungry, and it was very good.

I can't, I'm thirsty.

Can I get you some water?

You need to be a professional to read this.

You, come and read this.

If you think that we'll enter history like this...

Damn Soviet Russia, damn their satellite countries, damn those baby eaters.

This is the High Command of the Armed Forces.

The Portuguese Armed Forces ask the inhabitants of Lisbon that they return to their homes and to keep the peace there.

We hope that this grave hour is not affected by any accidents.

That's why we appeal to the good of the armed forces that they avoid such confrontations.

Such confrontations apart from being unnecessary...

Do you have a car?

Is it hopeful?

The radio too.

Does the President of the Council know this?

Well, we'll talk soon.

Then we can calm down?

"The military have been controlled and peace totally rules the country!"

An improvised action, without any possibility of success.

Without any possibility?

They are everywhere.

Yes, but they have no equipment and there's not many of them.

Are you sure?

A few have been handed over to the PIDE.

5 o' clock! And they say that we don't let the prisoners sleep.

Tired, no?

They didn't teach this to you? Much theory and not much practice.

What is this?




Coup d'etat? What is this shit?


The greatest ambition of mankind.

Vanities and privileges of the orders of high finance.

The circle of petty chieftains.

Are you talking about democracy, or dictatorship?

What are you doing here? You said you'd guide us, but you're only mouthing off.

Lobao is with your car and I need him.

Lobao, always Lobao! On you're own you're no good.

You wouldn't get far with that map, if I wasn't here.

Now what, another breakdown?

No, captain, it's the red light.

Fuck, if we keep this up, we'll never get there.

Making the revolution that stops at traffic lights!

And the safety of the people?

We can't do everything.

And the sounds of machine guns?

I don't think he's very discreet.

Do you think we're being discreet?

Have you seen that 'Nivea Cream'?

It's green.

I see that General Pais organised the defence of the ministries well.

Things are being sorted out, no?

Who's in charge of Terreiro do Paço?

I'll look into it.

Do me a favour.

I want to speak with him immediately.

I have an important lunch meeting.

I have no time to waste on those rascals!

Captain, come with me, please.

The minister want to talk with you

Sorry, but I won't go.

Excuse me? I don't understand.

The minister wishes to thank you for protecting the Terreiro

I don't know why.

The minister has been arrested on the orders of the MFA I'll be waiting.


General, if you stay, I'll have to arrest you.

A general's no good to us.

I need some men to watch the prisoners.

Then what, Maia?

Everything's okay. They wanted to thank us personally.

Can I take a photo?

Sure! We are here so you can work freely.

What is that?

We're done for.

If they shoot, fuck everything.

We're being attacked!

We're being attacked!

It's General Pais. On the street of the Arsenal.

Lobao, you go.

Take some men. Avoid fighting.

I'll call to inform you about the frigate Fernandes! Take two vehicles to Arsenal Hide the others and inform the civilians of the risk of bombing.

There's no telephone here that works.

The lines have been cut. I don't know the nearest connection.

It's full of people!

They're the ones who work here. They came out of solidarity.

Please, I have to get in.

This objective is occupied by the Movement of the Armed Forces. Go away.

I work here.

I'm needed. And today it's not a celebration.

Call the person in charge Please, go back home.

It's Natalia, our cook. She's a bit of a handful.

Fonseca, let her in.

I must see your commander. It's urgent.

That's me.

We've lost, comrade.

The government has won.

The GNR is coming here to arrest everyone.

Are you sure?

Who are you?

It. Colonel Chamarro. There's time to flee.

They've occupied strongpoints.

The city is taken.

Many dead.

Nobody else can get past. The door is closed!

Colonel, I must ask for your weapon.

Take it.

The always need me. If not, it's over for me... Zezinho, grab a sandwich.

I knew they couldn't do anything without me.


At this time? No, a sandwich, please.

Good. Are you going to take something?

We can't receive any information?

They could order someone.

And this bloke?

Didn't give any code. Nothing.

Did he say where he came from?

Our colleagues didn't hear about any dead, and the press is saying nothing.

How would they know?

It's not a civilian matter.

I can take them out of here with the jeep.

It won't resist an armour attack.

My colleagues know it. I was always a democrat and I support your action but I must return to my family.

Go! You're barred from here!

The civilians who want to can leave now.

We're staying here, and you too.

If something happens to us that's your fault. I'll be in charge of you.

Nothing happened.

You're crazy!

Shooting at an officer who's was trying to negotiate!

It was the general.

Son of a bitch!

That guy's a moron.

Take this. You come with me.

Lieutenant Lobao, of the Movement of Armed Forces.

I'm unarmed.

I must speak with General Pais on neutral ground.

Come towards the boundary to talk.

You keep going!

Advance up here!

Calm, let's be calm.


There's nothing to negotiate.

Back down now, you son of a bitch.

General, It's necessary that we talk peacefully.

Confrontation between our forces would be a serious error.

There are thousands of civilians in the zone Shut up, idiot! Don't play with me, you pig.

I've worked hard for them!

Some members of the government including the Minister of Defence are our prisoners.

Shut up, liar.

Bullshit liar!

You're in prison, you hear?

You're dead!


Please, calm down, general.

What happened to the ministers?

We have them.

Go to hell!

A father's anger.

General, will you listen to me now?

I have nothing to say. I have orders to shoot.

Then what happens will be their responsibility.

There's no possible dialogue.

And the frigate?

They've been given orders to shoot us.

But they're aware we have reinforcements, ready to attack,

and there's a mutiny on board.

What should we do?

What do you want to do?

If they arrest me, I'll take everyone with me.

Are you crazy? Don't go! That guy is stupid.

Freedom is close. If we need a martyr...

I'm on a mission of peace.

Please come here to speak on neutral ground.

You come here!


You come.

Come inside my lines, and soon we'll see.

I'll wait for you here.



You've disgraced his life. Seize him.

This man is under arrest!


Shoot! Open fire!

We're with you!

We're on your side.

If you're on my side, bring that junk along.

This is the first time that I've set foot in a ministry.

It is a step up for a railroader's son.

Surely the last time.

Really, some of those doors look very solid.

Even armoured.

Don't worry, I brought the explosives.


Those guys have escaped!

This goes through to another ministry.

In the end, we got everything except the ministers Who will we put here to enjoy this luxury?

Want to sit down to see what it's like?

Some of us aren't interested in power.

Just listen to yourself.

That's why, this is the time for those who could never speak I'm sure of one thing: one person can't do everything.

I admit my incompetence in political matters.

Oscar, this is Charlie 8.

Guess where I'm calling from?

The office of a minister.

Nice one! Is it going well?

Yes, it wasn't hard to get in.

The military police let us in.

But the Minister slipped out through a hole.

You didn't arrest anybody?

Just some unimportant cabinet ministers.

Send them here as fast as possible. Their quarters are ready.

Let's all hope for the big fish.

Caetano is in the Carmo quarter.

In the middle of Lisbon?

Affirmative, I'll see him there.

I'll leave you now. There's a call on another line.

That's it, for now.

There's nobody in the police station.

I'll inform my superiors.

That's me, and I'm perfectly informed here.

You're under arrest.

Gentlemen, do me a favour.

Well done. The police will detain him.

It's a great day!

Do you know how you arrest the police?

It's very easy.

Like an elephant. Here, between the eyes.

I don't like the police either, but there's a limit to everything.

Calm the atmosphere.

Gentlemen, do you want anything?

A drink?

Water, beer...?

A cigarette?

Can I go to the toilet?

Those sons of bitches have cut off the electricity.

No noise, or there'll be shooting!

Do you think we'll give the people justice and happiness?

That's for dreamers like you. It doesn't exit.

Those new politicians are crawling to the people.

"What a brave people, so humiliated and oppressed"

Soon they'll take the podium.

They'll sell themselves, proclaim ideals they don't have, and your freedom will turn to shit.

People? For them, the people sweat.

These are not people, they only serve to be manipulated.

With hunger, they can't think about freedom.

Listen, my boy!

There is nothing more subversive than to think about freedom.

We'll still have centuries of hunger.

Let's go to hear the voice of the people, the voice of this people.

Silence, now in freedom.

Everyone is free to express his opinion.

I thank the army which has done this!

And the Armed Forces which has made this happen for us.

What shitty government is it that only gives us war and shacks.

Football. The government had to fall.

Long ago.

I want to cry.

Can't words express it?

Thank you very much.

I am very happy.

I am very happy today!

I only wish that the new government gives us housing.

What's your name? Marie Armanda What do you want from the new Portugal?

Today, the first day of the rest of it's life?

I hope for a more just society.

Without a repressive police apparatus.

And that the happiness of everyone is the happiness of each person.

Sexual Freedom!

Men in the kitchen!

No clandestine abortions!

Everyone against the wall!

A weapon!

Now they'll be everywhere.

I've just come across one.

With one of the PIDE?

One of them tortured me.

You didn't denounce him?

Lets go to the florist.

Here, Amelia.

Let's go to the florist's.


It's fantastic.

It's fantastic what you're doing.

You see, we are not just professional killers

You are brilliant!

A gun. I'll go with you?

Where are you going? To the Carmo No, we need to occupy PIDE and finish those sons of bitches.

Give me a gun!

Go back to your brushes, guns aren't for you.

You, give me a gun!

Remember 10 years ago?

You, me Manuel...

We dreamed about a day like today...

We liked each other a lot, us three.

It's hard to choose, at 18.

You went to see him?


The radio station.

The voice of the MFA. The communications... was his part of the mission.

Everything he does today, he does for you.

Maia, what happened in Africa?

I know Amelia is not his only child.

Go see him, Antَnia

My men are waiting for me.

You don't want anything? You neither?

What a pretty girl!

A carnation for the child?

One for the child, one for mama.

And you too?

Now everything can be said.

Down with War! Down with Poverty!

Down with Salazar!

Long live the soldiers! Long live revolution!

Long live us!


It's very clear.

Let's go to check the generator.

What do they want?

My friends!

We protest against our imprisonment.

These are the procedures of a military dictatorship.

Fuck, they learn quickly.

He doesn't know what he's saying.

It's not worth the effort to make a revolution for those types.

What a pretty girl?

What's your name? Amelia How cute! What are you doing here?

We're looking for Captain Novais.

Who's he? Is he big?

Dark Ah, handsome.

Very educated, very likeable. Are you his woman?

They're trying to connect the emergency generator.

Then lets go.

Do you plan to rebuilt the army-corps?

No, what a horror, I'm deeply antimilitaristic In a year, when there are free elections, organised parties, and finally we'll have a democratic government.

You know? I think... No, I'm sure.

That the only way is for multiparty elections.

Here it'll be quiet.

Is this your first time in Portugal? Yes

Take this I had your diary.

I needed to know The guerrilla's ears were cut off, you played football with their heads, napalm, all that horror...

That child you left, is he old or young?

It's the only thing I didn't hate about you, including being here alone with Amelia,

That African woman... there's no woman, Antَnia, nor a son.

They're dead.

An absurd battle, like so many in war...

Neither Maia, nor me... could stop it.

He lost someone too.

You didn't write that in your diary.

I didn't know what to say.

Now, I think, perhaps, I can begin to understand... that day, Maia and I made a promise, a sort of pact: never to return to killing, and I promise to you, Antَnia, that we'll respect that pact.

The generator works.

I have to go.

Where is your student? In Caxias?


I hope that there won't be retaliation against the political prisoners.

We expect to free them today.

You can go to wait for it. It will happen tonight.

Can I leave Amelia here? This is not the place.

Leave her with me.

It's safer here than in the streets.

Thanks for all you've done.

Good day.

Come on, Bula!

Come on, shit!

Are you all deaf?

I don't believe it!


What do you want, ladies and gentlemen?

Coffee, tea?

A toasted bun?


As if butter wouldn't melt in your mouth! In the end...

you've done what we've all wanted to do.

Come on! Clear off!

Long live freedom!



Freedom! Democracy!


Freedom of the press!

Excuse me, what's happening?

The guards surround the army, and they surround the guards.

Marcelo is inside with the rest of his group.

It's impossible to separate the people.


In the name of the Movement of the Armed Forces, I ask for the surrender of the barracks at Carmo and the handover of the President of the Council.

I'll give you 10 minutes.

I repeat, 10 minutes.

When the time's up, we will open fire.

If there is no response, we will shoot at the tallest window, to avoid the ricochets.

President, to buy time we need to ask for a ceasefire.

To even things.

There's artillery en route.

With that we'll be able to clear the barracks.

And bombard the plaza, to finish them off.

Where's it coming from?

From the north, Mr President.

Those captains are not scared.

They will destroy the barracks once they see the manoeuvre.

They are too young to be bribed.

Then if nothing happens, we give up?

We must try. PIDE are with us.

They're armed. They can help us.



There's an officer there!

Fernandes, advance the EBR.

We're going to blow the door open.

Let's go!

Call the command post!

If I had someone with rank to negotiate.

They don't think we're serious.

Do they think we're playing?

The barracks are resisting. We need a superior to negotiate.

You have no commander?

He's not available.

Don't waste more time.

We know the government's going to counterattack.

Do it already. It's dangerous to continue waiting.

Get the armoured car ready to shoot!

We're going to blow open the building? The plaza is packed!

Are you crazy? Evacuate the civilians!

That is an order.

Look, this flower stinks just like this coup d'etat, revolution, or whatever you want to call it.

If it wins, it will always cling to power.

You're not communist and you're against the fascists.

How do you want to survive?


Everyone behind the truck.

What's this kid doing here? Quickly! Get back!

Under the stairs!

You're right, Maia.

The GNR is everywhere.

They feel in a position of strength.

Now it's them or us.

I never was one for posthumous glory.

But at least I'll die a hero.

Shooting is easy.

There's nothing easier but this is not a war of cannons.

We're going to fire!

Everyone behind the truck!

It's more than 30 minutes after the deadline.

We've given up waiting for an answer.

We will fire with heavy weapons.

Which means the destruction of the barracks.

The population must all evacuate Carmo square On the count of three.

It's desperate.

He's unable to make a decision.

There's total indecision.

It's impossible.

Somebody must react.

Won't that old guy do anything?

We're going to resist.

My men are ready.


Stay under the bench and don't move.

Lieutenant Lobao!

There's a message for the President of the Council.

We represent General Spinola


It is lucky to find you here. Do you remember me?

Yes, your brother is the Captain.

Captain Maio, this is the commander of Carmo.

Mr Rui Gama and I are the representatives of General Spinola.

We're deadlocked.

Therefore, Spinola delegated us to speak with the President.

First, the general wants to insist on two things.

First, he does not approve of the conspiracy.

And would never go against the government.

Second, in spite of that, he can control the situation, on condition of being the exclusive leader of the ringleaders of the MFA.

Obviously he'll only engage in dialogue with a lieutenant Colonel.

Yes, clearly. Enter.

Where can I find a It. Colonel?

Two representatives of General Spinola are going to come in.

If something happens, we will destroy the barracks.

No, not that way.

Fonseca, after you.

Don't move!

The revolution is finished!

Hand over the weapon, or I'll kill you.

Let the civilians out.

I make the conditions. They stay.

Soon we'll see.


Don't give your weapon to this fanatic.

I also fought the war!

This won't be the first leftist that I've killed!

Stay calm!

Fonseca, give him the gun. Silva...

Everything okay?

Our father, save us from the mistakes of the air force and artillery.

Who's he talking to?

Luckily, in this country, we still have generals with balls.

Keep transmitting, but with a different message.

Make the most of it, your radio careers are coming to an end.

I have a message from the President to Spinola.

We need a car.

Lieutenant Lobao will take you.

Come back quickly. I need you here.

Take this jeep.

Those guys seem suspicious.

I don't know.

Lobao knows them They're preparing a counterattack.

Unlike what Marx said, our exploits begin as one, and end in tragedy.

What, a farce?

The people are in the streets.

The dictatorship is in our hands.

This is the most beautiful day of my life, and yours.

And you speak of farce?

Then what are you proposing?

Join the system, and lick the boots of power?

Stifle your intelligence in bad faith?

You are the farce, with your desperation and cowardice.

What does your clear-headedness do for you?

I'm going to go in.

If I'm not out in half an hour, open fire.

The command post is on the phone.

Don't move!

Go to hell you sons of bitches!

Captain Maia, commander of the troops in the Plaza.

I have received orders, this is an ultimatum.

Either you give up or I will give the order to devastate the barracks.

Who gave you the orders?


Who is Oscar?

The coordinator of the MFA.

Who's the leader?

Several officers, generals.

We're not just captains.


What is your political program?

I'm not authorised to speak about that.

Somebody will do that today.

And it's attitude regarding the colonies?

Negotiate peace.

The coup d'etat won't solve that problem.

We want Marcelo!


I have already surrendered to General Spinola by telephone.

I will transfer power to him.

So that it doesn't fall into the streets.

It's already in the streets.

Excuse me.

No more fascism!

Is everything okay?

We are within NATO.

We will not fall into the hands of the Russians.

The Russians don't have anything to do with this.

Nor the Tyrolese.

This revolution is Portuguese.

At this moment, there are developing... negotiations between General Spinola and Professor Marcelo Caetano

The Movement of the Armed Forces insist on not making use of violence.

We are here in the name of freedom.

And in the name of freedom, we will not take justice in the hand.

Can you guarantee the security of the President and his ministers?

The Bula armoured cars are prepared.

How many men in command?

Two squadrons, General That is the job of a major.

Major Gervasio must take command of the troops who occupy the Carmo.

He's under me, I've already spoken with him.

He's a competent man.

Somebody must take the President to the airport.

The captain can be in charge of that.

Here's the command post of the Armed Forces.

To finish the last communiqué, the Movement of the Armed Forces informs the nation, that it was able to break into the quarters of the National Guard in Carmo plaza.

Where the ex-President of the Council and members of his ex-government.

The Movement of the Armed Forces thanks the civil population for all the affection and support shown to it's soldiers and stress the need to maintain civic values at this high level.

Also, we ask of them to remain in their houses at night, and not to disturb the consolidation of it's operations.

We believe that life can resume it's normal course On this day, April 26 Long live Portugal!

Oscar, this is Cobra.

It's full. Families, journalists...

It's a celebration.

What's happening in Pontinha?

General Spinola is here I expect he'll go along with our political project.

His supporters say that he will not serve it, now that we have a General in control.

And what are you going to do?

I told him: "If you don't accept our program, you can go away." but he stayed.

He's already giving orders.

I don't understand it. Yesterday Spinola was with the fascists.

And today he carries the banner of the new regime.

While that gives credit to the MFA...

It's like us, us simpletons are unknown.

If I had read all those books, I would be the Ché Guevara of Europe.

Do you think May '68 has been realised in your Movement?

Yes, indeed.

Is this your first visit? For you, yes.


His name is "cravo". Carnation.

Can I ask you a question?

Who commands the Movement?

We're all together.

I thank you for the way you've treated me.

Good luck!

What a surprise!

What are you doing here?

The radio station?

It's being sorted out.

They said you were here Everyone with Spinola is deciding our future.

Already nobody's asking our opinion.

In any case, I don't think I could decide anything, I'm tired.

Me too.

Know what? I told Antَnia everything.

Then you made up?

Today you've must have gone up a few notches in her esteem.

I don't know.

The prettiest plane in the world.

Do you know anyone in Caxias?

No, why?

They've freed the political prisoners. I want to see it.

Good idea. Let's go.

What will you do next?

Return to barracks.

That's my station.

What's worse is to tolerate Gervasio every day.

At least we kept our promise.

It seems that PIDE shot people.

There were 4 dead.

If it wasn't for that, it would have been perfect.

Have we won this war?

I don't know.

Maybe the enemies are less visible.


Or perhaps democracy will be diluted in this... new legitimacy.

At last, Gervasio has infected you.

He said that I would disappear into the obscurity of history.

It doesn't bother me, At heart, freedom is an inner struggle.


It's spectacular.

Do you know how lucky you are?


Because you have a daughter.

I am free!

Long live freedom!

When did you get here?

April 15,1973 Accused of what?

I am a communist Suffer much?

Blows, and 6 days of sleep torture.

But now's not the time to remember sad things.

How long were you here? What did they do to you?

They beat me.

They accused me of being part of the MRCPT-ML.

And of taking part in the attack on the helicopters but they couldn't prove it.

But we could only fight by destroying the war materiel.

What do you think happened?

It's too soon to analyse it, but... it's a fantastic hope. A new life begins.

Finally, we'll be able to live.

Carry out our dreams, take responsibility, go on with this, and go further.

Alvaro Cunhal and Mario Soares returned from exile.

Did you know?

It's the end of the Unity Party. The clandestine organisations will play some role in public life.

The people, united, will never be defeated!

They're from PIDE!

Death to PIDE!

Look at the uniforms!

We are the military!

Don't be scared.

We're officers!

Calm down! They're not PIDEs!

The people are army officers. They're not from PIDE.

The people are with the MFA.

The people, united, can never be defeated!

Antَnia, my mother, and Emilio Separated, 2 years later.

Both are great politicians.

She is in the socialist party, he is in the centre-right.

They often fight for the same job.

My mother now lives with an American company director.

He has a factory in Lisbon.

My father, Manuel, has been dragged through the hospitals for cirrhosis and has chronic depression.

As for Maia.

Whom I loved since I was small, he adopted 2 children.

He died young, of a chronic illness.

This story is dedicated to him.