Capitao Falcao (2015) Script

Individeos presents:

A true story.

Portugal! The Jewel of the Atlantic!

A country of adventurers and explorers, founded by the fearless afonso henriques, the mightiest king western Europe ever did see.

This majestic nation survived barbarian invasions, khalifas, the Spanish hordes and many foreign threats for thousands of years.

An unstoppable nation full of courageous navigators.

Whose domain once spread all over the world.

But defending the homeland has its costs,

something the Portuguese do willingly.

Because in every Portuguese beats the devout heart of a national hero.

However, this paradise doesn't rule itself.

We owe all this to one man only: Anténio de Oliveira Salazar!

Founder of the estado novo regime, and Portugal's leader for 40 years now.

But who defends the defender?

When danger lurks and evildoers threaten our leader's security, we need a hero. More than a man, an ideal.

The nation's shield.

Portugal, April 1958

My name...

Ils general seagull.

You are here because you're the cream of the crop of our army.

The strongest, the fastest, the most intelligent recruits available to the Portuguese army.

But which of you...


The most Portuguese?

Recruit six, what the hell was that?

Why'd you attack your colleagues?

Because being Portuguese is being the best, sir.

It is acting when others waste time thinking.

What's your name recruit? Falcon, sir.

No, my young apprentice.

From today on you'll be known as...

Captain falcon.

President Salazar's secret office

Was this information confirmed?

I checked it myself, Mr. president.

And it's happening right now? As we speak.

Goddamn heretics.

Erm... Mr. president, they're communists.

You can't be a liberal and a socialist at the same time.

You can't be monarchich and a republican.

But most of all, you can't be a communist and a catholic!

Yes, Mr. president.

We need to do something about this threat.

Mr. president, we need to act immediately.

I think I'm the most adequate... Nonsense!

What we need is a man of action!

But, you're not saying...?

Yes, agent. Get me captain fal...

You called, Mr. president?

Captain falcon, please come on in.

Good day, captain...

What... what was that for?

Captain, it seems you haven't met agent Rose, of the international state defense police.

I know exactly who he is.

You must understand, Mr. agent, in my line of work I need to be extra careful.

Don't worry, captain falcon.

I see you're by yourself, captain. Where is your partner?

Partridge kid is an expert in the art of subtlety and disguise.

He's closer than you think, Mr. President.


And the real agent Rose?

He's safe and sound. Don't worry.

I appreciate your dedication, partridge kid.

I will sleep soundly knowing you are protecting me.

He rarely speaks, Mr. president.

A master of disguise should never reveal his true voice.

I understand. The enemies of the state are where we least expect.

And that's exactly why I called you here.

We have confirmed information that the communists are robbing the national Portuguese bank as we speak.

Goddamn heretics.

We don't know for sure what these savages are after.

Interesting. Usually commies aren't smart enough to commit financial crimes.

It's up to us to fight galloping communism and the international proletarian threat.

Then we will visit the national bank promptly.

And don't worry, Mr. president... I eat communists for breakfast.

Captain? Yes, Mr. president?

If you already knew your partner was disguised as agent Rose, why did you hit him in the face?

Mr. president, I rather be accused of being overzealous, than being unpatriotic.

This will be an intricate mission, partridge kid.

There will be a lot of civilians, so a complete domain of the art of diplomacy is imperative.

National Portuguese bank

watch out, partridge kid. It's possible some commies are infiltrated in the middle of these civilians.

Remember your training.

The communist has physical traits that differentiate him from other citizens with practice and some concentration, it is definitly possible to identify a communist at first glance.

Goddamn commies!

This is the big problem with communists, partridge kid.

They may have strenght in numbers, but it's the individual who ultimately suffers.

Captain, thank you for defending us from these monsters.

I was so scared.


Prevented with success.

Good job. I knew I could count on you.

I suppose nothing extraordinary happened.

Any casualties?

A female citizen was assaulted.

Inevitable collateral damage.

Do you need me for anything else?

That is all for today, captain. You've fullfilled your duty.

Then with your blessing I will retire to my home.

My family awaits me. Of course, captain.

Your family must be dying to see you.

Comrades, it happened as expected.

Exactly as you said.

Captain falcon appeared just in time to prevent our robbery.

Perfect, comrade. Begin phase two.

Soon we will be able to execute our revenge on that...


Soon the country will fear our name.

Soon they will all learn of...

The April captains!

How was your day, husband?


It was good.

I was working in the garden today.

The hydrangeas have started to blossom.

James! How many times have I told you it's dangerous to play with cutlery?

I'm sorry father. I got scared it's just a communinja, James. There's no need for rudeness.

A correct posture at meal time is one of the most important things a man can learn.

Yes, father.

Look at your brothers.

They understand the value of etiquette when they sit with family.

It's what separates us from the animals.

It's what makes us civilized men.

Yes, father. I'm sorry, father.

Erm... good evening, captain fal...

Calm down. Can't you see I'm educating my son?

James, go to your room immediately.

I hope that by skipping dinner tonight, you'll behave better by dinner time tomorrow.

Yes, father.

Good night, father. Good night, mother.

I apologize for my son James.

He usually behaves better when we have visits.

I have two kids too, don't worry about it.

Ah, so you understand my diligence.

Parental work requires constant attention and vigilance.

But, what brings you here tonight?


I came to threaten your family and take your defenseless wife hostage.

Seems like a good plan, but...

I wouldn't exactly consider my wife defenseless.

Your wife also knows martial arts?

Don't be ridiculous. The gentle and primitive brain of a woman, would never be able to master self-defense.

What about your real wife?

Don't worry. She's safe and sound.

Damn you, captain falcon.

Only a capitalist would use his wife as bait like you did.

Hold on a second.

Partridge kid, release my wife.

These communist attacks can't be isolated incidents.

I suspect a conspiracy.

This is getting more and more sinister.

We need to consult with an expert.

Professor fethry is a master of political sciences and occult arts.

He has helped me in many missions, but I must warn your he's known for his eccentricity.

I don't know how this meeting will go, but when we get to his bazaar you're better off not saying anything.

Oh no! We arrived too late!

Poor professor, now all that's left is the skeleton.

The world of political sciences is a dangerous one, full of deadly traps and unexpected threats.

What the hell are you doing in my office?

Good evening, professor. I apologize for the intromission.

But we though you were working inside.

I went to get some coffee.

We were startled by your entrance.

I thought you were dead, perhaps victim of some ceremonial sacrifice or a political conspiracy.

Don't worry. It's Victor, my young assistant.

He may not seem very lively, but he's an excelent typist.

Right. Erm...

Professor, I'm afraid this visit isn't entirely social.

We need your help with this case we're investigating.

Great, great. What is it this time?

Demoniacal atheists? Monarchic vampires?

Liberal werewolves? What's troubling you?

Everything you mentioned is very troubling, professor.

But the problem this time is...


My god, it's even worse than I imagined.

More specifically, communist ninjas.


Those are the most dangerous communists of all!

That's why we need your help.

Then there's no time to lose. To the screening room!

In the old days, it was easy to fight the communists.

They all came from mother Russia and were easily recognized by the smell and lack of elegance.

Victor, next slide!

Karl Marx and friedrich engels. This is where it all began.

Notice the beards and the criminal gaze.

They are the original commies, obvious villains.

Then it was Lenin, responsible for the Russian revolution of 1917.

Notice how this fierce leader already takes some care trimming his beard.

Josef Stalin.

The great leader behind the red scare, until his death in 1953.

Pay attention to how the communist evolves.

Hiding in plain sight.

This one only has a moustache.

They can be among us and we don't even know.

Mao tse-tung.

My god, this one doesn't even have a beard!

What kind of commie is this?

It's a new world, my dear captain. A world full of unexpected dangers.

We need to come up with a plan. These socialist vermin can't be walking freely in our country!

If only old general seagull was still alive!

Checkmate, young falcon.

This is a stupid game, general. Shouldn't we be training?

Chess helps your concentration, young falcon.

It develops your sense of logic.

It teaches you to respect orders and take responsability for your actions.


My old master. He would know what do fo in a situation like this.

It's been many years, but the general was the smartest person I've ever met.

Aside from president Salazar, of course.

He taught me everything I know, Patridge kid.

Even some things I never understood.

He died in service, like an hero should die.

How can we defeat this red scare, professor?

To fight a criminal you must think like a criminal.

You must act like a criminal.

You must be a criminal!

You're not suggesting...?

You and your partner are gonna have to dive deep...

Into the criminal underworld!

Remember, partridge kid, from now on we're just two common criminals.

Act naturally and think like an evildoer.

Good evening, comrade. How are you doing?

We just came from terrorizing innocent citizens.

It was great!

They don't suspect a thing, partridge kid.

With these criminal disguises professor fethry gave us, we're blending perfectly amongst these bandits.


Two glasses of milk, please.

Did I say milk? I meant absinthe. Two absinthe mugs, big ones.

Partridge kid, I'm gonna sit down. Take care of the check.

Look at this, partridge kid. Communists, liberals, thieves, men of the arts, and women who made bad life choices.

The country's scum all in one place.

If this wasn't a secret mission, it'd be the perfect time to blow them all up!

Good evening, comrades!

It's great to see so many evil faces here tonight.

Comrades, we are living proof the criminal underworld is here...

To stay!

Thank you. And now, he have for you an amazing, marvelous, mythical magic arts show!

With no further ado, here's...

Lenin, the communist transformer!

This is gonna be good, partridge kid.

My sailor friends have told me a lot about trans shows.

This is the commie we need. We must interrogate him, he's clearly the leader.

Please, get me out of here, help! Help!

No, partridge kid, remember we're undercover.

We must hide our identities at all costs.




Private property!

Proletarians of the world, unite!


Yes, it's me, captain falcon. I was here the whole time, I heard everything you said. I know all about your plans!

How dare you attack defenseless Portuguese citizens and, transform them into socialists?

Think I'm by myself? You're wrong!

I brought my faithful partner in the fight against crime and evildoing.

Partidge kid, reveal yourself.

Partidge kid!

If you were thinking of giving yourselves up, it's too late now.

Let's do this, comrades.

Watch out, partridge kid. They're feminists.

There's nothing more dangerous than a woman who thinks she's a man.

Damn you! Your communist rays may convert the weak-minded, but let's see if they work in two real Portuguese men.

Don't worry, partridge kid. He's stunned.

No one can take that much communism.

Fascinating. I've never seen one up so close.

Good job, captain. No one has ever been able to capture a live commie.

Have you thought of what we can learn from him?

I think he should be destroyed, Mr. president.

He's a threat to public safety.

Nonsense, agent Rose. I captured him so we could extract information.

We must find out what their master plan is.

Then let me try, captain.

My training at the state police was based in the arts of interrogation and negotiation.

Your training is based on shutting up and letting me do my job.

Mr. president, I've developed a foolproof interrogation method.

With your consent I'd like to put it in practice on this outlaw.



I know this must be very frustrating.

Believe it, I too want to go home.

My boss is all over me because of this case.

But for that I need your help.

It's not you we're looking for.

Rice cake?

Tell me where your communist friends are!

Where are you striking next?!

I'll kill you!

I'm dangerous!


This doesn't have to be like this. We're here to help.

We're on your side.

I promise you no one is going to hurt you if you cooperate.

We're not here to hurt you.

Custard tart?

Come on, you need to eat something.

Tell me the names of your communist friends!

I know where your family lives, you hear me?!

I'm going to your house and I'll burn your children in front of your wife.

I'll kill you! Kill you! I'm dangerous!


We're all very tired. Stress and all that.

I know you're worried, but we'll protect you.

We're on your side. It's not in our interest to hurt you.

Jelly doughnut?

Comrades, once again it happened just as expected.

Exactly as you said.

Falcon has kidnapped comrade Lenin.

Perfect, comrade. Everything is going according to plan.

Now it's us who will know where falcon is, and this time the fight will be in our terms.

The April captains will triumph!

I've never seen anything like it.

Such dedication.

Where did he get that many cakes?

It wasn't easy, but we have the information we need.

I know where they'll attack next.

Jewel expo 68, the biggest jewellery fair in the world.

Right here in Lisbon.

You think it's their next target?

How can you be so sure?

My interrogation methods never fail, agent. The villain has confessed the commies are attacking at the fair's inauguration.

Why do these punks need so much money?

They're trying to knock down our financial strenght, as well as...

The innocence of our citizens.

And I don't think the attack on my household was a coincidence.

My god, captain. You might be right!

Did you get any more information? Do you know what's the ultimate plan?

Unfortunately the poor bastard perished before...

I could offer him more pastry.

Then there's only one thing to do.

Jewel expo 68

I'm feeling a slight deja vu.

Partridge kid, it's important to keep calm...

In situations involving civillains.

We can't scare them, for the civillain, unlike the military man, doesn't have the necessary fiber to deal with high pressure scenarios.

Attention, citizens. My name is captain falcon, and I am here to evacuate you.

Please don't panic, but we have confirmation that a deadly...

Terrorist attack is to occur at any moment, right here.

Yes, a lot of innocents will die, but that's exactly why I ask you to calmly walk towards the expo's exits.

Don't forget your belongings and try no to get killed in the inevitable stampede that is about to happen.

Thank you.

Partridge kid, open your little slanty eyes. Let's investigate.

Partridge kid, I sense an ambush.

Nice to see you, captain falcon.

But... who are you?

You don't remember your old colleagues...

Recruit six?

What are you doing here? Why are you dressed like that?

We're here to defend our country from it's biggest enemy...


But you're Portuguese soldiers. Portuguese warriors!

You can't be communists.

We were humiliated, falcon.

You ruined our reputation in front of the greatest hero...

This country has ever seen.

The great general seagull.

Getting revenge for that disgrace is the only motivation we need.

And if we need to use communists as our allies, so be it.

Now everyone will know our name. We won't be ridiculed no more.

April captains, activate!

Red captain!

Yellow captain!

Blue captain!

Pink captain!

Black captain!


Black captain? You chose black as your color?

Get them!

Damn you!

I'm only defeated by the cowardice of your numerical superiority!

Come on, kill me at once. You traitors!

Kill you? That would be too easy.

We want you to suffer like we did on that fateful April morning.

We're gonna turn you into the thing you hate the most.

A woman? Please, no!

No, you idiot!

A communist.

No, anything but that!

How did this happen?

We don't know, Mr. president. But he's a communist now.

We must destroy him like a rabid dog.

Impossible, he deserves better. He's our greatest hero.

We owe him more than that.

That only makes him even more dangerous, Mr. president.

We must treat him just like any other prisoner.

Maybe. But we need to give him one last chance.

What are you thinking, Mr. president?

I'm thinking it's finally time to see your interrogation skills.

How are you feeling, captain?

Operational, agent.

I had a bad experience but now I'm feeling much better.

Good. But we'd like to keep you under observation just the same.

Of course, that sounds fair.

Can you tell me for how long?

A few weeks, surely. Enough to determine if the captain is or isn't, a communist!

Communist? No way!

I love a society divided by classes.

And are you sure you're in condition to work, captain?

Of course I am, I just need you to release me from these handcuffs.

I'm not sure that's a good idea, captain.

Agent Rose, don't you trust me? It's me, captain falcon!

Portugal's greatest hero!

Promise me you'll behave?

Agent, you have my word of honor.

Die, capitalist pig!

The revolution is here to destroy your precious estado novo!

Religion is the opium of the people and I am crazy!

I'm gonna kill you! I'm dangerous!

Checkmate, young falcon.

We're always playing games, general. Shouldn't we be training?

Chess helps your strategic perception, young falcon.

A single piece, no matter how lonesome, can be the difference between victory and defeat.

I made you cocoa cake.

I see.

James. You're the man of the house now.

It'll be hard growing up without my presence, but I'm sure you will honor my name, and take care of your mother and brothers.

James. I also want you to know, that there's a possibility of your mother finding another father for you, now that I'm locked away for life.

Don't be frightened, it's perfectly normal.

In my office, inside the second drawer on the right, is my service revolver.

When this happens, remember: The first bullet is for your mother!

The second is for the intruder who took my place!

Do you understand?!

You kill your mother first!!



But... why don't you just shave your beard?

There's no point, Mr. president.

Now I'm nothing but a despicable communist.

If it wasn't for this glass barrier, I would be strangling you with my bare hands.

I'm very disappointed in you.

I know. I am too.

I suppose I owe you an apology.

But I won't give you one.

Partridge kid, even though you're not a purebred Portuguese, I've always considered you my son.

Not a real son obviously, but some sort of adoptive son that washes my motorcycle and carries my bags.

But now, it's time for you to forget your old master.

Go back to your family.

Fly, my little oriental bird.

Forget me and this ungrateful sidekick life.

No. Don't say anything.

Promise me you won't look back.

Fly, my little partridge.

Fly back to the nest I snatched you from.

Fly, be free!


It's quite possibly the best cake ever baked.

What now?

Excuse me, hold on a moment, I'll be right there!

I'm just finishing a very important report!

State business!

Just a moment!

I'll be right with you.

Come on in.

What is going on?

Too strong... neck brace... Prevents movements.

You called, Mr. president?

Hey, can I have your rock?

Yes, of course. Go ahead.

Hey, aren't you that captain? From the TV? Captain falcon?

That was a long time ago. I'm not that person anymore.

I know the feeling.

This country doesn't know how to treat heroes like us.

When you're in the limelight everyone loves you, but then they accuse you of treason and throw you in the slammer.

So you spend the rest of your days doing god knows what for cigarettes.

You look familiar. Are you in the military too?

I was an aviator, long before you.

Back when this country still meant something.

Portugal doesn't know how to respect men like us.

If this was a real country, like england, we wouldn't be treated like this.

To be successful you need to make it abroad and all that.

What else can I say?

This country is a disgrace!

I have to go, I need some smokes.

Wait, friend, what's your name?

Back in the day I was a major.

They called me major Alberto.

This is pathetic.

There's nothing good on TV, nothing!

Variety shows with mediocre singers... game shows...

And why is this crap still black and white?

My cousin lives in America and they've had color TV for 20 years!

"We apologize for interrupting this program"

We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news.

It's with great burden on our souls we inform you that the nation's president Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, has been missing for more than 24 hours.

The president's whereabouts are still unclear and members of his government have been looking for clues.

Excuse me.

We just got breaking news once again.

Apparently those responsible for the president's disappearance, have just claimed responsibility for this terrible act.

It seems they left a film reel at our studios, demanding it to be broadcast and threatning to kill our beloved president if we don't do it.

We cannot take responsability for what you're about to watch.

May god have mercy on us!

Good morning, Portuguese citizens.

We're the April captains, military men working for the real Portugal.

For far too long now we've seen this country invaded by fascist vultures, who do their best to keep you in the dark.

And the biggest criminal is none other than the president Salazar.


Yes, we will be accused of treason.

But only a military coup can restore the democracy stolen from us.

Do not despair, fellow citizens.

This crook will be judged for his crimes against the nation, and a new world of Liberty, equality and fraternity will be waiting for us.

Long live Portugal! Long live freedom!







Future of the country... danger!

God... nation.

Family! Salazar!

Liberty, equality, fraternity!

It can't be...

No. Please, no.

Checkmate, young falcon. Please, no.

Where did he get that many cakes?

Cakes, cakes, cakes!

No, no more cakes please.

I made you a cocoa cake. Please, no.

Cocoa, cocoa, cocoa!

No, no more cakes please!

I'm very disappointed in you.

No more, please! No!

My name is afonso henriques, the first king of Portugal.

And I come now in this time of need to tell you, that your country needs you, captain falcon!

No, I'm not worthy. The country deserves better.

It doesn't matter what the country deserves, it matters what you can do for your country.

A lot of people doubted I would be able to kick out the muslims or end the Spanish reign, but now, look at me mom!

I have my own country!

I'm not the hero I once was.

I'm a communist, I hate everything good in life.

Our actions are what define us, captain.

My parents were Spanish, but that didn't stop me from being the first Portuguese ever.

There is no nation greater than ours.

We're warriors, adventurers, conquerors!

A Portuguese never gives up!

Are you Portuguese or are you Spanish?

I'm... I'm Portuguese?

I can't hear you! I'm Portuguese.

Are you Portuguese or Spanish? Louder!

I'm Portuguese! Louder!

I'm Portuguese! I don't hear anything!

I'm Portuguese!

I'm Portuguese.

I'm Portuguese!

I'm Portuguese! I'm Portuguese!

I'm Portuguese too, shut up!

I'm Portuguese!

Long live Portugal! Long live Salazar!


I'm all out of Jacks, go fish Victor.

Come on, Victor, don't be such a sore loser.

What are you doing here?

I ran away from prison, professor. The country needs me.

I suppose you're not saving the country dressed like that.

And I suppose you still have my old uniform.

What now, captain? Are you rescuing president Salazar?

Not yet. First I need a partner.

Partridge kid!

I'm back. We have a new mission.

These damned April captains almost defeated me with their propaganda.

I'm going to make them pay for this dishonor.

I can only hope it's not too late to save our dear president.

Blessed be the day the professor installed this radar on our motorcycle it will give us the president's exact location.

Thank the lord for Portuguese technology!

You hit like a woman.

You'll need more than those light taps to make me sign that.

You will sign this confession!

And admit to every crime you did to Portugal.

Crimes? My only crime is being too humble.

I saved Portugal from financial ruin. All by myself!

With my own two hands! With no outside help!

I saved the country from world war I and put us on the map.

There is no unemployment thanks to me, Antonio de Oliveira Salazar!

Face it, old man. No one is going to save you.

What was that?

There's only one animal that makes that sound.

No... itcan't be.

It's show time.

You called, Mr. president?


Yes, it's me, captain falcon.

I came back to teach you a lesson, you bullies!

Perhaps the last one you'll ever get.

We defeated you once, falcon. We'll do it again.

Communists, get him!

Stay back, falcon. Unless you want dictator kebab for dinner.

I thought you were a military man.

But now I see you're nothing but a miserable coward.

If you're a real manly man... Then come face me.

Don't worry, Mr. president.

I'm only creating a false sense of security for the enemy, it's all part of the plan.

You got something in your eye. What?

My finger.


Mr. president! I'm alright, captain. Don't worry.

Surely you need medical help. Nonsense, it's just a few scratches.

Falcon, you did a good job. Once again the country owes you.

I'm so proud of you.

That's all I wanted to hear.

Nothing can ruin this moment. It's the happiest day of my life.


Checkmate, young falcon.

Yes, it's me, general seagull. I'm back!

You didn't expect this.

But... you were dead. I went to the funeral!

I faked my death so I could dedicate myself to a greater cause...

Saving Portugal from this fascist regime!

But... the April captains?

My faithful soldiers.

Or should I say... my partners.


Partridge kid!

Partridge kid, I'm coming!

Partridge kid, are you ok? Answer me.

It's only a scratch, you'll be alright.

Yes? I'm here buddy. I'm here for you.

My little chinky friend.

I've always hated you, fascist pig.

Interesting. You see, falcon.

Even your sidekick hates what you represent.

He was hallucinating with the blood loss.

Who knows what he meant by that.

He meant this country is being ruined by fascist vultures, and that has to stop.

But what is going on? You were a hero. The most patriotic I've ever known.

You were my mentor. You taught me everything I know.

Taught me how to be a military man!

Before being a military man I was Portuguese.

And what my country needs now is freedom.

I staged my death so I could start a revolution. Quietly. In the shadows.

A revolution which will bring Portugal to its true destiny: Democracy!


And what about the communists? How do they fit in all this?

Cannon fodder. The communist is an easily manipulated creature.

They believe anything. I promised them a class-free society.

They took the bait immediately.

And why all the theft? Why steal money from the government?

Starting a revolution is expensive, Mr. president.

Besides, money never goes to the ones who deserve it.

And the April captains? Were they also Cannon fodder?

You're colleagues died like heroes!

Any soldier's dream!

Now I only got a couple loose ends to tie.

You coward! What kind of military man kills two unarmed men?

Where is your honour, general?

I don't need military lessons from a child!

When you were in diapers I was already bleeding and fighting for Portugal.

Then if you are a real man, fight like one.

One last match. Master and apprentice.

Until death.

Young falcon, I see you learned nothing from your defeats.

The years weren't kind to you, general. You're a little rusty.

Never forget: You might be a captain,

But I'm a general.

There's still time to surrender, general.

You were my chosen one.

Yes, but I chose Portugal.

Come on, join me.

Together we'll save the country like in the good old days.

The country has never been better.

We're living the best financial period since the dark ages!

Look at you, falcon. You're alone.

Your sidekick is dead. Your president hides in terror.

Even the people you so devoutly protect is against you.

They celebrate outside anxiously awaiting the freedom we promised them.

That's what they want.

You're all alone, falcon!

No. I'm not alone.

I still have two partners.

Courage and justice. And you're about to meet them!

Angola is ours!

And don't you forget: You might be a seagull but I'm a falcon!

Mr. president!

Mr. president, are you ok?

Nothing a good night's sleep won't cure, captain.

What about your partner?

Don't worry, I'll find another Chinese kid.

The dedication you exhibited today was that of a true hero.

They will write poems about you.

Falcon will be a name as famous as viriato, camoes, and eusébio.

Thank you, Mr. president.

But, in the end, which Portuguese isn't a hero?

Those who aren't patriotic, aren't even considered Portuguese.

It's easy to criticize those above us, but we shouldn't judge them.

We don't know what kind of pressure they endure.

We don't know what kind of difficulties they face.

A patriot defends their country at any cost, even when they don't agree with the government.

Regardless of social, political or cultural issues, a true patriot will always stand by their country!

Even more when it comes to military men.

To whom the country trusts the sacred mission of defending us at all cost.

And how dare they speak of revolution when we live in this heaven on earth?

Who are they to question our eternal bliss?

The estado novo regime will never be defeated!

Its legacy will be written in the history of mankind!

We are invincible!

Long live Portugal! Long live Salazar!

"Captain falcon: General seagull's successor"

"captain falcon”

"Who is flamingo?"