Capone (2020) Script

You alright, Fonse?

Gino, grab him!

Here we go, I got ya. You're alright.

Let's go.

Come on, I got ya.

So what're you thankful for, Vince?

My back teeth.


And Ralphie?

I'm grateful today that Freddy is finally back home.


And Berta?

I don't know.

You don't know?

You gotta have something you're thankful for.

You gotta come up with something.


It's Thanksgiving, that's what we do.

What's Thanksgiving about?

What do you mean? What, the whole thing?


Alright, you get the short version

'cause you're a short person.

It all started when Nana and your great grandpa, Gabriel, when they first came to America.

And they roamed the land for many, many, many years searching for a new home.

Back then Nana used to ride on top of my father's back.

That's how they used to get around back then.

So, after all this following, this lookin' and searching, finally the found it.

A new home.

A nasty, cramped, little shoebox with a broke window, a mattress, and three rats, on a crappy little street in Brooklyn.

Park Slope.

You ever been to Park Slope?

Didn't think so.

So we would sit up by the broke window with them three rats and we'd look out that window at all them other families out there having their lavish parties and all their home-cooked pies and their roasted turkeys and their stuffing with topped cranberries and mountains of mashed potatoes and gravy, all that fancy stuff.

All them families out there, except for us.


'Cause we was broke.

We had nothing.

So every-every year about this time we get together as a family and we shove it in Brooklyn's face.

Yeah, that's Thanksgiving.

I love you.


I love you.

I love you, too.

You alright?




You got a call.





Where are you?




I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving.


Hey, what are you doing?

Yeah, I got family here.

Is there something that you need?

You know, Fonse.

What you need is a good fuckin' mechanic.

Get a nice oil change.

It's not the fuckin' oil.

You remember that 341A? Remember that?


Yeah, Cadillac.

What Cadillac?

The Cadillac, the one you down in Wabash.

It was Hammond.

It was the modern one.

Yeah, yeah, it was the modern one, but it was Hammond.

I can't remember was that dark green, dark green or dark, dark green?

You alright?

Yeah. Dark green.

You know, Fonse, the kids are all going back up next week.

And I was thinking, maybe I'd stay down here with you and Mae.

Me too.


You're gonna have to give up some stuff if you wanna stay in the house through the next year so we figured we'd stay here and help you sort it out.

Between all your statues and the painting collection I- I think we could bag us at least 200, you know?

I mean, look, I know this ain't easy.

But if you don't get all this stuff outta here soon and make some bread, Fonse, you're gonna be completely screwed.

That's the truth.

We're just worried about you, Fonse.

That's all.

Ah! Fuck!

You alright?


Uncle Ralphie, can you get a towel?

Yeah, yeah.

Where'd that come from?

Bladder, pop.

I'll bring you some fresh pants.

That's what I'm fucking talking about.

Make your hot cereal with Quaker Oats.

Cause Quaker Oats helps grow the stars of the future.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, our special Cobb Theatre presentation of

"The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre" continues.

Just off the docks by the Chicago River in a black market warehouse operated by none other than Al "Scarface" Capone, notorious gangster and king of the Chicago underworld.

Here, Capone's top lieutenants gathered to discuss their secret plan.

Alright, gents.

Looks like we got here uh... ten cents of cop disguises courtesy of our friend Andy.

Meanwhile down in the quiet paradise of South Florida, Al Capone relaxes by the pool, cigar in hand.


Hey, boss.

All set for this Thursday in the morning.

We got a nice valen...

Hey, hey, what are you doing up?

Enough guys, enough!

Mr. Fonzo?

You want me to put the statues by the house?

Who the fuck are you?


You want me to move the statues by the house?

They're for sale.

Mr. Fonzo?

You lay one finger on my Lady Atlas, I will cut your fuckin' head off.

Do you understand me?


Thank you.



I got you, pal.

Fonse! Enough!

You're gonna get sick!

Gino, get him inside!

Come on, come on.

It's raining.

Yeah, it's raining.

Can you cut those?

I'm going to cut it right now.

It's unlocked.

Seniorita, I finished moving the statues out from the garage, come lo dices, by the house but not by the house.

Gracias, Rodrigo.

Not a problem. Good night.

What's he doing?

His stuff.

What stuff?

His stuff outside.

What do you mean?

Moving stuff.

If he touch my Lady Atlas I'm telling you...

Mary and Joseph, that piece of shit, tacky statue is more important than what, huh?

You want to call the bank yourself?

You okay?


You've got a collect call from Cleveland.


Sure. Alright.


Who's there?



Oh, my god!

Oh, Jesus!


Come on.

Swing out.

What time is it in Ohio?

What happened?

You shit the bed, that's what happened.

I'm calling the doctor. Oh, no.

Tell them the doctor is here!

A Three, two, a one.


Do we know what these are?


There's plenty here, as well.

How's his energy been during the day?

He's awake.

How's his...

So we're still having nightmares, are we?

Fonse, could I have your attention for a moment?


You know who I am?

J. Edgar Hoover.

Who sent this fucking guy?

I did.

I'm your doctor.


They're just working.

Sit down.

Stop yelling at them. Come on.

I understand things are tightening up financially.

But all of these personal artifacts just disappearing.

The best thing for Fonse has gotta be to try to keep things as familiar for him as you all can manage.

The last thing we want is for him to...

Get another stroke.


He's not coughing as much anymore.

He's got his good days...

Sit down!

Honey, sit down!

I want to tell you something, and I mean this with the utmost respect.

You should consider letting the family stay.

Having a man or two around just in case he gets more confused and hurts himself or somebody else.

Twenty-eight years I had to wait for some peace and quiet.

He don't scare me.

You call me any time.

We got the diapers.

Well, it's always nice to see you, Mae.

Thank you, Dr. Karlock.

Thank you. I'll see myself out.

Hold on.

Hold on.

Hold on. Hold on.

Hold on.

Hold on.




How are ya?

Nah, nah, nah, I just- uh, hold on a second.

How's my pal?

No kidding.

Of course. Of course.

Yeah, I can... I can be down there Monday.

Yeah, no problem.

It'll be great to see both of you.

I'll see you soon.

I'm going to Florida.


How come you ever take me to Florida?

Uh, Tiff, I got business.

Trout season?

More like running around with your gangster friends in a swamp.

Come on, doll face.

You know Al needs me.

He don't trust nobody else.

Chicolini here might look like an idiot, he might talk like an idiot, but don't let that fool ya.

He really is an idiot.

I say we give him 10 years in Leavenworth or we give him 11 years in Twelve worth.

Tell ya what I'd do.

I'd take the five to ten in Woolworth.


You sound like a dying horse.

Nice place you got here.

This is some layout.

What're you doin'?

Coming down to visit you.


Well, it's good to see ya.

Yeah, you too.


You lost some weight.


This is what a fat fuckin' retirement looks like, huh?

You got blue skies, you got a bottle of hooch.

Not bad, Fonse.

What am I lookin' at?



Who the fuck are you talking about?


Still got that Tommy gun?


Just rub 'em out.




Check it out.

Look at you there, huh?

Look at He-man.

Remember that guy?


Those were the fuckin' days.

Hey, what's up?

Keep goin'. Keep goin'.

Alright, alright.

Is there something you wanna talk to me about?

It's just us on this boat.

I hid ten million bucks.

You did-what? You did what?

I hid ten million bucks.

You hid ten million- ten million bucks?



I don't fuckin' know.

That's all I have left.

Anyone else know?

It'll come back to you.

Guys like you just don't misplace $10 million. It'll come-

Oh, oh, look at that!


What've we got here?



What the fuck-

You fuckin' bum!

Fucker jumped right up into the fuckin' boat.

That was mine!

That was mine!

Hey Fonse, where're you going?

Where are you going?

That was my fish.

Where are you going?

Fonse, woah, woah!

Fonse, hey, Fonse!

What're you-

Was it worth it?!



What the fuck are you doin', huh?

Was it worth it?

You wanna go back to prison?

Over a fuckin' swamp animal?

You know, this is what happens when people spend too much time in Florida.

They turn into fuckin' hillbillies.

That's what you're turning into, you know that, don't ya?

Fuckin' nut ball.

Send you to Bellevue for a fuckin' head check.

You ok, Fonse?

Hey, come on.

Come on.

Hey, hey.

Hey, it's just a fishing rod.

You tell anybody I will cut your fuckin' eyes out, do you understand me?

Tell anybody what?

Just relax.

You got nothin' to worry about.

You got nobody comin' for ya.


It's time to just let go.


It's ok, Fonse.

Who's her?

Who's her?

It's the witch.

She's followed us here.

Surrender, Dorothy.


Who's Dorothy?

The wizard! The wizard!


Whatever shall we do?

We've gotta hurry if we're gonna see the wizard.

Here, here!

Everything is alright.

Stop that now, stop it.

Did you hear that?

He'll announce us at once.

I've as good as got my brain.

I can barely hear my heart beating.

I'll be home in time for supper.

In another hour I'll be king of the forest.

Long live the king.

Sit down.


♪ If I were king of the forest, ♪

♪ not queen, not duke, not prince, ♪

♪ my regal robes of the forest ♪

♪ would be satin, not cotton, not chintz ♪ No, no, no. You're not flying.

♪ I'd command each thing, be it fish or fowl, ♪

♪ with a woosh and a woof and a royal growl. ♪ Woof!

♪ As I'd click my heels ♪

That's the power.


What happened?


What happened?

I- I-I gotta take a pee.

Fonse, you ok in there?



How're you doin' in there?

Yeah, don't forget to flush.

I don't get it.

I mean, he's got the whole forest to himself.



And all of a sudden some goofy lookin' broad shows up-

Judy Garland.

Ok, whatever.

She turns up with a couple goons who look like they just escaped from Barnum and Bailey's circus, and they scamper off down to- what's it?

Emerald City.

Emerald City.


And they talk to that egghead.

He's a wizard.

But not a wizard when you see him.

You see?

This guy, he's standing on a gold mine, and the lion says

"oh, I wanna go back to being the King of the Forest".

Get the fuck outta here.

He ain't a coward no more.

You understand?

Yeah, but hat Emerald City is wide open.

It-it's a fuckin' movie.

He got his courage, he goes back.

That's it.

Alright. I don't know.

Got it all back on.

Oh, thank fuck for that.

Oh, thank god. Have a good night.

Those are good boys.

When was the last time you saw your kid?

Oh... um...


He's gotta be about what, 18, 19?


She's inside.

She can't hear us.

The other kid.

Did you talk to him?


What the fuck are you talkin' to me about?

Alright, alright.

You're done.

Mae! Mae!






What are you screamin' for?

More bourbon.

No, you don't need no more bourbon.

It's not for me, it's for my fucking friend.

Yeah, ok.




Come on, are you fuckin' deaf or what?

Excuse me?

You fuckin' deaf?

Who do you think you're talking to?

Say that again.

The fuck?!


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


Are you ok?


I'm not ok.

I want all these fuckin' bums away from me, you understand?

You got goons walkin' around and they got guns in front- in front of the kids.

There are no kids here, Fonse.

Do-do you even know what these people do?

They do whatever you tell them to do.





Sweetie, listen.

I can see it on your face and I can see it in your eyes that you are an angel.

I can see that you got broken wings.


I would very much like to fix those broken wings for ya, if I could.

But I don't know who the fuck you are.

And I don't even need to know who the fuck you are to know you lettin' it happen.

Stop it.

Shame on you.

The fuck is that?

Why are you touching me?

Why you gotta touch me?

A couple of the boys uh, heard some noises coming from the house?

Just uh, wanted to check in and make sure everything was ok.



I don't want no one talkin' to him.

Yeah, you got it.

Anything you and Al need, just let me know.


We don't say that name here.

My apologies, Mae.

Everything okay in there?

Yeah, everything's fine.

Operator. How may I connect your call?

I need to speak to a police officer. moment.

Thank you.

Police dispatch, what is your emergency?

I think uh, I think I may have been uh, I think I may have been kidnapped.

Where are you, sir?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't know what's uh- what's going on but they uh- they got weapons and they uh-

I can't do this no more, you know?


Because it-it-it ain't- it ain't me.

Last name, sir?

I- I don't know, you know?

I don't-I don't know.

I don't fuckin' know this guy and I don't know any of these fuckin' people-any at all.

You see, uh...


See, I live on a farm.

I can't hear you, sir.

I said I live on a fuckin' farm.

On a farm, you said?

No, not on a fuckin' farm, I'm in this fuckin' house.

I don't know how I...

Sir? Sir?

I gotta go.


I can't even go to the bathroom without you disappearing!

Get up here right now! You're making me worried.

I can't do this every single day...

Every time I turn around...

How about it for our good friend, Al.

Al! Al! Al! Al...!

Come on up, Al.

Don't be shy.


Yeah. Yeah.

♪ I found my thrill, ♪

♪ On Blueberry Hill, ♪

♪ On Blueberry Hill, ♪ Fonse!


♪ When I found you, ♪


♪ The moon stood still, On Blueberry Hill, ♪

♪ And it wasn't until, ♪

♪ My dreams came true, ♪

♪ The wind in the willows played, ♪

♪ Love's sweet melody, ♪

♪ And all of those vows were made, ♪

♪ Were never to be, ♪

♪ Though we're apart, ♪

♪ You're part of me still, ♪

♪ For you were my thrill, ♪

♪ Yes, on Blueberry Hill. ♪


Mind if we have a talk, Fonse?

Come on.


Our friend here's got something to tell ya.


Tell him what you did.

Answer the question, motherfucker.

Where's your fuckin' courage now, you piece of shit?

Fucking talk!

Let the fuckin' coward speak.

Fuck you.


Oh, yeah.


Yeah, it's uh, yeah.

Fuck you.

Fuck you!

Fuck me! Fuck me!

Nothin', huh?

How do you like that?

Fuck me, huh?

Fuck me!

Come on, you fuckin' piece of shit!

Fuck me?!

Fuck me?!

Fuck me?!


Fuck me, huh?

Fuck you!

Look at that!

Any of you get fuckin' wise you're getting the same fuckin' thing.

It don't matter to me.

You understand?

You understand?

Whatever you say, Gino.


Catch you later, Fonse.

Hey boss. Let's go.

Come on.

Jesus Christ, look at this.

Get this bum outta here.

Alright, you heard him.

Let's clean this shit up.


Ok, boss. We'll be out front.


Where's the kid?


Where's the kid?

He's at my place.

Where is it?

You hear that?



Hey, watch your mouth! Watch your mouth!

Shoot those fucker!

Piece of shit!

Don't let them get away! You fuckers, fuck you!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.




No, wait!

Oh god, please, no.

He had a stroke.


He'll live.

I'll stay with him for a while.

Maybe I can get him to talk with me.

Well, if you don't get some answers, Doc, the clemency is as good as dead.

I'll see what I can do.

Good morning.




You want water?


Can you answer me some questions first?

How many fingers am I holding?


F- f-four.


How old are you?


No. You're 48 years old.

You're 48.

Here you go, Fonse. There you go.


Get it all in there.

He's sustained a permanent degree of damage to his brain functions.

Minor paralysis on his left side, mainly up his shoulder to his mouth, although I suspect that could get a little better over time with daily rehabilitation.

We ain't goin' anywhere, so we're here.

I think that would be best. For his sake.

There's a few changes that we need to make.

No cigars.

For how long?


I suggest we give him one of these.

What is he, fuckin' Bugs Bunny?

He's going to go on a fuckin' rampage.

I'm sorry.

We want to keep him alive and as comfortable as possible for as long as we have him here.

He ain't gonna fall for that shit?

He's gonna have to accept it.

I'm sorry.


Are you finished?



That looks great, Fonse.

Tell you what, let's-

Let's put that with your collection right here.

I'm gonna let you choose the next one.

Well, now, you already drew the platypus.


You know what this is?

It's a bag of money.

That's the last one for today.

Tell you what, you draw this, I won't bother you again.

You can sit in your chair all day.

Come in.


I brought you some carrots.

Hey, you wanna see a picture that your dad just drew?


This is really good.

No, no, no.







We don't want him choking.

There you go.

Hey Doc, you mind if I uh, had a little time?

Sure, of course.

You let me know if you need anything, ok?




You can drop the act now.

I like your picture.

Those yours, too?


Can I see 'em?


What is this?

Pla... ty... pus...

It's a platypus?


Look at that.

That's-that's a duck.


That's what ducks do.

Who's this?

He's got a little balloon.

That's Tony.



Who's Tony?

My... son.

Your son, Tony?

Pop, what are you talking about?

I'm your son.



T- Tony.

Want another one?


Not too much.



Can you put that down so I can talk to you for a minute?


I'll always remember, even when we was kids, you always had it all up here.

You always hated paper.

You didn't trust nobody, nothin'.

Not even your own fuckin' family.

I never took offence by it or nothin'.

I want you to tell me if you hid anything.

Like money.

I need to know where the fuck it is.

These cocksuckers are gonna get it either way, so it makes no difference.

We got nothing, Fonse, you understand?

Well, I hope one of our kids has in him what you had in you because that's our only hope.

Everything ok, boss?

Yeah, we're fine. Thanks.

If you want my opinion, Gino and the boys and those fuckin' Cubans?

They're part of this whole fuckin' thing.

They're a bunch of rats.

That's just my hunch.

I gotta take a leak.

When I come back we'll walk around the pool, ok?

Who's making you the most nuts?

You know, I got an idea, ma.

I think we can make a couple bucks.

Yeah? What's that?

I think we should put pops in the zoo.

I mean, hey, we glue some hair on him, throw him in with the monkeys... it's too easy to picture, isn't it?

No, it's... stop.

You see this?

What is that?

That is Tony.

Who's Tony?

It's his son, Tony.

The poor guy.

Just to be clear I don't have some brother out there named Tony, do I?

He was a good father to you.

He's still here.


Take your time.

How's it going, Mae?


Hey, Gino.

Hey, Rose.

Have a seat, Gino.

Get some wine.

Want more?

Come on, chew your food.

Looks good.


Oh my god!

Oh my god!



What'd I do?

Gino, just go, alright?

Just go, please.

Somebody help me get him up off the floor?

Grab the diapers.

I got 'em, I got 'em.

Pop? Pop? You're ok.

You're ok.

Go easy! You're hurting him.

Let's get the chair, please.

One, two, three, get him up.

Get some rest, pal.

Our special Cobb theatre presentation of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre continues.

Thursday morning, Chicago.

Johnny and the gang, disguised as Chicago's finest, cruising the streets of the south side in a stolen paddy-wagon.

Hey! There they are!

Torrio's guys. Get 'em!

You're under arrest, mister.

Arrest? What for?

Quiet, you.

Put your hands behind your back.

Don't I know you from somewhere?

Torrio's men lined up against the wall.

Someone tell us, officer, what's this about?

Al Capone sends his regards.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sources close to the Chicago authorities said only Al Capone kills like that.

How do you comment, Mr. Capone?

Well, I'll tell you what Al Capone says.

Al Capone is an honest law-abiding American businessman.

The only killing he makes is in the best of services to millions of...

Go on, boys.

Me and Johnny got some private business.

Everything alright, boss?

Yeah, beautiful.

You know, I've known you since we was kids, Johnny.

That's right, boss.

You always been loyal, Johnny.

Like a dog.


That's why it hurts me, I gotta do this.

Do what, Al?

You sold me out!

You sold me out to Torrio!

To the Feds!

To the whole-

They never get it right.

I never sold no one out.

You know that.

I took a little off the top.

I'm not proud of it.

You made the right move.

I'da done the same thing if I was you.

You don't skim.

The only thing that really matters, Fonse, is how a man treats his family.

You'll always be a hero to every stiff breakin' his back.

Not a lot of goons from Carol Street could state that claim.

You're a good man, Fonse.

Don't worry, pal.

I didn't feel nothin'.

You took me off the street.

I'll always respect you.

You know, you seem like a really nice fella.

Maybe if ya had some courage you might be able to find yourself some new friends.

I think I know where you buried that money.



Look in these.

They'll help guide you to the key.

I'll see you sometime, Fonse.


No, no, no!

What was that screamin'?

Oh my god, let him be ok.

Fonse, we're coming! Fonse!

What the hell's going on?

What's wrong?


No! What's wrong?





What is that?!

There's nothing there.

Hey! Hey!

Hey, hey, hey!

That's disgusting!




About 22, 23 years ago I was in Minneapolis.

I was your age, sitting on this old accountant, Jewish guy.

Supposed to be some big laundering conduit in the mid-west.

Anyway, I'm sitting on my ass.

Two years, nothing.

Three years, nothing.

So, you know, I tell 'em back in New York, fellas, there's nothing here.

Hoover says to me "Nordhoff, you're-you're looking

"but you're not thinking." Ok?

Four years, I'm looking, I'm thinking.

Five years.

Guess what happened?


My dick froze off.

It's true.

Be glad you're in Florida.

I got something for you.

He's dead.



He's been saying a lot of very interesting things.

Sure, he has full-blown dementia.

I think I kind of owe it to a 20-year investigation to look in his eyes and know for sure before he's gone.

I don't know how to break this to you, son.

I don't give a shit about Al Capone.

I don't.

He dies, we dig his place up, find whatever's there and move on.

Do you know what the difference is, sir, between Adolf Hitler and Al Capone?

Hitler's dead.

Capone lives like a king in Florida.

Maybe he's crazy, maybe he's not.

All I know is a man who spends his entire life lying to everyone about everything, the truth rots in there.

Let's catch some of his marbles on the way out.

I gotta make a call.

The lawyer's paying.

Just don't make me look stupid, huh, kid?

Thank you, Mr. Nordhoff.


Mr. Mattingly.

Good morning.

This is Agent Stirling H. Crawford of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Present with me is my colleague, Agent Clifford M. Harris, and we are here at the residence of Mr. Alfonse Capone in Palm Island, Florida.

In attendance is Mr. Alfonse Capone and his legal representative, Mr. Harold V. Mattingly.

The following interview will be recorded for the investigative records relating to case P51B.

Mr. Capone, anything you say can be used against you or anyone you mention in your statements by the federal courts.

Do you agree to the conditions of this interview?



So, Mr. Capone, can you for the record state your name, age, and your place of birth?


Go ahead, Fonse.

Your name, age, and your place of birth.

My client may have some difficulty answering for himself.

If requested by my client I'll answer on his behalf.

We understand that, of course.

We'd appreciate the opportunity for Mr. Capone to at least try to answer our questions to the best of his ability.

Knock yourself out.

Thank you.

So, Mr. Capone, can you for the record state your name, age, and place of birth?

On behalf of my client, his name is Alfonse Capone, C-A-P-O-N-E, born January 17th, 1899, Brooklyn, New York.

Mr. Capone, prior to your incarceration in California in 1931 did you keep any financial records in your possession?

On behalf of my client, no.

He kept no information of that kind.

So we understand it that you have been ill now for quite some time.


In fact I have here that you originally contracted syphilis while you were under the age of 15 years old.

Is that correct?

Yes, per his medical records.

Mr. Capone, were you or were you not defacto chief of the Chicago Outfit Criminal Organization which presided over the illicit sale of liquor products during the nationwide ban prior to its lift in 1933?


On behalf of my client, nope.




Turn that off. Got it.

I'd like to apologize.

Mr. Mattingly, I am sorry.


What's this about, Crawford?

We have information that your client may have tucked away a very large sum of money.

About $10 million.

I know nothing of this.

Well, I think your client does.

Mr. Capone, can you tell me where you hid that money?



I'm talking to you, Al.


Where's the money?


Let me explain something to you, Mr. Capone.

While I personally believe that you deserve every ounce of torture and everlasting despair that awaits you in the next life, your family has done nothing to deserve what's coming to them in this one.

No prominent jobs-

This is harassment.

No decent education so long as their last name is Capone.

Other than this pile of cement here they're gonna be left with nothing of your legacy.


Only a penniless, bitter life of alienation.


No new friends, no new beginnings.

And we will watch them.

Every single day until the day they die, just like you.



Ok, gentlemen.

Oh, no.

My client has no idea what's going on or what he ate this morning, or anything else you wanna ask him.

Have we had enough pestering for one day?

Is this what you wanted?

Thank you, Mr. Mattingly, thank you.

We'll be seeing you, Mr. Capone.


Collect call from Cleveland.




I'm not gonna hang up.


Ok, I am gonna hang up.

Is this Mae?


Who is this?

Is this Tony?




You seen Fonse?


I don't know where he is.

I was with him-

What're you talking about?

I don't know where he went.

I- I mean, he couldn't have gone very far.

Ralphie, you have to watch him.


Hey, Fonse?


Fonse, where are you?





Hey, pop!

Hey, I looked at your pictures today, bud.

Where are ya?


I wanna tell ya what a...


What a great job you did.




Come on, Fonse.

You better come out here right now!

Fonse, please!

Mr. Fonzo?



You're scaring me, Fonse!

Hey, Vincent, you got a cigarette?

Yeah, hold on.

What the fuck was that?

Come on!

Open the gate! Let's go! Let's go!

Alessandro, take Jimmy to head off the other way, go to the East wing, we'll check it.

Down by the lake.

...just sittin' there like he always do!

I'm gonna take another look downstairs here.

Tommy, you gotta go check on the other side.

No, no, no.

Go down by the water.

I already looked there.

Check all the bathrooms. Rosie, check the ones downstairs.

I don't know where the fuck he is!

Ralphie was outside with him and then he lost him.

Rosie, are you sure he's not up there?

There's a hundred guys here at the house.

How could somebody not know where the hell he is?

I don't know how anybody could lose him!

Stop him, Gino!


Take this.

I'm comin' out, Fonse!

You ok, Fonse?


It's just me, Fonse.

It's Gino.

I know who you are.


All a yous.

What're you talkin' about?




Come on, pop.



Very good. Very good.

You're gonna be ok.

Lie back. Please lie back. Try to relax.

It's going to be alright. Get him up.

See ya, Gino!

So Vince, what're you thankful for?

My front teeth.


I'm thankful for my new puppy, Eugene.


I'm uh... I'm thankful that the uh, the weather finally isn't terrible.


I'm thankful for grandpa Fonse.


Let's eat.

Let's eat.



You got a visitor.

Come on.

I'll let you two have some time together.

Thank you, Mae.