Captain America (1990) Script

2 00:00:37,029 --> 00:00:41,241 Come on, hurry up, it's getting cold. He is starting to play the piano.

Come on. Let's hurry.

5 00:01:50,096 --> 00:01:51,410 What is this?

Why invade my home? Fire!

8 00:02:04,621 --> 00:02:08,555

10 00:03:27,439 --> 00:03:28,935

12 00:03:35,404 --> 00:03:40,940

Gentlemen, Dr. Teresa Vaselli.

The child.

Momma... Momma.

Let me go, please. Let go.

You promised me that you would not hurt anyone.

No! They can not do this!

Let go! Let me go!

21 00:05:42,599 --> 00:05:43,783

It's called "Project Rebirth" Mr. President.

Dr. Vaselli, a scientist who escaped from Italy has perfected a process that can take a boy with birth defects and make him as fast and as strong as an athlete.

Hitler already has a version of this super-soldier, an Italian boy called "The Red Skull".

We will have a regiment of these men. and we found our first volunteer out in California.

His name is Steve Rogers.

Come away from there.

34 00:06:47,127 --> 00:06:49,696

I want you to promise me... that you'll never take the fall, wherever you you go.

Dad's medal...

Oh Mom...

Scotty took that picture right on the ship...

On their way to Guadalcanal They sent it back with their things.

Now you go.

And you be as strong and brave as he was.

I'm sure gonna try.

Only you be a little more careful.

You go get your things. They'll be here to get you in a few minutes.

I love you, Mom.

Come on guys, Gonna get one last shot of the whole gang, okay?

Yeah... The departing hero with his beloved friend.

Come on.

Let's go.

Come on Mom! Come on!

Where is she?

Just a minute Russ.

Sorry everybody, We can't do this without Bernie.




What is it? I'm sorry! It's just...

It's just that... I love you!

And I can't imagine not knowing what you're doing or where you're going.

Give'em hell for me, Rogers. I'll do that, Johnny.

I'll wait for you.

Forever and ever and ever and ever.

Come back for me, Steve.

Hello, Steve. Dr. Vaselli.

Bye bye! Good luck, son.

A little scared, Steve? Alot scared.

69 00:11:13,246 --> 00:11:16,121 Follow my lead. Fair enough, Lieutenant Fleming.

It shouldn't be necessary for a girl to go to college, and it...

How's the pot roast today, Roz? About as good as it was yesterday.

Hmmm, We'll just hang up our coats. Do whatever you want with them.

Lieutenant Fleming.

Attention. All personnel, please move to your stations.

Prepare for final systems checkup.

Prepare for move to stage one.

Senator Kirby, How nice to see you Sir How are you?

Colonel. Lieutenant.

Steve, this isn't Mussolini's Italy.

You are free to change your mind whenever you...

Save it... OK Doctor?

Because of you, I have the chance to make a wrong thing right, I thank you for that.

Commencing stage one.

So, this process can take a frail boy with polio give him the strength and speed of a world class athlete.

Think what kind of Army we'll have.

Let's just make sure our boy comes out of this safe and sound before we go counting our chickens. Where'd you get the guinea pig?

Happens to be the best dammed candidate out of 600 volunteers!

Gonna be a national hero.

Not exactly!

His name's a secret.

Only Dr. Vaselli and myself know who he really is.

Kept it that way to protect his family.

To the rest of the world he's just code name: Captain America.

He might not be Superman, but he'll be a living symbol of what this country stands for.

Begin the infusion!

Vital signs are stable.

Thank God!

Condition Yellow. Shutdown complete.

All systems return to stage one.

All personnel please remain at stations.

Dr. Vaselli, Congratulations. Thank you, Lieutenant Fleming.

I'd like you to meet Richard Erlick. He is a special observer... sent by President Roosevelt.

Remarkable work, Dr. Vaselli. Congratulations.

Heil Hitler!

Everybody stay down!

God bless you my boy.

Help them. Never give up. I will, Dr. Vaselli.

Doctor, I need that boy ready for action in the next 48 hours.

Colonel, that young man was lucky to have survived the surgery.

I'm going to level with you Doctor.

What's at stake here is the lives of thousands of innocent people.

Our intelligence boys have told us that the Jerrys have an experimental rocket ready to fire and have a target somewhere inside the United States within the next five days.

We're just gonna have to wait and see.

He's our only hope, doctor.

If the situation changes, I'll certainly let you know.


Colonel Louis ?

Where did you say that launch site was?

You alright with that there shield?

I could use a little more time to practice... like about a month.

Don't you worry.

Gonna have those two resistance fellas down there to take you to that launch site like they was excorting you to the Senior Prom.

Besides, you got that crazy fireproof uniform Doctor Vaselli made up for you.

Didn't know much about camouflage. Heh ... nope. but she sure did love the Red, White and Blue.

Colonel Louis...

...Sir? There's something nobody's talked about.

When do I get some fresh troops in my battalion?

Dr. Vaselli had all the details for the process in her head... not written down.

Same for whatever she made the uniform and the shield out of.

She thought it was safer that way.

I'm sorry. I believe you are the only one of you there's ever going to be.

Ready Ready Son?

Yeah ... You bet.

I won't let America down, sir.


I love you, Bernie!

God bless you, Captain America.


My American brother has arrived.

Holy mackerel!

Ooo, an American.

Just when I am needing help of my English lessons.

It seems the Americans have made a poor choice for their champion.

Pity him. It's like a child.

Dr. Vaselli has died.

Where is the pen of my aunt?

The pen of my aunt is on the table.

Am I saying it right American? I want to speak English when I am getting to New York!

164 00:22:15,871 --> 00:22:18,754 You are a perfect symbol of America my brother

Weak, and full of self-pity. You have even failed to teach me English.

But... I am much practicing while you sleep.

Where is the big bomb going? The big bomb is going to the... how you say... Casa Bianca? No, don't tell me. I know...

White House. A present for President Roosevelt.

Tell me, do you think I could be President of the United States?

15, 14, 13, 12...


Listen to me! No time flyboy.

You can travel cheaply with one, you sick bastard!

Now stop the launch! Stop it or I'll take you with me!

HALT! Bastard!

Unable to stop him! It's too late ... too late!

Drop! I slice it off!


Thomas Kimball!

What are you doing up? It's four o'clock in the morning!

How do you expect me to sleep, Mom? We're in Washington D.C.

And that's just where we're going to be in the morning when you wake up.

Now you get to bed. But I want to see the president!

And don't wake your father. He's got that early meeting at the State Department.

When I grow up, I'm going to be President.

Good night.

Go to sleep, Mr. President.

190 00:26:25,539 --> 00:26:28,037 And this guy on the rocket, broke the wing

and stopped it from blowing up the whole White House and President Roosevelt.

You believe me, don't you Sam?

Believe you?. Pictures don't lie, and neither do best friends.

It's a good thing I am your friend You know why your things keep blowing up don't you?

Why? Because I lent you my Captain Midnight lucky decoder.

You had it on, didn't you?

Yeah ... I did!

You see? Told you it worked. Thanks alot, Sam.

All right, all right. Let's see.

We got to figure out who it was.

Did you have a trident? No, he did not have a trident.

OK. so it wasn't Sub-Mariner and couldn't of been the Human Torch.

He would of blown up the rocket before it could land.

Did he wear a mask?

Yeah, it was blue with a white "A" on it.

Very interesting, Tom.

Gosh, this will make a swell story for the school paper.

It was the greatest thing I saw... and I'll never forget it Sam. Never ever!

Today we celebrate the surrender of Japan.


Tom Kimball graduates today and is a representative of a new post-war generation

213 00:27:52,604 --> 00:27:54,702 that will lead the world into the space age.

215 00:27:59,636 --> 00:28:02,269

I heard Tom Kimball joined to go to Vietnam.

He thought it was his obligation as an American.

219 00:28:09,159 --> 00:28:10,673

221 00:28:12,918 --> 00:28:14,669

223 00:28:16,813 --> 00:28:18,552 Old Tom gave up his practice... go help out in Africa.

His conscience wouldn't allow him to do nothing about the poverty there

227 00:28:25,778 --> 00:28:27,850 There was a time in this nation where people took responsibility

for the world they lived in. and by God, I think it's time we got back to that Good evening Thomas Kimball was elected last night

233 00:28:37,717 --> 00:28:40,584 on a platform that one man could make a difference.

Thomas Kimball was elected President of the United States by the narrowest margin in history.

President Kimball leaves this week for Rome...

...where he will join the leaders of 27 nations for a historic summit.

There, he will attempt to negotiate a multi-level ban of enviromentally damaging industrial pratices.

We're going to have to find millions of new jobs...

...For the people who make disposable plastics.

Toxins, household pesticides.

Bad medicine. and nobody said the medicine's going to taste any good. but can we afford not to take it?

I don't think so.

If we don't take this medicine now...

We'll all die.

Slowly... but we'll die.

Thank you.

Ah... General Fleming.

Mr. President!

Well, I just been reading your environmental guidelines bill here It ain't gonna work, sir.

General Fleming, the environmental guidelines stand as is and I don't think you or the Pentagon have enough Senators in your pocket to change them.

Well Sir, I wanna live on a clean planet just as much as the next fella You just simply can't expect us to cut back on our solid waste

90% in six months.

So you wanna make a deal.

Yeah, yes, sir. Of course I do, sir.

Then go buy a used car.


Have a real good day.

Yes, sir. I'll certainly try Sir.

By the way, Mr. President Good luck in Rome, Sir.

Thank you.

271 00:30:56,796 --> 00:30:59,553 After the war, when I was known as The Red Skull,

my life was in ruins.

You gentlemen gave me assistance. So now, how may I help you?

I understand you face a recent threat from this American President.

If Kimball ain't stopped, you're going to see everything that you worked for and planned for the last thirty years, go right down the crapper and so fast it'll make your head spin.

Aren't you being a little dramatic general?

No, no he's not.

Cut the crap, cut the crap!

All I wanna know, is when we're gonna kill the little son of a bitch and how?

Don't kill him at all. We don't?

No... Assassination isn't worth the trouble.

It took me two years to find Sirhan, three to find Oswald.

The King job alone cost us over 22 million dollars. and what do we get for all our pain?

Saints... martyrs to the cause.

You, my friends, are statesmen, generals, captains of industry. I am a humble businessman who dabbles in science.

Before you make your decision, may I suggest, instead of killing him, we control him using a brain implant I have invented.

Then he will do whatever we wish.

I saw it around here.

What is it? I don't know.

300 00:33:20,042 --> 00:33:21,340

Over and out.

OK, guys..

The company helicopter can't be in for another eight hours cause of bad weather. and I know it's kind of creepy being in here with this thing, but that's the way the company wants it, so what are you going to do about it?

What the hell is this thing?

My God!

No way did that just happen!

310 00:34:44,401 --> 00:34:46,957

Yeah, what? Sam, they found the guy with the rocketship.

It's a miracle, Sam.

To think, I could actually talk to this guy.

Well you sure it's not some kind of crazy hoax?

Remember the picture I took when I was a kid?

The guy that saved the White House, they found him in Alaska.

If this is true, The good Lord could be giving us a key to this whole thing we've been trying to crack.

Sam... If this guy has met with Skull face to face, there's no telling what it could mean for us.

Can you spare me the conspiracy theory, just this once?

Just go run your goddamn country, I'm a little busy here!

I gotta go up in the attic, get my long-johns.


326 00:35:51,918 --> 00:35:55,611 I want President Kimball's schedule for the next week, down to the second

and background on everyone on his security staff.

Consider it done, Mr. Santis.


It's him. Who, Pappa?

Captain America.

He must intend to stop me.

Can I count on my daughter to take care of this for me?


336 00:37:01,127 --> 00:37:04,958 Wherever I am, my home's gotta be south of here.

We saw him down there.

Get in! Come on, come on!

Who was that shooting at you? Nazis.

341 00:40:21,946 --> 00:40:25,167 I saw a movie once where they tried to do this to some English spy.

Fake newspaper, fake radio. The whole thing.

I guess it wouldn't do much if I were to tell you that the President of the United States has sent me to find a you on a matter of global importance.

Not much.

OK...'s still 1943 and... I am a Nazi spy.

So, why am I asking you questions... about my own side?


Do you mind?

Just tell me everything you know about a guy they called The Red Skull. It could be 1492 for all I care Yeah, he's still alive.

We don't know where it is, or who he is.

We know that he is using the name he used before the war.

He's had extensive plastic surgery... and we know that is the kingpin in a powerful international cartel.

Which I believe is responsible for a great deal of the pain and misery on this entire planet.

You see, I have got proof that this Red Skull guy Was closely involved in the murders of Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King...


You don't even know who I'm talking about, do you?

Look, the important thing is this...

The Red Skull's next target is president Kimball.

And if this country loses Tom Kimball, will be a disaster.

370 00:41:59,258 --> 00:42:00,498 Captain America...

You gotta help us.

There was a scientist, an Italian. Her name was uh...

Dr. Vasili..., Doctor Vaselli?


Now, she would have known what his name was before.

She's got some papers or a diary.

Do you know where she would of left them?

Would you pull the car over please? I think I'm gonna be sick.

What? Would you please pull over the car?

I am going to get sick.

Okay, all right.

Hey! Captain!

Are you okay?


No, Wait! Don't leave me out here!


388 00:44:55,450 --> 00:44:59,389


Hey Bud. Gotta a cigarette?


Bernie! Hey, stay away!

Dad! Mom! Sharon?

This idiot tried to jump me!

Oh my God!

No, no!


Do you know this guy?

Yes, I do.

This can't be real.

It is.

Everyone kept saying that "Missing in Action" was just another way of saying

"blown to smithereens".

but I never believed them... not for one second.

I knew you were alive.

I guess that's why I kept the house... so you'd know where to find me.

Jack is a good man.

He's a good father.

I was 38...

I Wanted to have children before it was too late.

You waited for me... for 16 years?

oh Steve, I...

I feel so old... and ugly and look at you.

You... ugly? Not a chance. Oh, Bernie!

I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

The trail dead ends at a truck stop 40 miles north of Vancouver. but now, let's look at it this way; where is the first place that you would go if you had been overseas for 46 years?

So... you get them both to interfered under electronic surveillance Home ? but what good does that do us?

We don't know who he is, much less where he's been... that's why I am a reporter I got a hot date with an old file He's a famous reporter Papa!

He's won the Pulitzer Prize twice.

If anyone can lead us to Captain America, he can.

You had him...

You saw him... and you let him get away.

432 00:50:45,319 --> 00:50:47,435

434 00:51:21,344 --> 00:51:24,099 Sam Kolawetz on line one, Mr. President.

Hello? I got it, Tom.

I got his old girlfriend's address.

There's a Bernice Cooperman living at 90 Bristol Court Redondo Beach, California and she's been living there since 1937.

Call the jet... Captain America is in California.

Thanks for helping me out and letting me use your apartment, Sharon.

Yeah, sure.

I guess they didn't have VCRs up where you were.

Nope... and movies didn't come in little black boxes and you couldn't check them out of the library.

446 00:52:19,472 --> 00:52:20,880 I'll get it. Sit down.

Are you Bernice Stewart? I used to be.

-Can I help you? -You have no reason to trust me...

...I know that. but it is very important that I find Captain America... as soon as possible.

I don't know who you are, but I'm not interested in anything you're selling.

Please, I'm on your side. I can prove it to you. I just... AAAA!!!

-Hey! -Jack!

Where is he?

I don't...

Where is Captain America?

It's all true.

Everything he said was true.

Everything in this book... is true. That means the Red Skull is still alive.

If I'd of taken him out, none of this would have happened.

Oh God!

I gotta help find him.

Dr. Vaselli did keep a diary... and I bet it has the Red Skull's real name in it.




They kept asking Where Captain America was.

She did'nt tell them... even when...



He'll be alright ma'am. Minor gunshot wound, mostly from shock.

Gonna take him to Saint Johns.

Wait a second, Where's my mother?

Captain America...


Captain Midnight decoder.

Give it to Tom.


OK, Sam.

He's in arrest. I'll handle CPR. Get the paddles, quick

Cardiac arrest here.

Mom? Mom!

Easy. Mom!

Mom! No!

490 00:55:44,336 --> 00:55:47,226 I don't know what he's going to do without my mom.

I'm really sorry, but I can't let you stay any longer.


Well... You know what he really likes?

We interrupt for this special report.

At approximately 11:49 Eastern Standard Time, The President of the United States was abducted from his hotel in Rome by a large group of Unidentified terrorists.

The details at this hour are sketchy but our sources have learned that a group of twenty heavily armed men stormed the hotel.

It is not known at this hour if the President was harmed during the abduction.

The purpose of kidnapping and identity of the terrorists both remain a mystery at this hour.

My God, what a world!

It's the same people.

What are you talking about?

The people that abducted the President are the same ones that came to your Mother's house Dr. Vaselli's diaries...

All I can say right now, Barbara is that we're devoloping some very small leads. and...

And if we can all remain calm and work together on this, well, there's no reason in the world that we shouldn't have good news by tomorrow morning.

And now if you'll excuse me, Barbara, it's going to be a very long night.

For all of us.

The lab was under a diner.

It should be right about...


No, wait! You can't go in there!

Stop it right there! Sharon, calm down!

Come on.

Because of you, I have the chance to make a wrong thing right.

Oh my God. It's all true!

Where is she?

Vaselli's diary. Got it!

They are here. I'm sure of it.

They are ours.

Oh boy...

Spread out!

Dr. Vaselli's diary. I'll take that for the Red Skull.

That's for Bernie.

That's enough, clown.

Where is he? Where's the Red Skull?

I don't know nothing. None of us do.

We get our orders from Red Skull's daughter.

"All I know is they spent a summer in Venice."

Wait, here it is!

"I never learned the the poor boy's name, but I did hear that he came from a town called Portovenere in northern Italy".

"The child was taken from a house on the Via Cavour. The Casa d'Tre Angeline".

The house of three angels.

Maybe someone in Portovenere knows the Red Skull's name when he was a boy.

You guys still here? Why don't you do it and get it over with?

I wish I could Mr. President, but um...

Unfortunately, those chemicals have to act on the brain... for 24 hours before the tissues become receptive to the implant.

Are you just psycho, or is there something in particular you're after?

552 01:04:31,965 --> 01:04:35,082 After ? Why...I get to be President of the United States.

Isn't that every boys dream?

How stupid think we are?

My people will find this place in alot less than 24 hours.

Oh, no! A hidden transmitter.

Does it look something like...


Painlessly removed from a lower right molar. This one... while you was unconscious.

So easily deactivated, but don't worry, next time, we'll have it made in Japan.

Well, I'll see you in eh... let's say, 24 hours, Mr. President.

OK, now, here's Rome and here's Portovenere.

Now, If we step on it, we can totally be there by lunchtime.

Sharon? Could you pull over for a minute? I think I'm gonna be sick.

Captain America is car sick ?

Are you okay?

What are you doing?

Wait a minute! What are you doing?

I can't take you into danger, Sharon. That much at least that I can do for Bernie.

Thanks for your help. Thanks for my help?

Open this door!

Damn jerk! Taxi!



Ahhh... Speak English?

I was wondering... Do you know anything about the people that used to...

581 01:07:58,995 --> 01:08:01,158

583 01:08:04,334 --> 01:08:07,736

585 01:08:10,528 --> 01:08:13,259

Look! What is that?

It's a wire recorder.

I used to have one of these when I was a kid.

Ask them if there is anyone around here that fixes old radios and stuff.

For over twenty years, I've seen nothing like this.

- Why invade my home? Fire


Can you play that again?

Of course, senor.

I don't suppose it would do us much good to look him up in the book.

No, I don't suppose it would.

Why don't you just take out an ad for him in the classifieds?

You know, asking for Super Heros who are billionaire former child prodigies... with one hand and a heavily reconstructed face.

Discretion assured. Alright already...

I'm sorry I tried to ditch you. What do you to do? Eat dirt?

Steve! Get down!

Come on, Sharon. Time to leave.



Get out of the way!

This sucks


Are you crazy?

What are you doing?

Hold on, Sharon. The bike's got no brakes.

Oh my God, you found it! That is like so bitchin.

I thought this bag was like totally history. Gratzie.

We're OK here... I'm telling you we lost them!

I'm not so sure.

Loose lips sink ships.

Would you stop being so paranoid?


That's him. San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo Island.

San Lorenzo Island is about 50 miles down the coast.

As long as we're in the neighborhood,, What do you say we drop in?

I always did want to meet the President.


Sharon, when we get to the Red Skull's castle, I want you to stay out of sight and let me do my job.

We have like the worst luck! Hang on tight!

628 01:15:29,987 --> 01:15:32,274 You'll have much better chance on your own.

Hey! Sharon!

A word of advice my friend...

All this frowning all the time... is very, very bad.

You should be careful, you'll end with terrible wrinkles.

Here and here...

and here, like your mother.

What's this?

- Why invade my home? Fire

Blood pressure is normal. White blood count is up 30%... and needs to reach 70%.

Simplify it!

Are you saying that we can't do the implantation yet?

I can't guarantee that it will work until blood pressure... comes up a few points. And when will that be?

To be absolutely sure say...? Twenty minutes?

Oh... what's the gun for De Santis?

What this? This isn't a gun. It's a surgical tool... made specifically for you.

Awww... It is so much a tragedy, Tom.

Don't you understand that your people will be happier with their new President?

See you in twenty minutes.

If you ask me, it's a waste of time We'll dig up some complicity between the Soviets and kidnapping.

Little obvious. It's always worked before.

Why not? Yeah, yeah!

It won't be long now, General.

I'm not going to blow it this time.

Fifteen minutes.

Not gonna work.



Spread out and find him!

Please come back Mr. President.

It's over.

You really need me for your little plan, don't ya? Of course.

Then you can't win.


Thanks! Don't mention it Sir.

Steve Rogers.

We've met!

I don't see how.

You mean... You were the little boy?

I'v been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Gee Wiz!

We gotta get going, Mr. President.


Sam told me there'd be days like this.

Sam wanted me to give this to you.

It was the last thing he said before he died.

They got him.

They got Sharon. I know.

Wait on the north shore.

There's some caves there protected by cliffs where you can hide.

I'll come and get you when you get out.

Are you kidding? I'm not bailing out on Captain America.

Let's go!

Excuse me, sir.

I'll call for help!

Eurobase Three!

This is the President! Get me NATO Command!

Yeah I know, I wouldn't believe it either.

Mr. President!

Mr.President, The premises are secure Sir. I'm in command here.

General Fleming, I don't think you're going to be able to squirm out of this one.


I don't know how it is you are here... or how you remain so unchanged, but it doesn't matter my brother!

Today you will die.

50 years ago you were Dr. Vaselli's ridiculous idea!

You remain a clownish symbol... but no one cares now. I care You care...

Then come to me, my brother.

Let's us see if this heart of yours is stronger than my hate.

You remain a poor choice little brother.

Stop calling me your brother!


Mr. President!


Is this how close you were when you killed my mother?


No, that is too fast. I'd rather see you get it slow.

That was a gun.

This is a detonator!

Did you really expect me to be taken alive?

As far as megatons go, the device this is attached to may be small potatoes...

But it's enough to ensure that All of Southern Europe will be off limits for say about a century and a half.

Give or take a decade or two.

Seventy million lives out like brief candles... and Captain America can do nothing about it.


Stay down! No matter what happens!

De Santis!

Just one more second.

De Santis!

We are both tragedies.

And now I send our tortured souls to rest.

Speak for yourself!

Look up!

In Rome today, 116 nations agreed to an environmental protection treaty.

In a brief statement after the signing, President Kimball asked that we remember the many people who have gallantly sacrificed all to make our world a better place to live.

The President closed his statement with this odd message...

To Captain America, wherever he is.

We're all back in the fight