Captive (2015) Script

For me?

Okay. So, which one do you want?

These ones.

Come here.

Which one? This one?

No, these ones.

This one?


Other foot, other foot.

Give me that one.

Heels. I think you're too young to wear heels.

I know. Let me see.


It's okay.

Whatever you do, don't smile.

Whatever you do, don't laugh.

You stay young and high for so long that one day you look back and you realize you're all alone.

Help gone, and what's left?


Thank you for sharing, Melissa.

Anyone else?

Hi, I'm Ashley.

Hi, Ashley.

I lost everything too.

Because of meth.

They said I was an unfit mother.

Took away my little girl.

Every time I do it I think, "This is the last time. I can control this."

And I do it again and again and again.

I just can't...

I just can't stop.

I like it too much.

Living one day at a time.

Enjoying one moment at a time.

Trusting that You'll make all things right if I surrender to Your will.

Amen. Amen.


I haven't seen you in a while.

You okay?

You clean?

How long?

A month.

Like, two days.

If I can't do this, then I don't get my daughter back, and if I...

I know.

It's not easy.

Have you heard of this book?

The Purpose Driven Life?

Yeah. I have.

It can help.

It helped me.

Ashley, you can't do this alone.

If you need me, call.


Come on.

Face the wall, Mr. Nichols.

Eyes front.

Step inside, please.

Don't wanna keep Judge Barnes waiting.

That suit there is compliments of your attorney.

Officer Hall down, cell block.

Please send a medic.

Prisoner escaped. 10-23 in progress!

Mr. Nichols, what are you doing?


Suspect northwest service corridor.

In pursuit.


Stop! Out of the way!

I hate this car.



Love you too!

Come on! Go.

Have a nice day.

Right now the search is on for a suspect after a judge, a court reporter and a deputy are shot dead at an Atlanta courthouse.

We're following developments in this breaking story.

Right now, police looking for this man.

From the CNN Center in Atlanta, I'm Miles O'Brien.

And I'm Kyra Phillips.

This hour of CNN's Live Room starts right now.

Let's just bring you up to date on what's going on.

An intensive manhunt all throughout the city of Atlanta as they look for this suspect involved in this multiple shooting at the Fulton County Superior Courthouse.

Brian Nichols is the suspect, and he is apparently at loose in the city at large.

You're late, Ashley. Third time this week.

If it happens again, I'm gonna have to put you on weekends only.

Randy, you wouldn't do that to me.

It'd break my heart.

Hold on.

Lady dropped this off for you.

Lieutenant Chestnut. Meredith MacKenzie, TV 7 News.

Could you tell us how the shooter was able to breach courthouse security and kill three people?

I'm going on a national in two minutes.

Well, good luck with that.

Two deputies called in sick.

Deputy Cynthia Hall was alone with Brian Nichols when he attacked her in the holding cell.

I know Cynthia.

How bad was she hurt?

She's in a coma.

He took her gun, came in here.

One, two.

Where was the bailiff?

On a clerical errand for the judge.

Any priors?

Minor, until a rape charge.

A disorderly and a drug possession.

Played college football.

Two-year degree in electronics.

Had two good jobs.

What kind of time was he looking at?

25 years.

Department's on full tactical.

We have got to get this guy back into custody.

Not unless one of ours gets to him first.

I know. We've set up an emergency task force.

Chief wants you to take lead.

Commander, the press is ready for you.

You got to fix this, John.

Let's get started on Nichols right away.

Friends, girlfriends, former employers, everybody.

Well, he grew up in Baltimore.

He lived in Florida, he lived in Atlanta.

He knows his way around if he can get to some of these other communities.

But my bet right now is that he stayed in that local area.

He stays in the area that he knows.

Try to let some of the heat come off.

And this may turn out to not only be the biggest manhunt in Georgia, but the biggest manhunt in America.

Yeah, it's okay.

This the rape victim?

No, this is the one he had a child with.

Lynn Campbell.

I can't keep it straight with these women.

Thank God you're here!

Ms. Campbell, Sergeant Carmen Sandoval.

This is Lieutenant John Chestnut.

Has Brian Nichols tried to contact you in any way?

No. You sure?

Of course I'm sure.

After I found out what he did to his ex, I have refused to have anything to do with him.

Look at this little guy.

What's his name?

Christopher. Hi, Chris.

Did you know any of Brian's friends?

Places where he would go?

He never really opened up to me much.

Other than work and the gym, I don't know where else he would go.

Any guesses? I told you, I don't know.

It's just that he might have divulged information without meaning to.

Like I said, I don't know.

Look, we're gonna leave these two officers here with you.

Sound good? It does.

Is it all right if we look around?

Of course, sure.

Thank you.

Mommy! Baby girl!

Mommy, guess what?

I took care of the baby ducks in school!

Lucky girl!

I came to drop off the balance of your first month's rent.

Thank you, Aunt Kim.

You're a sweetheart to do that.

Well, remember, this is a loan. I expect you to pay me back.

Yeah. I will.

Like all the other times?

I said I would.

Mommy, I got a pretty dress for the Mommy Daughter Show tomorrow.

I bet I'm gonna love it.

Order up.

Can I see your new house, Mommy? Please?


Hey, sweetie, I'm gonna give you a quarter.

Why don't you run over and get some gum, okay?

This Mommy Daughter Fashion Show is important to her.

It's all she's talked about for days.

You need to be there by 9:30, not a minute later.

Don't you roll your eyes at me!

You are her mother and you need to start acting like it.

You've broken just about every promise you've ever made to her.

I will be there at 9:30.

Thank you for the loan.

Man! Great.

We'll brush it off.

Reports have come in that as many as four different vehicles have been stolen over the last several hours.

All units, be on the lookout for a stolen 2004 light blue Mercury Grand Marquis, Georgia tags 1-Sam-John-Adam-4-4-George.

Vehicle is currently believed to be driven by murder suspect Brian Nichols.

You look at the actions of the suspect, Brian Nichols, in the triple courthouse homicide...

What do you think the personality profile of a man like this is?

Well, you know, I've listened to friends and relatives say, you know, he was really a nice guy when he grew up.

He was a nice kid, he was big, nobody messed with him.

But, you know, people did mess with him, the system did.

The system said he couldn't abuse his girlfriend, he couldn't tie her up in duct tape, he couldn't assault her, he couldn't carry a machine gun.

This is a guy who didn't like to be told, "No."

And, when the system finally said, "We're gonna make you pay for this," it sounds like this sociopath...

Hey, Aunt Kim.

Ashley, I wanted to apologize for earlier.

I wasn't very nice.

No, it's okay.

No, it's not.

I was rude and unfair.

What's that noise?

Are you at a party?

No, no.

I'm just unpacking and I'm playing my music.

Well, I just wanted you to know I am proud of you, Ash.

You've been working really hard, and we're gonna get there.

Thank you, Aunt Kim. That means a lot.

I've got someone here who wants to talk to her mommy.

Here you go.


Hey, baby girl!

If it's okay, Mommy, Aunt Kim said we can come to your new house.


Yeah, baby, that sounds great.

We're going to go to Mommy's house tomorrow.

Mommy said it was okay. Yay.

That's such good news!

Listen, I got a lot to get through if you're gonna come by, so I'll see you soon.

I'll say my prayers for you.

I love you.

I love you, too. Bye-bye, sweetheart.

We'll see you in the morning, honey.

Yep. 9:30.


Any word on the Mercury?

Nothing yet, sir.

Brian Nichols' mother.

Line six.

Hello, Ms. Nichols, thank you for returning my call.

I called two days ago, warning the Sheriff's Department about him.

Anyone tell us about this?

I told them what Brian's friends said.

If things didn't go his way, how he might act out in court and hurt someone.

Why didn't anyone listen?

Has he tried to contact you, Ms. Nichols?

He knows better than to call me after this.

Is there anything you could tell me that will help us find him?

No, sir.

That girl he violated, he was with her for seven years.

She was like a daughter to me.

I don't want anyone else getting hurt.

I'll be praying for you.

Thank you for calling, Ms. Nichols.

Help me!

You scream again, and I will have to kill you.


Who else lives here? No one.

Get up.

Where's the child?

Lives somewhere else.

What's in there?

Open it. Open it.

You said the child doesn't live here.

It's my surprise for her. She's coming tomorrow.

Get in the tub. God, please, no, please.

Get in.

Look at me.

I said, look at me.

You been watching TV today?

I have a daughter... Put your hands out.

She's five years old. If you hurt me...

Put your hands out. Cross your wrists.

Sit down. Sit down!

My name is Ashley Smith. I'm a mother.

Your phone. Where is it?

The landline's not hooked up yet.

I don't trust you.

Do not move.

If you do, I will hurt you.

Your daughter did this?

Kim Rogers.

Who's she?

My aunt.

This where the kid stays?

I can't give you any information.

It's as simple as that.

We're not comfortable with any of this either, Doctor.

Now, I understand and appreciate your position, but if we knew Brian's psychology better, it would help us immeasurably.

Three people are dead, Dr. Pratt.

Mr. Nichols has episodes of paranoia, defensiveness, emotional distance, and he doesn't believe that he actually committed the rape that he's accused of.

Come on.

Every criminal walks through my door swears on their mother's grave they didn't do it.

This man genuinely doesn't believe he committed the crime.

It shows the depth of his denial.

And you didn't see this coming when you were examining him?

The man was deeply in denial.

On TV, they said you played college football?

Get up.

No, no, no, no. No.

No, no, no.

You don't have to do this.

You have any children?


Baby boy.


I didn't know till I found out from my lawyer three days ago.

They wouldn't even tell me his name.


Same old stuff.

Always trying to grind me down.

No one wants to listen.

I didn't rape anyone.

What happened?

My lady cheated on me with a minister from our church.

Can you believe that? A minister.

She was mad because I got another lady friend pregnant.

But I went to her house to apologize,

and I'd had a lot to drink.

But I did not do those things they say I did.

I loved her.

My husband has some clothes you could wear.


He's coming home at 6:00.

He works the night shift.

You said no one else lives here.

No, I said no one else was here now.

Are you lying?

Why would I lie?

Would you prefer I didn't say anything and then he walks in here?

I guess we'll all have to get acquainted at 6:00 then, won't we?

Your husband's clothes, where are they?

In a box in my bedroom closet.

You have my number.

Feel free to call me.

We found the Mercury Marquis Nichols stole earlier abandoned up the street.

Can you tell how far the shooter was from Mr. Wilhelm?

About here.

From the angle of the wound, Agent Wilhelm was on his knees.

Never got to hit "Send."

What'd she say?

She was bringing him supper when she found him like this.

Said he always carried a Glock, even off-duty.

Yeah, we found the holster.

Notify the FBI Field Office.

Let them know Wilhelm was a customs agent.

And while you're at it, see if you can locate the jail video of Nichols' attack on Deputy Hall.

Besides her gun, let's see if he took anything else.

My family doesn't listen to me, either.

They think I'm a liar.

They don't trust me.

That's good to know.

He took her radio.

You were right.

I usually am.

Department is offering a $65,000 reward for any information that would lead to the capture of Brian...

Brian Nichols.

This is Lieutenant John Chestnut from the Atlanta Police Department.

We know you have Deputy Hall's radio, and we know you've been monitoring us.

It's time we had a talk, Brian.

You're an intelligent man. We can work this out.


Nothing yet. Get him talking.

I met your son today.

You know, a son is something to be proud of.

Truly one of life's blessings.

I know you wanna meet little Christopher.

I mean, the boy looks just like you.

You hear me, brother?

You are not my brother.

That's right, Brian, I'm not.

I saw you and your posse at my lady friend's house.

Sorry we missed you.

You've got a $65,000 reward out on me.

Whole damn city's locked down and you still can't find me.

Yeah, you're right about that, Brian.

Just trying to do our job, you know?

Haven't enough people died today?

Be a tragedy if you never met Christopher.

Never got to hold him.

Because, truth be told, you're not getting out of here.

So turn yourself in, and I promise you, you will meet your son.

You and I both know that's not the way it goes.

You kill a cop, a cop kills you.

I give you my word, that's not gonna happen.

Don't lie to me!

Look, Brian, the longer you stay out there, the harder it's gonna be for me to keep that promise.

But the quicker you end this, the sooner you get to see Christopher.

How close?

About a three-mile radius, North Gwinnett to the county line.

Best I can do.

You did good.

Not good enough.

He knows everything we're doing.

He's holed up somewhere with a TV.

Get our people over to Gwinnett and alert the local P.D.

Beg for as much air support as we can get.

Media still hanging around?

If she's out there, find that reporter, Meredith MacKenzie.

I wanna talk to her. Okay.

You got any weed?


You got any weed?

I need to relax.

I don't.

Come on, I know you have something here, party girl.

What you got?


Don't mess with me. What do you got?

I have ice.

What's that?


Well, let's break it out.

Ladies first.

Come on, let's go.


What do you mean, "No"?

You go ahead and do it if you want, but I won't.

Miss MacKenzie.

Please have a seat.

We wanna give you an exclusive.

We need you to broadcast something for us.

You can help us flush Nichols out.


We are being told at this point that nobody else in the courthouse knew what was going on inside that courtroom, despite the fact that this man had already shot the sheriff's deputy in another part of the complex.

So it's a very disturbing, tragic, confusing story.

The fact is, three people are dead, one in the hospital in critical condition, and this man, who, if and when he's caught, could possibly face the death penalty here in Georgia, is still on the loose. Kyra.

Gary Tuchman outside the courthouse there, thanks so much.

What time you say your husband was coming?

6:00? Yes.

Yeah, that's good! That's good.

Gonna be ready. We're in a war.

And I'm a soldier! I am a soldier for my people.

You can't enslave me! You can't shackle me!

That's right, I am Brian Nichols!

All bus and train stations will remain closed...

You better shut the buses and the trains down.

I got it, I got it.

We're gonna go to Mexico.

Gonna get that truck, we're gonna go to Mexico, we're gonna rob the banks, we're gonna pick up Christopher and we're gonna go to Mexico.

What's your daughter's name?

Paige. Paige, that's right.

We're gonna pick up Paige and Christopher...

Hey, Brian, I gotta use the bathroom.

Go for it, you use the bathroom.

Everybody's gotta use the bathroom.

We all gotta use the bathroom. Use the bathroom.

We gotta get that truck, though.

What are you doing?

I can't go with the door open.

All right, I'll turn around.

No, I can't go with you standing there.

I don't trust you, Ashley.

I don't trust you, Ashley. Okay.

So what are we gonna do?

You're gonna talk, all right?

I'm gonna shut the door and you're gonna talk. All right?

Yeah, okay.

Hold on!

I said we're gonna go to Mexico.

We're gonna get that truck.

We're gonna go to Mexico, gotta rob the bank though.

Understand? Where we going, Ashley? Where we going?

Mexico. That's right.

The knife!

Give me the knife!

Talk, all right?

Oh, my God.

God, please help me.

I can't hear you!

Ashley, I can't hear you!


What do you want me to say?

Should I say the alphabet?

That'll work.

Okay. A, B, C...

D, E, F, G...

H, I, J...

Keep going, Ashley!

K, L, M, N...

Keep going!

It's weird to talk and pee.

Talk about...

Talk about your husband.

He's two years older than me and we met in high school.

He works at Amalgamated Container.

What else?

How am I supposed to go to the bathroom if you keep asking me questions?

What's taking so long?

Who have you got in there?

I can hear people in there. What?

What did you...

What did you put in that stuff?

You put something in that stuff.


Why didn't you take it?

Why didn't you take it?

Why didn't you take it?

Take it. Come on, take it.

Take it.



Do you want to live?

Do you want to live? I do.

Then take it.


Do it.

What is that? What are you doing?

It's just a book.

What book?

The Purpose Driven Life.

I didn't say you could read.

Read it.

Read it to me.

"It all starts with God.

"It's not about you.

"The purpose of your life is far greater

"than your own personal fulfillment, "your peace of mind, or even your happiness.

"It's far greater than your family, your career, "or even your wildest dreams and ambitions.

"If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, "you must begin with God..." Stop.

That's a bunch of church crap.

Place is full of con artists and hustlers.

My dad went to church every Sunday, and he was a mean drunk.

I've got a demon in me.

Roadblocks north and south on Duluth Highway.

Peachtree west and east Rogers Bridge.

We miss anything? Nope.

All roadblocks operational.

Aerial surveillance ready.

Get MacKenzie on the phone. Tell her it's showtime.

I want eyes in the sky. All choppers up now.

Copy that.

And now, we wait.

He's gonna be sorely missed.

He could teach judges a thing about how to be a tough judge, but decent.

He did not have what some lawyers refer to as "robe-itis," which just went to his head.

He was just an approachable, very, very decent, very smart man.


Dennis Scheib, attorney-at-law here in Atlanta, Georgia...

I need to leave at 9:00 to see my daughter.

You're not going anywhere.

Next up, Channel 7's Meredith MacKenzie, reporting from police headquarters.

The body of Federal Agent David Wilhelm was found at his home in Buckhead.

The FBI are now joining the investigation, widening its scope.

Nichols is believed to be driving Agent Wilhelm's blue Chevy Silverado truck, Georgia plate 5PXL456.

We got to get that truck out of here. Let's go.

Can I at least put on some warm clothes first?

Hurry up!

...joins us now from the scene of the shooting of that customs agent whose body was found earlier this morning.

Hurry up!

Good morning to you, John. Bring us up to date.

Good morning, Alex. This is a very active crime scene.

Earlier this morning, we're not sure exactly when, Atlanta police got a call that there was a body of a man shot to death...

All I wanted was his truck, and then he pulled his gun on me.

It was his own fault.

...about eight miles north of downtown Atlanta where the courthouse shootings occurred yesterday.

You can perhaps see some of the...

Come on.

I saw some woods down the road.

Know where I mean?

I do.

You drive, I'll follow.

I know where the child is.

Don't do anything you'll regret.


No, no, no.


Hey there.

You need some help?

Are you okay?

Yeah, it happens all the time. I can fix it.

Ma'am, are you sure you're all right?

Yeah, I got it.

Do we know each other from somewhere, man?

Thank you, sir. We appreciate it.

Bobby was just following me to make sure I got home safe.

You take care of yourself, ma'am.

Thank you.

The gate's shut.

Wait here.


Why did you do it?

Why'd you kill all those people?


Is this him?

Mr. 6:00?

Okay, just pull over and act like anyone else would.

Okay, keep driving.

They're not looking for your car.

So, what's your husband's name?


"Big Mac."

Guess Mac'll be home in around half an hour.


I lied.

He's not coming home.

He's dead.

He was stabbed to death by a drug dealer.

I should've made him stay home that night.

If I had, he'd still be alive.

It's all my fault.

I miss him.

They found Wilhelm's truck.

He slipped through, John.

Is this you?

You want any help with that?


Anything I can do around here?


I mean, you could hang that mirror over there, if you want.

You got any nails?

It's right behind you.

This wall, right here?

Real butter.

You can read it, if you like.


Out loud.

"God deserves your best.

"He shaped you for a purpose, "and He expects you to make the most of what you have been given."

I haven't been given anything.

You have a son.

I'm never gonna see him again, am I?

If you stop what you're doing and give yourself up, maybe you will.

Keep reading.

"He doesn't want you to worry about or covet abilities you don't have.

"Instead, He wants you to focus on talents

"He has given you to use.

"When you attempt to serve God in ways you're not shaped to serve...

"Fear is a self-imposed prison

"that will keep you from becoming what God intends for you to be.

"You must move against it, and weapons of faith and love.

"The Bible says, 'well-formed love banishes fear...'

"Job said, 'My life drags by, day after hopeless day.

"'And I give up, I'm tired of living.

"'Leave me alone, my life makes no sense.'

"The greatest tragedy is not death, "but life without purpose."

"We were made to have meaning.

"A young man in his twenties wrote, "'I feel like a failure, "'because I'm struggling to become something

"'and I don't even know what it is.

"'All I know how to do is to get by.

"'Someday, if I discover my purpose, "'I'll feel I'm beginning to live.'

"When life has meaning, you can bear almost anything.

"Without it, nothing is bearable."

When I heard I had a son...

I had to break out.

I don't belong in that place.

When I saw what they were trying to do to me, how that judge was trying to enslave me,

I went into that courtroom and I shot him dead.

You know what?

It felt good.

If I were the one who killed your husband,

could you forgive me?

I don't know.

Maybe God can.

Hey, it's Ashley. Leave a message.

Well, I guess you're in the shower.

Okay, well, we're leaving the house now, so please don't be late.

All right, we'll see you at 9:30 sharp.

Aunt Kim, come on, can we go?

Yeah, let's go meet your mama at the Fashion Show.

You look so pretty!

Brian, it's time.

I have to leave now.

I can't be late to see my daughter.

I said, I have to go.

Okay, I'm leaving.

Paige needs me. I can't disappoint her again.


You'll need this.

Come on!

Don't you dare die on me.

Gwinnett County, 911.

Yes, my name is Ashley Smith.

The guy from the courthouse, Brian Nichols, he's been holding me hostage for the past seven hours.

He just let me go.

Hold on, let me get you the hotline number.

No, this isn't a tip. I was being held hostage...

Ma'am, you need to start from the beginning.

Brian Nichols is in my apartment, Bridgewater Apartments.

Please hold on.

Miss Smith, this is Sergeant Evans.

We have your location.

Stay where you are, we're sending a...

There is a man she is identifying as Nichols as being inside her house.

Now, once again, we do not have independent confirmation... talking about a woman in Duluth, Georgia, who has called the local police to say...

Visual on them, give me 20 feet.

You two, the second team.

So you're saying you didn't know him at all.


I didn't.

So why'd he pick your apartment?

I don't know.

Were there any drugs involved?

Answer the question, yes or no?

Yeah, there was ice. I didn't do any.

I don't care what you did or did not do, ma'am.

How long ago did Nichols use?

About 4:00 a.m.

All residents in a two-block radius...


Paige, stop!

Stop. Stop!

They're gonna put a tighter circle around the apartment where they think that Nichols may be.

If it is indeed Brian Nichols inside of this lady's house, is this going exactly the way you had just hoped it would not, but that you predicted it might?

This is the worst case scenario as far as perhaps him being in a house with someone else.

Sir. The landline to the apartment's up and running.

If it's him, we've got him located someplace.

This case is breaking so fast, Alex, it's hard to get a breath and it moves to a new phase.


Hello, Brian Nichols?

This is Lieutenant John Chestnut again.

The entire area that you're showing a shot of right now, nobody in, nobody out, but law enforcement.


It becomes a road called 141, which takes you right into Duluth.

I've got movement.

Positive I.D. on the suspect.

Permission to fire.

This individual, Mr. Nichols, sounds like he's been somewhat astute in his observations.

It sounds to me like he has stayed off main roads...

It's very accurate.

We've got Meredith MacKenzie joining us now, reporting live from Bridgewater Apartments.

The manhunt during the last 24 hours has kept the people of Atlanta in fear from a killer with no conscience.

He's shooting, take cover!

What's going on?

Okay, ma'am, I need you to stay back.

Brian Nichols!

Put down your weapon and come out of there with your hands in the air.

Repeat, come out of there with your hands in the air!

All rifles, maintain positions!

Brian Nichols.

Time to end this.

Come out, and give yourself up.

You're completely surrounded, no way of winning.

No need to prolong this situation.

Go get that Smith woman. Maybe she could talk him out.

Sorry I can't come to the phone right now.

Leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


It's Brian.

I wanted to leave a message for my little boy.

For Christopher.

Please don't erase it.

Please let him...

Let him listen to it, when he's old enough.

Christopher, it's your daddy.

You're gonna hear some bad things about me.

But, whatever happens, whatever people say, I just want you to know...

I love you.

Goodbye, little man.

What do you want me to say?

Just say whatever you think is best.

We don't wanna have to go in there after him.


It's Ashley.

I came back.

It's not too late, Brian.


There is purpose in your life.

It's time.

Do the right thing, Brian.

Thank you for trying.

Get her to a safe place.


Okay, Brian, it's over.

Last chance!

You got exactly 30 seconds!

He's coming out!

Hands in the air! Keep it up in the air!

Do you see him? Affirmative.

Request permission to fire.

Stand down!

Nowhere to go, pal!

Show your hands! Go, move!

Go, let's go! Move it, move it!

In position, right side! Faster, come on!

No civilians behind the building!

He's coming out! I don't have a visual!

Come closer, keep walking!

Keep walking!

Get on your knees! Get on your knees!

Get on your knees! Get on your knees!

On your knees, on your knees!

Hands behind your head!

Let's go! Get on the ground, now!

Don't move!

Stay down! Eyes down!

Stay down!

Get him up, get him up! He's clean.

Team leaders, let's have them check in.

Ms. Smith...

I don't know what you went through in there, ma'am.

But whatever you did, thank you.

I'm sorry, ma'am, but you can't go in.




I love you so much!

Darling, are you okay?

I am now.

You came.

Of course we came.

I'm sorry I wasn't there this morning.

But from now on, I will be, okay?

Just you and me.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Thank God.

I was very nervous. I was scared.

What have you just done?

You have just offered the thing that has ruined your life and made you crazy to a killer.

You're dead now.

Yeah, when I read that, I thought, well...

Jesus loves you, girl.

Jesus be looking at you.

Because, to offer crystal meth to a killer is pretty...

I thought, I would rather die in this apartment tonight, not doing those drugs.

I don't care what happens to me as long as I make it out of here alive to see my daughter.

Were you at that point thinking, "I might be able to live. I think I can live"?

I was trying to have some hope, yeah.

He's here, and he wants to meet you in person.

No way.

Please welcome the author of The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren.

Oprah, there are two great stories in Ashley's life.

One of them is, you don't have to be perfect to be used by God.


If God only used perfect people, nothing would get done, because none of us are perfect. Right.

I think the other thing is that no matter how bad your problems are, God's purpose is bigger.

I think it was Ashley's attitude from the whole book that actually made the difference, in that, everybody's looking for hope.


The book's just a book about hope.

Because when people are going through a crisis, they're looking for hope.