Captive State (2019) Script

...a matter of this...

..or those who perhaps, if indeed this was an act of terrorism..

So many people without food or water or enough supplies and their...

..all the electricity is out...

People ordered to stay inside until at least tomorrow...

...and is nothing short of apocalyptic...

...all this situation inside of town, addition to Chicago, ..are completely surrounded.

We're still awaiting an official announcement, but Congress is believed to have accepted unconditionally all terms of armistice offered.

...and with power restored in the last few hours, - martial law... This is taking too long.

Now all US military forces are returning to their bases with orders to turn in arms and stand down until further orders...

Reports are spreading now from Tokyo, Jakarta, Rome.

Contact with outside news sources has been sporadic since the devastating failure of the Trenton power grid, but eyewitnesses confirm...

...that the Majority of international governments appear to comply...

Officer, I need to get up north.

Where you going, Detective?

You not get orders?

Stop the car. Stop the car.

Take your hands off the wheel.

Stop the engine. Um...

Oh, my... Stop the car!

...appear to have followed the US' lead and are entering into negotiations with this first wave of Legislator forces.

Look, should we call the school? There may be a plan.

I'm not rolling over! We need to get out and regroup, then fight back.

J... John!


Turn around.

Turn around!

Come on, John.

The shutdown was very orderly.

There's been a sort of a level of cooperation that you can see here.

I love you, Rula.

Another reminder to avoid Lake Shore Drive if you're not one of the lucky thousands invited to tonight's unity celebration.

This event has been in the works for the better part of a year, with Mayor Ed Lee expected to attend.

All signs are pointing to this...

You ever see the sun set on the other side of the lake?

No. The sun sets this side, dummy. West side.


I know.

I'll come and see you later, all right?

Hey, yo.

Boat's all ready, man, so you pull this off today, we're out of here.

Hey, cool it.

Got eyes on me 24-7.

No shit. Check her out, up there.

Yo, every day, that witch be watching me like clockwork.

Hey, I see a rat.



Let's go.

Your bro's a legend, man. Yo, come on.

When's the last time you seen one?

A roach?

A long time ago. Come on, man, let's go. Look, I can't be late today.

I should break in like your brother did and bulldoze that whole ant heap.

They can't hide down there forever, man.

I'll be ready in a minute.

I don't have much time.

But I wanted to see you.

Well, then we'd better get business out of the way.

I can't do this.

Let's go to bed.

What are we doing? This is a mistake.

There's no such thing as a mistake. There's only fate.

You're a cop. You won't get caught. I'm sorry.

Wait. Wait.

You forgot what you came here for.

Beware Greeks bearing gifts.

I got a secondhand ID. So the Eagle has landed?

Phoenix. You should pay attention.

You got a visual? Secondhand is secondhand.

You still got authorization from below?

They're planning something big.

They don't exist.

That's what we said about aliens.

That's funny.

Remember Wicker Park?

Yeah, the roaches fucked them into dust. They're gone.

Don't use that word.


Since when has this become your personal work space?

The resistance wasn't wiped out after Wicker Park.

They went to ground. I figured it out.

They're communicating through the classifieds.

Their network regrouped here in Pilsen, right under our noses.

You got nothing that shows that.

Theses... These are memorials.

Legislators got 'em all. You're searching for ghosts, Bill.

If we don't act now, we're facing a full-blown insurgency.

I suggest you keep that idea to yourself.

Well, too late. Already kicked it downstairs.

It's on the commissioner's desk.

Why did you do that?

They're not gone.

You weren't followed? No.

Training's over.

And you back this?

I back Number One.

The way to the Closed Zone is through Soldier Field.

Team goes tonight.

It's Soldier Field.

The Unity Rally?

Get what you need from Barbosa.

Soldier Field is miles from the Closed Zone.

How's that get us back inside? I'm trusting you.

He'll deliver. He has to. Today's the day.

Gabriel Drummond, 7:04 a.m.

Oh, there it goes. There it goes...

Oh, it's over. It's a squeaker.

That was a matter of a minute and a half.

Walk around, take a look from other angles.


Fifteen minutes.

Another reminder to avoid Lake Shore Drive if you're not one of the lucky thousands invited to tonight's unity celebration.

This event has been in the works for the better part of a year, with Mayor Ed Lee expected to attend.

All signs are pointing to this being one of those rare occasions when the Legislators might just make an appearance.

Traffic's being routed around Soldier Field, and folks are showing up early.

What a night here this is.

Lots to celebrate. Another reminder...

You got it or what?

...if you're not one of the lucky thousands invited to tonight's unity celebration.

This event has been in the works for the better part of a year, with Mayor Ed Lee expected to attend.

All signs are pointing to this being one of those rare occasions when the Legislators might just make an appearance.

Traffic's being routed around Soldier Field, and folks are showing up early.

What a night here this is. Lots to celebrate.


Another reminder to avoid Lake Shore Drive if you're not one of the lucky thousands...

Hope you put it to good use.

This event has been in the works for the better part of a year.

All signs are pointing to this being one of those rare occasions when the Legislators might just make an appearance.


I haven't done anything.

I haven't done anything. Hey. Hey, leave her alone.

Please, can we just...

Off-planet transport...

Hey, hurry up, bro. You got to check this out.

All she needs is gas.

Damn, yo. Right?

She's fast, too.

Got to be to get past what's out there, but there's no checkpoint, so we get to the other side, and it's freedom, baby.

Let's hope so.

So, did you get the cigarette?

Of course I got it. Shit, then we're out of here.

Yo, I'm about to come like Scarface on these roaches.


I'm not going down without a fight.

Yo, what did you trade for that?

Straight cash, and it's fully loaded.

Oh, the cash we need for gas?

Chill, man. It's an investment.

Why are you always trippin', man?

People are jonesing for what we got out here!

What, you think you in the big leagues now, Jurgis, huh?

Yo, that shit right there will get us in some serious trouble.

I'm sick of this hand-to-mouth hustling.

You think I'm not?

I got to go, man. Go?

We're partners, man. Any... Partners?

Man, I take the risk.

I saw someone get taken today.

Yeah, well, I'm out here hustling, closing the deals, while you're at the crib just kicking back, chilling, huh?

Look, I got to take care of myself and Rula.

You and Rula?

All right, man, fine.

Have your side piece. I'll go solo.

I'm not playing with you, Jurgis.

Hey, come on. Chill, chill. Yo, I'm not...

Hey, hey, hey, chill, yo.


Get in the car.

Special Branch ain't got nothing better to do?

From your local.

What do you want?

What do you know about Phoenix?

I'm not one of your narcs.

What are you doing down here, Gabriel?

You're lucky to have your job.

I didn't ask you for it.

I don't want you winding up like your brother.

You mean dead? I mean on the wrong side.

It runs in the family.

You have no right to be talking about my family.

Your dad was my partner.

I have a responsibility to that.

You have a choice to make yourself.

Don't make the wrong one.

Get out of here.

You got my money?

Hey, let's do this. I got the cigarette.

Hey, hey, hey. You said to bring it here.

Get in.

Yo, I'm just trying to get paid, man.

No, I'm not getting in, no. Come on.

Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, yo, look, man.

Man, you came to me, remember?

Put this on. Yo, what is this?

Yo, what is this?

Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Yo. No one said nothing about going nowhere.

Get out.

Follow me.

Let's go.

Wicker Park.

What are we doing here?

You want to get paid, don't you?

That jacket's still too big for you.

Baby brother.

What happened?

Before we could get the roaches, they got us.

I'm the only one that made it out.

Wait, your...

Your bug...

Where's it at? Gone.

No, that's impossible. A few of us are off the grid now.

Few of who? I don't know the others.

The others don't know me. It's better that way.

I don't exist anymore.

In some ways, I am dead.

You couldn't come find me?

I wanted to, but there's narcs everywhere. You know that. Even in Pilsen.

The Drummond brothers are back.

For good. I'm dialed in, Rafe.

My friend, he lives by the lakeshore. He has this boat.

We have this plan and... G.

...we're gonna go across the lake... G.

This... is the plan.

I knew you'd get it.

So, what'd I get you?


Information for who?

Only Number One knows.

Number One? Mm-hmm.

Who the hell is that?

No one knows. It's like I told you.

It's better that way.

Bad times coming.

Here. This will help you get out.

Go to the lake house.

Not next week, not tomorrow. Now.

Before it get dark. Come with me.

Not again, Rafe. Not again!

We just got to take care of ourselves.

What'd Dad say the day we tried to get out?

Regroup. Fight back.

And he dead now. Watch your mouth.

Let the roaches come and take what they want if they want it so bad.

And we can start all over, Rafe.

We can get back to the way that things used to be.

Don't you get it?

Harmony, peace, unity... it's all bullshit.

It's a lie, Gabe. They gonna take everything.

In a few years, they'll have stripped us to nothing.

Got one more chance to light a fire big enough so the whole world can see.

To prove to everybody out there that the roaches can be beat.

Light a match.

Ignite a war.

Long as we fight back, we got a chance.

Why you always got to be the hero?

You got to pick a side.

You got to pick a side, Gabe. One day, you have to, or this is it.

You got to go.

Gabe, when this is all over, I'll find you.

I promise.

You just got to go.


Got him.

Baby, what's going on?

We're getting out.


Well, before we do that, why don't we just...

Grab this. And take only what you can carry.

What did you do?

There's gonna be some trouble.

Gabriel, what is that supposed to mean?

What, come on, you're freaking me out.

Rafe... is alive.

Your brother?


Nice try, Gabriel.

What did he say? Where did you see him?

That's about enough to last us a couple weeks.

After that, we're gonna have to make it on our own.

No, we won't make it past the first checkpoint.

Not if we go across the lake.

I've got a boat that we can use.

There's nothing over there. There's no law. It's dangerous.

You're not listening to me.

They're planning something.

Okay, and if we go, we are involved. No way.

Baby, baby. Come on. No.

Gabriel, if you want to keep me safe, you need to stay.


No, I can't. No, Gabriel.

I can't, I can't. Gabriel, this is crazy.

Please, let's talk about this!

Type this. Send it to PDHQ. Fast.


Can they track us? No. I got a few mirror IPs.

Got him. There's your target.

Consider yourself as informed as Special Branch.

So, who is he?

Just another collaborator. Mayor's deputy.

No, no.

Who is he?

He carries the bomb.

Classifieds. - Got room for one More?

One more.

The late edition?

They proofread the scratch till 3:30.

Real important, Rittenhouse.

Yeah. Thank you.

This is a request going out.


Who wants to go first?

Get him off the table.

Next. Hurry.

Get her in here.

His heart rate went below the limit and distressed his bug.

Drones are maternal to all bugs. We have to get yours out now.

Got it.

Don't move. I'll stitch you up.

All right.

These three bugs are the three insiders. Heart attack, cancer, unlucky car wreck.

Downtown folks, spotless records.

The other three are good enough for your drivers.

I need two now.

All right, my shift ends at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow.

That's the latest I can log them in as deceased.

That's as long as they're good for. They get ID'd after that, they're it.

You're gonna need these plates to keep the bugs down in their mouth.

Semper fi, Sergeant.

I always did believe in life after death.

Is that you, Father?

Come on back.

What you got me?

The last of it.

Wait here.

Now, I assume I don't have to tell you what they'll do if they find this on your person.

Where'd you get this?

Their ship crashed, too.

Attaches best to natural fiber, human hair, cotton or wool, but because it's not chemically based, it's undetectable to scanners.

Because it's organic, it passes through all security.

You can smuggle this in anywhere.

And when you arm it, it's a chameleon.

How do we arm it?

Double tap gives you about 60 seconds.

Drivers are downstairs.

Holy hell.

Take that off.

You may as well be wearing a target.

All right, these implants get logged as deceased at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow.

After that, you're dead to the world.

You know what happens to Pilsen if they correctly ID us.

Any contact, before and after, with any friends or family puts the entire operation at risk.

Remember... he gets us to them.

No one gets taken alive.


You ready? Here we go.


Make a right out of here. I got it.

People of Chicago... welcome to a special night of coming together, of sharing.

And tonight, we have some very special guests joining us.

Before first contact, our political system was broken.

We were fighting among ourselves in the halls of Congress and on the streets of this great city, slowly bleeding to death.

And we needed change.

We needed someone to show us a better way.

Well, the facts speak for themselves.

Natural resource production has increased tenfold.

Employment is at record levels. Crime at an all-time low.

Pays to play the game.

And we have the Legislators to thank for this American renaissance!

So, will you please join me in giving theM a real hometown welcoMe that truly shows our appreciation for nine years of peace and prosperity!

Mary Johnson, 8:39 p.m.

Window down, sir.

Enjoy the show tonight, sir.

[crowd continues cheering

I'm inside.

"E" section.

Ladies and gentleMen, the United State of AMerica.

What a performance, ladies and gentlemen.

A colorful reenactment of nine years ago.

They're running this thing like clockwork. We got to give it to 'em.

He's leaving the VIP section now.

What a privilege it is...

Can you see hiM?

I see him. He's on the field. We're in position.

He's not coming to "E."

He's going the other way, towards the tunnel behind you.

Got it.

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise to greet our Legislature.

♪ Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the light ♪

♪ Neither army nor a bullet fired ♪

♪ Did stop them at first sight ♪

♪ They have gifted us with harmony ♪

♪ And sweetest sleep at night ♪

♪ Their truth is Marching on ♪

♪ Glory, glory Hallelujah ♪

♪ Glory, glory ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Glory, glory Hallelujah ♪

♪ Their truth is... ♪ He's coming right at you.

♪ marching on ♪

♪...fore the dawn Now we're alone no more ♪

♪ On a wing away, the night takes flight ♪

♪ The sun has won the war ♪

♪ Their light will carry on ♪

♪ Glory, glory ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Glory, glory Hallelujah ♪

♪ Glory, glory... ♪ Robert Watts?

It's Ben. Ben Simon. Drexel Drive.

Keep it moving.

Sorry about it. Sorry about it.

Hands off of me.

Allow me time to translate.

Breathe between sentences.

♪ And answer to their call ♪

♪ This peace we carry on ♪

♪ Glory, glory Hallelujah... ♪ We need to allow them to communicate first.

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Glory, glory Hallelujah ♪

♪ Their truth is Marching on ♪

...this is Zero-4 citywide dispatch. Heavy smoke.

We got half in zone security unit...

...unaccounted for, possible Legislator.

Come on.

Don't move!

Get in the car! Get in!

Keep them out there!

Keep that crowd back! You are hereby ordered...

Come on! We got to go!

Oh, no.

Oh, fuck.

You and me go together.

We got till 7:00 a.m.

What people need to understand is this is a war.

Between order and chaos.

Between democracy and anarchy.

Commissioner Igoe, is the insurgency reorganizing?

"Insurgency." No one's mentioned that word since Wicker Park.

There are rumors that hunters are being brought in.

Measures are being taken, but to preserve their effectiveness, I'm not gonna discuss them.

And we will keep you updated as the situation evolves.

No, a question over here. Thank you.

Commander. Commissioner Igoe is ready for you.

They're bringing in hunters this time from off planet.

They can't do that. The one ID we have, the ex-priest from Saint Anthony's, points to Pilsen.

You know what that means.

We can clean this up ourselves.

Yeah, nobody's talking about a cleanup.

Pilsen isn't Wicker Park, Commissioner.

Yeah, not yet.

They torch this neighborhood, the network will go to ground just like they did last time.

You know, you're too sentimental, Bill. Pilsen's a goddamn armpit.

Only good for whoring.

Their leadership is in Pilsen.

You know that for a fact? I'm working on it.

Not fast enough.

If we do ourjob, we can locate the end of the thread, their Number One, and unravel the whole network.

Look, let me stop you right there.

Hey, that ship has sailed.

And I have to explain why to them in there.

I got a positive ID at Soldier Field, the man I've been tracking for two years.

I need time to bring him in alive.

You're not listening.

Right now, we have resources behind us.

Now, you might not see them, but they're there. They're protecting you.

And the more irrational you become, the more unnecessary noise you make, the harder it's gonna be to invite you into the lifeboat.

Do you understand me?

If there's any chance of getting off this dying rock, I'm not gonna waste it.

Pilsen is already dead.

They just don't know it yet.

They hate the way we smell.

How about that?

Sorry I got to leave you here, Bill. Can't take anybody with me.

If you only knew what was inside this place.

The commissioner's privilege, sir.

You know it.

And don't get hung up on this, Bill. Play ball.

And keep your hands clean. Let the hunters do the dirty work.

And I'll tell our friends down below they got our full operational support.

Now, go home, relax, take the night off for once, huh?

All the second-stage tanks now pressurized.

Thirty-five seconds and counting.

We are still go. Thirty seconds and counting.

Feels good. T-minus 25 now.

Let's ride this one out, Bill.

Confirming rank and identity.

ComMissioner Eugene Igoe.

Let them take the lead. Just until it dies down.

Security clearance complete.

Ten, nine... Prepare for descent.

Ignition sequence start.

Six, five, four, three, two, one.

I can't protect you now.

I know.

I have faith in you.


Why do you? Nobody else does.

We could go away together.

That's not our story.

Dance with me.

You have a job to do.

Move, move, move! Let's go! Let's go!

Get back! Move back!

Dad, wake up!

You got to get moving now! You got to move back! Hurry up!

Mom, wake up. Mom, wake up. Specials are here!

Everyone, get on the ground now! Get down! Get down!

Specials are here! Specials are here! Specials are here! Wake up!

That's it. Enough of this shit!

Move, move, move!

Don't turn your head. Face the wall!

Specials! Specials are here!

Move now!

Gabriel Drummond. Get your hands on the wall.

Do you know him? Have you seen him?

Rafael Drummond. Who knows him?

Hands on the wall. Hey, look what we got here.

Hey, where'd you get all this money, huh?

What are you selling to get all that money? Carry a weapon?

I asked you a question, punk.

Try that cowboy shit with me? Let's see where that goes, huh?

Are you kidding me?

Who the cowboy now, huh?


What are you gonna do, Gabriel?

Shoot him?

Go ahead, shoot.

Kill the bastard. You know it'll make you feel better.

Come on, get rid of some of that rage.

Take them all in. Move, move, move!

In this neighborhood, we shoot our own guys.

Target one man, Rafael Drummond, moving on a fraudulent implant.


I'm sorry I couldn't say it before.

I'm doing this for Charlie.

There's someone here who wants to talk to you.

Hello, Evan. Tell us where your friends are going.

This is a security message. If you see something, say soMething.

Ladies and gentleMen, last call for boarding for buses heading to New York City and Montreal, departure set for 7:00.

All units, stand down. Requisite hunter units traveling.

I don't want to go in.

Last call for boarding for buses heading to New York City and Montreal.

Just push the door and come through.

I don't want to go in.

You're making us late, Charlie. Would you just push the door.


Thank you. Thank you very much.

On the ground now!

Hands behind your head!

Sit down! Sit down!



You! Get down now! I said down!

It's not over.

Somebody kill me!

I want a lawyer.

In another ten... nine and a half hours, there'll be nothing left of Pilsen.

I said I want a lawyer.

You and I both know those days are gone.

I didn't need a warrant when I burned your boat.

You work for me now, Gabriel.

I told you...

I'm not one of your narcs.

I'm not gonna do shit for you.

I'm not asking you to do anything for me.

I'm not even asking you to do anything for your community.

Even though plenty of people are going to die.

Like your father, you're more of a family guy.

Blood first.

When's the last time you saw your brother?

I'm not gonna tell you shit.

So you can do whatever you want to do to me.

You got a visitor.

Family day.

You want to say something?

Go ahead. He can hear you.

Baby brother, why...

Why didn't you listen?

What you doing here, man?


No! No! Gabe! Hey, don't!

Don't let 'em use you! You hear me? You hear me?

Man, I told you not... I told you not to be a hero, Rafe.

Don't do it! I told you not to be the hero!

Look, don't do it, Gabe.

I told you, I'm already dead, man.

Do it, and I'll make sure he lives.

You expect me to trust you?

Gabe, you there? Gabe?


Listen to me carefully, Gabriel.

Right now, the Legislators are preparing to level Pilsen for what your brother's done.

Same way they leveled Wicker Park.

Our roundups are over.

You are our one way into the network.

I need you to deliver a Message from the Phoenix.

You will not ask questions.

Do exactly what I say, and your brother will live.


When you wanted to deliver something before, where did you go?

Give them this.

Is that Gabe?

What are you doing here?

I got a message from the Phoenix.

He's inside the van.

Come on, man, move, move!

The door's open.

Show him what you showed me.

Don't, don't, don't. Don't.

I'm Rafe's brother.

Put it down.

Put it down.

There's no Rafe here.

What do you want?

How'd you know about this?

Make the call.

Subject moving west.

Now, boss? Not yet.

You should've left already.

No, our orders are to stay until the end.

I think this is the end.

They got him at the bus station.

What if we got it wrong?

He's asking to be taken to Number One.

Says he knows a way into the Closed Zone.


You know him?

He was a student of mine.

So, what do we do now?

Deliver the message to Number One.

Subject moving north.

Subject traveling.

All units, remain out of sight.

It's the Pilsen brothel.

Follow her upstairs.

Now we go.

All right! Move, move, move!

Hello, Gabriel.

How... how do you know my name?


Down! Come on! Don't move! Gun!

Stand down until I arrive.

You know this place?


Hooker is a history buff.

Clip's empty. I don't get it.


Only picture on the wall.

This us?

It's her own setup.

Communication line to the Closed Zone is now open.

Name, rank, department.

Mulligan, William.

Commander. Pilsen Special Branch.

Let's begin the debrief. Proceed.

The computer we found contained all names, aliases and locations of the Chicago network.

This communication sent some years before restrictions.

Proof of a national network.

The computer belonged to the prostitute?

Number One.

She recorded her interactions with her johns and sent relevant information out through the network's chain.

Her second in coMMand was Charles Rittenhouse, comMunications, responsible for activating the operation known as Phoenix.

Go. Get in.

Number three, Patrick Ellison, operations.

- Before demobilization... Wait here.

...Marine Corps, ordnance.

Wait, wait. No. I'm staying with you. I'm staying with you!

Number four, Raul Casillas, materials and transport.

Foreman at the Pilsen Auto Yards.

Systems analyst Ivan Leviev hacked into our central surveillance database and tracked Deputy Mayor Robert Watts, the unwitting courier of the boMb.

Harrison Ma, a medical student before the closures, developed a procedure to remove identity iMplants, enabling the cell to remain invisible to tracker drones.

These were the principals hiding in plain sight who enabled the cell to carry out the attack on Soldier Field.

The search for Militant suspects has accelerated.

An unidentified female resident is reported to have been shot and killed.

But once we had their Number One, they knew we had theM, too.

The Chicago network... is neutralized.

What was her name and background?

Her name was Priscilla Scott.

She was a history teacher at Pilsen Elementary.

She was off the grid for nine years, so there's nothing else we know about her.

A prostitute. Why?


She groomed her clients very carefully, procured members of the Unity government, and manipulated them into divulging classified information, which she recorded with her concealed wire.

Play the tape, please.

Can you imagine what they do down there?

Stripping everything.

Every crevasse. Fracking to the power of ten.

Taking it all off planet.

You felt those earthquakes.

They'll crawl. They stand.

It's all the same to theM.

They have this network of tunnels under the surface...

Wait. You've been inside the Closed Zone?

No, not me. The commissioner.

He's the guy with the access.

Well, then we better get business out of the way.

Yeah, it's a big deal.

How often do they come out of the Closed Zone?

Robert Watts, he's just this alderman's bagman, but he'll be handling theM out at the rally.

Greeting them, taking them in.

That's an incredible responsibility.

MM-hMm. What if I told you that the roach governor may be one of them?

- Oh... Stop the tape, please.


Our own chain of command was compromised.

What about you?

What about me?

You live in this neighborhood.


These are your people.

Evidence will be analyzed by the Legislature.

In the meantime, as acting commissioner, you are to report to the Closed Zone for further orders.

No more questions.

Loading up!

Lines in a single file.

Rafe's alive.

Yeah, so what?

I don't mean nothing to him anymore.

You had a purpose. There was no purpose.

Rafe's plan failed.

What if the plan was to fail?

Like I said, you work for me now.

And what do you want me to do with this?

Did you pay attention in history class, Gabriel?

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

Now, get out.

ComMissioner Mulligan. They made you the big man, Bill.

Look out for us when you get down there, Commissioner.

Here we are.

Oh, Lord. Johnny, no. Well, I'm all sweaty.

Come on, baby, you look beautiful. No...

Priss, Charles! Hi!

Words of advice from a history teacher to the future generation?

Hi, baby Gabriel. I can't wait to cuddle you.

That's not advice.

Bill, how about you?

I'm off duty, John. You got a problem, call 911.

Get up here. You know Priss.

She teaches at the school with my wife.

- Hi. How are you? Priss.

Bill, any advice?

Oh, yeah.

Teacher or cop, kid? You got to make a choice.

Whatever you are, be a good one.

You got a hell of a family here, kid.

Thank you. And not just them. All of us.

Pilsen's got you covered.

The future is yours, kid.

Confirming rank and identity.

ComMissioner William Mulligan.

Security clearance complete.

Prepare for descent.

Fifteen seconds. Guidance is internal.

12, 11, ten, nine...

Ignition sequence start.

Six, five, four, three, two, one.


Light a match.

Ignite a war.

Long as we fight back, we got a chance.