Carjacked (2011) Script


( insects chirping )

My dad used to call me Klutzy-

This one time he took me to a shooting range and l dropped the loaded pistol and it shot his best friend in the butt.

And so all he could say was, "Well, Klutzy's gone and done it again-"

How did that make you feel?

Not so good-

Not as bad as the guy that got shot.

Anyway, Gary picked up on it-

And after that we'd all get together and they would trade Kiutzy stories.

And of course there were a iot of them. l don't know what it is about me-

You know, l really-- l try but l always mess up- l always mess up-

( TV playing )

Don't you think, Daddy?

( changes channel )

( cell phone ringing )


Hi Grandma-

No, she's sleeping-

( snoring softly )


Okay- lt's out-

Good night, Grandma-

Everyone is here because of mistakes they made--- myself included-

That really doesn't make me feel any better-

Well, at least you know you're not alone-

You're right- l'm sorry-

Lorraine, you're apologizing again-

So l hear that Gary has filed for soie custody of Chad.


( melody tinkling )

Mommy, ice cream- Mom-

Mommy, ice cream-

( tires screech )

How are you feeling about that?




Why guilty?

Because it was my responsibility-

Do you think it's your fault?

Well, l guess so- l can't blame Gary- i can't go biaming the ice cream man- l'm the one who let him run out in the street and neariy get hit by an ice cream truck- lt's not about blame, Lorraine- lt's about coming to terms with your anger.

You have a right to be angry-

( chuckles )

Who are you angry with?


Anyone else? lt's like-- it's like Gary said-- it was on my watch-

Gary was the one who deserted you and Chad-

That doesn't give me an excuse to be careless-

Lorraine, you fell asleep after a hard day's work- That's not a crime-

Well, it is in the military- They can shoot you for it- ls that what you want?

Get me a gun- l'll shoot you myself-

Okay, Betty, we've talked about these outbursts- lt's okay- lt's not her fault-

You have your own pain, you know- We aii do.

You know what? You know what your problem is?

You're too nice- She's too nice-

That's what her problem is- l mean, look at you-

After aii the stuff that that jarhead did to you, you still can't even say a word about him.

Look, she's still wearing the bum's ring-


Listen-- and he's not a jarhead- Yeah, he is.

No, he's not. He's an army sergeant-

And it was my dad who was the marine, remember?

You know what? Gl, jarhead, daddy, husband-- what's the difference when you're still taking orders? l mean, correct me if l'm wrong, but didn't Sergeant Gary get court-martiaied?

He ought to be in jail-

You know what? Don't be a wimp, Lorraine-

Who cares if you have the right to be angry?

Just be angry, for God's sakes-

Come on, Max- See you next week-

Bye, Mrs- Burton- Bye, Sai.

Mom, l thought you quit- l did-

Let's go get some pizza-

You got enough money?

Sure Mom's got some money-

Okay, come on, hon- l'm playing my game-

No, Chad, you've got to come inside with me, aii right? l want to beat this level-

All right, but you stay in the car where l can see you-

Okay- All right-

Thanks, Mom-

( distant sirens wailing )

Look at 'em-

Some guy probably ran a red light and got the whole force after him-

But where are they when you need 'em? That's what l'm saying-

Hey, in my iine of work they're my best friends-

Yeah, you're right. But l bet you've got a better friend---

( taps ) under this counter here, huh?

Have a nice day-

( imitates gunshot )

A lot of creeps out there, huh?

Would you like something else?

Uh, yeah-

A pack of American Spirit blue, please-


( register whirring )

Thank you- Thank you-

Here you go, bud-

l thought we were gonna get pizza. lt is pizza, sweetheart-

Real pizza- lt is real pizza-

You'll see, it's good-

( exhales ) ( engine sputtering )

Oh shit-

Mommy, you said "shit-"

Don't say "shit," honey- l didn't say it- You did- l know, l know, l know, l know-


We need gas again?


l forgot gas-

How much?

Yeah, let's see-

Hold on-

$6, please-

( cell phone ringing )

Excuse me-

Hey- l'm sorry-

Yeah, l know- l'm sorry, Gary- Please-

Listen to me. Why are you doing this to me? l can't do this, okay? i can't do this.

Chad's waiting for me, okay?

Okay- l mean it, Gary- Stop-

Please stop-

You're the one who left me, remember?

l'm sorry- l'm sorry-

Are you ready for pizza?

Do we have enough for Roy?

Who's Roy?

( screams )

Oh please-

Oh my God, please don't hurt us- Please get out of our car- l'm not gonna hurt you- l'm not gonna hurt your boy either-

We don't have any money- We don't have any money-

Beiieve me, we don't. l don't want your mo-- shh- i don't want your money. You got a car, don't you?

Just drive-

( uncocks gun )

Nice and easy-

Just drive-

( truck horn blows )

Sure you want to get such a good look at me?

May be healthier not to-

Oh man-

Oh God, you're bleeding-

Roy: Huh?

On your hand- Mm-hmm.

There's a first-aid kit under the seat in the back-

What? l have it in case there's an accident or-- lt ain't my blood, lady-

Whose blood is it?

Oh, it's just general blood-

Like an army general?

You're funny. You got a cute kid here-

My daddy is in the army-

No way-

Where's he at tonight?

He's at home-

We just stepped out to get something to eat-

Oh yeah?

What did you guys get? Mind if l take a look?

Check it out-- two whole mini-pizzas-

You were planning quite a feast for the three of you, huh?

Could have invited the neighbors- Just kidding.

You see that park up here on the right?

Want to pull over there, please?

Okay- Oh man-

That's good-

Hey there, bud- l'll be back in a jiffy-

lt's gonna be all right-

Lorraine: Oh my God-

Yeah, it's Roy-

Did you make it there all right?


Fuck. God damn it-

Same shit happened to me- There's roadblocks everywhere, all over the goddamn place-

No, you stay there, all right? lt'll take me six hours- i'ii be there.

Stay there-

Yeah- lt's okay- All right-

Hey, bud, why don't you hop in the back seat, all right?

Lorraine: Go ahead-

Get on in there- Yeah- There you go.

( whistles ) Nice and clean-

Now we're one big, happy family, huh?

( starts engine )

Where are you taking us?

Weii, it's more iike where you're taking me, huh?

You know how to find the highway from here?

Um, l think so-

Do you know how to find the highway from here? lt's a simple question-

Yes, l do-

Sorry, l just-- my shrink tells me l have a hard time deaiing with ambiguity.

That means let's cut the maybes, the l-don't-think-sos, the probablys- You know what l mean?

Mm-hmm. You understand? l do- Actually it's really funny, because my therapist says that l am too ambiguous- l am too ambiguous-

Let's just go to the highway-

Roy: Right-


Yeah, hon?

Are you crying again?

Who's crying? Mommy's crying- l'm not crying, honey- i think you're right, buddy. l think your mom is crying-

Now why are you crying?

Chad says you're crying again- Why would he say that?

What's your mom's name, bud? Lorraine-

Lorraine? Holy shit-

Mommy, Roy said "shit-"

Don't say "shit," honey- Now you said it. l'm sorry- l apologize-

Lorraine-- you know, such a beautiful name- i had a very speciai woman in my life named Lorraine actually-


She had an intimate relationship with my backside in my formative years-- yeah, her and her little hickory stick.

Never mind there, buddy. You wouldn't understand-

But that's my tale of woe- We've aii got 'em, right?

Yeah- lt's a joke- What?

Lorraine, "backside, tail"--

You get it? What's that called? Yeah yeah, i get it.

A pun-

Huh? lt's called a pun-

A pun, yeah- Yeah.

You're right. You've got a smart mama there, boy- l hope she's a better mom than mine was-

Mom wasn't nice to you, huh?

l'm sorry-

Just find the freeway, okay?

Yeah, okay-

Um, there's a roadblock-

You see that? Yeah- Oh yeah-

And that's for little old me-

So l'm gonna turn around, okay?

No, l want you to do what l tell you to do- l want you to relax and drive the car-

So why don't we be the nice little happy fake family that we are?

And we'll go through smiling, okay?

( cocks gun ) Just reiax.

Just drive-

( police radio chatter )

Easy, Lorraine-

( police radio chatter continues )

Evening, folks-

What's going on, Officer?

We've got a couple bank robbers on the ioose.

Don't be alarmed- We got them bottled up-

You folks heading out of town?

Um, yes-

Where to?

We're just going a couple exits down the highway to that new steak joint- You been there?

Officer: Yeah, it's pretty good-

Look, l'm gonna need to see your lD-

Yeah, no problem-

Lorraine: Do you have a description of the robbers, Officer?

Maybe we've seen something-

There's not much of one- Two white maies-- one medium-build, one heavyset-

What did they do?

Walked into a bank in broad daylight and took a whole bunch of money-

We've only got one witness who saw anything. it's the sheriff's deputy.

He's in the hospital right now getting buiiets taken out.

Oh, one of them shot him?

Jesus- lt's too bad-

So is he the only one that got shot or--?

No, we think we got one of the bank robbers too-

l guess you used to be in the military, huh?

( chuckles )

Can't say l blame you for letting it grow-

Yeah- is there anything eise we can do for you, sir?

Yeah, there's just one thing-

You know you're breaking the law, don't you?

Your son needs to be in a seat belt-

Oh- Chad, what did l teii you, buddy?

Are you gonna give us a ticket, Officer?

Roy: You gotta put your belt on- Not right now.

Little man, do me a favor- Make sure that seat belt's buckled at all times-

Yeah, we got it- l'm sorry, Officer-

You folks have a good night-

Thank you-


Why did that officer think l used to be in the military?

Did you? Maybe he could tell-

That's a theory, Lorraine, except l never was in the military-

Let me show you something-

This is my lD-

Not a bad shot, huh? i want to see yours.

Oh, my-- no- lt's such a terrible picture- i hate it so much.

Yeah, but l want to see it- Oh, here we go-

Come here-

What have we got here?

Aha- Hey, little man, who's in that picture, eh?

That's me and Mommy-

And? And Daddy-

And Daddy-

Not me- i'm sorry. Well, l think l'll be in charge of the family finances from now on, except there's no cash-

You've got no credit cards. What do you guys do for money? l don't get paid till Friday, aii right?

Weii, that seems weird. So what do you do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday-- all the days--?

We get by. Get by on frozen mini-pizzas is what you get by on, huh?

You couid buy a ioaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter for Chad with all the money that it cost for-- - Are you questioning how l feed my child? ( tires screech )

Whoa, put your hands on the wheel- l'm sorry- Okay-

Control the goddamn car- Okay-

Are you forgetting what this is?


Who do you think has control of this situation, huh?

You do-

Well, that's good you know that. lt's strange, 'cause a guy with a deadly firearm in your car-- l thought l set the ground rules for you-

But your mom-- she's a bit--- ( whisties ) loopy- She's forgetting some details- l was just trying to-- Well, now you're a little fuzzy on the detaiis, so what i want to do is start over and lay them out for you-

As iong as i'm in this car, there's gonna be no more crying, lying or chit-chat- You understand me?

Fine- You're just not understanding what l'm sa--

Uh-uh, that sounds like chit-chat, Lorraine-

We just covered that- lf you take me where l gotta go and you don't lie, everything's gonna be fine. You and your boy will be safe-

This is what we call a little grace period and it starts now-

What have you got in that pocket there?


Now don't play innocent with me, Lorraine. ln your little pocket-


Oh. i-- i quit. l'm trying to quit-

Sorry, buddy. lt's okay, Mom-

Have one- lt will calm your nerves- No- No, thank you-

How about you, bud? No. i'm kidding. You're not gonna be a smoker- lt's a horrible habit-


You're a beautiful woman-

You seem a little sad though-

l bet you clean up real nice-

Looks like we're running out of gas.

So why don't we stop? We've got a long trip ahead of us-

Well, as you have seen, i don't have a dime.

Yeah, no shit- Mommy.

Sorry- That's two strikes for Roy- i'm sorry. l'm rather flush at the moment, so it shouldn't be a problem-

Let's get some gas-

Man: Hi-

Let's go to that diner over there-

Are you hungry, bud? Man: Pardon me- l'll get you whatever you want- What do you iike? l want chocolate milk-

Chocoiate miik, huh? Let's go over here, Lorraine-

And pie-- he likes pie-

That's a lot of sugar, but okay-

Let's get some burgers too, huh, with some pickles, some ketchup?

Can l still have the chocolate milk?

Sure. i toid you, whatever you want- l have to go to the bathroom- Come on, buddy-

Okay, well, Chad is gonna-- he's gonna stay with me-

We're gonna order our food, right, bud?

Be quick, all right? Come sit with me, bud-

Lorraine, we'll be right here, so hurry up, okay?

Oh my God-


You want a pork rind?

Don't hurt my mom- l'm not gonna hurt your mom- Are you listening? i'm iistening to you. l'm not gonna hurt you or your mom-

You've just got to do what l say a little longer-

Hancock-- near Hancock-

Off Highway 61 - l need some help, please-

Woman: What city, please? i don't know what city.

Can you speak louder? l can't hear you-


Hold on-

You play baseball or what? Tee ball-

Tee ball? What position?

You don't know? Your dad never told you?

What's he doing-- this guy? He's got to step it up a notch-

Me-- l played second base-

So if you want to hit those home runs, you've got to get ready- You've got to wait for that pitch-

Bang! ( whistles )

A miie away. You see that thing go?

Come on, you try- You try-

You're a righty, huh?

All right, now you want to wait for that pitch. it's aii in the hips. Look at that pitcher in the eye-

Three, two, one-

Boom! Whoa-

See, now that would have been a home run, buddy.

Don't forget what l taught you, okay?

Your mom's awfully slow, isn't she?

Let's go see what's going on-

Lorraine, how is it going in there? l'll be right there- Lorraine, turn the water off-

We've got to get moving here-

Hello- Um, is this 91 1?

Woman: This is lnformation- Who are you caiiing?

Wait, it's not 91 1? No, this is lnformation-

Hello? What?

Oh my God- Oh my God-

Are you talking to somebody in there?

Lorraine: Hold on-

Oh my God- Oh my God-

All right, you've got 10 seconds or l'm taking Chad with me-

( whispering ) Okay okay.

( knocks on door )

Roy: Hey, Lorraine, how are we doing in there?


Roy: Yeah, we're gonna ieave you behind.

What the hell are you doing in there, Lorraine?

Excuse me- l was praying-

Mm- Good, huh?


Sure you don't want a burger, Lorraine? l'm not hungry-

You don't know what you're missing, Lorraine-

These are truck-stop burgers, right?

None of those prefab fast-food crap, right, bud?

You've got a good boy here, Lorraine-

Look, how about some French fries?

At ieast have a fry. You've got to eat something-

Come on. You need to eat something-

Thank you-

Yeah. Here. lt's pretty good-

What is that?

Huh? Under the bag-

Oh, show your mom-

How about that, huh? Amazing-

You can get anything in a truck stop these days, even love, so l'm told-

Well, he already has one- His dad bought it for him-

Actually you're wrong about that, 'cause l asked him- He doesn't- l'll see you in a bit- l'm going up front, buddy, going up front-

Jesus, Roy-

So remember when i toid you we had a long drive ahead of us?

You never asked how far-

Well, l figured you'd tell me if you wanted me to know-

You're in controi of the situation, remember?

Good girl- You're learning-

Basically l've got a rendezvous with a partner of mine about 350 miles away-

You think you can make it there with no hiccups, no speeding tickets? l think so- l mean, yes- Definitely yes-

You're a fast learner- Yeah, thanks-

Slow down, Lorraine- What are you doing?

There's a cop behind us- l'm sorry- l didn't mean to- l'm nervous-

God damn it- Just take it slow and calm down now-

( siren wailing )

( chuckies ) We got lucky-

Oh, he's pulling somebody over-

That dude is wasted-

How do people go and drive in that condition, you know? lt amazes me-

You're awfuiiy seif-righteous sometimes for a bank robber-


Oh, l didn't know that in the ground rules l asked you to comment on my character-


But l'll let it slide- lt's funny-- it reminds me of that shrink again- l mean, he called me a rigid moraiist.

How about that-- a rigid moralist?

Well, if you really want my opinion, l mean, i'd say you have sociopathic tendencies maybe, but, um, l don't really know what a moralist is, to be honest-

Well, it means that l have a very strong, strict code for what's right and wrong- lt means l don't deal with compromises. l don't accept them- l believe what's right is right- lt's funny, you know, 'cause all these people out there-- they think if you're a criminal, you don't have any morals- Right? lt just isn't true- it's garbage. l mean, you look at all these law-abiding people everywhere and they don't know morals from molasses-

And then these peopie-- they think, "Oh, l'm gonna play it safe and l'm gonna do it this way-" And that makes them feel righteous-

They're nothing but sheep-

l think l'm a sheep-


You think l'm a sheep?

Um, no, l think you're a whole other class of something else- l think things got twisted up for you-

You don't know which way to jump-

That's what l find-

Tell me about your old man-

What's your tale of woe?

No tale- We're divorced-

So you divorced him and he's not getting any tail, right?

Get that?

"Tail"-- you see what l did there? Yeah, a pun- l get it- lt's funny-

( laughs )

Yeah, it's funny-

Did he ever hit you?


Well, see, there you go-

You do know right from wrong, 'cause you didn't take it- You left-

You took your boy and protected him and yourself-

What else is there? l think l've taken very good care of my boy, you know?

Now why would you care what l think? l'm a criminal- ( laughing )

That's what l am, right?

You care what a criminal thinks of your parenting skiiis?

That's a little crazy- Yeah-

This is nice, you know? lt's nice to just be able to have a conversation with you. i think the more you get to know me, the more we get along- l think what it all boiis down to is l like talking to you- l haven't had that in a while-

So--- when are you gonna let us go? l mean, you're probably gonna let us go soon, right?


Talk about the fickle females-

( chuckles ) l mean, here we are-

We've just-- kind ofjust had a great conversation. l'm opening up to you- l'm feeling kind of vulnerable and-- No, that's not what i meant.

That's not-- Well, Lorraine, you do me right, and l'll send you and your boy off with a smiie and a fond farewell-

But you do me wrong, and you and little Chaddy are really fucked-

Are you threatening my son now? l'm threatening you and your son.

You got your brights on? No-

Well, just slow down- i think there might be a speed trap up ahead-

Hello- Lorraine-

Hello, crazy woman- Lorraine-

Don't be a wimp, Lorraine-

Who cares if you have the right to be angry?

Just be angry, for God's sakes-

Lorraine, l said slow down-

( Lorraine screams ) ( grunts )

( tires screeching ) Damn it-

Come on- Come on, honey-

Come on, come on- ( car horn honks )

Oh God- Help!




Come here. ( Lorraine screams )

Lorraine: Chad, Chad! Get up.

Roy: We're just playing tag, buddy- Run! Chad, run!

Get up-

What the fuck are you trying to do?

Huh? What did we just talk about?

Don't hurt my boy. What did we just talk about?

Don't hurt my boy- Mommy.

Listen to me- l thought you maced me back there- ls that Binaca? i didn't even know they still made that-

Fucking-- i smeii iike a fucking candy cane, Lorraine-

Thanks- Let's get back to the car-

Come on-

Hey, Chad, you're gonna get in the back, okay?

Mom's up front with me- l'm gonna drive-

Lorraine: Okay, go ahead- i'ii get him.

You get in- You get in-

Your mom's a real pistol, huh?

A real pistol-

Lorraine: lt's okay-

( panting ) Okay okay okay-

Okay, let's try this again- Oh my God. Okay.

( tires screech )

So l've got about 250 grand and another 350 and some change waiting for me at the end of this road-

Good for you-

So if l get away with this, l've got everything to live for- lf l get caught, l've got nothing to lose- l have to go to the bathroom-

Can you pull over, please?

No, we were just there. You should have gone there, bud- l'm sorry- l have to go-

Please just pull over and l promise l won't give you any more trouble-

You always say that- Here, iittie buddy.

Got a cup- l've done it before-

No. No no no. Honey, put on your earphones-

Pay attention to your video game- We'ii stop soon, aii right?

You can hold it-

We're not stopping, Lorraine- l'm betting we are-

Okay, you want to bet? Let's do it. Ante up.

What? l've got 550, a little more, saying that we're not stopping- What have you got? l don't want your money-

What are you gonna bet, Lorraine? You've got to put something up. l have nothing-

That's not necessarily true-

Okay. Okay, how about this? lf l win, you let us go-

And if l lose, l won't be any more trouble-

Hmm, that's what you said before-

You already lied once to me-

( cell phone buzzing )

And now yourjacket's buzzing-

What the hell is that, Lorraine? i don't--

Lying to me again. l don't know what that is-

Give me the goddamn phone- Stop it-

Who's calling?

Who is it? Gary.

Gary? Who's that? My-- my ex-husband-

Hello- Give me the phone-

Hey- Gary?

Well, yeah- Hey- How are you? This is John.

Yeah, Lorraine's here, but she's a bit tied up right now- l've got a question for you: is it true you've got this little pee-pee the size of a baby gherkin?

'Cause Lorraine told me you did-

And unfortunateiy l was thinking about that-

Being a divorced man and all, and you're going out, probably trying to meet some ladies-

Uh-huh. Well, that's-- that's kind of insulting, since we've never met-

Why don't you listen to this, Gary?

This is the sound of you being tossed out on your ass-

( chuckies ) Why did you do that?

( tires screech )

All right, bud, you can go take a leak now if you want- lt's okay, hon- Just stay right outside the door, okay, so Mom can see you-

Roy: Yeah, be safe- Just stay right close to the car, okay?

Me and your mom are right here- Good boy-

Yeah, just right there-

Listen to me. l want some answers and l want some fucking answers right now.

You had a phone in that bathroom-

You were at the gas station- Did you make a call?

Did you make a phone call? Yes- Yes, l did-

Who did you call? Gary? That fucking prick?

No. Who? You call 91 1 , the police?


So who'd you caii, Lorraine? l'm not fucking around anymore- l tried to call 91 1 , but l didn't- lnstead-- Don't lie to me- i am not iying, i swear. l promise you that l called 41 1 -

And the operator-- she asked me what city l was in and i didn't understand what she was asking me and l got confused- l tried to call 91 1 - lt didn't work-

So you're telling me you called 41 1 instead of 91 1 - Yep-

And then you're telling me that you forgot to turn your phone off-

Yep- Well, you're a fucking train wreck-

Maybe you don't want me to iet you go.

You must really like me- Chad: i'm done.

Hey, bud, come on back in-

Lorraine: Come on, hon- Come back in- Come on-

You feel better?

Lorraine: That's my boy. All right, let's keep going here-

Okay, baby, why don't you lie down and get some rest?

Okay, Mommy-

Are you into politics, Lorraine?

Like which way do you vote? l don't know- l voted the way Gary wanted me to-

Weii, that's siiiy. You don't have your own opinions? i wouidn't iet you do that. l'd want you to do what you want to do-

You know what? You're right- l need to be more in control- l'm gonna make some changes when l get home, l'm telling you-

Roy: Well, if everything goes to pian for me, l'd like to make some changes too-

Lorraine: You should, you know-

Settie down. Find someone to settle down with-

Get yourself a nice wife and a boy of your own- ls that an invitation?

l'd love to have my own family- l'd love to have a little boy iike Chaddy back there.

Yeah, l want three girls too-

Man, if l had three little daughters, i wouid protect them so much, they'd never have a worry in the world- i'd raise my boy to be real strong so after l'm gone he'd look after them-

You ever been to Mexico?

Tijuana once-

That's a shithole-

No, l'm talking the real Mexico, up in the mountains-- pueblos- l mean, it's cool- lt's dry- The air is crisp- l always wanted to go to a puebio.

You know, in fourth grade you build those sort of ciay modeis.

And l used to pretend l was one of the guys in there and i iived there.

And the people are so great in the puebios. i mean, it's the opposite of what we were talking about earlier-

And taik about iiving-- l mean, a man with a little money-- we'd own that town. l mean, we'd have a big house, hunt and fish and drink tequila every day-

Come wintertime, we could also drive down to Cabo San Lucas and get a big villa on the beach, even have servants-

Wouldn't that be something?


And you don't have to worry about the ianguage, 'cause most people speak Engiish.

Oh really? i actuaiiy aiways wanted to learn how to speak Spanish- l always wanted to travel too, but then, l don't know, l guess l got married too young- l was even gonna go to college, but my dad said l was too dumb and too pretty-

Are you really going to Mexico?

You're not getting it-

We're going to Mexico-


We're going to Mexico, Lorraine- l can't-

Roy, this is crazy. l can't go to Mexico- l can't take Chad there- l mean, we have a whole life here and he's just--

Right, yeah, a big life-- you, Chad and all those frozen mini-pizzas- l'm trying to give you a way out, Lorraine-

( quiet thud )

What's going on with the car, Lorraine?

Lorraine: Oh God- Hoid on.

Oh God, oh God, oh God- Let me pull over- Hold up-

We've got to stop for gas-

We have half a tank- No. i know.

There's water in the tank- l mean, it's run out, but when it goes-- the gauge goes down to half, it means-- it starts to sputter and then we have to stop for more gas- lt's a pain in the ass, l know-

So why didn't you just get it fixed, Lorraine?

You're pathetic-


( clears throat )

What the hell are there so many kids out here for, Lorraine? lt's nighttime-

Lorraine: Maybe it's a field trip-

Stay in the car-

( exhales )

Hey, bud, come here- lt's time to go to the bathroom, okay? l already went- l know, but you're gonna go again-

Now you listen to Mommy and promise you're gonna do what i say.

Okay, Mommy- Okay.

Get in the car, Lorraine-

Chad has to go to the bathroom-

Hey, buddy, come on out-

You gotta go to the bathroom again, huh?

You got some bladder on you-

You go straight there and you come right back, okay?


Your mom's gonna wait here-

Go for it-

Why don't you get in the car, Lorraine?

Do you want my balloon?

Come on, man, don't talk to her- Just go to the men's room.

You can have it-

You don't need that baiioon. We've got to get moving soon-

There you go-

( spits )


( car door opens )

( tires screech )

( sobbing ) l know you're mad- l'm-- l'm sorry, Roy-

Look, i promise it's not what you think-

Okay? Gary doesn't give a crap about me, you know, but he really cares about Chad- lf he was with us, he'd have every cop in the country after us-

Fuck you, Lorraine! l'm sick of your goddamn lies! l'm not lying- i didn't do it.

You know what? Fuck you- l am not lying-

You've been fucking with me from the beginning.

No, i haven't. l told you what you needed to do- l just wanted my son to be safe, okay? Be a good giri and l would have kept you and him safe- You know what?

( tires screech ) No more Mr- Nice Guy, okay?

Come on- No. No.

Come on, Lorraine- You don't trust me, huh?

You're going in the fucking trunk- Listen to me.

You're going in the trunk. You're going in the fucking trunk- l didn't want my boy to get hurt- That's it-

No. No. ( screaming )

Little bitch-

Lorraine: Roy! Roy!

( loud music playing ) You fuck with me?

( loud music continues ) ( sobbing )

Everything was fine-

Everything was fucking fine, Lorraine.

How's the trunk back there, honey?

( whimpering )

You couid have been nice and cozy up here with me-

( exclaims ) l fucking warned you- i warned you, honey.

( grunting )

Yeah, keep banging- Keep banging-

You bang your car all you want, you fucking bitch.

You just pushed me- She just-- l mean, who are these fucking people? l just picked the wrong two people-

( moaning )

You make aii the noise you want, Lorraine- l can't hear you, all right?


( moans )

You had to fuck it up-

Jesus Christ-

( police radio chatter )

Come on, buddy- Let's get you home-

There it is- There it is-

( cows mooing ) ( sheep bleating )

( car horn honks )

( car door opens, closes )

( car horn honks )

Roy: What the fuck, man? What are you doing? l thought l had the wrong house-

Man: Taking a crap, man, you know.

What i've been through getting to this fucking place-

Jesus Christ-

Tell me what happened with the money? Why did you go to the steei miii? l mean, it's kind of like home- You know, it's empty-

Freaking cops everywhere-- what do you want me to do?

What, man?

Are you stoned? l'm not stoned, man- No, not at aii.

Roy: You're wasted, huh? l am not wasted-

Got too much to do tonight-

All right-

( man grunts ) ( punch lands )

( man coughing )

( gunshots ) ( Lorraine screams )

Oh- Oh God- ( panting )

( keys jingling )

( screams )

Don't hit him, Lorraine- He's aiready dead.

No! Roy! l wanted you to have some company- No!



Roy, no!



Please, Roy-

Roy, please-

Let me out- Roy-

( Lorraine screaming )

( gunshot )

( coughs )

Excuse me, do you have a phone, please?

( rings )

Operator: What city? Whitfield County- l'm looking for the Whitfield County School District headquarters, please-

One moment-

Okay, do you have a pen?

The phone number is--- Go ahead-


Thank you-

Recording: Please deposit 50c-

l'm sorry- l hate to bother you again, but l'm having a little trouble-

Can you please give me 50c for a phone call? i can't give you change unless you buy something-

Buy something? You don't understand- l don't have any money- i don't want change.

You said you needed change for the phone.

Yes, l want 50c-

Okay, fine-

Here, 35c, okay? lf you can spare it, l need to make a phone caii. it's an emergency.

What kind of emergency? lt don't cost nothing to dial 91 1 -

Jesus Christ-

Whoa whoa, you don't need to take the Lord's name in vain-

Here's your 50c- Thank you.

Have a blessed day-

Woman: Whitfield School District- May l help you?

Yes, i'm trying to find my son. He got on one of your buses by mistake-

Which schooi does he attend, ma'am?

No, he doesn't go to school- He's-- l'm sorry- He's not one of our students?

No no no- Listen, it's hard to explain-

One of your buses was at a truck stop on Highway 61 early this morning-

There were a bunch of kids- l think they were on a field trip or something-

Okay, did you get the bus number, ma'am?

No, i didn't get the bus number-

Jesus, how many buses do you have out that time of day?

l just started my shift 15 minutes ago. l'm so sorry- l'm upset- l lost my kid- l don't know what to do- l'm sorry, ma'am- What was his name again?

His name is Chad-

One moment, please-

Ma'am, are you still there? Yes. Yes, i'm stiii here.

Did you say Chad?


Seven years old, light hair?

Yes yes. You have him?

Ma'am- ls he all right?

Yes, ma'am, he's fine. Oh, thank God- Thank God-

We turned him over to the Whitfield Country Sheriff's Department.

Would you like that number so you can call?

Yes, thank you-

Thank you- Thanks.

l need another 50c-

Yes, heiio. l'm trying to find my son-

His name is Chad- This is his mom-

Hello hello- ( chuckles )

You got anything to eat around here?

Honey, when are you gonna let me take a picture of you?


'Cause l want Santa to know exactly what l want for Christmas-

Now why would l want to be with you?

'Cause l'm funny, financiaiiy stabie and l've got a very interesting DNA structure.

( clicks tongue ) l'll get you a seat- Take your coat off- You iook iike an Eskimo.

Weii, it's coid in here because of you, baby-

Oh Jeez-

Hey hey, take these- Lord, are you trying to kill me?

Maybe, if you don't give me some-

How's everybody doing?

Yes, heiio. l'm trying to find my son-

Chad: Hi, Mommy-

Hi, honey- ls that you?

Are you all right?

Uh-huh- But man, that was a long bus ride- it's so good to hear your voice, sweetie-

Mommy's gonna pick you up soon, okay? l love you so much- l love you too, Mommy-

Put the deputy back on the phone now, okay?


Ma'am, this is Detective Walsh again- lf you give me a location, we'll send a car to pick you up-

Yes, hold on- Excuse me-

Excuse me. Where are we, please? lmperial Diner and Truck Stop, Highway 61 , just north of the l-20 junction-

We're at the lmperial Diner Truck Stop, Highway 61 , just north of the l-20 junction-

Okay, and can you give me a name and a description of the man you say attacked you?

Okay, his name is Roy- He di-- l don't know his last name-

He was about 5'10", l guess, medium build, brownish eyes, shaggy brown hair and dirty jeans, sweatshirt.

Ma'am, there's one other thing- Because of your record--

My record? Yes, ma'am-

The recent complaint filed by your husband-

My ex-husband- Yes, ma'am.

We'll have to turn your son over to the Department of Children's Services-

Lorraine: What? We were carjacked-

Waish: Weii, i understand, ma'am, but when a child is abandoned like that, the state feeis it has to investigate-

Lorraine: Excuse me, the state felt?

How about how i feit? l thought he was going to kill us-

Waish: i'm sorry, ma'am. The report's already been filed- l did not abandon my child- Do you hear me?

You have no right to say that. l did what l had to do to protect him from that lunatic-

Oh my God, he's right outside- He has a woman and a little girl with him-

Walsh: l didn't get that, ma'am- Could you repeat, please?

Lorraine: He's here- The carjacker-- he's right outside-

Walsh: Are you sure it's the same man? Yes, of course l'm sure!

Waish: Okay, you just stay caim. We've got a car on the way, okay? lt's too late- He's getting in a car- He's getting away- ls it a Chevrolet or a Ford? What kind of car is it?

Which way is it headed? Ma'am, are you there?

South. Can you describe the car, ma'am? lt's-- it's a car- Ma'am, just calm down- lt's being followed by a beat-up green Bronco-


Hello, peaches-

( clicks tongue )

( tires screeching )

Bitch, what are you doing? Psycho!

Psycho bitch!


What's your name? Kristen-

Kristen, i'ii iet you go as soon as l get to where l gotta go-

We don't have much further-

Roy: All right, should be another coupie of exits and we'll be there finally-

So how old are you, little girl? it doesn't matter.

You want to tailgate me or you want to pass me? What are you doing?

( all screaming )

( screaming )

Shut up-

God damn it- What the fuck?

( screams ) Shut up.

Let them go, Roy, now!

( cocks gun )

You point a gun at me-- l point a gun at you-

Shut up, God damn it-

Don't point that fucking gun at me, Lorraine- i'm gonna biow your fucking head off!

( truck horn blowing )

( steam hissing )

( groans )

Oh God-

( gun cocks )


Let's go get that money-

What money?

The money at the sugar mill!

Lorraine, let me explain, all right? Maybe if you just listen to me-

( gunshot ) Argh!

God damn it- Forgive my outburst, but i have a probiem dealing with ambiguity-

That means no maybes, shoulds or l-think-sos-

Get it?

Do you? Yes!

Now get in the fucking car-

All right-

( engine starts ) lt's good to get angry, Roy-


Get out-

Where's the money?

This way-


( both grunting )

You want to fuck with me? ls that what you want to do?

Fuck you-

( gunshot ) ( Roy screams )

( police radio chatter )


( panting )

( gunshot ) ( Lorraine screams )

( chuckles ) l want my fucking money-

You've got to be fucking kidding me-

Stop, Roy- Just stop-

( gunshot ) ( screams )

What are you gonna do, Lorraine? Are you gonna run me over, honey?

Give me my fucking money!

Come and get it-


( gun ciicking ) ( Lorraine screams )

( whimpers )

Show me your hands!

Get out of the car-

What happened?

There was-- there was a man-

Shots fired. Requesting immediate--

( gunshot ) ( Lorraine exclaims )

Roy, let's stop this, okay?

You want to keep playing with me, huh? ls that what you want? No.


What are you looking at, huh?

Are you looking at his gun?

What are you gonna do? Are you gonna go for it?

Why don't you try? You're not that far.

Look, l'll make it easier for you-

( screams )

( moaning )

Did that feel good?

( chuckles ) Now you're even closer, aren't you?

What, are you a foot, maybe two feet away?

You can make that-

Come on, honey, you can do it-

You can make that-

You know what? Fuck it-

( Roy coughs )

( gasping )

l guess Mexico is out, huh?

On the matter of the custody of Chad, l find that Mr- Burton has not shown any convincing evidence as to the chiid negiect on the part of Mrs- Burton-

Therefore she will retain custody- But Your Honor, you don't--

And frankly, Mr- Burton, considering your recent legal troubles, i am amazed that you had the chutzpah to even bring these charges-

But l must commend you on getting a good job so soon after your court martial-

And you can share your good fortune by paying Mrs. Burton

$400 a month in child support-

$400? She just got a $20,000 reward for that bank robber she supposedly caught-

She ought to be paying me- l can make it $500 if you like-

ls there anything you'd like to add, Mrs- Burton?

Yes- Thank you, Your Honor- l'll be going by my maiden name now-- Miss Serrano-

Judge: Right you are, Miss Serrano.

Good luck to you-

Court is adjourned-


Hi, buddy- Hi-

Love you so much-

Grandma: Oh, be careful- Who's ready for some pizza?

Hey, Mom-

Can it be real pizza?

Oh, i think you can have all the real pizza you want-

Why do you say that? l dropped one of my earrings down near the end of your bed this morning. lt would have rolled right underneath if that big duffle bag hadn't been there-

( both chuckle )

What about ice cream?

You want ice cream instead of pizza?

No, ice cream and pizza-

How about ice cream pizza? And root beer.

( all laugh )

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