Carrie (2002) Script

Would you like some water or anything?

-Coffee? -No.

Remember, your mom's right outside... if you want to stop or anything.

-Hi, Madeline. -Sergeant.


Don't be nervous, OK? l'm not nervous.

You want a donut?

Pastry cream. Hot right now.

Come on.

You know, these traditional glazed... are like heroin-- highly addictive.

-You ever try heroin, Sue? -No.

Good girl. lt's nasty stuff.

-Cocaine? -No.

Hit a little ''X''? Occasional joint?

-No. -Good for you.

We're all set.

We're all set. All right. Thank you, Madeline.

State your name for the record, please.

Sue Snell. l want to talk about Carrie White.

What do you want to know?

lt's Jeremy, right?

-Norma. -Yes, Mr. Schernhorst?

Norma, what were you doing last night?

Could l possibly borrow your Elvis pen?

You know, just...

Hey. Did you do the homework?

You guys are really annoying.

Just sit down, OK?

Stop it.

You know what l'm talking about?

Get out of here. Yeah, l mean you.

All right, butts in the seats.

-Carrie White. -Here. lt's not roll call, Carrie.

You're excused per your mother's request.

You might as well head down to the library right now.

Shouldn't people like that be home-schooled?

People like what, Chris?

Creepy religious people.

Give it a rest.

-Mr. Schernhorst. -What? l'm a creepy religious person. Can l be excused?

Shut up, Kenny.

-Shut up, Kenny. -Yes, Kenny, shut up.

All right.

Was she a friend of yours?

Carrie didn't have any friends.

When l was in high school... even the biggest losers had birds of a feather.

She wasn't a loser. She just didn't belong.

Why do you think that is? lt's not brain surgery.

We are talking about Carrie White.

Maybe she didn't want to belong.

Everybody wants to belong.

Anyone who tells you they don't is lying. l think Carrie wanted it more than any of us.

Check it out.

Are you telling me it's mine or what?

Whatever. Let's go.

Seriously, she's been eyeing him-- l don't know, praying for him.

Hey, hey, come here, come here.

See? Look over there.

Hey, Ross.

Ross. l think somebody wants you to help her to see God.

You know, God? Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah, God.

Oh, God.

Oh, God. Oh, yeah. Oh, God.

You ass! ls my nose bleeding, dude?

No, seriously, come on. Do l got a--

Bases loaded.

OK, come on, Carrie.

Come on, girls!

Strike two. Carrie, you can do it.

Just keep your eyes on the ball.

You think she's retarded?

Miss, miss, miss, miss!

Tina, knock it off.

OK, come on, Carrie.

Strike three. That's it, girls.

Game's over. Hit the showers.

Let's go, let's go!


No chance with her on our team. No chance at all.

Carrie, you're such a loser.

''Oh, l can't hit the ball.''

Hit the ball, loser.

You suck.

Yeah. Really?

Dude, Carrie's Aunt Flo's in town.

-She's freaking out! -Are you serious?

-Yes. Come on. -Oh, my God.

Did you get your period?

Period! Period! Period!

Knock it off!

What are you doing?

She just got her period, that's all.

Get out, everybody! Get out! Get out!


Carrie, come on. l'm sorry! l'm sorry!

Come on, come on. l'm sorry. l'm sorry.

Carrie. All right, Carrie.

Carrie! Carrie?

lt's OK.

Am l dying?


lsn't she a little...

Old? For her first?

Yeah. Most girls have theirs at twelve. l got mine when l was ten.

Ten? l was wearing white pants.

Oh, my God, l was mortified. l...

The point is, up until half an hour ago...

Carrie White thought her first period was homeroom.

That's good--homeroom. lt's not a joke.

She thought she was bleeding to death. l just... l find it hard to believe that in this day and age... a girl wouldn't know... something.

Look at who her mother is. lt's not our place to interfere in people's beliefs.

What about the other girls?

What are we going to do about them?

They'll have to be disciplined. ln the meantime, l think... What's her name?

Carrie should be sent home for the rest of the day.

Send in Carrie Wright. lt's Carrie White.

Come in, Cassie.

Miss Fish, can we get a dismissal slip, please?

We feel it would be best... if you went home for the rest of the day... and took care of yourself.

We're very sorry about all this, Cassie.

-lt's Carrie. -Do you need a ride?

We can call a cab if you need one.

No, she can walk. The fresh air will do her good.

Carrie, l'm going to excuse you from gym for a week. l think you should take study hall instead.

As l said... we're very sorry about all this, Cassie. lt's Carrie!

-Gross. -Yeah.

Plug it up, baby.

What are those, Carrie?

Thank you.

God, l hate her.

Creepy Carrie!


What are those?

Breasts. l wish l had some.

You have to wait a few years, but you'll get them... and l bet they'll be real pretty, too.

No, l won't. Mama says good girls don't.

She said what?

Good girls don't get--

Your mother's a total hypocrite. She's a ''C'' cup.

Mama says she was bad when she made me.

That's why she has 'em.

Calls 'em dirty pillows.

Dirty pillows.

Afternoon, Margaret.

Carrie, get over here. What did l tell you?

Calm down, Margaret. We were just talking.

Don't tell me to calm down, whore girl.

Margaret, l asked you not to call my daughter that.

-Suck it, you cow. -Estelle!

Carrie, get in this house... right now.

Do yourself a favor and run away from home.

Estelle, quiet.

Margaret says l got boobs because l was a slut.

She said what?

-Mama! -The Lord is not mocked!

Protect us from He with the Split Foot... who waits...

Protect us from rebellious daughters...

-Not in the closet! -You disobeyed me!

Mama, no!

Mama! Unlock the door!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Go to your closet and pray. l don't want to go to the closet!

You're a woman now.

Why didn't you tell me, Mama? l was so scared.

l prayed. l prayed the curse would never happen to you. lt's not a curse, Mama.


And God made Eve from the rib of Adam.

And Eve was weak and loosed the raven on the world... and the raven was called Sin... and the first sin was intercourse.

And the Lord visited Eve with a curse... and the curse was the curse of blood.

Eve was weak. Say it.

No, Mama. lt wasn't my fault.

Say it. l didn't do anything wrong.

Eve was weak. Say it.

Eve was weak.

You should've told me, Mama. The girls made fun of me.

Ask for forgiveness of your sin. l didn't sin. You sinned.

You didn't tell me, and they laughed.

Don't you know l can see inside you?

l can see your sin as surely as God can.

Go to your closet and pray.

No, Mama.

-You pray to God... -Mama, let me go!

...and your sins will be washed away.


Mama, please!



Mama, please! Mama!

''Jesus watches from the wall...

''but his face is cold as stone.

''And if He loves me as she tells me...

''why do l feel so all alone?''

Any speculation as to who the author is? l'll go out on a limb and say Carrie White.

What do you suppose she's trying to say?

Probably, ''Help me. My mother's insane.'' lnteresting.

Do you consider yourself anti-religious, Sue?

No. l just think some people take it too far.

And you disapprove? l'm all for believing whatever you want to believe... but you say religion to me... and l'm thinking Da Vinci's ''Last Supper.''

Jesus looks sad. The apostles look miserable. l don't want to go to that party.

Shouldn't religion be more like dogs playing poker?

-Dogs playing-- -Poker. l can't tell you what any of the apostles are doing... but l can tell you that the little white bulldog... is holding an ace under the table.

See? That's fun. l'm engaged.

There's awe and wonderment.

That other stuff is all ritual and punishment... and it's way too weird and serious.

Well, it is.

Go to bed.

Well, aren't you a bunch of lovely young ladies?

Excited about the prom? lt's coming up. l'll bet some of you even have your gowns.

-Who's taking you, Sue? -Tommy Ross.

Helen? lt must be Roy Everetts.

Chris...l imagine you can take your pick.

Who's the lucky guy?

Billy Nolan.

-Who? -Billy Nolan. lsn't he the lucky one?

Mrs. Johansen?

Yes, dear?

Can you show me how to do a search? l've got an idea.

How about today we skip softball... and make boutonnieres for your prom dates instead?

We can make them out of these.

l'm leaving.

You can't hit us! l barely touched you.

You'll get canned for this. See if you don't, bitch! l don't really care, Hargensen. lf any of you think l'm wearing my teacher hat now... you're sadly mistaken.

l want you all to know... what you did on Friday was a really nasty thing.

Did you stop to think that Carrie might have feelings?

Do any of you ever stop to think?


Helen? Tina?

You think she's ugly, don't you?

Well, you're ugly. l saw just how ugly all of you are Friday morning.

You can't talk to us like this. My dad's a lawyer.

Shut up!

Open your mouth one more time, and l'll plug you up.

My punishment for this little stunt you pulled... was three days' suspension... and refusal of your prom tickets.

-No! -What? You can't--

That would've hit you where you lived, wouldn't it?

You would deserve it, too.

Unfortunately, our administration... is staffed entirely by men.

They don't have the slightest idea... how nasty what you did was... so you'll get a week's detention.

But it's my detention-- in the gym fifty minutes every day.

And l'm gonna run you ragged.

l won't come.

That's up to you, Chris.

That's up to all of you.

Punishment for skipping detention... is three days' suspension... and refusal of your prom tickets.

Get the picture?

Right. Change up. Think about what l said.

She can't get away with this. lf we all stick together, we can make--

Shut up, Chris.

-Sue-- -Just shut up.

This isn't over.

This is so far from over... it's not even in the same area code as over! and Christine Hargensen... friends until the end?

-Wouldn't say that. -What would you say?

We had our differences.

Differences about Carrie White?

Differences about a lot of things. l played with Barbie. She played with horses.

She's a back to front. l'm a front to back.

You know a girl named Donna Kellogg?

Yeah. l know Kellogg.

Every guy in school had a bowl of her cereal.

She moved to Rhode lsland junior year.

What about her?

She got an e-mail from Chris four days before the prom.

What'd it say?

''Dear Dirty Donna, so l'm out of the prom...

''but they're not getting away with it.

''l don't know exactly what we're going to do...

''but l guarantee you everyone is getting...

''a big--expletive--surprise.''

What do you suppose she meant by that?

There's the rain forest.

That's when you don't do anything at all.

Hitler's moustache, the landing strip, the Brazil.

What does Brazil have to do with getting your area waxed? ls it the shape of the country? lt's because the bikinis in Brazil are so small... you have to wax everything off to wear one.

Where's Brazil anyway?

Carrie, do you want to sit in Chris' desk today? l don't think she'll be using it... since you got her kicked out of school.

Just let me know if you change your mind.

All right, butts in the seats.

Six molecules of water... plus six molecules of carbon dioxide... produces one molecule of sugar and six molecules of oxygen.

What am l talking about?


-Good. Photosynthesis. -What?

What? lt's carried out by many different organisms... ranging from plants to bacteria.

The main effect of photosynthesis... is to increase the overall amount of carbon dioxide... in the atmosphere.

The best-known form of photosynthesis... is the one carried out by higher plants and algae... as well as by bacteria...


You'd better get to your next class.

Here's what l want.

One--prom tickets for my daughter.

A girl's senior prom is important to her... and Chris is very upset.

Then she shouldn't have skipped detention. l wasn't talking to you, Miss Desjarden.

When l am, you'll know because l'll be looking at you.

Two... no contract renewal for Miss Desjarden.

She's already been reprimanded.

Not good enough.

This is her first year at Ewen?

Yes, and we're very pleased.

You're pleased?

With teachers who throw students against lockers... and assault them with feminine hygiene products?

That is a slightly exaggerated version of events. ls it?

Yes, it is.

The state acknowledges... the school's title to ''in loco parentis.''

We succeed to full parental rights during school hours.

Look at Clarkson County School District vs. Crane.

The Crane case you are so fond of quoting.... doesn't cover anything concerned with physical or verbal abuse.

Lewiston School District vs. David Duzzer--

Are you familiar with that one?


Then l don't have to tell you who won. lf l took you to court on this... l could walk out with Desjarden's dismissal... and a hefty damage settlement in my pocket.

But l don't want to be vindictive.

So, if l don't agree to your demands... you will take me to court.

Off to court we'd go.

For physical and verbal abuse, right?


Mr. Hargensen... are you aware that your daughter and her friends... cornered one of their classmates in the ladies locker room?

A girl named Carrie White?

She was having her first period... and she thought she was dying.

They cornered her and yelled obscenities at her... and then they filled her locker with tampons... and wrote ''Plug it up'' on the door.

Are you aware of that? l'm not a lawyer, Mr. Hargensen... but that sounds like physical and verbal abuse to me. l'm not going to sit here and listen to half-truths. l know my daughter well enough-- l don't think you know her as well as you might think. lf l may... let's see here.

Four years, graduates in May.

Tested lQ of 140.

Detention, 73.

20 for harassment of other students.

This, by the way, is your daughter's file.

And look at that.

Despite a ''C'' average, she's been admitted to Oberlin.

Pull some strings, John? l'll see you in court.

Court it is.

Oh, and Mr. Hargensen... the minute you file for damages... on the grounds of physical and verbal abuse... l will cross-file against your daughter... on those same grounds on behalf of Carrie White... and the other nineteen students in this folder.

Parent-teacher night... is the first Tuesday of even-numbered months.

Hope you stop by.

Did he really say, ''l'll see you in court''?

Sue, over here.

-Hey, Suze. -Hey, Billy. l heard you dry-heaved in detention.

Heard your dad dropped the lawsuit.

He's such a wuss. lt doesn't matter. We're gonna crash the prom. ln protest or something.

Good luck with that. l'm totally joking.

And thanks for having my back with Desjarden.

Maybe if l wasn't the only one who skipped detention... we could've made a point.

The rest of us wanted to go to the prom, Chris.

Besides, what we did sucked.

That's such a load of crap.

This is Carrie White's fault.

She walks around like she gets her Massengill... blessed down at Holy Family.

She freaked out. Cut her some slack.

She's always freaking out.

Like that time she had that seizure... and told everyone she was speaking in tongues.

Maybe she thought she was speaking in tongues.

Please. She's been working that martyr bit... since the first grade, and l'm sick of it.

Yeah, you'll be strong.

Look, where do you get off... acting so righteous all of a sudden? l seem to remember you were in there... chanting with the rest of us.


Yeah, you're right.

Tommy's waiting, so l'll see you later, OK?

Carrie? Have you said your prayers? l'm saying them now, Mama.

l'm talking to you. l said l'm saying them now!

Are you high?

Seriously...are you high?


We should have a rule. lf they do something in a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie... we're not allowed to do it in real life.

What are you talking about?

You want me to take Carrie White to the prom?

Yeah. lt's like in that movie.

Freddie bets this dude that he can turn... some she-geek into the prom queen.

Except, unlike Carrie White, this chick's a supermodel... but we're not supposed to know because she's wearing glasses.

Anyway, it's a bad idea. lt's a good idea. lt's totally mean.

She'll think it's a joke, and so will everyone else.

Just leave her alone.

She won't think it's a joke if you don't make it a joke.

Ask her.

She'll say no.

She'll say yes.

She likes you, you're cute and non-threatening.

Take her to the prom.

Take her and be nice to her and hold her hand.




What are you reading?

Nothing. Just something about sewing.

How you been?


lf you don't have a date for prom... you want to go with me?


Prom. lt's on Friday. l know it's late notice-- l don't like being tricked.

Carrie, it's--

The little creep didn't even call me.

-What if he doesn't call me? -l would call him.


Does everyone think they can go on playing tricks on me? lt's not a trick. l know who you hang around with.

Who l hang around with has nothing to do with this. l'm asking you because l want to.


Because you're different. l don't mean that in a bad way. lt's actually kind of cool... like anti-establishment or something.

OK, you're not different.


How's that?

What about Sue Snell?

What about her?

She's your girlfriend.

Why aren't you taking her?

She doesn't want to go. l asked her if l could take you... and she said it was a really good idea.

Why would she say that?

Can you keep a secret? l mean it. lf it gets back to Sue... that l told you this, she'll kill me. l won't tell.

She thinks you're really interesting.

She says you've got a lot more going on than people know.

And a part of her wants to see Chris Hargensen's face... when she finds out you're going to prom and she isn't. l would love to, l would.

Then say yes.

No. lt would be a nightmare.

Come on. Today is the last day to buy tickets.

l'm going to be late for class.

-Will you? -l can't.

-You're going. -They'll laugh.

No one will laugh. lf they do, l'll kick their ass.

OK. ls that a yes?

Yes, l'll go. l'll pick you up at 7:30.


Thank you. lt's gonna be fun. Don't worry.

My God.

Do you know what it means to conspire, Sue?

Yeah. lt's when you plot to do something behind someone's back.

You make a secret plan to commit unlawful acts.

What did l just say?

Some people are having trouble believing... that you had Tommy take Carrie White to the prom... out of the kindness of your heart.

What is that supposed to mean?

Both Tommy and Chris are friends of yours.

Look, l told you, OK?

Chris and l had a falling out. l'd like to believe that, but...

The going theory is that the three of you... conspired to get Carrie White to the prom... so you could humiliate her.

Something went wrong and a lot of people were killed.

You haven't touched your cake. lt's Betty Crocker.

Cake gives me pimples.

Just the Lord's way of chastising you.



l got invited to the prom.

He's a real nice boy.

He promised he'd come in and meet you.


He would have me home by 11 :00.

No. No. No. l've already accepted.

l have to try to get along with people, Mama. l'm not like you. l'm weird.

Everybody thinks l'm weird... and l don't want to be. l want to try and be normal.

You're not going. lt's evil and it's a sin.

Everything isn't a sin, Mama.

-Go to your closet and pray. -No!

You're not going and that's final.

Mama, please sit down and talk with me!

l'm not done talking yet.


please sit and talk with me.

l want to start living my own life. l don't like yours.

Witch! l'm not a witch. l just--

Sometimes... l can move things. l should have known when you let the fire come.

Sin never dies. l'm not the only one, Mama. Other people can do it, too. l read about them on the internet.

The internet?

Things are going to change around here, Mama.

That boy...

He's like all the rest, Carrie. l don't care!

He asked me to go and l'm going.

You can't stop me.

l don't want to talk about it anymore.

You look at a girl like Carrie White... and you don't know if you want to slap her... or feel sorry for her.

She's sort of pathetic.

Can l have another one?

They're really good.

Hot right now. l have nothing against her. l'm sad she died and all, but l'm sad everyone dies.

How well did you know Christine and Sue? l had a few classes with them... but we weren't really friends.

They were ultras.


Ultra-popular, ultra-pretty, ultra-etc.

And you weren't? l'm senior class president. lt wasn't cool to be passionate about school spirit. l see. lt's like this-- you got jocks and ultras... at the top of the food chain... then your student body leaders, such as myself... and then the brains and geeks... which is a subtle distinction... because brains tend to be more aesthetically pleasing... and less likely to join the marching band or choir.

Where was Carrie White on this food chain?

As far down as you can go. She was a Plath.

Everyone made fun of her, especially the ultras.

Did Chris or Sue give you any indication... they were planning to harm Carrie?

You think what happened... was because someone wanted to hurt Carrie?

l'm seventeen. High school. l'm a senior.

What kind of counseling? Like a guidance counselor?

No. Nothing like that.

Would they know what's happening to me?

So, if l just think it's real... and it's not, how would l know? lt feels real--

We're not supposed to use that phone. l was talking to my mom.

Didn't sound like you were talking to your mom.

We were having a fight. l always fight with my mom.

Always hang up on her, too. l take it you've leveled out since last Friday?

Your little episode?

You went all fetal in the shower.

What about it?

You have to admit, you totally overreacted.

We were just messing around.

We wouldn't give you a hard time if we didn't like you.

We all really like you, you know that, right?

What do you want?

Don't get all pissy. l'm only trying to be nice.

So, are your boobs sore?


You look a little bloated.

When l'm bloated, my boobs get really sore.

You're only supposed to take two ibuprofen. l take three. Got that from Sue.

She's a total junkie.

Now that you guys are all cozy... she'll have you tossing them back like communion wafers. l'm not cozy with Sue Snell.

Really? She's acting like you're her new best friend.

Don't get me wrong. l think it's great.

Just don't let her... turn you into another one of her ''projects.''

Did she say l was a project? lt's her M.O. Helen was a project. l was a project.

She practically talked me into... getting Botox last summer. Can you believe that?

Maybe she thought you needed it.

l'm just saying that she has a hard time... accepting people for who they are.

Being her friend can be a little on the demeaning side.

Especially when everyone in school... knows why she's being your friend.

And tell Sue she can say all she wants about me... but when l'm being a bitch, l'll cop to it.


-Hi. -Hi.

So, you come here often?


You have trouble coloring inside the lines.

You might want to try something a little less drastic.

Like this one.

Curve it around the bow of your lips like so... and... now, rub them together.

Now smack.


You can add some lip liner for a little extra drama.

That's not what that's for.

Have you picked out your dress?

No, but l found one that l like.

-What color? -l can't decide. lf you want to... we could do a fashion consultation thing.

We could even model. l don't think l want to model.

Well, anyway... l'm really glad you're going to the prom.

Why? l just thought you'd have a good time.

That's all.

Why? Why do you care if l have a good time?

You never really talked to me before... and the only reason you're talking to me now... is because none of your friends are around.

Look... if you don't want to go, then don't go.

No, l didn't say l don't want to go. l just wish l was going because someone liked me... not because someone feels sorry for me.

This is not a pity thing. l don't feel sorry for you.

Yeah, you do.

You feel sorry for me... because you think you're better than me. l don't think l'm better than you. lt's OK. Everyone does.

Doesn't mean it's true, though.

l really like this color.

Thank you for helping me pick it out.

You guys, come on. We don't have that much time!

Be careful with that!

-Everybody's talking. -What are they saying?

That you and Carrie White are having a lesbian affair... and you had Tommy take her to prom to throw people off.

Carrie satisfies me in a way no one else can. l bet. l feel bad about what happened.

Great. So you're a saint and we're all bitches.

Something like that.

Ladies? More mauve? lt looks like you might be running a little low. l can't believe Tommy's going along with it.

He's been very agreeable since we started having sex.

Right on!

Has Chris said anything?

Only that she hates your guts.

Think she might try something? l don't know.

Got your 911. Ever so dramatic.

Let me just reiterate-- Oh, my God!

-What? -Come here.

-What? -Get over here.

Norma will have an aneurysm if she sees us. l saw her head into the crapper.

So what's this?


Just the king and queen ballots for prom.

-OK. David and Rachel. -No.

No way. Rachel's in drama club.

Peter and Myra--No. Frank and Jessica.

Maybe. Roy and Helen. Forget it.

Tommy and Sue? l didn't think--

That's the old ballot. This is the new one... or as l like to call it, Ballot 2.0.

Tommy and Carrie?

That bitch. l know. lt's like the whole world's gone insane.

Tina, you're a peach.

-l gotta make a phone call. -OK!

Hey, Billy? lt's Chris.

You're never gonna guess what l just found out.

You ready? Oh--Hi, Sue!

Want some tea, Mama?


Do you like this one or this one?

l think this one's real pretty. lt's godless. lt's not godless, Mama. l wish you could be happy for me.

There's a mark on you now.

This one's prettier.

Woe to the woman who makes garments... with lustful purpose, for she is prideful... and curses and rejects the Lord.

Sometimes l think you make those things up.

''Ezekiel,'' Chapter 1 3. Read it for yourself. l'll read it later.

-Read it now. -l'm busy, Mama.

You've gone so far astray, l fear for you.

You really think l'm gonna burn in hell, Mama... just for going to my prom? l don't want to think about what's going to happen to you.

Sin knows you now. lt'll find you.

Your sin will find you, Carrie... and when it does, not even Jesus can help you.

Jesus will help me.

He will help me if l really need him.

Not if he doesn't love you anymore.

Jesus loves everybody, Mama.

Even me.

l'm impressed, Jackie. l am impressed.

Four counts of possession, one with intent to sell.

Vandalism... disturbing the peace, drunk and disorderly.

Boy, l...

Your parents must be awfully proud of you.

My parents died when l was six.

Not so funny now, is it?

Well, it sure is funny odd... because l just talked to Louise and Jackie Sr... not an hour ago... both very much alive and very concerned.

Jackie, you ever pal around with Billy Nolan?

How about Christine Hargensen?

Sue Snell?

Have you ever been up to lrwin Hinty's pig farm?

-Up in North Chamberlain? -No.

You never been up there?

See, Hinty didn't have any security system... so people were knocking fences down... and stealing hogs and all kinds of things. ls that so?

Yeah. So what do you think he does?

He installs one of those high-tech security systems.

Oh, man. lt's got one of those really cool cameras... that take pictures in the dark.

Doggone if they don't look like... they were taken in broad daylight.

Look at the detail.

You can count the hairs on that pig's snout. l thought this one was particularly good of you.

Don't you think?

Here's the one of all three of you there.

Here's you and Chris and Billy.

Looking pretty chummy.

How come there's no picture... of Sue?

She wait in the car?


Sue Snell? Where's she?

How should l know? She wasn't even there. lt was my understanding Sue and Chris planned the whole thing.

Dude, you don't know what you're talking about.

Dude! Ain't this a lot of work for a joke?

Are you wussing out?

No. l was just sayin'. l mean, it's a good joke.

Piggy, piggy, piggy!


Who's a pig?

Here, piggy, piggy, piggy!

-Dude, hurry up! -You want to do this?

Then shut your pie hole.

Whenever you're ready, man.

l can't.

You do it.

Are you kidding me?

Dude, don't look at me. l don't believe you.

Take it!

Seriously, take it!


Because you gotta cut its throat.

No way.

Don't tell me no way. You're doing it.


Why are you still talking? Just do it!

You're doing it.

Little pigs, little pigs, let me in.

Not by the hair on your chinny chinny chin.

Then l'll huff and l'll puff...

and l'll bash your brains in.

Hinty's gonna drop a hot stack when he sees this.

l should have known it would be red. lt's pink, Mama. l can see your dirty pillows. Everyone will.

They're called breasts. All the girls have them.

They're very fashionable these days.

Take off the dress.

No. l don't want to lose you, Carrie.

Now, l'm begging you. Take off that dress.

No, Mama!

We can burn it together and pray for forgiveness.

Please... don't be like them. l'll try to be home by 11 :00. l'll call you if l'm gonna be later.

They'll laugh at you.

They always have.

Go away, Mama. You're making me nervous.

Burn the dress, Carrie. lt's the only way.

Burn it and pray for forgiveness.

Go away!

Jezebel fell from the tower... and so will you. lt's in the Bible.

Stop it. Stop it.

Stop that! l love you, Mama! l'm sorry!

Watch your fingers!

He's not coming.

-Hello? -Just a minute!

Are you OK? l'm fine! l'll be right there!

So, did your ceiling just collapse or something?

Yes. Yes, my ceiling collapsed just now.

Whoa. Can l see it?


You look... really beautiful.

So do you.

Do you want your corsage?


After you.

lt's quarter to eight!

lt's quarter to eight!

-l heard you! -Then say something, dude!

Maybe it's a bad idea. lt's a good idea.

lt is a really good joke.

Totally good joke.

Pig blood for a pig.

-What? -Nothing.

Get dressed.

l can't quite figure you out. l'm an enigma.

No, you're just hiding something. l'm not hiding anything.

Yeah, you are. l used to think that you were... part of Christine Hargensen's agenda... but Jackie Talbot has pretty much exonerated you. l'm not hiding anything. lt just seems strange to me that you're not more upset. lt's been two weeks. They've had all the funerals.

Am l supposed to wear black for the rest of my life?

No. That's not what's bothering me.

Then what is?

You've just been through the single most... traumatic experience of your life, knock wood... and you got something more important on your mind.



Don't be.

Just pretend you're somebody else.

Like you're meeting people for the first time.

Maybe you should do an accent.

No. Don't do an accent. That's dumb.

But you know what l mean.

Like ''Pygmalion.''

-Pig what? -''My Fair Lady.''

Yeah, l guess.

So...don't be nervous.

You ready?

Can we just sit here... for a few more seconds?


-OK, l'm ready. -Wait.

Sue said she'd cut off my boys if l wasn't a perfect gentleman.

OK? Let's go.

Pull the rope when they play the school song.

Pull it hard.

There'll be a little slack, but not much.

When you feel the bucket go... run.

Don't stick around to see what happens.

You got it?


lf you get caught and even mention my name... l'll kill you. l mean it.

This is a criminal assault.


God damn.


This is gonna be good.


Why, Tommy Ross.

You look good enough to eat, honey.

Some would say l am delicious. lf you knew how many people thought you were gay... you wouldn't be joking about it. lf they decide to run away together... l'll dance with you.

Oh, my God. Where did you get that dress?

-l made it. -Shut up.

-You shut up. -Seriously, you made that? l did. l like to sew. lt's a real simple pattern.

-Look at your ass. -What?

Now who's gay, right?

After seeing your ass... the whole nun in street clothes thing... is no longer acceptable.

God, here comes Norma. Life's too short.

That was a compliment.

Carrie? You look so different. l can't believe how different.

-Hi, Norma. -Hi.

She's glowing, don't you think?

You're glowing.

Well, l got to get back. lsn't this exciting? l am so excited.

OK, bye.

Do you want some punch?

Yes, please.


Hi, Miss Desjarden. You look very pretty.

Thank you. You look...

You look amazing.

That's very nice of you. l know it's not true, but thank you.

For God's sake, take a compliment. l wouldn't say it if l didn't mean it.

Thank you.

Do you mind if l sit down?

My feet are killing me. l remember my prom.

My date brought a toy gun... so he could pose like James Bond for the picture.

He sounds like fun.

Yeah. They arrested him. l didn't have anybody to dance with. l spent the entire night alone until my father picked me up. l'm sorry. lt's just a dance. l mean, it's special, but it's not that special. l know. l mean, that thing's skimpy.

You excited about graduation?

l don't know. l couldn't wait to graduate.


Yeah. l hated high school.

Oh, God. l do, too. l know you're not supposed to say that... but l hate it so much.

Preaching to the choir. No offense.

Just remember, nothing that happens up until now... matters after graduation. Nothing.

Except studying and good grades.

You take what you want and leave the rest behind.

You never have to see these people again... if you don't want to.

-l don't? -No.

But l highly recommend the ten-year reunion.

-Why? -Everybody's different.

People will say...

''Oh, my God. So and so hasn't changed at all''... but they're lying.

Everybody changes, and not always for the better.

Like those girls over there.

Right now, they're at their peak.

They'll never be more pretty or more popular.

And in ten years, they'll be fat.

And the fat girls, some of them'll be thin.

And the cute boys will be bald... and the jocks will have beer bellies. lt's fantastic.

-Really? -l swear to God.

And the ones who were miserable... turn out just fine.

They do.

So enjoy yourself.

Try not to take it too seriously. lt'll be over before you know it.

Hey, Miss D.

Hey, Tommy. Don't you look nice?


-Can l talk to you? -Sure.

Having fun?

-Yeah. -Good. l just thought you should know... if you show Carrie anything less than the time of her life... l'll see to it personally you're expelled.

Do you understand the words... that just came out of my mouth?


Then go dance with her.

Stick to the slow songs.

She'll look stupid dancing to anything fast.

Everything OK?


Do you want to dance?


Do you?

Not really.

But it is our senior prom.

l can't dance. lt's a slow song. All we have to do... is stand close to each other and shift our weight... from foot to foot like everybody else.

lt requires no skill.


Put your hand here.

And then...

See? Nothing to it.



Thank you.

For what?

For everything.

For taking me to the prom... for being so nice to me.

l know that you don't like me like that... but...

l'm glad l got to be your date tonight.

Me, too.

l'm gonna let you pull the rope.

Your attention, please.

Ladies and gentlemen, may l have your attention?

Shut up!

Please take your seats. lt's time to vote for king and queen.

Tommy, we're on here.

Yeah. l saw that.

-Can we decline? -Hell, no. lf you win, all you do is sit up there... for the school song, wave some scepter around... and look like a jackass.

Then you get your picture taken for the yearbook... so everyone can see you look like a jackass.

And then you get to lead a dance.

Who do we vote for?

Ourselves, duh. lsn't that like voting for Ralph Nader?


Well, l'm voting for you.

False modesty sucks.

Ballots, please.

Good luck!

We found these in the dumpster behind what's left of the gym.

l can't believe you touched those.

They're probably swimming with disease.

You recognize them?

They're prom ballots. l'm Xeroxed them.

According to these, Frank and Jessica were elected... king and queen of the prom. l counted those ballots myself.

Mr. Morton checked my work.

Tommy and Carrie won fair and square.

-l'm guessing by a landslide. -Yeah.

That doesn't seem odd to you? l figured they were pity votes.

They're not pity votes, Norma.

Somebody switched the ballots.

lt's time to announce our elected royalty.

We have a chance.

Tommy Ross and Carrie White!

Come on up, you guys.

You look so beautiful.


Oh, my God. lt's working.

Come on, take a seat.

Just sit there. Sit. Great. OK.

Ladies and gentlemen... your king and queen of senior prom!

They're playing the school song.

Pull it now.

-Pull it now. -Shut up.

Do it.

l knew it. l knew you were going to chicken out.

l'm not pulling it for you.

This is your thing.

That bucket can sit up there till graduation for all l care.

Your Highnesses... the court requests that you lead them in dance.

Ladies and gentlemen... your king and queen of senior prom!

Pig, pig, pig, soo-ey!

Pig, pig, pig!

Pig, pig, pig!


Carrie, look at me.

He's not breathing! l can barely feel his pulse. We gotta get him to a doctor.

lt'll be all right. Just stay here!

Don't go away! l'll be right back!

Everybody, try to stay calm!

Go to the exits in an orderly fashion!

Don't panic! Don't go in...


Get out of the way!

Come on, Tommy!

Get him up! Just get him up!

Get out of here!

Help me! Somebody!

Listen to me, kids! Get away from the doors!

Move into the center of the gym!

They will get the doors open!

Just don't panic! Listen to me!

Norma! Norma!

Norma! Look at me! You come with me, OK?

Everybody come with me!

-Come on! -Oh, my God!

Come on!

Get me out! Get me out! l don't want to die!

Help me! Help me!

Get me the chair!

Come on! Help me!

Pull it! Pull it! Come on! Come on!

Help me!

Norma, get in! Go!

Everybody get off the floor!

Hurry! Hurry! Get off the floor!

When did you first realize that something was wrong?

When l heard the sirens.

Fuel tanks down at the school just went up.

Gymnasium is gone.

What happened at the school?

Go home. There's nothing you can do here.

Come on! Go!

People, move back!

Go! Go!

Hey, dude! Open up!

What's your problem, man?

Chamberlain's burning up, man!

Whole damn town. School's gutted.


They said people at the prom were trapped.

Only eleven got out. Everybody else was cooked.

Dude... the ones that got out told the police... something about a prank.

Go home.

Don't talk to anybody.

What are we going to do?

We're going into town and watch the fires.

Who is that?

What are you doing?

Billy, stop! Stop!


What happened? l don't--

The Lord says...

''Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.'' l'm not a witch, Mama.

Please tell me what happened!

You were weak, Carrie.

l told you your sin would find you.

l... l can't remem-- remember.

Help me.

Let's pray.

Say it with me.

Now l lay me down to sleep... l pray the Lord...

l pray the Lord... my soul to keep.

lf l should die... before l wake... l pray the Lord... my soul to take.

The Lord...

The Lord is not mocked.

When was the last time you saw Carrie White alive?

At school, before the prom.

You told Sheriff Doyle you saw her after the prom.

Right before the Critter King blew. lt was dark. l saw a girl in a dress.

You said you saw Carrie White. l was wrong.

What's it matter anyway? Carrie's dead. lt matters because we still haven't figured out... what happened on prom night.

And it also matters because we still haven't... identified Carrie White's body.

Oh, God.

OK. Head back. Open...

Come on.


OK. You have to go.

OK. Here. OK?

What happened?

What happened? What did l do?

You have to go, OK?

Come on.

You ever see something you can't explain? l'm not talking about a strange light in the sky... or Jesus' face on a tortilla. l'm talking about something that's not supposed to happen.

Like, in reality.

You mean, like a miracle?

Something else.

Did you ever think the reason that you can't explain... what happened on prom night is because... what happened wasn't natural?

Two weeks ago, l saw a steel desk... move across the floor without anyone touching it.

Five inches. l measured.

Carrie White was in the room when it happened.

234 people died, and you're trying to sell me... on some ''Weekly World News'' headline? l don't need you to tell me how many people died.

Half of them were kids l saw every day. l am truly sorry for your loss, Miss Desjarden.

But that doesn't change the fact... that someone's still unaccounted for.

This girl is one of eight missing persons... but the problem is, we only got seven bodies.

Now, you're implying what exactly? l'm not implying anything. l'm just giving you the facts.

What did you see on prom night? l was hanging from an air vent, pissing my pants... trying not to get electrocuted. l didn't see anything.

Might as well tell you it was poltergeists.

-But you don't believe that? -No.

You believe it was Carrie White.

lt wasn't your fault.

lt wasn't all your fault.

We shouldn't be here.

People thinking you're dead... is sort of contingent on nobody seeing you alive.

Where am l going to go?

l don't know.

Somewhere where they don't know you.

l'll drive you as far as Florida.

Then l have to come back.

Sin never dies.

Bad dream?

Are you OK?

Do you want me to pull over?